Census Murray Township, Northumberland County 1808

1808 Census Murray Township
Newcastle District

(later) Northumberland County

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Census Records
Records of the Bay of Quinte

Source: 1808 Census, Murray Township, Municipal Records, AO, MS16, reel 7
Randy Saylor, transcribed Jan 29, 2007

A list of the Inhabitants of the Township of Murray, March 30th 1808
Names of Heads of FamiliesMales over 60Number males 16 to 60Number males under 16Number FemalesTotal of each family
Benjamin Lydia Pope [Pape?] 1168
Alexander and Nancy Chisholm11428
John and Margaret Nix 1225
William and Mrs Rating 3126
Timothy and Nancy Porter 1157
Henry Simons1   1
Abraham and Lydia Simons 1258
Adam H and Mary Myres 1 23
Mrs McArthur 1 12
John and Betsey McArthur 1124
John and Phebe Smith 1337
Lawrance and Mary Low? 35311
Abraham Lawson1   1
Isaac? Johnson11  2
Henry and Polly Ripsome 1225
Daniel M and Polly Dean 1427
Peter and Mrs Row 1 34
John and Elizabeth Smith 1124
Joshua Goldsmith 1  1
Eliakim and Lucy Weller 1247
James and Phebe Hendricks 2215
Stephen and Lucy Youngs 1225
Asa and Hannah Weller 33410
Mary Bleeker  336
John and Pruty? Richardson 1 12
Richard and Sally Henesy 1113
John D and Elizabeth Smith 3 69
John and Margaret Weust 13610
Joseph and Mrs Rogers 1236
Cornelies and Hannah Vansielar 1157
Matthew and Margaret Lawson 1348
Christopher and Elizabeth Vartie? 1337
Peter Christy  1 1
Peter and mary Maybe  112
Samuel Cronk and Wife  112
Joanathan Greeley   Town Clerk