NEWTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS MARRIAGES, BOOK F, PART 2, From 5 March 1899 through 10 February 1901



Newton County, Arkansas Marriages

Book F, Part 2,From 5 March 1899 through 10 February 1901.

Self Published.Copyright 1992(c)by Evelyn M Flood
Lots of information was found after this 1992 issue
Left room after each marriage to add more information<

Transcribed from LDS Microfilm No. l,035,375 and Court Records by MYSELF.
Proofread by MYSELF
Microfilm was sometimes very hard to read.
If name was not clear,put a question mark?? Used the person’s full names, when known.
Sometimes a nickname was listed on the license,
but if I knew full name, used that.
The Surety was usually the father or a family member.
Have researched many families listed in these marriage records.
Found in my research that the men were not always 21 years of age
nor the woman was not the age listed, but much younger or older
If I am not sure of parents names, placed question mark??

Many boys and girls are born after 1880 census,and marry before
1900 and are sometimes "Lost"and are only found by locating a
marriage record in this particular time period.

Used ACTUAL DATE THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED, NOT the date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.

Did not number the pages. The LICENSE NUMBER is the PAGE NUMBER in marriage records.
People will say....these are public records.....well, you WILL NOT find this information in the marriage records at the Jasper Courthouse that I have in my books, such as parents names; census information; childrens' names, other marriages,burial places.etc.
County Marriage Books compiled and printed by myself.
Much information could not be listed due to lack of space in tables.

ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued



THIS ENDS MARRIAGE BOOK F,Part 2 F-241 thru F-480
LDS Microfilm Roll # 1,035,373

These Newton County, Arkansas Marriage Records are condensed from my Newton County, Arkansas Marriage Books

Not responsible for 100% accuracy in these marriage records.

Copyright(c)1992 by Evelyn Flood

Evelyn Flood
Updated 24 Nov 2005
Update: 27 June 2016

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F-241 Henry M Finley, 28,Ponders Ellen Ashlock ,18, Ponders 5 March 1899 J D Finley,Surety by W G Skaggs, J.P. ELLEN died in 1900,buried Walnut Cemetery
F-242 Charley Rice, 26,Kingston Enur(Emer?) Allen, 30, Kingston,Madison County 4 March 1899 J F Potter,Surety by J M King, M.G.
F-243 Elet (Elliott?)Patton 24, Walnut Mary Callahan 18, Walnut 7 March 1899 J M Shinn, Surety by James Hall, J P
F-244 C H Miller 31, Swain Martha Edgmon 20, Swain 12 March 1899 D Snow,Surety J Thomas,J.P.
F-245 John Smith 21 ,Jasper Mrs.Julia Ammons 23, Jasper 9 March 1899 E H Baker, Surety by J L Pierce, J P Benjamin and Isabell Reed Ammons Levi & Sopha Ann Flood Smith Julia married (1)John Sexton in 1890.She married(3)MR.SCRIVEN. She died 1962 Coalgate,OK,buried Atoka,OK
F-246 F M Byers 60,Kingston,Madison County L J Lawson 45, Kingston 10 March 1899, W O Sykes, Surety by John Bowen, M.G.
F-247 William Armer 21, Compton Maggie Petree 23, Compton 26 March 1899 E J Compton,Surety by James Erwin,Boone Co.AR A William Armer is buried in Plumlee Cemetery,near Compton Plumlee Cemetery,Amos Armer(1903-1905),son of W.N.and M.O.
F-249 George B Pruitt 22, Capark Malissa Bell Bryant 19, Fallsville 21 March 1899 F M Basham,Surety by S Y Collins Son John Pruitt,USMC WWI,Medal of Honor Twice.USS Pruitt named for him
F-250 Eli M Jennings (nl),Mossville Samantha Clark 28, Mossville 19 March 1899 John H Moss,Surety by J A Boen
F-251 H L Spencer 17, Quincy Viola Lunsford 17, Quincy 14 March 1899 B A Casey, Surety by J P White,Minister
F-252 James"Thomas" Chaffin 23 Dora Gosnell 18 26 March 1899 Bunk Chaffin,Surety by G W Deony, J.P. Thomas died 1 May 1974 Broken Arrow,OK
F-253 M W Smith 28, Jasper Lillian M Woddell 28 Mammoth Springs 6 April 1899 E E Ammons,Surety by A J Taylor, M.G.
F-254 John Bohanon 24, Limestone Lou Middleton 14, Limestone 9 April 1899 M E Blackwood, Surety by W R Breedlove,M.G. James "Jack" Giles Sarah Isabelle Jackson Middleton John married (2)Dora(B.D.)Middleton in 1904.Lou married (2)A J Houston in 1901
F-255 Earve W Eoff 21,Compton Dora Belle Gibbins 18, Compton 10 April 1899 Parrish Sims, Surety by W P Hammett,M.G. Earve and Dora Belle Eoff are buried in Liberty Cemetery
F-256 E R Woodruff 20, Jasper M L Poyner 16, Jasper 9 April 1899 A Killgore, Surety by E F Leach,J.P.
F-257 Garfield Curtis 18, Walnut Maudie(Mandie?)Casey 12 April 1899 S L Bristow,Surety by Thomas C Bethell Garfield Curtis is buried Walnut Cemetery with illegible tombstone
F-258 T H Bailey 19, Cassville Alice Curtis 18, Cassville 16 April 1899 S T Criss,Surety by A A Neal Several unmarked Criss graves in Cassville Cemetery
F-259 Steve F Criss 25, Cassville Mollie Gardner (nl) 16 April 1899 T H Bailey, Surety by A A Neal Mollie,born May 1880 buried Cassville with no dates on stone
F-260 J Silby Johnson (nl),Elmwood,Boone Co. Ella Hensley (Mary Ella)(nl)about 28 years 24 May 1899 B D Neighbors, Surety by D C Tinsley, J.P. James C & Mary J Morgan Hensley
F-261 Thomas Harris 54, Mossville Abbie Robinson 44, Mossville 18 April 1899 James Strode,Surety by John M Boen Mahala Abbie Strode married Robert Robinson in 1875 Thomas and Abbie Harris buried in Mossville Cemetery
F-262 T M Curnutt 19,Compton Ida Trotter 22, Compton 30 April 1899 J H Barnes, Surety by J H Petree William Calvin & Sabre Ann Reynolds Curnutt William & Sabre are buried Plumlee Cemetery
F-263 G W Truelove 21, Jasper M L James (nl), Jasper 26 April 1899 R F Truelove, Surety by D A Smith,J.P.
F-264 John H Henson 50, Boxley A R Black Villines 31,Boxley(his stepdaughter) 30 April 1899 J R Keeton,Surety by M M Wishon, J.P. John married (1)Nancy J Black in 1877 who died 1898 Adeline Rebecca Black married (1)Frank Villines (died in 1894)
F-265 Richard Perry 22, Capark M A West (nl), Capark 7 May 1899 S Reed,Surety by J L Whitmore
F-266 H S "Luther"Wells 23,Mt.Judea Addie Shuler 18, Mt.Judea 12 May 1899 John W Casteel,Surety by G W Nichols,J.P. William & Sarah Hamilton Shuler Addie lived in Dennison,Texas in 1924
F-267 James M Carter 24, Parthenon Nancy Ann Woodward 18, Parthenon 27 May 1899 W A Bradley, Surety by R C J Matlock
F-268 L B Lee 21,Willcockson Vada Tinsley 15, Willcockson 31 Aug 1899 Duster Snow, Surety by G Carlton
F-269 Austin Bryant 21, Mt.Judea Della Greenhaw 20, Mt.Judea 1 June 1899 R A Heffley,Surety by J M Jackson,J.P. James & Mary Cheatham Greenhaw They moved to Oklahoma
F-270 Alison (Robert A)Heffley 19, Mt.Judea Nervie A Criner 17, Mt.Judea 1 June 1899 Austin Bryant,Surety G W Nichols,J.P. John Bailey and Martha Jane Shuler David Heffley Mt.Judea Cemetery
F-271 John A Cross 23, Jasper Belle Robinson(Rebecca Isabelle) 18, Jasper(died 1908) 4 June 1899 R F Truelove,Surety by J W Campbell,J.P. James T & Lizabeth Curtis Robinson John married (2)Hanna Jones in 1909
F-272 George W Pierce 22, Vendor Mattie Moss 21 Jasper 11 June 1899 Edwin Davis,Surety by J L Pierce,J.P. Lewis & Savanna Alice Wilson Moss James & Rachel Owens Pierce George died 1945 Phoenix,AZ.Mattie died 1959 Oakland,CA
F-273 Henry Lane 45, Yardell Nancy Higgs 46, Yardell 19 June 1899 T R Cooper,Surety by L R Jones, J.P.
F-274 J T Skaggs 22, Walnut Aba Jane Edgmon 18, Cassville 21 June 1899 F L Houston, Surety by J R Stephens
F-275 William B Latimore 23, Spence Amanda E Austin 21, Spence 25June1899 F L Houston,Surety by F M Jackson, J.P.
F-276 Clayborn M Smith 71, Summit (1828-1901) Sallie Atkinson Bolin 44, Vendor (1855-1928) 22 June 1899 Ben E McFerrin,Surety by W H Burdine, J.P. William H T & Arthussee Atkinson Thomas & Ferby Tackett Smith Clayborn married (1)Margaret Jane Mackey
F-277 John Mathias Phillips 22,Jasper Mariah A Self 17, Boxley(died 1907) 25June1899 Ben E McFerrin,Surety by N F Bradley Daniel Russell & Clarissa Brasel Phillips John married (2)Cora J Royce in 1909
F-278 Ell C Skaggs 18, Jasper Ida Emory 18, Yardell 3 July 1899 John Thompson,Surety by J W Campbell,J.P.
F-279 Richard M Morris 21, Yardell Mary Ramsey (nl),Yardell 20 July 1899 S H Harp,Surety by J M Cole, J.P.
F-280 A J Thomas 22, SwainTD> M J Young 19, Swain 2 July 1899 Robert Douthit,Surety by J S Merritt
F-281 P L Allford 42,Beverly,Sebastian County Savina E Burdine 21, Red Rock 3 July 1899 Pete Collins,Surety by J L Pierce,J.P. Jane Burdine Collins
F-282 John Guthrie 17, Mossville Minnie Johnson 17, Boxley 9 July 1899 Robert Moss,Surety by Allen Hudson,M.G.
F-283 Wallie O Demorit 20, Wayton Julia Henderson (nl),Wayton 5 July 1899 Joseph Henderson,Surety by G M Hunt, J.P.
F-284 J P Grisham 50, Compton Julia F Bartlett (30?) Compton 5 July 1899 Ben F McFerrin,Surety by W P Hammett William T & Martha E Bartlett,buried Plumlee Cemetery
F-285 George F Conger 28, Coal Hill,Johnson County M E Marshall 15, Fallsville 12 July 1899 T F Eddings,Surety by J A Boen
F-286 Elias Canady 68, Mt.Hersey (died 1919) Margaret Pike 58, Mt.Hersey 9 July 1899 L G May,Surety by A W Hanson, J.P. Elias married (3)Martha J Tyler Hale in 1905. Elias served Co.K,Cagle's AR Infantry (CSA)Civil War
F-287 W B Dodson 20 , Cave Creek Dora Dickens 17 ,Cave Creek 16 July 1899 V O McGlassen,Surety by Richard Dean, J.P.
F-288 A J Thompson 18, Cave Creek Ada Canady (nl),Cave Creek 18 July 1899 W S Daniel,Surety by E C Dickey
F-289 Lindsey G Hamilton 22, Mt.Judea Gerothia "Joty" Greenhaw 26 July 1899 M M Heffley, Surety by G W Nichols,J.P. James & Mary Cheatham Greenhaw Joseph W & Josephine Atkins Hamilton They supposedly moved to Oklahoma
F-290 Lewis Daniels 69, Murray(died 1915) Satira E Hearse,Owens,Jones Wynne 59, Willcockson 25 July 1899 J R Stephens,Surety by J R Stephens Lewis'first wife Martha Casey Daniels died 1896 Buffalo Cemetery
F-291 William C Case 19, Fallsville Eliza Martin 20, Fallsville 31 July 1899 W T Martin,Surety by Noah P Hudson, M.G. William & Elizabeth are buried in Walnut Cemetery
F-292 William Parish English 19, Chancel(1881-1960) Sarah Jane Sparks 25, Chancel 3 August 1899 John William Pelham,Surety by W R Breedlove,M.G. William married (2)Nettie Emeline Freeman Millsaps Hicks and (3)Maudie B Millsaps Reddell
F-293 William Saward (Soward?) 32, Spence Eliza Waldon (nl), Spence 6 August 1899 Tom Saward (Soward?),Surety by Tom Jackson, J.P.
F-294 L H Jones 21, Limestone Ellie Houston 16, Limestone 17 August 1899 J P Jones, Surety by Thomas C Bethell
F-295 John W Clayborn 21, Limestone Mary L Faught 22, Snow 15 August 1899 J L Davidson,Surety by W R Breedlove,M.G.
F-296 A L Casey 20, Limestone Lucy Hampton 15, Limestone 24 August 1899 A J Clayborn, Surety by Thomas Bethell
F-297 George W Greenhaw 20, Mt.Judea(died 1960) Hester Adams 17, Mt.Judea(died 1914) 24 August 1899 A C Key,Surety by J L Pierce,J.P. George W & Martha Elizabeth Holt Adams Ephriam Kingston "Uncle Pace" Greenhaw & Martha Hefley George Married (2)Ada Harp Crow in 1916.
F-298 Grant G Mooney 25, Fallsville Milley Merritt 21, Fallsville 26 August 1899 W T Ham or W T Horner?,Surety by A E Wilson Grant died 1920,Case Cemetery
F-299 E Barnard 24,Mossville Cora Bell Roberson 16, Mossville 27 August 1899 William Self,Surety by J A Boen
F-300 Sam Owens 26, Limestone Martha Spradley 23, Limestone 3 September 1899 William Adams,Surety by J H Curtis,J.P.
F-301 Nathan Peoples 61, Red Rock Elizabeth Littrell Asher 65, Red Rock(Leonard Asher) 31 August 1899 John M Snow,Surety by J L Pierce,J.P. Nathan M:(1)Catherine Owen(2)Rachel Orlena Miller(Phillips?),(4)Margaret Coon Ricketts 1904 Searcy Co.AR
F-302 Garrett "Letch"Rhynes 21, Snow Manda Sparks 23, Snow 7 September 1899 W B Moss,Surety by Allen Hudson, M.G. Garrett & Anna Lou York Rhynes G L and Manda Rhynes,New Cowell Cemetery
F-303 Thomas Farmer (nl) Jeannette Arbaugh (nl) Bird Farmer,Surety BOND ONLY,REVENUE STAMP ATTACHED FOR $50
F-304 Anthony Casey 71, Parthenon(1826-1910 Buffalo Cemetery Louisa Richards Rutledge 52, Jasper(1843-1908 Buffalo) 4 September 1899 W B Moss,Surety by D A Smith Jesse E & Martha Patsy Coe Casey Anthony's wife (1)Mahala Celia"Sealy"Self died 1890
F-305 Lewis Adams 20, Limestone Ella Casey 19, Limestone 8 September 1899 J M Briscoe,Surety by James Hall, J.P. George & Sarah Canzada Bohanon Casey
F-306 Neut Frazier 23, Quincy Eliza Fox 19, Quincy 7 September 1899 Newt Coker,Surety by B.A.Casey
F-307 G. Ed Earnheart 22, Mt.Hersey Eva Osborn 20, Mt. Hersey 10 September 1899 J F Earnheart,Surety by A W Hamon,J.P.
F-308 J H McGee 22, Boxley Eliza Patty 24, Boxley 14 September 1899 Z H Patty,Surety by M M Wishon, J.P.
F-309 J W Dixon 26 Cave Creek M A Thompson 30, Cave Creek 18 September 1899 J B Moss,Surety by Lewis Lang,M.G.Searcy County
F-310 J C White 21, Gaither (Boone Co.AR) Minnie long 18, Gaither 19 September 1899 J C Barker,Surety by R C Matlock
F-311 David Waters 23, Jasper(died 1910 Jasper Cemetery Linie Ann Campbell 15, Wells Creek 20 September 1899 Gus(Ans?)Harp,Surety by G W Deanny, J.P. John J & Frances Schemadah Waters Linie married (2) W D Shirley in 1913
F-312 William Rylee 21, Murray Pheby Dora Richison (nl),Murray 21 September 1899 R A Douthit,Surety by N F Bradley
F-313 J C James 21, Cave Creek Lizzie Eddings 18, Cave Creek 24 September 1899 John Pruit,Surety by H M Lovelady
F-314 John Armstrong 23, Jasper Margaret Henderson (nl)(15?),Jasper 25 September 1899 John Pruit,Surety by D A Smith, J.P. Was John son of Moses or Julius Armstrong?
F-315 George A Preston 39, Spence Lucinda Wilson 39, Spence 26 October 1899 L W Clark,Surety by F M Jackson,J.P.
F-317 J P Grimes 27, Kingston Martha Whiteley 27, Boxley 5 July 1900 S D Cox,Surety by J M King,Deacon
F-318 William Wyatt Shaddox 20, Yardell(Western Grove Cemetery) Margaret "Ellen" Spears 21,Yardell(Western Grove Cemetery) 1 October 1899 S D Cox,Surety by J M Cole William S & Mary Dickens Spears Andrew Jackson & Louisiana Jones Shaddox
F-319 Asa C Ham 62, Spence(died 1913 Tarlton Cemetery) Elizabeth Cox 62, Spence 1 October 1899 J M Brisco,Surety by F M Jackson Asa served Co.M,Third Arkansas Cavalry(Union)Civil War. Asa married (1)Martha Cooper (2)Martha J Bradshaw Austin (she died 1896)
F-320 J N Claxton (nl) Spicey Freeman (nl) 21 October 1899 NO MARRIAGE PERFORMED BOND ONLY
F-321 Callaway Luper(Thomas C) 22,(1883-1967) Compton Mat (Mattie E) Maybee 18, Compton(1888-1989) 3 October 1899 J B Looper,Surety by J H Petree Jackson Luper(1844-1923) & Margaret Jane Snow(1845-1924)
F-322 A W Lovell 23, Cassville Effie Casey 19, Boxley 15 October 1899 M Carlton,Surety by S Y Collins
F-323 J R Striklen 25, Willcockson Martha Wynne 20, Willcockson 8 October 1899 W N Hickman,Surety by D C Tinsley, J.P. >/TR>
F-324 Ben Neighbors 21, Willcockson Dosia Shaddox 21, Willcockson 8 October 1899 J W Casteel, Surety by J H Raulston, J.P. James C & Nancy Clayton Neighbors
F-325 James Blackstone 22, Compton Mary E "Cliffie"Bell 17, Compton 12 October 1899 Parish Sims,Surety by John Bowen,M.G. James and Mary E "Cliffie"are buried Plumlee Cemetery
F-326 Ed Cass 21, Wayton Harriet Sparks (nl),Wayton 22 October 1899 J L Daniels,Surety by W R Breedlove,M.G.
F-327 Finley Noe 28, Limestone Rachel Smith 20, Limestone 22 October 1899 S N Noe, Surety by N F Bradley
F-328 Alexander Monroe Cole 26, Yardell Dora Bethany 26, Yardell 29 October 1899 G W Bethany,Surety by H M Lovelady C H & Martha Pierce Bethany Dennis & Malinda Young Cole Altie Cole(daughter)1904-1905 Western Grove Cemetery
F-329 Levi Casey 20, Parthenon Letha Hudson 19, Parthenon 30 October 1899 Jesse Casey,Surety by D A Smith,J.P. William Uriah & Mary Elizabeth Calton Casey Levi & Letha are buried Buffalo Cemetery
F-330 L W Carlton 22, Jasper Nancy Hudson (nl),JasperM/TD> 30 October 1899 J M Shinn, Surety by D A Smith, J.P.
F-331 Joe A Young 25, Low Gap Lena Bullock 18, Low Gap 5 Novmber 1899 James W Young, Surety by M M Wishon, J.P.
F-332 Dill Collins 49, Vendor Miss Sarah (Cowan)Pierce 25, Vendor 7 November 1899 J H Rush,Surety by W H Burdine, J.P. William Cowan Stepdaughter of Margaret Elizabeth Pierce Smith Cowan Cable
F-333 William "Billy"Daniel Greenhaw 29, Mt.Judea "Tennie" O'Neal 21, Mt. Judea 9 November 1899 J Town Greenhaw,Surety by G W Nichols, J.P. Jane O'Neal William married (1)Margaret J Campbell
F-334 John Riley Spencer 22, Jasper Odie Goodall 13, Jasper 13 November 1899 Neut Spencer,Surety by D A Smith John & Odie buried Jasper Cemetery
F-335 George L Bowen (57?), Murray Amanda Carlton Graham 34,Murray(widow of Thadus K Graham) 19 November 1899 Robert Douthit,Surety by A W Hammon, J.P. William C & Emily Eliza Hull Carlton(Buffalo Cemetery)
F-336 J W Iness 23, Yardell Virgie Reynolds 17, Yardell 22 November 1899 J D Keys,Surety by A W Hammon, J.P. Certificate is signed "J H C Iness"
F-337 H L Tomlin 45, Boxley Arzonia Spradling 22, Boxley 3 Dec 1899 W S Allen,Surety by R R Harvey, J.P.
F-338 Bartley "Doke"Rich 22, Parthenon(died 1942;Sexton Cemetery Sarah Wilson 16, Parthenon(10 children.She died 1931) 8 Dec 1899 J K Jones,Surety by R C J Matlock Hustin & Mary Sisco Wilson Harvey Doak & Mary Underwood Rich Doke married (2)Thenia Foster Campbell Tennison
F-339 G W Simpson 32, Mt.Hersey R C Linder 32, Mt.Hersey 10 December 1899 J A Miller,Surety by A W Hamon, J P
F-340 John W Patton 28, Fallsville Mary E Roberts 28, Fallsville 24 December 1899 John M Brisco,Surety by W T Cowan, J P
F-341 J M Lewis 25, Stenger (Scott County) Effie Cole 24 Stenger 3 December 1899 M H Laurey,Surety by R C J Matlock
F-342 Thomas R Cooper 25, Yardell Sarah Victoria "Vick" Susan Bethany 20, Yardell 17 December 1899 James Morris, Surety by J M Cole, J P Charles H Bethany & Martha Pierce George W & Manerva Ann Morris Cooper Thomas died 1961 Duncan,Oklahoma
F-343 A A Finley 24, Swain M B Ashlock 15, Limestone 24 December 1899 J D Finley,Surety by A E Wilson
F-344 J J Cowell 28, Parthenon Mallisa Breedlove 16, Summitt 24 December 1899 J V Cowell,Surety by J B Sparks, J P
F-345 Ambrose King 24, Parthenon Arminta Dona Carlton 22,Parthenon(Died 1900,Buffalo Cemetery 28 December 1899 Levi J Self, Surety by R C J Matlock Anderson & Sarah Jane Murphy Carlton
F-346 Charles Markle 23,Dodd City (Marion County) Isabelle McCurley 17, Jasper 29 December 1899 Levi Henderson,Surety by E F Leach, J P
F-347 Lon Trotter 17, Compton Edna Chafin 16, Compton 7 Jan 1900 Thomas Curnett, Surety by J H Petree
F-348 A J Edwards 21, Quincy Aley Casey 15, Quincy 7 January 1900 B A Casey,Surety by B A Casey, J P
F-349 Jerry Monroe Ricketts 25, Red Rock Ollie Harris (nl)(1883-1920 Deer Cemetery) 11 January 1900 Hoyle Harris,Surety by W H Burdine, J P William G Harris & Louiza Anna Robinson William Smithson Ricketts and Sarah Smith Jerry married (2)Floy Heydenreich
F-350 J W Shipman 26, Capark Susan A Sasser 18, Capark 11 January 1900 J H R McKnight,Surety by I J Whiteley
F-351 John C Wilson 22, Boxley Lou Lane 21, Boley 14 January 1900 J A Boen,Surety by J A Boen
F-352 J M Lovell 26, Cassville Sada Belle Mitchell 15, Cassville 14 January 1900 T Frank Eddings, Surety by N P Hudson, M.G.,Johnson County Sadie Belle died 1907,Curtis Cemetery
F-353 N J Gardner 21, Cassville Sarah Edgmon 34, Cassville 14 January 1900 J M Brisco,Surety by L H Rowlett, M.G. Lawrence County
F354 J W Willson 28,Jasper Sarah Annie Spears 28,Jasper 12 January 1900 J M Brisco,Surety by A C Phillips, M.G.
F-355 Alfred Allread 22, Dinsmore Ora Bunch 19, Dinsmore 14 January 1900 Joe Henderson,Surety by J H Boen Ora and Alfred are buried Liberty Cemetery
F-356 H C Hagar 28,Red Rock Ruth Peoples 18, Red Rock 15 January 1900 W A Ewin,Surety by W H Burdine, J P John & Sarah Hampton Peoples Ruth married (2)G W Pierce in 1902 and (3)Joseph C Farmer in 1906
F-357 W C Ryker 20, Ryker Mary E Allen 18,Fallsville 18 January 1900 F M Basham,Surety by S Y Collins
F-358 Isham Storms (nl) John H Ston?(signed) Deliah Bryant 18,Ryker 21 January 1900 J M Moss, Surety, Marion Moss signed J B Edwards Confusing as another signed Bond or Marriage Certificate
F-359 G W Casey 23, Limestone Lula Houston 19, Chancel 1 Feb 1900 W P Spears,Surety by W R Breedlove Uriah & Elizabeth Spradley Casey? 1880 Union Twp.Newton Co.AR.,Visit 110
F-360 John A Reddell 26, Mt.Judea Arizona Freeman 20,Mt.Judea 21 January 1900 John Ricketts,Surety by G W Nichols John & Missouri Parker Freeman David Vincent Reddell & Elizabeth Criner John & Arizona are buried in Sexton Cemetery
F-361 Thomas Baker 29, Boxley Mary Susa Villines (nl)(26?) 7 Feb 1900 W H Villines,Surety by M M Wishon Thomas and "Susa" Baker are buried Beechwood Cemetery
F-362 J T "Jep"Smith 22, Red Rock Lizzie Peoples 22, Red Rock 28 January 1900 W R Pierce,Surety by W H Burdine, J P John & Sarah Hampton Peoples John & Mary Shatswell Smith??
F-363 William "Will N Smith 23, Jasper(died Orange Co.CA Jennie Reams Cooper 20, Jasper 28 January 1900 G R Burdine,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Levi and Sopha Ann Flood Smith Jennie married (1)Alfred Cooper.Will married(2) Dora Armstrong.
F-364 William "Willie"S Ricketts 20, Red Rock Nora Harris 15, Red Rock 30 January 1900 P H Hallums,Surety by J L Pierce, J P Washington Hoyle Harris & Narcissus Belle Bowman Willie had married (1)Sarah L Reddell who died 1899.He later married (3)Lou Etta Atkinson
F-365 Robert W McGowan 31, Capark Susan Mattingly 25, Capark 1 Feb 1900 S D Cox,Surety by S Y Collins Rhil McGowan 1880 Jackson Twp.,Newton Co.AR.with mother Rhil 25 b:AR;Robert 11;Jane 4 and John 2
F-366 Thomas Madison Sexton 23, Mt.Judea Martha E Burdine 18,Red Rock 4 Feb 1900 John O'Neal,Surety by J L Pierce,J P Daniel & Mary Reddell Sexton Jane Burdine Thomas and Martha are buried Starr Cemetery,Muskogee Co.OK
F-367 John M Brisco 20, Jasper Mattie Moss 15, Jasper 3 May 1900 Martin T Brisco,Surety by D A Smith J P Martin T Brisco & America Cross Wright
F-368 G Jack Mooney 28, Limestone A M Molly Flippo 23, Parthenon 8 Feb 1900 J P Simmons,Surety by W N Sams William Haywood Flippo & Mary Elizabeth Simmons John & Halley Louiza"Lida"Bohannon Mooney Molly & Jack are buried in Essex Cemetery
F-369 William N Davis 24, Limestone Susie E Curtis 17, Limestone 14 Feb 1900 Ed Thomas,Surety by J H Curtis, J P John Newton & Sarah Caroline Clayborn Davis Davis children:Stella (1900-1906) and Pearly A (1902-1905)Curtis Cemetery
F-370 L M Millsaps 18, Chancel Amanda Kynies(Kines?) 23 Chancel 11 Feb 1900 W A Bradley,Surety by W R Breedlove, M G
F-371 Martin Francis 27, Cassville Kattie Hankins(Hawkins?) 25, Cassville 28 Feb 1900 Bettus Daniel,Surety by J L Merritt
F-372 James Smith 18, Red Rock Minnie Mae Shatswell 16, Red Rock(died 1970s Greenwood Cemetery,Eufaula,OK 22 Feb 1900 John Shatswell,Surety by J B O'Neal Thomas C & Rutha Jones Shatswell Stephen & Polly O'Neal Smith See "Stephen Smith Story in my Kinfolks Stories
F-373 Lawrence McDougal 20,Yardell Mary Martin 25 Feb 1900 James Brasel,Surety by A W Hamon, J P Archibald McDougal & Elizabeth Spears
F-374 T A Petty 32, Mt.Judea Sarah Arminda "Minda"Mackey 17, Vendor 25 Feb 1900 Lish Peoples,Surety by J L Pierce,J P Henderson Mackey & Nancy J Milligan Mackey Brassfield see "Henry Woody Smith Story" on my web site for more information
F-375 James Claxton 22, Spence Louisie Slape 20, Spence 11 March 1900 Harrison Jackson,Surety by F M Jackson Zack & Nancy Caroline Claxton(1880 Mill Creek,Visit 231) There are Claxtons buried in Tarlton Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
F-376 J B "Jeems"Sams 23, Swain Maggie Wilson 17, Swain 8 March 1900 E M Ashlock,Surety by James Hall, J P Warren Sams & Catherine Norton Jeems & Maggie are buried Hickory Grove Cemetery
F-377 W T Marshall 18, Fallsville Nannie Hatcher 16, Fallsville 21 March 1900 W B Walker, Surety by J A Boen
F-378 Robert Lee Walker 22, Boxley Mary A Sparks 19,Murray 21 March 1900 S J Whiteley,Surety by J P Casey, J P Eldridge & Malinda Campbell Walker Robert & Mary are buried Walnut Grove Cemetery
F-379 J W Arbaugh 21, Compton Minnie Roseberry 16, Compton 1 April 1900 Lon Trotter,Surety by M M Wishon William & Sarah E Woodward Arbaugh
R-380 G W Davis 21, Spence Martha E Holt Reynolds 25?, Chancel 25 March 1900 J B Moss,Surety by Rev. J H Holloway Martha E Holt Reynolds b:1865;1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 29-31
F-381 Lorenzo "Ranz"Wynn 26, Willcockson Susie Lee 20, Willcockson 28 March 1900 P M Spencer,Surety by D C Tinsley, J P J M & Sarah Jones Wynn 1880 Mill Creek Twp.,Visit 285
F-382 J D Finley 29, Swain Darthola Thomas 17, Swain 1 April 1900 no one signed surety:married by J M Thomas, J P
F-383 Thomas P Pellham 21, Parthenon Ader Cowell 16,Parthenon 1 April 1900 A G Smith,Surety by R C J Matlock William & Nancy Clarkson Pellham 1880 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 196-198
F-384 G R Perryman 22, Quincy Malissa Fox 17, Quincy 6 April 1900 E C Fox, Surety B A Casey, J P
F-385 James F Pruitt 18,Limestone Sarah Cooksey 16, Limestone 8 April 1900 J A Davison,Surety by J C Curtis, J P
F-386 William Thomas Farmer 22, Compton Jennette Arbaugh 18, Compton 8 April 1800 B A Farmer,Surety by M M Wishon W.Harrison Farmer & Mary Villines William & Jennette are buried Beechwood Cemetery
F-387 William Riley Pierce 25, Vendor. Bonnie Adams Harp 20, Vendor 17 April 1900 E E Ammons,Surety by W H Burdine, J P George W Adams & Martha E Holt(Charles K Holt & Mary Barnett Campbell family) John L Pierce & Mary Maranda Flood Bonnie Adams married (1)Sammie Harp who died 1899.Moved to Eufaula,OK
F-388 David Walter Daniel 24, Spence Eliza May Ferguson 16, Spene 15 May 1900 James Daniel,Surety by Richard Dean, J P Jim & Nancy Ann West Daniel David Daniel(6Dec1876--13July1958 Tarlton Cemetery)
F-389 W E Reynolds 30, Jasper A M Dodson 19, Jasper 16 April 1900 E F Leach,Surety by E F Leach, J P
F-390 John Anderson Tennison 22, Red Rock Nancy Delfina"Fina"Cheatham 22, Red Rock(died 1927 New Cowell Cemetery) 29 April 1900 George Cooper,Surety(signed with his mark) by W H Burdine, J P Mac & Nancy Jane Tennison Cheatham John A Tennison married (2)Ida Wheeler in 1928.He died 1962 Lamar,Barry Co.MO
F-391 George William"Snake"Cooper 21, Red Rock Martha Cheatham 19,Red Rock(died 1918 Red Rock Cemetery) 29 April 1900 John Tennison,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Mathew & Nancy Tennison Cheatham George married (2)Angie Baker in 1919
F-392 Irvin M "Doc"Tennison 18, Cave Creek "Vilona "Tennie"Tennessee Hamilton 20,Cave Creek 29 May 1900 W J Martin,Surety by J W Tennison, M.G. John Seaphas & Elizabeth "Lizzie"Dickey Hamilton Mathew & Lucy Cheatham Tennison Irvin & Tennie are buried in McCutcheon Cemetery
F-393 Thomas D Hendrix 63, Snow Mary E McGowan Davis 45, Chancel 6 May 1900 William Rutledge,Surety by J B Sparks, J P Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 103
F-394 Charley J Hoppis 22, Wells Creek Matilda Annie Armstrong 17, Wells Creek 18 May 1900 Thomas Chaffin,Surety by J W Campbell, J P Henry Clingamon Armstrong & Mary Jane Bolin
F-395 J F Williford 38, Ryker Mary Sasser 20, Ryker 4 May 1900 E E Ammons,Surety by T J Ryker, J P
F-396 L R Willis 27, Murray Pernicia A Wright 18,Boxley 29 May 1900 J L Daniels,Surety by J R Whiteley, J P
F-397 Other O Smith 23, Jasper Mary N "Mamie" Boomer (nl), Jasper 26 May 1900 J H McFerrin,Surety by D A Smith, J P David & Malinda J Smith 1910 Jackson Twp.with children: Blake,David,Clem & Myra Smith
F-398 Riley A Shelton 32, Quincy(Died 1950 Richland Cemetery) Susan Greenhaw Gregory 19, Cave Creek(Married (1)Henry Gregory in 1896) 3 June 1900 J W Ward, Surety by J P White, J P Daniel Gabriel Greenhaw & Lucy Standridge Riley married (1)Caroline "Callie"Cavin who died 1899
F-399 Lemuel R Sparks 27, Chancel Malissa N Sexton 19, Chancel 7 June 1900 Joe Millsap,Surety by J H Holloway William R Sexton & Sarah Davis This may be Mallisa's second marriage?
F-400 Jess Pendergraft 32,Kingston (Madison County) Dora Bell Martin 26, Kingston 9 June 1900 W G Barnes,Surety by David Tucker, J P, Madison County
F-401 William Monday 22, Marble City Louisa Martin 15, Marble City 10 July 1900 H L Neighbors, Surety by J H Raulston
F-402 Josh Stephens 20,Murray Rosa Riley 18,Murray 12 July 1900 J E A Doil,Surety by Parker Young, M.G.
F-403 Cicero Columbus Smelley 22, Kingston Lucinda Arnette "Nettie" Clark 20,Boxley 15July 1900 Ed A Potts, Surety by J S Simmons James Martin Clark & Martha Jane Lee Walnut Grove Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
F-404 James Robertson 21, Yardelle Maggie Graham 16, Yardelle 22 July 1900 J F Moore,Surety
F-405 Jasper Sanders Jr. 21, Yardelle Della Martin 18, Yardelle 29 July 1900 Jasper Sanders, A W Hamon, J P
F-406 W C George 20, Cave Creek Zadie E Dickey 15, Cave Creek 29July 1900 T P Martin,Surety by Richard Dean, J P W C George (1878-1936 McCutcheon Cemetery
F-407 Joe G Ketcherside 19, Tarlton Nola Ham 18, Spence 29 July 1900 G J Daniel,Surety by F M Jackson Five children buried Tarlton Cemetery with no dates
F-408 W R Sparks 19, Boxley Nettie Whiteley 18, Boxley 1 August 1900 J P Sparks, Surety by J P Casey
F-409 Charley Robinson 20, Mossville Lula Blue 20, Mossville 2 August 1900 J C Barker,Surety by John M Boen
F-410 John N Pelham 24, Ft.Douglas,Johnson County Mary J Sexton 16, Chancel(died 1910) 5 August 1900 Jas A White,Surety by Benton C Davis, M.G. Willim R Sexton & Sarah Davis John N Pelham married (2)Martha Anna Sexton(3)Roxie Adeline Collins
F-411 Esais S Spears 24, Yardelle Ruthie Reynolds 19, Yardelle 8 August 1900 S D Cox,Surety by A W Hamon, J P Thomas J & Mary Spears
F-412 David Bennett 41, Limestone(Casey Cemetery) Delia Carlton Hyatt(Married (1)T R Hyatt in 1892) 12 August 1900 A Bennett, Surety by J H Curtis,J P Marion B Carlton Hugh & Malinda Bennett Daughter Julie Bennett Case (Roy Case)1908-1934 Casey Cemetery)
F-413> David Thomas 24, Fallsville George Ann Eastep 18,Fallsville 14 August 1900 Elias Sutherland,Surety by W T Cowan, J P
F-414 Larkin Tedford 26, Willcockson Cena Nixon 11 August 1900 J D Wynne, Surety by J H Raulston, J P William A Tedford & Mary E Hefley?(1860 & 1870 Mill Creek Larkin died 1956 Johnson Co.AR
F-415 Robert A Harrison 22, Jasper Mary Phillips 18,Parthenon 18 August 1900 Fred Harrison,Surety by R C J Matlock
F-416 William F Morris 23, Yardelle Anna Jones 24, Yardelle 19 August 1900 A J Hurst,Surety by G W Dearing,J.P. Thomas Richard & Mary E Gladden Morris 1880 Polk Twp.,Visit 126-121
F-417 James F Durham 25, Fallsville Mantie A Lewis 19, Fallsville 26 August 1900 Thomas J Hibbard,Surety by B F Hibbard
F-418 James P Griffin 28, Swain Effie Harrison 15, Swain 28 August 1900 Robert Douthit,Surety by S H Rowlett,M.G. William H & Myra Self Griffin?? There is a James Griffin buried in Walnut Cemetery.No dates
F-419 William T Martin 21, Yardelle Lizzie Galigar 18, Yardelle 2 September 1900 J A Martin,Surety by J M Cole,J P
F-420 Ben C Taylor 26, Cave Creek Anna Knight 16, Spence 2 September 1900 J K Jones,Surety by J H Holloway Jesse R & Mallisa Emeline McCutcheon Taylor
F-421 James Jones 21,Yardell Rose Robinson 17, Yardell 2 September 1900 G W Dearing,Surety by G W Dearing,J P
F-422 Melvin Reynolds 20, Yardell Canzada Thompson 20, Jasper 5 September 1900 John A Cross,Surety by G W Dearing, J P John Dickson & Sarah Frances Jones Reynolds Melvin was twin to Alvin Reynolds
F-423 James B White 23, Walnut H M Young 18, Walnut 13 September 1900 Robert Douthit,Surety by James Hall, J P
F-424 Thomas Nixon 18, Willcockson Vera Tippit 16, Willcockson 16 September 1900 H L Neighbors,Surety by J H Raulston
F-425 John Willis 57, Murray Sarah Murray McPherson 30, Murray(Mossville Cemetery) 16 September 1900 J C Willis,Surety by H E Wilson Dan Granville & Thenia Gray Murray Sarah married (1)Albert McPherson 1890.She married(3) James Strode in 1909
F-426 W W Bearden 37, Jasper Anna Phillips 22, Hindsville 8 October 1900 E E Ammons,Surety by G W Lynch,M.G. Madison County
F-427 D C McAfee 25, Boxley Carrie Inman 18, Carrollton 23 September 1900 Lee Elmore,Surety by P A Sartain
F-428 Fred (Fausto)Orton Boomer 60, Jasper(1834-1913 Jasper Cemetery) Sarah F Jefferson 42, Spence(died 1935 Jasper Cemetery 26 September 1900 W S Moore,Surety by B A Casey, J P He married (1)Harriett Hayles (1842-1890 Jasper Cemetery)
F-429 Thomas Shatswell 19, Red Rock Rachel Smith 19, Parthenon 30 September 1900 Kelse Shatswell,Surety by J B O'Neal William M & Mary Polly Smith Shatswell
F-430 Ross Green 21, Jasper Anvilee Jones 17, Willcockson 30 September 1900 J C Barker,Surety by D C Tinsley, J P Ross & Anvilee are buried Western Grove Cemetery
F-431 Elihu Emory Maggard 44, Quincy Mary J Standridge 28,Quincy 11 November 1900 S D Cox,Surety by J H Dixon Alexander & Cinda Ross Standridge Elihu married (1)Nancy Cornett,grandparents of Bud Phillips
F-432 Isiah H Payne 25, Cave Creek Nellie F Taylor 21, Cave Creek 4 October 1900 Riley Payne,Surety by J R D Dodson Young & Juretta Minyard Taylor Wesley & Lidda Lizabeth Dodson Payne
F-433 John Hanner Dickey 45, Cave Creek(died 1914 McCutcheon Cemetery) Rettie Strong 27, Cave Creek 4 October 1900 W P Spears, Surety by Richard Dean, J.P. John Rubin & Mary Jane George Strong Hamilton Crockett & Alabama Payne Dickey Rettie died 1928,Sexton Cemetery
F-434 William Thomas 20, Swain Iva Luke 17, Spence 4 October 1900 Ben E McFerrin,Surety by F M Jackson, J P
F-435 W N Coker 22,Eros Cordelia Edwards 21, Quincy 5 October 1900 W P Spears, Surety by B A Casey,J P
F-436 K R Matlock 21, Parthenon Maud Carlton 16, Parthenon 7 October 1900 Fred T Hudson,Surety by N F Bradley
F-437 C R Campbell 26, Earwood (Boone County Cora E Shaddox 16, Willcockson 4 October 1900 Dave Greer,Surety by J H Raulston, J P
F-438 Dave Greer 26, Willcockson Daisy Stricklin 18, Gaither 15 October 1900 C R Campbell,Surety by L F Carlton, J P
F-439 Harvey Atchison 28, Harrison (Boone County) Minnie Dodson 19, Cave Creek 15 October 1900 L W Clark, Surety by Richard Dean, J P
F-440 Joe Breedlove 27, Summit Rona Martin 21, Summit 21 October 1900 J H Moss,Surety by J B Sparks,J P
F-441 J M Boling 19,Capark Tennessee Roberts 17, Ryker 25 Oct 1900 E E Ammons,Surety by S Y Collins
F-442 William Curtis 35, Cassville Samyra Lovell 36, Swain 24 October 1900 Bob Douthit,Surety by J M Thomas,J P
F-443 Charley Holt 29, Mt.Judea Nancy Doty 22, Jasper 25 october 1900 E J Henderson,Surety by E F Leach,J P Joseph & Nice R Harp Doty Andrew Jackson & Sarah Sparks(Armstrong)Holt Daughter Donnie Holt(b:1907)married Daniel Levi Sexton,son of Thomas & Martha Burdine Sexton
F-444 Charlie Sloan 18, Jasper Ara Henderson 17, Jasper 28 Oct 1900 N M Sloan,Surety by E F Leach, J P
F-445 Columbus F Carlton 21, Low Gap Mattie Waters 18, Low Gap 28 Oct 1900 Sherman Carlton,Surety by M M Wishon, J P John E & Eliza E Reeves Waters James M & Nancy Murray Carlton Columbus died 1946 Low Gap Cemetery,Mattie died 1923,Tarlton Cemetery
F-446 Eli Eastep (nl) Ola Hamons (nl) 26 October 1900 Joe Eastep,Surety NO MARRIAGE AT THIS TIME FOR THIS COUPLE
F-447 Ernest c Shinn 20, Yardelle(1879-1952) Effie M Moore 16. Willcockson(1884-1983) 28 October 1900 J M Shinn,Surety by James M Cole, J P Ernest and Effie are buried in Jasper Cemetery
F-448 John E Upton 40, Jasper(1852-1927 Armstrong Cemetery) Mary Riggs Hill 22, Jasper(1879-1966 Armstrong Cemetery 4 November 1900 Nat Phillips,Surety by R C J Matlock Thomas Benton Riggs & Gracie Jane Armstrong Mary adopted Ted Jones,son of Will Jones & Liz Lucas.Mary married (1)Thomas Hill in 1897
F-449 E C Stricklin 20, Gaither (Boone County) Biddie Farmer 16, Gaither 7 November 1900 T A Chaffin,Surety by D C Tinsley, J P
F-450 W D Dial 24, Kingston (Madison County) Josie Whiteley 22, Boxley Bob Douthit, Surety by E A Potts, J P
F-451 Paris Ward 18, Ryker Barbery E Bryant 18, Mt.Judea 8 November 1900 J B Edwards,Surety by J B Edwardxs
F-452 H Thomas Collins 25, Vendor(1874-1947 Smith Cemetery) Rosa Pierce 17, Vendor(1883-1907? Sexton Cemetery) 22 November 1900 A R McPherson,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Joseph & Martha Elizabeth Mathis Pierce Edmond & Mary Polly Cross Collins Rosa left children:Walter,Elsie Elizabeth & Mary Ellen Collins
R M Breedlove (nl) Tennie Price (nl) James Brasel,Surety NO MARRIAGE LICENSE ISSUED BOND ONLY
F-454 J J D Richardson 23, Compton Delia Villines 23, Compton 29 November 1900 J M Richardson, Surety by J T Buchanan, J P
F-455 Samuel Clayborne Smith 21, Vendor Susan A Reddell 25, Vendor 6 December 1900 Ben Wells,Surety by Nathan Peoples David Vincent Reddell & Elizabeth Criner Martin Tackett Smith & Rhoda Standridge Samuel & Susan are buried Smith Cemetery
F-456 Jesse Cross 20, Vendor Martha Freeman 18, Vendor 6 December 1900(later divorced) M.Carlton, Surety by Alfred Smith,J P James Cross & Mary E Hamilton Jesse married (2)Janie Harrison.Carver Cemetery with no tombstone
F-457 James Rhynes 20, Snow Mary Snow 18, Snow 9 December 1900 N P Holland, Surety by J B Sparks, J P
F-459 Joseph Adams 19, Limestone Tennie Casey 16, Limestone 9 December 1900 Albert Casey,Surety by Thomas C Bethel(Scott County) Joseph (1883-1947)& Tennie(1885-1952), Deer Cemetery
F-459 Bob Farmer 19, Jasper Liza (Louisa?) Cambell 14, Wells Creek 9 December 1900 J K Jones,Surety by G W Dearing, J P
F-460 Marion Garrison 33, Limestone Annie Wheeler 19, Chancel ? December 1900 Jeff Garrison,Surety by L J Garrison
F-461 George Frank Reddell 36, Cave Creek (died 1913 Bens Branch) Louraner Elizabeth Eddings (nl),Cave Creek 16 December 1900 J K Deacon Jones,Surety by Richard Dean, J P Warren & Elizabeth Mayberry Eddings Hugh Reddell & Mary Serena Wyatt George m:(1)Mary Salmon(died 1899)Louraner m: (2)Moses M Hall in 1914
F-462 Luther Thomas 22, Swain Lula Mays 15, Swain 16 December 1900 Joe Thomas,Surety by Lon Lee, J P Sidney & Martha Staggs Thomas Luther & several Thomas children,Mossville Cemetery
F-463 L H Schweitzer 51, Harrison (Boone County) Jennie Dodson 46, Cave Creek 27 December 1900 C W Thompson, Surety by N E Taylor, J P
F-464 L H Harp 20, Willcockson D E Ewin(Ervin?) 15, Willcockson 23 Decembeer 1900 J B Moss,Surety by D C Tinsley, J P
F-465 Columbus C Edgmon 24, Swain(1874-1948) Darcus Sams 17, Swain(1884-1931) 27 December 1900 John M Brisco,Surety by Parker Young,J P C C & Darcus are buried Mossville Cemetery
F-466 Berry Mathis 22, Jasper Permelia Brasel 21, Jasper 26 December 1900 W P Spears,Surety by R C J Matlock John R & Mary Jane Riddle Brasel After Berry's death,Permelia"Melia"married several more times.
F-467 William Dollison 18, Boxley Nancy C Cochran 21, Boxley 28 December 1900 S D Cox,Surety by M M Wishon
F-468 R J Wood 25, Quincy Hattie Standridge (nl)(18?),Quincy 1 January 1901 J M Perryman, Surety by John Boyd Jeremiah Standridge
F-469 Thomas J Edwards 21, Vendor Rosetta E"Rosa" Slape 20, Tarlton 3 January 1901 John W Liles, Surety by George w Hamm, J P Rosetta E & Thomas are buried Plumlee Cemetery
F-470 Rufus W Clark 26, Mt.Judea Ida Sexton 19, Mt.Judea 6 January 1901 Stanton Clark, Surety by G W Nichols,J P Rufus (1878-1942 Beechwood Cemetery
F-471 Thomas Blackstone 21, Compton Rosa Lee Dawson 18, Compton 13 January 1901 E.Eoff,Surety by S W Newberry,United Baptist M.G. Thomas & Rosa are buried Plumlee Cemetery
F-472 Jesse McGowan 22, Jasper Ollie Bivens 19, Jasper 15 January 1901 J H Cross, Surety by T G Henderson, J P
F-473 Thomas Greenhaw 21, Mt.Judea Nellie Holt 18, Mt. Judea 24 January 1901 Berry Greenhaw,Surety by G W Nichols, J P Charles Kendrell & Mary Barnett Campbell Holt George W & Margaret Lavina Cook Greenhaw Berry & Nellie are buried Sexton Cemetery
F-474 Hezekiah K Villines 18, Boxley Pearl Carlto 16, Low Gap 27 January 1901 George Villines,Surety by M M Wishon,J P Hezekiah died 1930, Beechwoods Cemetery
F-475 Alexander Franklin Phillips 22, Jasper Nannie Cantrell 15, Jasper 27 January 1901 J N B Phillips,Surety by C W Thompson,County Judge Absalom & Sarah Elizabeth Davis Phillips
F-476 Charles W Deul (nl), Cave Creek Barbee E Ward 19, Cave Creek 17 January 1901 G R Curtis, Surety by Richard Dean, J P
F-477 George W Baucom 27, Deer Nancy J Brown 18, Deer 28 January 1901 J A F Barber,Surety by W S Henderson George married (1)Sarah Taylor in 1891
F-478 M Frank Scroggins 21, Boxley Malissie Villines (nl),Boxley 2 February 1901 O O Smith, Surety by M M Wishon Frank (1879-1958)Malissa (1885-1902?)Beechwoods Cemetery
F-479 George Villines 33, Boxley(Beechwoods Cemetery) Flora Walker 28, Boxley 6 February 1901 H K Villines,Surety by M M Wishon William & Rebecca Cecil Villines George m:(1)Harriet Moore in 1886(Beechwoods);Lela Richardson in 1888
F-480 James N Morris 22, Yardell Daisy Majors 17, Yardell 10 February 1901 S H Harp,Surety by G W Dearing Daisy (1883-1940)James (1878-1964)Sandhill Cemetery