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Bill Roach's Family Home Page


Hi! I'm Trish Holley, and I'd like to welcome you into our home. This site is dedicated to my parents William James Roach and Dorothy Marie Christopher (Roach). Welcome, and please come in.


Again, let me say welcome. Please, click on the Coat of Arms below, come in and be comfortable. I want to introduce you to my ancestors.  

Go to the Roach'sThis Coat of Arms takes you to the Paternal side of the Roach family.

Go to the Wagner'sThis Coat of Arms takes you to the Maternal side of the Roach family.


My Mother's Family:


Hot Links

Check out my brother, Phil Roach's site: If you fish, visit regularly! He shows off his handmade lures and his forum is an excellent source for information, tips and tricks of the trade. Oh, and make sure to mention RHIP (Rootsweb Has It's Privileges) for special attention!!! 
Jim Roache's Web Site Sadly, no relation, yet; but a fantastic source for information. His Roache/Roach/Roche Family History pages are a "must read" for anyone with ties to this surname!
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG)  Where the passenger lists are! With an average of over 50 ships lists added each week, this is one site worth going back to over and over again.


For more particulars on our Roach family, please email my Dad at broach
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