Burke of Aghamore, Ballyhaunis, County Mayo, Ireland

Peter Burke & Anne Hamrogue

Parish of Aghamore, near Ballyhaunis, County Mayo, Ireland

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My Wife's UK and Irish family

My wife's maternal grandfather, Patrick Michael Burke (1872-1953) was born on a farm in Aghamore, Co. Mayo. He emigrated to England in the 1890's, married in Bradford, had three daughters and left the family after WW1. Though he lived and died in Bradford, the family knew little about him. In 2005, after some research, we located his birthplace and family (parents Peter Burke and  Anne Hamrogue) and during a visit in 2009 we met three cousins. Thanks to Paul Burke, Margaret Rafferty and Paul Rogers for their interest and help. This web page is dedicated to trying to learn more about this family.

Today the Burke Farm is owned by Paul Burke, a descendant of the Burkes who have farmed here since at least the 1850's. The Griffith's Valuation tax records show a Bridget Burke being tenant in 1856 on the very same land as the current farm. Very likely she is the widowed mother of Peter Burke who married Anne Hamrogue. The farm is in the Parish of Aghamore and in the townlands of Casheltourly and Mountain Common, Co. Mayo.

Peter and Anne had their first child in 1861 and if we assume they were in their early twenties at that time then they would have been born in the late 1830's. They would have married around 1860 or before. They had seven children and the farm continued in the hands of their 6th child, Peter Burke who married Norah Kenny.

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  1. Descendants of Peter Burke and Anne Hamrogue.
  2. Widow Burke and the farm in Bruff, 1835
  3. Bridget Burke and the farm in 1856 - Griffith's Valuation.
  4. Anne Hamrogue
  5. Burke baptisms from the Aghamore Church registers.
  6. Burke marriages from the Aghamore Church registers.
  7. Burke married couples identified from the registers above.
  8. Other Burke Information

1. Descendants of Peter Burke and Anne Hamrogue
1.  PETER BURKE died Bef. 1902.  He married ANNE HAMROGUE, 7 Feb 1857, Ballyhaunis. She died aft 1901.    
Children of PETER BURKE and ANNE HAMROGUE are:
2.                i.    MARY ANNE BURKE, b. Abt. 1861, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.
                  ii.    JANE BURKE, b. Bef. 15 Oct 1865, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.
                 iii.    BRIDGET BURKE, b. Bef. 13 Oct 1867, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.
                 iv.    HENRY BURKE, b. Bef. 12 Aug 1869, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.
3.               v.    PATRICK MICHAEL BURKE, b. Bef. 21 Jan 1872, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland; d. 20 Oct 1953, Bradford, England.
                 vi.    JOHN PETER BURKE, b. Bef. 05 Jun 1874, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland; d. 1943.
4.             vii.    PETER BURKE, b. Bef. 02 Jul 1876, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland; d. 16 Mar 1957, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.
               viii.    MARGARET ELLEN BURKE, b. Bef. 21 Feb 1879, Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.

MORE RESEARCH is needed to identify what happened to Jane, Bridget, Henry, John Peter and Margaret Ellen.

Generation No. 2

2.  MARY ANNE BURKE (PETER) was born Abt. 1861 in Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.  She married EDWARD DILLON Abt. 1880.  He was born Abt. 1851.      
Children of MARY BURKE and EDWARD DILLON are:
                   i.    JOHN DILLON, b. Abt. 1887; d. 1942; m. ROSE REGAN, Abt. 1926.
                  ii.    ELLEN DILLON, b. Abt. 1890; m. JOE GLOVER.
                 iii.    BRIDGET DILLON, b. Abt. 1893; m. NEARY.
                 iv.    NANCY DILLON, b. Abt. 1896; m. DELANEY.
                  v.    THERESA DILLON, b. Abt. 1899; m. LIESCHING.
                 vi.    RITA DILLON, b. Abt. 1901.
3.  PATRICK MICHAEL BURKE (PETER) was born Bef. 21 Jan 1872 in Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland, and died 20 Oct 1953 in Bradford, England.  He married MARY HANNAH SIMPSON 06 Sep 1902 in Parish Church, Calverley, York, daughter of JOSEPH SIMPSON and ANN BATLEY.  She was born 22 Aug 1873 in Idle, and died 13 Nov 1968 in Calverley Hospital, Idle.
                   i.    EDITH MARY BURKE, b. 16 Jun 1903, Idle; d. 20 Apr 1994, Windslow, Bucks; m. JAMES THOMSON ANDERSON EASSON; b. 14 Oct 1898, Lochee?, Angus Co, Scotland; d. Feb 1991, Stoke Manderville, Bucks.
                  ii.    CONSTANCE BURKE, b. 05 Sep 1904; d. 09 Jan 1986, Winwick Hospital, Bradford, York; m. ALVE "DICK" PITTS, 13 Dec 1958, Idle Parish Church; d. 1964.
                 iii.    FLORENCE MAY BURKE, b. 27 Nov 1905, Idle, Bradford; d. 27 May 1996, Collingwood, Ontario; m. SAMUEL MOWBRAY, 06 Oct 1934, Eccleshill, Yorkshire; b. 28 Mar 1909, Bradford, England; d. 15 Feb 1995, Collingwood, Ontario.
4.  PETER BURKE (PETER) was born Bef. 02 Jul 1876 in Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland, and died 16 Mar 1957 in Aghamore, County Mayo, Ireland.  He married NORAH KENNY.  She died 23 Aug 1938.
Children of PETER BURKE and NORAH KENNY are:
                   i.    JOHN P. BURKE, m. CECILIA; b. Abt. 1912.
                  ii.    RITA BURKE.
                 iii.    BEDELIA (BEA) BURKE, b. Abt. 1914; d. 29 May 2004; m. JAMES MUNDAY.
                 iv.    PETER PAUL BURKE, b. 06 Sep 1919; m. MARGARET REAGAN; b. near Kiltimagh.

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Widow Burke farm in Bruff, 1835

Click on the image to enlarge.
Bruff farmThis 1835 map of the townland of Bruff appeared in an early 2011 edition of the local parish magazine.

Paul Rogers writes that, "Bruff and other townlands formed part of Viscount Dillon's huge estate - all of the estate was mapped in preparation for striping out. New tenants were allocated plots in many cases. The maps, which are coloured to show the different land qualities, are in the National Library Archives, Dublin."

"Note that plots 1 to 9 in Bruff were listed as follows: The School; Widow Burke; Thomas Fleming; Anthony Duffy; John Scarry; Dominick Scarry;  Barth Fleming; James Robbinson and Mathew Leech."

"By the time of the 1856 Griffith's Valuation (see below and including the different 1856 numbering of the lots) the following persons were linked with the plots; Michael Traverse [1]; Michael Coen [3]; Thomas Fleming [2], Anthony Duffy [5], Rev. Richard Prendergast [6], Dominick Scarry [7], John Fleming [4] and John Leech [8]."
Source:  The above text and image are from Paul Rogers, via email, Mar 2011.

Note that lot 2 in the 1835 map is lot 3 in the 1856 map. The "Widow Burke" farm in 1835 was in the hands of Michael Coen in 1856 (see below). Did Michael Coen marry the widow Burke or a daughter of widow Burke?

Paul Burke writes, "One Scarry place had become occupied by a clergyman while the other had expanded with the addition of Robbinsons. Could a Robinson-Burke marriage have taken place later? Is this too far fetched? Could the Burke woman named Bridget in Mountain Common and Casheltourly (which, like Aghamore, were not townlands which formed part of Viscount Dillon's estate) be the Widow Burke of 1835?"

In July 2019, Paul Lavin of Cheshire, UK, wrote via an email that, "The Michael Coen in the 1856 Griffiths Valuation who is mentioned in your research is my grandmother's grandfather. He died in 1891 and his death was registered by his widow, Bridget. Now, I'm pretty sure that his wife was Bridget McNicholas (McNicklas) and they were married in 1846 because there is an extract from the 1851 census which notes their marriage year and the fact that they lived in Bruff in 1851. How that might explain his taking over of the land of Widow Burke, I'm not sure, but I don't think he married her or her daughters."

3. BRIDGET BURKE and the farm in 1856 - GRIFFITH'S VALUATION

    Click on the map to enlarge.
The Griffiths Valuation of 1856 has Bridget Burke living on the same land as the current Burke farm in Aghamore. It is a reasonable supposition that Bridget is the widowed mother of Peter Burke who married Anne Hamrogue. Her maiden name is unknown.

This map, showing part of Aghamore, was used in 1856 by the Griffith's Valuation to identify tenants and their farm plots. The ordnance maps used by Griffiths were made between 1833 and 1844. Three townlands are shown: On the upper left is Bruff with Casheltourly to the right and Mountain Common below. Bridget Burke was the tenant of the two yellow coloured plots: #5 in Casheltourly and #1 in Mountain Common. She had a house and office in #3 Mountain Common (yellow stripes) but no land rights.

The fact that Bridget Burke was a tenant in 1856 on the same land that Peter Burke and Anne Hamrogue farmed, and is still the Burke farm today, strongly suggests that Bridget was the widowed mother of Peter. Her maiden name is unknown. In the mid 20th C the Burke family added the two plots coloured with red lines.

The results in the Griffith's Evaluation for Bridget Burke, Parish of Aghamore, Poor Law Union of Swineford, Barony of Costello, County Mayo are below.
  • Townland of Casheltourly, Map plot 5, Bridget Burke, Lessor Sir Compton Domville, Land, 18 + acres, Rateable Annual Valuation 4 15 shillings, no buildings.
  • Townland of Mountain Common, Map plot 1a, Bridget Burke (of 3b), Lessor Sir Compton Domville, Land, 9 + acres, Rateable Annual Valuation 15 shillings, no buildings.
  • Townland of Mountain Common, Map plot 3b, Bridget Burke (of 3b), Lessor Sir Compton Domville, House and office, 0 acres, Building Rateable Annual Valuation at 5 shillings.
Source 1: Ordnance Survey map 1833-44, Ireland, Spec Coll, Toronto Reference Library, Mayo, sheet 81
Source 2: Griffith's Valuation at AskAboutIreland - To search, enter Burke, Bridget and Mayo and scroll down to the five Aghamore results (two are repeats). The map links on the right take you to the 1830's map but you have to navigate to find the townlands. It is tricky. The area is north and west of Ballyhaunis and south of Swinford. Find the middle 'A' in the word Aghamore and you will have it.

MORE RESEARCH is needed to find Bridget's maiden name and the name of her husband. How long have Burke's been tenants/owners on this land? The Domvile and other estate records referred to at the Connacht Landed Estates project and held at the National Library of Ireland in Dublin may provide information. In particular, this record: Domvile Papers, rentals Co Mayo estates 1833-1851. MS 11,816

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Very little is known about Anne Hamrogue. Anne's surname is variously spelled Hamrogue, Hamrock and other similar variations. A search of these two surnames for County Mayo in the Griffith's Valuation shows Hamrogue in Ballinrobe and Hamrock in Annagh.

Peter Burke and Ann Hamrock
were married in Ballyhaunis Church on 7th February 1857 with witnesses Dan Feely and Miss Blackwell. [Paul Rogers found this from a database at South Mayo Family Heritage Centre]. Paul writes that, "We can safely conclude that Ann was one of the Hamrock people listed in Griffith's Valuation for the townland of Leo in the parish of Annagh."

Anne is in the 1901 census as a widow and age 50 which would give a birth year of 1851, a little late to have a daughter in 1861. Census ages are unreliable so not much value is put on this data. Timothy Halloran is a nephew or a grand son and might be a good clue.

At the baptism of Anne's first son, Henry Burke [12 Aug 1869 - see the list below] a Henry Hamrogue is a sponsor (God father) who is likely the father or brother of Anne.

Also a Stephen Hamrock and wife Catherine Cox have a child baptised on 29 Oct 1865 [see below] and Stephen could easily be a brother of Anne's. Paul Rogers writes that "This Stephen Hamrock would have married into the Cox place in the townland of Annagh in Aghamore parish."

There is this collection of Hamrogue information on the web.

#72: Casheltourly,  Burke Anne (50)  farmer/widow Peter (22) - Maggie (20) - Timothy Halloran (10) nephew/born England (possibly gs)
Source: 1901 census, enter Burke, townland of Casheltourly, parish Aghamore at this 1901 Census search page.

MORE RESEARCH is needed to find Anne Hamrogue's birthplace and family by examining Ballinrobe or Annagh records.

"My maternal grandfather was Stephen Hamrock of Leo (Leow), County Mayo and I have traced that Hamrock land rental into the 1830's...there are variations in the spelling of the name - Hambrock and Hamrick and I have also found connections into County Roscommon...There were several Hamrogue families in the Ballyhaunis area but I can not connect them directly with my Hamrock family"
Source: email from Kathy Thayer, Jan 2014

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This surviving baptism register dates from 2 Feb 1864 to 30 Dec 1883. The register dating before 1864 was apparently burned when the priest died of serious illness and it was felt the register might spread the contagion. This LDS film # 1279206 [Parochial registers, Diocese of Tuam, Parish of Aghamore, item 13] is of an undated transcription of the "old register" and it states that the original register "was almost indecipherable in some parts owing to the wretched scrawl in some of the entries and the fact that the ink on others had almost completely faded, and besides the Register was falling to pieces." A transcription of the same film is online at EastMayo.org. Below are all references to Burke (Bourke) in Aghamore. It is possible that some of these are related to Peter Burke and are recorded here to assist in Burke research. The baptisms of the children of Peter Burke and Anne Hamrogue are in bold.
1864June26Honor of Michael Kean and Honor Murphy, sp: James Kean, Bid Burke -- [none]
1865Jan15Bridget of James Freeman and Mary Burke, sp: Wm Freeman, Anne Burke  -- Ballina

July2Pat of Ml Casey and Anne Lyons, sp: James Burke, Catherine Walsh  -- Cloonturk

July2Wm of William Loftus and Catherine Stenson, sp: James Burke, Mary Kean  -- Ballinaclocha

Aug15Pat of Richard Burke and Mary Costello, sp: John and Annie Costello  -- Cloogwilly

Oct15Jane of Peter Burke and Ann Hanrock, sp: Ml Waldron, Ellen Ganly  -- Bruff
[Note: EastMayo.org has the child as James in error. It clearly is 'Jane'.]

Oct29Mary of Andrew Burke and Honor Kneafsey, sp: Richard and Bgt Burke -- Aghamore

Oct29Catherine of Stephen Hamrock and Mary Cox, sp: Dan Murray, Margt Feeney -- [none]

Nov12Pat of Abraham Cain and Cath Burke, sp: Pat Deasy, Bridget Burke -- Mannin
1866May 7Mary of Martin O'Reilly and Mary Burke, sp: Walter Waldron, Siby Waldron -- Raith

June3John of Thos O'Gara and Ellen Burke, sp: Domk and Anne Burke -- Clooghwilly

July22Mary of Ml Burke and Catherine Lohan, sp: Ml Freeman, Mary Burke -- Tubber

Sep2Michael of Thos Burke and Mary Fehily, sp: M. Burke and B. Burke -- Ballina

Sep2Thomas of Thos Burke and Mary Fehily, sp: M. Burke and B. Burke -- Ballina
1867Jan25Richard of Richard Bourke and Mary Costello, sp: Edward Frain, Bridget Frain -- Clooghwilly

Jan27Augustine of James Neary and Catherine Flynn, sp: John Neary, Mary Burke -- Doogarry

June2Peter of Abraham Cain and Cath Burke, sp: Anthony Egan, Rose Commons -- Coogue

July21Michael of Pat Burke and Anne (Biesty ?), sp: Michl Freeman, Mary Conboy -- Tubber

July21Bridget of Andrew Burk and Honor Knesfsey, sp: Thos Morley, Cath Forkan -- Aghamore

Oct13Bridget of Peter Burke and Anne Hamroge, sp: James Kielly, Honor Tighe -- Aghamore [x out] Bruff

Oct20James of Thos Clifford and Sibby Bierne, sp: James Burke, Mary Carr -- Coogue

Dec6John of Michl Burke and Cath Lohan, sp: John and Anne Burke -- Tubber
1868Nov 29Ann of Pat Deasy and Mary Forde, sp: Jas Burke, Bgt Carney -- Coogue
1869Jan17Bridget of Daniel Murray and Mary Peyton, sp: Jas Burke, Mary Murray -- Mountain

May 29Michael of Michl Rattigan and Bgt Burke, sp: Anthony Egan, Mary Boyle -- Coogue-

June13John (twins) of Thos Caulfield and Bgt Frestal, sp: Thomas Tighe, Mary Conway -- Aghamore

June``13Mary of Thos Caulfield and Bgt Frestal, sp: James Burke, Betty Lohan -- Aghamore

June20Andrew (twins) of Richard Burke and Mary Costello, sp: Michael Connolly,Ann Costello -- Cloghwilly

June20Bridget of Richard Burke and Mary Costello, sp : Martin and Mary Lynsky -- Cloghwilly

June20John of John Grog? and Bgt Duffy, sp: Austin Kenny, Mary Burke -- Mountain

Aug1Margaret of Thomas Boland and Cath Fitzmaurice, sp: Bartly Burke, Margt Boland -- Carne

Aug12Henry of Peter Burke and Ann Hamrogue, sp: Henry Hamrogue, Maria Waldron -- Aghamore

Nov21Catherine of Andy Burke and Honor Kneafsey, sp: Jas Cassidy, Cath Lynskey -- Aghamore
1870Feb20Michael of Michl Burke and Cath Lohan, sp: Roddy and Mary Fehilly -- Tubber

Aug14Margaret of James Freeman and Mary Burke, sp: Thos Freeman, Cath Lohan -- Ballina

Aug21Thomas of Thos O'Gara and Ellen Burke, sp: Jas Burke, Maria Waldron -- Cloghwilly
1871Feb26Mary Ellen of Jas Robinson and Bgt Burke, sp: James Conway, Mary Burke -- Aghamore

Apr23John of Abraham Cain and Catherine Burke, sp: Michl Rattigan, Mary Burke -- Ballyhine

June18Catherine of John Frestal and Catherine Paten, sp: Andy Burke, Ellen Paten -- Aghamore

July2Peter of Pat Burke and Ann Beasty, sp: Tom Groark, Bgt Fleming -- Mannin

Nov5Catherine of Pat Burke and Bgt McNicholas, sp: Pat O'Brien, Mary Mellett -- Barnagurry

Dec24Honor of Jas Caulfield and Judy Brennan, sp: Mark Brennan, Cath Burke -- Mountain
1872Jan21Patrick Michl of Peter Burke and Ann Hamrogue, sp: Wm and Cath Phillips -- Bruff-

Feb3Michl of Hugh Feely and Bgt Breheney, sp: Thos and Ann Burke -- Ballina

Aug4Mary of John Morley and Rose[Coleman], sp: John Bourke, Ellen Morley

Aug4Bridget of Michael Ratigan and Bridget [Burke], sp: Pat Deasy, Mary Burke

Oct25Patrick of Tom Bourke and Mary Fehily, sp: Michl Freeman, Bgt Brichony? -- Ballina

Nov17Margaret of Martin Mullaney and Cath Bourke, sp: Jas and Mary Burke -- Coogue

Nov 20Andrew of Michl Coulfield and Margt Cox, sp: Michl Cox, Margt Bourke -- Carne

Nov29Anne of Andrew Burke and Honor Kneafsey, sp: John Nestor, Mary Burke -- Aghamore [b. 24th]

Dec11Thomas of Richd Burke and Ellen Cunniffe, sp: Thos Morley, Mary Cunniffe -- Cloughwilly

Dec18Patrick of Michl Burke and Catherine Lohan, sp: Pat Burke, Betty Lohan -- Tubber

Dec27Catherine of Jas Robinson and Bgt Burke, sp: Jas and Catherine Lynsky -- Aghamore
1873Jan22Patrick of Thos O'Gara and Ellen Burke, sp: Richd Burke, Honor Gunnigan -- Cloughwilly

Sep12Mary of Abraham Cain and Kate Burke, sp: Michl and Bgt Burke -- Tubber

Nov7Ellen of John Morley and Rose Coleman, sp: John Burke, Ellen Morley -- Cloughwilly

Nov7Ellen of John Robinson and Honor Nyland, sp: Pat Grogan, Bgt Burke -- Aghamore
1874Feb4Pat of Pat Burke and Anne Beatty, sp: Martin Morley, Mary Moran-Tubber

May8Margaret of John Burke and Bgt Cox, sp: John Boyle, Mary (Calter) Cotter-Ballyhine

June5John Peter of Peter Burke and Anne Hambrock, sp: John and Bridget Tighe-Aghamore

Aug19Thomas Austin of Jas Burke and Ellen Ganly, Thos Ganly and Kate Burke-Mountain
1875Feb10Francis Patrick of Jas Robinson and Bgt Burke, sp: Pat and Mrs.Gavan-Aghamore

June27Kate (twins) of Michl Burke and Kate Lohan, sp: Michl and Mary Burke -Tubber

June27Bridget of Michl Burke and Kate Lohan, sp: Thos and Anne Burke --  Tubber

Nov21Ellen of Michl Caulfield and Margt Cox, sp: Pat Burke, Judy Caulfield -- Carne

Nov21Ellen of John Burke and Bgt Cox, sp: Thos Burke, Catherine Cox -- Ballyhine (?)
1876Jan6Richard of Daniel Kennedy and Margt Grogan, sp: Thos Kennedy, Cath Burke -- Carne

Jan10Mary of John Boland and Mary Duffy, sp: Peter and Margaret Burke -- Carne

Apr30Bridget of Michl Waldron and Bgt Nolan, sp: Jas Nolan, Bgt Burke -- Ballyhine

May4Mary of Pat Jordan and Mary Henehan, sp: Charles Jordan, Mary A.Burke -- Raith

May4Margaret Ellen of John Lohan and Bgt Feeley, sp: Michl Jennings, Mary Burke -- Tubber

July2Peter of Peter Burke and Ann Hamrock, sp: Austin Neary, Cath Finn -- Bruff

July23Mary of James Burke and Ellen Ganley, sp: Mark and Julia Brennan -- Mountain

Aug6Mary of Michl Burke and Cath Lohan, sp: Michl Loftus, Eliza Kneafsey -- Tubber

Aug6Honor of Thos Fitzmaurice and Bgt Hunt, sp: Bartley Burke, Sally Fitzmaurice -- Colnaha

Aug15Honor of Andy? Burke and Honor Kneapsey, sp: Jas Cassidy, Kitty Paten -- Aghamore

Sep17Mary of Tom Garra (?) and Kelly Burke, sp: Michl McDonnell, Bgt Higgins --  (no townland listed)

Dec10Michael of Richd Burke and Ellen Cunniffe, sp: John and Mary Burke --  (no townland listed)
1877Jan20John of James Robinson and Bgt Burke, sp: Jas Robinson, Margt Lynsky -- Aghamore

June3Augustine of Thos Bange (?) and Mary Ganly, sp: John and Ellen Bourke -- Mannin

Nov4Richard of John Burke and Brgt Cox, sp: Wm and Maria Cox -- Ballyhine

Nov25Thomas of Thos Keane and Bgt Keane, sp: John and Bgt Burke -- Cappagh

Dec16James of James Burke and Anne Beatty, sp: Jas Groarke, Mary Anne Mannion -- Tubber
1878Aug11Margaret of Thos Fitzmaurice and Bgt Hunt, sp: John Burke, Mary Waldron -- Coolnaha

Sep1Margaret of Martin Molloy and Cath Burke, sp: Tony Caulfield, Bgt Robinson

Nov1Mary of Patk Groarke and Anne Lydon, sp: Michl Lydon, Margt Bourke -- Falleighter

Nov3Catherine of James Bourke and Ellen Ganly, sp: Thos Ganly, Cath Bourke -- Mountain

Dec22Bartly of Thos Bourke and Bgt Kane, sp: Pat and Honor Kane
1879Feb2Margaret Ellen of Peter Bourke and Anne Hamrogue, sp: Garrett Dillon, Kate Flannery

June22Mary Anne of Wm Burke and Cath Conboy, sp: Patk Conboy, Mary Heally -- Mannin

July10James of James Robinson and Bgt Bourke, sp: Michl Conboy, Bgt Nestor -- Aghamore

July25Catherine of Michl Bourke and Cath Lohan, sp: Ed Neafsey, Margt Loftus -- Tubber

Sep28Hugh of Pat Greally and Bgt Curley, sp: Pat Burke, Celia Creley (?) -- Kilbrogan

Oct5Catherine of John Bourke and Bgt Cox, sp: John Fitzmaurice, Bgt Cox -- Laralae

Nov25Catherine of Pat Morley and Bgt Morley, sp: John and Mary Burke -- Cappagh
1880Jan4John of Thos Burke and Bgt Keane, sp: John Boyle, Ellen Burke -- Ballyboy (?)

Feb28Thady (twins) of John McManus and Ellen Shannon, sp:  Thomas Halligan, Mary Bourke [or] Rourke  --  Ballina 

Feb28Catherine of John McManus and Ellen Shannon, sp: Thos Duffy, Honor Shannon -- Ballina

Apr19Honoria of Pat Keane and Mary Cribbin, sp: Hugh Keane, Bgt Bourke -- Boleyboy

July11Michael of Pat Groarke and Anne Lydon, sp: Michl Bourke, Margt Lyons -- Falleighter

Oct10Andrew of Michl Duffy and Brgt Ganley, sp: Luke Ganley, Ellen Bourke -- Carrownedin

Dec8Mary Anne of John Mannion and Hannah Healy, sp: John Burke, Mary Anne Mannion -- Mannin
1881Jan2Patk of Thos Lavan and Cath Bourke, sp: Patk Bourke, Mary Bourke -- Cloughwilly

Jan6Anne (or Mary Ellen) of David Spelman and Anne Bourke, sp: Thos Spelman, Anne Spelman -- Lismegan

July3Dominick of John Burke and Bgt Cox, sp: Pat Cox, Mary Cox -- Ballyhine

Aug25Honoria of Martin Mullaney and Cath Bourke, sp:Edwd McNicholas, Honoria McNicholas -- Coogue

Oct23Honoria of Jas Bourke and Ellen Ganly, sp:Patk Hoster, Mary Brennan -- Mountain
1882Jan15Bridget of Thomas Murphy and Mary Kilkenny, sp:John Burke, Anne Feenaghaty -- Lismeegan

Nov1Thomas of D.Spelman and Anne Burke, sp:John Spelman, Mary Burke -- Lismeegan

Nov19Mary of John Burke and Bgt Cox, sp:John and Ellen Lyons -- Ballyhine

The surviving marriage register dates from 1 Sept 1864 to 24 June 1882. The LDS film # 926214 [item 2] is of the actual register with handwriting that is very difficult to decifer with confidence. The marriage of Peter Burke and Anne Hamrogue is not here as they likely married around 1859 or 1860 considering their first child was born in 1861. A transcription of the film is online at EastMayo.org. Below are all references to Burke (Bourke) marriages in Aghamore and are recorded here to assist in research. The marriages are a combination of those on Eastmayo.org with edits that I have made having also examined the film.
1864Sept?Andrew Burke to Honor Kneafsey, testes: Michael Morley, Catherine Murphy  -  Aghamore

14Thomas O’Gara (Kilmovee) to Ellen Burke, test: Thomas O’Gara, Mary Gunnigan  -  Cloghvoley
1865April8John Lydon (Doogara) to Catherine Waldron (Carne), test: Michael Burke, Ellen Waldron

June 18Pat Kean to Bridget Garvey (Cloongoonagh), test: James Burke, Margaretta Garvey 

?-Certificate to Wm Waldron

Nov26John Waldron to Mary Gunnigan, wit[nesses]: James Burke, Anne Gunnigan

Dec10Hugh Murtagh to Bridget Murtagh, wit: Michael Burke, Mary Morly - Derrybrack
1866Sep1Michael Burke to Catherine Drudy, wit: John Eagan, Mary Anne O’Reily - Coolnaha
1867Feb2James Hanly to Mary Gibbons, wit:  Michael Burke, Margaret Gibbons - Cahir

Feb14Thomas Casey to Catherine Lydon, wit: James Burke, Bridget Cunnane - Cahir
1869Mar25Michael Waldron to Ellen Lafferty, wit: James Burke, Sally Cribbin - Crossard
1870Feb9Martin Mullowny to Bridget Waldron, wit: James Burke, Anne Mullowny - Cahir

Feb28James Robinson to Bridget Burke, wit: James Glynsky, Biddy Murray - Coolnaha

Mar31John Lyons to Catherine Burke, wit: Michael Lyons, Honor Fitzmorris - Ballyine(?)

May7Dominick Burke to Mary Keane, wit: Thomas Burke, Bridget Keane - Cloongoonagh
1871Jan22Pat Tigue to Mary Freeman, wit: James Burke, Anne Freeman - Falleighter
1872Jan - Richard Bourke to Ellen Cunniffe, wit: Thomas Morrally,Catherine Lavin - Cloughwolley

Jan - Martin Mullany to Catherine Bourke, wit: Martin McNicholas, Elizabeth Murray - Coogue
1873Jan 5 Martin Murphy to Mary Brannan?, wit: James Caulfield, Mary Bourke - Corhawnagh

Feb - James Burke to Ellen Ganly, wit: James Hoster, Ellen Boyle - Mountain

Mar30Certificate to John Burke - Ballyhine
1875Feb - Thomas Burke to Bridget Kean, wit: Pat Kean, Bridget Waldron - Cappagh
1877Jan - John Hynes to Mary Lyons, wit: Michael Hunt, Annie Bourke - Ballina
1878Mar12Pat Kean to Mary Cribbin, wit: Thomas Burke, Eliza Flatley - Boleyboy
1880Jan - David Spelman to Anne Bourke, wit: Rodger Lyons, Sarah Lyons - Ballina
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7. BURKE MARRIED COUPLES - identified from the two registers above.
List of the Townlands in Aghamore. Click on any townland and follow the link to the 1838 Ordnance Survey map.
BurkeSpouseYears children baptizedTownlands of AghamoreMarriage register
RichardMary Costello1865, 1867, 1869Clooghwilly (prob. Clogvoley)
AndrewHonor Kneafsey1865, 1867, 1869, 1872, 1876AghamoreSept 1864 - Aghamore
PeterAnn Hamroge1865, 1867, 1872, 1874, 1876, 1879Bruff (3), Aghamore (2) 
MichaelCatherine Lohan1866, 1867, 1870, 1872, 1875, 1876, 1879Tubber (prob. Tober)1866 (Catherine Drudy?) - Coolnaha
ThomasMary Fehily1866, 1872Ballina
PatrickAnne Biesty, Beatty1867, 1871, 1874Tubber (2), Mannin
BridgetMichael Rattigan1869, 1872Coogue
MaryJames Freeman1870Ballina (prob. Ballinacostello)
Ellen (Kelly)Thos O'Gara, Garra1870, 1873, 1876Clooghwilly14 Sep 1864 - Cloghvoley
BridgetJames Robinson1871, 1872, 1875, 1877, 1879AghamoreFeb 1870 - Coolnaha
Catherine Abraham Cain1871, 1873Ballyhine, Tubber
PatrickBridget McNicholas1871Barngurry (prob. Barnagurry)
Catherine Martin Mullaney, Molloy1872, 1878, 1881CoogueJan 1872 - Coogue
RichardEllen Cunniffe1872, 1876ClooghwillyJan 1872 - Cloughwolley
JohnBridget Cox1874, 1875, 1877, 1879, 1881, 1882Ballyhine (5), Laralae
JamesEllen Gauly or Ganly1874, 1876, 1878, 1881MountainFeb 1873 - Mountain
JamesAnne Beatty1877Tubber
ThomasBridget Kane, Kean1878, 1880Ballyboy (prob. Boleyboy)Feb 1875 - Cappagh
William Catherine Conboy1879Mannin
Catherine Thomas Lavan1881Clooghwilly
AnneD. Spelman1882Lismeegan (prob. Lismeegaun)Jan 1880 - David Spelman - Ballina
CatherineJohn Lyons--31 Mar 1870 - Ballyine
DominikMary Keane--7 May 1870 - Cloongoonagh

8. Other Burke Information
Note: the marriage of this couple is noted in 1870 in section 6 above.
It is possible that Bridget is a sister of Peter Burke who married Anne Hamrogue.

Bridget [Burke] Robinson died 25 July 1898.  Her death is registered in vol. 12, p. 76, entry 380 of the Kilkelly registration district.
James Robinson died 26 February 1924.  His death is registered in vol. 21, p. 4, entry 17 of the Kilkelly registration district.
Certified copies of these records can be had from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Newantrim St, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. 
Source: email from Maureen Robinson who received the information from Gerard M. Delaney, Aug 2011

Note: The marriage and the baptism of some of their children are in sections 5 and 6 above.
"Mountain Common is the townland in Aghamore where my father's mother grew up. ... The family has since sold the property. ... My g-grandfather James Burke (sometimes Bourke) was born around 1850.  His parents were Thomas Burke and Catherine Hoster.  (I can't go any further back on the Burkes.)  Hoster is a somewhat unusual name.  You can find my family tree on Ancestry.com under her name.  James' siblings that I know of were Catherine, Bridget, and Michael." Honoria Burke or Bourke, daughter of James Burke and Ellen Ganley came to the USA twice and settled down before 1910 in NJ.
Source: email from Rob Coughlin, 2011.

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