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Viewing the Cemetery Map

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Viewing the Cemetery Map

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You are able to locate a tombstone within the cemetery if you have the Adobe® Reader® software installed on your computer.

Locating a Tombstone on the Cemetery Map

--- Automatic Locator ---

The automatic tombstone locator last worked properly when BOTH are used:
Internet Explorer 11 browser
Adobe® Reader® XI software Version 11.0.23.

Click "Map" next to the name.
A new display window opens showing the map (PDF file).
If the automatic locator works, you'll be shown the grave site for the person.
Hit the keyboard Esc (Escape) key twice before navigating the map.

--- Manual Locator ---

The automatic tombstone locator might not work properly when using:
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® DC software
Microsoft Edge browser
Google Chrome browser
other browsers

You will have to search the map PDF manually using the "Name on Cemetery Marker."
For best results, set the PDF Zoom level to 1600% before performing the search.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Software

The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.