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Rosalind Davies' Family History
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My family's story in New South Wales & South Australia


Chapter 1: The Children of William & Sarah RIDING who emigrated to Australia

Maggie RIDING & William HUNTINGTON- South Australia

Jack RIDING & Maggie HACKING- South Australia

Sarah RIDING & Arthur PETTITT- N.S.W.

Gordon RIDING & Jeanette SMITH- South Australia

Lilian RIDING & Tom DAVIES- N.S.W. my grandparents

Wilfred RIDING & Elizabeth LEAMING- South Australia

Miss Ethel RIDING- N.S.W.

Chapter 2: Frederick & Wilhelmine MOLL and their children who settled in
Rockdale, New South Wales- my great grandparents

Chapter3: Charles & Anna BERGER- N.S.W.- my grandparents

Chapter 4: Wilfred DAVIES- father ;coming

Chapter 5: Wilma DAVIES - nee Berger N.S.W.- my mother ; coming



Ros Davies

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