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The Ryker-Riker database has been augmented with the names/genealogies of 23 famous persons who lived in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and are related to the many Rykers-Rikers who are descendants of the Rev. John Lothrop, an Anglican minister who was born in 1584 in Elton, Yorkshire, England and emigrated to New England aboard the ship "Griffin" in Sept. 1634.  If you are a descendant of Col. John B. Ryker & Mary Van Cleave, then you are related to the famous people listed below (Judge Samuel Lathrop -- the Rev. John's son -- is your common ancestor):

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- 32nd President of the United States;

  • Anna Eleanor Roosevelt -- Franklin's wife & activist for social change;

  • George Herbert Walker Bush -- 41st President of the United States;

  • George Walker Bush -- 43rd President of the United States (our current                                       president);

  • Benedict Arnold -- Revolutionary War hero & (later) traitor;

  • Thomas E. Dewey -- governor of NY & presidential candidate in 1944 & 1948;

  • Adlai E. Stevenson -- governor of IL; presidential candidate in 1952 & 1956;                                   Ambassador to the United Nations;

  • John Foster Dulles -- Secretary of State under president Dwight Eisenhower                                  (1953 - 1959);

  • Allen W. Dulles -- CIA Director & brother of John Foster Dulles;

  • Marjorie Merriwether Post -- General Foods cereal heiress;

  • Dina Merrill -- actress (daughter of Marjorie Merriwether Post);

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes -- Chief Justice of the Supreme Court;

  • Ulysses S. Grant -- Civil War General & 18th President of the United States;

  • George W. Romney -- governor of MI; chairman of American Motors Co.;                                     HUD secretary;

  • Alfred Carl Fuller -- founder of the Fuller Brush Co.;

  • Joseph Smith -- founder of the Mormon Church (Latter-Day Saints);

  • David Daniel Marriott -- congressman from Utah;

  • Eli Whitney -- inventor of the cotton gin;

  • Benjamin McLane Spock -- physician, writer on parenting techniques;

  • Sir Robert Laird Borden -- Prime Minister of Canada (1911 - 1920);

  • John Pierpont Morgan -- banker & financier;

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- poet;

  • Lewis Comfort Tiffany -- artist famous for works using colored glass;

  • Sylvia Brett -- Rana of Sarawak.

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It may be helpful to note that the link between many Rykers and the Rev. John Lothrop follows this path:  [Col. John B. Ryker + Mary Van Cleave] --- Ruth Munson --- Samuel Munson --- Mary Moss --- Martha Lathrop --- Judge Samuel Lathrop --- Rev. John Lothrop.


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