McFeaters Family

McFeaters Family

(Includes various spellings such as McFeeters, McPheeters, McFeathers, etc)

Civil War Records of William Lauglin McFeaters, 206th Pennsylvania Infantry

A McFeaters bible
Copies from a McFeaters relative

The Bryan Family Story, by Ron McCausland
Nathaniel Bryan m. Hannah McFeaters

Berrier Family Website
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Henry Berrier m. Hannah McFeaters

Picture of a Soldier's Grave

James S. McFeeters (son of Samuel B. McFeaters?)
Culpeper National Cemetery, Culpeper, Culpeper Co, Virginia

Will of James McFeeters

The forefather of this particular McFeaters branch

Mahan Family Connections
Important information about this collateral family

Campbell Family Connections
Important information about this collateral family

From Indiana County, Pennsylvania: Her People Past and Present

Biography of John McFeaters

Biography of Andrew McFeaters

Biography of John M. McFeaters

Biography of Charles Anderson McFeaters

Death Notice Laura McFeaters

Death Notice William L. McFeaters

Obituary of Charles A. McFeaters

Obituary of Charles Scott McFeaters

Obituary of Daniel McFeaters

Obituary of Katherine (McFeaters) Mumma

Obituary of Elizabeth (Underwood) McFeaters

Obituary of Goldie S. McFeaters

Obituary of Hazel P. McFeaters

Obituary of Henry Berrier

Obituary of Mary Jane (McCachren) McFeaters

Obituary of Milton Caleb Warren Renshaw

Obituary of Tillie (McCachren) McFeaters

Obituary of Viola McFeaters Neff

Obituary of Warren J. McFeaters

Obituary of Warren L. McFeaters

Obituary of William L. McFeaters


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