My Paternal Grandpa Henry William Bartlett (1870-1951)

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My own paternal grandpa HENRY WILLIAM BARTLETT was an 11-year-old
"Orphan Train Rider" sent by train from St.Lawrence County,New York
to Nodaway County, Missouri to live with different families.

My Mom had written a few notes on a scrap of paper and from these
few notes,several years ago began to try and reconstruct my
Grandpa Bartlett's life
I knew he was sent to Nodaway County, Missouri and that he married my
I knew his Illinois Death Certificate stated that Henry was born in
Trenton, New Jersey (INCORRECT))

Sent for the 1880 Bartlett Soundex Microfilm for New Jersey,but did
not find any useful information on this microfilm.
Then I sent for the 1880 Bartlett Soundexes for Missouri and searched
these microfilms for Henry. No luck there either

Purchased several books on "Orphan Train Riders" and read them,
hoping to find some clues on where to look for orphans.
Joined the "Orphan Train Society of America", based in Springdale,
Arkansas.Found that this organization collected stories that were
mainly written by others who had either ridden these "Orphan Trains"
or had relatives who had been riders.

Finding no help from the Society, began my search using the
Internet in 1998.
I thought, "If the New York Childrens Aid Society were behind many
of the placements, why not try in New York?"
Sent for the 1880 New York Bartlett Soundex microfilm and "lo and
behold",in St. Lawrence County, New York I found my grandpa
Henry Bartlett.
He was living in the Canton Childrens Home in St. Lawrence County,
New York along with four of his six sisters.

Found that the 1870 St. Lawrence County, New York census
was on-line, transcribed by ANNE CADY (another "Genealogy Angel").
On that census, living in Parishville, Visit 144-149,found my
Grandpa William H Bartlett, born March 1870 and his parents Hiram
and Sarah Bartlett with sisters: Cynthia 8; Mary A 5; Cora M 2 and
my grandpa listed as William H Bartlett, 3 months of age.

Also found the website for the Childrens Aid Society on the Internet.
I wrote a letter to Mr. Victor Remer, archivist at the Children's Aid
Society in New York. I gave Mr. Remer as much information as I had on
my grandpa Henry Bartlett.
Mr. Victor Remer, Archivist
The Children's Aid Society
Lord Memorial Building
150 East 45th Street
New York, New York 10017
Not long after, received an envelope at home with information about
my grandpa Henry Bartlett. The papers showed his name in a list of
children, sent on May 31, 1881 to Nodaway County, Missouri. This
information was not usually given out, but in my case, Mr. Remer made
exception and sent copies to me.
Mr. Remer is only one of many "Genealogy Angels" who have helped me
find information about my Grandpa Henry Bartlett.

Can you imagine how a boy of 11 years of age felt, leaving his family
behind and riding a train many miles from home to a strange area,
never to see his family again.
The Childrens Aid Society had agents who checked on the children who
were placed out. Henry was first placed with the family of
Baley H Kinder in Nodaway County, Missouri.
One "Angel" in Canton, New York copied notes from the Canton
Childrens Home regarding Henry and each of his sisters. From these
notes, I found that the sisters were "placed" with different people
living in St. Lawrence County on different dates.
I have no recollection of writing to this " Genealogy Angel", but
she sent the much appreciated information on the Canton Childrens
Then I started reading the St. Lawrence County, New York census
records, hoping to find the sisters.
His eldest sister was Cynthia Bartlett, born 1862. By using
Rootsweb,Worldconnect, I found a Cynthia Bartlett about her age who
had married SAMUEL PERKINS. To make the story short, I am now in
contact with a descendant of Cynthia Bartlett Perkins and now have a
new cousin.
Cynthia Bartlett Perkins' husband Samuel Perkins descends from
people who came over on the Mayflower
Another sister, Minnie Bartlett, was placed with a Taylor Family in
St. Lawrence County, New York. Believe I found "My Minnie" on a
census with her Taylor husband and two children. Also found cemetery
records and the tombstone photo of a Minnie Taylor, who I think is
Henry's sister. Believe in my heart that this is "My Minnie".

I got to thinking that perhaps Grandpa Henry's father HIRAM BARTLETT
may have served in the Civil War from New York. He was in the right
age group.Found that he had indeed served in the 92nd New York
Infantry (Union) from 1861-1862, enlisting at a young age.He was
discharged from the Infantry because of sickness. He later enlisted
in the Co. H, 14th New York Heavy Artillery (Union)in 1863.
Two of his brothers also served in the Civil War from New York.
When requesting Hiram Bartlett's Civil War Pension Record, I was told
there was no Pension Record for him. I filled out the correct form
and mailed it to the National Archives, listed both outfits Hiram had
served in.
Hiram Bartlett. For the sum on $37.00 I received the papers.
Just like opening a novel on my great-grandfather's life.
He was born in Duane, Franklin County, New York. It gave his wife's
name as SARAH BROWN and their marriage date.
Although the papers were hard to read in some places, was able to
find that Hiram had married a second time to (Olive VanWort?).
The papers revealed that HIRAM BARTLETT had been wounded in the left
leg at the Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia.
He spent six months in Sisters of Mercy Hospital in Washington, DC.
and was eventually discharged and went home to St. Lawrence County,
New York to live out his life. His wounded leg was now drawn up at a
40 degree angle due to contractures.In other words, he was crippled
He apparently married a second time to Olive VanWort? and they had
several more children; one son Daniel Bartlett born ca 1879.
Not only did I find out all about my great-grandfather
Hiram Bartlett,but also his parents Daniel and Mindwell Bartlett.

On the 1860 St. Lawrence County, New York Census at Colton:
6 July 1860, Line 29, Visit 282-293
Daniel Bartlett, 49, farmer, $400, $200, NY
Mindwell, wife, 39, housekeeper, NY
Daniel Bartlett Jr., 20, farmer, NY
Rachel Purvell Bartlett, 18, housekeeper, NY(Powell)
Hiram Bartlett, 15, farming, NY
Charles H, Bartlett, 14, attended school within year, NY
Julia Bartlett, 12, attended school within year, NY
Hattie Bartlett, 10, attended school within year, born NY
Samuel Bartlett, 9, attended school within year, born NY
Lucy Bartlett, 8, attended school within year, born NY
John Bartlett, 4, born NY
Infant Bartlett, 3/12, born NY

I shall keep on searching until I find more information on my
Bartlett families of St. Lawrence County, New York.
My great-grandfather Hiram D Bartlett died in July 1899 in
Parishville, New York and is buried in West Stockholm Cemetery.
Shall try my very best to make sure he has a tombstone for his
grave as he was a Civil War Veteran.
Will take the necessary steps to order this stone for him.

My grandpa Henry Bartlett died in Oct 1951 in a hospital in Anna,
Illinois. The hospital purged his records after 10 years and I will
have to get a court order to see his medical records.
I never knew much about grandpa....never got to visit with him or see
him in person. Never got to hug or kiss him.
Am trying really hard to piece his life together and find out all I
can about my Grandpa Bartlett and his family.

Because of the help of my "Genealogy Angels", I would like to help
others research their families.


My research found that CHARLES LORING BRACE, founded the Children's
Aid Society in 1853 and served as its secretary until his death in
Charles Loring Brace was born in 1826 and he grew up in Hartford,
Connecticut. Brace planned to become a minister. He graduated from
Yale in 1846. He then attended the Yale Divinity School and the Union
Theological Seminary and after graduation he leaned toward missionary
work and his work led to New York City's Five Points Mission. Thus he
founded the Children's Aid Society.
This society began the orphan-train movement as a way of taking
children out of the poverty of the city. Trainloads of children
traveled west for seventy years.
An estimated thirty thousand children were abandonend on the streets
of New York City in 1854 alone. Orphan homes, lodging houses, schools
and foster homes could not be found or built for all of them.
One year after the Children's Aid Society was established, BRACE,
realized that he had to develop a plan to lessen the overcrowded
conditions in the orphanages, lodging houses and foster homes in
New York.
Between 1853 to 1929 the New York Children's Aid Society placed out
at least 150,000 of the eastern poor.
Before being sent on the orphan trains, the children were bathed and
given a new suit of clothes.
The method of placing the children was simple. The Children's Aid
Society sent notices to local postmasters announcing the time and
date a trainload of orphans would arrive in each community. These
notices would be posted in post offices, general stores, community
centers and churches. Ministers would announce from the pulpit the
time and date of the arrival of the orphan train.
A meeting place to present the orphans was arranged by a local agent
or committee. Small-town newspapers carried articles and
advertisements, describing the terms the society had developed for
placing children with foster parents. On the train trip, a man and
woman employed by the society as "western agents" took care of the
When the train arrived in a farm town, the agents took the children
to the arranged meeting place. Sometimes the children were presented
at the train depot. Families would chose from among the group of
Using this method, children were sent to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas and Texas. An orphan train sent
orphans to Benton County, Arkansas.
I have an AMERICA ON-LINE website where you can see photos of my
grandpa Henry Bartlett.

My Paternal Bartlett Family

Websites to read more about the Orphan Train Society:
Orphan Train Movement

Orphan Train Heritage Society of America
Indexes and Subject Menu and The Orphan Train Collection

Two excellent books to read are:
"Orphan Trains to Missouri" by Michael D Patrick and
Evelyn Goodrich Trickel.
"The Orphan Trains, Placing Out In America" by Marilyn Irvin Holt

We have started a BARTLETT WEBSITE
Bartlett Kin

Subj: Henry Bartlett Update Date: 2/11/2001 7:52:14 PM Pacific Standard Time
To: LaraWyo
UPDATE on my grandfather
Ordered the 1880 Bartlett Soundex for New York and found my
William "Henry"BARTLETT living in the
Canton, St Lawrence Co.,New York Childrens Home.
Several of his sisters were there also;
Malinda BARTLETT age 6,
Mary J BARTLETT age 7 and
Minie BARTLETT age 9.

Also on the 1880 St.Lawrence Co.New York
at Postsdam I found:
HIRAM BARTLETT 36(34?)M b: NY,works in sawmill.
Fanny, age 22, born Canada
Daniel, age 1
(first wife Sarah Brown must have died before 1880).
(She married someone else)

With help from a lady who had the
St.Lawrence Co.New York 1870 census records,she found at Parishville:
HIRAM BARTLETT,age 24,b NY, father foreign born ,citizen
SARAH,age 22, born Canada
CYNTHIA, age 8, b NY
MARGARET, age 5, b NY
CORA M,age 2, b NY
WILLIAM H, age 3/12, b NY in Feb 1870
So his name was William HENRY Bartlett
and not Henry Benjamin.
His father HIRAM BARTLETT was in the Civil War, serving with
the "H"Co.,NY 92nd Infantry;mustered on 3Nov1861
at Potsdam,New York.
He was discharged for disability on 24April1862 at Washington, D.C.
Perhaps he was wounded??
There was also a Hiram Bartlett who
enlisted in 1863 in the New York 14th Artillery.
In addition, I found that New York passed a law in 1875 which placed
all children 2 years and over from poorhouses and almshouses in to
childrens homes.
Is it possible the second wife did not want these children??
Have sent for HIRAM BARTLETT's
Civil War Military and Pension records
in hopes these will help piece my grandpa's life together.
If anyone has heard of any of these names mentioned, please
contact me.
As far as I can tell my descendancy is:
Possible Peter Bartlett b1808 Canada.
Hiram Bartlett b ca 1846 NY
SARAH BROWN b 1848 in Canada
Henry Bartlett b 1870 St.Lawrence Co.New York
Edmond Everett Bartlett b1901 in Laramie,WY
Evelyn Bartlett Flood,myself, in Laramie,WY

Evelyn Bartlett Flood
NOTE; NOTE:(my old E-mail address was

Diana Bartlett Palmer
Evelyn, I believe our great grandfathers were brothers!
My great grandfather Levi Bartlett whose father was Daniel and his
mother Mina Finch! I also live in st. Lawrence county!
We have a lot to share!
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Was Levi Bartlett the infant on the 1860 census??

Evelyn Flood