My mother was a Statler, a descendant of Casper Statler of Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  When I published the Statler/Stetler/Stotler Newsletter in 1986 and 1987, I set up 17 Groups based on their residence in the 1790 census.  I had not yet been able to firmly connect any of those Groups, nor had I traced any Group back to Europe.   When I learned about Y-Chromosome DNA testing, I saw that as having very good potential to help trace these families back in time by linking various Groups. 


This site is designed to:


The site is not designed to list all the descendants of the various Groups.


As of May 27, 2016 the Statler DNA Project has 40 results back.  There are now DNA results linking four of the Groups and six other Groups have been confirmed with matches.

Current information on DNA Project



Updated Group Information. My notes on individual groups are linked to the Group numbers.




Location 1790


First Settlers




Northampton County PA

Christian and Daniel Stettler

Now Lehigh County


Montgomery County PA

Henry Stetler



Chester County PA

John Peter Stiteler



Dauphin and Lancaster PA

Abraham Stettler

Descendants in Miami County OH


York County PA

Jacob Stadtler



Franklin County PA

Casper, Jacob, Rudolph, John, Emanuel and Samuel Statler/Stotler

Casper in Somerset County 1790


Washington County MD

Henry and Peter Stotler



Loudoun County VA

Abraham Statler

In Botetourt County 1794


Berkeley County VA

John Stotler

Became Morgan County


Monongalia County VA

Stephen, John and  Jacob Stateler



Hampshire County VA

Jacob Stotler

To Allegany County MD


Spotsylvania County VA

John Casper Stadler



Caswell County NC

Robert Stadler



Lincoln County NC

Peter Statler

To Missouri


Richland County SC

John Benedict Stadler



Harrison County VA

John Stutler



Berks County PA

George Stetler/Stettler

To Montgomery County OH


I believe that up to 15 of these Groups have living male-line descendants.  Groups 12 and 15 probably have no all male-line descendants.



Surname Spelling

The usual spelling is what I believe the family used.  Records such as census and land records show a range of different spellings

Origins of Associated Families

I found most of these origins though WorldConnect:

Some of these origins are documented, some are not.  I made an effort to include only those which seemed reasonable.  An origin of “Alsace, Germany” is not reasonable. (Alsace is now part of France, as it was in the 18th Century, when it was part of Germany in the late 19th and early 20th Century, it was called Elsass)

Town of Origin Spelling

I spelled the name of the town of origin as it is spelled by MapQuest.  So if you search for Sollingen in Germany you will find it.  The “o” should have am umlaut so the English version should be “Soellingen”, but that spelling would not be found.

The areas in Europe which I mapped are part of present day Switzerland, France and Germany.



General Early Information including Passenger Lists


Maps of Possible European Origins


My Statler Line


STATLER Family Genealogy Homepage by David Statler (David is Group 14):

Included under Family Documents are my old newsletters. 

Or go directly to

The first issue (March 1986) contains a map of Group locations in 1790 and 1820 and a discussion of the spelling of the surname.(Pages 5, 6 and 7)


IGI (International Genealogical Index) part of the records available through the Salt Lake Family History Library.


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