UC Land petition Edmund Mott 1849

UC Land Petition
Edmund Mott 1849

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte
Capt John Walden Meyers 

Edmund Mott states that he gave "aid and assistance to Capt John Walter Myers"

[The transcription below was donated by Carol Stuart; posted June 27, 2006.]

23 Nov 1849: In the District of Johnstown I Edmund Mott of the Township of Elizabethtown do make oath and say, that I am the Father of Samuel W. Mott the before named Petitioner, that I am the said Edmund Mott a U.E. Loyalist, that I am now aged Eighty Two years, on the 8th. day of August last. That I came into the Province of Upper Canada in the year 1789 and continued to reside therein since. That I first settled in the Township of Elizabethtown and removed to no other place.

That I served during the Revolutionary War between the years 1776 and 1783, as a Volunteer on Secret Service in the Corps called Butlers Rangers commanded by Capt. Meyers for the space of more than two years, and was reduced or discharged in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty three or at the close of the Revolutionary war, and came into the Province of Upper Canada in the year 1789. That I volunteered as a Private Soldier in a Corps. or Company commanded by Capt. Peter Drummond in the year 1794 for the term of three years, but served for five years before I was discharged from the said Corps or Company. That I also done duty in the Militia of this Province during the late war with the United States of America. That about the year 1790 one (Caleb/Jacob ??) Ferrin was acting as commissioner to investigate the claims of those entitled to land as a U.E. Loyalist. That I appeared before him while sitting at the Town of Johnstown as such commissioner and was duly commisioned by the said Caleb (or Jacob) Ferrin as to the service rendered previous to the year 1783 in aiding and assisting the British party during the Revolutionary war and particularly in ??? giving aid and assistance to one Capt. Walter /aka Walden Myers by secreting him at the peril of life in my Fathers House from a party of the Enemy who were in persuit of him and for services) of like discriptions during the time that I served and remained in Duchess County now the State of New York that I was present and did see the said (Caleb/Jacob ?) Ferrin enter my name on the U.E. list as a U.E. Loyalist for and in consideration of the services rendered during the Revolutionary War in aiding and assisting the British during the said war as far as my capacity would admit of when considering my age and I do swear that the foregoing particulars are correct, to the best of my knowledge, recollection and belief.

Sworn to before me at Brockville this Twenty third day of November 1849 James Jessop } Clerk of the Peace } signed - Edmund Mott Johnstown District }
Source: Upper Canada Land Petition, M5/101 (371/2230), Nov 1849, Brockville, pages 100, 101 a,b,c

Brief genealogy supplied by Carol Stuart
[Note: Carol also supplied the information on the Bonisteel page.]
Edmund Mott:
Born: 8 Aug 1767 - Eagle Mills, Rensselaer Co. New York and Died: After 1851 - Leeds , Greenville Co. Ontario
Father: Samuel Mott Sr. (1736-1805) and  Mother: Hannah Price

Married Amy (Emma) Wing UE 13 Nov 1797 - Elizabethtown Twp., Leeds Co., Ontario
Born: 1776 - Pawling Twp.N, Dutchess Co., New York and Died: 23 Dec 1845 - Elizabethtown Twp., Leeds Co., Ontario
Father: Gershom Wing (U.E.L.) (1744- ) and Mother: Rebecca Chase

Nancy Mott
Born: 7 Jun 1797 - Elizabethtown Twp., Leeds Co., Ontario Christened: Died: 18 Nov 1872 - Erin Township, Wellington County
Spouse: Jacob Bonesteel Jr. (U.E.) (1794-1850); Marr: 1811