Matthias Marsh Sarah Richardson

Matthias Marsh of Sidney Tp.
Hastings County

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte
Hannah DIXON, m. Matthias Marsh, 1791 -  abt.1840

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Much has been written about this family. The father, Col William Marsh UE was active with the Green Mountain Boys in fighting for their land in the contested area that became Vermont. Matthias came to Sidney and stayed . Peter Johnson and Bruce Stinson (deceased) have done significant research on top of what was done years ago. Bruce wrote an excellent book titled Colonel William Marsh, 1738 - 1816
. The focus here is to present only Quinte documents relating to the family.

There is an extensive Marsh Family history in The Settlers of Beekman Patent, Frank Doherty, Vol 8, 2005, 479-504. It states in error that Sarah Richardson is the dau of William Richardson and Jane Schermerhorne.

Matthias Marsh, U.E.  ("Col" William3, Matthias2, William1) was born Abt. 1761 in South Dover, Dutchess Co, NY, and died June 17, 1829 in Sidney Twsp, Hastings Co. ON.  He married (1) Sarah Richardson February 04, 1783 in Coventry, CT, daughter of Nathan Richardson and Phoebe Crocker.  She was born March 10, 1765 in CT or VT, and died July 08, 1810 in Drowned in the Trent River. He married (2) Mrs Hannah (Dixon) Reeves after 1810

They had the following children.
  1.    MATTHIAS MARSH1 U.E was born about 1761 in South Dover, Dutchess Co., NY. He died on 17 Jun 1829 in Sidney Twsp, Hastings Co. ON. He married (1) SARAH RICHARDSON, daughter of Nathan Richardson and Phoebe Crocker on 04 Feb 1783 in Bennington, VT. She was born on 10 Mar 1765 in Coventry, CT. She died on 08 Jul 1815 in Drowned in the Trent River. He married (2) HANNAH DICKSON about 1810. She was born in US.

Matthias Marsh U.E and Sarah Richardson had the following children:
i.    LUCY MARSH was born on 16 Apr 1783 in Manchester, Vermont. She died in 1847. She married STEPHEN YOUNG. He was born in 1773. He died in 1849.
ii.    ESTHER MARSH was born on 07 Jul 1784 in Manchester, Vermont. She died on 09 Nov 1874 in Sidney Twp, Hastings Co.. She married REUBEN WHITE, son of William White and Hannah Tomkins about 1800. He was born about 1779 in Dutchess Co., New York. He died on 06 Jan 1858 in Sidney Twp, Hastings Co..
iii.    ARCHIBALD MARSH was born on 29 Jan 1786 in Manchester, Vermont. He died in 1834. He married SARAH BILLEAU. He married SARAH NIX.
iv.    CHARLOTTE MARSH was born on 19 Sep 1787 in Manchester, Vermont. She married JOHN MCGRATH.
v.    WILLIAM MARSH was born on 16 Apr 1789 in Sidney Tp.. He married SYLVIA ANN  SQUIRES. He married SYLVIA SQUIRES.
vi.    EDMUND M ARSH was born on 09 Aug 1795. He died in 1840. He married CLARISSA UNKNOWN.
vii.    BENJAMIN MARSH was born on 09 Aug 1797. She died about 1798.
viii.    SARAH MARSH was born on 16 Sep 1798. She died in 1850. She married WILLIAM
ix.    CLARISSA MARSH was born on 04 Sep 1799. She married JOHN LEE. She married (2) SAMUEL BURGERY GILBERT, son of Stephen Gilbert and Sarah Ostrum on 03 Oct 1824 in St Thomas Ch, Belleville, ON. He was born about 1801.
x.    SAMUEL MARSH was born on 10 Feb 1801. He married TAMARA RICHARDSON.
xi.    ABRAHAM MARSH was born on 27 Jul 1806. He married ABIGAIL WHITTIER.
xii.    HENRY MARSH was born on 20 May 1809. He died in 1875 in Pine Grove Cem, Prince Albert, ON. He married ANNA WALDRON. She was born in 1807. She died in 1875.

Matthias Marsh U.E and Hannah Dickson had the following children:
xiii.    MARY MARSH was born about 1812.
xiv.    ELIZA MARSH was born about 1813.
xv.    ALMIRA MARSH was born about 1815.
xvi.    CHARLES MARSH was born about 1817. He died in Salt Lake City, Utah. He married MARY ANNE LOGAN. She was born in England.
xvii.  CHARLOTTE MARSH was born about 1818.
xviii. JAMES MARSH was born on 01 Mar 1819. He died in 1888. He married (1) Charity Terrill on 27 Jul 1862. She was born in 1832. She died in 1875 and (2) Cynthia Caroline Wert on 8 Aug 1875.

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Matthias was born in 1763, likely in CT, but raised in VT. He was the only son in the family to have his name maintained on the Loyalist lists; his brothers being too young to have served. Therefore the many offspring of Matthias were able to petition for land grants.
Source: Marsh Family, Peter Johnson, March 1999

b. 1761, Amenia, NY
Source: Colonel William Marsh, 1738 - 1816, Bruce Stinson, 1996, p. 10

Feb 4, 1783, Manchester, VT
Source: Colonel William Marsh, 1738 - 1816, Bruce Stinson, 1996, p. 10 and 103

Children,  probably born in Dutchess Co & Bennington Co:
I Matthias Marsh  Jr b    abt         1761;   d    abt         1829 m Feb 4 1783 Sarah Richardson dau of Nathan & Phebe ( Schermerhorn) Richardson b    d July 8 1815; m 2nd Mrs  Hannah  (Cobb)  Reeves
Children:   I.Lucy b Apr 16   1783;   2.Esther b July 71784; 3.Archibald b Jan 29 1786;   4.Charlotte b Sept 19  1787; 5.William b Apr 16   1789;  6.Edmund b Aug 9  1795 7.Benjamin b Nov 9   1797;       S.Sarah b Sept 16   1799; 9.Clarissa b Sept 4 1801;   10.Samuel b Feb 10 1804; 11.Abraham b Jan 27  1806;  12. Henry b May  20 1809; 13. Charles b 1817;   14. James b Mch 1 1819;  15.Eliza b 16.Maria
Source; Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel French the Joiner of Stratford CT, Mansfield Joseph French, Ann Arbour, Edwards Bros. Inc., 1940, TRL, 929.2F674F675, V1&2, pp 153.

Moved to Sidney Tp., Hastings Co., 1788. Matthias built the first grist mill in Ameliasburg at Consecon in 1804 and attended the first town meeting in Sidney on 15 May 1790.
Source: Colonel William Marsh, 1738 - 1816, Bruce Stinson, 1996, p. 103

There must be petitions for the grants below.
1. M22, 1803-41, V365, #41, C2219, 10 Jul 1839 cert of William Marsh.
2. M misc, 1792-1816, #67, V325, 6 Feb 1801, C2189

Patent to Matthias Marsh, Lot 35, Conc C dated 22 May 1798. (Note - this the point at the end of Stoney Pt Rd). He sells in 1803 to Wm Townsbury.
Patent to Matthias Marsh, Lot 35, Conc B dated 22 May 1798. (Note - today this is the brighton Shores development). He sells in 1803 to Wm Townsbury.
Source: Northumberland, Abstract Index, Brighton Tp, 1800-1959, V1-2, AO, GSU 197810

Granted to Matthias Marsh, the east halves of Lot 4, Conc 1 and 2 of Sidney. dated 22 Sep 1803.
Source: Township Papers, Sidney, AO, MS 658, reel 442, p 55

Granted to Matthias Marsh, the east halves of Lot 5, Conc 1, Sidney. dated 31 Oct 1800
Source: Township Papers, Sidney, AO, MS 658, reel 442, p 74

1. 1 Dec 1797 - W 1/2 lot 5, Conc 1, Sidney
2. 10 Aug 1801, E 1/2, lot 5, Conc 1, Sidney
Source: Abstract Index, AO, GSU 197974
3. 17 May 1802, E 1/2 of lot 4 in both Conc 1 and 2.
Source: Index to Land Patents, Sidney Tp., AO, MS 1, reel 5.

Captain Lieutenant Matthias Marsh, Hastings Militia, date of commission is Dec. 08, 1798, dated Feb., 10, 1799.
Source: Early Militia Lists of Hastings County 1799-1826, from the William Bell Papers; compiled by Don Kellaway, 1994, Quinte Branch, OGS, p. 1.

"We, the following officers of Militia of the County of Hastings, having agreed to have uniform clothing, do empower John Ferguson, Samuel Sherwood, Matthias Marsh, and  John Mclntosh, to agree with any person to furnish the materials, and we will pay for it as agreed upon by the above persons - the uniform to be red coats with blue facings; long yellow buttons and white lining with shoulder straps, the Light Infantry to have short coats with wings.    Thurlow, 7th October, 1800. John  Mclntosh, David  Simmons, John Fairman, junr., Samuel Sherwood, Matthias Marsh. (Signed) - John Ferguson, William Bell, John  Chisholm, Daniel  Rose"
Source: The Settlement of Upper Canada, Canniff, 1869, p. 549

Matthias unsuccessfully petitioned Honourable John Helmsley to build a bridge across the Trent River on Feb. 6, 1801. It proposed a bridge 18 ft. wide with 2 substantial stone abutments and 4 stone pillows in the water 75 ft. apart. The pillows were to be 12 ft. thick and pointed up stream and 30 ft. long. He proposed to do the job in 1.5 years for 1600 pounds Halifax or 150 more if it is 20 ft. wide. It would be warranted to stand for 4 to 5 years from completion excepting being struck by large rafts.

It was accompanied by a surveyor's report done for Capt. Matthias Marsh by Henry Smith.
The famous covered bridge was built in the 1830's.
Source: AO, UCLP, "M" Bundle Misc., 1792-1816, #67 (RG1, L3, Vol 325) Reel C-2189.
See also: The Covered Bridge at Trenton, Gerald E. Boyce, Belleville Intelligencer, 1980.
See also: The bridge that would never be, Peter W. Johnson, The Trentonian, Aug. 19/1994.