JAMES McMULLEN BALLENGEE was the fifth child of Henry and Rachel McMullen Ballengee was born in 1815 in Monroe County, Virginia. He grew up there and at the age of 25 married Emily Graham. She was the daughter of Lanty Graham. The marriage took place in Monroe County, 11 July 1840. (Mg. Bk F-6, jacket 405).

James moved with his parents to Missouri in about 1835. His brother, Evi, was in Missouri that year so he may have accompanied Henry's family on their move. In March of 1838 James M. was back in Monroe County as he is recorded in a transaction of land for William Pack. (Deed Bk.L, p. 636) It may have been on this visit that he courted Emily Graham.

Henry made out his will in 1839 naming James as his executor. He had a debt that needed to be settled back in Virginia as Mr. Hinton had not paid the full amount on his land. Henry willed that James go back to Virginia to settle that matter and he could share the results with his sister, Sarah. After Henry died, James returned to Virginia in 1840. While there, he married Emily Graham, the daughter of Lanty Graham. Lanty was the son of James of Greenbrier County, VA (now WV).

About 1841 Emily gave birth to a son which they named after her father, Atlantus Graham Ballengee. Emily died about 1847. She is probably buried near Hickory Hill, Missouri. The son was reared by two step-mothers.

James then married Manerva Jane Hoskins. She was born in 1825 to Thomas and Elizabeth Hoskins. The marriage took place 16 Nov 1848 in Cole County, Missouri (Mg. Bk A, p.269. The following year she gave birth to Patrick Henry Ballengee. In 1851 Hester Elizabeth was born and in 1856, Amanda Virginia was born. She was named to honor Manerva's sister. However, Amanda V. Ballengee lived less than a year. The loss of these two babies grieved Manerva. She wrote this poem:

Lovely babe, how brief thy stay,
Short and hasty was thy day.
Ending soon thy journey here
Pain and grief no more to bear.

Hard it is from thee to part
For it rends the aching heart.
But an heir of glory gone
Let the will of God be done.

Pillowed on a Savior's breast
Sweetly sleep and softly rest,
Soon the morning shall restore
The buried babe we now deplore.

James M. prospered during the 1850s. He owned lots in Jefferson City, and a 240 acre farm near Hickory Hill where his family resided, and 385 acres on the Osage River.

James was a Justice of the Peace in Cole County and had the opportunity to marry some of his relatives. He was a Primitive Baptist and preached the Gospel. He was also a member of the Masonic Order in Cole County.

Manerva Jane died 1 Aug 1858. James then married Matilda C. Russull 3 March 1859. The ceremony was performed by W. F. Fowler, J.P. in Cole County, Missouri. (Mg Bk B, p. 186) She was the daughter of Joseph Russell. They had one child born 15 April 1860 at Hickory Hill, MO.

James died 23 Jan 1862. He is probably buried near Hickory Hill though the author has not been able to locate a grave in that area. Matilda reared the rest of the children by herself. She saw to the farms and the property. In 1871 she sold the mineral rights to their property according to deed records in Cole County. She died 15 Oct 1894.



The first child of James McMullen and Emily Graham Ballengee was born about 1843. He was recorded in the family Bible as A. G. Ballengee and known as Lanty. He was named after Emily's father.

Lanty's mother died when he was a small boy. He was reared by his step-mother, Manerva Jane Hoskins Ballengee. It must have been very hard on him when she also died. He was just a teenager at the time.

When Civil war broke out, he joined the southern army. He died 26 Dec 1861 at Springfield, MO. At this time General Price had his army stationed there. They had fought General Lyon's troops at Wilson Creek in August and Lyon's troops had been withdrawn. That was the last engagement near Springfield until the following year. (Violette: History of Missouri. 1960, Cape Girardeau,MO: Ramfree Press, p. 370). A. G. may have died from wounds or disease incurred at Wilson Creek. His burial place has not been located.


The second child.of James McMullen and (2nd wife) Manerva Jane Hoskins was born 8 Aug 1849 near Hickory Hill in Cole County, Missouri. He was reared on the farm until he was 12. At that time his father died and he went to work on the Hill Brothers Farm on the Osage River. He then worked three years on the Hoskins farms and five years for John Miller at Long Lane, Dallas County, Missouri.

When he was 18, he joined the Liberty Methodist Church at Long Lane. It was there that he married Catherine Miller the 21st Jan 1871: the ceremony was performed by R. M. Baker, Minister. The Dallas County record gives 21 Jan 1872. This contradicts family records which may have been recorded from memory.

Catherine was born 30 Oct 1854 near Long Lane, MO. She was the daughter of Isaac and Eliza Jane Howarton Miller.

The couple rented the Wollard farm southeast of Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO where Dora Amanda was born in 1874 and James Isaac was born in 1876. They then lived for three years on the old Miller farm on Dosenberry Creek near Long Lane. Hattie was born 1878 and Ethel in 1879.

On this farm, J. I. reports that Dora, age 4 and George Miller, age 5 were with him when he rocked over in the fireplace on a bed of coals. He was rescued by Dora and George who tore off his clothes. He received a serious burn but his life was saved. This five foot firepice was still in use in 1954. It was built about 1820 by the first pioneer Miller in that county.

About 1880 there was a severe winter and most days were spent dragging in trees to feed the five-foot fireplace. Late in the winter they hewed out railroad ties to sell at 24 cents, four miles away on the new railroad survey (Lebanon to Buffalo--was never completed as the company went bankrupt). J. I. at five enjoyed holding one end of the saw and "Pappy" the other, pulling and pushing. Dora and J. I. were taught by their mother the way to make lights of paper tightly rolled) as matches were nearly unknown.

Patrick H. was a member of the Farmers Wheel and was a Populist candidate for county assessor in 1880. About 1882 was the Locust year and the trees were bare in late May. By 1886, drought, cinch bugs, and hog cholera made it hard to pay $13 per month for a farm hand and build the new room by carpenter, uncle Monroe Newport. He was paid $2 per 10 hour day and used first run of wire nails, replacing the square nails. Their first home of 80 acres was well improved when taken by law for faulty title. It was valued at $3,000.

(information by James Isaac Ballengee)

In 1887 Eugene Marvin was born and John Thomas born in 1889 in Dallas Co. In 1891 Patrick H. decided to move his family of eight to Clay County, Texas to raise wheat and cotton. They went via two mule teams. They joined five covered wagon train and arrived in 29 days at Bellevue, Texas the 29th Aug 1891. Bessie Mae was born in Texas in 1893.

Patrick Henry Ballengee was a farmer to age 70. He died 24 May 1922 at age 73 and was buried at Bellevue, Texas. He had been a community leader, member of I.0.0.F., a Methodist and pro Democrat. Catherine died 2 Sept 1935 in Canyon, Texas.


The first child of Patrick Henry and Harriet Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 5 Oct 1874 in Dallas Co., MO. She married James Felder Thompson at the Methodist Episcopal Church as Vashti, Texas 15 March 1899. He was born 3 March 1872 and was a cotton ginner for 25 years. Dora taught in the public schools of Liberty, Texas. She was devoted to her family and church. She taught in Sunday School of the Methodist Church. She resided at Bowie, Texas.

Dora Amanda died 27 June 1954. Rites were perfored by Rev. Finis Crutchfield, pastor. They had seven children:

THOMPSON, Vera Elizabeth -b. 5 Jan 1900 at Vashti, Clay Co., TX. She md U. N. Clary 22 June 1947.

THOMPSON, Oma Catherine - b 22 Dec 1901 at Lone Star, Clay Co., TX. Md 28 Aug 1937 to Ogden F. Thompson. One dau. Catherine, b. 3 July 1947.

THOMPSON, James Roy - b. 3 Nov 1903 in TX. Md 22 Dec 1928 Agnes Walker. Two ch: Bennie Ray and James Walker T.

THOMPSON, Henry Morris - b. Dec 1906 in TX. Md 22 Dec 1934 Glenna Jameson. He died in 1940.

THOMPSON, Bonnie Francis - b. 5 Oct 1911 in TX. She md 22 May 1938 Homer J. Pegram

THOMPSON, Lola Selena - b. 22 Nov 1913 in TX. She md 22 Nov 1932 to Leon Robicheaux. They had 5 ch: Monte Leon, James Ronald, Yvonne, Lola, Patrick Henry.

THOMPSON, Zona Maurine - b. 15 Dec 1918. She md 71 Nov 1941 to L.E. Hudgins. One ch: Geoffery Craig b 15 May '47.


The second child of Patrick Henry and Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 20 Aug 1876 at Long Lane, MO. He was a teacher in Texas and then homesteaded in Las Animas County, Colorado in 1915.

He married Anna Manning at Vasti, TX 22 Nov 1899. She was a conscientous homemaker who liked the out-of-doors, Bible reading and flowers. She was born 1 April 1878 at Leon County, Texas. She died 17 Aug 1949 and is buried at Masonic Cemetery, Trinidad, Colorado.

J. I. was a farmer and rancher for many years. The last 40 years of his life, one of his hobbies was looking up family history. He traveled about gathering much data on his great grandfather, Henry's descendants.

His daughter has contributed a biography of his life. This can be found in Appendix E. This book is named in honor for his earlier work, Ballengee Trails, published in 1956.

J. I. and Anna had five children: Milton Eugene, Hubert Manning, Esther Ruth, Homer Prentice, and Beulah Mae Ballengee. James Isaac died 17 May 1965.

                [1] MILTON EUGENE BALLENGEE

The first child of James Isaac and Anna Manning Ballengee was born at Bellevue, Texas 1 Dec 1900. He attended high school at Trinidad, CO and the CO College of Education, U. of CA, U. of Hawaii Extension graduation with M.A. in 1938.

Milton md Marcella Wright 24 June 1928. She was born in Rye, CO 19 Sept 1908. She attended CO State, U of CA, LA, and received an AB. at U. of Hawaii in 1931. She taught at Pueblo, CO and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Milton was instructor and coach in Greely, CO public schools then in the Kamehameha Schools at Honolulu 1927-43. He was secretary of the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce and Coordinator of "Governors Work-to-Win" Campaign, 1943-4; Hawaii Territorial Director of Selective Service, Vice Pres. of Plantation Housing. He was active in the Central Union Church at Honolulu, the Masonic Order and Past Potentate Aloha Temple (Shrine). He was an avid gardener and sports fan and enjoyed traveling. He died 12 Jan 1966 and was buried at Wahiawa, Hawaii. No children.

Marcella loves to knit and enjoys traveling. She married Alt Gogstad 18 Jan 1868. In 1970 they spent six months traveling in Europe and visiting with his people in Norway.

                [2] HUBERT MANNING BALLENGEE

The second child of James Isaac and Anna Manning Ballengee was born 19 April 1903 at Bellvue, Clay Co., TX. He married 27 July 1924 Lena Burress at Trinidad, CO. Lena was born 21 Feb 1905 at Herrin, Ill, to Charles Otis and Minnie Belle Fletcher Burress. Hubert was an Agent Operator for the Santa Fe Railroad for 10 years. He was member of the Methodist Church and the Masonic Lodge. He enjoyed woodworking and golf. They lived in Texas, CO, and N.M.

Lena was a caseworker for the Las Animas County Welfare Dept., Trinidad, CO for 24 years. She enjoyed playing the piano. Hubert died 8 Aug 1935 at Albuquerque, N.M. Lena died 29 Aug 1960 at Trinidad, CO. They had two children:

BALLENGEE, Lorraine Mae - b. 15 June 1925 at Trinidad, CO. Md Harry E. Kunsman June 1950. Son, Edwin.

BALLENGEE, Carolyn Ann - b. 2 March 1934 at Trinidad. Md. David Maio 2 June 1956. Ch: Keith, Stephen.

                [3] ESTHER RUTH BALLENGEE

The third child of James Isaac and Anna Manning Ballengee was born 23 Feb 1906 at Vashti, TX. She md 3 Feb 1906 at Trinidad, CO to Horance Oliver Patterson. He was b. 25 Jan 1900 to Lodawick Cade and Sophronia Lee Murphy Patterson.

Ruth taught school one year then was a bookkeeper for 36 years. H. 0. was a locomotive fireman and engineer on the RRs. He is a sports fan and enjoys fishing, reading, and gardening.

Ruth was a member of the Methodist Church 1914-38, United Brethren Church at Pueblo, CO. 1938-54, The First Christian Church, Trinidad, CO 1954 to date.

She remembers one incident from childhood: 'the day we moved from Trinchera, CO to Trinidad so my older brothers could attend high school. Naturally the move was made in a wagon. Just as we started to leave, Dad told us to drive on -- that he would cut across the pastures to Mr. Norris's house, as he needed to talk to him and that he would meet us there. Mother was so terribly distressed and pleaded with him to come along with us - - but of course Dad won out. We picked him up at the Norris place, then drove about 1/8 mile down the road to Trinchera Creek, where we stopped to have lunch. Dad unhitched the team and drove them down to the little creek to water them. As they stepped into the water, Mother screamed and Dad stepped back, letting go of the lines and almost instantly the horses disappeared completely from sight. They had gotten into a bed of quick-sand. Fortunately they were able to find firm footing and came out the other side. Right there Mother offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God and told us that 'everything would be alright now.' You see she had had a premonition the night before that Dad was"going to drown. " Ruth and H. 0. had one child:

BALLENGEE, Mildred Wanda - b. 16 Nov 1923 at Trinidad CO. She md 7 Nov 1942 to Joseph E. Archer. Two sons: Robert Craig and John Patrick Archer.

                [4] HOMER PRENTICE BALLENGEE

The fourth child of James Isaac and Anna Manning Ballengee was born 31 May 1910 at Vashti, Clay Co., TX. He married Vivian Harrison 16 July 1938 at Amarillo, TX. She was born 13 Feb 1915 at Stratford, Daihart Co., TX, the daughter of Marvin Henry and Cassye Earl Holly Harrison.

Homer graduated from West Texas State U. and worked for Phillips Petroleum Co. and was supervisor of the Instrument Shop and several other shops. He was selected to go to Mexico City as a technical advisor at a new refinery there. He taught school 6 years and was a principal and assistant coach in schools in Texas. He enjoyed athletic events, bowling, woodworking, and gardening.

Homer was a member of the National Honor Society at W.Tex U and a member of the "1" club, Instrument Society of America, Lions Club, Masonic Lodge, and First United Methodist Church. Homer's sister, Ruth, remembers that Prentice was a very adventurous youngster and loved to climb. When just a little past a year old, she happened to hear a terrible commotion in the hog pen and ran to see what was wrong. There she found Prentice hanging onto the inside railing fence, with the hogs tugging at his clothes. Luckily, he was rescued with only scratches.

One day when he was about 2 1/2 years old, he wandered down to the barnyard. Dad had left the saddle on old Jude, the old family mule which the youngsters always rode. Somehow, Prentice managed to climb up into the saddle and old Jude either didn't like the idea or wanted to show off. Anyway, she ran out of the barnyard, heading for the back pasture as fast as she could go. They watched her head for a large pond some 1/4 mile away and poor Mother just stood there screaming and wringing her hands, saying she would never see her baby alive again. That crazy mule waded all the way through the pond, then headed back to the house, galloping every step of the way, coming to an abrupt stop right by Mother's side. It was miraculous that Prentis had been able to cling to the saddle horn. Needless to say, it was a harrowing experience for all the family and Prentice was a very frightened little boy.

                [5] BEULAH MAE BALLENGEE

The fifth child of James Isaac and Anna Manning Ballengee was born 11 Oct 1914 at Vashti, Texas. She remembers living out on a farm in Colorado when her folks homesteaded. Later they lived in Trinidad in a house on a side of a mountain. It was two stories and you walked out of the second story on the mountain. Her sister, Ruth, remembers that as a baby, Beulah Mae would not talk. When they moved from Texas to Co. Dad went ahead to build housing accomodations. This was some three months before the family moved. When they arrived at Trinchera, Co. the early part of April, 1916, Beulah Mae was then 1 1/2 years old and had not yet spoken her first word. Dad met them at the train and carried her to the wagon, then returned to the depot to see about the baggage. Out of the clear blue sky, Beula Mae said, .I want to see that boy again," From that time on she talked like a grown-up.

When about 2 1/2 her mother found her out in the barn unconscious. She had to be rushed to Trinidad, some 30 miles away to the hospital. She said that she had climbed up in the loft and when she saw an old hen fly down, she thought she could fly too. Fortunately there were no broken bones or injury.

Beulah Mae married Anthony Joseph Holzman. He was born 22 Jan 1918 at Bad Nation, Mellett Co., S.D. to Jacob and Eva (Bicek) Holzrdan. He was in the radio and T.V. business and Beulah Mae worked with him for 15 years. Two children:

HOLZMAN, Anthony James - b. 11 Aug 1947 at Fort Smith, AR. He md Lee Ann Huffman 9 Sept 1966. Reside in Loveland, CO. Ch: Michel and Billy.

HOLZMAN, Linda Faye -b. 14 Aug 1950, Ft Smith AR. She md James A. Fowbie 28 Feb 1969. Res. Ok Cty, OK.


The third child of Patrick Henry and Harriet Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 20 May 1878 at Long Lane, Dallas Co., MO. She moved as a child with her family to Texas. When nine years old she was the Community May Queen at Vashti.

She married Joseph Edwin White 20 May 1908 at Bellevue, Texas. She was a dairy farmer. The couple was active in the Methodist Church, she a SS. teacher and Pres. of W.SIC.S. and he in the choir. He was a Mason. They resided at Bellevue. Hattie E. enjoyed hooking rugs, crochet, knitting and was a skilled homemaker.

Hattie E. was mother of two and step-mother of two girls from Joseph Edwin's earlier marriage. These daughters are Cammie 0. White b. 28 May 1899 who md Byron M. Ball; and Faye Edith White b. 18 Apr 1904 and rnd Ray F. Putnam.

Joseph E. White died 2 Feb 1936 and Hattie E. died in 1953. They are buried in the Bellevue Cemetery.

Their children were:

WHITE, Henry Edwin - b. 15 June 1909 at Bellevue, TX. He md Beulah Mae Marvel Sept 1937. She was b. 27 Dec 1913.

WHITE, Mamie B. - b. 16 Jan 1913 at Bellevue,TX. She md Isaac W. Raleigh 25 Dec 1936, died 1959. She md Ralph M. Bill of Dayton, OH.


The fourth child of Patrick Henry and Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 21 March 1879 at Long Lane, Dallas Co., Mo. She moved with the family to Clay Co., TX in 1891. $he walked four miles to the Liberty School and two miles at Vashti. She attended Denton Teachers Normal School for two years then taught and attended summer school until 1920. She homesteaded in CO in 1915 and was awarded patent. She later did office work. When she retired, she lived with her sister, Bessie Mae Allen. She enjoys church work in the Methodist Church and her hobbies include reading, music, traveling in the U.S.


The fifth child of Patrick Henry and Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 1 April 1884 at Long Lane, Dallas Co., MO. James Isaac recalls that night: "Aunt Martha Miller stayed at our house that night and as we were on our way to her home, she asked, 'did you know you had a baby brother with lots of black hair?' Did I hurry home on Sorrel Nellie to see Harvey!"

Irving married Myrtle Ollie Kersey, a farm girl. The ceremony was at Clarandon, Texas in 1906. Hurvey Was a farmer, store clerk and in 1919 homesteaded in CO. He was an employee at the Trinidad power plant four years, worked Santa Fe RR at Amarillo for 25 years, school caretaker and taught in three public schools. He was a Gideon, Mason and md. Democrat. He and his wife are members of the Open Bible Church. Four ch.:


The first child of Harvey Irving and Myrtle Ollie Kersey Ballengee was born 23 June 1909 at Olney, TX. He md Pauline Murray 4 Nov 1934 at Hereford, TX. She was b. 15 June 1909 at Carbon, TX. Luther worked for a drug store seven years, the Bank of Amarillo, TX, International State Bank at Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Airfield Bank and the branch at Carswell Field. He is a member of the Ft. Worth Christian Church.

They have two children: Robert Patrick and Linda Kay.

BALLENGEE, Robert Patrick - b. 1 June 1937 in Amarillo, TX. Md Mollie Moad 27 Dec 1957. Two sons: Derek Robert b. 1965; Darin Patrick b. 1970.

BALLENGEE, Linda Kay b. 22 Nov 1943 at Fort Worth, TX. Md Marcus P. Curd 20 Jan 1968. Ch: Marcus P.

           [2] VIRGIL E. BALLENGEE

The second child of Harvey Irving and Myrtle Ollie (Kersey) Ballengee was born at Vashti, TX. On 20 Nov 1938 he md Juanita Conger, dau. of Jerome Albert and Ida L. Welch Conger. She is a graduate of West Texas State U. They are members of Jan Jacinto Baptist Church. He is a Gideon, Past Pres. of the Lions Club, a past director of Hi-Plains Eye Bank Inc. They reside in Amarillo, TX. Three ch:

BALLENGEE, Carol Elaine - md Gerald Priest. Two daus.
BALLENGEE, Gloria Joyce - md David Hatton
BALLENGEE, James Richard - md Elaine L.Swalley


The third child of Harvey Irving and Myrtle Ollie (Kersey) Ballengee was born 13 March 1915. She died in March of 1917.


The fourth child of Harvey Irving and Myrtle Ollie (Kersey) Ballengee was born 22 July 1924 at Trinidad, CO. His family moved to Amarillo TX when he was 6 mos old. He graduated from Amarillo High School, U of TX. He served in WW II in the infantry under Gen. Patton. Worked for S.W. Public Service in data processing.

Bert was active in tennis, civic, and church work; member of Polk St. Methodist Church and teacher in men's Bible class.

On Nov. 24 1956 he md Fern Brannen. She was b. 5 Oct 1922 at Electra, TX to James A. and Jessie Warren Brannen. She graduated from Amarillo High, Texas Tech. She worked as home economist. Two children: Ben Brannen and Ann Claire.

BALLENGEE, Ben Brannen b. 22 Sept 1957 at Amarillo,TX
BALLENGEE, Ann Claire - b. 2 Dec 1960 at Amarillo, TX.


The sixth child of Patrick Henry and Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 1 April 1887 in Dallas Co., MO. He attended high school at Bellevue, TX and seven years of college at North Texas State with B.S.; University of Denver, B.A.; Texas Technological College, M.A., U of Mich, Ph.D.

Eugene M. is a veteran of WW I. He was overseas on the battle front 15 months, engaging in five major campaigns. While there he wrote home:


Dear mother how I miss you
There's only c*~e does know
I miss.,you more dear Mother
As the days do come and go.
I long to be back with you
To cheer you by your side
In the lonely wintry evenings
By the cozy fireside.
I know you miss me, Mother,
My footsteps on the stairs,
But I know I'm ever present
Dear Mother, in your prayers
. Ah! yes I know I'm present
I see you in my dreams
When dangers round are lurking,
My guardian so it seems.
Those weary days of exile,
I hope they'll soon be o'er
Until I greet you smiling
Once more beside the doo~.

And when I greet you, Mother
My'longing dreams shall cease
When all sit down together
In a long and perfect peace.
In a home of peace and comfort
Where faces ever smile,
Back home with you, dear Mother,
From the gloomy war's turmoil.
December 20, 1918

Eugene was several months in the Army of Occupation in Germany. When he came home he became a teacher and spent the majority of his teaching years in Amarillo and Plainview, TX. He was an administrative teacher 37 years, 22 years as Principal and 15 years as Supt. of Schools.

He has been active in Methodist Church, member of Rotary Club, Mason, Boy Scout Leader, Hale Co. Democratic Chairman.

He and his wife enjoy traveling in U.S. and abroad. Eugene md Anna Elizabeth Walter 16 Aug 1927. She died 16 Oct 1952. Eugene md Lora B. Lane 3 Apr 1954. She was a teacher.


The seventh child of Patrick Henry and Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 3 Nov 1889 at Long Lane, Dallas Co., MO. He moved to Vashti, TX in 1891 where he attended school. He went to Bellevue School after the 1906 cyclone tornado. He teamed in Wichita Falls for ten years, farmed in Idaho and Texas and did much oil field work. He worked in Restaurant and Picadilly Cafeteria for five years.

John T. md Pearl Sealy in Hull Co., TX. They had one girl who died in infancy. He is Methodist, I.O.O.F. and Democrat.


The eighth child of Patrick Henry and Catherine Miller Ballengee was born 16 Sept 1893 at Bellevue, TX. She graduated from Bellevue High. She md William Samuel Allen 19 Oct 1922. He was born in Indiana. They established a home in Dallas TX, later moving to Dennison. In 1923 they moved to Oregon where he was employed by the Southern Pacific AR as telegraph agent. They lived several different places after that.

Besse Mae joined the Order of Eastern Star in 1924, active in Women's Club, San Diego and Imperial Counties adoption board, Camp Fire Guardian, charter member of the Business and Professional Women's Club, Nellie L. Mayhew Auxiliary to the Order of R.R. Telegraphers, gave 1500 hours as Red Cross volunteer.

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