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Husband: Jacobus Zegers Birth: 27 Aug 1847 Zaamslag, Zeeland, The Netherlands Marriage: 1 Mar 1872 Adriana de Blaeij Zaamslag, Zeeland, The Netherlands Occupation: 1896 landbouwer / farmer Death: 23 Mar 1896 Boschkapelle, Zeeland, The Netherlands Occupation: Landbouwersknecht / farmer assistant Occupation: werkman / workman
Father: Jozias Zegers Mother: Janna Hamelink
Other Wives: Jozina Michielsen Jacoba Pieternella van de Velde
Wife: Adriana de Blaeij Birth: 21 Aug 1849 Zaamslag, Zeeland, The Netherlands Marriage: 1 Mar 1872 Jacobus Zegers Zaamslag, Zeeland, The Netherlands Death: 29 Jul 1872 Zaamslag, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Father: Krijn de Blaeij Mother: Adriana Meeuwsen
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