Wandal, Willem and Henry W Yager Thurlow Tp, Hastings County

Wandal, Willem & Henry W Yager of Thurlow Tp.
Hastings County

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte
Henry W. Yager Fonds

I am a Yager descendant through Christina Helen Yager and the Yagers were early settlers in Thurlow Tp. coming from Columbia County, NY. The Yagers were part of the famous Palatine emigration in 1710 to the Hudson Valley.

Brothers Wandal Yager and Willem Yager came as the pioneers and Henry W Yager, son of Wandal, made quite a success of his time in Upper Canada. Lineages are shown with source notes below.

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I want to thank Don Yager, Barb McGill, Kathy Evanson and Mary Hayden for help with the Yager family lineage.

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  2. Descendants of Johna Henrich Yager, 1751 - ?
  3. Wandal Yager
  4. Willem Yager
  5. Catherine Knickerbocker
  6. Descendants of Henry W Yager
  7. Henry W Yager

Wandal and Willem Yager, two brothers born 10 years apart, 1774 and 1784 in Columbia County, NY were sons of Johann Henrich Jager. They are descendants of the Palatine Germans who came to the Hudson Valley in 1709. There is extensive work by Henry Z Jones that details the family at this time.

Wandal married Eva Dings and Willem married Catherine Knickerbocker. They are all buried in Whites Cemetery.

Based on the birth locations of the children it appears that Willem came first around 1815 and Wandal a couple of years later.

Wandal buys and farms lot 29, con 3, Thurlow in 1837 from his son Henry W Yager. Willem buys and farms lot 22, con 2, Thurlow in 1824 from John Canniff.

It is Henry Wandal Yager, son of Wandal Yager, born in 1802 in Claverack, Colubia County who makes his mark on Belleville. He marries Elizabeth White, daughter of Reuben White. In 1831, at the age of 29, he is elected to Legislative Assembly replacing his father in law (Reuben White) as a representative for Hastings County. Henry was elected Commissioner for Thurlow Township in 1837 and then Town Clerk for the years 1838 to 1845. He was a reformer and a bundle of letters to him during this period are in the Library and Archives of Canada. See this web page for transcriptions of the Henry W Yager Fonds. Henry was a merchant in Belleville but no record of his been business has been found.

In 1847, Henry and Elizabeth Yager and their young family emigrate to Dane County, Wisconsin and they spend the remainder of their lives there.

2. Descendants of Johann Henrich Jager

                   i.    CRITJE7 YAGER, d. Bef. 1807.
                  ii.    JOHN A. YAGER.
                 iii.    CHRISTINE YAGER.
 .               iv.    HENRICH H. YAGER, b. 21 January 1772, Manorton, Columbia Co., NY.
1. .             v.    WANDAL YAGER, b. 5 January 1774, Manorton, Columbia Co., NY; d. 15 April 1851, Thurlow Tp., Hastings Co..
                 vi.    ELISABETH YAGER, b. Bef. 22 February 1778, Columbia Co., NY.
                vii.    PETER YAGER, b. 9 December 1782, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; m. CHRISTINA.
2.            viii.    WILLEM YAGER, b. 9 September 1784, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; d. 20 April 1849.
Generation No. 2
1.  WANDAL7 YAGER (JOHANN HENRICH6 JAGER, JOHANNES5, JOHANN WENDEL4, HANS VELTEN3, JOHANNES2, HANS1) was born 5 January 1774 in Manorton, Columbia Co., NY, and died 15 April 1851 in Thurlow Tp., Hastings Co..  He married EVA DINGS 25 June 1797 in Linlithgo Reformed Church, Livingston, Colombia Co., NY, daughter of JOHN DINGS and MARIKE KNICKERBOCKER.  She was born Bef. 30 December 1780 in Columbia Co., NY, and died 1 December 1851 in Hastings Co..
Children of WANDAL YAGER and EVA DINGS are:
                   i.    MARIKE (MARITY)8 YAGER, b. 6 November 1797, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY.
                  ii.    ELIZABETH YAGER, b. 28 March 1800, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; m. PETER W MEYERS.
                 iii.    HENRY WANDAL? YAGER, b. Bef. 14 May 1802, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; d. 9 January 1860, Montrose, Dane Co., WI; m. (1) UNKNOWN, Bef. 1823; m. (2) ELIZABETH E. WHITE, 2 March 1824, Sidney Tp, Hastings Co., ON; b. Abt. 1806, Upper Canada; d. Dane Co., WI.
                 iv.    MARIA YAGER, b. Bef. 3 October 1804, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; d. Abt. 1898, MI; m. JOHN GILBERT, 5 August 1823, St Thomas Church, Belleville, Hastings Co., ON; b. 8 July 1802, Sidney, Hastings County; d. Abt. 1876, MI.
                  v.    TINY ELINOR YAGER1, b. Bef. 11 October 1807, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY.
                 vi.    CHRISTINA HELEN YAGER, b. 11 October 1807, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; d. 12 October 1900, Sidney Twsp, Hastings Co. Ont.; m. TOBIAS WALTER MEYERS; b. 26 May 1798, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., ON; d. 11 October 1887, Sidney Twsp, Hastings Co. Ont..
                vii.    JOHN ADAM YAGER, b. Bef. 17 May 1809, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY.
               viii.    SARAH ANN YAGER, b. Bef. 22 February 1811, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; d. 9 December 1884.
                  ix.    WILLEM YAGER, b. Bef. 7 July 1813, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY.
                   x.    CATHARINE EMELINE YAGER, b. 29 July 1815, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; m. JAMES H. DAVIDSON, 23 June 1841, Hastings Co, Victoria District, Canada West.
                  xi.    PETER FROELICH YAGER, b. 15 July 1817, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; d. 7 December 1885, Hastings Co., ON; m. (1) MARIA FINKLE, 3 November 1846, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., ON; b. 10 August 1821, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., ON; d. 1867, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., ON; m. (2) CORDELIA, Aft. 1852.
2.  WILLEM7 YAGER (JOHANN HENRICH6 JAGER, JOHANNES5, JOHANN WENDEL4, HANS VELTEN3, JOHANNES2, HANS1) was born 9 September 1784 in Claverack, Columbia Co., NY, and died 20 April 1849.  He married CATHERINE KNICKERBOCKER 9 November 1807 in Ancram, Columbia Co., NY, daughter of PHILIP KNICKERBOCKER and ANNA DINGS.  She was born 26 April 1787 in Mount Ross, NY, and died 15 September 1869.
                   i.    HENRY8 YAGER, b. 11 June 1809, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY.
                  ii.    MARIA MARIA YAGER, b. 24 January 1811, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; d. 6 April 1897; m. GILBERT BONISTEEL, Abt. 1830, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., ON; b. 21 July 1812, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., ON; d. 28 June 1860.
                 iii.    HANNA ELIZA YAGER, b. 5 September 1813, Claverack, Columbia Co., NY; m. ANDREW GRUNSOLUS, Aft. 1851.
                 iv.    EMELINE YAGER, b. Abt. 1815, Canada West; m. PETER BELL; b. Abt. 1809, Canada West.
                  v.    CATHARINE YAGER, b. Abt. 1823, Canada.
                 vi.    PHILIP WILLIAM YAGER, b. Abt. 1824, Canada; m. SARAH J., Aft. 1851.
                vii.    ANSON YAGER, b. Abt. 1827, Canada; d. 21 December 1853.
               viii.    ELLEN YAGER, b. Abt. 1830, Canada; m. EDMUND BURDETT.

3. Wandal Yager

Wendel Jager, born 5 Jan 1774,  baptised 1774; parents Henrich Jager, Elisabeth; sponsors  Jacob Pest, Eva
Source: Baptism Record St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1765 - 1872 (Lutheran Church of Livingston), Manorton, #195.
SOURCE: LDS search - Batch No. C503921,  Dates 1765 - 1872,  Source Call No. 974.739 B1 V26B, Type Book, Printout Call No. 0933484

Yager: Hendrick, Columbia Co., 195
Henry,  Columbia Co., 239
Henry H.,  Columbia Co., 239
Henry P.,  Columbia Co., 253
John,  Columbia Co., 241
Philip,  Columbia Co., 230
Wendel,  Columbia Co., 244
Source: Index to the 1800 Census of NY, Barbara Kay Armstrong, Baltimore, 1984

Lot 29, Concession 3, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co.
On Aug. 15, 1834, Henry Averill Jr. sells to Henry W. Yager, gentleman, for 200 the full 200 acres of lot 29, conc. 3, Thurlow. Witnessed by James Dafoe, Belleville, baliff and James Macdonnell, gentleman.
[Note: A contact sent me the following: "The name Henry Averill Jr. may possibly be Henry Ackerill, and his son was Henry also.  They were father and son veterinarians in Belleville, where our family goes back to burials in the first graveyard in Thurlow county.  They intermarried with the Gunsolus family to whom Hannah Elizabeth Yager married into." email May 2007]
Source: AO GS4293, No. 3098, page 194

On December 25, 1837, Henry Wandal Yager, of Belleville, merchant sells to Wandel Yager, Yeoman for 650 the full 200 acres consisting of lot 29, Third Concession of Thurlow, Hastings Co. . Witnessed by Robert Bird, Belleville, miller and Samuel Lasker?, Belleville, gentleman.
Source: AO GS 4293, No. 242, page 432

On December 1, 1842, Wandal Yager, yeoman sells to Peter Yager and William Yager the younger (this distinguishes this William from his probable uncle William who farmed Lot 22, conc 2) for 400 the 200 acres of Lot 29, Concession three in Thurlow.  Peter and William the younger are most likely the sons of Wandal as mentioned in his will.
Source: AO GS 4293, No. 190, page 408.

On Feb. 8, 1843, Wandal and his sons William and Peter mortgage the farm for 762 from Reuben White, gentleman, Sidney.
Source: AO, 4293, No. 497, page 946

On May 18, 1847 William and Peter Yager sell to Wandal Yager the 200 acres of lot 29, conc. 3. This probably indicates that William and Peter defaulted on the mortgage and Wandal paid off the mortgage and took ownership of the farm.

In the name of God Amen. I Wandal Yager of the Township of Thurlow in the County of Hastings in the District of Victoria of the Province of Canada Yeoman being in a? health of body and of a sound mind and knowing the frailty of nature do make this my last will and testament as follows unto that God who has been my preserver through life I ???? resurrection and my body after death to the grave in a plain and decent manner after which I will and bequeath to my son William all my real estate consisting of lot number twenty nine in the third conc of Thurlow aforesaid and also all of my out door personal property of every description should he my said son William Yager survive me and if not then I will and bequeath the above mentioned real and out door personal estate and property to my son Peter Yager and to his heirs and assigns subject to the payment of my financial expenses ???? and also to pay to my son Henry Yager should he survive me the sum of five ?? as the residue of any and all manner of claims either he ?? or otherwise which he may have had upon me and also to my wife a good sufficient and comfortable living while she may survive me and also to my daughters Sarah Ann a like good and comfortable living while she shall consent to reside with them but should she marry and remove from them then they shall pay to her the sum of twenty pounds ?? in outfits exclusive of all such property as she may own at my decease - - and I do further will and bequeath all my goods and chattels of every description known as in door property to my two sons William and Peter and to my daughters Marity, Christina Helen, Catharine Emeline and Sarah Ann or such of them as shall survive their mother or at such time as she my said wife shall see fit to make ? such division then and no sooner shall such of the foregoing of my sons and daughters receive share and share alike - - - and for the due execution and observance of this my said last will and testament whereby I fully revoke all other I do earnestly bequeath my respected neighbours Isaac Denike and Richard Doxtater of the Township of Thurlow and John Gilbert of the Township of Sidney all in the County District and Province for said Yeoman to act as my executors and I do hereby make constitute and appoint the aforesaid Isaac Denike, Richard Doxtator and John Gilbert as my said executors and do hereby endow them with all the powers necessary for the faithful observance and execution of all the foregoing considerations and settlements - - - In testimony of which I have herein set my hand and affixed my seal at Thurlow this twelfth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Forty eight. Signed sealed and delivered
(signed) Andrew Denike, William Yager, Isaac Denike, Wandal Yager

Attached oath from Isaac Denike declares Wandal died on or about April 15, 1851.

An inventory is also included stating the value of cash, wearing apparel, horses, horned cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, plate and furniture of 126 pounds and debts of 25 pounds.
Source: Copyright, transcribed by Randy Saylor, AO GS 1, reel 1178, Will A127

Buried in Whites Cemetery: Inscription reads - Wandal Yager was born in Columbia Co., New York born Jan 4 1770 who departed this life Apr 15 1851. According to the church records, Wandal was born Jan 5, 1774 and baptized in the same year. A careful check of the headstone clearly shows the date as 1770. [Sept. 2002.]

4. Willem Yager

Jager, Wiliam, born 9 Sep 1784, christened 3 Oct 1784; parents Henrich Jager and Elisabeth Schmit, Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia, NY, 1727 - 1875, LDS batch #C50414-1, page 457, serial # 01646-7.

Wiliam Jager, born 9 Sept 1784, baptised 3 Oct 1784; parents Henrich Jager and Elisabeth Schmit; sponsors Johannes Schultz, Lena Hoff.
Source: Baptism Record Livingston Linlithgo Reformed Church, 1722 - 1889, #1495, Ancestry.com search result from Don Yager, Nov. 2001.

Names and dates of wife and 3 children Henrich, Maria, Hanna Eliza from Don Yager. Nov. 2001

William Yager married Catharine Knickerbacker on Nov. 9, 1807 at Ancram, Columbia Co., NY.
See the marriage note in Catherine's notes.
SOURCE: LDS search, batch 7314430, sheet 25, call # 0822793.

I have in front of me the application for the Daughters of the American Revolution that my late Aunt Curlette Forster used to obtain her membership.  As authorities, it refers to the family Bible of William Yager and Catherine Knickerbocker Yager, the Dings Family in America (1927 ed.) N.Y. Biography and Genealogy  v. 39, p. 123, vol. 40, pp. 55-56.  It further states that Catherine Knickerbocker Yager was the daughter of Phillip Knickerbocker and (first wife) Anna Maria Dings, bapt. 8-6-1749 at Mt. Ross, N.Y., died at Pine Plains, N.Y. on Sept 1803 and married on 7-1-1766.  Philip had a second wife whose name is illegible. I have no idea where the old family Bible of the Yagers is now; with so many descendants it could be anywhere.
Source: email from Sue Khavari, Jan 2007

NOTE: It is a strong conjecture that Catherine, the daughter of Philip Knickerbocker and Anna Maria Dings, is the wife of William Yager. The assumption is reasonable due to the multiple  intermarriages of the Knickerbocker, Dings and Yager's of these close lines at this time.
The one problem is that the headstone of Catherine Yager states she is 84 y 5 mo's at death on Sept 15, 1869. This gives a birth date of mid April, 1785 which is 2 years earlier than the NY church records as printed in NYGBR. It is possible the age at death is 81 y 5 mo's because the carver makes a deep cut for the vertical stroke and very shallow cuts for the angled and horizontal part of the "4". It is not clear if it is a "1" or a "4". At 81y 5 m, her birth would be April 1788.
Conjecture made by Randy Saylor, April, 2002. [Note: the above citation referring to a Family Bible supports the validity of this marriage. Randy Saylor, Jan 2007]

William Yager is one of about 100 Presbyterians who sign a petition to the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada on June 27, 1822 requesting "a piece of ground in Belleville for the erection of a Presbyterian Church and burying ground."
St. Andrew's Chronicles, Gerald E. Boyce, Belleville, 1978, p. 9

William Yager bought all 200 acres of lot 22, conc. 2, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., on Jan. 8, 1824 from John Canniff.
AO, GS4287, Index to deeds.

On Dec. 26, 1842, William sells his farm, lot 22, conc. 2, to Henry Yager, Yeoman of Thurlow who is most likely his oldest son. The purchase is for 750 pounds.

William and his wife are buried in Whites Cemetery on the east side of the old road. His headstone reads William Yager died April 20 1849 aged 63 years. The year of death is difficult to read. It looks like 1819 but is probably 1849. Other stones of the same era have a deep vertical cut in the 4 with very shallow diagonal and horizontal cuts that would have worn away in this case. The year of the release of his wifes dower is 1849. WRS

William is mentioned in his wife's release of dower and also he is buried beside her. Anson is also buried there and stated as his son. See Catherine's notes.

A third headstone reads: Sarah Jane, wife of P. W. Yager. This person has not been identified at this time.

5. Catherine Knickerbocker

BIRTH (3 sources)
b. 26 April, 1787; at Mount Ross; spon.: James Knickerbocker and Maritje Denius.
Source: Dr. William B. Van Alstyne. The Van Alstyne Genealogy of the Knickerbocker Family. "New York Genealogical & Biographical Record", V. 41, Jan. 1909, p. 56

Baptism Date: 19 May 1787; Father: Philip Knickerbacker; Mother: Maria Dings; Sponsor: James Knickerbacker; Maritje Denius; Birth Date: 26 Apr
Source: Item # 946, Baptism Records of the Gallatin Reformed Church: Gallatinville Gallatin Reformed Church 1748-1899 (email from Kathy Evanson, Oct 2002)

Catharine, born April 26, 1787 and bap. at Mount Ross Ch.
SOURCE: The Dings Family in America, Myron Dings, 1927, pp 23/4.

Catherine Yager widow of the late William Yager releases her dower to Philip W Yager being the front half of lot 22, Conc. 2. Dated Nov. 26, 1851
Source: AO GS 4295, No. 500

1. In the 1851 census a Catherine Yager is living on lot 22 (with Philip and Anson who are farming the lot) and she is stated to be a widow and 64 years old. She is living with the following, all born in Canada: Henry 40, Maria 38, Eliza 34, Emeline 31, Catharine 28, Philip 27, Anson 24 and Ellen 21. It is assumed that they are all the children of Catherine and William. Philip and Anson are farming at lot 22, con. 2, Thurlow, Hastings Co.
Source: Census Records, Ontario 1851, reel C11727, Thurlow part 1, page 75, 109, 113.

2. Catherine Yager, born U States, Presbyterian, age 65, residence Thurlow is listed with the family of Peter Bell, her son-in-lw. See Notes for daughter Emeline.
Source: Census Records, Ontario 1851, reel C11727, Sidney part 2, page 140.

Catherine is buried in Whites Cemetery and the inscriptions read:
In memory of Catherine wife of William Yager who died Sept 15 1869 aged 84 years 5 months. The next headstone reads: William Yager died April 20 1849 aged 63 years. Anson son of Wm & C Yager died 31 1853 aged 26 years.

6. Henry Wandal or William Yager

Henry William or Wandal Yager  (Wandal7, Johann Henrich6 Jager, Johannes5, Johann Wendel4, Hans Velten3, Johannes2, Hans1) was born Bef. May 14, 1802 in Claverack, Columbia Co., NY, and died January 09, 1860 in Montrose, Dane Co., WI.  He married (1) Unknown Bef. 1823.    He married (2) Elizabeth E. White March 02, 1824 in Sidney Tp, Hastings Co., ON, daughter of Reuben White and Esther Marsh.  She was born Abt. 1806 in Upper Canada, and died in Dane Co., WI.

Yager, Henry, born 14 May 1802, christened 6 Jun 1802; parents Wendel Yager and Eva Dings, Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia, NY, 1727 - 1875, LDS batch #C50414-1, page 457, serial # 04062-7.

Henry, bap. May 14, 1802, parents Eva Dings and Wendal Yager, Claverack Ch.
The Dings Family in America, Myron Dings, 1927, p. 25.

Henry William Yager, son of Wandel Yager, farmer, batchelor, and Elizabeth, daughter of Reuben White, Esqr, farmer, both of Sidney, spinster were married by publication of banns on Tuesday this second day of March 1824. (signed) Thos Campbell, Rector.
Source: copy of original record, Anglican Archives, Kingston, emailed to WRS by Linda Smith, July 2005, saved in Yager file.

Elizabeth White, m Henry Yager; set. Wisconsin. Issue Julia, Lafayette, Henry, Francis A., Elmira, Lorenda
Source: Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte, 1904, p. 859 

Child of Henry Yager and Unknown is:
i.    William Henry Sr.9 Yager, born Abt. 1823 in Hastings Co., ON; died Abt. 1859.  He married Emma; born Abt. 1827 i

Children of Henry Yager and Elizabeth White are
i.    Sarah Ann9 Yager, born in Hastings Co..  She married Canniff.
ii.    Esther Yager, born Abt. 1827.  She married John R. Ross.
iii.    William Wandal Yager, born July 1832 in Hastings Co., ON; died February 02, 1902 in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX.  He married (1) Elizabeth Aires Paine January 01, 1852 in Dane Co., WI; born August 25, 1831 in Denmark, Oxford Co., ME; died September 12, 1861 in Belleville, Dane Co., WI.  He married (2) Ann Elizabeth McWatty March 20, 1863; born August 25, 1841 in PA; died November 03, 1912 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO.
iv.    Lorinda Yager, born August 05, 1833 in Hastings Co., ON; died March 11, 1922.  She married La Fayette Munselle July 04, 1849 in Greenfield, Dane Co., WI; born May 25, 1824 in Port Johnson, Hudson Co., NJ; died February 27, 1895
v.    Almira Yager, born 1835 in Hastings Co., ON.  She married J. W. Beckley December 09, 1861 in Dane Co., WI; born in MI.
vi.    Francis Ann Yager, born 1837 in Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., ON; died July 04, 1887.  She married (1) Hiram Hiestand March 08, 1855 in Dane Co., WI; born Abt. 1833 in OH.  She married (2) Charles A. Newman September 17, 1869 in Cook Co., IL.
vii.    Louisa Yager, born January 03, 1841 in Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., ON; died November 14, 1880 in Dane Co., WI.  She married Theodore Yager November 24, 1858 in Dane Co., WI.
viii.    Hannah Marie Yager, born December 29, 1841 in Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., ON; died November 29, 1903 in Oregon, Dane Co., WI.  She married Thomas Boyd Cowdry March 12, 1859 in Dane Co., WI; born 1832 in MA; died December 29, 1896.
ix.    Elizabeth Yager, born 1846 in Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., ON.  She married (1) William H. Davenport October 06, 1865 in Dane Co., WI; born in Massena Springs, St. Lawrence Co., NY.  She married (2) Leroy Johnson May 04, 1882 in Dane Co., WI; born in Delaware Co., NY.
x.    Lafayette Yager, born December 06, 1847 in Dane Co., WI; died August 01, 1905 in Belleville, Dane Co., WI.  He married Jane Florence Wolfe
xi.    Juliette E. Yager, born December 06, 1847 in Dane Co., WI; died 1901.  She married William L. Martin May 08, 1879 in Dane Co., WI.
 xii.    Henry Yager.

(Listed in chronological order of registration date)
In 1828, Henry W Yager buys lot 14, Conc 3, Murray Tp, and he sells it in 1835.
Source: Northumberland, Abstract Index, Murray Tp, 1800-1959, V1-2, AO, GSU 197818

A Henry W. Yager, gentleman, Belleville, buys the whole of Lot 3, Conc 1, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co. comprising 200 acres on August 13, 1834 from Thomas Coleman, esquire, Thurlow for 100 pounds.
AO, GS4165, No. 2553, page 172

On Aug. 15, 1834, Henry W. Yager, Belleville, gentleman, sells to Henry Averill Jr., halter, for 100 pounds, part of Lot 3, conc. 1, Thurlow. Witnesses James MacDonnell, gentleman and Dafoe, shoemaker.
AO, GS4165, No. 2554, page 174

On August 15, 1834, Henry W. Yager, gentleman, buys from Henry Averill Junior for 200 pounds, the whole of Lot 29, Conc 3, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co. comprising 200 acres. Witnesses James Dafoe, Belleville, baliff and James MacDonnell, Thurlow, gentleman.
AO, GS4293, No. 3098, page 194

On Oct 29, 1835 Henry W. Yager, esquire, Belleville buys from James Stone, cordwainer, the front west half of Lot 31, west of Rear St., Belleville. Witnesses are Clifton H. McCallom, merchant, Belleville and Robert C. A. McLean, esquire.
AO, GS4165, Vol. B, No. 94, page 101

On Oct. 29, 1835, Henry W. Yager, esquire, Belleville buys from James L. Stone, shoemaker the rear east half of Lot 31, west side of Rear St., Belleville. Witnesses are C. A. McCallune, merchant and Robt. C. A. McLean, esquire.
AO, GS4165, Vol. A, No. 7246, page 360

On Dec. 15, 1835, Henry W. Yager, Belleville, esquire, sells to Smith Bartlett Jr, for 125 pounds, part of Lot 3, conc. 1, Thurlow. Witnesses David D. Bogarth?, gentleman and Robt C. A. McLean, esquire.
AO, GS4165, Vol. A, No. 3093, page 243

On March 8, 1837 Henry Wandall Yager, Belleville, merchant sells to James Dick, Montreal, Merchant for 900 pounds the south equal half of Lot 19, east side of Pinnacle St., Belleville. Witnesses are Robt. C.A. McLeanand G.M. Wall?.
AO, GS4165, Vol. A, No. 4059, page 308

On Dec. 25, 1837, Henry Wandal Yager, Belleville, merchant, sells to Wandal Yager, yeoman, Thurlow for 650 pounds, the whole of Lot 29, Conc 3, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co. comprising 200 acres. Witnesses Robert Bird, Belleville, miller and Samuel Lasker, Belleville, gentleman.
AO, GS4293, No. 242, page 432

Records show that all his land is sold off by 1839.

The 3 land deals listed directly above show his middle name is Wandal. Named after his father and also after the original settler to the US in 1709. However his marriage record to Eliz White has the middle name as William. This name is added with a carrotbut in the same hand as the rector so likely contemporary. Given that he and his father were present to sign the marriage record suggests William was the given middle name. Later record keepers may have assume it was Wandal after his father.

The above land records state that Henry is a merchant or gentleman in most cases. Early Belleville records need to be checked to see if advertisements can be found. Unfortunately a fire in 1861 at the Belleville Intelligencer destroyed almost all copies of early newspapers prior to that date.

12th Parliament of Upper Canada - 7 Jan 1831 - 16 Apr 1835 - Henry W Yager is elected along with James Hunter Samson.
Source: Minutes of the Court of Quarter Sessions, Linda Corupe, 2001, AO, Vol 2, p. 329

"Henry W. Yager; b. USA. Farmer. Lived in Thurlow Twp. Acting quarter master of militia, 1837-38. MHA, Hastings, 1834 - 36 (Reformer). See NAC, RG 1, L3, Vol 556, Leases and Licences, 1798 - 1839/123; MG 9, B 8 - 12."
Source: Becoming Prominent, J.K. Johnson, McGill Queens Press, 1989, p. 238.

Henry was elected during a turbulent period in Canadian history called the Rebellion of 1837 in both Upper and Lower Canada. The best book on the period dealing with Henry and many others in the Belleville area is: The Rebels of Hastings, Betsy Dewar Boyce, Univ. Toronto Press, 1992.

In the National Archives of Canada reside the Henry W. Yager Fonds. (R2629-0-7-E; former MG24-B35). These fonds of 40 pages comprise 13 letters sent to Henry during the time he was a MHA. The letters cover a range of topics but many are supportive of the reform agenda and it is clear that Henry is a reformer too. Three of the letters are from his father-in-law, Reuben White. On two occasions Reuben refers to the family, one mentioning the death of Henry's sister who married Peter Meyers. The archivist of the fonds at the NAC stated that the fonds came in 1943 from Minneapolis.
Source: email to WRS from Brian Murphy, archivist responsible for the fonds, NAC, March 15, 2002

On 4 July 1836, a letter is written by James Andrews complaining about a piece of land that he wants and he states "... I am a Discharged soldier from the 19th Light Dragoons and received the north half of Lot number Thirty in the Third Concession of Thurlow for my services  to my King and Country.  I wish to be informed if the Gore or part of Lot number Thirty One is to be leased or sold. I have purchased the possession from a person who occupied the Lot a number of years and commissioned our late Radical Member of Parliament, Henry Wandle Yager to transact the business for me and I understand that he has petitioned for the Lot on his own account not with understanding that he was fully aware of my paying for the improvement and possession. ..."
Source: Township Papers, Thurlow, AO, MS 658, reel 472, #909, copy Yager files.

Henry Yager was an arbiter in a land dispute dated 13 Jan 1844.
Source: Township papers, Thurlow, MS 658, reel 472, #1883, copy not made

Henry was a Comissioner in 1837 and then Town Clerk for the Township from 1838 to 1845.
Source: The Rambling River, History of Turlow Township, Mary Plumpton, 1967, 29-34.

About 1847 Henry moved his family to Dane Co., Wisconsin and they are listed in the 1850 census.
"Free inhabitants in Greenfield in the County of Dane, State of Wisconsin enumerated August 26, 1850.
H. W. Yager; age 44, m, Farmer, real estate valued at 3000, Birth place NY.
Elizabeth, 45, F, birth in Canada
Henry, 19, m, birth in Canada
Almira, 15, F, birth in Canada
F. A., 13, F, birth in Canada
Lorinda, 9, F, birth in Canada
H. M., 7, birth in Canada
Elizabeth, 4, F, birth in Canada
L., 2, M, birth in Wis
J., 2, F, birth in Wis
W. H., 27, M, birth in Canada
Emma, 23, F, birth in NY
Peter Dasney, 30, M, birth in NY"
Source: Copy of the actual census (p. 26) provided to WRS by Kathy Evanson, Jan. 18, 2002.

There are other Yager's listed in WI but they are all born outside the US.

"Schedule 1 - Free inhabitants in Village of Belleville in the County of Dane State of Wisconsin enumerated on July 14, 1860.
Elizabeth Yager, 54, F, House Keeper, real estate valued at 4000, personal estate valued at 1800, birth in Canada West.
Elmira, 24, F, Music Teacher,  birth in Canada West.
Elizabeth, 14, F,  birth in Canada West.
Juliette, 12, F, birth in Wisconsin.
Lafayette, 12, M, birth in Wisconsin.

Schedule 4 - Productions of Agriculture in the Town of Montrose in the County of Dane in the Post office Belleville.
Mrs. H.W. Yager, 20 acres improved, 20 acres unimproved, 2000 cash value of farm, 300 value of implements, etc"
Source: Copy of the actual census provided to WRS by Kathy Evanson, Jan. 18, 2002.

"Free inhabitants of the Town of Montrose, in the County of Dane, State of Wisconsin, enumerated on July 14, 1870.
Yager, Elizabeth, 64, F, White, Keeping House, Value of real estate 400, birth in Canada, mother and father of foreign birth.
Beckle, Elmira, 36, F, White, Seamstress, birth in Canada, mother foreign born.
Beckle, Myron, 6, M, White, born Wisconsin, mother foreign born.
Yager, Juliette, 23, F, White, Domestic Servt, born Wisconsin, mother foreign born."
Source: Copy of the actual census provided to WRS by Kathy Evanson, Jan. 18, 2002.

The state of Wisconsin, County Court for Dane County in Probate:
In the matter of the proofing the heirs to the estate of Henry W. Yager deceased, State of Wisconsin, Dane County;
Elizabeth Yager being duly sworn on her oath deposes and says that she resides in the town of Montrose in the County of Dane and of State of Wisconsin, that she is the widow of Henry W. Yager, late of said town of Montrose deceased. Deponent further says that the said Henry W. Yager departed this life on the ninth of January in the year AD eighteen hundred and sixty leaving 11 children bequeathing them viz:
Sarah Ann Caniff, Esther Ross, Almira Yager, Francis Hiestand, Lorinda Munsell, Wandle Yager, Louisa Yager, Hannah Yager, Elizabeth Yager, Juliette Yager, and Lafayette Yager, That said children have severally attained the age of twenty one years excepting the three last named who are minors. Deponent further says that said deceased died intestate and that the above named children together with William Henry Yager, son and only child of William Henry Yager, Dec, a son of said H.W. Yager are the heirs and legal representatives of said deceased.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of April, AD, 1861. Benton McConnell, Notary Public. Signed Elizabeth Yager.
Source: Handwritten copy provided to WRS by Kathy Evanson, Jan. 18, 2002.