NEWTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS MARRIAGES, BOOK F, PART 1, From 14 January 1897 through 5 March 1899 F-1 through F-140

Newton County, Arkansas Marriages

Book F, Part 1,From 14 January 1897 through 5 March 1899

Self Published 1992(c)by Evelyn M Flood



Transcribed from Microfilm No. l,035,375 and Court Records by MYSELF.
Microfilm was sometimes very hard to read. If name was not clear,
put a question mark?? Used the person’s full names, when known.
Sometimes a nickname was listed on the license, but if I knew full
name, used that.
The Surety was usually the father or a family member.
Have researched many families listed in these marriage records.
Found in my research that the men were not always 21 years of age
nor the woman was not the age list, but much younger.
If I am not sure of parents names, placed question mark??

Used ACTUAL DATE THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED, NOT the date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.

I did not number the pages. The License Number is the page number.
People will say....these are public records.....well,
you WILL NOT find this information in the marriage records
at the Jasper Courthouse that I have in my books, such as parents names; census information; childrens names, other marriages,
burial places.etc.
County Marriage Books compiled and printed for sale by myself.
Much information could not be listed due to lack of space in these

ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued

DO NOT LINK THIS INFORMATION TO YOUR WEBSITE without my written permission

l .
F-1 Jack Hopkins 27, Boxley F(Flossie?) V Shipman 18, Boxley 14 January 1897 R L McKay,Surety.By J J Whiteley, JP 1920 Lonoak Co.AR.??
F-2 Oliver Gallantine 21, Limestone Parolee C. Robinson 16, Limestone 17 Jan 1897 C S Ballenger,Surety.By George N Bethel,JP Joseph & Ruth (mnu)Carter Gallantine 1900 Newton Co.AR,Pleasant Hill Twp,Visit 20
F-3 Anderson Cable 67,Vendor Margaret E Pierce 47,Vendor 15 Jan 1897 M.Armstrong, Surety.By J L Pierce, JP John L. Sr. & Mary Polly Burdine Pierce Margaret m.(1)George W Smith(2)William\Lorenzo Dow Cowan
F-4 Joel Curtis 30, Cassville Elizabeth Reynolds 24,Johnson Co. AR 24 Jan 1897 R W Harrison,Surety.By J M Harris,JP Amos & Cecelia Daniels Curtis
F-5 Simon Flud 44, Limestone(See 'Simon Flud Story' Mrs.Sarah Jane Sparks Barber 28, Chancel 20 Jan 1897 W S Moore, Surety.By Thomas C Bethel,M.G. Jesse & Elizabeth Owen Sparks Nathaniel & Mary Polly Jones Flood Sarah m.(1)J.L.Barber 1886.Simon m(1)Matilda Curry(2)Mary Reeves
F-6 William Alfred Shatswell 22, Red Rock Virginia S "Jennie" Smith 17, Red Rock 22 Jan 1897 G W Peoples,Surety.By W B Nichols, JP James W & Mary Tennison Smith Thomas C & Rutha Mariah Jones Shatswell Jennie d.1943;Oak Cem.,Ft.Smith,AR
F-7 James Roark 17, Mt.Hersey Mary J Iness 20, Mt.Hersey 24 Jan 1897 Wesley Morddes,Surety.By J E Jackson, JP John & Terisia Murphy Roark Richard H & Sarah A Cheely Iness 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Polk Twp..
F-8 Charles Lewis 18, Quincy Malanda L Hopkins 16, Quincy 31 Jan 1897 E E Ammons, Surety.By B A Casey, JP
F-9 Walter P Murray 29, Jasper Precilla Ammons 19, Jasper 27 Jan 1897 J W Casteel.By D A Smith, JP Benjamin & Isabelle Reed Ammons James C & Margaret A Parker Murray 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Jackson Twp
F-10 Theopolis"Theo" O Cooksey 20,Swain Linnie Watson 20, Swain(1870-1934) 7 Feb 1897 J H Norton, Surety.By J L Merritt, JP John F & Nancy E Jennings Watson Linnie buried Shiloh Cem.Newton Co.AR
F-11 Samuel Teague 21, Red Rock Martha Susan Asher 14, Red Rock 11 Feb 1897 Beden, Eslick, Surety.By S S Hemingway JP Joseph Teaque? 1900 Baxter Co. AR.,Matney Twp.
F-12 James H Shaddox 20, Willcockson Sinthona Neighbors 16, Willcockson 10 Feb 1897 A S Wheeler, Surety.By W M Brown, JP Jonathan and Martha Hefley Neighbors 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Marble City Twp
F-13 George W Martin 21, Cave Creek Chippie Stephens 21(24?),Cave Creek 14 Feb 1897 Surety not obtained. Married by: not obtained James Samuel & Mary L McGhee Stephens Nathaniel & Martha Cook Martin Did George m.(1)Laura Maxwell,14,in 1895?
F-14 James F Pool 22, Parthenon Addie Zuella Chisolm 16, Parthenon 14 Feb 1897 L C Moss,Surety.By R C J Matlock J W J & Martha Minerva Lindsey Chisolm Archibald & Delcenia Pool 1920 Hughes Co.OK,Stewart Twp.
F-15 M.York 55, Swain Mrs.Margaret Skinner 40, Murray 14 Feb 1897 C R Lewis, Surety.By W E Smith, JP
F-16 Andrew J Martin 24, Vendor Martha Leanna "Anner" Campbell 18, Vendor 18 Feb 1897 A C Key,Surety. By G W Nichols, JP Peter C. & Nancy Catherine Smith Campbell Buried Haskell Cem.,Muskogee Co.OK Andrew m.(1)Cordelia Key in 1891.She died 1896
F-17 Jacob Myers 65, Jasper Mrs.Sarah Marian Tuggle 45,Cassville 21 Feb 1897 J D Keys, Surety. By A A Neal 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-18 J K Manley, (none listed) Mavar Vance( none listed) 18 Feb 1897 John Smith,Surety AFFIDAVIT\BOND NO LICENSE
F-19 Ruthford”Bert”Hinds 19, Jasper Cora B Anderson 22, Jasper 23 Feb 1897 J M Shinn,Surety. By D A Smith, J P Asa M. & Rhoda Dailey Anderson Bur.Shaddox Cem.,Newton Co.AR.;no gravestones
F-20 Arastus Spears 18, Yardell Sarah Hammons 18, Yardel25 Feb 1897 T J Spears, Surety. By J E Jackson, J P Reuben Hammons? Thomas J. & Mary Simpson Spears 1900 Newton Co.AR.,New Hope Twp.
F-21 James Hurless 29, Mossville Rhoda Coffee 16, Swain 21 Feb 1897 Surety not obtained. Married by not obtained Elijah & Samarah Thomas Coffee Mossville Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-22 Cyrus Hudson 19, Parthenon Sarah Josephine Casey 15, Parthenon 28 Feb 1897 Samuel Hudson, Surety. By J A Lane, JP William Uriah & Mary Elizabeth Carlton Casey Samuel L. & Sarah Caroline Wheeler Blackwood Hudson bur.Union Hill Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-23 Michael "Mike" Warren 28, Walnut Roxanna "Roxie" Warren 18, Walnut 27 Feb 1897 J H Rush, Surety. By J M Thomas, J P Michael & Mary A Hatfield Warren Jesse James Warren & Nancy Ann Cheek died Safford, Arizona
F-24 Marshal Payton(Paxton?) 20, Wayton Cintha Edwards 16, Swain 4 March 1897 W R Martin, Surety. By Parker Young,Min
F-25 Reuben Squire Barnard 20, Mossville Martha Boen 19, Mossville 5 March 1897 S M Moss, Surety. By J M Thomas, J P Peter & Tabitha N. Self Barnard
F-26 Alphonso Brooks Sloan 33, Jasper Mrs Florence M Atwood Riggs 30, Jasper 8 March 1897 J Town Greenhaw,Surety. By W A Harp, J P Parker & Lucia Gibbs Atwood John Newton & Sarah Collins Sloan Florence m.(1)Thomas Riggs 1888
F-27 John H Moffitt 44, Compton Mrs Mary J Bartlett Allred 34, Compton 11 March 1897 William Bartlett,Surety. By S V Newberry, M G Mary J. m(1)F.M.Allred 1881.John m.(1)Sarah Bunch
F-28 Richard O’Neal 28, Red Rock Miss Nancy Brasel Flood 20, Jasper 14 March 1897 Sam Skaggs, Surety. By R C J Matlock John R & Mary Jane Reddell Brasel Rebecca Smith O'Neal Nancy m.(1)James C Flud.Richard m.(1)Nancy P Robinson
F-29 James Louis Trotter 44, Compton(1852-1911) Sopha Estep 16, Compton 12 March 1897 W A Harp, Surety. By W A Harp, J P Rueben & Malinda Johnson Estep David & Alice Wright Trotter James m.(1)Mary E Riley 1874
F-30 Samuel Isaac Whiteley 39, Boxley Nancy Walker 24, Boxley 14 March 1897 S M Moss, Surety. By J P Casey, JP Eldridge & Malinda Campbell Walker George W & Caroline Jones Whiteley 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Van Buren Twp.
F-31 William Frank Young 18, Mossville Pearly A Pridemore 17, Mossville 21 March 1897 J M Moss, Surety. By John M Boen, MG Elihue & Mary Foster Pridemore Solomon & Nancy C Moss Young 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-32 Anderson Cyrus Cowan 20,Fallsville Dora Cole 16, Swain(1881-1926) 14 March 1897 Robert Cole, Surety.By J M Thomas, J P Robert Riley Cowan & Martha R Wheeler A C married(2)Ethel Lyons(3)Ida James(4)Dora Reeves
F-33 William Jackson"Jack" Holt 18, Jasper Viancy Farmer 16, Jasper 18 March 1897 Nathan Holt, Surety.By R C J Matlock William A & Mary E. Villines Farmer?? Asa Nathan Jr. & Lucinda Tennison Holt He m.(2)Sarah Childress 1897 Conway Co.AR
F-34 John Taylor Foster 21, Mt. Judea Laura A Farmer 19, Red Rock(1878-1907) 18 March 1897 Charles A Foster,Surety.By W B Nichols, J P Joseph & Mary A Burdine Farmer Charles & Sarah J Smith Foster John m.(2)Cynthia Annie Pierce(3)Nancy Campbell 1921
F-35 Charles A Foster 20 , Red Rock Delpha P Farmer 17, Red Rock 18 March 1897 John T Foster,Surety.By W B Nichols, J P Joseph & Mary A Burdine Foster Delpha m.(2)Sidney O'Neal.He m.(2)Ollie Belle Campbell
F-36 George F Ward 20, Cave Creek Mary Matilda Mahan 16, Cave Creek 21 March 1897 B C Taylor, Surety.By Y E Taylor, J P William R & Anna H. Mahan John & Sarah Ward? 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Polk Twp.
F-37 Joseph A Young 23, Boxley Rhoda Wishon 21, Killgore 23 March 1897 Bud Clifton, Surety.By J W Vinson, J P Isaac Coonrod & Cynthia Kilgore Wishon James W. & Sarah J Wright Young
F-38 Jonathan Henry Dean 21,Cave Creek Viola Ellen Yates 14, Cave Creek(1882-1962) 28 March 1897 Walker Yates, Surety. By J W Tennison, J P George W & Rhoda Jane Ross Yates Richard & Nancy Fryer Dean He d.1923 Bass,AR;she d.Turlock, CA
F-39 George Riley Gillmore 35, Red Rock Mrs. July Campbell Smith 25, Vendor 25 March 1897 G W Pierce, Surety .By J L Pierce, J P Peter C & Nancy Catherine Smith Campbell Kelsey & Emeline Mayberry Gilmore Julie m.(1)James C Smith (3)Simon Hallum.George m.(1)Sarah C. Smith
F-40 John Belcher 21, Parthenon Miss Mary Evaline Manes 26 (really 38), Parthenon(1859-1921) 31 March 1897 James Shatswell, Surety. By S S Hemingway,Monroe Co.AR Pleasant R & Mary Lane Manes Mary m.(2)Benjamin Jones 1907
F-41 James T Benton 38, Spence(1860-no date) Edith(Eady) J Edwards 17, Vendor(1880-1918) 1 April 1897 R W Harrison,Surety. By J L Pierce, J P John L Edwards & Rebecca A. Vick Edwards Liles Both buried Tarlton Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-42 George Riley Shatswell 24, Red Rock Sarah E Pierce 16, Vendor 8 April 1897 William Shatswell, Surety. By W B Nichols, J P John L. Jr. & Mary Maranda Flood Pierce Thomas C & Rutha Mariah Jones Shatswell Read "Thomas Shatswell Story"my website.
F-43 Horten H Jones 18, Jasper Sarah A Chester 14, Jasper 14 April 1897 S S Hemingway,Surety.By John H Setser, Washington Co.AR.
F-44 George W Flud 19, Red Rock Mary Smith 19, Red Rock 18 April 1897 J A Smith, Surety. By J B O’Neal Stephen & Polly O'Neal Smith Nathaniel Harvey & Louisa C Shatswell Flud Died Butte Co.CA in 1940s
F-45 James Thomas Hallum 21 ,Red Rock Mary I. Wallace 15, Red Rock 18 April 1897 John C Gillmore, Surety.By J L Pierce, J P Clinton Monroe & Salina C Tennison Hallum 1900 Newton Co.AR.,White Twp.1910 Pleasant Hill
F-46 Charles Atwood 17, Jasper Minnie M Sloan 20, Jasper 25 April 1897 James Sloan, Surety.By W A Harp, J P John Newton & Sarah Collins Sloan Parker Isaac & Lucia Gibbs Atwood
F-47 John W Cole 26, Vendor Elizabeth ”Bettie” Holmes 18, Vendor 26 April 1897 Thomas Collins, Surety. By J L Pierce, J P Dennis & Malinda Young Cole Sandhill Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-48 Ephriam Town Martin 21, Cave Creek Nancy Dickey 16, Cave Creek 2 May 1897 J M Shinn,Surety.By Richard Dean, J P Alfred & Mira Baker Dickey James P & Nancy Sanders Martin He m.(2)Gracie Baker 1903
F-49 Alfred Cooper 20, Red Rock Jennie Reams 18, Red Rock 12 May 1897 G R Burdine,Surety. By W P Mankin, M.G, Marion Co.AR. Benjamin Reams & No.1 wifeJoseph B & Sarah Flood Smith Cooper Jennie m.(2)William N Smith.Alfred m.(2)Elvira Davenport 1903
F-50 Will T Scroggins 24, Boxley Bertie(Afferly?) Lambert 15, Noah 23 May 1897 Isaac Stapleton,Surety. By J P Casey, J P William & Mary E Berry Lambert 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Osage Twp.
F-51 James Greenhaw 22, Mt.Judea Rindy Collins 15, Mt. Hersey 30 May 1897 John T Greenhaw,Surety. By H M Lovelady, MG John T Greenhaw?
F-52 James A Greenhaw 22, Mt. Judea(1875-1921) Minnie Turney 17, Mt.Judea(1880-1914) 17 June 1897 J Town Greenhaw,Surety.By W M Sprague William H & Margaret J Woody Turney George W. & Margaret Lavina Cook Greenhaw James m.(2)Mary(mnu). Greenwood Cem.,Eufaula,OK
F-53 Samuel Seth Marple 24, Mt. Judea Ada Wright 18, Mt. Judea 27 June 1897 Lark Nichols, Surety. By Elder M M Sprague William & Sarah Davis Wright Dr. John & Rebecca Young Marple Dixie Cem.,Whitesboro, Texas
F-54 J W Lawson 22, Jasper Nancy J Hickman 21, Jasper 27 June 1897 John Skaggs, Surety. By D C Tinsley, J P William & Mary Hickman
F- 55 Thomas Rosson Bishop 21, Osage Sarah Smith 22, Compton 4 July 1897 William Bartlett,Surety. By R L Newberry, J P Stephen I.K. & Rutha B Rich Smith Joseph W & Miranda Sneed Bishop Pickens Cem.,Green Forest, AR
F-56 Joseph "Joe"Calvin Hefley 20, Mt. Judea Lucy Wells 16, Mt.Judea 6 July 1897 J Town Greenhaw,Surety. By G W Nichols, J P Robert G & Rachel M Smith Wells John Bailey & Martha J Shuler Davis Hefley Joe m.(2)Lizzie Nichols 1911
F-57 Carroll Austin "Aus" Strong 23, Mt.Judea Mrs.Nan Powers Dickey 26, Cave Creek 8 July 1897 John Criner, Surety.By W M Sprague Nathaniel John Thomas & Artincia Yates Powers John Rueben & Mary Jane George Strong Aus m.(1)M.Sanders in 1894.Nan m.(1)Frank Dickey
F-58 John Greenhaw 27, Mt.Judea Laura Belle Williams 21, Vendor 11 July 1897 E F Leach, Surety. By J L Pierce, J P John T Greenhaw??
F-59 Frank F Villines 21,Kilgore Minerva Caldonia“Donie”Wishon 18, Kilgore 18 July 1897 James A Villines,Surety. By J W Vinson, J P Isaac Coonrod & Sintha A Kilgore Wishon Low Gap Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-60 L W Barbee 61, Mt.Hersey Sarah E Miller 22, Mt.Hersey 18 July 1897 W F Earnhart, Surety. By A W Hornan, J P
F-61 John W Smith 23, Osage Rachel D Carter 18, Osage 18 July 1897 William Bartlett, Surety.By R L Newberry, MG Andrew & Mary Miller Smith? Andrew & Mary Miller Smith 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Plumlee Twp.
F-62 Thomas Hill 22, Jasper Mary E Riggs 18, Jasper 19 July 1897 William Hill,Surety. By D A Smith, J P Thomas Benton & Gracie Jane Armstrong Riggs Francis M & Pruda Parker Hill Thomas m.(2)Flora Tennison.Mary m.(2)John E. Upton
F-63 John Mathew Nichols 18, Cassville Amanda "Mandy" Dunham 14, Cassville 25 July 1897(divorced) Columbus Williams,Surety. By N F Bradley, M G Andrew A. & Marsilla A. Williams Dunham David & Florence Norris Nichols Mandy m.(2)James N Martin 1903
F-64 John Wesley Tripp 22, Wayton Louisa Shatswell 20, Wayton 23 July 1897 C C Tripp,Surety. By J B Lovell, J P James H & Rosa Levina Eslick Shatswell Thomas & Vina Tripp?? 1910 McIntosh Co. OK,Burton Twp.
F-65 Charlie Sexton 27, Mt. Judea(1870-1912) Mary Freeman 21, Mt. Judea 26 July 1897 G W Nichols, Surety. By W B Nichols, J P John & Missouri Parker Freeman William Riley & Nancy Nichols Sexton They m.first 1894(E-74).Mary m.(2)Richard C Millsaps in 1914
F-66 John Thompson 23, Jasper Mary J Shaddox 22, Marble City(1875-1902 26 July 1897 Levi Henderson,Surety. By D A Smith, J P Napoleon Bonaparte & Martha Atchley Shaddox William & Elizabeth Skaggs Thompson John m.(2)Frances Henderson
F-67 William H. Iness 19, Mt.Hersey Tennessee Roark 23, Mt. Hersey 1 Aug 1897 T M Roark, Surety. By J E Jackson, J P John & Terisia Murphy Roark Richard H & Sarah Cheely Iness 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Polk Twp.
F-68 James Masterson 20, Mossville Seany E. Sloan 15, Mossville 4 Aug 1897 E Pridemore,Surety. By John M Boen 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-69 Samuel Martin Lovell 21, Yardell Lucinda Elizabeth Still\s 19, Yardell 8 Aug 1897 J B Tulley, Surety.By W J Moore, J P Andrew & Nicey Bean Lovell
F-70 William J Jones 19, Marble City Josie Viola Massengale 17, Marble City 17 Aug 1897 W J Price, Surety.By D C Tinsley Elisha & Nancy A Harp Riggs Massengale William & Satirah Swain Owens Jones Josie bur. Shaddox Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-71 Kelse Callahan 25, Mossville Mrs. Mary E. Boen 31, Boxley 17 Aug 1897 J R Jones, Surety. By John M Boen Mark R & Martha J White Callahan 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Walnut Twp.
F-72 Lewis Carlton 62, Jasper Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell Holt Lawson 62, Jasper 17 Aug 1897 W K Lawson,Surety. By J A Lane, J P George W & Julia A (mnu)Grangeene Campbell Elizabeth d.1902, Horatio, Lawson
F-73 Ambrose Kilgore 24, Kilgore(1873-1962) Alta Woodruff 21, Jasper(1874-1905 20 Aug 1897 W B Coleman,Surety. By M M Wishon, J P W F & Mary Ann Kendall Woodruff Reuben Shelly & Nancy J Roseberry Kilgore Ambrose m.(2) Stella Barr in 1906
F-74 Henry James 25, Wells Creek(1869-1918) Mahala A Riggs 22, Wells Creek(1873-1968) 22 Aug 1897 James Armstrong,Surety. By J W Campbell, J P Thomas & Gracie Armstrong Riggs. George & Eliza James She Jasper Cem.He Hasty Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-75 Albert Garfield Curtis 22, Cassville Sarah L F Cowan 18, Fallsville 29 Aug 1897 J M Casteel,Surety. By A L Boen, J P Jasper N & Catherine Ray Cowan James H & Sarah Nichols Curtis 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Boston Twp.
F-76 Arwine Yates Martin 20, Mt. Judea S. Anna Anthony 15, Mt. Judea 29 Aug 1897 J W Casteel, Surety.By Elder W M Sprague James Henry & Mary Elizabeth McCutcheon Anthony Daniel & Amanda Yates Martin Arwine m.(2)Montie Jane Lawrence
F-77 John Harve Sullivan 20, Cave Creek Sarah Nancy Catherine Salmon 17, Cave Creek 29 Aug 1897 J H Standridge,Surety. By J W Tennison John & Narcissi Hale Salmon James A & Grace Add Dickey Salmon Bens Branch Cem.Newton Co.AR
F-78 Thomas N (T.M.) Roark 20, Mt. Hersey Johnnie Olla Hall 18, Mt Hersey 29 Aug 1897 W H McNinch,Surety. By J E Jackson Thomas & Eliza Jane Berry Hall John & Terisia Murphy Roark 1900 Newton Co.AR,New Hope Twp.
F-79 John H Myers 21, Cassville Canzada Tuggle 16, Cassville 31 Aug 1897 Fod Boomer,Surety. By J M Thomas Nancy (mnu)Tuggle Gerriggy Jacob Myers? 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jefferson Twp
F-80 Esaw Collins 23, Kapark Lucy Cowan 24, Kapark 1 Sept 1897 Silas Collins,Surety .By J A Boen Phillip W & Fannie Pruitt Cowan Harrison & Teresa Martin Collins 1900 Newton Co.AR,Kentucky Twp
F-81 Lonzo"Lon" H Carver 18, Yardell M L Cooksey 18, Yardell 2 Sept 1897 P T Carver,Surety.By J E Jackson, J P Benjamin & Barzilla E Lovelady Carver
F-82 Thomas(T F) Eddings 37, Mt. Hersey Lillie Mae Price 19, Vendor 5 Sept 1897 W S Eddings,Surety.By J E Jackson, J P Malinda (mnu)Price Dwiggins Eddings John CalvinI & Martha Sarah Scott Eddings To Coal Co. OK.He m(2)Tony Pierce Barnes
F-83 George Robert Turney 18, Kingston (Madison Co.AR) Sarah Louisa Reynolds 16, Kilgore(1882-1931) 3 Sept 1897 H G Eoff, Surety.By M M Wishon, J P Edmond & Ananais Madewell Reynolds John Scott & Azuba A. Eoff Turney George m.(2)Hattie Box 1931 Boone Co.AR
F-84 Columbus Williams 32, Cassville Sarah Josephine "Josie" Neal 24, Cassville 5 Sept 1897 J D Phillips,Surety. By J M Thomas, J P Mary Neal 1900 & 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-85 J. Dearlon Phillips 20, Cassville Mary Dunham 17, Cassville 5 Sept 1897 Columbus Williams,Surety. By J M Thomas, J P Andrew & Marsella Williams Dunham William & Nancy Phillips? 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-86 R L Pierce (nl), Sunset (Washington Co.AR) Margret E McClesky 16, Swain 26 Sept 1897 B Young,Surety.By Parker Young
F-87 Turner T Ward 21, Ryker Arky Margaret Harvey 17, Ryker 27 Sept 1897 William S Wyatt,Surety.By J B Edwards Richard H & Nancy A Ballance Harvey Nathan & Elender Jones Ward 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp.
F-88 John T Brasel 35, Jasper Dora Wynne Pruitt 21, Willcockson 4 Oct 1897 D Stone,Surety.By D C Tinsley James M. & Sarah Jones Wynne Mathias & Fannie Phillips Brasel John m.(1)Laura Davis.Dora m.(1)James Pruitt 1896
F-89 Joseph H "Cross Eyed"Hefley 21 Nelly Edna Nichols 16, Mt. Judea 10 Oct 1897 D M G Frailey,Surety.By G W Nichols, J P William Martin & Mary E. Adams Nichols Nathaniel "Natty" Jim & Elizabeth Tennison Hefley Buried Haskell, OK
F-90 David Ed Vinson 22, Willcockson Sally Hensley McPherson 24, Willcockson 10 Oct 1897 W J Pruitt,Surety.By D CTinsley James Cooper Hensley & Mary Morgan 1900 & 1910 Marble City Twp. She m.(1)A.R.McPherson in 1892
F-91 Benjamin "Ben" E McFerrin, 23, Jasper Sarah Bell Harp 21, Compton 23 Oct 1897 J O McFerrin,Surety.By W P Hammett, M G William A. & Frances Brisco Harp John B & Clementine Tabitha McCrary McFerrin
F-92 Elzie E Greenhaw 22, Atkins (Pope Co.AR) Martha Martin, 16, Quincy 27 Oct 1897 John Greenhaw, Surety.By J P White (Boone Co.AR) John M. & Susanna V Hardister Martin 1910 Searcy Co.AR. Powell Cem.,Osage Co.OK.
F-93 William Bond 19, Wayton Dora Carlton 20, Wayton 27 Oct 1897 J E Vincent, Surety.By R C J Matlock Is she Mary Dora Carlton who m.(2)Baxter Brasel 1902?
F-94 William R Carter 25, Kingston (Madison Co.AR) Angellette Potter 18, Boxley 31 Oct 1897 Thos J Sparks, Surety.By R L Newberry, M G Jiles Jefferson & Leah J. Beeler Carter 1900 Osage Twp.1910 Benton Co.AR
F-95 Lewis Brasel 23, Jasper Frances Wilson 18, Jasper 28 Oct 1897 James Brasel,Surety.By A R McPherson, M G Jim Wilson & Sarah Thompson Mathias & Fanny Phillips Brasel Union Hill Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-96 Joel Olney Bunch 19, Dinsmore Viola Isabella Griggs 18, Dinsmore 7 Nov 1897 Allen Bunch,Surety.By C B Bunch, J P Jasper & Sarah E. McCullough Griggs 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Osage Twp.
F-97 John Willis Strong 19, Mt.Judea Beulah Lee (Goss)Criner 15, Mt. Judea 21 Nov 1897 W A George, Surety.By G W Nichols, J P Mary Matney Goss Criner John Rubin & Mary J George Strong Mt. Judea Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-98 Jerry M (Mt.Jerry)Smith 25, Vendor Sarah A Burdine 18, Vendor 18 Nov 1897 Richard O’Neal,Surety.By J L Pierce, J P Nathaniel & Sarah Jane Pierce Burdine Levi & Sopha Ann Flood Smith Judea Point Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-99 James McGee 50, Yardell Miss N. Almore M Lovelady 44, Yardell 18 Nov 1897 No surety. By D A Smith, J P 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Prairie Twp.
F-100 Will Hayes 30, Boxley Emma Potter 25, Boxley 21 Dec 1897 Will Potter, Surety.By R L Newberry 1900 Newton Co.AR,Osage Twp.
F-101 J Frank Carlton 28, Jasper Ora Villines 20, Boxley(1877-1900) 26 Nov 1897 John W Casteel,Surety.By J B Roy(Madison Co.AR) Joseph P & Belle Villines Anderson & Sarah J Murphy Carlton Ora buried Walnut Grove Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-102 William M Hayward 29, Boxley(1868-1905) Susan A. Knight 16, Boxley 28 Nov 1897 H H Knight,Surety.By M M Wishon William S Knight?,1900 Low Gap Twp. J J Hayward? Susan m:(2)John F Minicus in 1906
F-103 McAfee Edwards 28, Ryker Rosa Fults 26, Boxley 2 Dec 1897 J M Shinn, Surety.By B F Hibbard Gabriel & Catherine E. McPherson Fults Jefferson Brawner Edwards & Belinda Ward
F-104 J. Franklin Moore 24, Yardelle Laura Robinson 16, Yardelle 5 Dec 1897 H L Moore,Surety.By H M Lovelady Sandhill Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-105 Andrew J Chambers 26, Mt.Judea Mary E Baker 20, Snow 9 Dec 1897 John Bryant, Surety .By Allen Hudson, M G William B. Baker & Lear Ellen Brown Holland 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Pleasant Hill Twp
F-106 William Jasper Plumlee 36, Compton Eva Jane Frederick 30, Noah 9 Dec 1897 James Prysock,Surety.By W P Hammett, M G James H & Cassie Smith Frederick Clinton & Nancy Pennington Plumlee William m.(1)Elizabeth Carter 1882(2)Mary Watson 1896
F-107 Lonaelus Newton Hensley 22, Willcockson Mary Brisco 21, Willcockson 13 Dec 1897 R W Harrison, Surety.By D C Tinsley, J P William N & Ann Raulston Brisco James C & Mary Morgan Hensley Brown Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-108 James Copeland Farmer 24,Jasper Sarah Bradley(Sarah Shane?) 20, Jasper 19 Dec 1897 J C Barker, Surety.By C C Hudson, M G Franklin & Emma Porter Shane? N.Harrison & Mary E Villines Farmer Beechwood Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-109 George Criss 28, Cassville Geneva Dillon 16, Cassville 19 Dec 1897 F M Basham,Surety.By L H Rowlett(Lawrence Co.AR) 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jefferson Twp.
F-110 William S Smith 24, Mt. Judea Mattie A Patton 18, Willcockson(1879-1925) 27 Dec 1897 Dave (D C) Flud.By W A Harp, J P Elisha & Susan E Harp Patton Levi & Sopha A Flood Smith Mattie bur.Sexton Cem.Newton Co.AR
F-111 Johnny(J T) Martin 22, Vendor Nancy Reeny Campbell 21, Vendor 30 Dec 1897 A J Martin, Surety.By G W Nichols, J P Peter C & Nancy Catherine Smith Campbell Nathaniel R & Elizabeth Penny Martin Bur.Haskell, OK
F-112 Berry Greenhaw 20, Mt.Judea LaVarta Lee "Vardy" Holt 19 2 Jan 1898 E E Ammons,Surety.By Elder W M Sprague Charles K & Mary Barnett Campbell Holt George W Greenhaw1 & Margaret Lavina Cook Sexton Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-113 George H Dickey 30, Cave Creek Mary E Riley 18, Cave Creek 2 Jan 1898 Cave Creek A R Dickey,Surety.By Richard Dean, J P James McCutcheon Dickey & Cansadia Thompson Western Grove Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-114 Richard T Strode 20, (1877-1911)Mossville Minnie Lewis 17, Mossville 2 Jan 1898 James Strode, Surety.By John M Boen William & Catherine Emberton Strode Mossville Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-115 James L Brisco 29, Jasper Dora Hudson 18, Parthenon 30 Dec 1897 Jas Brasel,Surety.By R C J Matlock James J & Victoria Boatman Hudson Isham & Rebecca Parker Briscoe?? James m.(1)Martha T Piller 1889;she died 1896
F-116 J. Chess Knight 18, Boxley Martha Clifton 14, Boxley 8 Jan 1898 W S Knight,Surety.By M M Wishon Ancil C & Mary Clifton William S Knight 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Low Gap Twp.
F-117 John B. O’Neal 26, Mt. Judea Margaret E Sexton 25, Mt. Judea 9 Jan 1898 John W Sexton,Surety. By G W Nichols Daniel & Mary E Reddell Sexton Martha Jane O'Neal Moved to Oklahoma
F-118 W. Bunion Walker 28, Mossville Nancy Butler 18, Mossville 9 Jan 1898 S Y Collins,Surety.By J A Boen Robert & Sarah Butler William & Martha Walker 1900 Newton Co.AR, Jefferson Twp.
F-119 T. G. McJunkin 29, Murray Mahala Smith 21, Fallsville 22 Jan 1898 M Thomas,Surety.By J L Merritt, J P William E & Amanda J Thomas Smith Mary McJunkin 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Murray Twp.
F-120 Joshua J Simpson 37, Mt.Hersey Sarah Hammon 17, Mt.Hersey 27 Jan 1898 R E Hammon,Surety.By A W Hammon, J P Rueben Hammon? John & Frances Simpson? Joshua m.(1)Sarah J Mahan?
F-121 James Columbus Flud 18, Red Rock Permelia Angeline Tenison 18, Red Rock 27 Jan 1898 W G Tenison,Surety.By W B Nichols, J P William G & Amanda Ricketts Tennison Nathaniel Harvey & Louiza Catherine Shatswell Flud See "James Columbus Flud Story",Kinfolks Stories
F-122 C A Tracy 31, Jasper Clara Hoyle 30 31 Jan 1898 S M Stacy,Surety.By C C Hudson, M G Did he m.Sarah E(mnu)in 1886?
F-123 William S Ricketts 18, Red Rock(1880-1914) Sarah L B Reddell 18, Mt. Judea(1879-1899) 2 Feb 1898 P H Hallum,Surety.By W B Nichols, J P David Vincent & Elizabeth Criner Redderll John A & Elizabeth Jones Ricketts Willie m.(2)Nora Harris (3)Lou Etta Atkinson
F-124 John Columbus Sutton 18, Red Rock L B (Belle)Ham 17, Red Rock(1881-1900) 3 Feb 1898 Tom Burdine,Surety .By W H Burdine Simon Solomon & Mary A Tennison Sutton John m.(2)Hannah Faught 1902
F-125 John C Sutherland (nl), Fallsville Ellen Eastep 20, Fallsville 8 Feb 1898 A B Wilson,Surety.By A S Boen, J P Eli & Catherine Roberts Eastep 1900 & 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Boston Twp.
F-126 Lafayette Edgmon 18, Boxley Josephine Z "Josie" Clark 22, Boxley 6 Feb 1898 Boxley A C Edgmon, Surety.By J M King,Deacon(Johnson Co.AR) James M & Martha J Lee Clark Francis M & Tennessee Sparks Edgmon Walnut Grove Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-127 Sam Scroggins 21,Boxley Belle Reynolds 18, Parthenon 13 Feb 1898 H C Haywood Lackey,Surety.By M M Wishon Edward & Annias Madewell Reynolds Richard & Matilda Keith Scroggins 1900 & 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Low Gap Twp.
F-128 J T Fuget(Fowgret?) 33, Swain Mary Lee, 27, Swain(1874-1912) 14 Feb 1898 Marion Thomas,Surety.By J M Thomas, J P Alford Lee & Nancy Swain Mary m.(2)Alfred Carlton 1904.1900 Jefferson Twp.
F-129 Samuel S Brown 21, Watkins (Boone Co.AR) B J Moore 16, Yardelle 27 Feb 1898 P W Wallis,Surety.By J W Campbell, J P 1880 Washington Co.AR.
F-130 J W Hayes 37, Spence Deller Hefner 21, Spence 27 Feb 1898 F M Dunn,Surety.By F M Jackson, J P William & Rutha A. Jones Hefner?
F-131 Isaac Robert Taylor 22, Vendor Mary Ova Flud 20, Vendor 28 Feb 1898 W H Harris,Surety.By J L Pierce, J P George W & Rachel Caroline Harris Flood Gidion & Manerva Henderson Taylor Mary d.1917, Mellette Cem.Eufaula,OK
F-132 Walker W Yates 22, Cave Creek Anilee L Tennison 18, Cave Creek 21 March 1898 W A George, Surety.By Richard Dean, J P John W & Lucinda C. Hefley Davis Tennison Alexander & Sarah C Brooks Yates
F-133 William T Callahan 21, Mossville Mary Boen 28, Mossville 10 March 1898 Elias Callahan, Surety.By J M Thomas Mark Richard & Mary J White Callahan 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Walnut Twp.
F-134 Dave Vestor Nichols 20, Mt. Judea Mary Starr 20, Jasper(1877-1920) 21 March 1898 Levi Henderson,Surety.By D A Smith, J P John & Sarah Elizabeth Agee Starr "Old John" Nichols & Martha Pickett Burdine Dave m.(2)Katie Sutton Shatswell 1930
F-135 Henry L Young 20, Swain(1877-1907) Mary Sams 16, Swain 16 March 1898 Marion Thomas, Surety.By W N Sams Parker & Abigail Tuggle Young Warren & Catherine V. Norton Sams .Mary m. (2) Marion S King 1910;(3) Wash W Laughter 1911
F-136 Flemon Eli Watson 24, Swain Clara Belle Smith 16, Murray 27 March 1898 G W Watson, Surety.By Richard Thomas John & Nancy Jennings Watson Flemon m.(2)Anna V. D. Self in 1904
F-137 George W Watson 29, Swain Mary J Simmons Marksman 19, Ponders 3 April 1898 J M Thomas,Surety.By J L Merritt, J P James P & Mary E Brown Simmons John & Nancy Jennings Watson Mary m.(1)Fred Marksman 1896
F-138 Sam Harrison 21, Fallsville Nannie Holland 21 Boston (Madison Co.AR) 31 March 1898 W R Patton, Surety .By R B Killian(Madison Co.AR)
F-139 William Thomas (Tommy)Cheatham 26, Red Rock Mary Elizabeth" Lisie" George 21, Cave Creek 10 April 1898 Thos Hallums, Surety.By Elder W M Sprague John H. Richard George & Mary Molly Lively Mack & Nancy J Tennison Cheatham Tommy m.(1)Laura Ricketts(1877-1897)
F-140 J N Villines 19, Gaither Hettie Green 15, Jasper 7 April 1898 Thomas Villines,Surety.By W P Hammett,M G
F-141 William Esau”Little Ece”Smith 23, Vendor Mary Willie Flud 18, Vendor 14 April 1898 J M Pierce, Surety.By J L Pierce, J P William Flud & Nancy Jane Smith Flud Smith Martin Tackett & Rhoda Standridge Smith Smith Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-142 Dave McGowan 67, Jasper Martha Pace 24, Elmwood (Boone Co.AR) 16 April 1898 William McCurley,Surety.By J W Campbell,J P Dave m.(1)Jane Briscoe
F-143 Charles H Casey 20, Limestone Alice Jones 18, Limestone 24 April 1898 A A Casey,Surety.By Thomas C Bethell, M G
F-144 Milburn "Mal" R. Sparks 23, Murray Jessie "Ona" Sparks 23, Boxley 8 May 1898 William Sparks, Surety.By J P Casey, J P Samuel Jasper Sparks Sauel L & Sarah I Beckham Sparks 1900,1910 Newton Co.AR,Murray Twp.
F-145 Charles A Lipps 37 ,Quincy Virginia S Standridge 19 12 May 1898 B A Casey,Surety.By B A Casey, J P Richard & Nancy J Felkins Standridge Jonathan & Margaret Lipps She m.(2)Aaron O.Freeman 1901 Yell Co.AR
F-146 John Dickey 43, Cave Creek M A Cowan (22?), Quincy 15 May 1898 A R Dickey, Surety.By B A Casey John m.(1)Dialph J Martin;(3)Rettie Strong 1900
F-147 John S Douglass 67, Kapark Mrs. Susan Robinson 50, Mossville 22 May 1898 J M Shinn, Surety.By J A Boen
F-148 F E Casey 21, Limestone Nancy Ellen "Ella" Casey 19, Limestone 17 May 1898 R H Casey, Surety.By Thomas C Bethell Lewis & Lucretia Woodward Casey Did she m.Lewis Adams 1900?
F-149 Joseph Morgan 23, Jasper Lavinia Leach 15, Jasper 21 May 1898 C H Monroe. By M M Wishon Rueben & Lavinia Leach Joel & Sarah E Oliver Morgan
F-150 Willis George 24, Cave Creek Louisiana "Annie" Dean 20, Cave Creek 22 May 1898 Jabez Lively(not signed).By J W Tennison, D D Richard & Nancy Fryer Dean John H.Richard George & Molly Mary Lively Moore Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-151 James Marshall 24, Mt. Hersey Zora Adams 18, Yardelle 31 May 1898 W H Qualls, Surety.By H M Lovelady, M G Thomas Benton & Nancy Bethel Marshal
F-152 I G Henderson 19, Wayton Sarah Malisie Garrison 18, Wayton 6 June 1898 Pleas G Garrison,Surety/By E B Jones John & Mary E Loftis Garrison?
F-153 D Stanton Clark 22, Mt. Judea Dosia Duck 20, Mt. Judea 9 June 1898 T F Eddings,Surety.By Elder W M Sprague John J Duck & Louisa J Briggs
F-154 James Fleming Cowan 19, Fallsville Manerva "Nerva" Bryant 19, Mt.Judea 12 June 1898 J Town Greenhaw,Surety.By B F Hibbard Robert Riley & Martha R Wheeler Cowan
F-155 John Smith 19, Red Rock Sarah Flud 15, Red Rock 26 June 1898 James W Shatswell.By J B O’Neal Stephen & Polly O'Neal Smith Nathaniel Harvey & Louisa C Shatswell Flud Died Allen,Pontotoc Co.OK
F-156 William M Robinson 18, Yardelle Lissie Moore 15, Yardelle 26 June 1898 J F Moore X(his mark).By H M Lovelady, M G J. Frank Moore? W.Calvin & Viney O'Daniel Robinson Sandhill Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-157 Lon N McDaniel 27, Quincy Riller Hudson 19, Quincy 27 June 1898 W L McPherson,Surety.By B A Casey Francis M & Susan E Chism Hudson 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Richland Twp.
F-158 W J Cowan 22, Kapark Margrett Walker 18, Kapark 29 July 1898 Oliver Reed,Surety.By J A Boen
F-159 J. Town Greenhaw 28, Mt. Judea Martha J Self 22, Valley Springs (Boone Co.AR) 3 July 1898 R M Harrison,Surety.By C C Roy, J P(Boone Co.AR) Frank Marion & Margaret California Baker Greenhaw J. Town died in Phoenix, AZ 1958
F-160 William F Barnard 23, Mossville Isabelle Callahan 19, Mossville(1879-1900) 10 July 1898 Thos Harris,Surety.By Richard Thomas Mark Richard & Martha J White Callahan John & Mary J Self Barnard He m.(2)Lucy Meredith in 1904
F-161 Prusia Chapman 23, Swain Eller Speaks (Sparks?)23, Swain 7 July 1898 Swain J T Wiliams, Surety .By William Theibes, J P William H & Margaret Swain Chapman 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-162 Uriah "Riar" Smith 22, Parthenon May Isabelle"Belle" Martin 16, Parthenon (1882-1899) 10 July 1898 J B O’Neal,Surety.By J B O’Neal, M G John L & Ellen Smith Martin? Austin G & Emeline Woodward Smith Belle & infant Wayton Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-163 Chas W Branson 25, Mt. Judea Mary Adaline Freeman 23, Mt. Judea 14 July 1898 Dannie Freeman,Surety.By G W Nichols, J P Mike & Esther Sexton Freeman John S Branson? 1900 Newton Co.AR,White Twp.
F-164 William Box 24, Cave Creek Margaret Gerotha Reddell Blair 20, Cave Creek 18 July 1898 R J Eddings, Surety .BY Y E Taylor, J P Hugh & Mary Serena Wyatt Reddell William R & Emily Branson Box Gerotha m.(1)Joe Blair in 1896
F-165 William Roberts 18, Fallsville Mandy Barnett 15, Fallsville 20 July 1898 Joseph Holland,Surety.By J R Patterson, M G Aaron & Margaret Roberts?
F-166 Elisha E Ammons 25, Jasper Mattie Blackwood 16, Mt. Judea 28 July 1898 J M Shinn,Surety.By J L Pierce, J P James Colby & Cerena Plumlee Blackwood Benjamin & Isabelle Reed Ammons Buried Greenwood Cem.,Eufaula, OK
F-167 T A Sisco (nl), Osage (Boone Co.AR.) Rosa Frederick 20, Noah 24 July 1898 C S Bishop, Surety.By R L Newberry
F-168 L Morris Collins 18, Kapark Louisa Boling 19, Kapark 24 July 1898 Esau Collins,Surety.By A D Graham (Boone Co.AR.) Absalom & Nancy Witt Boling Tipton & Thurza Mahala Martin Collins 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp.
F-169 Andrew H Hefley 21, Mt.Judea Sarah Emaline Box 19, Mt.Judea 31 July 1898 Jas Brasel, Surety.By G W Nichols, J P William R & Emily Branson Box Phillip & Tennessee Nichols Hefley Andrew m.(2)Mrs.Caldonia Patton Smith in 1903
F-170 William A Bowden, 36, Mt.Hersey(1862-1926) Miss Mary Canady 32, Mt.Hersey(1869-1928) 9 Aug 1898 L L ( S S?) Smith,Surety.By J E Jackson, J P Elias & Malissa Meeks Canady buried Western Grove Cem.,Newton Co.AR. 1900 Newton Co.AR.,New Hope Twp.
F-171 David Taylor 34, Kapark Sarah Walker 22, Kapark 11 Aug 1898 J A Boen, Surety.By J A Boen
F-172 John W Hudson 58, Jasper(1837-1917) Mrs. Martha E Riddell 33, Mt. Judea 5 Sept 1898 P M Sisco, Surety.By J B O’Neal, M G David Vincent & Elizabeth Criner Reddell? He is buried Union Hill Cem. He m.(1)Sarah Mahala Dodson Smith(1840-1893)
F-173 William Potter 23, Boxley Zona Spencer 15, Noah 14 Aug 1898 G W Bevus, Surety.By David McCollough, M G John & Nancy E Spencer 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Osage Twp.
F-174 Poleon O’Brien 55, Cave Creek Ettie M Cox 15, Cave Creek 16 Aug 1898 John H Dickey,Surety.By F M Jackson, J P
F-175 Allison Bradford Taylor 29, Willcockson Ellen Ellmore 18, Low Gap 18 Aug 1898 Frank Spencer,Surety.By J W Vinson, J P Allen J & Milla Ellmore Walter & Elizabeth Henderson Taylor Allison m.(1)Emily Crow in 1889.She died 1897.
F-176 Mack M Lively 21, Cave Creek(1879-1904) Martha "Mattie" J Dean 18, Cave Creek 21 Aug 1898 W A George, Surety.By Richard Dean, J P John M. & Mary E Dickey Dean James C & Margaret Risley Lively 1900 &1910 Newton Co.AR.,Polk Twp.
F-177 E S C Boling (nl), Fallsville Julia A Case 14, Fallsville 29 Aug 1898 G W Boling, Surety.By A L Boen, J P Jackson Case & Clara Edwards
F-178 Frank M Caldwell 35, Snow Rebecca E Baker 19, Snow 7 Sept 1898 Sam Smith, Surety.By J B Sparks, J P William Baker & Lear Ellen Brown Baker Holland 1900 Newton Co.AR.Pleasant Hill Twp.
F-179 Lemuel A Breedlove 18, Wayton Nancy S Martin 19, Parthenon 5 Sept 1898 J W Martin, Surety.By E B Jones William Ryle & Celeste J Williams Breedlove Crossroads Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-180 James U S Waters 25, Jasper Cordelia”Dela”Hill 18, Jasper(1880-1923) 4 Aug 1898 Ance Harp, Surety.By J W Campbell, J P William Hill & Satirah Lizzie Gamlin Hill Wheeler John J & Frances Schemadah Waters Sandhill Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-181 Robert Clark 21, Mt.Judea Florence Starkey 15, Cave Creek 11 Sept 1898 R M Clark, Surety.By W M Sprague Savern D & Sallie Alphena Duck Starkey
F-182 Nathaniel Hamilton 55, Cave Creek Fornitia Rainfro(Renfrow?) 40, Mt.Judea 15 Sept 1898 Paris Rea, Surety.By William Sprague John "Jack" & Phoebe Marie Williams Hamilton Nathan m.(1)Julia Rea Brown Searcy Co.AR
F-183 Mathew L McGlasson 20, Cave Creek(1878-1909?) Nora Woodard 14, Cave Creek(1883-1973) 18 Sept 1898 W D Dodson,Surety.By Richard Dean, J P Ephriam M & Rosie Dickey Woodard Joseph B. & Mary Bivens McGlasson He m:(2) Ell Taylor in 1903.Nora m.(2)George Hopkins
F-184 William D Sisco 21, Cave Creek Mrs. Molly Sisco 18, Cave Creek 15 Sept 1898 W B Henson, Surety.By H M Lovelady, M G John Sanders & Sarah A Kirby Sisco James Calvin & Hannah R Lovelady Sisco Sandhill Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-185 Thomas M Tennison 18, Cave Creek(1880-1932) Sarah Emeline“Emily”Gilmore 16, Red Rock(1882-1913) 22 Sept 1898 C M Baker, Surety.By Elder William Sprague William Asa & Rebecca J Wheeler Gilmore Mathew & Lucy Cheatham Tennyson He bur.Muskogee Co.OK.She bur.Smith Cem.Newton Co.AR
F-186 Lee M Burns 30(Boston,Madison Co.AR> M E Radford 19, Boston 25 Sept 1898 H C Burns, Surety.By A S Boen, J P Jesse & Mary Bowland Radford Andrew J & Mary Jane Brock Burns
F-187 John A(J?) Pierce 26, Vendor Miss Sarah Jane Flud 29, Vendor 25 Sept 1898 W R Pierce, Surety.By J L Pierce, J P John"Kink" & Emeline Cooper Flud Joseph & Nancy Hampton Pierce Bur.Greenwood Cem.,Eufaula, OK
F-188 Robert Calvin Eoff 18, Low Gap Caroline Rosey Villines 16, Low Gap 2 Oct 1898 Henry Eoff, Surety. By M M Wishon, J P Albert & Rachel T Minton Villines Samuel & Catherine Crues Eoff Bur.Visalia City Cem.,Visalia, CA
F-189 Charley A Harderson 17, Cassville Rachel R"Delia" Gardner 16, Cassville 2 Oct 1898 A B Harderson, Surety.By J M Thomas, J P Amanda (mnu)Harderson 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-190 James Jackson 22, Marble City Mary R "Bedia" Young 19, Marble City 7 Oct 1898 Thomas Smith,Surety.By J W Walters(Carroll Co.AR) Uncle John Young.Cousin is Silas Young 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Marble City Twp.
F-191 Andrew M Breedlove 18, Deer Margaret E F Thomas 14, Deer 17 Oct 1898 Jas Brasel, Surety.By S S Hemmingway(Monroe Co.AR) John & Martha Barber Davis Thomas Wiliam R & Hester Millsaps Breedlove 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Pleasant Hill Twp.
F-192 Henry H Villines 21, Low Gap(1877-1910) Zilia "Donie?" M Young 16, Low Gap(1885-?) 16 Oct 1898 G W Villines,Surety.By M M Wishon She is buried Shiloh Cem.No dates William S & Martha Curnett Villines 1900,1910 Newton Co.AR,Low Gap Twp
F-193 Luther Stapleton 21, Murray Lilly Stivers 17, Murray 22 Oct 1898 James Carlton,Surety.By N F Bradley Matilda J Murray Stapleton 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Murray Twp.
F-194 Jonathan M Lipps 75, Quincy Margaret M Saul 64, Quincy 25 Oct 1898 B A Casey,Surety.By B A Casey, J P 1900 Perry Co.AR,Aplin Twp.
F-195 Marchant”March”Nathaniel Thomas, 28, Swain Alberta “Bertie” Ober ,19 ,Swain 27 Oct 1898 R W Harrison, Surety.By W G Skaggs, J P Theodore Ober Vincent & Sallie Spivey Thomas Mossville Cemetery, Newton Co.AR
F-196 R L Newberry 40, Noah Alice Rogers 40, Kingston (Madison Co.AR) 3 Nov 1898 J C Barker, Surety.By James Curnutt
F-197 Richard S Brasel 22 , Jasper Arizona Casey 16, Parthenon 30 Oct 1898 J H Moss, Surety.By N F Bradley Johnny & Mary McPherson Casey Mathias & Frances Phillips Brasel Union Hill Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-198 Riley Cowan 22, Fallsville Edith Belle Dixon 17, Fallsville 1 Nov 1898 W F Cowan, Surety .By W T Cowan, J P Alex & Mahala Jackson Dixon Jasper Newton & Catherine Ray Cowan Riley was a doctor
F-199 Carmo (C.N.) Baker 22, Cave Creek B F "Bernie"Fowler 17, Western Grove 7 Nov 1898 S G Hamm, Surety.By L R Jones, J P Frank Bedford & Martha A Curbow Fowler Joshua & Nancy Salmon Baker 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Prairie Twp.
F-200 James M Littlejohn 31, Summitt Nancy Hudson 25, Snow 13 Nov 1898 S L Harrison, Surety.By J B Lovell, M G 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Pleasant Hill Twp.
F-201 William F Bryant 21 , Fallsville Catherine Davidson 21, Fallsville 17 Nov 1898 William Long,Surety.By B F Hibbard John & Nancy Roberts Davidson Wiliam & Rachel Lickliter Bryant
F-202 John Willis Martin 20, Parthenon Mary Frances Breedlove 20, Wayton 30 Nov 1898 J M Shinn, Surety.By E B Jones William Riley & Celeste J Williams Breedlove Madison & Sarah Mathis(Mathews?)Martin 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Lincoln Twp.
F-203 William Long 21, Fallsville(1874-1924) Rebecca Bryant 21, Fallsville(1876-1944) 17 Nov 1898 W T Bryant, Surety.By B T Hibbard 1900 Newton Co.AR.Boston Twp. Buckhorn Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-204 William Watson 22, Swain Ruby Coffey 16, Swain 20 Nov 1898 John T Watson, Surety.By J M Thomas, J P Elijah & Samarah Thomas Coffey John & Nancy Jennings Watson Mossville Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-205 William F Hicks 21, Wayton Susie Garrison 17, Wayton 30 Nov 1898 I G Henderson, Surety.By E B Jones Hamilton M & Margaret A Slusher Hicks Wayton Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-206 W C Hurst 24, Yardell Miss Dover Mathis 18, Yardell 3 Dec 1898 S H Harp, Surety.By J W Campbell, J P Alfred J & Maranda E "Betty" Jones Mathis William & Eliza Jane Morris Hurst
F-207 W. Escar Houston 19, Jasper Annie Tenison 18, Jasper 12 Dec 1898 J I Brisco, Surety.By D A Smith, J P Robert Tennison & Emeline Henderson Tennison Bolin
F-208 Robert Sherman Wheeler 23, Yardell Nannie Lee 16, Yardell 19 Dec 1898 Isaiah Payne, Surety.By L R Jones, J P John & Victoria Shinn Lee Isham & Catherine Anderson Wheeler Western Grove Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-209 Tand Boomer, 38, Vendor Elzora Hill 17, Vendor 22 Dec 1898 E E Ammons,Surety.By J L Pierce, J P
F-210 W E Long 21, Gaither Margaret Alexander 17, Gaither 25 Dec 1898 George Colston,Surety.By J H Raulston
F-211 Joseph Houston 22, Limestone Etta Casey 16, Limestone 29 Dec 1898 G W Casey, Surety .By J H Curtis, J P Uriah Riley & Elizabeth V Howell Casey William H & Lucretia Cooper Hampton Houston
F-212 Milas Monroe Wishon 31, Low Gap Elizabeth”Lizzie”Keeton 21, Boxley 4 Jan 1899 J K Jones,Surety.By E R Reynolds Alfred & Martha Henson Keeton Isaac Coonrod & Sintha A Kilgore Wishon Milas m.(1)Caroline C.Eoff (1870-1898)in 1886
F-213 John Thomas Watson 21, Swain Mary Artili Thomas 21, Swain 1 Jan 1899 L M Clark, Surety.By J M Thomas, J P Sidney & Martha Skaggs Thomas John F & Nancy E Jennings Watson
F-214 James D. Asher 24, Cave Creek Mary J “Mollie” Dickey 25, Cave Creek 1 Jan 1899 W P Spears, Surety.By E C Dickey, J P James M & Cansada A Thompson Dickey Mary m.(2)R.Jobe Eddings in 1914
F-215 Fred Marksman 25, Limestone Sarah C Harlan 21, Limestone 30 Dec 1898 T J Ogle, Surety.By E F Leach, J P James P & Sarah Malinda Cooper Harlan Fred m.(1)Mary J Simmons 1896
F-216 Sam W. Carlton 19, Parthenon Seliash “Celia”Hudson 19, Parthenon(1879-1919) 1 Jan 1899 Kirk Matlock,Surety .By R C J Matlock James J & Vickie Boatman Hudson Anderson & Sarah J Murphy Carlton Sam m.(2)Ida Louise Wendike
F-217 Sam Cheatham 20, Mt. Judea Emeline Parilee Ewing 20, Red Rock 5 Jan 1899 G W Hamm,Surety.By J L Pierce, J P Gwinn P & Tennessee J Cooper Ewing Tandy & Martha J Davis Cheatham 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Union Twp
F-218 Charlie Pruitt 19, Limestone Charlotte"Lottie" Clayborn 16, Limestone 8 Jan 1899 James Freeman, Surety.By J H Curtis, J P James N & Arminta Woodward Hicks Clayborn James & Paralee Curtis Pruitt
F-219 Thomas Smith 18, Mt.Judea Dona Massengale 17, Willcockson 12 Jan 1899 J M Smith, Surety.By J L Pierce, J P Elisha & Nancy Harp Riggs Massengale Nathaniel Sr. & Mary Ellen Pierce Smith See "Nathaniel Smith Story"in my 'Kinfolks Stories'
F-220 James D Reynolds 23, Parthenon Myrtle Stacy 18, Parthenon(1881-1921) 11 Jan 1899 J S Reynolds, Surety.By M M Wishon Edmond & Annias Madewell Reynolds Shiloh Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-221 T.A. Dover Standridge 18, Cave Creek Vianzia Alice "Viancy" Martin 18, Cave Creek 14 Jan 1899 J M Standridge, Surety.By E C Dickey, J P John F & Margaret Emeline Smith Standridge Dover m.(2)Liza Stone in 1914
F-222 Steve M Riddell 22, Mt. Judea Mary A Smith 16, Vendor 12 Jan 1899 Dave Reddell,Surety.By J L Pierce, J P Martin T & Rhoda Standridge Smith David V & Elizabeth Criner Reddell Smith Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-223 J E Bryant 23, Compton J N Nixon 20, Compton NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE W D Nixon, Surety
F-224 James Thomas 24, Swain Margaret Adeline Watson 28, Swain 15 Jan 1899 J R Lewis, Surety.By J M Thomas John F & Nancy E Jennings Watson Andrew J & Martha Spivey Thomas Mossville Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-225 Henry Rush 20, Jasper Mintie Martin, Cave Creek 19 Jan 1899 John Smith, Surety.By Richard Dean, J P Joseph H & Sarah Davis Rush Henry m.(2)Betty (mnu)
F-226 David Franklin Poyner 28, Jasper Tilda Jane Trulove 14, Jasper 19 Jan 1899 J W Poyner .By D A Smith, J P John & Catherine Ramsey Truelove John & Martha Poyner Mt.Sherman Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-227 Elias Edward Bryant 22, Fallsville Martha Lewis 18, Fallsville 25 Jan 1899 James W Bryant,Surety.By B F Hibbard James M. & Fannie Stewart Lewis On 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Boston Twp. Buckhorn Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-228 O M Lankford 23, Cassville M A Hankins (nl), Cassville 26 Jan 1899 J C Barker, Surety.By J A Boen William D & Mary Breshears Hankins 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
F-229 Edwin Leander Fowler 21, Ryker Emily Belle Wyatt 15, Ryker 29 Jan 1899 Charley Young, Surety.By R R Harvey, J P William Stanton & Sophinia Ward Wyatt William C & Nancy L Fields Fowler Cave Mt. Cem.,Newton Co.AR
F-230 Richard W Salmon 51, Swain Mary Young Curtis 28, Swain 6 Feb 1899 John L Young,Surety.By Parker Young Parker & Abigail Tuggle Young John & Polly Doty Salmon Mary m.(1) Joe Curtis
F-231 James Parlow Brown 25, Compton Jane Allred 16, Compton 8 Feb 1899 W G Grisham,Surety.By W R Hammett They died Franklin Co.AR.15 children 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Plumlee Twp.
F-232 Albert “Ab” B Clayborn 24 Louisa Elizabeth Curtis, 22, Limestone 15 Feb 1899 John Baucom, Surety.By T H Curtis, J P John D & Mahala Essex Curtis John W & Martha J Hyatt Clayborn Ab m.(1)Eva M Earl in 1892
F-233 E H Kundert 24, Murray Frances E. Daniels 17, Murray 12 Feb 1899 John Carter, Surety.By N F Bradley Lewis & Martha Casey Daniels??
F-234 William Jabez Lively 22, Cave Creek Nina “Ninnie”Lillian Dean 21, Cave Creek 23 Feb 1899 A F Baker, Surety.By Richard Dean, J P James & Sarah G Combs Lively John M & Mary E Dickey Dean Lively Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-235 William “Will” A Eddings 19, Cave Creek Nettie Clarida 15, Cave Creek 24 Feb 1899 W L B Eddings, Surety.By E C Dickey, J P Samuel & Fannie Sisco Clarida Warren & Elizabeth Mayberry Eddings Bens Branch Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
F-236 “Mart” Standridge 20, Spence Ella May Martin 16, Spence 24 Feb 1899 M M Branch, Surety.By J R White John M & Susan V Haridster Martin John Wesley & Belle Branch Standridge Mart died 1969 Kerrville,TX
F-237 A. Sampson Edwards 23, Ryker Nancy A Stansberry 22, Ryker 2 March 1899 John M Brisco, Surety.By B F Hibbard John & Julia Steele Stansberry Jefferson B & Belinda Ward Edwards 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp.
F-238 Will Wilson (ON BOND).Bartley Rich (ON LICENSE) Ella Randall 16....Miss Sarah Wilson, 16 no date, both Parthenon J M Shinn, Surety Bartley Rich's name inked out on license Bartley Rich m.Sarah Wilson in Dec 1899(F-338)
F-239 Meardi P Box 21, Mt. Judea Louisa Wallace 18, Western Grove 6 Mar 1899 E G Atkins, Surety.By L R Jones, J P William R & Emily Branson Box
F-240 John Preston Robinson 21, Limestone Sarah Sparks 18, Snow 5 March 1899 John H Brum, Surety.By W R Breedlove, M G James Basil & Mary F Breedlove Sparks Elija & Rachel A Chambers Robinson Essex Cem.,Newton Co.AR.
This ends Book F, Part 1
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These Newton County, Arkansas Marriage Records are condensed from my Newton County, Arkansas Marriage Books

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