First Regiment Northumberland Militia 1822 & 23

First Regiment of Northumberland Militia

1822 & 1823

Nominal Roll & Field return of Capt Adam H Meyers

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Militia Records

Below are two rolls of the company under Capt. Adam H Meyers. See the web page on the story of Adam Henry Meyers.

Note: In the first roll the names of privates were written as surname/forename and they have been reversed for easier reading. The format of the rolls has been preserved.

Source: Rogers Family Fonds, F 533, AO, 533-1-0-23, film MS 522
Copyright – transcribed by Randy Saylor, Mar 2012

23 April 1822, Nominal Roll and Field Return of Captain Adam H Meyers' Company,
1st Regiment Northumberland Militia

A H Meyers Cap't

Thomas D Sanford Lieut
John Cushen 37
DMG Peters Ensign
Angus Chisholm 26

Charles Chisholm 21

Peter Crowter 26
Wm A MacDonald

Michael Company 46
Abijah Smith

Luther C Easter 32
Samuel H Sherwood

Martin Fuller 38

James D Goslee 27

Eber Goddard 21
[Privates] [age]

George Gibson 40
Cyrus Allen 35
John Gibson 21
Levi Beatys 30
Samuel Gibson 26
James Brooks 36
Joseph Gibson 23
Isaac Belimy 18
Wm Robert Gill 30
Samuel Brooks 25
Luther Hurd 18
William Burnham 16
David C Hibbell 28
Harvey Bagley 18
Daniel Johnson 28
Elijah Bristol 55
John Kemp 50
David Belimy 17
Richard Leomis 30
Hezekiah Beatys 32
George Logan 18
John Bleakley 24
James Logan 44
David Bradds 25
Cyrus Marsh 49
John B Beausoliel 53
James Morragh 35
Patrick Bryant 22
John Michael 23
James Brason 19
Matthew Micklem 28
Francis Belack 51
John Nix Junr 56
Samuel Beausolleil 25
Peter Nix 19
Abel Cuming 24
John Nix 28
John Campbell 45
James S Peters 19
Cornelius Campbell 33
Isaac Porter 31
Timothy Colby 31
Abel Philips 22

Page 2

Josiah Proctor 58
John Simpson Junr 30
Josiah Proctor Junr 26
Jacob Simpson 24
David Orser 24
Thomas Simpson 24
George Readick [Reddick]
Thomas Siltney 21
Ichabod Richmond 49
- Shaw
Silvester Richmond 19
Cyrus Tiletson 31
Joel Winn 22
John Tiletson Jr 25
Jacob Van Wickler 17
Ezra Tiletson 22
Derick Van Wickler 21
Ira B Tiletson 20
Corneilus Van Wickler 22
John Tiletson 57
Samuel Van Wickler 18
Reuben Thompkins 27
Cornelius Van Sickler 48
Philip Thompkins 50
James Wright 17
John Tompkins 18
John Waters 45
James Terol 30
George Waters 18
Caleb Tompkins 30
John Van Wickler 34
George Wilson 40
James Van Wickler 21
Mador Locose 27
Daniel Silver 45
Alexr McDonald 18
Jeremiah Wood 26
Jacob Chatterson 25
Peleg Wood 22
Neal McDonald 17
Timothy Silver Junr 17
William Drury 21
William Smith 20
Edward Drury 19
William Sherwood 17
Peter Lawson 26
John Silverthorn 23
James Lawson 23
Jeremiah Simson 32
John M Lawson 23
Gibbs Squires 27
John Lawson 33
John D Smith Junr 30
Isaac Ferguson 23
John Simpson 40

James Simpson 33

Names of Absentees

Abel Cummins 24

Daniel Silver 45

Isaac Bellemy 18

David Bellemy 17

Timothy Silver Junr 17

Cyrus Marsh 49

John Camp 50

Luther C Istland 32

James Morrow 35

Josiah Proctor 58

James Thirril 30

Left the Company

Solomon Bowering

James Halbert

John Kemp

Jacob Stickle

Eli Benedict

Joshua Palmer

James Silver

Samuel Silver

23 April 1823, Roll and Field Return of Captain Adam H Meyers' Company,
1st Regiment Northumberland Militia
Captain  Adam Henry Meyers
Lieutenant  Benjamin Cummings
Ensign William Robinson

Sergeants Abraham Vonvickly

James Tripp

Daniel Platt

Patrick Jourden

- Morrow

Privates Archibald Merriam

Archibald Wilcox

Armus Brunson

Allen Hart

Abraham Car

Abraham P Maybee

Abraham Maybee Junr

Alexander McAll

Benjamin Smades

Benjamin Brundage

Chester Loomes

Comfort Curtis

Coleman Jinks

Charles Tripp

Cornelius Vonvickly

Christopher Vardic

Christopher Vardic junr

David Blair Junr

David Couch Junr

Daniel Cumstock

David Couch Junr

Daniel Camble

Daniel Shufelt

Daniel Morca

David Cummings

Edward Bamber

Elijah Brundage

Erastus Blair

Francis Palmatier

Garret Dingman

Page 2

Guy Hart James Anderson

George Davis John Fralick

George Shufelt Job Hart

Harvey Brundage Jacob Vaness

Hiram Curtis John McAll Junr

Hugh McAll Levi Carter

Isaac Dingman Philip Waldron

Isaac Turk Peter Dingman

Isaac Platt Philip Waldron Junr

John Vonvickly Platt Jinks

Jacob Vonvickly Philander S Hubble

Joseph Carl Philip Wessels

James Carl Reuben Mallery

John Howell Russel Merrits

John Palmatier Robert Camble

Jacob Dingman Samuel Tripp

John S Dingman Samuel Castow

John Curtis Samuel Dingman Junr

James Warner Samuel Merrils

John Platt, Clerk of the Company Stephen Curtis

James Platt Simon Palmatier

Joseph Sparrow Samuel Masters

Johnathan Tripp Stephen Wessels

John Clark Silvester Richmond

James Camble Thomas Turk

John McAll Thomas Curtis

Joseph Robinson Thomas Wilkins

John Runnels Thomas Anderson

James Waldron Thomas Bamber

Joseph Herrington Thomas Fitzgerald

Jarard Dingman Thomas Vardic

John Blair William Howell

Jacob P Dingman William Herrington

Joseph Howell William C Palmatier

John McNutt William Simpson

Joseph Couch William Taylor

James Lard William McCannah

John Waldron William H Maybee

Jacob Hart William Masters

Jabez Tripp J O? Leun

James Alley

John Warner

Joseph Wessels

John Wessels

John McPeck

Absent without leave

Asmus Brunson

Francis Palmatier John Fralic

John Howell Job Hart

Jacob Dingman Philip Waldron

John S Dingman Reuben Mallery

James Warner Robert Gamble [Camble?]

Jonathan Tripp Samuel Masters

Joseph Robinson Thomas Fitzgerald

John Runnels William Masters

James Waldron Daniel Comstock

Jacob P Dingman Abraham Maybee Junr

James Card Daniel Gamble

James Alley Peter Dingman

John McPhee