NEWTON COUNTY,ARKANSAS MARRIAGE, BOOK E, PART 1, August 1893 through 26 Mar 1895

Book E, Part 1,
August 1893 through 28 March 1895



Transcribed from Microfilm No. l,035,373 and Newton County, Arkansas Courthouse Records by myself. Added notes are from my Family Group Sheets.
Microfilm was sometimes very hard to read. If name was not clear, I put a question mark?? Used the person’s full names, when known. Sometimes a nickname was listed on the license, but if I knew full name, used that.
The Surety was usually the father or a family member.
Have researched many families listed in these marriage records.
Found in my research that the men were not always 21 years of age nor the girl was not the age listed, but much younger. If I am not sure of parents names, placed question mark??


I Used ACTUAL DATE THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED, NOT the date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.
I did not number the pages. The License Number is the page number.
Copyrighted 1999(c)by Evelyn Flood.
Do not print out these records for someone else to use
People will say....these are public records.....well, you WILL NOT FIND the information in the marriage records at the Jasper Courthouse that I have in my books, such as parents names; census information; childrens names, other marriages, burial places.etc. Information in these listed marriages is CONDENSED from my Newton County Marriage Books compiled and printed for sale by myself. Much information could not be listed due to lack of space in these tables.


ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued

E-1 JAMES M. FRANKLIN, 34,Noah SARAH E. HOWE, 20, Noah 6 Aug 1893 John B. Howe,Surety; by Robert Newberry,JP David & Rhoda Newberry Howe David Howe Family in 1880 Newton Co.AR.Osage Twp.
E-2 SAM L. HARRISON,22,Wayton FRANCIS MATILDA HUDSON, 18, Snow 20 Aug 1893 Joe Henderson,Surety; by G.M.Hunt, JP Allen & Mary J Casey Hudson 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Pleasant Hill Twp,Visit 132
E-3 WILLIAM ELISHA MATHIS, 33,Jasper NANCY J. HENSON, 18,Mt.Parthenon 28 Aug 1893 W S Henderson, Surety; by R.C.Matlock John Wash Henson and Lucy Minerva Self Stephen W.& Malinda Brown Mathis 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jackson Twp.,Visit 46-49
E-4 GRANVILLE M.CHAPMAN (no age) NINA GUTHRIE (no age) 24 Aug 1893. NO MARRIGE LICENSE RETURNED W J Crump, Surety BOND ONLY Mother was Margaret Chapman 1900 Newton County, AR.,Jefferson Twp.,Visit 85
E-5 WILLIAM E. MISE, 21, Mill Creek MELVINA C. SMITH, 15, Mt.Hersey 29 Aug 1893 A E Lane, Surety; By J.E.Boling, JP James E. & Mary Jane Hankins Mise
E-6 ANDREW JACKSON KNIGHT, 21,Western Grove SARAH CATHERINE WALLIS 18, Western Grove 3 Sept 1893 P W Wallis, Surety ;by W J Moore, JP Edward H & Mary Elizabeth Jane Morris Wallis Sarah Catherine Wallis Knight died 1901
E-7 JOBIE KEYS HEFLEY, 23,none listed SALLIE MARTIN, 18, none listed 1 Sept 1893 C A Strong, Surety. BOND ONLY James Buckety Martin and Nancy Sanders John Bailey Hefley and Mary Jane Byrd 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp;Jobie d.Hector,Pope Co.AR.
E-8 THOMAS GRANT COLLINS ,29, Kapark NELLY JANE COLLINS ,16, Kapark 3 Sept 1893 Esau Collins, Surety:By J W Sasser, JP Tipton & Thurza Mahala Martin Collins Aaron & Margaret "Peggy"Turnbull Collins Thomas m.(1) Mary Hankles 1883 Howell Co. MO.
E-9 HARVEY JOSEPH YOUNG, 22, Cave Creek EDA MAGOLINE "Maggie" GREEN,16,Cave Creek 10 Sept 1893 Jeff Dickey, Surety; By E C Dickey J P Martha Greene James Harvey & Mary Ann Yates Young Harvey d.1916 OK;Maggie d.1914 El Paso,TX
E-10 W.JOHN ROBINSON, 25, Ryker MARY BRYANT, 18, Ryker 11 Sept 1893 J.H.Moss, Surety: By Spud Taylor,Madison Co.AR James & Delila Jones Bryant 1900 Newton Co.AR.census,Kentucky Twp.No.148
E-11 WILLIAM SAVAGE, 54, Jasper RACHEL DELILA "Dellie"ADAMS, 19, Jasper 11 Sept 1893 W H Davis, Surety;By A R McPherson, JP Enoch Adams? 1900 Newton Co. AR.,Prairie Twp.,Visit 163
E-12 WILLIAM F. STEPHENS, 19, Murray LAURA DOYLE, 16, Murray 15 Sept 1893 W A Casey, Surety ; By A R McPherson, JP Joseph R. and Minerva E. Beckham Stephens 1900 Newton Co. AR., Murray Twp.,Visit 301
E-13 THOMAS M. NEWBERRY, 23, Hill Top (Boone Co.) L. M. MOORE, 18 ,Hill Top (Boone Co) 17 Sept 1893 J M Qualls, Surety; By W A Harp, JP Amos and Nancy Newberry Parents on 1880 Carroll Co.AR., Osage Twp.
E-14 GEORGE W. PIERCE ,23,Mt.Judea DELILAH E. SMITH, 25, Mt.Judea 16 Sept 1893 J A Pierce, Surety; by G W Nichols, JP Gilbert T.& Mary E. Brassfield Smith. John L Jr. & Mary Maranda Flood Pierce Delilah died 1902.George died 1904;Smith Cem.
E-15 PETER BURGESS COOKSEY,19,Wells Creek MARINDA "Rindy"ABIGAIL AGEE, 16, Wells Creek 27Sept1893 William Agee, Surety; by J.H.Dixon,JP John W. and Abigail Howard Agee Cornelious & Elizabeth Cooksey Marinda m:(2)T.J.Shinn 1914.She d. 1871 Grandview,WA.
E-16 ELIJAH PATTON, 16, Willcockson ALICE SPENCER, 18, Willcockson 21 Sept 1893 W T Harp, Surety; By Elisha Massengale, JP Elisha Labon & Susan Emeline Harp Patton 1900 Newton Co. AR. Census, Marble City Twp.,No.55
E-17 ROBERT O.LUNDY (no age listed) GRACEY GREENHAW (no age listed) BOND ONLY. No date listed C E Lundy,Surety;BOND ONLY BOND ONLY
E-18 GEORGE. W. HAMM, 30, Mt.Judea MALINDA E. YATES, 24, Cave Creek 4 Oct 1893 W.M.Reynolds, Surety; by J.W. Payne, JP Alex & Catherine Brooks Yates Asa and Martha Cooper Hamm 1900 Newton Co.AR.Richland Twp,Visit 82;McCutcheon Cem.
E-19 JOHN H. MOFFITT, 39, Compton SARAH BUSH, 22, Compton 27 Sept 1893 W.M.Bush, Surety; by T.J. Grayan, JP John m:(1)P.Paralee M(mnu)&(3)Mary J Bartlett Allred 1897 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Plumlee Twp.,Visit 148
E-20 JOHN N. SLUSHER 19, Summit NANCY PARALEE SPARKS, 17, Summit 5 Oct 1893 J B Sparks, Surety ;By W R Breedlove, MG James B. and Mary Frances Breedlove Sparks William and Syrena Stalcup Slusher 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 126
E-21 GEORGE W. THOMPSON, 21,Yardelle SARAH ALICE MAY, 19, Mt.Hersey 8 Oct 1893 D. Phillips, Surety; by J.W. Payne, JP George and Mary May (1880 Polk Twp.Newton Co.AR.) 1900 Newton Co.AR.census, Prairie Twp.,Visit 45
E-22 ENOCH JONES, 25, Ft.Douglas (Johnson CO.AR) MARY ELLEN "Mollie" WHITTEN, 22, Ft.Douglas (Johnson County 8 Oct 1893 Levi Sexton, Surety; by J.C. Adams, JP Thomas A. & Nancy Simpson Whitten Benjamin and Anna Tennison Jones Enoch m:(1)Samantha Hudson 1887.He m:(3) Pearlie Mae Bunch
E-23 J W S LEE, 44, Western Grove LAURA A. MOORE, 40, Western Grove 8 Oct 1893 W.M.Reynolds, Surety; by James Owen, JP Samuel and Elizabeth Lee JWS Lee m:(1)Margaret R who died 1891.JWS died 1908
E-24 JACOB REYNOLDS, 21, Yardell ELIZABETH J. EMORY, 22, Yardell 22 Oct 1893 A.L.Moore, Surety; By Thos Woodman, JP James and Hester Emory William & Eugenia Tranquilla (mnu)Reynolds 1900 Newton Co.AR. Mill Creek Twp.;1910 Haileyville,Pittsburg Co.OK
E-25 THOMAS A. LAWSON, 23, Mt.Judea LURETTA MAY COWLES, 22, Mt.Judea 22 Oct 1893 W J Crump, Surety; by J L Pierce, JP John H. & Margaret L. Smith Cowles Thomas and Nancy Jane Busby Bell Davis Lawson Thomas had m:(1)Charity Baughman in 1888
E-26 WILLIAM A. "Doak" EWIN, 22, Red Rock LOUISA J. GILMORE, 16, Red Rock 26 Oct 1893 J.C. Flud, Surety; By J.E. Boling, JP Kelsey and Emeline Mayberry Gilmore Gwin Porter & Tennessee J Cooper Ewin 1920 & 1930 Harmon Co.OK. census.
E-27 N. BRANTLEY HOWERTON, 19, Noah MARY J. SIMS, 18, Compton 22 Oct 1893 John Howerton, Surety; by T.J. Grogan, JP William P.and Barbara Didemia Jennings Sims John and Anulda J Newberry Howerton 1900 Newton Co.AR.census, Osage Twp.,Visit 76
E-28 JAMES R. BAUGHMAN, 24, Kilgore MARGARET "Maggie" CRISS, 18, Kilgore 24 Oct 1893 John Leach, Surety; by T.E. Doran, Minister Joseph H. and Harriet Patton Baughman 1900 Newton Co.AR. Jackson Twp.,Visit 44
E-29 GEORGE S. BROWN, 20, Limestone Valley MARTHA ANNA SKAGGS, 14, Walnut 2 Nov 1893 D.W. Brown, Surety; By J.A. Bailey, JP Willis and Elizabeth Robinson Skaggs Hiram King and Sophia Owenby Brown 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Walnut Twp.,Visit 165
E-30 GEORGE C. JOLLIFF, 19, Cave Creek MARY DIXON, 17, Cave Creek 2 Nov 1893 E.S.Joliff, Surety; by E.C. Dickey, JP John H. Dixon and first unknown wife Oliver and Sarah Selby? Jolliff
E-31 JEFF HARES DICKEY, 19, Cave Creek MARY STONE, 17, Cave Creek 9 Nov 1893 J M Standridge, Surety; by J.W. Payne Hamilton Crockett & Alabama Payne Dickey 1910 Crawford Co.AR,Shepherd Twp.
E-32 JEREMIAH M STANDRIDGE, 23, Cave Creek JOSIE STONE,19, Cave Creek 3 Nov 1893 Jeff H Dickey, Surety; By J W Payne John F & Margaret Emeline Smith Standridge Jeremiah d. 1906; drowned Arkansas River;Josie 1910 Yell Co.AR
E-33 WILLIAM A.HAMILTON, 20, Mt.Judea MARY J. HEFLEY, 16, Mt.Judea 15 Nov 1893 W L Hamilton, Surety; By W B Cheatham, JP Nathaniel"Natty"J & Elizabeth Tennison Hefley Joseph W & Josephine Atkins Hamilton 1910 Pope Co.AR;1920 Seminole Co.OK.He d. 1937 Haskell,OK
E-34 W.E.VANTASSEL, 31, Wells Creek EDITH ANTHONY(na), Valley Springs(Boone Co.AR) 27 Nov 1893 Jasper Morrison, Surety; By James Owen, JP
E-35 GEORGE W. RYLEE,18, Swain SARAH ADELINE SIMMONS ,15, Swain 23 Nov 1893 G W Jordan, Surety ;By: J E Rylee James Pinkney & Mary Elizabeth Brown Simmons 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Jefferson Twp.Hickory Grove Cem
E-36 CHARLES McKINLEY, 30, Jasper LAURA BAKER, 18, Jasper 26 Nov 1893 Thomas Phillips, Surety: By J L Pierce, JP 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jackson Twp.,Visit 66-70
E-37 WILLIAM H. SMITH, 23, Noah SARAH W. McCOLLOUGH, 24, Noah 26 Nov 1892 (Yes, 1892) G W Smith, Surety; J V Newberry, MG David S. & Mary J. Bunch McCollough 1900 Newton Co.AR.Osage Twp.,Visit 64-65
E-38 JOSEPH FRANKLIN MOORE, 21, Yardell DORA EMORY, 16, Watkins 29 Nov 1893 J R Knight, Surety; By T D Woodmore (Boone Co.) William Jackson & Luvitha Jane Mullinax Moore Joseph m:(2) Laura Robinson 5Dec1897
E-39 JOHN W. SMITH, 21, Jasper RHODA CALDONIA"Dona"LOUISA SARAH JANE KINLEY, 16, Jasper 28 Nov 1893 W. F. Kinley, Surety: by T E Doran, MG Hector & Sarah Patton Kinley(McKinley?) John killed 1900 mining accident.She m:(2)Andrew H Hefley 1903 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Low Gap Twp.,Visit 43-46
E-40 JASPER SANDERS, 46, Yardelle MARTHA HAMMON, 24, Yardelle 28 Nov 1893 J F Moore, Surety: By James Owen, JP Peter & Jane Moody Sanders Jasper m:(1)Mary Josephine Ramsey 1871
E-41 THOMAS M. GROGAN, 31,Boxley FLORA PLUMLEE, 17, Osage 3 Dec 1893 W J Grogan, Surety: By S V Newberry, MG George Franklin & Mahala Grisham Plumlee Thomas J & Eliza Mabry Grogan Flora d. 1941 Tontitown,AR; Thomas d. 1933 Springdale,AR
E-42 JAMES M. SPEARS, 28, Yardell NORA MIRANDA "Randy" ROBINSON, 17, Yardell 3 Dec 1893 S L Robertson, Surety: By A W Hammon, J P James T & Elizabeth Emeline Curtis Robinson Samuel & Elizabeth "Betsy" Robinson Spears 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Mill Creek Twp,Visit 142
E-43 HENRY GEORGE EOFF,22, Boxley FREDONIA "Donie" VILLINES, 16, Boxley 3 Dec 1893 J S Turney, Surety: By James Young, JP Albert & Rachel Minton Villines Isaac Samuel & Mary Jane Eoff 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Low Gap Twp.,33-34.Donie died 1957 San Dimas,CA
E-44 JAMES C.HALL,18, Yardell MARY J."Jennie"SANDERS, 17, Yardell 10 Dec 1893 J D B Morris, Surety: By James Owen, JP Jasper & Mary Josephine Ramsey Sanders T.C. & Elsey J. Hall 1900 Newton Co. AR., New Hope Township
E-45 WARREN L.HAMILTON, 23, Mt.Judea MARY CRINER, 16, Mt.Judea 10 Dec 1893 John Criner, Surety. By W B Cheatham, JP Joseph H & Matha Louvina Cheatham Criner Joseph W & Josephine Atkins Hamilton Warren had m. (1) Fannie Edwards in 1889
E-46 GEORGE W.PEOPLES, 19, Red Rock EMMALINE SMITH 18, Red Rock 15 Dec 1893 D C Peoples, Surety: By W P Cheatham, JP James W Smith and Mary Tennison John & Sarah Peoples 1900 Newton Co. AR.,White Twp,Visit 162
E-47 BERT ANDY DIXON, 22, Yardell ORA B. KNIGHT, 16, Quincy 17 Dec 1893 W M Reynolds, Surety: By J W Blackburn,Woodruff Co.AR John H. Dixon and unknown wife 1900 Newton Co.AR,Richland,Visit 42
E-48 CORNELIUS CRANFORD, 33, Kapark SARAH "Sallie"J. BRYANT, 19,Kapark 20 Dec 1893 G W Curtis,Surety:By Spud Taylor of Madison Co.AR William H.& Rachel Lickliter Bryant 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp.;Kapark Cemetery
E-49 PETER W. WALLIS, 21, Yardell MARY MINERVA MOORE, 17, Yardell 24 Dec 1893 A L Moore, Surety: By Jas A Owen JP William Jackson Moore & Luvitha J.Mullinax Peter W.& Mary Elizabeth Jane Morris Wallis Buried Western Grove Cemetery
E-50 JAMES BENNETT N. COWELL,18, Mt.Parthenon DELPHA M. HUDSON, 16, Snow 24 Dec 1893 Allen Smith, Surety : by G M Hunt,JP Allen & Mary Jane Casey Hudson Charles T. & Abigail Holland Cowell 1900 Newton Co. AR., Pleasant Hill twp.
E-51 JOHN E. BOLIN,39, Red Rock EMMALINE HENDERSON TENNISON,(36?),Jasper 20 Dec 1893 J L Pierce, Surety: By J L Pierce, JP James E. & Martha J.Smith Henderson John E Bolin m.(1)Nancy Flud,(2)Sarah Atkinson and (3)Margaret Smith Dover. Emmaline m.(1)Robert Tennison
E-52 W R (ROBERT)MARTIN,18, Mt.Parthenon MARY L. PAYTON,20, Wayton 31 Dec 1893 E C Kelly, Surety, By E B Jones JP Madison & Sarah Mathis Martin 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Lincoln Twp.,Visit 147
E-53 HORACE BILL RAULSTON, 21, Willcockson SAFRONIA "Dolly" BELLE GAGE, 18, Willcockson 24 Dec 1893 J K Jones, Surety: By E Massengale, MG William A. & Louisa Gage
James & Angeline Raulston 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Marble City Twp.;Shaddox Cemetery
E-54 JAMES RILEY FREDRICK, 22, Noah RACHEL ANN BAUGHMAN, 19,Noah 31 Dec 1893 W H Smith, Surety: By R L Newberry, JP William Henry & Nancy J Bynam Baughman James H. & Casey Fredrick 1900 Newton Co. AR., Osage Twp., Visit 26-27
E-55 JOHN SHEDRICK REYNOLDS,18, Mt.Parthenon MARY REBECCA CARLTON, 18, Mt.Parthenon 24Dec1893 J T Reynolds, Surety: By C C Hudson, MG Edmond & Annias Madewell Reynolds 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Low Gap Twp.,Visit 12.Shiloh Cem.
E-56 JOHN F CARLIN, 21, Monet (Barry Co.,MO) MARTHA MARY "Mattie" McPHERSON, 19, Jasper 24 Dec 1893 J S Hudson, Surety: By F C Doran Ambrose R & Eliza J. Carlton McPherson
E-57 G. WASH BROWN, 18, Limestone Valley ETHEL GOOD,14, Swain 25 Dec 1893 J L Davis, Surety: By: J A Bailey 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Walnut Twp.,Visit 136
E-58 ALVIN H. STAPLETON, 21, Murray LONDA SWAIN, 16, Swain 28 Dec 1893 Prussian Chapman, Surety:by N F Bradley Robin Washington & Frances Culbertson Swain Isaac & Matilda Jane Murray Stapleton Alvin a widower;1900 Newton Co. AR. Census, Murray twp.,Visit 251
E-59 WILLIAM LAFAYETTE CURTIS, 19, Jasper HATTIE HARRISON, 16, Jasper 27 Dec 1893 W J Perkey, Surety: By A R McPherson, JP Robert J. & Anna Henderson Harrison James Hiram & Sarah C Nichols Curtis
E-60 J. L. LANDAR, 38, Cave Creek Miss NANCY LAY, 28, Cave Creek 28 Dec 1893 P G Thompson, Surety: by J W Payne J.Lon Lander,age 23, on 1880 Shakelford,TX Census
E-61 JOHN WILLIAM SEXTON, 27, Mt. Judea MARY O'NEAL, 15, Mt.Judea 30 Dec 1893 W T Reddell, Surety: by G W Nichols, J P Jane O'Neal Daniel & Mary E. Reddell Sexton 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Big Creek Twp.,Visit 127-146
E-62 JOSEPH S. MILLSAPS, 20, Chancel MARY JANE SPARKS,18, Chancel 4Jan1894 J V Millsaps, Surety: by A J Millsaps, JP Balis & Sarah Jane Jones Sparks? Francis Marion & Sarah Scott Millsaps Joseph died 1947 Hammond, Indiana
E-63 CHARLES K. HOLT,21, Mt. Judea LUCINDA BRASSFIELD, 16, Mt. Judea 7 Jan 1894 G W Adams, Surety: By J E Boling, JP Aaron Franklin & Eliza Jane Standridge Brassfield? Asa Nathan Jr. & Lucinda Tennison Holt
E-64 JAMES SOLOMON "Sollie" FREEMAN, 18, Freeman MARGARET ADELINE DAVIS, 18, Snow 22 April 1894 G W Hobbs, Surety: By Daniel McDonald of Mt.Olive, AR Benton C. & Mary Blackwood Davis James Thomas & Mary Jane Hobbs Freeman James d.1938 in Salinas, Monterey County, CA.
E-65 THOMAS A. GAGE, 21, Willcockson LAURA RAULSTON, 16,Willcockson 14 Jan 1894 James Shaddox, Surety. By E Massengale, JP Thomas & Angeline E. Raulston William A. & Louisa Gage William A & Louisa Gage 1880 Boone Co.AR. Census
E-66 ISAAC FRANKLIN "Dick"COOPER,28, Yardell DAISY LEE, 19, Mt. Hersey 11 Jan 1894 S H Harp, Surety: By J E Jackson, JP John A. & Victoria Shinn Lee George W & Manerva Ann Morris Cooper 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Prairie Twp,Visit 64.Western Grove
E-67 B. HARRISON, 32, Huntsville ANGELINE KUNDERT, 17, Cassville 13 Jan 1894 N J Hensley, Surety:By L H Rowlett,Lawrence Co.AR
E-68 J.N.WICKER, 21, Blythe (Howell Co.MO) R.T.JONES, 21, Mt.Parthenon 4 Jan 1894 R C J Matlock, Surety: By, R C J Matlock Jacob and Martha Wicker,1900 Howell Co.MO,Benton Twp.
E-69 WILLIAM L TORIX, 26, Red Rock SARAH SAVINA SHATSWELL, 18, Red Rock 17 Jan 1894 J L Burdine, Surety: By J L Pierce ,JP William H & Mary Polly Smith Peter & Mary Ann Flud Brewer Torix 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 148
E-70 JAMES F BRYANT, 21, Kapark MARTHA ADELINE "Addie" CURTIS, 16, Cassville 16Jan1894 A G Curtis, Surety: By Rev.L H Rowlett,Lawrence Co.AR William & Rachel Lickliter Bryant James Hiram & Sarah C Nichols Curtis 1900 Newton Co.AR.Kentucky Twp.,Visit 222
E-71 WILLIAM LARKIN "Lark" SNOW, 18, Wayton FANNIE J. HOLLAND, 17, Snow 1 Feb 1894 S J Taylor, Surety: By W R Breedlove, MG Henry & Elizabeth Scott Snow? 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Lincoln Twp.,Visit 101
E-72 WILLIAM "Willie" COLLINS, 23, Jasper EFFIE PENNINGTON, 17, Jasper 25 Jan 1894 Wes Wilson, Surety: By A R McPherson JP Collins children:Dora Viola, Willy & John Seeburn William A & Sarah Parker Collins 1880 Newton Co.AR.;son William 13 & Pleasant 9
E-73 E. J. BATMAN(Bateman?), 20, Compton EIZABETH BYERS, 18, Boxley 28 Jan 1894 Robert Byers, Surety: By Rev. W H Mashburn Francis M.& Amanda Byers,1880 Madison Co.AR
E-74 CHARLEY SEXTON, 24, Mt. Judea MARY FREEMAN, 16, Mt.Judea 30 Jan 1894 John Sexton, Surety: By W B Cheatham ,JP John & Missouri Parker Freeman William Riley & Nancy Nichols Sexton Charley died 1912.Mary m:R.C.Millsaps 1914
E-75 J W ENGLE, 22, Cassville EFFIE COATS, 19, Cassville 14 Feb 1894 W L Curtis, Surety: By Rev.L H Rowlett,Lawrence Co.AR Couple often live in same county as the Minister
E-76 A L "Babe" MOORE, 22, Yardell LUELLA A. DAVIS, 21, Yardell 7 Feb 1894 Frank Moore, Surety: By James A Owen,JP William Jackson & Luvitha Jane Mullineaux Moore? 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Prairie,Visit 103.Sandhill Cem.
E-77 ISAAC D. HOWERTON, 21, Noah LIZZA (Eliza P?)TRIMBLE, 17, Osage 13Mar1894 John Howerton, Surety: By T J Grogan, J P John & Anulda J. Newberry Howerton 1900 Newton Co. AR., Osage Twp.,Visit 77
E-78 JAMES W. HOLT, 21, Mt.Judea NANCY S.ENGLISH, 15, Mt. Judea 11 Feb 1894 Allen Holt, Surety, By J L Pierce, JP Lewis & Martha English Asa Nathan Jr. & Lucinda Tennison Holt
E-79 J R C EMBERTON, 28, Mt.Parthenon L L BURNETT, 27, Mt. Parthenon 18 Feb 1894 W J Crump, Surety: By W S Henderson, ODM Mother,M.E. Emberton,1880 Van Buren Twp.
E-80 JOHN L. BURDINE, 36, Red Rock MARY ISABELLE FLUD, 22, Red Rock 15 Feb 1894 T J Burdine, Surety by J.L.Pierce, JP James & second wife, Caroline Peoples Flud Joseph & Martha Pickett Burdine John m:(1)Mary Margaret Bray(1850-1894)
E-81 THOMAS L. BRADEN, 37?, Yardell MARTHA J. HURST, 21, Yardell 22 Feb 1894 S M Cecil, Surety: By J C Gibson, JP William & Eliza Jane Morris Hurst William R. & Mahala Tedford Braden 1900 Newton Co. AR.,Mill Creek Twp,Visit 135
E-82 W. (V?)BROWN, 49, Watkins (Boone Co.AR) A.B.SMITH, 24, Watkins (Boone Co.AR) 18 Feb 1894 W R Wallis, Surety: By J C Gibson, JP
E-83 WILLIAM A. ROSELL, 26, Boxley OLLENCE F. WARD,15, Ryker 15 Feb 1894 S R Duty, Surety: By J B Edwards, JP 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp.,Visit 153
E-84 SHERMAN MERCER, 27, Mt.Hersey SARAH MASSINGALE, 26, Mt.Hersey 27 Feb 1894 W H Qualls, Surety: By A W Hammon, J.P.
E-85 JOHN BAILOUT GREGORY, 22, Quincy CATHERINE "KATIE"CHISM-JONES, 18, Quincy 1 Mar 1894 Edman Hoppis,Surety:By J P White, MOG Mother was Lucy Standridge Jones George W & Louise Elizabeth Jones Gregory 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Richland Twp.,Visit 34
E-86 T. E COBLE (CABLE?), 22, Mt. Judea SALLIE WILLIAMS, 16, Mt.Judea 8 Mar 1894 E. Williams, Surety: By J L Pierce ,JP
E-87 ELONZO JONES, 25, Willcockson LAURA CLARA SLOAN, 20, Jasper 11 Mar 1894 W H H Barbee, Surety: By A R McPherson ,JP Noah M. & Mary Alice Simler Sloan Elonzo died 1895.Laura m:(2)John H.Norris 1896
E-88 GEORGE M STANBERRY, 23, Ryker EMMA FOWLER, 18, Ryker 15 March 1894 J R Stanberry, Surety: By H C Stanberry,Huntsville,AR 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp.Visit 157
E-89 WILLIAM R. MATHIS, 55, Western Grove ALMEDIA SANDERS, 26, Yardell 15 Mar 1894 A T Mathis, Surety: By James A Owen, JP Jonathan & Elizabeth Bookout Mathis William m:(1)Ellen (mnu)ca 1862 (7 children)
E-90 JAMES E CARLTON, 19, Boxley MARY JANE ARRINGTON, 20, Boxley 25 March 1894 D. Phillips, Surety: By James W Young, JP John R. & Elizabeth Villines Arrington James Morrison & Nancy Murphy Carlton James died 1895.Mary J m:(2)James W Gibbins 1902
E-91 WILLIAM DENNIS BUSY, 18, Wells Creek HATTIE MORRISON, 16, Wells Creek 23 Mar 1894 William Rhines, Surety: By J W Campbell, JP Burrell S & Margaret Elizabeth Carter Busby 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Mill Creek Twp.,Visit 151
E-92 THOMAS B. SALMON, 23, Cave Creek COLUMBIA TENNESSEE HALE, 20, Cave Creek 25 Mar 1894 C C Thompson, Surety: By E C Dickey,JP Thomas J & Martha J Tyler Hale James Wiley & Sarah Hill Salmon 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp.,Visit 114
E-93 KELSEY EWING, 21, Red Rock ARMINDA "Minnie" SPEARS, 18,Western Grove 29 Mar 1894 J E Cantrell, Surety: By James Owen, J P Samuel Houston & Elizabeth "Betsy"Robinson Spears Gwin Porter & Tennessee J Cooper Ewin 1900 Newton Co.AR.,White Twp.,Visit 156
E-94 WILLIAM F. MURRAY,30, Murray LEE (Leanna)McPHERSON, 15, Murray 1 April 1894 W J Crump, Surety: By: N F Bradley William Albert & Mary Culbertson McPherson 1900 Newton Co.AR,Murray Twp.,Visit 259
E-95 JOHN RANCE JONES, 21, Yardell MARGARET "Maggie" ELIZA KEY, 18, Yardell 29 Mar 1894 G W Adams, Surety: By James Owen, JP Job Caswell & Hannah Caroline Beller Key John & Sarah Jones 1920 Carrol Co. AR.census
E-96 JAMES A YOUNG, 18, Boxley SUSIE BRAGG, 15, Boxley 1 April 1894 J W Young,Surety: By J R Whiteley,JP James W & Sarah J Wright Young 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Van Buren Twp,Visit 63
E-97 JOHN W LEWIS, 21, Kapark MARY A DURHAM, 17, Kapark 15 April 1894 Berry O Lewis, Surety: By J A Boen,JP Henry & Rosanna Smith Durham James & Fanny Stewart Lewis 1900 Newton Co.AR,Boston Twp.,Visit 66
E-98 WILLIAM J. GROGAN,29, Noah SUSAN E. ALLRED,21, Noah 12 April 1894 T M Grogan, Surety: By S V Newberry, MG Thomas & Elisa Grogan Susan d.1902;William m.(2)Sarah Sciotha 1905
E-99 DAVID FREEMAN, 24, Mt.Judea MARY ELIZABETH BRASSFIELD,16, Mt.Judea 15 April 1894 A F Brassfield, Surety: By J L Pierce, JP Aaron Franklin & Eliza Jane Standridge Brassfield Abner & Margaret Freeman?
E-100 JAMES H "Dusty" CURTIS, 19, Limestone Valley JANE PARALEE HOUSTON, 19, Limestone Valley 15 April 1894 W L Curtis, Surety: By W R Breedlove, MG William & Lucretia"Cressy"Cooper Hampton Houston James D & Mahala Essex Curtis 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Union Twp,Visit 56
E-101 JOHN ROGERS, 20, Mt. Hersey MILLIE HILL, 20, Mt.Hersey 18 April 1894 S R Rogers, Surety: By J E Jackson,JP Henry & Isabell Rogers?
E-102 HIRAM KING BROWN, 58, Limestone Valley LULA BROWN, 15, Limestone Valley 19 April 1894 R J Brown, Surety: By J A Bailey, JP James S. & Louis "Lu"Laughter Brown Hiram m:(1)Sophia Owenby (1829-1894)1851 Lula m:(2)John B Laughter before 1910
E-103 PEMBROOKE TEN CARVER, 18, Yardell SARAH ROSA OWEN,16, Yardell 18 April 1894 E C Stone, Surety: By W M Lovelady Benjamin & Lizzie Lovelady Carver James A & Sarah Stout Owen 1900 Newton Co.AR,Prairie Twp.,Visit 6
E-104 J M DAVIS, 19, Summit S E Smith, 16, Summit 26 April 1894 Sam Smith, Surety:By W S Henderson,ODM
E-105 FRED D CARVER, 21, Yardell REBECCA JOHNSON, 16, Yardell 22 May 1894 F B Riggs, Surety: By A W Hanson, JP Benjamin & Lizzie Lovelady Carver 1900 Newton Co.AR,Prairie Twp.,Visit 126
E-106 JAMES F GREGORY, 19, Freeman (Pope Co.AR) NANCY J OVERTURF, 18, Quincy 6 May 1894 J B Gregory, Surety: By W P Manden, MG Francis & Martha Breeding Overturf George W. & Louise Elizabeth Jones Gregory 1900 Newton Co. AR.Richland Twp, Visit 83
E-107 JAMES HENRY STANDRIDGE, 17,Freeman (Pope Co.AR) MARY SMITH, 17, Freeman (Pope Co.AR) 13 May 1894 G W Standridge,Surety:By B C Davis,Baptist Minister Richard & Nancy Felkins Standridge
E-108 GEORGE W STANDRIDGE, 22, Freeman (Pope Co.AR) DORA B. PITTS, 17, Freeman (Pope Co.AR) 13 May 1894 T J Braudrick, Surety: By B C Davis, MOG Hiram & Martha Pitts Richard & Nancy Felkins Standridge
E-109 JOHN W. SLATER,20, Boxley MARY SUSAN "Susie"ELIZABETH WHITELEY,15,Boxley 20 May 1894 G W Lewis, Surety: by James W Young ,JP Samuel Henry & Seleta Beckham Whiteley John Nelson & Margaret Self Slater 1900 Newton Co. AR.,Van Buren Twp.,Visit 121
E-110 M S WOODHULL, 45, Jasper SARAH ADAMS, 22, Jasper 20 May 1894 T W Wilcox, Surety: By R M Teeter, MG
E-111 JAMES ELMER HATFIELD, 24, Willcockson S.MITTIE FARMER, 14, Willcockson 24 May 1894 S V Madewell, Surety: By P M Teeter, MG Bird A. & Emma Jane Hull Farmer Andrew & Sarah Margaret Chapman Hatfield Moved to Cleveland Co.OK
E-112 JOHN W WILLIS, 19, Murray ALICE S W BURTON, 18, Murray 27 May 1894 James Burton, Surety: By N F Bradley Felix & Jane Ellison Burton John Monroe & Amanda Willis
E-113 GARFIELD ALBERT CURTIS, 19, Summit MARY VARLITIA "Vashti" (J V) DAVIS,18,Summit 27 June 1894 W R Breedlove, Surety: By W R Breedlove, MG Thomas D & Emeline Dunlap Davis James Hiram & Sarah C Nichols Curtis 1910 Newton Co.AR.Pleasant Hill Twp,Visit 95;Mary,widow
E-114 WILLIAM RILEY JONES, 23, Ft.Douglas (Johnson Co.AR) M.E. JONES, 16, Ft.Douglas (Johnson Co.AR) 7 June 1894 F L Whitten, Surety: By J C Adams, JP
E-115 J E SISCO, 40, Quincy Miss E E STEWART, 27, Quincy 10 June 1894 C H Hagood, Surety: By W J F Hopkins
E-116 SYLVESTER MADEWELL, 23, Willcockson JESSEE HATFIELD, 16, Willcockson 14 June 1894 G W Madewell,Surety:By P M Teeter,MG,Sebastian Co.AR John R & Melvina Harp Madewell 1900 Newton Co.AR,Grant Twp.,Visit 8
E-117 HIRAM DEXTER COWLES, 18, Mt.Judea NANCY ELIZABETH LILES,14, Mt.Judea 13 June 1894 W M Reynolds, Surety: By J L Pierce, JP Joseph C & Sarah Elizabeth Bell Liles John Hudson & Margaret Loretta Smith Cowles 1900 Newton Co.AR,New Hope Twp.,Visit 47
E-118 WILLIAM H. CLIFTON, 28, Willcockson ANNA SENA FOX, 15, Willcockson 24 June 1894 J E Waters, Surety: By James W Young Mary Fox William m:(1)Mary A Scroggins in 1885 1900 Newton Co.AR,Marble City Twp.,Visit 65
E-119 THOMAS HAM, 20, Limestone Valley MATILDA REEVES, 18, Limestone Valley (Choctaw) 21 June 1894 John Peoples, Surety: By W R Breedlove, MG James & Nancy Jane Dotson Reeves Uriah & Mary Ham Matilda,sister to Mary Reeves Flud(Mrs.Simon Flud)
E-120 WILLIAM S. STARKEY, 20, Yardell LUCINDA WALLIN (Wallain?),22,Yardell 25June1894 W W Wallin, Surety: By James A Owen, JP Savern & Malissa Starkey? William m:(2)Salena F Turner 1895;(3)Mary Howell 1918 (4)Margaret E.Carter 1924 Yell Co.AR
E-121 MONROE WALLIN(Wallain?),25, Yardell MAT RAMEY(SARAH M?), 21, Yardell 28 June 1894 W. Wallin, Surety: By M J Moore,JP Robert & Cassandra Taylor Ramey? William & Nancy Jane Ramey Wallin? 1900 Newton Co.AR,Prairie Twp.,Visit 27
E-122 JAMES BRYSON MURPHY, 21, Limestone MARY JANE HYATT,18, Limestone Valley 1 July 1894 James Gladden, Surety: By Thomas C Bethel Francis M & Martha A Gladden Hyatt Both buried Johnson Co. AR
E-123 WILLIAM O. SYKES, 21, Kingston (Madison Co.AR) MISS BELLE GRAY, 17, Kingston (Madison Co.AR) 16 July 1894 J M Clark, Surety: By Rev W Roark David & Arminda Sykes 1900 Newton Co.AR,Van Buren Twp.,Visit 177
E-124 JAMES C HOPKINS, 35, Quincy TENNESSEE "Tennie"CRAIG, 25, Quincy 4 July 1894 J M Edwards, Surety: By G A Bailey, DD,Pope Co.AR
E-125 CALVIN A. BOEN(Bowen?),24, Swain SARAH FINIE STAPLETON,14, Murray 22 July 1894 S W Jones, Surety: By N F Bradley Isaac & Matilda J Murray Stapleton Robert & Mary C Bowen? 1900 Newton Co.AR, Jefferson Twp.,Visit 83
E-126 WILLIAM HOSKINS, 63, Fallsville NANCY HOLLAND SIZEMORE, 35, Fallsville (5) 6 July 1894 John Eastep, Surety: By John Eastep, JP Frankie Hoskins Napier William m:(1)Mary Roberts(2)Sally Jones m:(3)Sarah Napier(4)unknown 1880 KY. He d:1911 Madison Co.AR.
E-127 WILLIAM KETCHERSIDE, 20, Quincy CALLIE Z. WHEELER, 17, Quincy 22 July 1894 J W Frazier, Surety: By Richard Dean, JP James Hosey & Mary A Brent Ketcherside 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jefferson Twp.,Visit 146
E-128 G L SISCO (Granville?), 19, Quincy
LAURA EDWARDS, 18, Quincy 31 July 1894 J R Love: By B A Casey ,JP James Edwards? John W Sisco?
E-129 JOHN WESLEY CATO, 30, Quincy EMMA EDWARDS CRAIG, 27, Quincy 29 July 1894 J R Love, Surety: By B A Casey, JP Emma m:(1)Ernest Craig 1887 who died 1890 Malissa (mnu)Cato Mills 1880 Faulkner Co.AR Emma buried Ashland Cem.,Pittsburg Co.OK
E-130 LEVI BRYANT, 23, Kapark MARY E.SASSER, 16, Kapark 2 Aug 1894 J W Sasser, Surety: By Spud (Speed?) Taylor John Wesley & Elizabeth D Taylor Sasser Elias & Manerva Richmond Bryant?
E-131 THOMAS JEFFERSON HIBBARD,20, Kapark NANCY ANN LEWIS,19, Kapark 5 Aug 1894 L W Clark, Surety: By: J A Boen William & Nancy Lewis 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Boston Twp.,Visit 113.Buckhorn Cem
E-132 EDWARD JAMES HENDERSON, 66,Jasper MISS SARAH (SPARKS) HOLT, 50, Mt. Judea 2 Aug 1894 J E Boling, Surety: By J E Boling JP widow of Andrew Jackson Holt Ed m:(1)Martha J Smith He d.1908 Jasper Cemetery
E-133 JOHN H. CLAXTON, 19, Spence H. ETTIE OVERTURF,15, Spence 5 Aug 1894 E L Overturf,Surety:By G A Bailey,DD,Pope Co.AR Zack & Nancy Caroline Claxton? Eli Overturf 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Richland Twp.Visit 78
E-134 ELIJAH H. AMMONS,26, Jasper REBECCA A. LANE, 20, Cave Creek 16 Aug 1894 Dan Phillips, Surety: By J R Taylor, MG William & Rachel Hamilton Lane Benjamin & Isabelle Reed Ammons 1910 Atoka Co.OK,Stingtown Twp.
E-135 JOHN R. CRINER, 20,(1875-1940) Mt.Judea ANNA STRONG, 16, Mt.Judea(1878-1926) 19 Aug 1894 J H Wells, Surety: By W B Cheatham ,JP John Rueben & Mary Jane George Strong Joseph H & Martha Louvina Cheatham Criner John R Criner on Bond; W B Criner on License
E-136 G W SHATSWELL (nl) MATTIE RUTLEDGE (nl) 17 Aug 1894 R W Harrison, Surety BOND ONLY
E-137 DAVID BROOKS, 29, Mt.Judea (died 1896) Nancy Ann Mackey Smith, 24, (none listed) 19 Aug 1894 W L McPherson, Surety, By J L Pierce, JP Henderson P & Nancy J Milligan Mackey Francis Marion & Mary Jane Yount Brooks Nancy m:(1)John H Smith(2)Brooks(3)George Adams
E-138 S E BALLENGER,26, Compton BARBARA E.COMPTON, 26, Compton 23 Aug 1894 J A Matney, Surety: By W A Harp, JP John T & Nancy E Compton
E-139 GEORGE W. COOTS, 23, Spence LETHA PRIDEMORE(Prudmore?), 23, Spence 6 Sept 1894 Ed Smalley, Surety: By Richard Dean, JP 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp.Visit 144
E-140 ABNER J. HENDRIX, 22, Cave Creek CHARLOTTE SALMON, 17, Cave Creek 23 Aug 1894 T B Salmon, Surety; By E C Dickey, JP Hosea H.& Nancy Elizabeth Baker Hendrix 1910 Newton Co.AR,Polk,94-95;Western Grove Cem.
E-141 GEORGE W KEYS,18, Jasper NANCY REYNOLDS, 19, Jasper 30 Aug 1894 S J Turner (Turney?) Surety: By C C Hudson, MG James D & Nancy Adair Keys Shiloh Cem.,Newton Co.AR
E-142 P W MORELAND, 20, Quincy FANNIE OWEN,17, Quincy 4 Sept 1894 J M Edwards, Surety: by G A Bailey, DD,Pope Co.AR
E-143 WILLIAM C. YOUNG,26, Jasper MARGARET"Maggie"GOODALL,19, Jasper 2 Sept 1894 T G Henderson,Surety:By A R McPherson,JP Pleasant & Harriett Goodall Francis M & Martha Hudson Young
E-144 WILLIAM EASTEP, 21, Fallsville ANNIE ASHER,18, Fallsville 20 Sept 1894 B F Ruble, Surety: By John Eastep ,JP William A & Nancy Asher John & Nancy Hoskins Eastep 1900 Newton Co.AR.Kentucky Twp.,Visit 196
E-145 JAMES EDWARDS, 22,Quincy CORDELIA FRAZIER, 16, Quincy 23 Sept 1894 John Light, Surety: By B A Casey, JP Brother was Newt Frazier Cordelia,wd.,1900 Newton Co.AR,Richland,Visit 56
E146 BOLEY G. CRAWFORD, 20, Fallsville M.E. (Lou E?) RHODES, 20, Fallsville 23 Sept 1894 M S Woodhull, Surety: By: Alex Dixon John Humphrey Posey & Emily Jane Lemarr Crawford 1900 Newton Co.AR,Boston Twp.,Visit 72
E-147 PLEAS H."Pike"HALLUM,19, Mt. Judea MARY R.J."Rosella"RICKETTS,16, Red Rock 6 Sept 1894 John Rickets, Surety: By W B Cheatham JP John A & Elizabeth Jones Ricketts Clinton M & Caroline Tennison Hallum 1900 Newton Co.AR.,White Twp.Franklin Co.AR 1920
E-148 JAMES WASHINGTON OXFORD,45, Moredell MARY LOUIZA GIBBONS,19, Boxley 28 Sept 1894 I C Wishon, Surety: By J R Whiteley,JP John Turner & Catherine Persons Oxford James m.(1)Sarah A Wishon 1871 Benton Co.AR
E-149 SAMUEL ALEXANDER GAY, 17,Stone (Marion Co.AR) REBECCA LUCINDA CROWNOVER,20, Jasper 30 Sept 1894 N B Day, Surety: By A R McPherson Theodore"Dory" Crownover John Wood & Nancy Margaret Railsback Gay
E-150 J H ROLEN(Rowland?), 21, Mt.Parthenon SARAH J WILLIS,20, Boxley 30 Sept 1894 John Mefford: By E R Reynolds, MG Owen & Nellie Munhollin Willis?
E-151 J.H.(John?)ROBINSON,22, Ryker MARY ROBINSON, 19, Ryker 1 Oct 1894 G H Daniel, Surety: By J B Edwards Samuel & Frances Robinson? 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Kentucky Twp.,Visit 148
E-152(see also E-161) JOHN H. STANDRIDGE,22, Cave Creek LAURA L. SULLIVAN, 15, Cave Creek 1 Nov 1894 H A Martin,Surety:By E C Dickey,JP James A & Grace Add Dickey Sullivan John F & Margaret E.Smith Standridge On Bond:Nathan Armstrong with W H Hill,Surety
E-153 CARROL AUSTIN STRONG, 20, Mt.Judea M. SANDERS,19, Mt.Judea 4 Oct 1894 J C Hefley, Surety: By G W Nichols, JP John W & Beulah Goss Strong Carrol was twin to Clara
E-154 JAMES GREENHAW,21, Mt.Judea LAURA MATTOX, 18, Mt. Judea 4 Oct 1894 J T Greenhaw, Surety: By J L Pierce,JP John & Margaret Mattox? John T & Emily Gibson Greenhaw
E-155 EPHRIAM P. HEFLEY,27, Mt. Judea IDA O'NEAL,16, Murilla 21 Oct 1894 W S Smith, Surety: By J H Henson, Elder Daniel & Eliza Jane Greenhaw Hefley 1920 Johnson Co.AR
E-156 MARION S "Dick"JONES,21, Yardell SARAH T HURST, 18, Yardell 18 Oct 1894 S H Harp, Surety: By J C Gibson, JP William & Eliza(Louisa?)J Morris Hurst James & Mary J Jones?? Sandhill Cemetery
E-157 EDWARD H CLARK, 23, Boxley GEORGE ANN CARLTON,20, Jasper 14 Oct 1894 W J Perkey, Surety: By P M Teeter, MG Marion Benjamin & Mary E.Park Carlton James Martin & Martha Jane Lee Clark 1900 Newton Co.AR,Van Buren Twp.,Visit 114
E-158 FRANCIS M HUFFORD,18, Ryker F A HALE, 15, Ryker 21 Oct 1894 J W Ryker, Surety: By F B Edwards Samuel & Margaret Ardella Wilcox Hufford
E-159 JOHN H. HILL, 21, Cave Creek EMMA DIXON, 16, Cave Creek 28 Oct 1894 G R Curtis, Surety: By J W Payne John H Dixon James Nathan & Nancy Mariah McCutcheon Hill 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp.,Visit 170
E-160 JOHN F. POTTER, 23, Boxley NANCY A SMITH, 23, Marble (Madison Co.AR) 1 Nov 1894 M V Cross,Surety: By David McCullough 1900 Newton Co.AR,Osage Twp.,Visit 47
E-161(see E-152) JOHN H. STANDRIDGE,22, Cave Creek LAURA L SULLIVAN,15, Cave Creek 1 Nov 1894 H A Martin, Surety: By C Dickey, JP John F & Margaret E Smith Standridge Laura m.(2)Hearl A Martin 4May1919
E-162 FRANCIS M. BEARDEN, 19, Osage S.A.TRIMBLE,16, Osage 1 Nov 1894 W F Baker, Surety: By W P Hammett John W & Senia Bearden,Carroll Co.AR
E-163 JOHN M. TENNISON,17,Cave Creek MINNIE ALICE CURTIS,17, Cave Creek 8 Nov 1894 W W Baker, Surety: By J W Tennison John & Margaret Chance Curtis Mathew & Lucy Cheatham Tennison 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp.,Visit 161
E-164 SAMUEL HUDSON,19,Mt.Parthenon SUSAN ELIZABETH TAYLOR, 17, Wayton 15 Nov 1894 J H Henderson, Surety: By G M Hunt, JP Isaac Wilburn & Clarinda Henderson Taylor Samuel & Sarah Caroline Wheeler Blackwood Hudson 1900 Newton Co.AR,Lincoln Twp.,Visit 138
E-165 JOHN T. HALE,52, Dry Fork SARAH WADE BUNCH, 43, Dinsmore 20 Nov 1894 R K Alread, Surety: By R L Newberry Nathaniel & Orlena Newberry Bunch
E-166 JOHN HENRY KILGORE,20, Kilgore VITHA ELIZABETH VINSON, 20, Boxley 25 Nov 1894 Joe Busby, Surety: By E R Reynolds, MG Joseph W & Martha E.McDonald Vinson Reuben Shelly & Nancy J Roseberry Kilgore 1900 Newton Co.AR,Low Gap Twp.,Visit 4
E-167 D.N."Scrap>SAIN, 18, Snow MARY MARTIN, 18, Snow 2 Dec 1894 W H Davis, Surety: By A C Hudson Sarah E. Henson Martin On 8 Jan 1895 license returned to parties 1900 Newton Co.AR.Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 134
E-168 JOHN PATTON, 24, Fallsville ELIZABETH "Bettie" DIXON,18, Fallsville 7 Dec 1894 Ira Dixon,Surety: By Alex Dixon, JP Alex & Mahala Jackson Dixon Bettie,widow,1900 Newton Co.AR,Boston Twp.37
E-169 LEANDER RHYNES,20, Snow RHODA GERLIND HOLLAND, 19,Snow 13 Dec 1894 Sam Clark, Surety: By J B Sparks, JP George W Holland Garret & Betta A York Rhynes 1900 Newton Co.AR,Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 51
E-170 "Ed"EDMOND DAVE COLLINS,21, Jasper BETHINE"Thena" REED,17, Jasper 5 Dec 1894 J M Harrison, Surety: By G W Newberry, JP Sarah McCurley & Mac Reed Edmond D & Mary Polly Cross Collins Armstrong Cemetery
E-171 LEWIS HAMPTON, 23, Mt. Judea ARRENA "Rena" BRASSFIELD, 15, Mt.Judea 12 Dec 1894 (Later Divorced) Lewis English, Surety: By G W Newberry, JP Aaron F & Eliza Jane Standridge Brassfield Edward & Nancy Pellham Hampton Lewis m.(2)Margaret E Sexton.Rena m.(2)Benton C Davis
E-172 JAMES F BOHANNON, 18, Limestone BELLE ADAMS, 16, Summit 25 Dec 1894 W R Robinson, Surety: By W R Breedlove, MG William C & Ellen Louise Lee Bohannon?? 1900 Newton Co.AR,Union Twp.,Visit 34
E-173 WILLIAM T THOMPSON,21,Quincy LIDA (Linda?)C CYNGARD,16, Quincy 1 Dec 1895? Bond taken out 14Dec1894 B J Jones,Surety: By L P White (Lun?n Co.) Joseph Thompson?
E-174 EDMON S. ROBINSON, 19,Mossville MOLLIE MOSS, 18, Mossville 23 Dec 1895? License returned 19Dec1894 Marion Moss, Surety : By J R Whiteley, JP James L & Darcus Jane Farmer Moss 1900 Newton Co.AR,Jefferson Twp.,Visit 2
E-175 GEORGE E. HALE, 20,Ryker MARY E. LOVELL, 15, Ryker 4Jan1895 W J Wilson, Surety: By J B Edwards Thomas Calvin & Margaret Lovell 1900 Newton Co.AR.Kentucky Twp.,Visit 140
E-176 JAMES ROBERT REDDELL, 25, Mt.Judea TENNESSEE MINNIE MAE HOLT, 19, Mt.Judea 2 Jan 1895 W T Reddell, Surety : By G W Nichols, JP Charles Kendrall & Mary Barnett Campbell Holt David Vincent & Elizabeth Criner Reddell 1900 Newton Co.AR.,White Twp.,Visit 275.Sexton Cem.
E-177 LOUIS NAPOLEAN FARMER,23, Jasper NANCY J BUSBY, 20, Jasper 5 Jan 1895 Newton Farmer, Surety: By J C Gipson, J P Burrell B. Busby William A & Elizabeth Villines Farmer 1910 Newton Co.AR,Mill Creek Twp.,Visit 9
E-178 THOMAS S. VILLINES,33, Gaither AMANDA JANE HICKMAN,27, Marble City 18 Jan 1894? 1895? Nelson Hickman, Surety: By Thomas E Doran Nathaniel & Mary L Blanton Villines Gaither Cemetery,Boone Co.AR
E-179 CHARLEY COLEMAN,27, Freeman (Pope Co.AR) ISABELLE BURNS,16, Snow 10 Jan 1895 J B Sparks, Surety: By: J B Sparks, JP
E-180 WILLIAM E"Chock"ROBINSON, 23, Limestone Valley MARTHA"Mittie"DAVIS,16, Summit 22 Jan 1895 J A Owen, Surety: By W R Breedlove, MG Thomas D. & Rutha Emeline Dunlap Davis Francis M"Mac"& Sarah Woodward Robinson
E-181 W W SNOW, 21, Wayton SARAH HENDERSON, 18, Wayton 17 Jan 1895 J M Snow, Surety: By E B Jones
E-182 W B JENNINGS, 39, Quincy EMMA FOX, 16, Quincy 17 Jan 1895 E C Fox,Surety: By W J F Hopkins John & Emma Fox
E-183 WILLIE R. CHEATHAM, 20, Mt. Judea GEORGIA KEY, 21, Yardell 17 Jan 1895 F C McCutcheon,Surety: By G W Nichols, JP Tandy & Martha Jane Davis Cheatham Willie d.1901.Georgia m.Moses Boatman 1902
E-184 JOHN A MATNEY, 20, Compton SUSAN COMPTON, 28, Compton 31 Jan 1895 T F Jones, Surety: By W A Harp, J P John & Nancy Compton Charles R & Mary Louise Matney 1900 Newton Co.AR, Plumlee Twp.Visit 95
E-185 JAMES CALVIN FLUD,23, Red Rock FERBY ANN SMITH, 18, Red Rock 31 Jan 1895 A R Earwood, Surety: By G W Newberry, JP Henry W. & Barbara Allen Pierce House Smith George W. & Rachel Caroline Harris Flood James had m.(1)Nancy Brasel.Moved to Pryor,OK
E-186 ROBERT E VILLINES,23, Boxley DORCUS BUNCH 22, Berryville (Carroll Co.AR 12 Feb 1895 C Dodson, Surety: By W R Miller,MG,Carroll Co.AR Lewis C & Nancy Stamps Bunch Adderson & Amanda Black Villines 1900 Newton Co.AR,Van Buren
E-187 DAVID CROCKETT SMITH,22, Mt.Judea MARGARET EMELINE STANDRIDGE,20, Red Rock 7 Feb 1895 W S Smith, Surety: By J L Pierce, JP John F & Margaret Emeline Smith Standridge Alfred & Rebecca Flood Smith David m.(2)Viney Smith(3)Lizzie Farmer Sutton
E-188 WILLIAM EZEKIEL RILEY HILL, 24, Cave Creek BELLE KETCHERSIDE, 19, Cave Creek 21 Feb 1895 M B Taylor, Surety: By J R Taylor, Elder James Nathan & Nancy Mariah McCutcheon Hill 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp.,Visit 181
E-189 WILLIAM HARRIS, 42, Quincy MILLIE SIMMONS, 16, Quincy 20 Feb 1895 B A Casey, Surety: By B A Casey ,JP
E-190 AARON O. SPARKS,25, Chancel MINTA "Minty" D. CURTIS, 16, Swain 21 Feb 1895 J S Swain, Surety: By J (I?) C Adams, JP Amos & Celia Daniels Curtis Jesse & Elizabeth Owens Sparks 1900 Newton Co.AR,Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 78
E-191 JAMES W. WILSON, 33, Limestone M. EMMA BETHEL, 21, Limetone 18 Feb 1895 George Bethel, Surety: By Thomas C Bethel,J P Thomas C & Martha Clayborn Bethel Emma,widow,1900 Newton Co.AR.Union Twp,Visit 54
E-192 BRADEN CLARK, 21,Western Grove HARRIETT ADALINE SPEARS, 24, Yardell 24 Feb 1895 A. A Mason, Surety: By H M Lovelady William Siegel & Mary Green Dickens Spears 1900 Newton Co.AR,Prairie Twp.,Visit 156
E-193 J A RUSSELL,22, Quincy LOUISA WHITE, 17, Quincy 24 Feb 1895 J Claxton, Surety: By B A Casey,JP James P & Mary White
E-194 VINCENT C THOMAS, 24, Mossville ALTA L. LOOPER, 18, Mossville 21 Feb 1895 W M Thomas, Surety: By J M Thomas, JP Jackson P & Margaret Snow Looper Kimber Azo & Elizabeth Carlton Thomas
E-195 WILLIAM I STANBERRY,27, Ryker MARTHA A MATTINGLY,20, Ryker 4 Mar 1895 M T Brisco, Surety: By H C Stanberry,Madison Co.AR Martha died Oct1895.Cave Mt.Cemetery William m:(2)Frances E Roberson 1896 1900 Newton Co.AR,Kentucky Twp.,Visit 162
E-196 GEORGE BUSHYHEAD,28,Spence(3/4 Cherokee,Dawes #2412) RACHEL A. McGOWAN, 16, Spence 7 Mar 1895 J. J. Earwood,Surety: By E M Battenfield Smith Miles & Elizabeth Sixkiller Bushyhead
E-197 JOHN A RICKETTS, 20, Mt.Judea LUCINDA C. REDDELL, 19, Mt. Reddell 7 Mar 1895 James Brasel, Surety: By G W Nichols,J P David Vincent & Elizabeth Criner Reddell William S & Sarah Smith Ricketts Lucinda d.1907.John m.(2)Mary E Smith Brown 1915
E-198 FRANCIS MARION GOSNELL, 36, Jasper MARY POLLY ANN GUESS (24?), Noah 10 Mar 1895 W F Davis, Surety: By Robert L Newberry William & Opal Elizabeth Phillips Guess? 1900 Newton Co.AR.,Osage Twp.,Visit 28
E-199 JAS MANN (MANES?)19, Mt. Hersey DELIA McGOWAN, 20, Jasper 7 March 1895 J.T. Brasel, Surety: By A R McPherson, JP Dave & Jane Brisco McGowan?
E-201 JOHN BAXTER STARKEY, 18,Cave Creek MALINDA ADDIE HILL, 16, Newton 12 Mar 1895 W G Duck, Surety: By J R Taylor, Elder Daniel & Nancy McCutcheon Payne Hill 1900 Newton Co.AR,Polk Twp.,Visit 197
E-202 JOHN CALVIN EDDINGS, 44, Mt.Judea MARY MAYBERRY, 39, Mt. Judea(1856-1896) 13 Mar 1895 John Brasel, Surety: By J L Pierce, JP George W & Elizabeth Jones Mayberry John m.(1)Mary Canzada Jones (1854-1893) John m.(3)Malinda Price Dwiggins 1896
E-203 HAYWOOD CHESTER LACKEY, 19,Boxley RUTH A VINSON, 18, Boxley 17 Mar 1895 W T Scroggins, Surety: By E R Reynolds, MG J W & Martha Vinson Amos Burrell & Sarah Baughman Lackey 1900 Newton Co.AR,Low Gap,Visit 48
E-204 ISAAC H. CARTER, 24, Boxley JOSIE VILLINES 15, Boxley 17 Mar 1895 W T Scroggins, Surety: By J R Whiteley, JP Jefferson & Mary Keeton Villines 1900 Newton Co.AR,Van Buren, Visit 158
E-205 JOSEPH B. MAYBERRY,19, Mt.Hersey TABITHA HAMMON, 16, Mt.Hersey 28 Mar 1895 C W Thompson, Surety : By J E Jackson, J P Reuben & Sarah Martin Hammon Calvin & Letha Farmer Mayberry 1900 Newton Co. AR.,New Hope,Visit 31-32

This ends the Marriage Book E, Part 1
Marriages from August 1893 through 28 March 1895
The next Marriage Book E, Part 2 will follow in separate section

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You DO NOT find the parents names, where they lived on census, and other added information on the marriage record itself. You can go to the Courthouse at Jasper, Arkansas in Newton County and look up the marrige record, but you WILL NOT find the added information I have included.
Had to condense the information from my books. The books show much more information.


Evelyn Flood