Children of Ephraim and Phebe Jones:

1. John Jones was born 25 April 1774 according to his obituary. He is listed as being born in Pennsylvania in the 1850 census but he was probably born in New Jersey.

2. Nancy Jones born about 1776 and married Nathanial Hall.

3. Abraham Jones born about 1780 married a woman named Mary and does not appear to have had any children.

4. Asher Jones was born about 1785 married Mary “Polly” Coleman 1813 Belmont County, Ohio.

5. Samuel Jones was born about 1792 and married Cisner/Sisner/Cisna Hamilton about 1820.

6. James Jones was born in 1800. See


There is certainly room for more children between 1774 and 1800 given that a woman generally had a child every two years. Of course mortality rate for children was very high. For a while I thought that Ephraim Jones Junior might be a son. He never appeared in the census but in tax record and deeds to and from Elliot Holland in Monroe County in 1821. Since Elliot Holland lived in Salem Township near John Jones in 1820 it is probable this Ephraim Junior is the eldest son of John. John’s son Ephraim was born in 1800 so was 21 at the time. In later deeds he went by Ephraim B. Jones.  At this time I don’t have even good guesses on who the other children of Ephraim might be.

Proof of the parentage on John is his affidavit, for James his family bible. There is indirect evidence for the others:

2. Nancy (Jones) Hall listed as age 77 born in New Jersey in the 1850 census. She died 2 June 1850 and her headstone says she was 74 years and 4 months old, which would place her birth in February 1776. The father and brothers of Nathaniel Hall resided in Muncy Township, Northumberland County, PA near the family of Ephraim Jones. The only other Jones family in Muncy Township in 1790 and 1800 was Peter Jones and his children were too young to have included Nancy. In the 1800 tax list for Newport Township, Washington County, Ohio that lists Ephraim Jones the name next to his is Nathaniel Hall. (This is from a list that is not alphabetized it is called the 1800 census but the 1800 federal census is lost).   In 1804 Nathaniel Hall of Licking Township, Fairfield County, Ohio took a mortgage from Moses Bixby recorded in Delaware County Book A page 190. So in 1804 Nathaniel Hall was residing very near where John Jones had live two years before.

3. Abraham Jones was listed in Ohio County, Virginia records; he was a private in the War of 1812. Abraham is listed in the 1810 census next to John Jones. Abraham was a neighbor of Samuel Jones in Green Township, Monroe County, Ohio. Various land records in Tyler County, Virginia and Monroe County, Ohio involve Abraham, John and Samuel Jones. (Part of Ohio County Virginia was formed into Tyler County in 1814.)

4. Asher Jones is mentioned in the record on Ohio County in 1808 as a Lieutenant and in 1810 as a Captain. There are land records for him in Tyler County; in one from 1827 he sells land to John Jones. In 1813 he married “Polly” Coleman in Belmont County, a few years later John Jones’s daughter Phoebe married Polly’s brother Leonard P. Coleman. In most records Asher wife is listed as Mary, but in the will of her father Leonard, dated 1831 she is listed as Polly wife of Asher Jones, I assume Polly is a nickname Mary used infrequently. Asher is listed in the 1820 and 1840 in Belmont County; in 1830 he lived in Switzerland Township Monroe County. He moved his family to Lewis County Missouri in 1841 and died shortly afterward, Mary Jones is living with some of her younger children in Lewis County in the 1850 census.

5. Samuel Jones is named as the father of Abram (Abraham) Jones in the 1900 “Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois”, and Samuel’s father is listed as Ephraim. Also Abram is listed as a cousin on Owen J. Jones who is the son of John Jones. From the notes of B. F. Atkinson, John Jones is said to have a brother who had son’s named Abraham, Asher, Hamilton and Lewis. I have information that Samuel’s family included sons of those names.