Background and Acknowledgments


I started my genealogical search after my father died in 1971.  I located two of his cousins Owen T. Jones and Eleanor Yoemans who shared what they had.  Eleanor had the Jones line back to John Jones of Monroe County Ohio, who had been married to Lily Benjamin daughter of Jonathan Benjamin.  Then I learned the Court House of Monroe County had burned down several times.  Oh Joy, the name John Jones in a County with very few records.  But some how I came across a History of Granville, Ohio giving information on the first settler of Granville one John Jones who had settled in the area with his brothers-in-law; Benomi Benjamin, Frederick and Phineas Ford.  They had encountered Isaac Stadden who knew John Jones when they were children in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  With the information that John Jones had named his eldest son Ephraim and a daughter Phoebe and traditional information that John was from New Jersey (from the notes of B.F. Atkinson).  I found most of the information on Ephraim in Northumberland County and the marriage record of Ephraim and Phebe Harnet/Hornet of Woodbridge PA.  Along the way I corresponded with Karen Romick who had a copy of the bible records of her ancestor James Jones giving his parents name as Ephraim and Phoebe.  At that point in 1983 I believed I had the correct parents for John Jones, but until last month when I did a Google search on [ “Ephraim Jones” “Monroe County” Ohio] no direct proof.  The petition for a pension was listed in the records of the House of Representatives and not with the majority of pension applications. 


Along the way I have accumulated files and files on the descendants of Ephraim Jones, with the help of:


Bill Samland who had researched the family of Leonard Coleman of Belmont County, father-in-law of Asher Jones and Phoebe Jones (daughter of John)

Bill knew that Asher had moved his family to Lewis County, Missouri and had information on his children.


Donna Radcliff a descendant of Samuel who located and researched several of Samuel’s sons who seem to disappear after 1850.


Cindy Nelson who is a descendant of Jonathan Jones who let me know that the information about the youngest child of John and Lily being John Jr. who died without children was not correct, that Jonathan was the likely boy Lily had in 1802.  Then we tracked down many of Jonathan’s descendants.  It was an email from Cindy that got me looking at my Jones information and led to that Google search.


And Karen Romick descendant of James Jones.