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The Gathering

We were searching on the internet for the fathers of Simon and James;
was William their dad and our roots the same?

Someone mentioned in Tennessee we should gather;
to compare trees, limbs, notes, pictures and things.

So with bags packed we came and in Pulaski, Lawrenceburg, and Leoma we meet;
searching court house and archive records, old home places and old cemeteries.

In Campbellsville, a gem we found, a young genealogist and grave douser
who knew the country side, neighbors and all, showing us around.

We found Preachers, Teachers, Farmers, Laborers, Whiskey runners, Robbers, & Thieves;
our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all.

And we realized that the life they lived must have been glim and bleak;
as for their homes and farms they tried to keep.

In the records it showed that over time these families they parted;
going north, south, and west whichever was best for all.

And for this gathering, we too had our parting;
realizing that this was a time once and for all;

As we most probably will never be together again; and
we never did find the fathers of Simon and James.

Roger Phillip Hendrix
March 22, 2014

Revised: August 28, 2018