NEWTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS MARRIAGES, BOOK E,PART 2, from 5 April 1895 through 14 Jan 1897

Book E, Part 2,from 5 April 1895 thru 14 Jan 1897



Transcribed from Microfilm No. l,035,373 and Court Records by
myself. Notes are from my Family Group Sheets.
Microfilm was sometimes very hard to read. If names were not clear on microfilm,put a question mark??
Used the person’s full name, when known.
The Surety was usually the father or a family member.
Have researched many families listed in these marriage records.
Found in my research that the men were not always 21 years of age at time of marriage application.
The girl may not be the age listed,but much younger.
If I am not sure of surnames or parents' names, placed question mark??

One marriage (**E-217) was actually performed in 1886, but not
recorded until 1895 time period (See**E-217)

Used the ACTUAL DATE THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED, NOT the date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.
Did not number the pages. The License Number is the page number.
And remember that the microfilm was sometimes hard to read, butmade every effort for accuracy.
Copyrighted(c)1992 by Evelyn Flood.
These marriage records are a CONDENSED VERSION of my marriage books
It was impossible to put all the information from the books in these tables.
People will say.......these are public records..........well, you WILL NOT find this information in the marriage records at the Jasper Courthouse that I have listed in my books, such as parents names; census information; children' names, other marriages,burial places.etc.This information is my own creation, therefore, are copyrighted
HAVE ADDED MORE notes to the marriage books since my original books were first published.
If you do own copies of these marriage books, note the changes, the additions and corrections I have added.
When the person who performed the marriage lists a county, his marriage credentials are probably located in that county's court records.
Sometimes it was not apparent if they were a J.P.(Justice of the Peace); MG (Minister of the Gospel),or a Judge of the court.
Abbreviation (nl) means not listed on certificate.


ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued

E-206 G E Danhauer ,23, Jasper S L Meadows, 23, Jasper 5 April 1895 J K Jones,Surety: By I. Anderson I.Anderson’s Credentials, Book B, page 131
E-207 Albert W Jones,21,Willcockson Mary Susie Stricklen, 17, Willcockson 7 April 1895 W G Lewis,Surety.By T E Doran Christopher & Phoebe E.Drury Stricklen James P & Fredonia Massengale Jones 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Grant Twp.
E-208 A H Dorsey, 27, Willcockson Lizzie Harp,22, Willcockson 14 April 1895 E B Harp,Surety: By W J Patton, J P Leroy & Mahala P.Henderson Harp 1880 Newton Co.AR.,Mill Creek Twp.
E-209 Gilbert T Smith,22,Red Rock(See "Gilbert Smith Story") Mary Shatswell,17, Red Rock('Kinfolks Stories' Web site) 18 April 1895 J M Smith, Surety: By G W Newberry, J P George & Elizabeth A O'Neal Shatswell Levi & Sopha Ann Flood Smith Gilbert m.(2)Pearly Pugh in 1896(E-383)
E-210 Lewis S Phillips (nl),Jasper Anna Murphy,19, Gaither 28 April 1895 W J Perkey,Surety: By G W Shipley,Pope Co.AR Daniel Russel & Clarissa Brasel Phillips Lewis died 1918, Union Hill Cem.
E-211 A F"Forest?"Boomer Jr. 22,Jasper Ida M.Smith,20, Willcockson 5 May 1895 W L McPherson, Surety:By T E Doran 1910 Newton Co.AR.Hudson Twp.
F-212 George C Taylor,25,Jasper Delila(Della)Berry,18 Jasper 7 May 1895 W L McPherson,Surety: By A L McPherson, JP John & Mary Berry P.M.& Rachel Taylor Buried Jasper Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-213 Calvin C Thompson 27,Cave Creek Margaret C Salmon (nl),Cave Creek 19 May 1895 W P Spears, Surety: By W P Sparks, Judge Margaret d:1897,Bens Branch Cem. Granville & Eliza Thompson Calvin m:(2)Lizzie Eddings James 1904.1910 New Hope Twp.
E-214 Taylor T Turner,36(really 45:born 1850),Kapark Sarah J Copeland,21, Kapark 16 May 1895 W R Patton,Surety: By B F Hibbard Taylor m:before;Newton Co.AR,Boston Twp. Taylor d:1939.Sarah d:1950; Buckhorn Cem.Newton Co.AR
E-215 J H Baughman 20,Kilgore Ellen May "Ella" Leach 22,Kilgore 20 May 1895 A M Leach, Surety: by W R McPherson Ruben & Lavina Leach Ella,widow,1900 Jackson Twp.,d:1941 Jasper Cem.
E-216 Willie A Gardner 22, Jasper Josephine”Josie”Harmon 17,Jasper 21 May 1895 H R Phillips,Surety: By A R McPherson W.B. & Hannah Duncan Harmon Allen K.& Betty James Gardner Newspaper Business;to Chickasha,OK 1909
**E-217 John Pruitt 17, Jasper Malinda “Ellen” Vanderpool 18, JasperSolemnized**5 Oct 1886;not recorded til 25May1895 No surety listed: By D Stegall,County Judge James R & Anna L Henderson Vanderpool Benjamin & Martha Wright Pruitt?? She d:1928;he d:1945,Pruitt Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-218 Samuel Sherfield 22, Mossville Matilda Robinson 16, Mossville 26 May 1895 J F Barnard, Surety: By J R Whiteley, JP Gabriel & Martha McFarlan Robinson Mother:Artillisa"Lissie" Self? Sherfield Lewis 1900 & 1910 Van Buren Twp.,Newton Co.AR
E-219 George Douglas Reeves 20, Limestone Arizona Pruitt 20, Limestone 26 May 1895 U G Ham, Surety: By J N Jones, JP James & Nancy J Dotson Reeves 1910 Union Twp.,Newton Co.AR
E-220 John F Clayborn 29, Limestone Martha E Middleton 17,Limestone 2 June 1895 J C Baucom,Surety: By W R Breedlove,MG James"Jack" & Sarah Isabelle Jackson Middleton James M"Dick" & Emeline Clayborn Clayborns 1880 Union Twp.,Newton Co.AR
E-221 W G Starkey (nl) Salina Starkey (nl) BOND ONLY J W Casteel, Surety NO LICENSE ISSUED
E-222 Jerry Smith 65, Swain Miss Rachel Estep 39, Swain 5 June 1895 D W Brown,Surety: By W F Bradley,Minister 1880 Newton Co.AR.Jefferson Twp.with wife 1 Served Confederate Army.Buried Dixon Ridge
E-223 John W Frazier 28, Quincy Willie Moreland 18, Spence 9 June 1895 J M Edwards, Surety: By S M Beckham, JP Orval B & Sarah Frazier 1910 McIntosh Co.OK,Turner Twp
E-224 Francis Marion Hammon, 21,Mt.Hersey Winnie Bowden 18, Spence 12 June 1895 J G Hammon,Surety: By J E Jackson, JP Eli & Rachel Hammon 1880 Newton Co.AR, Prairie Twp
E-225 S D Mitchell 20, Snow N C Hendrix 21, Snow 13 June 1895 James Brasel, Surety: By J B Sparks, JP
E-226 Isaac Abe Dile 22, Chancel Mary M Millsaps 26, Chancel 16 June 1895 D A Manes, Surety: By J B Sparks, JP Francis M."Dick" & Sarah Millsaps Mary m:(2)Thomas Sanders 1909
E-227 Ben T Wells 19, Red Rock Nancy Flood 18, Red Rock 27 June 1895 W H Harris, Surety: By G W Newberry, J.P. George W & Rachel C Harris Flood Ambrose Wells,Pope Co.AR. Ben d:1969 Bristow,OK Nancy m:(2)Charley Chamberlin.She d:1954 Nederland,TX
E-228 Nick G Case 22, Fallsville Elmira Horner 21, Walnut 6 July 1895 W T Horner,Surety.By I S C Satterwhite,JP Jackson Case 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Boston Twp.
E-229 David F Spradley 20, Limestone Martha Houston 18, Limestone 14 July 1895 W R Casey, Surety. By J N Jones, J.P. William H.& Cresy Cooper Hampton Houston David & Elizabeth Howell Spradley
E-230 J A Roberson 28, Cave Creek Rosa(Roda?)Thomas 30, Cave Creek 14 July 1895 W P Spears, Surety: By J W Tennison, JP
E-231 George W Flud 24,Red Rock Miss Sarah M Petty 23, Red Rock 12 July 1895 L D Brooks, Surety: By P Mankin, MG,Marion Co.AR James & Caroline Peoples Flud George m:4 more times.d:1958 Pawhuska,OK.b: Hominy,OK
E-232 Samuel Pelham 20, Summit Martha Bohannon 16, Limestone 14 July 1895 W R Breedlove, Surety. By W R Breedlove Nathaniel J & Nancy J Bethel Bohannon Adeline Pelham 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Pleasant Hill Twp
E-233 J E Cantrell 26, Mt.Judea Mary Elizabeth”Lizzie” Holt 19,Mt.Judea 14 July 1895 W S Smith, Surety.By George W Newberry, J.P. Nathaniel Jr.&Lucinda Tennison Holt 1900 Newton Co.AR,White Twp.
E-234 Charlie Lamb 19,Jasper Allie G Raulston 18,Willcockson 14 July 1895 Jerry Brown,Surety. By D C Tinsley,JP James H & Angeline Raulston Isaiah Lamb? 1900 Marble City Twp.,Newton Co.AR
E-235 James W Poyner 20, Jasper Nora Kinley(McKinley?) 22, Jasper Hector & Sarah Patton Kinley John L & Martha Poyner 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jackson Twp
E-236 James F Hall 30, Walnut Harriett E Bennie 15, Walnut 21 July 1895 James W & Ann Bennie Buried Walnut Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-237 Joseph S Canady 22, Mt.Hersey Sarah J Thompson 23, Cave Creek 21 July 1895 C R Rogers,Surety.By E C Dickey,JP Calvin & Narcissa Tate Thompson Elias & Melissa Meeks Canady Buried Bens Branch Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-238 William N"Will"McCutcheon 23, Cave Creek Laura Green 18, Cave Creek 25 July 1895 J C McCutcheon,Surety. By J W Payne Martha Green William Rudolph & Sarah A Hale McCutcheon Buried McCutcheon Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-239 John W Liles 42, Mt.Judea Mrs.Rebecca Ann Vick Edwards 42,Spence(wd.John Edwards 28July1895 R W Harrison,Surety.By J L Pierce,J.P. Josiah & Mary Jackson Vick Absalom & Cynthia Colinger Liles John m.(1)Katie Sutton(1855-1894)(3)Mary Barber Sloan 1918
E-240 William T Massengale 21,Willcockson Nancy”Nannie J” Hoover 16, Compton 28 July 1895 E B Harp,Surety.By A C Phillips, MG, ME Church Elisha & Nancy Harp Riggs Massengale Buried Shaddox Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-241 John H Adams 19,Limestone Valley Geneva"Jennie" L Casey 19,Limestone Valley 25 July 1895 William Adams, Surety. By W R Breedlove, MG Wesley Allen & Chaney Woodward Casey William & Nancy Emily Clayborn Adams John m.(2)Fannie Cowell in 1913
E-242 W R Crownover 37,Jasper Sarah Baughman 18, Jasper 28 July 1895 J H Baughman, Surety. By W J Patton
E-243 J S Swain 19,Cassville Tira Cole 19, Walnut 2 Aug 1895 John Swain,Surety. By J M Thomas, JP
E-244 Joseph Patton 19, Fallsville Martha Bryant 17, Fallsville 7 Aug 1895 W R Patton, Surety.By Joseph Phillips,M.G. Solomon & Lucy Mahala Sutherland Bryant David F & Louvesa Allen Patton 1900 Kentucky Twp.,Newton Co.AR
E-245 George F Allred 21, Noah Pearly Thomas, Noah 18 Aug 1895 B E McFerin,Surety.By David McCollough,M.G. Samuel & Mandy Thomas 1910 Osage Twp.,Newton Co.AR.w/6 children
E-246 Samuel Gregory 18, Spence Rosa A”Rosie”Jones 15, Spence 15 Aug 1895 J M Dixon,Surety. By L P White,Boone Co.AR Lucinda Standridge Jones George & Louise Elizabeth"Betty" Jones Gregory Buried Richland Cem.Newton Co.AR
E-247 Zachary T Reynolds 48, Cassville Lavonia Thomas 23, Cassville 19 Aug 1895 J M Thomas,Surety.By J M Thomas, J.P. 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
E-248 James Alvin Taylor 22, Wayton Belva Dora Faught 17,Summit 22 Aug 1895 J B Hudson, Surety. By G M Hunt, J.P. Thomas J & Nancy Manes Faught Isaac Wilborn & Clarinda Henderson Taylor Buried Deer Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-249 N Webster King 24, Wayton Nancy Henderson 17, Wayton 22 Aug 1895 W J Perkey, Surety. By P M Teter,J.P. James & Mary J Blackwood Henderson 1900 Newton Co.AR,Lincoln Twp.
E-250 J W Kundert(Kanndart?)27,Cassville Martha J Carlton 17, Murray 25 Aug 1895 L C Carlton,Surety.By A R McPherson,J.P. Lowery C & Nancy Lawson Carlton
E-251 Arch M Leach 20, Kilgore Dove Baughman 16, Kilgore 25 Aug 1895 W R Crownover,Surety.By J W Vinson,J.P. 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jackson Twp.
E-252 Marion A Carlton 20, Limestone(1875-1919) Julia Ogden17, Limestone 1 Sept 1895 M.Carlton, Surety. By T C Bethel,J.P. Alfred & Tabitha Dillahunty Ogden Marion Benjamin & Virginia Jennie Dunlap Carlton Julia m:(2)Francis W Casey in 1921
E-253 Elias L Overturf 22,Spence M.Viola Slape 16, Limestone(1878-1898) 1 Sept 1895 F M Overturf, Surety.By JA White,JP Francis M & Martha J Breeding Overturf
E-254 E A Hickman 42, Yardelle Miss Sophie A Owen 34, Yardelle 1 Sept 1895 William Owen, Surety. By H M Lovelady John C & Mary Polly Pierce Owen
E-255 U S Hatfield 23, Fallsville Alabama Eastep 18,Fallsville 7 Sept 1895 Joseph Eastep, Surety. By A L Boen,J.P.
E-256 Tom F Jones 21, Compton Ardenia McFerrin 18, Compton 15 Sept 1895 J F Jones, Surety. By W A Harp, JP John B.Jr.& Clementine Tabitha McCrea McFerrin
E-257 Sammie Harp 19,Jasper(1877-1899) Bonnie Adams 17,Mt. Judea 15 Sept 1895 John Pruit,Surety.By J L Pierce, J.P. George W &Martha E.Holt Adams Sam B & Elizabeth Isabelle Thompson Davis Harp Bonnie m.(2)William R Pierce;moved to Eufaula,OK
E-258 Alfred Tildon Case 18, Fallsvile Susan Eastep 16, Fallsville 19 Sept 1895 B F Eastep, Surety.By Rev.L H Rowlet,Lawrence Co.AR Jackson Case Buried Case Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
E-259 George W Shatswell 37,Red Rock Mattie Rutledge 18,Red Rock 19 Sept 1895 J N Davis, Surety.By B C Davis, MG Calvin S.Rutledge & E.Louisa Richards Rutledge Casey see"Shatswell Story"in my 'Kinfolks Stories' George m.(1)Elizabeth A.O'Neal(1859-1890)
E-260 Albert Davis 20,Jasper Arrena”Rena”Hefley 16,Willcockson 22 Sept 1895 Allen Tennison,Surety.By J H Raulston, J.P. Phillip &Emeline Nichols Hefley Daniel & Nancy Ann Crashaw Davis Buried New Cowell Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-261 John Stacey 62, Quincy Dethula A Hudson 16, Quincy 30 Sept 1895 B A Casey,Surety. By B A Casey, J.P. Dethula was from Hudson\Standridge families
E-262 John Carie(Carey)(nl),Waterloo (Franklin Co.AR) Sarah “Ellen”Bolin 17,Mt.Judea 26 Sept 1895 C F Bolin, Surety.By G W Newberry,J.P. John E. & Sarah Atkinson Bolin Joe H & Rebecca Emeline Belt Carie.Joe born France John & Ellen on 1900 Franklin Co.AR.Census.John bro.Nora Carie Bolin
E-263 George W Martin 19, Cave Creek Laura Maxwell 14, Cave Creek 1 Oct 1895 H A Martin, Surety.By Richard Dean,J.P. William & Paralee Yates Maxwell?? Nathaniel & Martha Cook Martin?? Did George m.Chipie E.Stephens in 1897?
E-264 John J Curtis 24,Mt.Judea Frances L Scott 16,Mt.Judea 6 Oct 1895 D F Scott, Surety.By G W Newberry, J.P.
E-265 Robert J Burns 21,Snow Miss Margaret E Hendrix 27, Snow 9 Oct 1895 James Brasel,Surety.By J B Sparks, J.P. Calvin & Melissa C.Burns 1900 Newton Co.AR.Pleasant Hill Twp.
E-266 W A Russell 23, Malvern Girty Johnson 18, Jasper 9 Oct 1895 J M Richardson,Surety. by P M Teeter,M.G.
E-267 John H Dixon 58,Yardelle Miss Sarah V Martin 57,Yardelle 13 Oct 1895 (she was Susan) J M Dixon,Surety. By L R Jones, J.P. Henry & Jane Sloan Hardister. wd.John H Martin CSA:1880 Prairie Twp(8 kids) John & (1)Sarah Dixon 1880 Fulton Co.AR(10 kids)
E-268 George Clayborn, 21, Swain Mary Curtis 17, Swain 13 Oct 1895 Gus Culbertson,Surety. By Parker Young
E-269 Thornton Carter 22, Compton Julia Looper 16, Compton 13 Oct 1895 J B Looper,Surety. By J T Compton, MG Jackson & Margaret Snow Looper 1900 Newton Co.AR.Plumlee Twp.
E-270 Jesse Lewis Daniels 20, Murray Polly Willis 16, Murray 20 Oct 1895 J R Stephens, Surety. By J R Stephens, MG Owen & Nellie Mulholland Willis Lewis & Martha Casey Daniels 1900 Newton Co.AR,Murray Twp.
E-271 James Madison Shinn 24, Jasper Martha Vickie Phillips 18, Willcockson 23 Oct 1895 M T Briscoe,Surety. By A J Taylor, M.G. Absalom & Sarah Davis Phillips Martha d:1932.James m.(2)Agness Bass
E-272 James Ben Talley 17,Yardell(1878-1961) Luettie Martin 17,Yardell(1878-1947) 3 Nov 1895 T C Dixon,Surety. By L R Jones, J.P. John H & Susan Hardister Martin 1910 Newton Co.AR,New Hope Twp.
E-273 Francis Marion Bethany 25,Yardell Georgia Roberson 20,Yardell 21 Nov 1895 S.D.Cox,Surety. By W J Moore,J.P. William Calvin &Viney O'Daniel Roberson Charles H.Sr & Martha Pierce Bethany He m.(2)Virgie Elvira Greenhaw 1914;m.(3)Florence Spears Seitz.1930 in Seminole Co.OK
E-274 William J Pruett 24,Willcockson Cora Anthony (nl)17?,Willcockson 21 Nov 1895 W A Bradley, Surety.By Elisha Massengale,J.P. W.Wilshire & Mary F Winn Pruett 1900 Newton Co.AR,Marble City Twp.
E-275 William Rosco Dickey 18,Cave Creek Lucinda E Stone 24,Cave Creek 24 Nov 1895 J H Dickey,Surety. By B A Casey, J.P. John Hanner & Delphy Josephine Martin Dickey 1900 & 1910 Newton Co.AR.Polk Twp.
E-276 No marriage listed here
E-277 No marriage listed here
E-278 Calvin Adams 19,Summit Mary Cook 21, Summit 5 Dec 1895 J W Pelham,Surety. By W R Breedlove,M.G.
E-279 A B Roberts 45, Keener (Boone Co.AR) M M White 26, Quincy 5 Dec 1895 J A Russel,Surety. By J T White
E-280 Alexander B Harderson 33,Cassville Sarah E Cowan 26,Fallsville 9 Dec 1895 J C Cowan,Surety.By A L Boen,J.P. William Isaac & Mary Daniels Cowan 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp
E-281 Arthur A Webb 21, Western Grove Eva Owens 20, Western Grove 22 Dec 1895 J N Owens,Surety. By J T Reich,M.G. James & Martha Webb
E-282 William Murphy 25, Parthenon Sopha Marrs 23, Dry Fork(Carroll Co.AR) 25 Dec 1895 W J Perkey,Surety. By P M Teeter, M.G. James H. & Theresa M.Johns Murphy
E-283 Marcus Brown Thompson 28,Cave Creek Nancy Ellen McCutcheon 21,Cave Creek 29 Dec 1895 J P McCutcheon,Surety.By J R Taylor Alexander & Fanny Cook McCutcheon George W & Mary Goforth Thompson 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Polk Twp
E-284 Jerome P McCutchen 22,Cave Creek Cordelia”Cordie”E.Casteel 16,Cave Creek 29 Dec 1895 M B Thompson,Surety.By J W Payne Harrison R & Rachel Forbush Casteel Andrew J Sarah Greenhaw McCutcheon 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp
E-285 William Jasper Plumlee 34, Compton Mary E Watson 25, Swain(1871-1897)( 1 Jan 1896 B F Brown, Surety.By J H Petree Clinton & Nancy Pennington Plumlee W m.(1)Elizabeth Carter(3)E J Fredrick 1897
E-286 James Franklin Burdine 23,Red Rock(1873-1913) Mary Lavina”Viney”Smith 16,Mt.Judea 2 Dec 1895(record states 1896) J A Pierce,Surety.By G W Newberry, J.P. Henry W & Barbara Allen Pierce House Smith Nathaniel & Sarah J Pierce Burdine Viney m.(2)David Crockett Smith 1915
E-287 Leory Barlow? F Brown 24, Compton Millie Looper(Luper) 19,Compton 12 Jan 1896 W J Plumlee,Surety.By J H Petree Jackson P & Margaret Snow Looper(Luper) David J & Cinderella Plumlee Brown
E-288 Charles M Payne 60, Murray Miss Vina Self 42, Murray 23 Jan 1896 Levi Self, Surety.By Richard Thomas,M.G.
E-289 J H Collins 25, Cave Creek E J Ward 23, Cave Creek 19 Jan 1896 D Collins, Surety. By Richard Dean,J.P.
E-290 Elias L C Boling 23, Fallsville Nancy E Durham 16, Fallsville 26 Jan 1896 T Boling, Surety. By B F Hibbard Henry & Rosanna Smith Durham
E-291 John H Brown 46,Jasper Vassie Lamb 24, Jasper 26 Jan 1896 W P Spears, Surety. By A R McPherson, J.P. Isiah Lamb?
E-292 John B McCollough 24, Dinsmore Dollie Dodson (nl),Dinsmore 12 Feb 1896 L A Allred,Surety.By David McCollough, MG David & Mary Bunch McCoullough
E-293 L A Allred 25, Osage (Carroll Co.AR) Lou D Belle Newberry 16, Noah 9 Feb 1896 J B McCollough,Surety.By David McCollough, MG Alexander & Nancy L.Bunch Newberry
E-294 Charles Alexander Garrison 23,Quincy Mary Nancy Elizabeth”Bess”Standridge 25,Quincy 10 Feb 1896 B A Casey,Surety.By B A Casey, J.P. James P& Nancy Caroline Satterfield Standridge Jonathan L & Mary E. Tannahill Garrison
E-295 William Wiley Baker 24, Cave Creek Mary J Criner 17, Mt.Judea 19 Feb 1896 J T Greenhaw,Surety. By J R Taylor William T & Mary J Hefley Criner Joshua Baker 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Polk Twp.
E- 296 P Sanders Shinn 19,Yardell Liller A Gray 16, Western Grove 16 Feb 1896 J M Shinn, Surety. By L R Jones, J.P. Thomas & Lilly E Sanders Shinn 1900 Newton Co.AR,Prairie Twp.
E-297 J T Soward 23, Quincy Dora Waldren 18, Quincy 23 Feb 1896 Jas Brasel,Surety. By G A Bailey, DD (Pope Co.AR)
E-298 William F Martin 27, Jasper Nancy Lavina"Vina" Spencer 17, Jasper 23 Feb 1896 John Spencer,Surety. By D C Tinsley, J.P. John & Elizabeth Jennings Spencer Uncle Billy & Nancy Cole Martin William m.(1)Delia Ann Brown
E-299 William B Riddle 21, Mt.Judea Peggie Smith 22, Red Rock 27 Feb 1896 E E Ammons,Surety.By J L Pierce,JP James W & Mary Tennison Smith Peggy on 1920\1930,Lavaca, Sebastian Co. AR
E-300 Columbus B ”Lum”Hudson 18,Snow Ader Johnson 17, Boxley 8 Mar 1896 R A Hudson,Surety. By C C Hudson Alfred E & Mary J Chatrick Johnson Allen & Mary J Casey Hudson Columbus m.(2)Delia Molly Holman
E-301 George F Kimbriel 19, Kapark Cosire? K West 16, Kapark 8 Mar 1896 T M Hughes, Surety.By J B Edwards(Madison Co.AR Benjamin & Lizzie West William F & Lizzie Kimbriel George in 1910 Newton Co.AR,Kentucky Twp
E-302 Ben Frank Wright 24,Mt.Judea Rebecca Taylor 22, Jasper 5 Mar 1896 H C Nichols,Surety.By G W Nichols, J.P. Seaborn & Celia Davis Wright 1920 Newton Co.AR.Buried Jasper Cemetery
E-303 John R Keeton 20, Boxley Dora Eoff 16(1879-1904) 8 March 1896 A J Keeton,Surety. By J W Vinson, JP Alford J & Martha J.Henson Keeton John m.(2)Martha Moore 1905
E-304 James Pruitt 21,Jasper Dora Wynne 19, Willcockson 16 March 1896 W A Harp, Surety.By W A Harp,J.P. James M & Sarah Jones Wynne Dora m.(2)John T Brasel in 1897
E-305 John R Kimbriel 22,Kapark Rachel Sparks 20, Willcockson 15 Mar 1896 J H R McNight,Surety. By Richard Thomas, MG Joshua & Sarah Self Sparks William F & Lizzie Kimbriel Burial Mossville Cemetery
E-306 Aaron H Roberts 55, Jasper Mrs.Elizabeth(Villines)Farmer 45,Jasper 16 Mar 1896 D A Smith,Surety.By C C Hudson Addison & Lucy Villines Elizabeth m.(1)William A Farmer
E-307 J A Hemmingway 20, Summit Sarah A Cook 15, Summit 2 April 1896 J W Pellham,Surety.By W R Breedlove
E-308 Moses Wages 22, Kapark Margaret M Nuckolls 17, Kapark 7 April 1896 W H Wages, Surety. By J W Sasser, JP William & Amanda Barber Nuckolls James F & Elizabeth Gilbert Boatright Wages 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp
E-309 Reuben Henry Box 21, Mt.Judea Miranda”Randa” Atkinson 16, Red Rock 5 April 1896 E E Battenfield,Surety, By J L Pierce, J.P. Thomas & Sarah Bolin Atkinson William R & Emily Branson Box Rueben d.1922 Ozark,AR.Randa d.1930 Blackwell,AR
E-310 William E Self 17, Boxley Delila(Louisa J?) Guthrie 16, Mossville 12 April 1896 J L Self, Surety. By J W Sasser,J.P. Edmond & Sarah Lucinda Bull Guthrie? Samuel & Mary Clark Self 1900 Newton Co.AR,Van Buren Twp
E-311 William A Bradley 24,Snowball(Searcy Co.AR) Cora Moss 15, Jasper 12 April 1896 Sam Moss, Surety.By William F Wood(Baxter Co.AR Joseph B & Arminda Moss Alfred Anderson Bradley 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jackson Twp.
E-312 Henry A Snow 29, Compton V A Sims 18, Compton 19 May 1896 R L Hudson. By W P Hammett William P & Didema Sims?
E-313 U G Lyons 30, Chancel Nancy E Sparks 15, Chancel 19 April 1896 H L Reynolds,Surety.By J C Adams,J.P.
E-314 Hugh B Phillips 50, Western Grove Arminda"Minty"Robinson Martin 53, Western Grove 20 April 1896 B F Ruble, Surety. By W J Moore, J.P. Hugh served Co.C,5th TN Cavalry(Union) Buried Western Grove Cemetery
E-315 Jesse Robert Massengale 20,Willcockson Laura E Spencer 17,Willcockson 22 April 1896 E B Patton, Surety. By J H Raulston, J.P. Jesse & Nancy J Spencer? Elisha J & Nancy A.Harp Riggs Massengale 1900 Newton Co.AR
E-316 W S Holt 26, Mt.Judea Mandy Tennie 22, Red Rock 3 May 1896 John Cross, Surety. By J L Pierce,J.P.
E- 317 James W Farmer 20,Gaither Sarah E Hickman 15, Jasper 7 May 1896 J R Stricklin, Surety. By D C Tinsley James W & Mary E. Hickman Andrew Bird & Emily J Hull Farmer Cherry Grove Cemetery, Newton Co.AR
E-318 William I Stanberry 28, Ryker R E Roberson 22, Ryker 24 May 1896 W H Mills, Surety. By J W Sasser,J.P. Henry C & Mary E Stanberry? William m:(1)Martha Mattingly(1875-1895)in 1895
E-319 Eli J Neal 20, Cassville(1875-1957) Malenda W Cowan 23, Fallsville(1873-1956) 24 May 1896 W L McPherson,Surety.By N F Bradley Isaac & Polly Daniels Cowan Mary Neal Eli in Hickory Grove Cem.Malinda in Case Cem
E-320 Charley F Breedlove 19, Parthenon Mary Benegar 21, Wayton 14 May 1896 U A Smith, Surety.By J E Rylee Joseph & Nancy Henderson Benegar Charley died 1914.Wayton Cemetery, Newton Co. Ark
E-321 Joe Blair 23, Snowball, Searcy Co.ARP Margaret Gerotha Riddle 17 Cave Creek 17 May 1896 Frank Riddle,Surety E C Dickey, J P Hugh and Mary S Wyatt Riddle. Margaret married (2) William H Box on 18 July 1898
E-322 B F Price 22, Spence Stella L Ryan 16, Spence 17 May 1896 R W Harrison, Surety. By G A Bailey, M.G.
E-323 Reuben”Ruby”Henry Wishon 26, Boxley Anna Eoff 19, Boxley 17 May 1896 W L McPherson,Surety. By J W Vinson, JP Samuel & Catherine Eoff Isaac C & Cintha Kilgore Wishon Anna d.1963 Low Gap Cem.Reuben d.1936 Seminole,OK
E-324 Joseph Barnes 31, Cassville Effie Ingram 23, Cassville 26 May 1896 A B Harderson,Surety. By N P Hudson, M.G.
E-325 Marshall Van Dyke 51, Hilltop (Boone Co.AR) Elvira Estep 20, Hilltop (Boone Co.AR) 31 May 1896 G W Villines, Surety. By W A Harp, JP
E-326 John Curry 21, Vendor Bethena Ann Peoples 19, Vendor 31 May 1896 W R Flud,Surety. By W P Mankin, M.G. Nathan & Rachel Orlena Miller (Phillips?)Peoples John died ca 1900(children:Martha J & William M Curry Bethena m.(1)J A White 1891 Searcy Co.AR(3)Daniel Freeman 1904
E-327 George W Villines 22, Boxley Amanda Susan Young 17, Boxley 4 June 1896 John Villines,Surety.By J W Vinson, J.P. William & Martha Jane Curnutt Villines 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Low Gap Twp.Low Gap Cemetery
E-328 Harley C Nichols 22, Mt.Judea Mary Jane Hefley 18, Mt.Judea 11 June 1896 H M Nichols, Surety.By E E Ammons, J.P. Daniel Jeptha & Mary Holt Hefley Martin William & Mary Adams Nichols Harley d.1901;Mary J d.1907.Sexton Cemetery
E-329 James H Norton 38,Swain M J”Jennie” Beckham 18, Walnut 14 June 1896 W A Beasley, Surety.By J A Hughes, MG(Pope Co.AR) William & Susan Casey Beckham Josiah & Jennie Ponder Norton 1910 Newton Co.AR, Jackson Twp.,5 children
E-330 George F Allen 24,Jasper Mary Melvina Price 17, Ft.Douglas(Johnson Co.AR) 21 June 1896 Jas Brasel, Surety. By A B Allen, JP Frank & Martha Jones Price John & Margaret Phillips Allen Read "The Price Orphans"on my 'Kinfolks Stories'Website
E-331 James F Watson 27, Walnut Julia Skaggs 20, Walnut 25 June 1896 F L Watson, Surety. By Parker Young Willis & Elizabeth Robinson Skaggs 1900 Newton Co.AR.Walnut Twp.,Walnut Cemetery
E-332 J Robert Key ,21 Mt Judea Alley F (Tennessee?)Greenhaw ,16 Mt.Judea 25 June 1896 A C Key,Surety. By E E Ammons, J.P. Ephriam Kingston & Martha Hefley Greenhaw 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Big Creek Twp.
E-333 William L Simmons 26, Ponders Gertrude V Wilson 17, Ponders 5 July 1896 J M Simmons, Surety.By A.A. Neal Albert & Mary J Brown Wilson?? James Pinkney & Mary Eliza Brown Simmons Gertrude m.James Wylie 1913
E-334 James M Simmons 22,Swain Ellen Boen 19, Swain 5 July 1896 W L Simmons,Surety. By A A Neal Robert & Mary C Bowen? James P & Mary Eliza Brown Simmons
E-335(On LICENSE it states: Fred M Marxman 23, Swain Mary J Simmons 19, Swain 5 July 1896 (See E-336)But on BOND it states: H K Simmons 23 and Cora Williams 18 H K Simmons,Surety. By A E Wilson, J.P. Men apparently signed on wrong license
E-336 Hiram King Simmons 20, Swain Cora Williams, 18, Swain 5 July 1896 Fred M Marxman,Surety. By A E Wilson,J.P. John & Noma Williams? Men apparently signed on wrong license 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.Hickory Grove Cem.
E-337 John T Farmer 20, Jasper Dianna Henson 15, Jasper 11 July 1896 A B Hanby, Surety. By J B O’Neal, ODM 1900 Newton Co.AR,Marble City Twp.
E-338 Robert Levi Criner 21, Mt.Judea Margaret J”Peggy”Ricketts 16, Mt.Judea 23 July 1896 John Forster(Foster), Surety.By G W Nichols, J.P. William S & Sarah Smith Ricketts Stephen C & Margaret Cheatham Criner Buried Haskell Cem.,Muskogee Co.OK
E-339 Oliver H Reed 25, Kapark Mary Emaline Cowan 17, Kapark 19 July 1896 J J Walker, Surety. By J W Sasser, J.P. 1900 Newton Co.AR,Kentucky Twp.
E-340 (Robert?)Monroe Standridge 20, Quincy Liza Fox 18, Quincy 23 July 1896 J H Standrige, Surety. By W J F Hopkins Gatus Fox? Martin Jr. & Elizabeth "Betsy"Standridge Monroe died 23 Dec 1896/Richland Cem.Newton Co.AR
E- 341 Andrew Thomas “Tom”Self 20, Boxley Mary Wright 17, Boxley 21 July 1896 W D Falkner,Surety.By I J Whitley,Baptist Minister William J "Billy"& Eliza Jane Hood Self 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Van Buren Twp.,Shiloh Cemetery
E-342 E E Battenfield 25, Vendor Nancy J Pierce 17, Vendor 26 July 1896 J M Flud, Surety. By G W Newberry, JP John L. Jr. & Mary Marand Flood Pierce Nancy m.(2)Charley Box 1904(3)Joseph Hartman(4)W O Hubbard
E-343 John H Norris 40, Cassville Laura (Sloan)Jones 24, Jasper 23 July 1896 J B Moss, Surety. By W F Wood, M.G. Noah M & Mary A Simler Sloan John & Mary McGuire Norris John m.(1)Sarah E McPherson.Laura m.Elonzo Jones 1894
E-344 J E McGarity 22, Swain Evaline Calahan 19, Swain 26 July 1896 W J Strode, Surety. By J R Whitely, J P
E-345 J H Gregory 26, Freeman Susan Jane Greenhaw 16, Spence 29 July 1896 Daniel Greenhaw,Surety. By B A Casey, J P Daniel Gabriel % Lucy Standridge Greenhaw Susie Greenhaw Gregory m.(2)Riley Shelton in 1900
E-346 William M Millsaps 19, Chancel Clarissa Sparks 17, Chancel 2 Aug 1896 B F Sparks, Surety. By I C Adams, J.P. Jesse & Elizabeth Owens Sparks Francis M "Dick" & Sarah Scott Millsaps Buried Deer Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-347 William D Edwards 33, Ryker Clara Sparks 17 (nl) 2 Aug 1896 W.G.Clark, Surety.By B F Hibbard, JP Manerva M.Bryant listed as bride on BOND
E-348 J T Sumpter 18, Chancel Caroline Davis 14,Chancel 9 Aug 1896 J S Millsaps, Surety.By I C Adams, J.P.
E-349 James T McAfee 22, Boxley Sarah E Williams 19, Jasper 23 Aug 1896 W L Curtis, Surety.By A R McPherson, M.G. George W Williams & Mary Jane Holt Williams Wisdom William W & Martha J McAfee 1900 Newton Co.AR,VanBuren Twp.
E-350 Lewis Smith 20, Swain Mariah Ann “Lizzie”Bailey 18, Cassville 13 Aug 1896 T J Thomas, Surety. By J M Thomas, J.P. Kelce & Nora Bailey? 1900 Newton Co.AR, Jefferson Twp.
E-351 James Stephens 20,Cave Creek Narcissis”Sis” Hill 17, Cave Creek 13 Aug 1896 J O Edwards, Surety.By Richard Dean, J.P. James Nathan & Nancy Mariah McCutcheon Hill James Samuel & Mary L McGhee Stephens Narcissis Hill 1910 Newton Co.AR.Polk Twp.(divorced?)
E-352 Gill Williams 43, Mt.Hersey Sarah Ann Reeves 23, Mt.Hersey 13 Aug 1896 John Starr. By R J Eddings, J.P.
E-353 Hiram T Sparks 19, Boxley N P Belle Whiteley 15, Boxley 23 Aug 1896 J P Sparks,Surety.By J R Whiteley, J.P. Samuel H & Seletha Beckham Whiteley John P & Sarah E.Russell Sparks 1900 Newton Co.AR, Van Buren Twp.
E-354 J W Jones 20, Wayton Malissa Snow 19, Wayton 16 Aug 1896 J R Snow, Surety. By W R Breedlove, J.P. Sam & Eliza Jane Millsaps Snow
E-355 James E Vincent 37, Wayton Miss Aguilla V McCarroll 34, Wayton 30 Aug 1896 L C Moss, Surety. By E B Jones, J.P. 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Lincoln Twp.with 4 children
E-356 W. Cal Edwards 23, Mt.Hersey Susie Salmon 18, Mt. Hersey 30 Aug 1896 G F Riddle,Surety. By E C Dickey, J.P. John & Narcissus Adeline Hale Salmon 1900 Newton Co. AR, Prairie Twp.
E-357 C E Lundy 26, Jasper Matta Murphy 26, Jasper 29 Aug 1896 J M Shinn,Surety.By P M Teeter, J.P.(Sebastian Co.AR)
E-358 Vinson Adams 46,Cave Creek( -1933) Martha Elizabeth” Eliza “Henson 43,Cave Creek(-1934) 3 Sept 1896 John Curtis, Surety. By E C Dickey, J.P. Zepheniah & Margaretta Thompson Nunn Martha had m.(1)William B Henson Sr.(-1895)
E-359 George Wells 19, Mt. Hersey Frances Roark 19, Mt.Hersey 6 Sept 1896 William Marshall,Surety. By J E Jackson, J.P. John & Terisia Roark 1900 Newton Co.AR,New Hope Twp
E-360 Elisha Williams 30, Mt.Hersey Martha E Davis 19, Mt.Hersey 5 Sept 1896 Thomas A Petty,Surety. By R J Eddings, JP Elisha m.(1)S.E.Tennessee Eddings in 1884.
E-361 Levi Bruce Faught 36, Ponder Isabelle Baucom(Mary Jane Willie Isabelle)25, Ponder 10 Sept 1896 G W Faught,Surety. By J B Sparks, J.P. William & Sally Barber Baucom?? Thomas J & Nancy A Manes Faught Levi m.(1)Josephine F.Thomas in 1883
E-362 David Louis Nichols 36, Mt.Judea Frances L Taylor 26, Jasper 10 Sept 1896 James Brasel,Surety.By G W Nichols, J.P. Thomas & Elizabeth Davis Nichols David d.1922,Sexton Cem.Newton Co.AR.Francis d.Mesa,AZ
E-363 Asbury Bennet Hamby 23, Parthenon Rhoda Emeline Hudson 15, Parthenon 13 Sept 1896 Allen Henderson,Surety. By E B Jones, J.P. James J & Victoria Boatman Hudson Rhoda d.1937 LeFlore Co.OK
E-364 James Henderson 19, Jasper Julia Flud 16, Vendor 17 Sept 1896 E J Henderson, Surety.By J L Pierce, J.P. William Riley & No.2 Mary E Tinney Flud Julia m.(2)Mr.Pendergraft,Odessa,Texas
E-365 John Cook 21, Noah Sallie Hasting 20, Noah 18 Sept 1896 J M Hasting, Surety.By J A Crotich, M.G.Madison Co.AR
E-366 Arthur S McDougal 27, Yardell Belle Iness 18, Yardell 20 Sept 1896 A J Clark, Surety. By H M Lovelady, J.P. Ray & Lucinda Iness Archibald & Elizabeth Spears McDougal 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Prairie Twp.Sandhill Cem.
E-367 William C Eslick 22, Red Rock Rebecca J Essex 18, Red Rock 23 Sept 1896 Bedin Eslick, Surety.By S S Hemingway, J.P. Esquire C & Narcissa Jane Robinson Essex William M. & Cintha Smith Eslick
E-368 Michael W Morrison 22,Jasper(1876-1907) Ophelia Brown 20, Wells Creek 23 Sept 1896 C H Brown,Surety. By H M Lovelady, M.G. Jasper & Josephine Hoppis Morrison Michael m.(2)Mary Lane 1903.Michael b.Hasty Cem.
E-369 H W Davis 19, Jasper Nancy A Carter 16, Jasper 25 Sept 1896 Allen Tennison.By G W Newberry, J.P.
E-370 Thomas J Shinn 21,Yardell Nora May Ramsey 19, Western Grove 30 Sept 1896 W L Curtis, Surety. By L R Jones, J.P. John W & Caroline Ramsey Thomas J Sr. & Lilly E Sanders Shinn 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Polk Twp.
E-371 Willis Oscar McArtor 28,Parthenon(1869-1967) Maggie(Davis)Hudson 25, Newton(1870-1960) 1 Oct 1896 B A Farmer,Surety.By R C J Matlock, M.G. Maggie Davis m.(1)William Allen Hudson in 1889
E-372 William F Faddis 26, Compton Elmira Eastep 21, Compton 29 Sept 1896 Marshall Van Dyke,Surety.By W A Harp, J.P. Rubin & Malinda Johnson Eastep 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Plumlee Twp
E-373 J R Smith 22, Willcockson Bertha Pruitt 17, Willcockson 4 Oct 1896 D L Crow,Surety. By D C Tinsley
E-374 Elder Amos A Neal 26, Cassville(1870-1943) Sarah A Tuggle 17, Cassville(1879-1954) 8 Oct 1896 J M Johnson,Surety.By J E Rylee, J.P. 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jefferson Twp.Mossville Cem.
E-375 John Calvin Eddings II 46,Vendor(1850-1929) Malinda Dwiggins 37, Western Grove 8 Oct 1896 J N B Phillips,Surety.By L R Jones, J.P. Malinda(mnu) m.(1)Mr.Price.(2)Mr. Dwiggins John C Sr. & Martha J Scott Eddings John C. m.(1)Mary Canzada Jones (2)Mary Mayberry
E-376 William Joseph Youngblood 24(34), Wayton Julia A Winters 19, Wayton(1875-1957) 16 Oct 1896 J N B Phillips,Surety.By G M Hunt, J.P. Martha Winters Janst & Martha Thomas Youngblood? Buffalo Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-377 Nathaniel F Bunch 22, Noah Maud B Allred 16, Noah 25 Oct 1896 Stephen Sanders & Mary E Johnson Bunch Liberty Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-378 C G Cowan 23, Hartman (Johnson Co.AR) S M Woodruff 25, Jasper 26 Oct 1896 E F Leach,Surety.By E F Leach, M.G.(Perry Co. AR) W. F. Woodruff
E-379 G E Jackson 17, Mt.Hersey Girty Wells 17, Mt.Hersey 29 Oct 1896 G W Jackson,Surety.By J E Jackson Thomas & Martha Maddox Wells
E-380 B Clinton Iness 21, Yardell Sallie (Sarah)McDougal 19, Yardell 4 Nov 1896 G W Reynolds, Surety.By J E Jackson, J.P. Archibald & Elizabeth Spears McDougal Ray & Lucinda Iness
E-381 J Frank Knight 30, Boxley Cintha E(Lillinie)Villines 17, Boxley 4 Nov 1896 W H Knight,Surety. By M M Wishon, J.P. William & Martha Curnutt Villines 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Low Gap Twp.
E-382 Lorenzo ”Ranzy” D Cavin 21,Cave Creek Martha J Bolin 20,Cave Creek 1 Nov 1896 Sam Moss, Surety.By Richard Dean Raised by Bolin Family of Cave Creek,Newton Co.AR Joseph H Cavin & Sarah Jane Yates Taylor Cavin Standridge 1920 Muskogee Co.OK,Darling Twp.w/mother Jane
E-383 Gilbert”Gib” T Smith 22, Jasper Pearly Pugh 19, Vendor 1 Nov 1896 D Phillips, Surety.By J E Bolin, J.P. Henry F & Sarah E Pugh Levi & Sopha Ann Flood Smith? See"The Many Gilbert Smiths Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories'
E-384 Pleas Mason Robinson 22, Yardell Melvina Green 18, Mt.Hersey 1 Oct 1896 W M Reynolds, Surety.By J E Jackson, J.P. Pleasant & Luanna Jane Bohannon Robinson 1900 Newton Co.AR,Mill Creek,single,
E-385 Lemuel R Jones 44, Snow Frances L Addams 35, Mt.Judea 31 Oct 1896 G W Nichols, Surety.By G W Nichols, JP Benjamin & Anna Tennison Jones 1900 Newton Co.AR, Pleasant Hill Twp.
E-386 Marion Monroe Lewis 25, Kapark Sallie Combs 23, Kapark 2 Nov 1896 W A Harp, Surety.By B F Hibbard Bonaparte & Elizabeth Holland Combs William Henry & Easter Yates Lewis 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Boston Twp.
E-387 Carl Stein 30, Cave Creek Rosa Price 18, Cave Creek 29 Dec 1896 John W Conley, Surety.By J R Taylor,M.G.
E-388 C J Bishop 19, Osage Dealie Alread 18, Noah 8 Nov 1896 D J Brown, Surety.By W P Hammet, J.P. Benjamin & Sarah Bishop?
E-389 Charles F Fortner 19, Yardell Sarah A Wheeler 18, Yardell 15 Nov 1896 George Chambers,Surety.By L R Jones, J.P. Isham & Catherine Anderson Wheeler 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Prairie Twp.
E-390 Samuel Dick Cox 22, Yardell Alice McDougal 22, Yardell 18 Nov 1896 Jas Brasel, Surety.By L R Jones, J.P. Archibald & Elizabeth Spears McDougal Dr.Sylraner Raburn & Susannah Cox Buried Western Grove Cemetery
E-391 Skilman B McCollough 19, Dinsmore Rachel Howerton 20, Noah 22 Nov 1896 J W Allread, Surety.By C B Bunch, J.P. John & Armilda Newberry Howerton Alexander & Sarah E S Bunch McCullough 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Osage Twp.
E-392 J D Campbell 23, Harrison (Boone Co.AR) Allie Clinton 21,Jasper 25 Nov 1896 W W Nicholson, Surety R S Lundy, MG
E-393 Charles Beck 22, Mt.Judea Margaret Adams 16, Mt.Judea 6 Dec 1896 Levi Lee, Surety.By G W Nichols, J.P. Thomas & Rosa Beck 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Richland Twp.
E-394 Reuben A Hudson 21, Jasper Lona Carlton 18, Parthenon 13 Dec 1896 Levi Self, Surety.By R C J Matlock Anderson C & Sarah J Murphy Carlton John & Martha Casey Hudson 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jackson Twp.Western Grove Cem.
E- 395 I C Turney 22, Boxley Mary Madewell 16, Kilgore 11 Dec 1896 W S Moore,Surety. By M M Wishon, J.P.
E-396 William B Whiteley 21, Boxley Mattie C Ellis 24, Boxley 13 Dec 1896 H T Sparks, Surety.By J P Casey, J.P. Mattie bur.Hickory Grove Cem.No dates Isaac J & Mary Smith Whiteley? 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Van Buren Twp.
E-397 John F Newberry 21, Noah(1875-1950) Kezzia Ann Allred 16, Noah(1880-1940) 3 Jan 1897 M B Howerton,Surety.By John Bowen,M G Alexander & Nancy L Bunch Newberry Liberty Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
E-398 Isom R Martin 24, Parthenon Rachel J Smith 18, Parthenon 20 Dec 1896 M C Smith, Surety.By E B Jones Isaac J & Nancy E Baucom Smith Crossroads Cemetery, Newton Co.AR
E-399 George W Adams 38, Vendor Nancy A Brooks 24, Vendor 17 Dec 1896 James Holt, Surety.By J L Pierce, J.P. Henderson Mackey & Nancy J Milligan Mackey Brassfield George m.(1)Martha E.Holt Nancy m.(1)John H Smith.(2)David Brooks
E-400 Pleas G Garrison 26, Wayton Manda Henderson 20, Wayton 19 Dec 1896 Jas Brasel,Surety.By J A Lane, J.P. William & Permelia Taylor Henderson Manda d.1928.Wayton Cemetery
E-401 See E-399
E-402 See E-400
E-403 Charles L Buress 20, Murray Minnie E Graham 15, Murray 23 Dec 1896 William Thomas,Surety.By N F Bradley, M.G. T K Graham & Amanda J Carlton Graham Bowen 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Murray Twp.
E-404 William M Page 22,Murray Eliza Snow 19, Walnut 24 Dec 1896 William Thomas,Surety.By W G Skaggs, J.P. 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Walnut Twp.
E-405 T J Tripp 33, Summit E J Cook 31, Summit 27 Dec 1896 H M Davis, Surety.By S S Hemingway(Monroe Co.AR)
E-406 William T Farmer 22, Wells Creek Mary E (Busby)Jones 25, Wells Creek 24 Dec 1896 William Busby,Surety.By D A Smith, J.P. Burrell & Margaret E. Carter Busby William A Farmer & Elizabeth Villines Farmer Roberts Mary m.W.A.Jones 1890 who d.1893
E-407 H C Studyvin 21, Pirdy M F Smith 22, Compton 23 Dec 1896 John H Studyvin,Surety.By W P Hammett, M.G. George & Margaret Studyvin?
E-408 William J Perkey 33, Jasper Tennie E Hamm 20, Jasper 27 Dec 1896 R W Harrison, Surety. By Richard Lundy, M G Asa C & Martha Cooper Ham 1900 & 1910 Jackson Twp.,Newton Co.AR
E-409 James C Sloan 23, Jasper Bertha Atwood 19, Jasper 29 Dec 1896 Alfonso"Fon" Sloan,Surety. By W A Harp John Newton & Sarah Collins Sloan 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Jackson.James(divorced)
E-410 Arwine Yates Standridge 17,Quincy Devina Dixon 17, Quincy 29 Dec 1896 E E Ammons,Surety.By M J F Hopkins John Dixon? Alex Standridge & Sarah Jane Yates Taylor Cavin Standridge 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Richland Twp.
E-411 L W Barbee 60, Mt.Judea Miss F E Lively 51, Cave Creek 3 Jan 1897 John Strong, Surety. By Elder W M Sprague
E-412 Matthew Otis Smith 17, Parthenon Sarah Hudson 17, Snow 31 Dec 1896 A G Smith,Surety.By J B O’Neal, M.G. Allen & Martha Jane Casey Hudson? Austin Garland & Emeline Woodward Smith
E-413 James S Taylor 29, Jasper Frances Skaggs 19, Jasper 31 Dec 1896 G W Taylor, Surety.By D C Tinsley, J.P. George W & Josephine Curnutt Taylor 1900 & 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Jackson Twp.
E-414 Greenberry B Edwards 23, Ryker Sarah Margaret Wilson 18, Ryker 3 Jan 1897 Mack Edwards,Surety.By James Bryant John & Elizabeth Wilson Jefferson Brawner & Belinda Ward Edwards Died Vancouver,WA; Park Hill Cem.
E-415 Jesse Lord 21, Yardell Ader Hurst 22, Yardell 3 Jan 1897 W C Hurst, Surety.By J E Jackson, J.P. William & Eliza Hurst
E -416 T Volintine Willis 21, Swain Cyntha A Payton 18, Swain 10 Jan 1897 J C Willis, Surety.By E B Jones 1900& 1910 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.
E-417 G P Smith 22, Noah A B Alread 15, Osage 10 Jan 1897 W H Smith, Surety.By Elder John Couch(Carroll Co.AR)
E-418 John L Sams 20,Swain Nancy E Young 17, Swain 14 Jan 1897 Park Young,Surety.By Parker Young

END OF BOOK E of Marriages of Newton County, Arkansas

Sources of information: Newton County, Arkansas Census records
Newton County Court Records My family group sheets on many families. Rootsweb-Worldconnect
Newspaper obituary clippings
"Newton County Cemeteries" by Oleta & Herman Haddock, published 1992
Oleta gave me verbal permission to use this cemetery book in my research and I am deeply grateful for use of this book. If I had to purchase one book on Newton County, Arkansas it would be this cemetery book, a goldmine of information.
I have added many, many notes in my cemetery book.It is nearly worn out.
This book is for sale through Newton County Historical Society

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