Head, Reid, Brosius, George, Wall, Neumann, Kylberg
Brosius Ranch

Head, Reid, Brosius, George, Wall, Neumann, Kylberg

I am researching our related families with the surnames of Baker, Blakely, Blanton, Bradley, Brosius, Bunte, Ellis, George, Grimes, Head, Koch, Kraatz, Kylberg, McGaughy, Miles, Murphree, Neumann, Noble, Reid, Robertson, Robinson, Shoults, Stephenson, Wall, and Woolsey. I have also explored the lines of spouses where more than one sibling has married in.

Our family descends primarily from northern European immigrants from Germany, Ireland, England, Wales, and Sweden. Some came before the American Revolution and several ancestors are documented DAR patriots. Some of our ancestors fought in the civil war. Both sides were represented. Our most recent immigrants were the Swedes who arrived in 1899 and 1905.

The individuals on the left are not the most distant ancestors in most cases, rather an individual in each line where substantial research material was available. I still have a lot of work to do on the individuals further out. Each page has a link to a descendant narrative starting with that individual. The reseach continues there also. You may jump directly to the narratives if you prefer.

You can view the families in descendancy or pedigree charts as well as create and save register or ahnentafel reports on RootsWeb WorldConnect. Each page has a link to the index where you can search for other names or you may search from the box at the top of this page.

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