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Flatt or Flett

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

16 Dec 1818, York, petition of Robert Flatt, of Flamborough West, yeoman, is a native of Scotland from whence he emigrated to this province nearly two years ... has never received lands ... prays ... to grant him such quantitiy [of land]  [signed] Robert Flett [sic]
[fold] do not find that the petitioner Robert Flatt has received lands Thos Ridout
Read in Council 6 Feb 1819
Recommended for 100 acres, Order issued 16 Jun 1819
Source: UCLP, RG 1 L3, LAC, 1818, V 189A, F11/87, C-1896. online, starts at image 673

Probable Will of Robert Flatt
Flatt, Robert, Wentworth County
1845, RG 22-205 Wentworth County Surrogate Court estate files
Source: AO,  microfilm reel MS 638, Reel 9.

20 July 1840, Cornwall, petition of Andrew Flett of the Town of Cornwall ... cordwainer ... has been settled on Town Lot 4 on the south side of Fifth St in the Town of Cornwall three years, has erected a frame house 18x24 feet ... your petitioner and family now resides... prays to grant him said lot and order that a Patent may be issued in the name of the petitioner by paying the upset? price ...
[fold] The lot has not been sold
In Council, 31 Oct 1840, Recommended at a valuation of the District Agent
Order issued 4 Nov 1840
Source: UCLP, RG 1 L3, LAC, 1840, V 195A, F22/54, C-2022. online, starts at image 367

Flett, William - Adjala Twp., 1850
RG 40-5 Second Heir and Devisee Commission case files, 40-3386
Source: AO,  microfilm MS 657, reel 64.

George Flaitt, age 19 [1833], born England, apprentice, episcopal
[grouped with] "a class of labourers who live by the day."
Source: 1851 Census, Thurlow, Hastings County, Canada West (Ontario); Schedule: A; Roll: C_11727; Page: 51; Line: 18

William Flatt, age 26, b. Scotland, labourer, presbyterian
Source: 1851 Census, Monaghan South, Northumberland County, Canada West (Ontario); Schedule: A; Roll: C_11740; Page: 5; Line: 18

William Flatt, Lot 5, Con 5, 31 acres, under wood or wild, Beverly Tp.
Source: 1851 Agriculutural Census, Beverly, Wentworth County, Canada West (Ontario); Schedule: B; Roll: C_11758; Page: 27; Line: 39

Wm Flatt, Lot 8, Con 2, 62 acres, 42 under cultivation
Source: Agriculutural Census, Flamboro East, Wentworth County, Canada West (Ontario); Schedule: B; Roll: C_11758; Page: 3; Line: 15

Flatt, Robert A, 41, b. 10 May 1860, Ontario, Methodist, Irish origin, Gn Merchant?, earnings from occupation $700
Maria, wife, 42, b. 25 Apr 1859, Ont
Della, 16, b. 8 Nov 1885, Ont
Addison, 13   b. 22 Jul 1888, Ont
Norman, 10,   b. 10 May 1891, Ont
Source: 1901 Census, LAC, RG31, T-6472, online, Hastings East, District Number: 70, Sub-District Name: Thurlow

No Flatt in Thurlow, Sidney, Belleville
Source: Farmers and Business Directory, 1899, LAC, online http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/obj/001075/f2/nlc008203.pdf

Robert Thomas Flatt, 73
Birth Date:    28 Sept 1862
Birth Place:    Ontario
Death Date:    6 Jan 1936
Death Place:    Alliston, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Married: Sarah Flatt
Father:    Jonathon Flatt
Mother:    Liza Stone
Source: Archives of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Collection: MS935; Reel: 566

BIRTH - no date or location
Name:    Robert Flatt
Gender:    Male
Spouse:    Mary Flatt
Child:    James Henry Flett
Source: Archives of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; County Marriage Registers, 1858-June 1869; Reel: 13

Robert Flatt
Marriage Date:    24 Dec 1890
Marriage Place:    Millgrove, Ontario, Canada
Source: Archives of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Registrations of Marriages, 1869-1928; Reel: 32

William Robert Flatt 65
Birth Date:    27 Nov 1860
Parents: William Flatt b. E Flamboro, Eleanor Glass, Ireland
Birth Place:    East Flamboro, Ontario
Death Date:    17 Mar 1926
Death Place:    Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Cause of Death:    Pleurs Pnuemonia With Myorardial Fuibure
Source Citation
Archives of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Collection: MS935; Reel: 343