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If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance."
 --George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Dancing Skeleton


� Where to Begin?
� What is the Question?
� Why You Can't Find Them
� What's in a Name?
� Adoption Records
�  Birth Records
�  Census Records: (plus U.S.A.
Soundexes, Indexes and Finding Aids)
� Church Records
� City Directories
� Court Records
� Death, Tombstones and Cemeteries
� Evidence, Sources and Citation
� Fraternal Organizations
� Heraldry/Coats of Arms
� Immigrants Records
� Land Records (U.S.A.)
� Marriage Records
� Military Records (U.S.A.)
� Military Records (worldwide)
� Naturalization Records
� Newspapers
� Orphans
�  SSDI (Social Security Death Index) &
Railroad Retirement Board Records (U.S.A.)
� Ship Passenger Records
� Software for Genealogists
� Taxing Tales
� Using Technology

� Acadians
� African Americans
� Australians
� Austrians
� Belgians
� Canadians
� Croatians
� Czechs
� Danish
� Dutch
� English
� Finnish
� French
� French-Canadians
� Germans
� Hungarians
� Icelandics
� Irish
� Italians
� Jewish
� Liechtensteiners
� Luxembourgers
� Mexicans
� Native American
� New Zealand
� Norwegian
� Polish
� Portuguese
� Russians
�  Scots-Irish
� Scottish
� Slovakians
� Spanish
� South Africans
� Swedish
� Swiss
�  Unique Peoples
(Melungeon, Black Dutch, etc.)
� Welsh


Numerical Index to Guides

No. 1  Where to Begin? No. 2  What's in a Name?
No. 3  Using Technology: Software and GEDCOMs  No. 4  Vital Records:
 Death, Tombstones and Cemeteries
No. 5  Vital Records:
 Marriage Records and Evidence
  No. 6  Vital Records:
 Birth Records
No. 7  What is the Question?   No. 8  Why You Can't Find Them
No. 9  U.S. Census Records:
Soundexes, Indexes and Finding Aids
  No. 10  SSDI (U.S. Social Security Death Index) & Railroad Retirement Board Records 
No. 11  Taxing Tales No. 12  Creating Worthwhile Genealogies: Evidence, Sources and Citation
No. 13  Military Records (worldwide) No. 14  Military Records (United States)  
No. 15  Tracing Immigrant Ancestors No. 16  Naturalization Records
No. 17  Church Records  No. 18  Fraternal Organizations
No. 19  Heraldry for Genealogists  No. 20  City Directories and Newspapers
No. 21  Irish, Scots-Irish and Scottish  No. 22  Italian and Hispanic Ancestors
No. 23  Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic) Roots No. 24  Canadian, French-Canadian, Acadian and French Connections
No. 25  African American, Native American, Jewish, Unique Peoples (Melungeon, Black Dutch, etc.)  No. 26  Germanic Ancestors (Plus: Austrians, Dutch, Belgians, Swiss, Luxembourgers, and Liechtensteiners
No. 27  Polish, Russians, Czechs, Hungarians, Croatians, Slovakians . . .  No. 28  English, Welsh, Australian, New Zealand, South Africa . . . 
No. 29  American Land Records No. 30  Court Records
No. 31  Adoption and Orphans Records  Flower

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Flower RootsWeb Guides to Tracing Family Trees were written & compiled by 

professional genealogists, Julia M. Case, Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG and Rhonda McClure

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