Family of Hiram and Eliza Benefiel Gilbert


Tentative Identification

First row left to right: Esther Charlotte (Coates); Hiram; Eliza; Millard Wiley

Second row left to right: Nancy Ida or Martha P.; Amanda E (Sanford); Winfield Scott; Austin B; Mary Melinda (Kniffin Gregory); William H; Nancy Ida or Martha P.  (Martha Pricilla Gilbert married Wm. Longstreth and Nancy Ida married Robert O. McGaughey)


Notes on identifying the individuals:

I have enough information from additional photographs to tentatively identify Winfield Scott (my great-grandfather) and Amanda who thankfully sent Winfield photos of her family which were labeled.  Mary Melinda came to California to marry Harvey Gregory and photos from Santa Rosa show the same distinctive eyebrows.  I have a photo of Austin from Nickerson Kansas looking less grey but pretty much the same.  I believe the male on the right in the front row looks older than the man behind him so I would think that is Millard Wiley because he is 4 years older than William.

Dating the above picture

The first person in this family to pass away was Hiram in 1887.  So that the latest date the picture could have been taken.  I have the picture below showing Hiram and Eliza several years older.  The youngest child Amanda was born in 1860 and she looks to be at least 16 so that would be 1876 the earliest year.  Hiram and Eliza were married in 1842 so 1882 their 40th anniversary would be a good guess.



Hiram and Eliza



Austin Gilbert                                                                                      Esther Gilbert Coates (center) husband Edwin, sons Harry and Edwin W. Eliza Gilbert   





Winfield Scott Gilbert                                                                                 Alcimore, Arthur and Amanda Gilbert Sanford


Family Farm House?  Looks like Hiram on the left


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