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Viewing the Cemetery Map

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Viewing the Cemetery Map

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You are able to locate a tombstone within the cemetery if you have the Adobe® Reader® software installed on your computer.

Locating a Tombstone on the Cemetery Map

In the list of tombstones and photographs, you will see a column with the word "Map." Clicking on the word "Map" will use your Adobe Reader software to display a map of the cemetery with the particular grave site highlighted. Feel free to use the Zoom, Rotation, and other navigational tools of the Adobe Reader to view the rest of the map and search for other names located on the map.

If the Adobe Reader navigation tools are not shown on your display, enable them by locating the grey-background part of the Adobe Reader toolbar just above the displayed map. RIGHT-click your mouse on the grey area and choose "More Tools..." Here you will be able to select the navigation tools and other useful tools. Make sure to at least enable the two rotate tools, the hand tool, the zoom tools, and the search tool.

If you decide to navigate using the Adobe Reader text-search tool for other names, you will have better success locating a grave site by first setting the Zoom level to 1600% and then performing the search.

Adobe Reader Software

The Adobe Reader software is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

Click Here to download the free Adobe Reader software

Help for Downloading Adobe Reader

It is a good idea while using the Adobe Reader for the first time to check for software updates by going to the Help menu, choose Updates, and follow the instructions.