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Only he who knows his past has a future
(Wilhelm von Humboldt, 1767-1835)

Have you ever wondered why your Grandparents so treasured a faded photograph, a worn Bible, or that small garden in their backyard? Why would they year after year continue to turn up the rich soil and lovingly prepare the earth for a few tomato plants, some green beans, and maybe a little lettuce?  Why did they spend so much time and derive so much satisfaction from their small harvest each fall? Why did owning property mean so much to them? Perhaps the answers lie miles away across the ocean and generations before they were born.

These memories you have of your ancestors and their interests are what genealogists call "clues to your past". Properly collected and pieced together, these clues can unlock the most exciting adventure you will ever experience -- learning the story of your origin.

Your ancestors and your own personal heritage are part of the events that shaped the world and helped the United States of America grow and flourish. You have hundreds of ancestors whose labors are a part of the very fabric of the history of this world, just as your actions, your thoughts, and your accomplishments will become a part of tomorrow's history.

We hope that you get excited in your family name and heritage. It is our hope that by assisting you in learning more about your name and heritage we may help you weave and interesting story of your own family and your own ancestors. If this is your first venture into exploring your past, we invite you to relax and purse the pages of this website as if you were browsing through a family album for the first time. Yes, you undoubtedly will have unanswered questions, but the real story will be revealed as you increase your knowledge and dig into the past.

Understand that as you start learning about your ancestors you will encounter events and situations that may be uncomfortable. Remember, we are not perfect and neither were they. They had hardships, lost family members, got into trouble; while still doing something right or we would not be here to search for their history.

If you can add to their history by sharing a true story or folk lore, or a known anecdote about a family member; even little things, like your cousin the fisherman who didn't eat fish, will make these stories more personal. Consider sharing an old photo as it is amazing how often there is a close resemblance between relatives separated by generations.

If you have something to share or you find errors, remember that this website is a work-in-progress, please send your information to the Site Administrator via the HFG Administrator link found near the bottom of this page.

This website is being maintained using information provided by many people, some known but many unknown. We thank the heralds, artists, and historians of the past who meticulously recorded historical data from which we can benefit today.

The Gathering

We were searching on the internet for the fathers of Simon and James;
was William their dad and our roots the same?

Someone mentioned in Tennessee we should gather;
to compare trees, limbs, notes, pictures and things.

So with bags packed we came and in Pulaski, Lawrenceburg, and Leoma we meet;
searching court house and archive records, old home places and old cemeteries.

In Campbellsville, a gem we found, a young genealogist and grave douser
who knew the country side, neighbors and all, showing us around.

We found Preachers, Teachers, Farmers, Laborers, Whiskey runners, Robbers, & Thieves;
our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all.

And we realized that the life they lived must have been glim and bleak;
as for their homes and farms they tried to keep.

In the records it showed that over time these families they parted;
going north, south, and west whichever was best for all.

And for this gathering, we too had our parting;
realizing that this was a time once and for all;

As we most probably will never be together again; and
we never did find the fathers of Simon and James.

Roger Phillip Hendrix
March 22, 2014

Revised: April 21, 2019

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