Cornelius White, Bloomfield, Hallowell Township

Cornelius White, 1775 - 1844

His wives: Eliz. Acker & Dolly Wetmore, Hallowell Township

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Why we are interested in this family:
A number of us have been working to establish the children of William and Hannah White who settled in Sidney Tp. from NY. Cornelius is the oldest son of this couple and was administrator to the estate.

Thanks to Jon Acker, Jackie Crerar, Peter Johnson, Barb McGill, Jeanne Ross, Bonny Campbell, Linda Smith and Carol Collins.

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Cornelius White is the eldest son of William White and Hannah Tompkins at the time of his father's death. It is possible that Stephen White was a son of William who died around 1810 and he may have in fact been the eldest son.

Regardless, Cornelius was born in NY, probably Dutchess County and first married Elizabeth Acker about 1798 in NY. They came to Upper Canada with the rest of the family sometime between 1799 and 1801.  After Elizabeth's death around 1807, Cornelius married Dolly Wetmore and had two more children.

The Talcott story below makes the claim, not yet verified, that Cornelius White was related to Aaron White, Quaker, who also settled in the area.

John S. Barker states that Cornelius moved to Hallowell in 1816 but land records have him there earlier than that. In 1823 he requests successfully to become a Quaker in West Lake Meeting. In the 1828 schism he is disowned by the Orthodox branch and sides with the Hicksite branch. They built a new Meeting House on the land of his son in law, Stephen White and he was buried in the Hicksite burying grounds.

Cornelius White
was born Bet. March 1775 - March 1776 in USA, and died March 06, 1844 in Hallowell, PEC.  He married (1) Elizabeth Acker Bef. 1800.  He married (2) Dorothy (Dolly) Wetmore Aft. 1807.  She died Aft. 1844.
Cornelius White may be distantly related to Aaron White of Hallowell. See the Talcott story below.

Children of Cornelius White and Elizabeth Acker are:

i.    Elizabeth5 White, born February.  She married Webster Talcott.
ii.    Mary White.  She married John Richard.
iii.    Catherine White, born June 19, 1799 in NY; died February 02, 1869 in Wellington, PEC.  She married Stephen White; born December 27, 1790 in Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., NY; died August 05, 1875 in Wellington, PEC.
iv.    Francis White, born July 09, 1801 in Hallowell, PEC; died October 03, 1885 in Picton, ON.  She married James Crandall 1828 in Prince Edward County; born October 15, 1801 in Cramahe Tp., Northumberland Co.; died December 29, 1889 in Picton, ON
v.    Rhoda White, born April 05, 1806 in Canada West; died 1876.  She married Samuel Noxon; born March 13, 1801 in Canada West

Children of Cornelius White and Dorothy Wetmore are:

i.    Nancy5 White, born May 03, 1808.  She married James Cooper; born Abt. 1797 in Dutchess Co., NY; died August 18, 1879.
ii.    Harriet White.  She married Joseph L. Barker May 04, 1831 in Hallowell; died Bef. 1844.

Check out my World Connect Family File for descendants of the above.


Lieut Colonel John Talcott died intestate in 1688, and Governor Joseph Talcott, being the eldest son surviving, claimed by right of primogeniture, all the landed property, amounting to 2,232. He settled in Hartford, and became the head of the family in that city. His first wife was Helena Wakeman, daughter of the Colonial Treasurer, and his second wife, Mary Cook. Governor Joseph Talcott was a son by the first marriage; and Hezeldah, by the second. Hezekiah Talcott, who is the direct ancestor of the Prince Edward County pioneer, removed to Durham, Connecticut, and became a prominent citizen. He was born at Hartford, 1685, and was one of the original proprietors of the town of Durham, Connecticut, whither he removed after 1706; although the name is extinct at the present time in Durham. He married Jemina Parsons of Durham, Connecticut. They had six children - John, Jemima, Mary, Ann, Rachael and Rhoda.

Their son John, was the father of Elisha Talcott, who married Dolly Wetmore, and died at Leyden, N.Y, in 1807, leaving four children, namely : Sanger, Webster, Elmira and Sophira. Elisha's widow, shortly after his death, married Cornelius White and they migrated to Canada. Her son, Webster Talcott, married his stepsister, Elizabeth, the daughter of Cornelius White.

This young couple died within a few years of their marriage, and within five months of each other, leaving one child, Elisha, an infant, who was reared by his grandparents. Upon coming to manhood, Elisha W. Talcott married Sarah, daughter of Jonathan Noxon, a Friend minister, and settled near Bloomfield ; their descendants are shown in the table annexed. Their four sons, James Webster Talcott, Freeman Talcott, Jonathan Talcott and Philip Talcott are among the wealthiest and most influential citizens of Prince Edward County. .....
Source: PLBQ, 1904, 54/5

Philip Talcott, the youngest son of Elisha, owns and occupies the old homestead, which is now, with its modern buildings, fine orchard and maple woods, an ideal farm and home. He has never sought or accepted a public office. His wife was Delia, daughter of Stanley White, and great-granddaughter of Arran White, who was related to Cornelius White, so that these two old families are again united.
Source: PLBQ, 1904, 55/6

On 9, 1 month, 1823; a request "to be joined in Membership with Friends, signed by Cornelius White, which is directed to the Monthly Meeting."  The Adolphustown minutes do not survive for this date, however on 5, 8 month, 1823, Cornelius White is appointed to attend the Monthly Meeting along with Peter E Leavens thus verifying that he was accepted into membership. Note: There are 2 Cornelius White's in the record, however the other is born in 1822.
Source: West Lake Prep Meeting Minutes, 1815-1825, AO, F997, MS 303, reel 22, B-2-57

Cornelius White listed with his wife, Dorothy, members of West Lake, came by request and disowned in 1829.
Source: Religious Society of Friends Records, AO, F997, West Lake Monthly Mtg Register, (orthodox) 1820-1882, MS303, reel 23, B-2-62, reel 23, 1820

11 and 12 m0's, 1828 - Cornelius White, Stephen Bowerman, Stephen White, William Bowerman, Israel Bowerman, Jesse Walters, Peter Leavens - all followers of Elias Hicks and have separated.
Source: Religious Society of Friends Records, AO, F997, West Lake Prep Mtg Men 1815 - 1825, MS303, reel 22, B-2-57

In the 1830 list: Cornelius and Dorothy White are listed under "Those now Hicksite since the separation".
Source: Religious Society of Friends Records, AO, F997, West Lake Monthly Mtg Register, (orthodox) 1820-1882, MS303, reel 23, B-2-62, reel 23, 1830

Cornelius White and William Cunningham are active. Before 1844 Cornelius White Jr begins to be named.
Source: Religious Society of Friends Records, AO, F997, West Lake Prep Mtg 1828 - 1860 (Hicksite), MS303, reel 44, C-3-71


On 4 Sep 1840, Cornelius White, Hallowell, yeoman, eldest son and heir at law of the late William White of Sidney sells 100 acres, E 1/2, Lot 28, Conc 8, Brighton Tp, Northumberland Co to John Burley, Ernestown, PEC. Witnesses: William Cunningham, Hallowell, yeoman and William Stroughton, gentleman, both of Hallowell.
Source: West Northumberland County, Deeds, Vol N, 1841-1842, AO, GS???? - forgot to note the film, #4598, found 17 Jan 2005

I heard back from Bev Reilly.  Her source is William Martin Samland.  He is the "Crandall branch expert" and has just finished a book on the Crandall family - a copy will be deposited at the Marilyn Adams Genealogical Research Centre as soon as he ties up a few loose ends on the book - 488 pages.  Quote from her e-mail:
"He only has Elizabeth Acker as the wife of Cornelius White.  No second marriage mentioned.  Their daughter Francis White, born July 9, 1801 married into the Crandall clan, that is why I have Cornelius & Elizabeth in my data base.  You can use his name as the source for Cornelius' marriage to Elizabeth Acker with complete confidence."
Source: Email from Linda Smith, Jan 18/05

Elizabeth Acker named on a piece of paper giving the names and dates for the parents of Cornelius White. See the William White web page for a photo of this paper.

Excerpt from the Record of the township which date back to 1790:
"Names of person who subscribed seven pence halfpenny to purchase this book for a Township Record,
Cornelius White, William Kelly Sr., William Kelly Jr., are named on this list.
Source: Sidney Township Minute book
[Note: The township book was purchased in 1806 explaining how Cornelius was able to be a subscriber.]

Commencing the 7th March, 1808, and ending the 6th March, 1809
Aaron White                      150                 50
Nathaniel White            70                  30
Cornelius White           330                 --
William White              100                 --
Jeremiah White            100                 20
Source: Assessment of the Township of Hallowell, 7 March 1808, White file of WRS, Bill Martin's website

On 4 Feb 1812, Abraham Simmons, Murray Tp., yeoman, sells to Cornelius White, Hallowell, Yeoman, 142 acres, Lot 13, W1/2, Conc 1, Sidney. Witnessed by William Cunningham (brother-in-law to Cornelius??), yeoman, Hallowell and David McKenzie, Murray, yeoman. Registered 9 July 1822.
Source: Hastings County Copybooks, 1800-1821, AO, GSU 197906, Vol G, #720

On 27 June 1814, Richard Cartwright, merchant, Kingston sells to Cornelius White, 330 acres, Lot 2, Conc 1 Military Tract, Hallowell, PEC. Witnessed on 8 May 1815 and registered on 7 Oct 1816.
Source: Abstract Index, GSU198152. Prince Edward County, Deeds, AO, GS 5194, E415

On 11 Dec 1815, Cornelius White, Hallowell, sells to Reuben White, Sidney the E 1/2 of Lot 12 and all of Lot 13, Conc 1, Sidney for 600 pounds. Witnessed by John Dockstader and William Kelley both of Sidney. Signed 16 Dec 1815 and Reg 18 Dec 1815.
Source: Hastings County Deeds, Sidney, AO, GSU 197905, C 325

On 4 Feb 1804 William White buys from William Smith lot 16, Conc 2, Sidney and it was witnessed by the late Caleb Gilbert and Henry Smith. This transaction is "enregistered by me, Cornelius White of the Tp of Hallowell in the County of Prince Edward administrator to the estate of the late William White for the grantee therein mentioned". Registered 4 Jan 1817 and the documents were witnessed 1 Feb 1817.
Source: Hastings County Copybooks, Vol A-D, 1800-1821, AO, GSU 197905, Vol D, #374

In 1820 Cornelius and Dolly White sell to George Munro, pt Lot 2, Conc 1. Military tract. Witnessed by Fanny White and Arra Ferguson both of Hallowell. Registered in 1822. A second piece on lot 6 of the same concession is in the following deed.
Source: Prince Edward County, Deeds, AO, GS 5195, 763 and 764

WILL 1844
The will of Cornelius White, dated 3 Jan 1844, yeoman, PEC, names his wife Dolly as the recipient of the farm, Lot 2 Conc 1, MT, Hallowell, PEC and after her death to his grandson Elisha W. Talcott. He also names his "six daughters" as Mary Richard (m. John Richard, Marysburgh), Catherine White, Frances Crandle, Nancy Cooper, Rhoda Noxon (m Samuel Noxon, Hallowell) and Harriet Donnally? Harriet's children are named as John Barker, Shove Mary Ann Barker and ?? Barker, all young. (See PLBQ p 153 for the marriage of Harriet White to Joseph Barker)  Witnesses are Henry B Cooper, yeoman, Hallowell; George James Thomas, cabinetmaker, Village of Wellington; William James Thomas, mason, Sophiasburgh. The executors are John Richard of Marysburgh, Samuel Noxon of Hallowell and friend William Thomas of Sophiasburgh. Registered 26 March 1844.
Source: Prince Edward County, Deeds, Vol W-X, 1841-1846, AO, GS 5200, 4078

Cornelius White, died 3 mo, 26, 1844, 68 Years, parents were William and Hannah, died Hallowell.
Source: West Lake Register of Births and Deaths, 1829-1866, AO, F997, Religious Society of Friends papers, MS 303, reel 45, C-3-77

We now visit (note: dated 1928) the grave of Cornelius White Sr., the grandfather of Cornelius No. 2, and also of Mrs. James Crandall. His wife lies beside him. She was a sister of Mrs. John Howell of Demorestville. Mr. and Mrs. White's graves are marked by field stones. The early Friends considered the field stones a sufficient marking for their loved ones. However, they were used in all the old Pioneer Cemeteries.
Source: Historical Sketches of Prince Edward County, Burr, W. K., The Picton Gazette Pub. Co., 1974, Added Authors: Ross Burr, Allene Werden. 364 pages, TRL, p 315