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Association News will provide you with "up-to-the-minute" information on What's New! on our home pages. In addition, you will also find the membership requirements and objectives of the Association. Then, when you're ready to make a commitment to those objectives, you can complete our online membership application to take advantage of all the benefits of the Association.


Live! RUTLEDGE Chat @ Talk City is a "real time" location for Rutledge Family Association members to meet to discuss various topics related to our ancestry. We plan on having guest speakers for our regular monthly meeting. Weekly sessions will involve specific research topics and problems. Members can meet in our dedicated Chat Room any day or time. Check our schedule!

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FAQ's, Table of Contents and a Glossary are available to help move around our site easier. FAQ's will save you the time of waiting for an answer to that "urgent" question. The Table of Contents will allow you to "jump" straight to an area of interest. The Glossary will familiarize you with terms that we use.

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This is where you will find Family Group Sheets submitted by your fellow Rutledge researchers. Currently, there are 24,089 individuals and 8,083 families that are indexed and ready for you to search and view. If you would like to share your computerized RUTLEDGE data with us and you have a GEDCOM or other file to submit, please send it to the Webmaster.

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Genealogy Links to Rutledge related personal home pages, genealogy mailing list, and genealogy search engines will allow you to gather more data on our families as well as provide you with examples for your future home page. Additional links to other related sites will be provided such as: The Rutledge Family Mailing List, Rootsweb, The Reiver Project, USGenWeb Pages, etc.

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Want to see a map of your ancestor's home town? How about a map with directions to the family cemetery that no one can find? Or a map showing the exact location of the family homestead? Maybe maps of the Rutledge countries of origin? Then, Maps is where you will find it!

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Our members are an active bunch! But, we have them all waiting to meet and greet you in our Members section. Links to member e-mail addresses, home pages, photos, and GEDCOM files are provided as well as snail-mail addresses and other interesting information. Why don't you become a member today by filling out our membership application online?

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Reading about our RUTLEDGE ancestors is interesting, but to be able to see Photos of them is even more exciting! Sharing those glimpses into the past is one thing that we all love to do. This is a perfect place for those "can you help me identify who....?" photographs. Maybe someone can help you with those unlabeled photos.

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What Places did your RUTLEDGE ancestors live? And what records did they leave behind? The information in this section is divided into Country, State/Province, County and City.  Find the location and you might find the ancestor, or at least some clues as to where they may have come from or gone.

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Working on Projects together through the Association will allow us to tackle things that we would shy away from as individuals. If we all do a "little", then we all can benefit "a lot". Current and future projects as well as assignments will be updated on a regular bases. A "Sign up" form is available.

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Queries is where you can post a request for information on those elusive ancestors on a World Wide "Bulletin Board". Please follow the instructions carefully so that your results will be as successful as possible. You can also register your RUTLEDGE surname and home pages as well as enter information about yourself so that others may contact you both on and off the Internet.

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How many times have you heard that you should "Cite Your Sources ?!" Primary and secondary RUTLEDGE sources are detailed in this section. Full text of last wills and testaments, extractions from court records, bible records, census records, military records including a the Rutledge War Memorial Honors Pages, published genealogies and more.........