Alexander Patience Sarah MacPherson Petty Inverness, Scotland

Alexander Patience of Petty

Inverness, Scotland

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My Mother's Scottish family


Patience is an unusual Scottish name centered around the Cromarty Firth. My mother's parents were Helen Patience and John McIntosh. Sandra Norton is an expert on the Patience family and helped me a great deal. Many thanks.

Alexander Patience
  (Alexander1) was born Abt. 1798 in Petty, Inverness, and died May 15, 1877 in Fishertown, Dornoch, Sutherland.  He married Sarah MacPherson October 09, 1818 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland, daughter of Donald McPherson and Margaret Fraser.  She was born Abt. 1795 in Inverness, Invernesshire, and died June 15, 1862 in Petty, Invernesshire.
There children are:
 i.      Alexander3 Patience, born Bef. July 13, 1822 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.
ii.    Margaret Patience, born December 20, 1822 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.
iii.    Sarah Patience, born April 09, 1825 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland; died December 29, 1904 in Dornoch, Sutherland.  She married James Mackay September 26, 1848 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.
iv.    Helen (Ellen) Patience, born February 10, 1828 in Petty, Invernesshire; died September 19, 1904 in Wester, Fisherton, Petty.  She married John McIntosh October 1853 in Petty, Inverness; born September 12, 1826 in Fisherton, Petty, Inverness; died December 02, 1904 in Westerton, Petty,  Inverness.
v.    Donald Patience, born October 10, 1830 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.  He married Jessie Cameron; born Abt. 1835 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.
vi.    James Patience, born January 05, 1834 in Fishertown, Petty, Inverness, Scotland.  He married Janet or Jessie Smith October 17, 1856 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland.
vii.    William Patience, born before December 21, 1836 in Petty, Invernesshire, Scotland. It is possible that he changed his surname to McKenzie and married Christina McKenzie.

Both Petty and Avoch were fishing communities. Avoch still has a harbour and a  fishing industry. There is a bit of controversy about where the Patience families in Scotland originated. I've read many articles on the subject. There were certainly Patience families in Petty in about 1707 (when the Old Parish Records begin) and from about the same date in Avoch. It always was and still is, an uncommon name in Scotland.

I've read that the Patience's of Avoch and Petty came from England [perhaps Cornwall] when Oliver Cromwell's troops were stationed in the area in the 17th century, that they were from the Breton fishing community in France (there are PASSIENS there) etc. NONE have been proved so far. I've tried in vain for several years to find documentary evidence. There are certainly Patience surnames in England (including Cornwall) back to the 1500s so they may have come north from England in the 1600s and been from Brittany originally.
SOURCE: email from Alexandra Norton, certified genealogist, Scotland, Oct 2002, WRS files.

Two of the best books I've read on the fisherfolk in Scotland were published here recently.  "Children of the Sea, the story of the Eyemouth disaster". Pub.2001 by Tuckwell Press, Scotland, written by Peter Aitchison (129 fishermen drowned on their way back to the port in 1881, the worst fishing  disaster in Scotland.)  "Salt in the Blood, Scottish Fishing Communities Past and Present", by James Miller Pub.1999 by Canongate books, Scotland.
Source: email from Sandra Norton, Oct 27/02

Death cert states he is 79 in May, 1877 thus yielding birth before May 15, 1798.
1861 Census states he is 63, born Inverness, Petty, giving birth year about 1798.
1871 Census states he is 70 giving birth year of 1801.

ALEXANDER PATIENCE, Spouse:  SARAH MCPHERSON, Marriage:  09 OCT 1818   Petty, Inverness, Scotland
SOURCE: IGI search;  Batch No.: M111065, Dates: 1758 - 1820, Source Call No.: 0990714, 0990715, Type: Film, Printout Call No.: 6902523,  Type: 

Living in Fisherton, Petty, Inverness.
Alexander Passians, 45, Fisherman, born in Petty.
Janet, 45, Petty
All children born in Petty.
Alexander, 20, Fisherman
Margaret, 17
Sarah, 15
Helen, 13
Donald, 10
James, 7
William, 4
Source: 1841 Census, Petty, Inverness, Enum. Div. 4, p. 6, LDS film 101850, checked by R. Saylor, March 2003.

Living in Fisherton, Petty, Inverness.
Alex'r Patience, 54, Fisherman and crofter of 6 acres, born in Petty. Wife Sarrah, Inverness, Invernesshire.
Children unmarried and born in Petty. Alex, 29; Donald, 19; James, 16; William, 14, scholar; Helen, 24.
Lives 3 doors away from the Mcintosh family.
Source: 1851 Census, Petty, Inverness, Enum. Div. 5? (forgot to record), p. 7, LDS film 103687, checked by R. Saylor, Apr. 2003.

Place - Fisherton
Alex Patience, Head, Marr, 63, Fisher, born Inverness, Petty.
Sarah, wife, marr, 66, fisher wife, born Inverness, Petty.
William, son, unm, 23, born Inverness, Petty.
Donald, grandson, 11, scholar, born Inverness, Petty.
Margaret Johnstone, servant, unm, 16, domestic servant, born Inverness, Petty.
Next door live the their daughter, Helen.
Source: 1861 Scottish census, Petty, EN Div. 2, p. 8, 47, LDS reel 103835. Film checked by R. Saylor, Feb. 2003.

Place - Easter Fisherton
John McIntosh, Head, Marr, 40, Fisherman, crofter of 11 ac arable, born Inverness, Petty.
Helen, wife, marr, 36, born Inverness, Petty.
The children are listed here.
Alexander Pashan (sic), Father in law, 70, Fisherman, born Inverness.
Source: 1871 Scottish Census, Petty, EN Div 2, p. 8 & 9, 44, LDS reel 103999. Film checked by WRS, Feb. 2003.

Names of children of Alexr.P/ Sarah McP. come from the IGI. However, it's unlikely that anyone else
thought of checking Patience under "Passians" which spelling was used by some Ministers and Kirk Session Clerks. At least 2 of the names were under this spelling.
email from Sandra Norton, Oct 27/02

Alexander bap.13 Jul. 1820,
Margaret bap. 22 Dec.1822, (parents not confirmed),
Sarah bap. 12 Apr. 1825, mar. James McKay 26 Sep. 1848 in Petty, and she died 29
Dec. 1904 in Dornoch, Sutherland.
 "your" Helen,
James bap. 12 Jan. 1834 mar. Janet Smith 17 Oct. 1856 in Petty,
William Bap. 31 Dec. 1836,
and Donald mar. Jessie Cameron (no date of marriage or death found)
Note: All details are from Petty records unless otherwise given. The pre 1855 records are from the IGI and have NOT been checked by me in the original registers. There can be errors in the IGI so original records should be checked where posssible.
email from Sandra Norton, Oct 27/02

Alexander Patience, Fisherman, Widower of Sarah McPherson; Died 1pm. 15 May 1877 at Fishertown, Dornoch; Age 79; father, Alexander Patience, Fisherman, deceased; mother, Margaret Patience, M.S. Johnston, deceased; Cause: Decay of nature. No medical attendant; Informant, Sarah Patience, her X mark, daughter, present;  registered 15 May 1877 at Dornoch.
SOURCE: copy of death registration, obtained from, Dornoch, Sutherland, GROS data 047/0029, Nov. 11/02, files WRS.