Hannaby or Hanaby?!

This is a locational name which derives from the village of Hanby in the parish of Lavington, Lincolnshire. The village name has a Norse-Viking pre 9th century origin and translates as 'Hundi's farm' with 'Hundi' being a personal name of the period. The village name is recorded several times in the 1086 Domesday Book as 'Hundebi' whilst the later name developments include: Thomas Hanbye married in London in 1582, Jan Hanby who married William Dand at Hanover Square, in 1769 and Timothy Hanaby who married Elizabeth Beer in London in 1805. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Roger de Hanby. which was dated 1302 in the Pipe Rolls of Lincoln, during the reign of King Edward I.

This page will be used to document the known details of the family descended from John Hannaby.

John Hannaby was born around 1823, one of twin sons of Thomas and Ann Hannaby (Annaby). John and Samuel were christened at Ruabon on 18th August 1823. Thomas was a collier and may have been the son of William and Sarah Hannaby of Broughton, Wrexham. Thomas and Ann christened a daughter Mary at Ruabon on 20th August 1827.

John married Sarah Price at Ruabon Church on 21st Oct 1848:
Marriage by Banns of John HANNABY (x) (collier) bachelor of age of Rhosllanerchrugog son of Thomas (collier)
& Sarah PRICE (x) spinster age 19 of Rhosllanerchrugog daughter of Thomas (collier)
At the time of the 1851 census they were living together in Rhos, and on 5th September 1855 their son Thomas Hannaby was born in Rhos. Sarah registered the birth and made her mark so was probably unable to write like many people at that time. Johnís occupation was recorded as Collier, and the surname is recorded with the spelling Hanaby.

At the same time in 1851 (HO107/2503 Folio 303 Page 47 Sch 214 Rhos, Moreton Above) was another household:

all children born Ruabon
This family are probably the parents and siblings of John Hannaby.

By the time of the 1861 census John was a widower living with other family members:

It has been suggested that the correct marriage for Thomas Hannaby was to Ann Parry who married at Ruabon on 38th April 1821. Both parents gave consent. This may not be the correct marriage as Ann seems to be of age in 1821 so woudln't have needed consent. I believe that Ann died in 1864.

Later that same year, 1861, Thomas remarried, this time to Mary Roberts in a civil marriage at Wrexham. In 1871 the familyís name was incorrectly recorded as Handley! John and Mary were living in Ponciau with the teenage boys John and Thomas, and the younger children Sarah age 8, Josiah age 6, Edward age 5, and Ann age 6 months.

By 1881 the family were living at Bonc Ddu, which is near Bank Street, Ponciau, Rhos, but listed as Annaby!
John age 57 and his sons John age 26, Joshuah age 16, and Edward age 14 were all listed as Coal miners.
Wife Mary was listed as 56 but I believe this to be incorrect.
Their eldest daughter Sarah was 18 and listed as a domestic servant, and the younger children Ann age 10, Robert age 8, and Mary age 6 were listed as scholars. Later the same year Sarah gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth, but we do not know the name of the babyís father.

Sarah and Elizabeth

By 1891 Elizabeth age 9 was listed as the daughter of John and Mary. Their address was recorded as ďOut of Chapel streetĒ, Ponciau, and the family were listed as Welsh speaking. Again John age 67, Edward age 24, and Robert age 18 were listed as Coal Miners. Daughter Mary age 15 was working at a brickworks. The family name was recorded as Hanaby on this occasion.
At the same time, Sarah age 28 was living nearby in Bank Street with her husband Joseph Gilpin a 27 year old Coal Miner and their children Susannah age 6, Mary Ann age 3, and Jane age 1.
Joseph Gilpin was the son of Moses and Anne Gilpin and he married Sarah Hannaby in 1885.

Elizabeth was still living with Mary at the time of the 1901 census prior to her marriage to John Henry Bithell that year, but John had died by this time.

Her mother Sarah was age 38 and living with her husband Joseph Gilpin, a Coal Hewer, and their children:

Sarah and Joseph's daughter Susannah was a 16 year old Domestic living at Burton, but I was unable to locate Mary Ann who would have been 13 as she was born towards the end of 1887. I have found a Mary Gilpin staying with a family in Bersham in 1901 but unsure whether this is the right girl as the age is a few years out. The family were Mary and David Williams, and their children Edwin age 12, and Catherine age 10.

By 1911, Sarah was 48 and Joseph was 47. They were living at North Road Ponciau. Joseph was a Coal Miner Hewer. The children who were still at home were:

Sarah's oldest brother John was also living with them. John was a 57 year old Retired Coal Miner and described as a Widower
Susannah had married Herbert Merrell at Wrexham Register Office in 1906. Mary Ann had married Ellis Jones the previous year.
(Sarah) Jane was married to William Beaconsfield Campbell in Spring 1910 in Bolton, Lancashire, and at the time of 1911 census they were still living in Bolton.
Their children were: Sarah Gilpin was known as "Nain Gilpin" and she lived with her daughter Jane Campbell after Joseph had died. I think they lived in Gardden Road, Rhos.


In 1894 Sarah's brother Robert Hannaby married Mary Roberts, according to the Wrexham Register Office index. Robert was a miner who rose to become head coal hewer. He passed away in 1913.

Thomas Hannaby's family

Johnís son Thomas married Ann Davies in 1877 and by 1881 they had 3 children:
Annís daughter Mary (Davies) born 1873, and their daughters Sarah born 1878, and Miriam born 1880.
Levi was born in 1884, John in 1886, and Ruth in 1888.

Miriam married a Colliery Hewer named Robert James at Rhosymedre in 1910 and had 3 children:

At the time of the 1911 census Miriam age 30 and Robert age 32 were living with Robertís son Joseph William James who was born around 1904. Robert had previously been married to Harriet Onslow who was born in 1877, but she died at the age of 33.
Harriet was the daughter of bricklayer William Onslow and his wife Mary and had brothers Edward born around 1879 and Albert born 1889. I believe that Albert emigrated to America or Canada around 1912.

Miriam and Robertís daughter Betsy James married Frank A Huxley.
Their son Simeon married Lena Thompson in 1938 (see photo below)

This is a photograph taken at the wedding of Simeon James and Melian May (Lena) Thompson in 1938.
Frank A Huxley is in the back row on the right hand side
Robert James (Taid Bob James) is in the middle row on the right hand side
His wife Miriam James (Nain James) nee Hannaby is in the middle row on the left hand side
Bridesmaids: three are sisters of the Bride (Sally, Joyce, and Ennis), and the lady in the black hat is the Groom's sister Betsy Huxley (nee James). The small child in the front row is Betsy's son Frank.

In 1901 Levi Hannaby was a 17 year old modeller in a brickworks. In 1909 Levi married Elizabeth Ann Charles, and by 1911 they had a 1 year old son Tom. In 1911 Ann Hannaby, widow of Thomas, was 65 years old and living with her children John William age 25, Ruth age 23, and 19 year old Simeon. Ruth Hannaby married Henry Jones in 1925.

Elizabeth Hannaby and Thomas Banks

Elizabeth was born around 1835. She married Thomas Banks at St Mary's Church Ruabon in 1865. Their children were Sarah Ann, Thomas, and Hannah. Hannah married John Tunnah in 1899.

Moses Gilpin's family

Joseph Gilpin was the son of Moses Gilpin and his wife Anne. Moses and Anne lived in Ponciau and in 1881 Moses was described as a labourer while Joseph was a Coal Miner. Their other children were:

George and his wife Margaretta's children included Ethel born 1905, Moses born 1908, and Harold born 1909. Harold married Nellie Bowdler in Spring 1937 and their son Alun Gilpin was born the following year. Alun was well-known in the area as a Boy Treble.

Samuel Hannaby's family

Samuel was born in 1823, the son of Thomas and Ann Hannaby and twin brother of John. He married Elizabeth Williams at St Mary's Church Ruabon on 25th Oct 1845. They were married by Banns:
Samuel HANABY (x) (collier) ba. of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o Thomas (collier)
& Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x) sp. of Afon Eithaf d/o Edward (collier).
The following year their son Samuel was born. In 1851 they were living at Stryt Isa, Rhos and Samuel was a Coal Miner. Samuel's son Samuel married Sarah Boyer in 1866 at St Mary's Church Ruabon. In 1871 they were living in Ponciau with sons John E age 5 and Samuel age 1.

By 1881 all 3 Samuels were living in Halmerend, Audley in the Newcastle Under Lyme district of Staffordshire. The elder Samuel was about 61 years old and Head of Household. His son Samuel and Grandson John E were coal miners, 12 year old Samuel was a Scholar. There were 2 other people in the house: Mary Bowyer a 59 year old General Servant, and a lodger called Thomas Jones who was 35 and also a coal Miner.

In 1891, the younger Samuel was married to Sarah Catherine Williams at Leigh, Lancashire. In 1901 they were living at "4, Off Fennant Road Calefornia Terrace, Rhosllanerchrugog" with their son William age 7 and daughter Sarah E age 6. Samuel was a collier hewer. In 1911 Samuel and Sarah were living at 86 Bank Street, Ponciau, Rhos with their children:

When Samuel passed away on 30th June 1935, his address was given as Llynelys House Pentre Bychan near Wrexham. Probate was granted in London on 31st December to his wife Sarah Catherine Hannaby, and his effects were valued at £578 9s.

Herbert Wynn Hannaby married Hannah Ellen Jones in a civil ceremony at Wrexham in 1938. Herbert was a Miner like many of the Hannaby family men, and was well known in Rhos as Father Christmas!

Robert Hannaby's family

Robert was born in 1838, the son of Thomas and Ann Hannaby, and younger brother of twins John and Samuel. Like his brothers he was also a Coal Miner. He married Margaret Roberts at St Mary's church Ruabon in 1859. By 1881 Robert and Margaret were living in Johnson Street, Ruabon with their children:

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