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Notes of AC Bowerman

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Albert C. Bowerman - his works
Records of the Bay of Quinte

These notes were found scattered amongst the materials that were identified as belonging to A.C. Bowerman. They appear to be letters and notes made in the preparation of his genealogical work on the Bowerman family dated 1904. Other material may have been added by later readers.

These unpublished notes are held by the Canadian Quaker Archives at Pickering College in Newmarket, Ontario. They are in folder 5-5 of the Marion Cronk Fonds. The transcription was done from digital images that are in folder 1.0.
Permission to publish this transcription for your personal use on this site was given by the archivist, Jane Zavitz Bond of the Quaker Archives.

Thanks are expressed to Carm Foster and Doug Smith for transcribing these often difficult notes.
[Images 12, 30, 40 and 41 were out of focus and need to be re done.]

Randy Saylor, 2008
No part of this document may be published without the permission of Randy Saylor and the Canadian Quaker Archives.

Images 01 - 06
Photographs, clippings and other non genealogical items.

Image  07
– Carm Foster
1 Jon – Clark - Charlotte Pettengill – Sarah E. Cunningham
                        Katurah Huyck Baker –
\ Johnathan – Ichabod –
Stephen – Aurelia,
(brother JC       Clarence-Kenneth, drugist Morovia Calif. 
                                                            Lydia                                        PearlStanley
                                                            Ed. Bowerman                                     ?honpost
                                                            Albert                           Eva – Trumpour.
Ichabod        1st – Hubbs – 2nd Ruth Hubbs –
                        Angeline Haight – Mary E.
Image 08 – Carm Foster
            Born March 13.1852. D. Lucas?
            Your Mother or I can demand the Bible
Your grandfather brothers John. Eliege, Sam, Dan? George [there is a space between this name and the one which follows.  It appears something has been erased] Miles, Clara, Steel?
the Bible is in the vault Napanee
the old Homestead was willed to your Mothers father down on big Creek below Napanee & Uncle George don him out of it, some of them should know what Grandfathers wifes name was
Image 09 – Carm Foster
 [This side contains 2 notes]
[Note 1]
Wm Price}       1792 – abt 1796 Wm died of pluericy
                        died of old age –
American - [beginning on this line and on the right edge are 3 vertical boxes with an “X” inside each box.  To the left of the last box is what appears to be an “8/”, below that is the date of “1832”.  Below this date the number “55” preceeded by “XX” with a line above and below.]
Pricis of N. Marysburgh
Came from Eng. 1792
Wm Price & wife –
 d 1796            re-married
[Note 2]
Stephen VII, Jonathan I. – VI
            \ married Annie (or Aurelia) Badgley –
                        VIII Clarence, Kenneth (drugist at Monrovia, Calif )
Ichabod VII – Jonathan VI etc
            \ married           (1)                    Hubbs
                                    (2)        Ruth Hubbs
                                    (3)        Angeline Haight
                                    (4)        Mary E.
Image 10 – Carm Foster
 [This side consists of 3 notes the first one being typed and the other two handwritten]
[Note 1]
Marilla Berthenia Ogden Wife of John Hughes Cronk
Was born eight mo, Nineth 1836 38
Died March 30th. 1911.
Ina Merrill Taylor Born June 25th. 1905.
[Note 2]
Rev. M. Doyle
52 Walmsley Bvd
50 years married
July 22
[Note 3]
[This note has been placed on the flap of a mailing envelope]
Sept 11. 1950
Data found in Pickering cemetry
Pheobe Bowerman       died 26th 4th mo. 1842
                                    Aged 41 years 2 months 7 days
“Apr. 26. 1842
Born. Feb. 19th. 1801} Calculated
            Possibly Phebe Cronkhite who married Joseph Bowerman, son of Thos (V)
                                    Joseph married 2nd Phebe Upton
                                    And died at Poughkeepsie N.Y.
Image 11 – Carm Foster
Side 1
[This side consists of a note and an envelope.  The note is faded and is stained along the left side.]
[The Note]
                        II) Sarah
                        ?) – Canniff
Jonathan Clarke going home from Universalist Evening Mtg was run over by runaway horse belonging to Aaron Werden & driven by Wm Gage?
A threshing machine in the wood? frightened the horse – ran away & ran over Clark who survived until morning tho, insensible – the accd occurred midway bet the houses of Levi Varney & Jonathan Striker.
            The body of Clarke was picked up by Charley C [scribble] and Alec Huyck & carried to his (Clarke’s) house where Ward? Talcott lives 1911 –
                                                                                    (Alec Huyck’s story 1912)
William White  7 Apr 17??.
= Hannah Tompkin born 6.6.1757
his son Cornelius White born 9.6.1776
Elizabeth Acker 11.6.1772
[The envelope is post marked Meaford SP 20.  Along with the address are several other writings on the face of the envelope.  These other wrtings may have been done at a later date]
Dr A.C. Bowerman
County Prince Edward
[also written on the face of the envelope in red]
Re Israel Bowerman
[and in black ink]
C.R. Si ??
Image 12 – Carm Foster   Retake image
Side 2
[This side consists of a note and an envelope.] 
[The Note]
Waring                                                                                                 From
Joshua Waring son of Jos.                                             Pioneer Life on the Bay of Qunite by
                                                                                    ( Ralph – Smith – Toronto 1904
(1)        Joseph Waring of Waterford Ireland (Quakers)
(2)        Joshua Waring = (1805) Auer? Sparrow & in 1820 with Wife & 3 children sailed in      ship “Lying” for Quebec – Settled on No? Bloomfield Road
            Joshua d – about 1838
(3)        (a) Deborah = Ambrose Boone (Pickering)
           (b) Joseph = Hannah Boone (Norwich)
           (c) Thomas = Frances Parke (Hallowell)
                        1 Joshua =        Jane Kelly set Hallowell
                        2 John =          (1) Sarah Terwilliger
                                                (2) Margt Spafford
                        (3) Margt =      none?
                        4 Annie =         Charles Hoover?
                        5 H ???? =       ??? Collins
                        6 George =       Isabel?
(4) Mary =       William Cunningham?
                        1 Sarah E ?????
                        2 William  ????????
(5) Sarah =       William ????
                        1 Daniel ?????
                        2 Joshua ???????
                        3 Mary ?????
                        4 ????????
                        5 ????????
                        6 Henry ???????
(6) Francis =    (1) Mary ???????
                        1. Sa????????
                        (2) Lydia
                        (2) ???????????
[Possibly could mean this:
Joseph Waring of Waterford Ireland + Unknown
    - Joshua Waring
    - Mary Waring
    - Sarah Waring
    - Francis Waring]
[The Envelope]
Family History Notes                                                    [postmark] Bloomfield Ont. SP 21
Bowerman & others
[There is embossing on the flap of the envelope struck in an oval possibly indicating the maker of the envelope]
Image 13 – Carm Foster
Data from Burr’s Cemetry
Jacob. Post
Mary Ann Post
Jonathan Vincent –       B – 1814
                                    D – 1861
Martha McTaggart       D – 1845
                                    aged 22 yrs. 2 days
Noahdiah Burr 1772 – 1813
            his wife
Joanna Whitney –         B – 1787
                                    D – 1865
James L.? Post =          D – Jan. 29 – 1888
                                    Aged 57 yrs – 2 mo. 4 days.
Image 14 – Carm Foster
 [this note appears to have been written on the overleaf of a bookcover.]
24                    Joseph – Hugh – Griffith  [followed by a stylized letter “C”]
Catherine                      Elora
Clifford Vincent  +                    Catherine Jane Carder   2
                  Sophia Elgert? =
                                                Mary sister or Hugh
                                                Married            1 –       Jones
                                                                        2 –       { Hughes
{David Adair Vincent
            Bay City
David Vincent – father of D – A.
[Also written on this cover are dates which are not aligned with anyone.  It appears the writer was subtracting birth year from death year to get the life span of individuals.  There are also other lines drawn on the page that appear to have no significance.]
Image 15    Doug Smith
Side 1
and the Public Library, with other papers 1931.
Contributed to Mags and professional Library
Periodicals, to Clubs, Cosmos, Federal
            Address 405  The Ontario
Washington 9. D. C.
(10) Paul Bowerman (Charles9, William8, Isaac7, John6, David5, Ichabod4, Thomas3, Thomas2
son of Charles Beagle (Bedell) Bowerman & Margaret Gume? Fisher
born Sept. 16 – 1898, Muskegon, Mich.
married 1st . May 8. 1923 – Helen Grace Robson
born Aug. May 16 – 1894 . Detroit, Mich.
daughter of – Charles K. Robson & Harriett Veith
married 2nd . June 23rd  - 1936 – Dorothea Orr .
born Oct. 6 – 1904, Seattle, Wash.
daughter of Rev. James B. Orr & Edna Clayton of Oakland California.
Child by 1st wife – Helen  b – Jan. 8 – 1925
                                                            Berlin Germany
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
From Who’s Who in Ameri’a – [blacked out 18 ?? – 1844?]
Paul Bowerman Professor – born Muskegon Mich. Sept. 16. 1898. son of Charles Beagle Bowerman and Margaret (Fisher –B.A.B., Dartmouth 1920; M.A., Univ. of Mich, 1936- Married Helen Grace Robson May 8th 1923. 1 daughter Helen Instructor Robert College Constantinople, Turkey 1920 – 21 Contributed to Mags. 1921 – 22 Cons. Am. Vice Consul, Berlin Germany 1923 – 27. Consul to Ottawa, Canada. 1928 Zagreb, Yugoslavia, 1929 – 32. Salonika, Greece, 1932 – 33 Asst. Prof. Languages Calif. Institute Tech, 1945 – 47 Associate Prof. since 1949; nvv? contrib. Isolit.? and gen. articles to mags. and newspapers. Served with U.S. Infantry advansing to 2nd Lt. 1915. member. Sigma Phi. Epsilon. author; The Modern Omnibus 1946 Modern. Exposition 1946.
Home – 707 Auburn Ave; Sire Sierra Madra
address – 1201 E. California St. Passadena 4. California.
Image 16  Doug Smith
Side 2
(8) George Franklin Bowerman – (Jarvis R 7, Silas 6, Silas 5, Silas 4, Thomas 3 , Thomas 2, Thomas 1, )
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            (From Who’s Who.)
George Franklin Bowerman
Librarian, born Farmington, N.Y. Sept. 8. 1886, son of Jarvis R. and Anna (Ewer) Bowerman, A.B. – University of Rochester 1892; B.L.S. University of State of N.Y. Albany 1895; L.H.D. George Washington University – 1913) Married to Sarah U. Graham 1901, (she died May 1. 1935) married 2nd Joy Louise Webster of Lincoln Neb. June 1. 1937. With Reynolds Library Rochester 1895 – 6, . In reference Dept. N.Y. State Library 1897 – 98, on editorial staff New York Tribune 1898 – 1900. New Internat. Ency. 1900 – 1901, Librarians Willmington (Del.) Inst. Free Library, 1901 – 04 Librarian of Public Library of D.C. since 1904 – 40. Retired after two extensions by President Roosevelt Member of Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Literature society Washington Soc. Fine Arts councilor ) A.L.A. (Life member); treasurer 1906 – 07. American Library Inst; Sect. V.P. International Congress of Librarians Brussels, 1910; Pres. District of Columbia Library Assn. 1906 – 07, Columbian Library Assn. – 1931 – 32. Pres. Library dept. Religions Edu. Assn. 1905, mem Member Del. State Library Commn 1901 – 04, Men National Council Boy Scouts of America, National Cathedral Library – Author; selected Bibliography of Religious Denominations of U.S. 1896, Censorship
                        - over-
Image 17  Doug Smith
Side 1
[ faded official embossing stamp in corner]
[This 3 page letter is written with open scrawl and flourishes]
                                                19 Sept. 1901
                                                Israel Bowerman                                                         
Dear Cousin
                        I together with my brother I R Singy? Singhampton went? with? Judah Bowerman at Duneden Nottawasaga where he has resided since 1834 came in with his Father about that year he is the youngest son of Israel Bowerman has a clever wife and interesting family I have Thee on seperate sheets all the information I could obtain from him and his wife — which I hope may be of some use —— The Lois Rebeeca Bowerman I spoke of who has been living with my family for some 40 years is the Daughter of Thomas Bowerman who was the son of Benona Bowerman his Father was David Bowerman who I think was a brother of Israel -  Charlotte Bowerman and Matilda Bowerman were half Sisters to Lois R Bowerman — her two full brothers were Ledge? & Hirum? Bowerman   The
Image 18  Doug Smith
Side 2
            Mother of George Edeath? whose name was Nancy I think she is one of Parasols near Bowerman Church in Allesmills? Neighbourhood with her Daughter Mrs Parasol — She could give a great deal of Information about the Bowerman family She was a sister of Thomas Bowerman — her son George Echel? who was at one time Dty Reeve of Hallowell now resides in Toronto 124 Bond St I think,
            I hope this may succadly? thy undertaking with best wishes I remain J B Mchaley?
Dr A C Bowerman                      [signing flourish] V R Frey?
Image 19  Doug Smith
Side 3
Lois R Bowerman was the Daughter of my cousin a Daughter of Lois Richmond My Mothers sister she married Jeramiah Mayheu? — my cousin married Thomas Bowerman as I have before Explained —   CRS
Image 20  Doug Smith
side 1
John Trumpour Dorland
born – 1860 March 8
Died. April 18 – 1896
Married Lavinia Hubbs – 1860
Dec        1881  Aug 31
Died May          1939
Margaret Hubbs Dorland
Sept 9 – 1882
Married John Richard Webb Jan 9 1874
June 12 1907
John William Dorland Webb
March 14 – 1908
Married Charlotte Denome Frisbee
Edith Lavina Webb
May 8
Margaret Elizabeth
Dec 25
David Dorland Webb B. Dec 10
Joseph Allan Baker Webb died 1919 Oct 1918
B – Dec 9 – 1918   died
Image 21  Doug Smith
side 2
John William Dorland Webb
            Dorothy Deverue Webb
            David Dorland Webb
            Ellyn Edythe Webb
Edith Lavina Webb Wade
            Stephen Webb Wade
            Julien Janet Wade
            William Dorland Wade
            Margaret Joyclyn Wade
                        July 4th
            John Rodger Wade
                        June 28
David Dorland Webb
            (No children)
Joseph Allen Baker Webb
            died at 10 ฝ  months
            born Dec 9 – 1918 – died Oct
Image 22  Doug Smith
Henry Johnson lived ablled? homestead on what is now Johnson St Picton – He had a brother Andrew who lived with him a few years & then took up a farm on the hill south of Picton.
Henry m Elizabeth                      and had issue
            John m Van Dusen
            Darius m Betsy —  who was boonglebup? at her zeudis? on the Peter Van Blarien? place
            Henry m (1)
                            (2) —  Young
            Joseph Jewal? m -  Smith
            Peggy m Job Terwilliger
            Betsy m Saml Orser
            Mary m Jessie Orser
            Katy m William Curry  (Irishman)
            Hannah m Robison Casey son of William’s.
Andrew m ?       in the U.S. and had issue
            William m Betsy Casey oldest child of William Casey
            Henry m Phebe Casey – sister of Betsy dau of Wm
            Andrew m     Juleles?
            Joseph m Flora Sills sis. of Elizba “Old Baldwin”
            Polly m – Malus? of 7th Town
            Sally m -  Lawson   Brighton
            Matilda m John Black
            Betsy m   -  Rankin of East Lake and removed to near Brighton Ont.
                                                Reference only
Image 23  Doug Smith
[Page folded; writing organized in two columns shown consecutively here]
 [Writing faded]
1814 – Elephlet? Adams deceased
Aug 14th  Acct of Charles Saylor – paid by
            A. Warden
            Harvest work 12 . 6 per Day
            drawing in wheat 7 . 6 per day
1829 – Gideon Bowerman’s rect for
            watch case –
            Wm K. Newell – Watchmaker Picton
            John O’Gorman (suspect Thief)
            (30 Mar. 1828) stole watches etc –
1825    Simeon Washburn
15 Sept William White       }       white oak
            Israel Bowerman   }         staves
            Paul E. Washburn  }              
1813    E. Adams – deceased.
            Robert Hubbs  (Mending shop)
            Adam Hubbs  (Mending shop)
       ฝ hr. Seed corn 7.6D – ฝ bus oats 3.6D
14 Mar 1817 D. Washburn
26 Mar } S. Washburn
1833    }  Gid. Bowerman  (Saw Mill?)
                 Gilbert Orser
8 Aug 1817 – Moses Carnahan (Hawser)
                        Lewis McDonel (used on raft)
                        E. Adams (Decd) to Kingston
                                                      2 mos. & d
29 Sept
1817                Nazareth (H.) Hill acct settled
[2nd column begins]
1816    $arah Hill cooked for
            Raftmen - ฃ 1 . 5 . 0 –
            Rec’ payment 15 Nov 1819
            S. Washburn
May 1815 Willet Casey (Blacksmith Adolphustown)
1817 – 5 Nov.
1814 – E. Adams decd
[on the vertical] ( 1841 Ind cutions? .)
To the half ferrying of 105 Soldiers
Being Prest to that Daly – 2D per head -
also Ferriey 147 at the same price
and some horses for w? ?
Albord 4D per head – 1 .46
10 Aug 1819 Mrs Mary Sheriff
            William Cunningham
            David M. Hopkins
20 Nov 1816 Aaron Carnahan
            E. Adams Auction held 20 Nov ‘16
            James Cummings . Surety
            Arra Ferguson     Clerk
1816 Stephen Miles pri??ed? Kingston
1818 Brenan Haugh
1837 . Isral Bowerman’s note
1824 . Thos Dorland’s acct?
Image 24  Doug Smith
 [page folded; writing organized in two columns shown consecutively here]
Cap. I { See Capt. Dourn’s sketches in
            { pencil 1847 – G. O. Alcorn.)
Picton Bay – Historical sketch – from
            Mrs Wallace’s description – from
            Co. Atlas - & Caniff’s History – and
            from the Engraving of “Hallowell Bridge
with the old Settler’s names – location of road
Old Bridge” – and stoves &C –
Cap II Simeon Washburn’s house –
Stove – stovehouse -&C With description of locations – contemporaneous settlers & buildings – Herringbon’s
Cap III Simeon’s silver – thief –
            confederates – Escape by Glenore? &c
Cap IV – Confession of Osborn? –
& reference to Markham . ?_?
[2nd column begins]
Cap V – Asa Werden’s tannery and
            the letter regarding Osborne &c
Cap vi – Receipt of Confession and the
            search for the stove & money.
            stove most likely – location – near
            Barker’s Mill – origin of name of
            Mill Street – Stream – once per-
            -manent now in Invent? in rainy months
            dug in Midsummer. Marsh and &c
Cap vii Building of present Bridge ?
            ?taking? away of Washburn’s
    stove & stovehouse
Image 25 – Carm Foster
Original school built presumeably 1798-
The first in the vicinity & one of the first in the Country 18’ X 20’ – a Large fire place made of logs – opening into a wide plastered chimney –
Evidently served a neighbourhood extending at least as far a Hubert MacDonald’s to the north – Seats fixed & ranged around the walls
            Used until 1821 – when the Quaker – Meeting house, on Bowerman’s Hill, was abandoned as a place of worship and the building converted into a school House, and used as such as late as 1835
            Sometime after this date a school was established at McFaul’s bridge – approximately a mile west – presumeably near where the rail road crosses the Danforth Road – now known as Highway 33 –
Image 26 – Carm Foster
Side 1
Great Grandparents – Paternal
Peter Cronkhite & Rachel Bowerman
            M. 5th mo 20th 1827
Dyer Ogden & Nancy Sheldon
Gideon Hughes Bowerman & Mary Christy
Miles Lucas &
Kraus? – going to form genealogical soc. in Prince Edward
The 5 w’s of the Media
Who What Where When Why
[the following is written by a different hand ]
Arch? Res Toronto
Image 27 – Carm Foster  Cyrus5 – (Cyrus4, John3, Edward2, John1 ) born Westerly R.I. 26 May 1748 – and died 21 Oct. 1837 : mar. Rachel Vincent of Dutchess Co. NY. (b 1759 d. 1833)
They resided in Beekman, Dutchess Co: in 1804 removd to Conesville NY. where he died.
            VI.       Mary      born in 1775: mar.     Stephen Bull     (?)
                        Rachel           1776:                          Alexander Coventry.
                        Phebe             1778:                         Reynolds Tripp.
                        Keturah          1780:                         Wilbor Dewitt
To be               {Jemima “         9 May 1796:               (1) John Atwater – (2) Stevenson Thorne.
transf’d {Margaret”       17 Mar 1798:
                        Joseph            21 Oct 1783:               Mary Halstead.
                        Benjamin “        7 June 1786:                Mary Bull.
                        Richard           7 July 1788:                 Lydia Brainard.
                        David S.         in          1791:              Maria Hay.
                        Sylvester         8 Feb 1794:               (1) Hannah Treadwell. (2) Margaret Engle.
            Note – The family of Cyrus5 did not come to Canada – but are included to con?j?cti? the family of Cyrus4
Image 28 – Carm Foster
Side 1
Rebecca Mastin b -  m -  died blind at Jon. I. Bowerman’s above Wellington, before Susan (Clark) Bowerman was she mar – the Secd time? (name Morden)
VII       Ichabod B. (vi Jon. I.) (v Ich) (iv Ich & Jane)
                        =          (1)        Ruth Phila Ann Hubbs   d. Benj.
                                    (2)        Ruth (wid.        Terry) dir. & mar) 2 Ich B?
                                    (3)        Angeline wid Anthony Haight
                                    (4)                    (wid = Willet Hawkins – d. suddenly 1912-3 ?)
Image 29 – Carm Foster
Side 1
Re: Fishing at Wellington as told by Wm Garratt Sr. whose faterh Isaac Garratt used to relate the story as follows –
“ old Daniel Reynolds – the father of the family in Pr. Ed. Co. –
“ lived near where Bishop Reynolds’ stone house stands 1886,
“ Isaac asked Daniel one day how he liked the County ?
“ and Daniel replied that he did not like it “ the neighbours”
“ were getting too close for him to have any range for his”
“ cattle” – at that time the nearest neighbours were the
“ Palmers - & Garratts (near Wellington) and next Col. Stinson
“ some three miles East.  The same Reynolds has
“ the reputation of having caught the first spring salmon
or ra?t?? of Living? discovered their pleantiful abundance of Spring Salmon numbers
“in Lake Ontario – He told Isaac Garratt of his rich find,
“and enjoined secrecy in old Mr Garratt lest the
“neighbours would catch them all but Garratt said
“it was too good to Keep so went & told Stinson and
“they ??? all ???? in fish.
            It is told by old Stephen Blount that one Justus
“Fox of Pulacki N.Y. was the first man to bring a
“seine to Wellington beach – Blount paid him $500.
“for the half.  Fox would go home in the summer and
“return for the fishing in the Autumn.  Two or three years
“after they began fishing, they caught at one haul 44000
“White fish, old Josiah Bull, brother of Mrs. Stephan Blount
“having 5 Barrels for his hand ???.  This circumstance
“was recounted? & related by the Garratt family in ’86 – (This was
“about 1834).  Fox and his stepsons Rufus and Thomas
“Bishop used to board at Garratt’s.  Fox’s wife was Rebecca
“Bull 2nd Cousin to the Bull family of this County.
(one Maurice Tryon married Foxs’ sister)
At the time of W. Garratts boyhood the beach at Wellington was very wide and crowded with cedars, a regular wilderness in which the children used to get lost in their play – one a bear was overtaken in the lake – and was shot by some of a party of almost 50 on the beach.  A knife to cut the throat was needed and among? This whole party of men & boys only a single “jack-knife” was to be had.
Image 30 – Carm Foster
Side 2
Early fish would weigh not more than on an average 1 lb to 2 lbs and lake fish from 2 lbs – up to 6 lbs. – but the largest fish caught by Mr. Johnson weighed 11 lbs – that fish was stolen from the beach? By old Stephen Blount and the way Mr Johnson ???   ???   it weighed S. B.  took it to Wellington & to the Tavern? & weighed it and someone stole it from him but who got it ??????????
            A barrel of fish? ??? of this? Barrel weighted ???? ????
            About 800 fish ????  ?????  ????  ??? good waggon load ???  ??? being? heavy.
            On the night in question  ????? “ ???? share” was 800 fish.  So great was the haul that many fish were spoiled before they could be salted & Barrelled.
ACB – (Fish)    800) 10 000,
Image 31 – Carm Foster
 [The upper portion of this note has been torn away. Some names were charted on the right side.  They were written by a different hand than the body of the note.]
1          Fulton Dorlen? – a great jumper lived in Wellington – His oldest son Frank Dorlen? once went to help John Osterhout (next to D. Conger’s) gather apples.  He was to have apples for his pay.  At night he carried home his bag of apples.  They were little useless trash, so next morning Fulton took the bag, very early & carried them back.  He opened the door without knocking and there was John in the midst of morning prayers.  Opening wide the door, Fulton poured the apples across the floor saying “there,’ take your damn hickory nuts! –
2          Dan. Morden was a borne? character of the village – once old man Wooley went to James Lane’s? barn & got straw for a bed.   Carried it in a bundle on his back.  When he passed Mordens Carpenter’s shop, Dan, took matches followed him & set the straw on fire –
3          Dan, had a spike driven over his shop door, on which he used to hang a pail of water, so that opening the door would empty the bucket on to the head of the intruder.
4          Covey’s tavern in Bloomfield burned one evening about 1850 – The Queker School boys ran up to the fire (Allan MacDonald was one of the boys –
                                                                        notes from Allen 1912 [this was was written by a different hand using different ink]
Image 32 – Carm Foster
[This note appears to have been written on the other side of the torn page in Image 31]
Island Cunninghams
Mary              died 1873 aged 75
=(2) Wynott Williams = (1)       Doxee – issue  2?
            └Issue 8 – (Donald Walter Williams = Sarah Eliza Hicks
                                                                       └Elgin Williams
                                                                                    Cherry Valley
                                                                                    Co Pr Ed
Mary must have been born about 1798 and was possibly a dau. of Elijah of the Pierce Farm –  Bloomfield?
[Written upside down on the bottom of this note is the following]
Look up Townsend Terry }
            See p 18  Benj Terry
            Townsend Terry
            Son of Jacob Terry & Sarah d. Benj Garrett
[Just below the surname Terry and before the symbol & a large “X” is drawn.  The upper left “arm” of the “X” passes through the Terry surname]
Image 33 Doug Smith
Niles ‘ “Jane Niles, born at Butternuts, Otsego Co. NY. 1763: Mar. 1782 came to Canada early in 1785. Her husband Willet Casey came to Canada in 1783 locating on the Bay of Quinte (4th town); erected a log house and a blacksmith’s shop, returning for his wife – was taken ill and a year elapsed before they set out for their new house.
            Jane (Niles) Casey died at the age of 96 years. She was widely known as “Aunt Jane”, and universally esteemed. Of her eleven children, five died young – The eldest daughter Martha, known as Aunt Patty Dorland, lived to the age of 92. (Thomas Casey died in Brighton Ont. 1855 aged 87.) – Willet Casey was one of the first representatives of the Midland District, when Newark was the Capital of the Province. His son Samuel represented the district for several years – and later his grandson Dr Willet Dorland represented Pr. Ed. Co.
                        (From Canniff Haight’s “Life in Canada 50 yrs ago” -1885)
Jane Niles mar born 16 May 1763: died 12 Feb. 1856: Mar. Willet Casey born 14 Jan. 1763 d. 10 Mar 1848
            II . Children of Willet Casey and Jane (Niles).
I Martha           b 25 Sept 1784; mar. Gilbert Dorland (res. Twp. Hallowell)
II Samuel          “ 14 Aug 1788;          Cynthia Sharpe
III Nathaniel       25 Oct. 1790  died 20 Nov —
IV Elizabeth        20 Mar. 1792;       13 Nov. 1847; mar. Dr Hiram Weeks.
V Sarah                1 Oct. 1794;       3 Aug.  1829;     Enoch Bedell son of Reuben
VI Wm Niles      2 Feb.  1797;        17 April —
VII Thomas        4 Mar. 1798;                      1885;    Sarah Canniff dau. James
VIII Mary (Polly)” 11 May 1800; “ 1 June 1885;      “ Isaac Ingersoll (adolphuts
IX Jane               12 Dec. 1802     27 July 1837; —
 X Alley              20 May 1805;     4 June         : —
I . Henry Niles (brother of Jane) mar.
            II children of Henry Niles and ——
    I Lydia                                 mar. Abram Searles issue Wilson Judge Mile 3? &c
    II Stephen (printer) -             Sarah dau. Philip Hagler & Essa Dorland
                        III 8 Stephen Philip ——          mar. Mary Pellet.
                             1 Letty             ——                  George Jones
                             2 Jane Ann   ——         Jas. Dorland son Philip Jr
                                                                                    son Philip & Eliz. Bedell
                             3 Hannah    ——        
                             4 Wm Henry                     Maria Haight (res Colborn)
                             5  Nathaniel                        “ Sarah Bedell –dau
                                                                              Reuben son of Isaac .
                             6 Marian  ——                      “ Richd Babbet (Picton)
                             7 Matilda                            “ Arch. Babbet  (        )
                             8 Stephen (see above)
                             9 Sarah ——                         “ —— Wiggins —
Image 34  Doug Smith
                                    “Hyde Genealogy.” pp. 11 – 49 – Nos 13 and 69
Reynolds                                  pub. Munsell’s, Albany NY. 1864 –
X (I) John Reynolds of Norwich Conn.
   (II) Joseph         (John I) m. Sarah Edgerton – res. Norwich
    III John            (John I – Joseph II) b 21 Feb 1691 at Norwich Conn; - m – 6         Dec 1720 Lydia Lord, born at Lyme, Conn. 1694, 5 dau. Lieut Rich Lord       and Elizabeth Hyde (dau. Samuel Hyde & Jane Lee) –
    IV John; Jos; Deborah; Anne; Sarah; Abigail; Elizabeth. –
X (I) John Reynolds the first of Norwich had also a daughter ——
            II Sarah  b Nov, 1656 probably at Norwich – married 24 Dec. 1785 John Post b. at Saybrook (now Lyme) 12 April – eldest son of John Post and Hester Hyde dau. Wm Hyde the first of Norwich Conn.
——         ——               ——                 ———        ———
Talcott – Gov. Joseph Talcott of Conn – before 1748 – Hed had dau Helena d s f 1
Thomas – (I) Jeremiah of Nearshfield had a son (II) Ebenezar b 1 Nov 1700 m Deborale Hyde             (II) Simeon (III) Thomas L.
——               ———           ———             ———          
Hough –
            I Edward Hough, of Westchester in the Co. of Chester Eng –
                        II Wm Hough (Edward I.) Came to Gloucester Mass. and mar. there 28 Oct. 1645 Sarah Calkins dau. Hugh and Anne of Gloucester, who afterward moved to New London
            Issue – 4 sons and 6 daughters . as foll –
                                    III – (a) Samuel b. N.L. 9 Mar. 1653 m. 25 Nov. 1679 Susannah
                                           (a2) John b. 17 Oct 1655 at NL Wootham of Farmington – 2 sons – 1 dau m 17 Jan. 1680 Sarah Post 2nd dau John Post & Hester Hyde dau. Wm Hyde the first &c Mar. (2) 18 Aug. 1685 Mary Bale – settled  died at Saybrook (Lyme) & had 1 son & 1 daughter.
                                            (b) William m. Anne Lathrop dau. Samuel of Norwich
                                            (c) Hannah (eldest dau) m 1662 John Borden – resd of Lyme.
                                            (d) Abiah (2nd dau) m. 1667 – William Douglass
                                            (e) Sarah (3rd      ) m.           David Carpenter –
[ dashed line from Sarah Post info to the last entry]
John leffmunerous? descendants – See “Hyde Genealogy” & 13 –
Image 35  Doug Smith
            Note – John Niles, the first of Braintree (Conn.?) came from Eng. and died 8 Feb. 1694 at Braintree, aged 91 “_” the Hyde Family” p 169. —
Image 36  Doug Smith
[ Image is bleached out by the light source especially the lower half]
[The top half is a colored drawing of the Richmond coat of arms.]
[From the top]
Crown of Gold of 4 finials and ermine head band transfixed with scepter erect and crossed rod of justice left and spear of manhood right based on a hawser horizontal.
Vine clad shield white embossed with 6 pointed red stars with circle centers in each quarter. The central place is an equal sided blue cross with tri pointed ends.
The shield is surrounded with a banner elaborate and ensigned with the motto from the left RESOLVE  WILL AND  PERSEVERE
Images 37 to 48 are in a bundle – Carm Foster
Image 37
Gideon Bowerman built a raft in
the bay near? Picton – boarded at C. Spencers’
[note: the following word Charivari in this image and in the next image appears to mean the noisy serenade used by well wishers to celebrate the newlyweds first night and now spelled “Shivaree”]
Charivari –
Alex, Sheriffs father was a Presby Minister came here about –
became acquainted with Mary Adams widow of Eliphlet Adams) and sister of Simeon Washburn – They married and Simeon was mad about it as she had some property – So Simeon gave the boys a teakettle full of rum – they dressed in disguise and came on horesback -  She thought they dariot? serenade a minister – but in this was deceived, for as darkness settled over the byte?shore? & spread it shadows across the Bay deepening the gloom over the old house now occupied by the Vance’s below Hepburn’s, a full train of Equealines came galloping down the road to the din of guns & racket of Bells & horns jams? – and made a most terrific racket
Image 38 – Carm Foster
Susan Kingsley came here with 2 children about 1814 – She was very pretty said to be wife of Capt. Kingsley – When Capt. K. went home she was left with the children and a sled ? kept in the block house at Ross’ Stand – When her goods were sold out she had no way of living – so a match was made between her & John Friar (a farmer whose mother m. Ira Spafford - )  ??  they Charivaried this pair for 3 nights – and at last piled up the doorway up with logs to the loft – In the morning John put his head out of the window and had to hire someone to roll the logs away –
Image 39 – Carm Foster
                                                                                                                        ?? Morden
                        Apple Bee? charms
“Jennie put the Kettle on
“We’ll all take tea
“Cut your bread & butter fine
“Cut enough for Eight or nine
“Kiss the fairest in the line
“Do it right away
Then taking a girl by the hand from the line around him he led her into the centre of the circle and proceded to kiss her: then leaving her he left the circle & sat down thus in time all were out
“See the Yankees with their sacs
“With their punkins on their backs
“See the roving ?orral crew
“Singing Yankee doodle-doo’-
Images 40 and 41
[out of focus] Retake
Image 42 – Carm Foster
            At the Richard Morden place back of the swamp north of Gore G. Church, it was a wild place – When R. M. was clearing away a place for his first log house, he lived at  [a space has been inserted here] a mile or more away – Toward evening he used to hear the wolves howl and then in some natural trepidation he would hasten homeward – By and by he did hear the wolves in a barking pack howling around the spot which he had just left.  It is not surprising that such proximity to a hungry pack of wolves would make him have some scruples about returning to work in such an insecure out of the way region.  But with the mornings light, the old feeling of fear would vanish with the fleeing wolves and back to his work he would go again.  When the house was completed and occupied it was no
elysium, no quiet eden in which to feel the calm security that disposes to happy sleep.
Image 43 – Carm Foster
            Often R.M. has seen the bright eyes of eager wolves peering through the chinks of the rude home (hut) and often & often as the nights returned, the wolves would run and play and howl and gambol about that strange habitation in the midst of their ancient hunting rounds.  So noisy would become at times that he did take the old dinner horn and climbing up into the wide stone chimney would give it a blast – like the that would strike consternation into the savage canines and send them chasing the echos into the most distant and dense retreats of the neighbouring jungle and only to return ??? on the following night & repeat their playful antics.  Gradually however as the county became cleared, and the number of inhabitants in creased the wolves became scarcer and at last after many years they quite disappeared – Deer however continued
Image 44 – Carm Foster
long after the migration of their fierce foe the wolf, they became scarcer owing to the continual hunting and worrying of dogs – but as they were now free from the wolves they grew less timid and often were to be seen running in the open when chased by barking c??s.  There are many still living who remember their first “buck” and who have followed the bay bay of the sl??? hound as he gave “tongue” to the retreating deer.  Deer and wolf have long since become extinct in the woods & swamps of Pr. Ed. but it may be said that their tracks are still to be seen”. although and where except in the memories of of the oldest inhabitants.  Those were rude and rugged times when the husband stood by with a hankspike and kept the wolves from frightening the cattle while the wife did the evening milking - !  And the wolves were playful enough when they came into the little farm yards at night
Image 45 – Carm Foster
and gamboled among the cows like so many Kittens: but this they often did and were thus more mischievous than dangerous.  There doubtless were young ones – well fed and not thinking of anything more vicious but to learn the whereabouts of the meat lambs and pigs.  to ?????
R. Morden more than once stood guard over M. while she did the milking – and on a dark evening in summer-time when the lighting made the darkness gloom more intense the g frolicking gray wolves could be seen at each flash scatter about the yards in the act of running and chasing each other in sport for at the lightening flash all seemed to be standing perfectly still – a phenomenom easily demonstrated from by a sudden flash of lamplight in a dark room upon a rapidly revolving wheel. – In later times when their numbers became greatly lessened through hunting them for the
Image 46 – Carm Foster
bounty, an occasional pair would make a nocturnal visit to some farmer’s yards and destroy a number of sheep.  The approach of winter with frosts and snow drove them to seek a dainty morsel in the slautre? of a lamb or a calf and thus they were often tracked in the newly fallen snow on one occasion, at the yard of the Elder Stephan Bowerman when there were both cattle & sheep, the light even snow betrayed a visit by a pair of those hungry denizens of the wood and showed too the sagacity of both sheep & cows and the wholesome dread of the wolves for the ?allins lions.  The tracks showed in the morning where the wolves had crossed the yard – The sheep had crowded close together by the sides of the barn and in a semicircle formed by the cattle which acted as a guard to the more timid and defenceless sheep.   Examples of this kind of evidences of more than instinct, and shows
Image 47 – Carm Foster
 us that even among what now are loftily placed to call the lower animals than  a community of  danger interacts serves to link together in one common bond, widely different races in friendly union for defence.  The males among the deer were well Known to guard & protect the unarmed female – Before the advent? of the Europeans their guard  for?? were the wolf & the stealthy Indian – Both  the latter were in time crowded out of a habitation and still later the graceful deer gave way before the advance of a murderous civilization   The deer were very numerous when our Ancestors first came – and a haunch of venison was no extraordinary luxury as A heavy fall of snow often assisted in the capture of a number of these valuable animals which collected together in herds in the dense swamps among the cedars and spruces where the Eagles made a shelter from the
Image 48 – Carm Foster
snow & the wind and gave them the necessary “”Browse” – In some of their places the old hunter came upon them in great numbers almost decended in their snow pens from which the snow was trampled and pawed to get at the grass and undergrowth.  There was no escape from their pens with the drifts loose heavy snow outside, except for the larger and more active buck which would bound away when alarmed, to some neighboring snow pen – leaving the females (does) to be easily captured.
[The following is written in a different hand]
                        Notes from Dr J. B. Morden
Image 49 – Carm Foster
Side 1
1. Anthony Annable;     (____-1674 b. Kent, Eng., d. W. Barnstable, Mass., 1674, ae abt 75; he                                 married, first, in All Saints church, Cambridge, Eng.,
    Jane Momford;         she d. was buried Oct. 13, 1623, (o.s.) and was buried in the lower part of the Calves Pasture, prob. At Hemp Bottom.  They arrived at Plymouth, in the “Anne”, July 1623; removed to Scituate, abt. 1633, and to Barnstable in 1639.  [The following was entered by pen]  Burial of Jane Momford Annable should read 10th mo, 13, 1643.
A, Sarah Annable;        b. Eng. abt 1622, d. 1687; m. at Green Harbors, by Mr. Winsloe, Nov.                                    23, 1637-8, to
    Henry Ewell,             who had joined Mr. Lothrop’s church at Scituate, Apr. 3, 1636, the 32nd member.  They had eight children.
B, Hannah Annable;      b. Plymouth, 1625.  Mar, 3, 1645 recd grant of land for being one of the first born in Colony.  Mar. 3, 1645 she m. Thomas1 Bowerman;  They had 7 children.  (data under Bowerman.)
C, Susanna Annable;    b. Plymouth, 1630; married Mar, 13, 1652,
    William Hatch Jr. of scituate.
D, Deborah Annable;    baptized by Rev. John Lothrop, May 7, 1637.
                                    Anthony Annable married second
Ann Clark, of Plymouth, she d. Barnstable, abt. 1686, ae abt. 80.
E. Samuel Annable;      b. Jan. 22, 1646, bapt by Rev. Lothrop, Feb. 8, 1646;
                                    d. W. Barnstable, 1678; m. Jun. 1, 1667
    Mehitable Allyn,       bapt. By Rev Lothrop, Nov. 26, 1648.
                        1, Samuel,        b. Jul. 14, 1669; d. 1744, bur. Lothrop cem. with his wife                                                         Patience who d. Oct. 1760, ae 90.
                        2, Hannah,        b. Mar. 26, 1672; d. Aug. 1672
                        3, John,            b. Jul. 19, 1673.           4 , Ann, b. mar. 4, 1675.
--------                        Mehitable Allyn Annable m. 2nd Cornelius2 Briggs.
F, Ezekiel Annable;       bapt. Arp. 29, 1649, by Rev. Lothrop.
G, Desire Annable,       bapt. Oct. 16, 1653, by Rev. Lothrop. m. Jan. 18, 1677
    John Barker.
            References. – Magazine of American Gen. Dec. 1929, XVII, 186-7.  Pope’s Pioneers of Mass.  Rev. Lothrop’s Records in N. Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg. IX.  Savages Dict, of N. Eng. I and addenda IIV, (IV). Gen. Notes of Barnstable,, C. F. Swift,  Amos Otis Papers.  Marguerite Allis, English Prelude.
Image  50 – Carm Foster
Side 1
            At Yonge street Monthly Meeting of Men Friends held 16th day of 10th month, 1806.    Page 11.
“Our beloved friend Job Hughes laid a concern before this meeting that has for sometime accompanied his mind to pay a religious visit to Friends at and about the Bay of Quenty with which this Meeting unites, and leaves him at liberty to proceed as truth may open the way, he being an approved minister in good esteem, and the clerk is directed to furnish him with a copy of this mintue.”
            At Yonge Street Monthly Meeting of Men Friends held 13th day of 11th month, 1806.  Page 12.
“Jacob Winn is also to accompany Job Hughes to the Bay of Quenty.”
            At Yonge Street Monthly Meeting of Men Friends held 12th day of 2nd month, 1807.     Page 17
[Penned insertion]
Our beloved friends
“Job Hughes and Jacob Winn returned certificate obtained in 10th and 11th months late with a few lines from Adolphus Monthly Meeting, setting forth that their labours of love have been satisfactory.”
Image 51 – Carm Foster
1.         Thomas Bowerman,      b. Eng.; was in Plymouth, 1633; in Barnstable, 1643; d. in                                                         Barnstable, 1663; m. 1645, Mar. 3.
            Hannah Annable;          b. Plymouth, 1625; recd a grant of land for being one of the first                                                born in the Colony;
                                    A, Hannah; b. May 1646.
                                    B, Thomas2 Bowerman;            b. Barnstable, Sept. 1648; d. abt. 1727;                                                                                   m. Apr. 19, 1678
                                        Mary Harper;                       dau. of Thomas Robert Harper. (their                                                                            data below)
                                    C, Samuel Bowerman;  b. Jul. 1651; Killed at Rehoboth, by                                                                                          Indians Mar. 26, 1676, King Philips war.
                                    D, Desire Bowerman;               b. May 1654.
                                    E, Mary Bowerman;                 b. Mar. 1656.
                                    F, Mehitable Bowerman;          b. Sept 1658.
                                    G, Tristram Bowerman,            b. Aug. 1661.
B, Thomas2 Bowerman; b. Barnstable, Sep. 1648; d. abt. 1727; m. Apr. 19, 1678
    Mary Harper   dau of Thomas Robert Harper.
                        1, Samuel3 Bowerman; b. 1682.
                        2, Thomas3 Bowerman; b. 1685; m. Jane Harby; Their data below.
                        3, Stephen3 Bowerman; b. 1687; d. unmarried.
                        4. Benjamin3 Bowerman; b. 1690; d. 1743; m.
                            Hannah Wing,           dau. of John and Martha Spooner Wing.
                                                i, Daniel4, m. Joanna, dau of Simeon Hathaway;
                                                            issue; Barnabee5, Rest5.
                                                ii, Samuel4, m. 1st, 1743, Rose Landers; 2nd, 1746, Jemimah                                                                 Wing;   3rd, Oct. 10, 1785, Grace Hoxie.
                                                iii, Stephen4, m. 1756, Hannah, dau. of Caleb and Reliance                                                       Allen
                                                            iv, Rest4,
                                    These were mentioned in in the will of Benjamin3, however, Mr. Newell Hoxie, who seems to have made a careful research, says that Benjamin3 B. also had the following:
                                    iv, Enos4, m. 1764, Hannah dau. Recompence and Lydia Landers.
                                    vi, Joseph4, d.y.
                                    vii, Wait4, m. Benjamin Swift.
                                    viii, Benjamin4, b. abt. 1725; m. 1755, Elizabeth dau. William and                                                                      Mary Gifford.  Some say he m. Mary Gifford.
[Attached to this page is a note with the following information]
Banson Bowerman, 190 Dudley Ave. #412  Thornhill, Ont
Image 52 – Carm Foster
p. 1a
viii, Benjamin4, continued from p. 1.
            a, Elihu5, b. Aur. __, 1757; m. Sep. 9, 1779, Anney Allen.
            b. Harper5, m. 1st. Elizabeth Shepherd; m. 2nd Maribah Jones.
            c. Zechariah5, m. 1810, Elizabeth Wing.
            d. Benjamin5, m. 1796, Phebe Shepherd.
            e. Elizabeth5,
            f. Anna5, m. Abel Hoxie.
            g. Samuel5
            h. Rest5, m. Francis Allen.
Image 53 – Carm Foster
            5, Hannah3 Bowerman, b. 1692; m. 1719, Nathan Parlow.
            6, Wait3 Bowerman, b. 1694, m. 1720, Benjamin Allen.
2, Thomas3 Bowerman, b. Barnstable Sep. 1648; 1685 d. ญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญ_______; m. Jane Harby,
            i, Ichabod4 Bowerman, b. 1721; d, 1790;         m. 1st Lydia Mott, 2nd Jane Richmond, Their                                                                             data is below.
            ii, Judah4 Bowerman, b. Dec. 24, 1723; m. 1758, Mary Dillingham, Data below.
[Note: Judah Bowerman is underlined in red]
            iii,         David4 Bowerman, m. Ruth Dillingham, 1751; m. Hannah Wing, 1770.
            iv,         Silas4 Bowerman, m. 2nd, Lydia Gifford.
            v,         Joseph4 Bowerman, m. Sep. 17, 1766, Rest Swift.
            vi,         Sarah4 Bowerman, m. 1743, Meltiah Gifford.
            vii,        Jane4 Bowerman, m. Joseph Bowerman.
            viii,       Elizabeth4 Bowerman.
            ix,         Peace4 Bowerman, d. unmarried.
            x,         Deborah4 Bowerman.
1,         Ichabod4 Bowerman, b. 1721; m. 1st
            Lydia Mott,  [Note: Lydia is underlined in red]
                        a, Timothy5 Bowerman, b. 1745 m. and setd. In Albany Co., N.Y.
                                    issue: Isiah6, Daniel6, Lydia6.
                        b, Elizabeth5 Bowerman, b. 1748; m. Ebenezar Palmer; setd in Dutchess Co. N.Y.
                                    issue: Elizabeth, Lydia, Mary, Benjamin, Deborah, Harriet, Laucretia,                                                    Stephen, Joseph, James and Phoebe.
                        c, David5 Bowerman, b. 1754; d. 1827; setd in Hallowell; m. Catherine Bartlett.
                                    Issue: John6, Benoni6, Levi6, Mary6, Cornelius6, Ichabod6, Sarah6,                                                         Elizabeth6, Lydia6, Phoebe6, and Charlotte6.

Image 54
– Carm Foster
            d, Jane5 Bowerman, m. Sylvester Richamond and setd. In Hallowell.
                        Sarah, Job, Cyrus, Abigail, Ichabod, Phoebe, Lydia, John, Jane, David.
            e, Hannah5 Bowerman, m. John Butts; setd, in Prince Edward county.
                        Lydia, Mary, Hannah, Gersham, Jane, David.
            f, Sarah5 Bowerman, m. and setd in N.Y.
                        Wilbur, Martha.
i, Ichabod4 Bowerman, m. 2nd
   Jane Richmond,
            g, Thomas5 Bowerman, b. 1760; d. 1810; m. 1st Sarah Vincent,
                                    a1, Vincent;
                                    He m. 2nd Maturah Bull,
                                    1 Mary  a2, Sarah; a3, Phoebe; a4, Stephen; a5, Joseph; a6, Thomas;
                                    a7, Josiah; a8, Amos; a9, Lydia; a10, Patience.
            h, Phoebe5 Bowerman, b. 1763; d. 1783; m Cornelius Blount; setd Hallowell.
                                    a1, Sarah.
            h, Lydia5 Bowerman, b. 1762; d. 1811; m. Cornelius Blount; setd. in Hallowell.
                        a1, Joseph; a2, Mary; a3, Jane; a4, Stephen.
            i, Phoebe5 Bowerman, (1763-1783) m. Richard Butts; setd Dutchess Co., N.Y.
                        a1, Sarah.
            j, Mary5 Bowerman, b. 1765; d. 1849; m. 1st Nathaniel White,
                        a1, Ichabod; a2, Jane; a3, Mary; a4, Jeremiah; a5, Nancy; a6, William;
                        a7, Deborah; a8, Nathaniel.
            Mar, 2nd – Ezra Jennings
            k. Ichabod5 Bowerman, b. 1767; d. 1815; setd hallowell; was church warden in 1798; m.
                        Rebeca Mastin,
                        a1, Phebe; a2, Lydia; a3, Mary; a4, Jonathan; a5 Aaron; a6, Gideon; a7, Stephen;                                a8, Judah; a9, Thomas; a10, Sarah;
Image 55 – Carm Foster
l. Jonathan, b. 1769; d. 1847; setd in Hallowell; m. Sarah Vincent,
            a1, Ichabod; a2, John; a3, Thomas; a4, Cornelius; a5, Abigail; a6, Deborah; a7, Helen.
m. Deborah5 Bowerman, b. 1771; d, 1819; setd Dutchess, N.Y.
            m. Reuben Vincent, b. 1768; d. 1847:
            a1, Hoxie; a2, Pauline; a3, Elizabeth; a4, Gideon (1800-1885); a5, Lydia, (1802-1846);           a6, Levi, b. Feb. 18, 1804; d. Mar. 10, 1885; m. Mary ____, b. Aug. 2, 1807; d. Jan. 5,           1853;
                                    Deborah Ann, d. Aug. 12, 1843, ae 12 yr.
                                    Thomas M. d. Jun. 16, 1861, ae 22 yr.
                                    Albert H. d. Aug. 10, 1865, ae 18 yr.
                                    Chester, d. Sep. 1, 1870, ae 21 yr.
            a7, Margaret, b. 1807; d. 1895; m. Seth Baramore (1806-1840)
            a8, Platt, (1809-1841);  a9, Mary; a10, Jane; a11. Phoebe; a12, Thomas B. (1817-1841).
            Note. – The dates and a part of the names given in connection with Deborah Bowerman Vincent’s family were taken from tombstones in the Verbank Cemetrry, Dutchess Co., N. Y. and of course do not give a complete record.  E. B. S.
            n, Stephen5, b. 1773; d.;857; m. Amy Hughes; setd Hallowell;
                        issue: a1, Abigail; a2. Elenor: a3, Rachel; a4, Gideon; a5, Oliver; a6, Sophia.
            o, Gideon5 Bowerman, b. 1775; d. 1811; unmarried.
            p, Israel5 Bowerman.  His data will follow that of “r, Nancy5”.
            q, Judah5 Bowerman, b. 1779; d. 1869; m. 1st Abigail Hughes
                        issue: a1, Rachel.  He m. 2nd. Mary Ann Morden
                        issue: a2, Abigail; a3, Mary A.; a4,  He m. 3rd. Philadelphia Carmen Cronkhite.                                     He m. 4th Lavina Saylor
                        issue: a4 Charles G.; a5, Judah H; a6, Margaret J.; a7, Elizabeth; a8, Lydia S.
            r, Nancy5 Bowerman, called Amy in her father’s will, (1782-1862)
                        m. George Ellsworth; setd Hallowell, P.E. Co.
                        a1, Israel; a2, Mary; a3, Susannah; a4, John; a5, Phoebe; a6, Diana; a7, Nancy;                                   a8, Lousiana; a9, Roxylana; a10, Gideon; a11, Caroline.
Image 56 – Carm Foster
ii, Judah4 Bowerman b. Dec. 24, 1723; d. ____ m. Mary Dillingham;
                        a, Ichabod5 Bowerman, m. Oct. 5, 1786, Elizabeth Hatch.
                        b, Curtis5 Bowerman, m. 1799 Rachel Gifford, grdau of Meltiah and Sarah4                                          Bowerman Gifford.
                                                Calvin6  b. Mar. 21, 1800; m, Sarah ____
                                                Lucy6, b. Sep. 29, 1801; unmarried.
                                                Luther6  b. Jan. 30, 1803; m. Hannah Hamilton.
                                                Joshua6, b. Dec. 23, 1804; unmarried.
                                                Francis6, b. Oct. 18, 1806; m. Elizabeth Hammond, 11-1-1827.
                                    He married 2nd
                        Mrs. ____ Hoxie,
Image 57  Doug Smith
                        Effie Bell Rogers, 8th generation in the Bowerman line.
Effie Bell Rogers, b. Jun. 6, 1878, Vermillion, Kansas m. Sep. 2, 1903, by Rev. M. L. Laybourne,
William E. Stewart, b. Dec. 23, 1875, Falls City, Neb., s. of I. Newton and Sarah Elizabeth Schock Stewart.
            1. Arthur Newton Stewart, b. Jun. 18, 1904, Vermillion, Kan; B.S. in C.E. Kansas State College, 1927; H. & G. Eng. U.S. coast & Geodetic Survey, 1928; Lt. Com’dr, citation and mer, ser. Ribbon for mil. work in Alaska, 1943-‘4; m. Feb. 14, 1942, Monmouth, Ore.
            Lorene Berg b. Apr. 5, 1915, Dickenson, N.D.; dau. Prof. and Mrs. P.S. Berg.; Pi Beta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, U. N.D.
                        issue: 1. Sharon Claire, b. Washington, D.C. Oct. 22, 1946.
                                                                                    (Portland, Ore.)
            2. Samuel Roger Stewart, b. Nov. 20, 1907; Vermillion, Kan. B.S.A. Kan. State Coll. 1930; U.S.B.A. Ec.; Int’nl Emer. Food Counc.: E.C.A.; m. Dec. 21, 1935, Meade Kan.
            Alice Maude Holman, b. Nov. 28, 1916, Hugoton, Kan.; dau. James Otis and N. Maude Crigler Holman, Hugoton, Kan.
                        issue: 1. William (Bill) Roger, b. Feb. 21, 1941, Manhattan, Kan.
                                                                                    (Silver Spring, Md.)     
            3. Hugh Leonard Stewart, b. Jan. 4. 1909, Vermillion, Kan.; B.S.A. Kan. STate Coll.; M.S. Ad. Harvard, 1941; U.S?B. Ag.Ec. 1934; Lt. j.g. U.S.N., 1944; Okinawa, 1945-‘6; ret. U.S?B. Ag.Ec; m. Galveston, Tex., June. 3, 1933,
            Evelyn Reust, b. Feb. 12, 1908, Frankfort, Kan.; dau. Ransom and Teresa Stump Reust;
                        issue: 1. Billie Susan, b. Oct. 13, 1939, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                    (Arlington Va.)
            These are the generations of Thomas Bowerman, down to the tenth.
Image 58  Doug Smith
side 1
[Typed in carbon blue with pencil in Italics]
Stephen Bowerman 1773 – 1857 and wife  Amy HUGHES
            Abagail BOWERMAN b.1812 died at age of 34 years 1846
            Eleanor BOWERMAN   d. about 1885
            Rachel BOWERMAN  died at age of 18 years
            Gideon Hughes BOWERMAN   m. Mary CHRISTIE        Hallowell
                        Stephen J.     BOWERMAN   M. Elizabeth LUCAS    
                                    Byron G. BOWERMAN D.1952 M. Margaret HICKS Assinaboia
                                                Ralph G. BOWERMAN   m. Evelyn Baneraegro? d. 1957
                                                            Clifford Bowerman
                                                Albert BOWERMAN m. Enid Dawson
                                    Rachel M. BOWERMAN born Mar. 1, 1872 d. May 3 1876
                                    Ethel Maude BOWERMAN, 1879      
                                                Marion CRONK
                                                Eleanor CRONK
                                    Stephen Earl BOWERMAN  Aug 2, 18?7 m. May Belle Weeks
                                    Alma H. A. BOWERMAN b. Aug. 26 1875 d. July 3?, 1877
                        Albert C. BOWERMAN, M.D. b. 9 June 22, 1850
                                                                                                m. 1) Ida E. BEDELL
                                                                                                     2) Lillian THORN
                                    Mary BOWERMAN     (d)
                                    Helen L. BOWERMAN (d) ?   Lillian (d)
                        Oliver and Sophia BOWERMAN (twins)  d.y.
Stephen was the 14th child of Ichabod BOWERMAN
                was the 4th son of Ichabod and Jane Richmond Bowerman
Image 59  Doug Smith
side 1
[Appears as original type with I 58 as the blue copy with pencil additions]
Stephen BOWERMAN 1773-1857 and wife Amy HUGHES
            Abagail BOWERMAN  died at age of 34 years
            Eleanor BOWERMAN
            Rachel BOWERMAN   died at age of 18 years
            Gideon Hughes BOWERMAN m. Mary CHRISTIE Hallowell
                        Stephen J. BOWERMAN m. Elizabeth LUCAS  
                                    Byron G. BOWERMAN m. Margaret HICKS Assiniboia
                                                Ralph J. BOWERMAN
                                                Albert BOWERMAN
                                    Rachel M. BOWERMAN
                                    Ethel Maude BOWERMAN, -1961 m. Wilford Cecil Cronk 1872-1956
                                                Marion CRONK
                                                Eleanor CRONK
                                    Stephen Earl BOWERMAN
                                    Alma C. BOWERMAN
                        Albert C. BOWERMAN, M.D.   m. 1) Ida E. BEDELL
                                                                                    2) Lillian THORN
                                    Mary BOWERMAN      (d)
                                    Helen L. BOWERMAN (d) 
            Oliver and Sophia BOWERMAN (twins)   d.y.
Stephen was the 14th child of Ichabod BOWERMAN
            was the 4th son of Ichabod and Jane Richmond Bowerman
Image 60 – Carm Foster
Side 1
            The 17th child of Ichabod;  the 7th son of Ichabod & Jane Richmond BOWERMAN
Judah Bowerman  1779-    m. 1) Abagail HUGHES;          2) Mary Ann MORDEN;
                                                     3) Philadelphia CRONK      4) Lavinia SAYLOR
            1) Rachel Hughes BOWERMAN  m. Peter CRONK  (maybe CRONKRITE)
                        Judah CRONK   m. Mary Ann WALKER
                                    William Henry;  Ada Amelia;  Clayton Adelbert;  David Lewellyn;                                             Phoebe Ann;    Eugene;
                        Phillip CRONK  m. Sarah PETTENGILL
                                    Rachel Amanda;  John Melvin;
                        John Hughes CRONK  m. Marilla Betthina “Sena” OGDEN
                                    Laura; Alice A.;  Nancy May;  Annie Victoria;  William;
                                    Wilford Cecil CRONL (sic) 1872-1956  m. Ethel Maude Bowerman -1961
                                                Marion CRONK
                                                Eleanor CRONK
                        Stephen CRONK  m. Mary Adelia BETTES
                                    Elma Anna;  Phoebe Jane;   Robert Henry;  Mary Allegra;
                        Adelaide CRONK  m. Peter ABEL
                                    Peter L.;  Lindley or Lyman;
                        Rachel Jane CRNK (sic)  m. Samuel SAYLOR
                                    R. Ernest (d);    Augusta B.;  Delphia J.;  Nellie;  Roberta “Berdie”;
                        William Henry   (d)
                        Phoebe Ann                 (d)
                        Peter Freeman (d)
                        Abagail             m. 1)    FERGUSON;              2)         PALMER
            2) Abagail    died at age of 12 years
            2) Mary Ann BOWERMAN    m. Palmer FERGUSON           5 children
            4) Charles Gideon Bowerman  m. Mary Jane BREWER
                        William King;  Judah Philip;  Elizabeth Brewer;  David Bennet;  Lindley H.;
            4) Judah Henry BOWERMAN  m. Abagail ELLSWORTH
                        Philip Jobe;  Lydia Jane;  Elwood;
            4) Margaret Jane BOWERMAN  m. 1) William HUBBS;  2) Gilbert JONES n/i
                        Lavina HUBBS  m. John T. DORLAND, a Quaker Minister died in 1896
                                    Margaret DORLAND  m. Wm. WEBB
                                    John William DORLAND  m.               Pasadena, Calif
                                    Arthur Garratt DORLAND, PhD.  m.   Toronto
                                    Bessie DORLAND                                          Kingston
                        Willet HUBBS                                                  Ameliasburg
            4) Elizabeth BOWERMAN  m. James SWETMAN
                        William Morris;  Margaret Jane;  Charles Henry;  Mary Isabella;  Alfred Phelps;                                    Lydia Hubbs;  Phoebe Ann;
            4) Lydia S. BOWERMAN  m. Archelaus HUBBS
                        Mary Jane;  Alfred;  Anna;
            2) children of Mary Ann and Palmer Ferguson: -
                        William;  Judah Henry;  Rachel;  Lavinia;  Margaret Eleanor;
Image 61 – Carm Foster
Side 1
[This image is a copy of the previous Image 60]
Image 62 – Carm Foster
Side 1
From Alexander McDonald’s old Bible in possession of H.B.Mc
1st page.
(a)        David McDonald and Hannah Lafurgey were married in Aug. 1781 –
            (7)        Wm McDonald and Mary Clapp married 17th April 1817.
            (7)        William McDonald died 13th Sept 1832
                        Elizabeth Ann McDonald died 30 Oct. 1832     } children
                        Gilbert McDonald died 23 Nov 1832               } (7)
                        Mary McDonald died 9th Mar 1835 (wife 7)
____________            ____________            ____________            ____________
2nd page           (Note) These are the issue of David & Hannah and were all born in N.B.
(1)        David McDonald Jr      born     10 June 1784
(2)        Henry                                   20 Nov 1786
(3)        Nancy                                15 Nov 1788
(4)        John                                     30 Dec 1789
(5)        Daniel “                                  20 Oct 1791
(6)        Francis”                                 7 Jan 1793
(7)        William”                                 12 Sept 1794
(8)        Alexander” “                            15 May 1796
(9)        George “                                25 Dec 1797 – one dau, m.      Minaker
(10)      Susannah”                              2 Mar 1800
(11)      James                                   4 Mar 1807                                                      over
Image 63 – Carm Foster
Side 2
2nd page continued.
David McDonald          born     2 Oct 1814
Minard Mastin                         15 June 1816
Amos McDonald                     20 July 1818
Laura Ann                              26 Sept. 1820
____________            ____________            ____________            ____________
3rd page            Aaron Maston              born     1780
                        Daniel                                    1 Oct 1813
                        Rachel                                   10 Feb 1815
                        John                                       15 Mar 1816
                        Harriet                                   4 Oct 1818
                        Susan                                     12 Mar 1819
                        Mary                                     3 May 1820
                        James                                    3 May 1822
                        Gideon B. “                             30 Aug 1823
                        Elizabeth                               29 Aug 1826
                        Francis                                   19 July 1828
__________________            __________________            __________________
4th page
            (9)        George McDonald        died      30 Sept. 1827
            {          Hannah                                 20 Sept. 1828}
(a)        {x         David                      4 Nov. 1828  }
__________    _____________________________________________________________
X         David McDonald was a tailor – had shop in Picton – and came with his family from New Brunswick along with the Gerow’s and old Nathaniel Branscombe “ in (1818 Mrs David Clark)                                                                                                               over
Image 64 – Carm Foster
Side 3
Births of (7) William McDonald’s children
(1)        Gilbert McDonald         born     23 Sept 1821
(2)        Elizabeth                              27 Nov 1823
(3)        Letty                                    16 Nov 1826 –
(4)        Tabitha                                 26 Feb 1827
(5)        Lydia                                    9 Jan 1829
(6) X    James                                   8 Nov 1830
(7)        Sarah                                   9 Sept 1832
__________________            __________________            __________________
Note – James went to Australia where he was afterwards seen by one Aaron Johnson Brother of James Johnson – Queen? Woots.?
H. B. McDonald’s new Bible
(8) }     Alexander McDonald               born     15 May 1796
     }     Hannah Branscombe                15 July 1802
Issue    (a)        Thomas L. McDonald              30 Dec 1822
            (b)        Sarah C E.                           26 Aug 1824
            (c)        Henry B.                              12 Aug 1826
            (d)        Eliza J.                                  29 Oct 1828
            (e)        Martha                                 10 Jan. 1831
            (f)         Elizabeth A.”                          7 May  1833
            (g)        Douglas                                15 June 1835
{          (h)        Lydia  }twins”                        24 Jul 1838
{          (i)         Rebecca}    
            (j)         Malcolm                               May
            (k)        Phebe                                   March
Image 65 – Carm Foster
Side 4
[This page is torn along the right hand edge resulting in some missing information]
Children of
(a)        {Thomas L. McDonald and
            {Susan Hubbs (dau. of Robt. Hubbs of Hillier)
Issue    (1)        Robert G. McDonald
            (2)        Henry G.        
            (3)        Cornelius        
Issue of
            {Franklin Jones and
(b)        {Sarah E. McDonald    (dau of Alex McDonald)
            (1)        Sarah E. Jones born April 1852
Issue of
            {Isaac Garrison and
(E)       {Martha McDonald      (dau. of Alex. McDonald)
            (1)        Alexander Garrison born 9 Sept 1853
Issue of
(C)       {Henry B. McDonald and
            {Mehitable Johnson (dau. of Bela Johnson of West Lake Road)
            (1) Alivelda McDonald born     27 Nov 1850 m. Jorich Gow? Murphy 25 Dec 187 [torn]
            (2) Aaron                             27 Sept 1852 m. Olive Ara??? Werks 6 Jan [torn]
            (3) Euphemia “                      8 Oct 1857
            (4) Bevarley                         18 Jan 1863
(2)        Aaron McDonald &     }issue   (1) Malcolm McDonald born 26 Jan. 1886
            Olive A. Werks            }
Image 66 – Carm Foster
Side 5
[Question marks “?” on this page were inserted by the author, not the transcriber.  All underlinings on this page were done in red.]
1          }Thomas Bigg a wealthy copper smith of Swansea Wales, married one
            }Mary? Boon and had issue as follows –
                x [this “x” refers to Mary as dying in a fit of passion.]
x died in fit                    (1)        Thomas
of passion.                    (2)        William
                                    (3)        George
                                    (4)        Jeremiah
(1)        Thomas settled in Crawford St London Eng. as a druggist and chemist – where he   married, and died leaving 4 children – 2 sons, Church of Eng. Ministers, and 2 daughters all very intelligent persons.  Thomas himself was an Exceedingly Nervous man – the most so of his father’s family.
(2)        William married and settled at Luton in Bedfordshire as manager of a Bank  He was Elected Mayor of Luton – and possessed none of that nervousness so characteristic of Thos and George – He left one daughter who never married.
(3)        George born at Reading or Swansea? married one Joan Clement the daughter of one of his father’s Employees.  She was a fiery hot-tempered woman and
Image 67 – Carm Foster
Side 6
could not agree with her mother, with whom too she was not on visiting terms.  The issue of This marriage was 5 sons viz-
(a)        Thomas
(b)        George
(c)        William born 1 Oct 1839
(d)        Arthur
(e)        Frederick
(a)        Thomas            (Early history of dissipation) a labourer moved to the Western United                                        States) married
(b)        George             (Early hist. dissipation) – likewise around work.  married
(c)        William             (the world’s notorious “ Moral Imbecile” – for his history see Case Book                                              Rockwood Asylum Kingston)
(d)        Arthur              (a practicing Dr of Detroit Michigan – married –
(e)        Frederick         (a sullen, sinister, bad tempered man – who married Frank Bull (dau. of                                                 Corey S. Bull) of Bloomfield - ??? when he separated after a few years –                                              one child, a son, the issue –
After the death of the mother Joan Clement three of these 5 sons (c-d-e) were put to school under Joshua Lamb a Quaker of Sibford (in Oxfordshire or Berkshire England) Here they remained until the 2nd marriage of Mr George Bigg – which occurred in Jan. 1848 – In April following the whole family removed to Co. Pr. Ed. Ontario – Where George died on 8 August 1871 aged 68 years & 24 days – of typhoid dyssentry.
Image 68 – Carm Foster
Side 7
(3)        George Bigg had visited Canada some years previous to his removal hist???, to see his Cousin Hannah Boon (Mrs Joseph Waring).
[A large bracket with the surname “BOON’S” underlined top and bottom in red encompasses the Boon information]
of the Boon’s – George’s Mother was Mary Boon – she had a brother Thos? whose family were
Mary – Hannah – Ambrose – Edward =
Mary was insane and committed suicide by throwing herself into the Bay near Picton –
Hannah married Joseph Waring brother of Joshua Waring – They lived on the hill (Gregg Wilson – and lately Benj Storey farm) – Ambrose and Edward removed to Pickering where they have left descendants. =
1 For more minuted history of the Biggs family see CaseBook Rockwood Asylum Kingston.
(4) Jeremiah died at the Bristol Hospital Eng. where he was Engaged in study for the Medical                            Profession – A silouette of this man shows prominent forehead and aristocratic                                  features – said to have been a clever and intelligent person.
Image 69 – Carm Foster
Side 1
Thomas son of Ichabod Bowerman and Jane Richmond
            Married 1st Sarah Vincent
                        Issue; - 1. Vincent – Born 5th, mo. 21 st. 1791
                        Sarah died at the time of Vincent’s birth.
[The following line has been over-typed by another making the information unclear]
Thomas married 2nd - Maturah Bull – Born 4thmo. 21st, 1773
day as that of ??? Garatt and Patience Bull constituted
            Date of marriage of Thomas and Maturah 4th mo. 11th, 1793.
                        Issue;-  1.         Sarah --           Born 12th mo. 31st, 1794
                                    2.         Mary --            Born 1st mo. 4th, 1796
                                    3.         Phebe -            Born 8th mo. 18th, 1797
                                                                        Died 4th mo. 20th, 1842
                                    4.         Stephen            Born 3rd mo. 18th, 1799
                                    5.         Joseph              Born 4th mo. 11th, 1801
                                    6.         Thomas            Born 12th mo. 13th, 1802
                                    7.         Josiah               Born 12 8th mo. 31st, 1804
                                    8.         Amos               Born 8th mo. 20th, 1806
                                    9.         Lydia                Born 10th mo. 11th, 1808
                                    10.       Patience           Born 8th mo. 10th, 1810
                                                                        Died 9th mo. 27th, 1884
Thomas died 1810.  Having gone to Quebec with a raft of oak staves, he was taken ill on          his return journey with fever and died at Kingston.  His body was brought home       and buried in the cemetry on Bowerman’s Hill.
Maturah Bull Bowerman eventually married John Stinson
                        Issue;-  1. James Stinson, Born 12th mo. 31st, 1815
                                    2. Henry Stinson, Born 12th mo. 12th, 1818
Vincent, son of Thomas Bowerman and Sarah Vincent married
            1. Nancy Southard 9th mo. 19th, 1815
            2. Deborah Haight 1st mo. 24th, 1850
                                    Deborah died 2nd. Mo. 5th, 1885
Sarah, married Townsend Garratt         9th mo. 13th 1818
Stephen married Phebe Garatt 9th mo. 13th 1818
            The marriage of Stephen and Sarah consumated on the same
Image 70 – Carm Foster
Side 2
Children of Vincent and Nancy con’td
Thomas – Born 1st mo 1st, 1819 Married Mary Varney Hoag
                                                Had 3 children –           1. Hannah (drowned)
                                                                                    2. Vincent
                                                                                    3. Lydia Nancy
Maturah married Edward Hazard – 6 children -             1. Hannah Maria
                                                                                    2. Thomas
                                                                                    3. Mary (died)
                                                                                    4. Lydia Emily
                                                                                    5. Wm. Edward
                                                                                    6. Niles Emory
Lydia Born 8th mo. 22nd, 1828; married Stephen B. Hubbs – 3 children –
                                                                                    1. Nancy
                                                                                    2. Mary Eliza
                                                                                    3. George
Levi married Mary M. Haight – 4 children-                   1. Carrie Elizabeth
                                                                                    2. Deborah Edith
                                                                                    3. Rachel Alma
                                                                                    4. Thomas Arnold
            Children of Sarah Bowerman and Townsend Garatt, (10)
1. Phebe; 2. Adaline; 3. Almira; 4. Amanda; 5. Truman; 6. Amarilla; 7. Maturah; 8. Jane; 9. Patience; 10. Edna.
            Children of Stephen Bowerman and Phebe Garratt, (7)
1. Emerson; 2. Charles; 3. Sarah Ann; 4. Yulema; 5. Byron; 6. Milton 7. Thomas Henry
            Children of Thomas and 2nd wife Mary (Platt) Young, (7)
1. Pricilla (died); 2. James married Celesta McCartney, - 1 child – Mary Eliza
3. Amos, married Rhoda Ann Babbitt – 3 children -
4.  Louis (not married); 5 Hester; 6. Maturah, married Samuel Titus – 1 ch
7. Allen, married Carrie Stephens
            Children of Amos and Sarah Haight -7-
1. Mary; 2. Henry; 3. Lydia; 4. Melissa; 5. Elizabeth; 6. George (died) 7. James.
            Children of Amos and Mary Lewis – (5)
1. Anna; 2. Ruth; 3. Maturah; 4. Lewis; 5. Phebe.
            Children of Lydia and Thomas Stinson (4)
1. Phebe; 2. Maturah Jane; 3. Freeman; 4. Mary Amanda
            Children of Patience and Alexander Sheriff – (4)
1. John; 2. Phebe; 3. Anna Maria; 4. Thomas
            Phebe married Thomas Higgins, 3 ch. 1. Cornelia; 2. Albert 3. Herbert R.
            Anna Mariah married Wm. G. Ford, - 5 ch. – 1. Wm. A.; 2. Georgena; 3. Edward;
                                                                                    4. Frank; 5. Caly
Image 71 – Carm Foster
Side 3
Vincent son of Thomas Bowerman and Mary V. Hoag married Lydia Gerow and had 8 children. His sister Lydia Nancy married Franklin Blair.  Thomas died 2nd mo. 23rd, 1854.  Mariy died5 5th mo. 1st, 1881 and is buried at Mariposa Ontario.
            Descendents of Levi V Bowerman and Mary Haight.
Carrie Elizabeth married Edwin A. Williams and had 3 children
                                    1. Merton Y.
                                    2. Thomas B.
                                    3. John Platt.
Rachel Alma married Caleb Stanley Williams and had 1 son
                                    1 Gerald
Deobrah Edith and Thomas Arnold died without issue
Merton Yarwood Williams Born 6th mo. 21st, 1888 married Lulu Maud Philip 12th mo. 23rd, 1915.  They have 1 child
                                    Edwin Philp Williams Born 9 mo. 16, 1918.
Thomas Bowrman Williams Born 10th mo. 27th, 1884.  Married Winnifred Gindler?, 12th mo. 31st, 1928.  They have 1 child,
                                    Anne Elizabeth Williams Born 3rd mo. 13th 1930.
John Platt Williams Born 5th mo. 9th, 1886.  Married Ethel Florence Jones 12th mo. 23rd, 1909.  They have 3 children.
                                    1. Edith F. H. Born 3rd mo. 16th, 1912
                                    2. Fannie E. Born 10th mo. 30th, 1913
                                    3. Eleanor G. M. Born 8th mo. 4th, 1915
Image 72 – Carm Foster
Side 4
the “Tripple Alliance” described in Dr. A.C. Bowerman’s History of the “Bull” family. (Dr. Bowerman gives the date Sept. 18th instead of Sept. 13th). Sept. 13th  was the record received from data loaned by Chas. Bowerman, Port Perry, Ontario.
Joseph—married Phebe Cronkhite, 6th mo. 4th, 1820
                        2nd, Phabe Upton
Thomas—married,        1st. Jemima Platt
                                    2nd. Mary (Platt) Young, sister of Jemima, 6th mo. 4th, 1824
Amos—married Sarah Haight 6th mo. 4th, 1826
            2nd. Mary Lewis
Josiah—married Sarah Brewer 4th mo. 25th, 1830
Patience—married Alexander Sheriff 12th mo. 8th, 1827
Lydia—married Thomas Stinson
            Children of Joseph Bowerman and Phebe Cronkhite
1.  Jacob C. Born 4th mo. 4th, 1820
            Married Sarah H. Betts 10th mo. 27th, 18—
2.  Patience drowned (Patience not given in Chas. Bowerman’s data
3.  Willet Born 12th mo. 5th, 1824
            Married Margaret Beardsley (Willet was grandfather of Chas, (above)
4.  Lydia Born 6th mo. 10th, 1827
            Married Arthur McDonald
5.  Susannah 4th mo. 17th, 1831
            married George Tanner
6.  Maturah
7.  Philadelphia
            6 and 7 were twins Born 10th mo. 31st. 1836
8.  Sarah Born 9th mo. 7th, 1838
9.  Rachel Amanda Born 1st mo. 30th, 1840
            Apparently the 2nd. Wife Phebe Upton had a son Byron
            Children of Vincent Bowerman and Nancy Southard
1. Sarah.  2. Amy.  3. Thomas.   4. Maturah.   5. Lydia.   6. Levi Vincent
            Sarah married Andrew Wycott—had two children--     1. Phebe Ann
                                                                                                2. Albert (died)
            Amy married George G. Lear - 1 child Sarah, who married 1st Wm. Henery
                                                                        Richardson and had one son Walter.
                                                                                    Sarah married 2nd Jas. Foster
Image 73 – Carm Foster
Side 1
Dear Cousin,-
            And we are proud to be called cousin, no matter how many times removed.  We were very pleased to receive your Christmas Greetings & note, & thank you so much for remembering us.  We too enjoyed the time spent with you & are grateful for the help you gave.
            We reached home in Oct. but found such an array of tasks awaiting us, after our absence, that we were obliged to neglect family history & correspondence.  I fully expected to get a card & note to you for Christmas, but that, too, was side-tracked when one of our sons & his family arrived a week before we looked for them to spend their first Christmas in Kans. Since 1938.  We have finally resumed work on the family history, and are sending you my Bowerman line, also a copy of the data we have accumulated, from Thomas’ down.  Errors may be found by checking lists with each other.
            And we should like very much to have your line.
            Also you mentioned a line of Jane Richmond, which I do not have.  We were very glad to have your comment concerning the Phebe Bowerman, buried at Pickering.  We had wondered about her, but had no way of locating her in the family.  Her grave is not far from that of my Grandmother, Phebe Bowerman, dau. of Israel, but Grandmother’s stone say only –
Phebe, wife of Joseph L. Rogers, Died Apr. 2, 1852 Ae 43 years 3 mos. 
Beside her is her son     Ralph H., d. 4th da. 7 mo. 1860, Aged 19 yrs. 6 mo. 27 da.
                                    (Ralph Hill)
And near by is a little Grandson, Walter L. son of Wilson P. & Mary G. Rogers, d. Mar. 10, 1864, Aged 1 year & 6 months,
Image 74 – Carm Foster
Side 2
Permission was first given by the Court, in 1659 to view & purchase a tract at Suskanesset.
Thos. Hinckley & Richard Bourne were at that time empowered to arrange with the Indians for the same.  These negotiations evidently fell through.
2 years later a 2nd group were given the same permission.  Anthony Annable was one of the 7 men named, under date of Mar. 5, 1661.
June 4, 1661 Thos. Burman of  Sandwich was one of 2 names added, and a little later Thos. Burman again.  The lands of Suckanesset were first laid out Nov. 1661.
            Thos.2 Bowerman, b. Barnstable 1648, removed to Falmouth, buying Apr. 22, 1690, of Jonathan Hatch & Robt. Harper, as agents, 100 A. land on Easterly side of 5 Mile River.
Jv.26 – Robert Harper, another Quaker, who settled in Falmouth, about 1668, had been imprisoned in Boston, & received 15 striped there.  His fines in Sandwich totaled ฃ44. which stripped him of house, land, & all cattle, except “one cow, which was so poor she was ready to dye”.
            In 1678. Thos2 Bowerman married Mary Harper, dau. of Robert harper, a well known Quaker, who was an agent in the early purchase of lands from the Indians at Suckanesset.
            Dorothy Wayman, Notes from Suckanesset (Falmouth)
            Swift’s Notes on Barnstable Families.
Image 75  Doug Smith
side 1
                                    Copy of the Will of Ichabod Bowerman
            This forth day of the second month in the year one thousand seven hundred ninety I Icabet Boreman of a Oswego in Batemonds precinct in Dutchess County being of a disposing mind and memory think it necessary and do hereby make a distribution of my outward estate by will in the following manner, viz:
            Imprimis it is my will and I do hereby order that in the first place that all my just debts and funeral expences be paid in order for wich I do direct and impower my executors hereafter named at their discretion to sell as much of my stock and furniture as will togather with my money fully discharge all my just debts.
            Imprimis it my will that my beloved wife Jane and all my sons except Timothy, David and Thomas that the estate be eaquel divided amongst them except shuch a part as I shall hereafter mention.
            Imprimis it is my will that my three sons namely Timothy, David and Thomas to be paid five shillings a peas each of them and no more.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughter Elizabeth be paid five pounds good and lawful money for hir lagasy.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughter Jane be paid five shillings of good and lawful money for hir lagasy.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughter Hanah to be paid five shillings of good and lawful money for hir lagasy.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughter Sarah to be paid five pounds of good and lawful money for hir lagasy.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughter Lydia to be paid five shillings of good lawful money for hir lagasy.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughter Phebe to be paid five shillings of good and lawful money for hir lagasy.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughter Mary to be paid five shillings of good lawful money for hir lagasy.
            Imprimis it is my will that my daughters Deborah and Amy to be paid five pounds to each of them to be paid in good and lawful for their lagasy.
Image 76  Doug Smith
side 2                                                                           2.
            Item I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my well beloved sons Ichabod and Jonathan my only and lawful executors of this my will and testament certifiing and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament hereby disallowing and making void all former wills whatsoever in witness whereof. I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.
                                                            Ichabod Bowreman
                                                            his X mark
            Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Ichabod Bowerman to be his last will and testament in the presence of Garat Burtis, Josiah Bull Junr, Daniel Haight
            (On March 1st 1790, Garret Burtis, “one of the people called Quakers,” acknowledged his signature. Will probated the same day.)
Image 77  Doug Smith
Side 1 (3 pages are stapled together)
            A MEMORIAL to be Registered pursuant to an Act of the Legislature of Upper Canada in such case made and provided etc. , etc.
            Of an Indenture of Bargain and Sale, bearing date the fourteenth day of fifth month (or May) in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty-one; made by and between Jonathan Bowerman and John Bull both of the Township of Hallowell, Midland District and Province of Upper Canada, of the one part; and Jonathan Clarke, Daniel Haight and Gilbert Dorland, Trustees of West Lake Monthly Meeting of Friends, appointed by said Monthly Meeting to secure Titles of Meeting House Lots and burying grounds, of the other part.
            Witnesseth;         That whereby the said Jonathan Bowerman, and John Bull for, and in consideration of the sum of fifteen Pound, lawful money of this Province, did Bargain, sell release, confirm, and grant unto the said Jonathan Clarke, Daniel Haight and Gilbert Dorland, in trust for said Montly Meeting, all-and-that-certain Parcel or Tract of Land; situate, lying and being in the Second Concession of Hallowell aforesaid, composed of part of Lots Number nine and Ten; containig by admeasurement Six acres be the same more or less, and bounded, or may be otherwise known, that is to say;  Commencing on a Post marked A north of Meeting House and on a line between the aforesaid lots Numbers Nine and Ten, then runing North, Seventy Degrees West Eight Rods, then South Twenty Degrees West Sixty Rods more or less to the waters edge of a Creek South of the aforesaid Meeting House, then and easterly course along the said Creek, sixteen rods, then North twenty degrees West East eight Sixty rods more or less, then North Seventy Degrees West eight rods to the place of begining, which said parcel of piece of land they the said Johnathan Bowerman, and John Bull doth warrant and defend unto said Trustees of said Meeting in trust for said Meeting and their Successors for ever, --- Witch said Deed of Sale is withessted by Gideon Gardner and Aaron White and is requested to be put on record by Gilbert Dorland one of the Trustees aforesaid.
Image 78  Doug Smith
side 2
            IN TESTIMONY WHEREOFF THE SAID Gilbert Dorland has hereto set his hand and seal this Seventeenth day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty Nine.
Signed and Sealed   // //   // // //
Aaron White
Walter Dorland                                     Gilbert Dorland   (Seal)
Aaron White of the township of Hallowell, Yoeman, being one of the people called Quakers afirmeth and saith that he was personally present and saw the Memorial Duly Executed as well as the Deed of Bargain and Sale to which to which it relates and that he is a Subscribing Witness to both the said instruments.
Attested before me
the 1yth. day of of February 1829
            James Cotter
                                                                        Aaron White
Dp. Rgistrar
Memoral 1366
Registered this Eighteenth February 1829
at Ten O’clock A.M.  Book N Pages 173 – i74
                        James Cotter
                                    Dp. Registrar
Certified a true and correct copy this 3rd day of April, at the Rigistry Office for the Registry Division of Prince Edward County in which the above memorial is on record
                                                J. H. Holmes
                                                            Registrar of Deeds.
Image 79  Doug Smith
Side 3
 AND WHEREAS, for the purpose of administering the estate of the said deceased, it is necessary to sell the said lands.
[space of some 12 lines left blank]
Now this Indenture Witnesseth. that, in pursuance of the powers vested in him, the Grantor, as personal representative of the said Elizabeth Bowerman.......................deceased, and in consideration of the sum of certain valuable consideration and Two ............dollars to him paid by the Grantee s , the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Do th   Grant unto the Grantees   , in fee simple, as joint tenants and not as tenants in common,
All and Singular th  at  certain parcel   or tract   of land and premises situate
lying and being in the Township of Hallowell in the County of Prince Edward, containing ninety-one (91) acres of land be the same more or less, being composed of part of Lot Number 18 in the First Concession north-west of West Lake in said Township of Hallowell and butted and bounded as follows: --- COMMENSING on the east side line of said lot number 18 at the highway leading from Bloomfield to Wellington; thence northerly on said side line and along the road leading to the Second Concession, fifty-one chains, thirty-nine links (exclusive of the width of the Christy Road which crosses said lot) to a post planted at a distance or 15 chains 8 links south of the Baker Road; thence westerly parallel with said Baker Road 11 chains, 70 links, more or less, to land formerly owned by Thomas S. Christy in Lot Number 17 in said First Concession and at a post planted at a distance of 15 chains and forty-eight links south of said Baker Road; thence southerly along the lands formerly owned by said Thomas S. Christy and land formerly owned by Charles Y. Bowerman, sixty-eight chains more or less, to the Channel of the creek in the small marsh in front of said lot Number 18; thence easterly along the channel of said creek to within 10 feet of a certain bridge which crosses said creek in front of said lot Number 18; thence northerly in a straight line 11 chains, more or less, to a post planted at the south-west angle of a certain garden; thence easterly at right angles, 30 links; thence northerly in the same direction as the line leading from the creek to said garden, 3 chains more or less to the northerly side of said highway leading from Bloomfield to Wellington; thence easterly along the northerly side of said Highway, 4 chains 80 links, more or less, to the place of beginning. EXCEPTING thereout that portion heretofore deeded to the Prince Edward County Railway Company, and also excepting out of said 91 acres of land those parts thereof taken in by said Highway leading from Bloomfield to Wellington and by the said Christy Road.