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"The brave men, living and dead,
who struggled here, have consecrated it
far above our poor power to add or detract.
The world will little note, nor long remember,
what we say here, but it can never forget
what they did here.

— Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address,
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, November 20, 1863

Flag   United States Military Records
(circa dates)

Push Pin 1990-1991 Persian Gulf
Push Pin 1961-1973 Vietnam War
Push Pin 1950-1953 Korean War
Push Pin 1941-1945 World War II
Push Pin 1917-1918 World War I
Push Pin 1916-1917 Mexican Punitive Expedition (National Guardsmen led by Gen. John J. Pershing went to Mexico in search of "Pancho" Villa.
Push Pin 1914 Tampico and Vera Cruz Incidents in Mexico
Push Pin 1900 Boxer Revolt (China)
Push Pin 1899-1902 Philippine Insurrection
Push Pin 1861-1865 American Civil War
Push Pin 1857-1858 Utah War
Push Pin 1848-1858 Third Seminole War
Push Pin 1841 Door Rebellion (Rhode Island)
Push Pin 1836 Texas War of Independence
Push Pin 1839 Aroostook War (land dispute between Canadian lumbermen and American settlers who had been granted lands within the Madaueskan area of Maine)
Push Pin 1835-1842 Florida War; also known as the Second Seminole War
Push Pin 1831-1832 Black Hawk War
Push Pin 1780s-1890s Indian Wars (includes in addition to those listed separately, Battle of Tippecanoe, Indiana in 1811; Navajo Wars in New Mexico and Arizona, 1846-1868; and Yakima Wars in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, 1855-1858; Sioux and Cheyenne Wars in the Dakotas and Montana, 1866-1890; Apache Wars in Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico in 1870-1886; Modoc War in California in 1872-1873; and the Nez Perce Wars in Idaho and Montana in 1877
Push Pin 1817-1819 Seminole War
Push Pin 1812-1815 War of 1812
Push Pin 1801-1805 War with the Barbary Pirates
Push Pin 1798-1800 Quasi-war with France (Atlantic Coast and West Indies)
Push Pin 1794 Whiskey Rebellion (Pennsylvania)
Push Pin 1786-1787 Shays Rebellion (Massachusetts)
Push Pin 1775-1783 Revolutionary War
Push Pin 1774 Lord Dunmore's War (in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio
Push Pin 1771 War of the Regulators (North Carolina)
Push Pin 1763-1764 Pontiac's Rebellion (fought mostly with militia from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia; in Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania)
Push Pin 1754-1763 French and Indian (Seven Years) War
Push Pin 1760-1761 Cherokee Uprising (Carolinas)
Push Pin 1744-1748 King George's War (War of Austrian Succession)
Push Pin 1739-1742 War of Jenkins' Ear (Georgia and Florida)
Push Pin 1715-1716 Yamasee War (South Carolina and Georgia)
Push Pin 1702-1713 Queen Anne's War (War of the Spanish Succession)
Push Pin 1689-1697 King William's War (War of the League of Augsburg)
Push Pin 1676 Bacon's Rebellion (Virginia)
Push Pin 1675-1676 King Philip's War (fought mostly by local militiamen from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island)

USA Military records often provide an abundance of genealogical material about our ancestors. However, in some cases, the records simply identify them as having been in the service or indicate where they resided at a specific time.

USA During the colonial period in America most able-bodied men between the ages of 16 to 60 were called on to be part of the local militia. These groups were organized by towns, counties or colonies. After the Revolutionary War, each state retained a militia organization. These units evolved into the National Guard after the Civil War. Records of militia and national guard units were kept by local and state governments. State archives, state adjutant generals' offices, historical societies, courthouses and libraries may have records of local citizens who served in the military.

USA Your ancestor's records may be in federal records if he or she:

Push PinServed in a volunteer unit raised by a state during wartime that was mustered into federal service. Most of those who served in pre-20th century wars were enlisted in these state volunteer units.

Push PinEnrolled in the draft for the Civil War, World War I or later.

Push PinEnlisted in the regular U.S. military forces during wartime or peacetime.

Push PinServed in a local militia or national guard unit that was mustered for federal service during an emergency.

USA The federal government and some state governments granted pensions or free bounty land to officers, disabled veterans, needy veterans, widows or orphans of veterans, and veterans who served a specific period of time. Numerous laws affected the requirements pertaining to bounty land and/or pensions, and just because your ancestor served does not mean he was automatically entitled to a pension or bounty land.

USA Military service records, such as muster rolls or descriptive rolls, while seldom as rich genealogically as pension files, are valuable. They can verify your ancestor's military service and pinpoint where he resided at a particular time. Additionally, descriptive rolls usually include the individual's name, rank, age, physical description, marital status, occupation, city of birth, place of residence, plus the service information. These records may be at the National Archives or in the particular state's office of the adjutant general.

USA After the Civil War (1861-1865), discharge certificates were given. Copies of these records, especially for the Civil War and Worlds Wars I and II, were often recorded in the local county records — sometimes recorded in whatever book was handy. Other military records that may exist pertaining to your ancestors are: pay rolls, hospital, prisoner-of-war, promotions, court martial, draft or conscription and desertion records.

USA The National Archives has the federal service, pension, bounty land and draft records. While several major indexes and some collections are on microfilm, most of the original records have not been filmed. They are available only at the National Archives. You can obtain photocopies of these records by first obtaining NATF Form 85 and NATF Form 86 — available via mail free from National Archives and Records, Administration, Att: NWDT1, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408-0001 or electronically.

Push Pin Form NATF 85 is for Copies of Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files
Push Pin Form NATF 86 for copies of Military Service Records Pre-WWI (pre-1917).
Push Pin Form SF 180 is Military Service Records for World War I and LATER Records.
Push Pin You can obtain forms for requesting copies of military service, pension, and bounty land warrant applications electronically.
Push Pin Order forms for military service and family history records


USA Military service records and veterans benefits records must be requested on Form NATF 86: Order for Copies of Veterans Records. The minimum information required for a search is

  • Soldier or sailor's full name
  • War in which he served or his period of service
  • State from which he served

Flags For Civil War records searches, you must also indicate whether he served in the Union or Confederate forces. A separate copy of the form must be used for each type of record ( i.e. military service, or pension and bounty land warrant applications).

USA The National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis has some information pertaining to those who served in World War I and later. Downloadable forms are available at this site as well as instructions and suggestions for finding specific information. While its military records are not online, details about how to obtain the data are given. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Flags Civil War records abound on the Internet, including Virginia Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows: and the Texas State Archives with its searchable index to Confederate pension claims held by this repository:

F;ags Explore the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System, which is a database containing basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides. It can be reached at:

Flags Also at this site is database of the service records of United States Colored Troops

Flags There are no reliable figures, due to the lack of surviving records, of the total number of those who fought for the South during Civil War, but historians estimate there were from 600,000 to more than one million Confederate soldiers and sailors. Millions of Americans have an ancestor who wore the Confederate gray or butternut uniforms (a light-brown color resulting from a dye made from the butternut tree).

Flags Women also served in various capacities during the Civil War, many of them as nurses and spies. State archives and historical societies are the best sources to search for these records.

Flags The Confederate Research Center in Texas, is an archival depository that contains many files of soldiers' letters, diaries and unpublished manuscripts. While not a genealogical library, researchers have on occasion found pictures of their Confederate ancestors here. Among the center's other treasures are capsule histories of all 3,200 Confederate regiments and special units and ships. It also has an extensive file of magazines and newspaper clippings, including major Texas newspapers published during the Civil War, the military service records of all members of Hood's Texas Brigade, Confederate generals and staff offices, and an index listing of all Confederate soldiers, showing their companies and regiments. Research service is offered, for a fee, but due to the volume of requests received it usually takes several months for a reply. Requests forms first. The center prefers to bill for research service.

Flags Confederate Research Center and Museum
Harold B. Simpson Hill College
History Complex
Attention: Peggy Fox, director
P.O. Box 619
Hillsboro, TX 76645

Flags The U. S. Civil War Center at Louisiana State University

FlagA number military conflicts that took place in the United States occurred in the 19th century and generated records of interest to the genealogist. You may discover you have ancestors who took part in one of the following events:

USA Creek War (1813-1814). This conflict was between the federal government and the Creek Nation over rights to lands in southern Alabama and Georgia.

USA Seminole Wars (1816-1818, 1835-1842) — Also called the Florida Wars, these were fought in what is now Florida between U.S. troops and the Seminoles. They resulted in the removal of most of the Seminoles to the Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma.

USA Black Hawk War (1831-1832) — This was a conflict between the Sauk and Fox Indians, led by Black Hawk, and U.S. troops over ownership of land in eastern Illinois. The major battle of the war was fought at the mouth of the Bad Axe River in southern Wisconsin. As a result of the war, the Indians relinquished their claim to Illinois land in exchange for a reservation in Iowa.

USA Cherokee Disturbances and Removal (1828-50) — In 1830 Congress passed the Indian Removal Acts which gave the federal government power to remove all Native Americans from their lands east of the Mississippi River to territories west of the river. Some tribes, especially the Cherokees, refused to leave their homelands, and in 1838, U.S. troops began forcibly rounding them up in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. There are separate indexes to soldiers from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee who participated.

USA Patriot War (1837-38) — This was a conflict between British and Canadian troops and American and Canadian patriots. Most of the skirmishes occurred along the U. S.- Canada border. The final battle occurred at Fort Wellington near Prescott, Ontario. There are separate indexes for Michigan and New York soldiers who served.

USA Prior to 1892, pension benefits were available to soldiers in the Regular Army who were disabled or the widows of soldiers killed in service. Benefits were based on service between 1783 and 1861. Many claimants were never directly involved in a particular war, but served at forts or military establishments. These pensions are referred to as the "Old Wars Series," and an microfilmed index is available. Also there's the two-volume "Index to Old Wars Pension Files, 1815-1926," transcribed by Virgil D. White, which was published in 1987 and may be available at a nearby library.

USA The National Archives and many of its regional branches have the microfilmed indexes to these various military records. You also can access them through the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library system. However, copies of the actual records are available only through the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

USA Tracking down military records about your ancestors can at times seem like an up-hill battle. The Military Records section on GenealogySpot can be just the ally you need.

If your interest runs to learning more about the historical aspects of the military units in which your ancestors served, visit:

Push Pin U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center

Push Pin Naval Historical Center

Push Pin U.S. Coast Guard Historians' Office

Push Pin Air Force Historical Research Agency

Push Pin Burials & Memorials — Department of Veteran Affairs



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