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Welcome, friends and cousins. In this website, I'm going to provide details on some of my family lines, particularly the more obscure ones.

Surnames in my ancestry include: Rockwell, Macomber, Shearer, Seffens, Coburn, Titus, Amos, Drake, and Lumm.

My ancestry includes a heavy concentration of New England Yankees dating back to the Puritans and post-Mayflower Pilgrims. There were also several lines out of the Middle Atlantic states, including Virginia and Maryland, a few Dutch and German lines in New York, and a stray Quaker clan in New Jersey.

Here are some links to websites touching on my ancestry:

If you need help with the Rockwell surname, try The Rockwell Family Foundation. I've also created an auxiliary site for some fellow Rockwell researchers and myself; we call ourselves The Rockwell Research Circle.

My own Rockwell line is of that branch which settled in Fairfield County, Connecticut, becoming quite numerous in the towns of Ridgefield, Norwalk, and the country roundabout. One branch of this family eventually settled in Yonkers, New York, giving rise to the well-known illustrator, Norman Rockwell. In 2007, I published a book tracing the several Rockwell lines down to the 19th and early 20th centuries. It has an accompanying website where you can learn more.

A website for the Macomber Family Project, provides a channel for networking among cousins, whether they spell it Macomber, McCumber, McComber, or any of a number of other ways. I've loaded here my own line of Macomber and allied families, including

My Shearer line, headed by William (1752-1847), settled in Essex County, New York.

Hampton, New Hampshire's history page, on The Lane Memorial Library's site. Includes links to some of my families there and two lengthy articles on town-founder Rev. Stephen Bachiler.

The Graves Family Association's website has The Graves family of Lynn and Andover, Mass. (I descend through Mary, daughter of Mark, son of Samuel).

Larry Drake's website includes Our Drake ancestry (including the still slightly uncertain link to the family of Sir Francis).

Here's a site for the Ogborn line, which includes one of my Quaker families in New Jersey. They intermarried with the Fowlers, who in turn have an intermarriage in Ohio with the Lumm family.

I've already loaded lots of data on the Lumm or Lum family on another Lum/Lumm website. If you have Lumm or Lum ancestors, esp. if one of them is named Jesse Lumm or Lum, I'd really like to hear from you. There were quite a few of them! You may find your man here, or have new data to share; either way, please drop a line.

More links to others' websites, covering some of our lines:

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