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Ardvorlich History Notes Glenfinglas

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A History of the Stewarts in Glenfinglas, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland
by Maj. John Stewart, 14th of Ardvorlich

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Contents of this page

  1. Introduction
  2. A History of the Stewarts in Glenfinglas
  3. Stewarts in Balquhidder Parish

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The following lengthy excerpt is from Major John Stewart's book on the History of the Ardvorlich Stewarts (date uncertain).  This book was not published publicly, but only privately.  A copy exists with the Stewart Society and another with the Public Library in Edinburgh.  The remaining copies are believed to be only within the family.  We have been fortunate to receive some photocopies of pages from the Stewart Society, but we would be very blessed by an opportunity to view the entire work.  Hopefully that opportunity will come in the future.  The following excerpt is from the chapter on the Glenfinglas Stewarts, originally transcribed for us by Malcolm Gray and Ryk Brown, with edits and commentary by Ryk Brown.  Commentaries are presented in square brackets.  Emphases added.

A History of the Stewarts in Glenfinglas


Tradition has given them an origin in the Stewarts of Ardvorlich, but it is much more likely that they sprang from the Stewarts of Baldorran many decades before there were Stewarts at Ardvorlicn. William of Baldorran and Walter his son were tenants of the Crown in the lands of DUCHRAA ESTIR and WESTIR alias INNERQUHAWAWANE and GLENMANN, and BLAIRBAITH, as set forth in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland of 1502-1507 and 1508-1515 (see appendix No.VIII part I). These lands form part of Glen Finglas. The Forest of Glen Finglas was a royal forest and its Keeper Archibald Edmonston. An entry under 1539-40 records that `The King and Queen passed from STRIUELING to GLENARKNAY` `to the hunting of GLENFYNLAWIS`, and under 1538 Sept. `Item, gevin to Duncane Campbell of Drumfad, for ane horfs of his that was flane turfland ye Kingis Vennesoune out of Glenfinlass at ye Kingis grace command and precept`.

Evidently at some date the Edmonstons were deprived of the office of Forester of Glen Finglas, for in 1580 Duncan, a son of Black Alexander Stewart of Glen Buckie, was Forester Depute of the forest under John Stewart, Constable of Doune, the Chief Forester. Apparently there had been great jealousy over the stewardship of Menteith and Strathgartney, and the forestership of Glen Finglas, for when the Edmonstons were deprived of these offices which were given to Sir James Stewart of Beith, the Edmonstons took their revenge by murdering Sir James in 1547. This Sir James Stewart's grandson married the daughter of the Regent Moray and on his father-in-law's death by Huntly in 1592. Probably the lands of STRATHGARTNEY came to James Stewart, son of Sir James Stewart of Beith with the Barony of Doune in 1565

The first person of the name of Stewart actually settled in Glenfinglas, was James Stewart in Glen, who is mentioned in 1575 in the special Retour of James Stewart of BALDOFRAN in the lands of EMYRCRETHAN and CROFTINTARRAY, fully set forth in Appendix IX of Part 1 of this history.  Actually there is mention of Robert Stewart in BLAIRGARRY in the Exchequer Rolls of 1502-7: BLAIRGARRY though not in Glen Finglas is adjacent to it.

The first member of the Ardvorlich family known to have settled in the Glen was Duncan Stewart, third son of Alexander first of Ardvorlich: he appears as Duncan MCALLESTER Stewart in MEGLENFINLAS in 1594 [this is chronologically impossible, see notes on Ardvorlich Page], when he took part with his father in the Drymen Raid given in detail at Appendix XII of part 1 of this history. According to tradition he became leader of the Glen Finglas tribe of Stewart's, and ancestor of many families there

From that time onwards names of Stewarts become numerous particularly in the Commissariat Records of Dunblane where the following occur:-


1663- John in Glenfinglas
1668- Alexander, son to Umquhile (former) John Stewart in Glenfinglas
1670- William in Glenfinglas
1672- Donald in Glenfinglas
1675- Andrew in Glenfinlayglass
1675- Duncan in Glenfinglas
1675- James in Glenfinglas
1687- Robert in Glenfinglas and Janet K`Laren his spouse
1709- Alexander, tacksman of eighth part of Glenfinglas
1763- David, sometime in Brainchyle thereafter in Glenfinglass
1793- John, tenant in Achnahard of Glenfinglas

GRODLICH [Grodich]

1665- Agnes, spouse to Patrick Stewart in Gredich in Glenfinglas - par[ish] of Callander


1666- Duncan in Duvard* of Glenfinglas, spouse Janet Stewart
1680- Janet in Duratt
1757- Catherine in Duart of Glenfinglas, spouse to Robert Stewart

In addition to those listed actually living in the Glen there are the following who lived in the near neighbourhood

* This reference to "Duvard" reveals and confirms the etymology of Duart deriving from Dubh Ard.  As the bh is often pronounced as a 'v' but in 'dubh' is usually silent.


1735- Andrew in Cullintogle


1604- John in middle Callantwis


1673- Walter in Blairgarrie and Margaret MacGregor
1705- James lawful son of dec'd Patrick MacAndrew Stewart in Blairgarvie
1708- Patrick in Blairgarrie and James his son


1769- Thomas in Portnellan


1733- Agnes Stewart, relict of William Miller at Bridge of Turk and Walter Miller his Son
1744- Duncan, sometime in Bridge of Turk and Marjorie Graham, now in Inchrey, par of Callander
1780- John, sometime at Bridge of Turk, thereafter at Balliech par of Aberfoyle

MOCHASTER (Bochastle)

1675- Katherine Stewart in Mochaster, spouse to John MacLaren


1682- Donald in Calnedoune

ARDKINOCHROCKAN - ard cean a cnocan

1717- Alexander in Ardkindachrechan
1737- John in Al'dkinakrokan


1680- Donald in Edralechkick
1728- John in Edraleekoch


1662- John Oig Gillespic in Lanrick
1664- Walter in Lendrick
1668- Andrew in Lanerick and Marion his spouse
    * Possibly Lanrick, par[ish] of Kilmadock


1662- James in Lennie
1682- Patrick in Lairk
1720- Duncan in Strongavald
1722- Alexander in Lurg of Brae of Lennie

In 1817 a book of poetry by John Stewart of the Glenfinglas tribe was published by subscription of other members of the clan. The list of subscribers includes the following names:

Lieutenant General Stewart, RAIT
Mr. Daniel Stewart, DOUNE
Mr. James Stewart, ABERFOYLE
GLENFINGLAS, Mr. Duncan Stewart
DUART, Robert Stewart and Duncan Stewart
AUCHNAHARD, Robert, Duncan, and Alexander Stewart
GRODICH, John Stewart
MILTON, John Stewart
LOCHCATRINESIDE, Alexander Stewart
BRIDGE OF TURK, John Stewart
CHRACAVIE, Alexander Stewart
KNAPOCH, Alexander Stewart
LEGRANNOCH, John Stewart
LENDRICK, Daniel Stewart
STROIN, John Stewart
GLENFINGLAS, Robert Stewart
TROSSACHS, James Stewart
CORCHROMBY, John Stewart
EDRALECHCASH, Walter Stewart
LETTER, Duncan Stewart
Glenbuckie, Duncan Stewart
ARDVORLICH, William Stewart, Robert Stewart

Duncan McAllester Stewart was the first Ardvorlich to settle in the Glen, but in 1700 David Stewart, son of James Stewart 4th Ardvorlich settled here. His exploits are described in Chapter V part 1.

The Ardvorlich MSS book contains an account of the origins of the Glenfinglas Stewarts which was taken verbatim from the narration of one of that clan:

There was a "John or twa" after the family first settled in the Glen, when Ardvorlich first conquered "Donoch Our".  Then came John Bhuie.

John Bhuie in the Glen
Wha snuffed baith snuff and pen

He was father of James, whose son, John Bhan, married Mary Buchanan of the Offrans.  He was famous for a plea with Old Lord Moray "in which a' the lawyers in Edinburgh were employed".  It was about unpaid rent which John Bhan said had been gifted to him by the late Earl.

John Bhan's children were:

  1. James, who married Margaret Stewart, the sister of Donald Stewart in Lendrick.  Their son was Alastiar Mhor who married Christie Stewart, Auch's sister (Auch is in Glenorchy, Argyll, just west of Strathgartney), and had the following children: (whose names are chopped off the bottom of the photocopy).

  2. John, who married Christie Stewart of the Ardveich family.  She was grandaunt of the Minister of Killin.  Her brother was Donald Stewart of Kichp, who was grandfather to the Minister.  After John's death, Christie married again to a Stewart of Coirchrombie.  John's son was John of the Grodich, who lived to the age of 100 and died in 1876.

    1. John of the Grodich married Mary, a daughter of Duncan Stewart, son of John Bhan Stewart (#5 below).  This John married a Caleb sister of Mrs. Charles Stewart and Mrs. Stewart of Laggan.  They have a son and daughter.
      (The reference here is unclear.  John of the Grodich had a son also named John, and also in Grodich, who married Margaret Stewart, who is described as "a Caleb".)

  3. Alexander (born 1745) was a merchant in Glasgow, and married Janet Wilson of that place.  They had three daughters of whom Margaret and Janet died unmarried.  The third, Mary, married Dr. Clelland and left three sons all of whom died young and a daughter who married Dr. Ritchie.  This Dr. Clelland's first wife was a Rodger; she was the mother of old Mrs. Burns, the mother of John and James C. Burns, the shipowners.

  4. Robert, who married Janet McKinlay of the Anie, and had 12 children:

    1. John of the Milton, who married a McDonald and had two sons:

      1. John, now of the Milton, who married his second cousin Drunkie's daughter and had a large family,

      2. Duncan, the banker, who also has a family

    2. Mary, who married R. Buchanan of Kilchat, and had two sons:

      1. James, a factor to Lord Gwdyr at Ipswich, and

      2. Robert at Kilchat.

      3. She also had a daughter, Margaret, who married McKinlay from Inverhaggernie.  They went to America and left a son, James, now in New Zealand.

    3. Catherine

    4. Duncan, who died at age 19.

    5. Alexander, known as "Sandy Rob".

    6. Janet

Robert married secondly and had a daughter, Mary, who married Peter Coilintogle.

  1. Duncan, who married Mary McKinlay, a cousin of his brother Robert's wife.  Their children were:

    1. Peter Coilantogle, who married Betsy Stewart, his cousin.  They had one daughter.

    2. Jessie Dullater, who had no family.

    3. Christie, who married Duncan Stewart, father of James Stewart, Duart.

    4. Margaret, Mrs. White, who had a son, William.

    5. Robert, a farmer at Drunkie, who married Monachyle's sister, and had one daughter who married Duncan, now in Monachyle, another married John Stewart of the Milton.

    6. John, who died unmarried.

    7. Sandy, now in Glen (Glenfinglas).

    By his second wife, Duncan had a daughter, Mary, who married John Stewart of the Grodich (above).

  2. Mary, who married James [Stewart in] Duart [whose] grandfather [was] Alastair Dubh nan Damh ("Black Alastair of the Stag"), or "Sandy of the Stirks" ("Sandy of the Black Cattle"), who came to the Glen from Appin, and founded the Duart family (see SOS Section IV: Miscellany - Appin Family, who had a branch known as Mac an Dubh Culloch, "son of the black boar" or Mac Iain Dubh).  He is said to have been a drover. Their son married Christie, his cousin, and they had a son James, now in Duart, and two daughters.  One married Archie McLaren of Coronach, now at Ardchullerie, and the other, Archibald Buchanan, Calatine, near Doune.

It will be noted that where in the above account the words "now of" are used, this refers to 1850-1860.

About 1950, Miss Margaret Stewart of Milton lent me [John Stewart of Ardvorlich] a Family Tree of the Buchanans of Offrance, which included the lineages of most of the Glenfinglas Stewarts for the last 150 years.  I took a copy of those parts which concerned the Stewarts.

Allan Breck Stewart was a frequent visitor to the Glen on his clandestine visits to Scotland after the '45.  His name is mentioned in this connection in the Trial of James Stewart of the Glen.

The Stewarts of Glenfinglas looked upon Ardvorlich as their chief and captain, and reckoned that Ardvorlich had been responsible for their having settled in the Glen.  Even as late as 1860, when one of the family visited them, he was welcomed as their chief.  This was Colonel Robert Stewart (11th) of Ardvorlich.  He must have been there just before practically the whole tribe emigrated to Canada and settled in Ontario.  From early times they had been tenants of the Earl of Moray, through they never looked upon the Earl as their chief; it was as tenants of the Earl that they finally left the Glen.  So far as I know the Stewarts of Milton were the last of the old stock to live and farm in Strathgartnay and Miss Margaret Stewart who lent me the Buchanan Tree was the last of the Milton Stock: she had a house in Callander.



[The following section lists Major Stewart's reference notes for the Glenfinglas Stewarts, however it is not clear from the notes that we have received exactly what most of these refer to.  Some of them we can figure out from context or other references, but most we don't know what they refer to.  Some are marriage records, some are death records, others are uncertain.]

1620, 6th July, RPC vol. XII, p.317 - Commissioned by Lord Hay with Johnne Stewart in Portre and Johnne and Alexander Stewart in Glenfinglas to apprehend and try Johnne Roy McDuff in Rannache for stealing under cloud and silence of night 4ky and ane meir pertaining to Donald McEanlay (McKinley) in Dulater.

1639, RPC, vol. VII (2nd Series), p.107 - John, Alaster, and Walter Stewart in Glen, tennants to the Earl of Moray.  Cattle stolen from.

1679, Register of Deeds.  Bond.  James Stewart in Dowart in Glenfinglas.



1575 James Stewart in Glen, Vol. 1 p.127

1592 Duncan M'Alister Stewart in McGlenfinglas Vol. 1. p.135


Elsewhere referred to as Duncan M'Alister in Meglenfinglis.  (See introduction for an explanation of the prefix of "Mc" or "Me".)  This reference appears to be to the Drymen Raid by Alexander Stewart, 1st of Ardvorlich, in which he was accompanied by "Duncan M'Alister Stewart in Glenfinglas".  The author (and many others) has presumed that this Duncan was the son of Alexander of Ardvorlich.  However, we have now shown this to be chronologically impossible.  James Beag Stewart, 2nd of Ardvorlich, was born in 1589.  His birth is known with some precision because he was born immediately following the murder of John Drummond of Drummonderinoch, for which trial documents survive.  Thus if the eldest son of Alexander Stewart, 1st of Ardvorlich, was born in 1589, it would be chronologically impossible for his youngest son, Duncan, to accompany him on a cattle raid in 1592 (or 1595 as elsewhere recorded).  Thus, the Duncan in question could not be the son of Alexander of Ardvorlich.  It is therefore suggested that he was most likely Duncan, not yet 5th of Glenbuckie, son of Alexander, 3rd of Glenbuckie, who was, at the time, Deputy Royal Forrester in Glenfinglas. Or Duncan M'Alister could be a son of Alexander of the Appin Stewarts in Glenfinglas. The former is presently preferred.

1620 Alexander Stewart in Glenfinglas, Vol. III, p.48 &t~

1623 Alexander S. alias M'ean, John, Archibald, and Andrew, his sons, Walter M'eandowie alias Stewart, Vol. 1 p.71.  [M'ean = "mac Iain", or "son of John".  M'eandowie = "mac Iain Dubh". Thus Walter appears to another son of Alexander.]

1639 John, Alaster, and Walter Stewarts in Glen. Vol. III p.48, tenants to the Earl of Moray

1644 Walter S. in Glenfinglas Vol. 1 p.78

1645 Walter S. in Glenfinglas Vol. 1. p.147

1663 John S. in Glenfinglas Test[ament] (Auchnahard), James S., his lawful son.  Another James S. married his daughter.  Another daughter married Walter S. in Auchinferron (Gartnafueran?) -- DCR [Dunblane Commissariat Records]

1734 John S. Bane married Mary Buchanan Callander B. &), Children[:] James 1736 [in] Glenfinglas, John 1740 [in] Dowart [Duart], Alexander 1744 [in] Dowart [Duart], Robert 1747 [in] Glenfinglas, Elizabeth 1751 [in] Achnahard, Mary 1754 [in] Glenfinglas, Duncan 1756 [in] Achnahard.

1747 John Bain S. in Glenfynglas Vol. 1. p.118.

1755 Lands and Forestry of Glenfinglas possessed by David S. (Forester), "The Glen Affair, John Dow S., Walter S., Alexander S., Alexander S. of Annat, Vol. III, p.48.

1764 Tenants and Possessers of Lands and Grazings, "The Glen Affair of Glenfinglas and Wester Bridge of Turk, Donald S., James S., Robert S., Duncan S., John Bane S., Alexander S., David S., and John S.

1772 Appellants in "The Glen Affair", John Bane S., Donald S., Alexander S., Robert S., Duncan S., James S. only son and heir of James S. decd., Walter S. only son and heir of John S. decd., Janet S. wife of Allan Cameron, sister of David S. decd, Mary S. wife of John Cameron, sister of David S. decd.

1747 - 1840 Robert Stewart, Glenfinglas, Kilmahog Bur. Gd.

1755 - 1853 Duncan S., Grazier, Glenfinglas and spouse Mary M'Kinlay 1764-1853, Kilmahog Bur. Gd.

1817 Duncan S., Glenfinglas, Robert S., Glenfinglas, Poems.


Achnahard of Glenfinglas

[The following references to SGL are of uncertain meaning. It may refer to "Stewarts of the Glen Litigations".]

1752 Duncan S. Junior, Achnahard bc 1719 living 1752 SGL

1707/9 Alexander Stewart Achnahard living SGL

1712 Donald S. living SGL

1734 John S. (John Bane S.) Achnahard Test dat. at Doune 1782 cert conf 1782; eik thereto dat. SGL, 1793 (Wm. S. of Ardvorlich cautioner) married 1734. Mary Buchanan

1748 Alexander S. in Achnahard, Duncan Moir S. there. 

Children of John Bane S. Achnahard (1734)
James S. Invercarnock b.1736 living 1782,
John S. Achnahard (1776) b. 1740 living 1782 SGL,
Alexander a. Glasgow b. 1744 living 1782,
Robert S. Glenfinglas b. 1747 d. 1840, son John S. b.1777,
Duncan S. Achnahard (1782) b. 1756,
Elizabeth b. 1751,
Mary b.1754 m. James S. Duart, both alive 1782. 
1782 John S. son of James S. Invercarnock above living under age 1782,
Archibald S. brother of above living 1782

1740-1873 (sic s/b "1783") John Stewart Achnahard b. 1740 living 1782 SGL, married Christian S. Ardveich

1747-1840 Robert S. Glenfinglas b. 1747 d.1840 SGL married Janet S.

1773-1873 John S. Grodich married Mary S. b.c.1789 SGL, d. 1825 dau. of Duncan S. Achnahard above.

1776 Mary b.1776 sister of John Grodich above

1793 John S. tenant in Achnahard of Glenfinglass DCR

1873 John S. Achnahard or Grodich living 1873, SGL son of John Stewart Grodich above married 1856 Margaret dau. of Peter S. Immervoulin
1821-1830 Duncan S. son of John Grodich SGL
1814-1828 Christian dau of John Grodich SGL
1815-1827 Mary dau. of John Grodich SGL

1817 Robert, Duncan and Alexander S. Achnahard Poems

1816-1895 Charles S. farmer Achnahard married Marjory S. b.1831 d.1900 Kilmahog BG (This is the Charles S mentioned in John Duart's obit)

John S. Grodich was the son of John S. Achnahard and Christian S. Ardveich



1613 Neill Stewart in Grodich Vol.1. p.138

1645 Walter S. in Grodich Vol.1.p.147

1665 Patrick S. in Grodich in Glenfinglas d.1664, Agnes S. spouse to Patrick S. in Grodich DCR
lawful son John S. (minor), Duncan S. in Glenfinglas cautioner.

1747 Donald and James S. in Grodich Vol. 1.p118

1771 John Stewart Achnahard son of John Bane S. married Christian Stewart Ardveich 1771
children-John b.1773, Mary b.1776, Catherine b.1777, all at Achnahard.  Son John in Grotich.

1773 John S. Grodich b.1773 d1873 spouse Mary S. d. 1825. Daus Christian d.1828, Mary d.1827, son Duncan S. d.1830, Kilmahog Bur. Grd.

1817 John S. Grodich Poems



1893 John Stewart, Milton d. 1893, wife Agnes Jane S. Drunkie d.1926, dau. Agnes Elizabeth d. 1904, son John S. Milton d. 1941 (Bochastle) Kilmahog Bur. Grd.


Duart of Glenfinglas

1613 Alexander Stewart in Dowart Vol. 1. p.138

1665 Duncan S. Duart Glenfinglas - wife Janet S. d. Dec 1665 SGL

1675 Duncan S. Duart wife Jannet S. (Duart) d. Apr 1675 SGL (contradicts preceding)

1679 James S. in Dowart in Glenfinglas Vol. III. p.48

1680 Janet S. Duratt Par. of Callander DCR

1709 Duncan S. Duart, wife Margaret S., living a widow 24 FEB 1709 SGL

1707 Alexander S. had a tack of eighth part of Glenfinglas d. May 1707, wife Jean dau of Alexander S. of Gartnauero, Alexander S. only son of above, under age 1707

1740 and 1744 John Bhan S. was in Duart, but in Achnahard by 1751 SGL

1747/8 James S. Dowart Vol. 1. p.138

1757 Robert S. wife Catherine S. Duart of Glenfinglas, Test[ament] confirmed 20 Oct 1757, dau Margaret only child SGL

1733-1818 Robert S. Duart b.c. 1733 d. Aug 1818 and wife Janet Fisher b.Q. 1756 m 1789 d.1829, sister Sybela b. 1796 d.1836  Kilmahog Bur. Gd.

1704-1781 Duncan S. Tacksman, Duart.  Kilmahog Bur. Gd.

1780 James S. Duart Glenfinglas d.1807, SGL but Kilmahog, d 1780 Kilmahog Bur. Gd., wife Mary S., dau of John Bane S. b.1754 d.1788 (James Stewart from Appin - Alaster dubh nan Damh. stock)

1758-1806 John S. b.c. 1758 d.10 june 1806 SGL

1776-1809 John S. Duart Glenfinglas, b. Apr 1776, living 1809 SGL
1819 Duncan S. Duart d.16th Oct 1819, brother of John S. above.  Wife Christie S. Achnahard d. 1883 SGL & Kilmahog

1791 John S. Duart b.c. 1791 d.31 Jan 1871 SGL & Kilmahog BG
-1871 son of Robert S. Duart (1733-1818 above)

1794-1883 Robert S. Duart b.c. 1794 d. 2nd May 1883, son of Robert S. Duart (1733-1818 above) SGL & Kilmahog BG

1817 Robert S. and Duncan S. Poems

1813-1875 James S. Duart b.c. 1813 d.18 June 1875 unm. SGL, son of Duncan S. Duart (1819 above) ****

1883 Mary S. d. 1883 SGL, Margaret S. m. Archibald MacLaren Ardchullerie, Anne S., Catherine S. m. Archibald Buchanan Coilentowie, all daughters of Duncan S. Duart (1819 above)

Stewarts in Balquhidder Parish

The following list of Stewarts is provided elsewhere in The Ardvorlich History.  Again, as above, there is no explanation given for the references except page references as to where these persons are described elsewhere in The Ardvorlich History.  As yet, we do not have access to the full book.  Some listings give the reference "DCR" which refers to Dunblane Commissariot Records -- these may be records of testaments, implying a date of death, or they could be records of just about any other civil matter.  Some listings give the reference "Rolls", which we believe to refer to the Atholl Hunting Rolls.  Again, there is no explanation as to the content of the reference.  The reference "Inventory" is uncertain.


1798     Duncan S. (Rolls)

1751     Duncan S. (Inventory)


1686    James S. in Wester Achtow (DCR)

1798    Duncan S. and James S. (Rolls)

1798    Alexander S. in Wester Achtow (Rolls)


1798    James, Robert, John and Alexander S. (Rolls)



1575    Walter S. in Ballifuil

1556    Walter S. in Balliefoyle and Robert, his son

1557    Walter Stewart in Ballifuil (Gartnafuaran)


1798    Robert S. senior and Robert S. junior (Rolls)


1751    Alexander S. and James S. in Cuilt (Inventory)

1798    Duncan S. (Rolls)


1556    Patrick S. in Dallielaggan and John Dow S. his son (Ryk: At present this Patrick seems to be most likely Patrick of Lednascriddan)

1676    Duncan S. in Dallinlagine, par. of Balq. (DCR)

1798    Alexander S. (Rolls)


1510    Andrew S. into Craigintoiar and Gartnafoyer

1486    Androw S. (ditto)

1575    Androw S. in Gartnafarrell

1622    Andrew S. in Gartinfarrow

1636    Allester Dow S. at Gartnafarrow

1676    John S. in Gartinwharrow, par. of Balq. (DCR)

1722    Alexander S. of Gartnafueran and Milne of Callart


1792    John S. and James S. (Rolls)


1751    Alexander Dow S. in Edinample (Inventory)

1751    Duncan S. in Edinample (Inventory)




1665    John S. in Glenbuckie and Janet N'Gregor (DCR)

1667    Duncan S., Jon S. and Alexander S. (Atholl Rolls)

1760    John S. of Glenbuckie at Cambus Wallace (DCR)

1798    Peter S. (Rolls)


1613    Alexander S. in Glenogill

1618    Andro S. in Glenogill

1628    Duncan Stewart M'Robert in Glenogill

1645    R.S. in Glenogill

1667    Alexander S. in Glenowgill (Atholl Rolls)

1704    Robert S. in Glenogle (DCR)

1798    Peter S. and John S. (Rolls)


1665    John S. in Emerewien and Janet N'Laren his late spouse (DCR)

1669    John Dow Beg in Mereuen B[eg?]...[photocopy ends here]