Newton County, Arkansas Marriages

Book I, Part 2,I-231 thru I-480: 9 January 1913 through 7 February 1915

Self Published by Evelyn M Flood



Transcribed from Microfilm No. l,035,375 and Court Records by MYSELF.
Use Find-A-Grave; and for much of my information
Family members have also sent me information and I appreciate it very much.
Microfilm was sometimes very hard to read. If name was not clear,put
a question mark?? Used the person’s full names, when known.
Sometimes a nickname was listed on the license, but if I knew full name, used that.
The Surety was usually the father or a family member.
Have researched many families listed in these marriage records.
Found in my research that the men were not always 21 years of age nor
the woman was not the age list, but much younger.
If I am not sure of parents names, placed question mark??

Used ACTUAL DATE THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED, NOT the date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.

I did not number the pages. The License Number is the page number.
People will say....these are public records.....well,
you WILL NOT find this information in the marriage records
at the Jasper Courthouse that I have in my books, such as parents
names; census information; childrens names,other marriages,burial
Marriage Books
Much information could not be listed due to lack of space in these

ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued

without my written permission

Handwriting was sometimes very hard to read. If names were not clear,
I put a question mark??
Used the person's full name when know, to help identify the couple
even though initials and nicknames were often used on the actual
license. The security was usually a family member of the
couple. The included notes are from data gathered in my research on
these families.Proofread by myself.
Do not have a spell check to aid me in my typing,so there may be
I LIST THE ACTUAL DATE OF MARRIAGE NOTthe date the license was taken out.
I understand the marriage license could be taken out on one date and
had to be returned in 60 days or it would be voided
A bond was required and a surety or security had to sign for the bond
These bonds or applications for license were sometimes unexecuted and
returned to the Courthouse.The cover dates in these marriage books
are listed in the Newton County,Arkansas Court and listed on their
actual court books, thus the reason for the odd time periods.
I did not number. Use the marriage number as the page number.Some
marriage dates were out of date order, so CHECK THE NAMES in the
A few marriages of 1912 are listed in 1913;several 1913 marriages are
listed in 1914,etc.

I-338 is a 1913 Marriage
I-340 is a 1913 Marriage
I-350 is 1913 Marriage
I-400 is from 1912
I-450 is 1913 marriage
I-469 is 1914 marriage
I-475 is 1914 marriage
I-476 is 1914 marriage
I-477 is 1914 marriage
I-478 is 1914 marriage
I-479 is from October 1913

Marriages from 9 January 1913 through 7 February1915
I-231 through I-480 (SEE EXCEPTIONS ABOVE)


I-231 Robert Edgmon 28(3sep1882-14Oct1980) Dessie Bell Miers,21(18July1896 TX-19June1991) 9 Jan 1913 Reuben Leach,Security by Lon Lee,JP Bill Miers & McEdie M Guthrie James Edgmon & Susannah "Susie"Harderson(1900 Jefferson Twp) Mossville Cemetery,Newton County
I-232 Perry H Daniels 28, Swain(d:1969 Hickory Grove Cem) Savannah Self, 20, Murray(d:1969 Hickory Grove Cem.) 16 Jan 1913 J H Harvey,Security by Wiley Baker, JP William & Sarah M Self(1910 Murray Twp,2) William F Daniels(Lewis & Martha Casey Daniels) & Nancy Strode Perry married (1)Minnie Wright in 1904 who died 1912
I-233 William Wiseman Agee,15, Hasty(28Aug1894 Newton Co.AR-15Jan1980 Kilgore,Texas) Anna Pardine Lawson 18, Hasty(1895-1997 Texas) 19 Jan 1913 Walter Phillips,Security by J W Fiveash,JP Thomas A Lawson & Luretta Mae Cowles(1900 Mill Creek) William Nathan Agee (1871-1961) & Nancy Ella Christian(1873-1952)(1910 Prairie Twp.,174) Kilgore City Cemetery,Kilgore,Gregg Co.Texas
I-234 Peel Gibson 26, Willcockson(died 1954) Willie Jones 17, Willcockson(died 1974) 19 Jan 1913 Clarence Robinson,Security by T J Shinn,JP Marion S Dick Jones & Sarah Hurst James C Gibson & Louisa Tucker(1910 Mill Creek Twp) Hasty Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
I-235 Glen Brown 20, Limestone(Died 1936) Deloris Owens 18, Limestone 27 Jan 1913 George W Neal,Security by F N Richardson, J P Samuel Owens & Martha Curtis Roberts Robert J Brown Sr.and Dena Brown(1910 Jefferson Twp.145) Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-236 Oscar H White 37, Jasper Katy F Fredrick 36, Jasper 29 Jan 1913 Oscar Burton,Security by J M Casey, J P
I-237 Granville Hyden "Hida" Moss 19, Parthenon(7May1895-17Jan1969) Lena Rahder 18, Parthenon(19Jan1896-1May1968) 2 Feb 1913 Tommy King, Security by J M Casey,JP Granddaughter of Reuben & Susan Knight Lawson(1910 Hudson Twp,128) Lewis S & Savannah Alice Wilson Moss Union Hill Cemetery,Newton County
I-238 William A Busby 26, Willcockson(Mt.Judea Cemetery) Grace Shuler 22, Mt. Judea 1 Feb 1913 A B Arbaugh,Security by J L Pierce,JP Lucian "Lush" W Shuler & Elizabeth Davis Robert P Busby & Ollie Mary Baughman(1910 Cherokee Co.OK) William died in house fire on 10Mar1926;Grace died 26Sep1926,said to be caused by overturned oil lamp.Ardith Hefley Norton,granddaughter of Lucian Shuler,spending the night,escaped the fire.Lush Shuler also died in fire
I-239 George Sylvester "Skeet" Bales 21, Fallsville(1892-1978) Samantha May Watson 21, Fallsville(1891-2Jun1923) 9 Feb 1913 Curgus Young,Security by E J Neal,JP Adam Hyde Watson & Mary Lewis Thomas Warren Bales (1850-1931)& Barbara Ann Bennett(1854-1936) Coyle Cemetery,Logan County,Oklahoma
I-240 Alex Eleck Bohannon 20, Limestone(died 1979) Martha Emma Davis 23, Limestone(died 1963) 9 Feb 1913 Curgus Young,Surety by F N Richardson,JP(Madison Co.AR) John Newton Davis & Sarah Clayborn(1900 Union Twp.75) William E & Ellen V Lee Bohannon,1910 Union Twp. Curtis Cemetery,Newton County
I-241 John L Nichols 22, Mt Judea Mary Jane Sexton, 17, Vendor 9 Feb 1913 John W Sexton & Mary O'Neal William Nichols(Flood)and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pierce Nichols Family 1910 White Twp.,10 Greenlawn Cemetery,Checotah,McIntosh Co.Oklahoma
I-242 Philamon H Edgmon 23, Swain(died 1978) Pennie Lamar McEntire 23, Walnut(died 1971) 21 Feb 1913 J F Ashlock,Security by J W Burrows, JP(Madison Co.AR) Samantha Jane Lamar,1900 Walnut Twp.,184 Edward & Sarah Guthrie Edgmon Mossville Cemetery,Newton County
I-243 Eldridge Lee Davis 24, Vendor >b>Annie May Peoples 18, Vendor(Died 1991) 20 Feb 1913 Curgus Young, Security by J L Pierce,JP John Thomas Peoples & Elizabeth Burdine Daniel Davis & Nancy Crashaw See "A Good Neighbor Is Hard To Find"on my website about Annie May Peoples Davis
I-244 Press H Dickey 22, Eago(Died 1973 Dickey Cemetery) Hattie Lively 19, Bass(Died 1921 Dickey Cemetery) 2 March 1913 A R Dickey,Security by Richard Dean,JP James C Lively & Margaret Risley(1910 Polk Twp,138) John Dickey & Josephine Martin Press married (2)Beatrice George in 1922(She died 1964,Moore Cemetery)
I-245 William Taylor Breedlove 25, Deer(1888-1952) Gracie Rebecca Smith, Red Rock(18Nov1886-6Jun1949) 2 March 1913 J M Essex,Security by E C Kelly O.M. Stephen Smith & Polly O'Neal William Ryla & Celeste Jane Breedlove(1900 Lincoln Twp.,167) Bower Cemetery,Longtown,Pittsburg Co.,Oklahoma
I-246 Joe Faught,Sr. 23, Deer(10 June 1889-28Aug1972 Oaklawn Memorial Park,Oakdale,Stanislaus Co.CA) Dona V Peoples 20, Red Rock(1892-1985 Oaklawn Mem.Park,Oakdale,CA) 23 March 1913 W D Faught,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP David C Peoples & Mary A Gladden(1910 Pleasant Hill Twp.,84) Bruce Levi Faught(1859-1946) & (1)Josephine Thomas(1864-1895)(1900 Pleasant Hill,93) After first wife Josephine died in childbirth,Bruce Levi m:(2)Martha Jane Willie Isabelle Baucom in 1896.Levi Bruce Faught children:Thomas J;William David;ArkaDelphia Adams,Menless Bruce;Della J Toney;Hattie Almeda Cowell;and Sarah Ann Cowell
I-247 Samuel O Peake 26, Jasper(10Dec1886-23Mar1967) Cesne A Kimbley 17, Jasper(1895-1930) 12 March 1913 W J Pruitt,Security by A C Phillips, O.M. Charles Kimbley & Martha Brown Thomas & Lucinda Peake(1910 Jackson Twp.,93) Maple Park Cemetery,Aurora,Lawrence Co.,Missouri,Plot:Blk 49
I-248 Chester Martin 20, Fallsville(19Aug1893-24Mar1969) Easter Ollie McGuire 15, Fallsville(18Jan1898-11May1979) 16 March 1913 Curgus Young,Security by E J Neal, JP Axel & Martha McGuire(1910 Walnut Twp.,58) William"Willie"Martin & Delitha A Brown Belt Cemetery,Ozark,Franklin Co.AR
I-249 A L Gilbert 24,Everton(13Dec1889-8May1917) Pearl Lowery 18, Everton (Boone Co.AR) 14 March 1913 J C Smith,Security by A F Boomer,JP Mack & May D Lowery,Baxter Co.AR Marked Tree,Pointsett,AR.Children on Muskogee Co.OK School Census
I-250 John Oliver Wesley Harrison 33,Jasper Rosey Frances Emberton 17, Jasper 16 March 1913 J C Smith, Security by T G Henderson JP William T Emberton & Nancy J Bailey William F Harrison & Maryann Ammons(1900 Jackson Twp.,182)
I-251 Rudy Buddy Shatswell 25, Red Rock Melvina"Vina"Hallum 20, Red Rock(died 4Jan1914) 15 March 1913 Curgus Young,Security NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE John Kelse Hallum & Sally Brassfield Thomas C Shatswell & Rutha Mariah Jones Baby (27Dec1913-29Dec1913)Rudy married(2)Elma Ewin in 1921
I-252 Glenn Wilmont Totten 24, Hasty(b:2Oct1888 Carthage,MO-1981 KS) Bessie Parlee Dees 15, Hasty(15Jun1897 Boone Co.AR-7Aug1960 KS) 19 March 1913 J M Jones, Security by W N Agee,JP John Alvin Dees(1868-1916) & Missouri Emmaline Dodson(1876-1954),(1910 Prairie Twp.,169) Toronto Cemetery,Woodson County,Kansas
I-253 Thomas Jerry "Tommy" King 21, Jasper(d:1974 Miller Co.AR) Mary Belle O'Neal 15, Jasper(d:in CA) 23 April 1913 John Moss, Security by J B O'Neal,JP Jesse B O'Neal & Rebecca J Tennison Lewis King & Matilda Vina Lawson Smith(1910 Jackson 148) Belle m:(2)John Mefford (3)Solomon Swigard & (4)Robert Williams.Tommy married(2)Venia Mathis,18,on 8June1915 &(3)Permelia Brasel Mathis,age 38, on 9Nov1919.He married (4)Joy Beatrice Compton ca 1926
I-254 Farris Henry Begley 21, Ryker(10Aug1891-24Nov1982) Emily Louisa Davis 18, Ryker(1895-1931) 27 March 1913 S Y Collins, Security by S Y Collins,JP William Wages & Caroline Davis(1910 Kentucky Twp) J J Begley & Mary Arnett Begley Cave Mountain Cemetery,Newton County
I-255 John Ben Flud 22, Vendor(Died 1980) Belle Madison Vanderpool 16, Jasper(Died 1983) 18 April 1913 Jasper W T Flud,Security by E G Atkinson, JP Francis M Vanderpool & Elizabeth Shulemite Ammons(1910 Jackson Twp) John Lemuel "Honey John"Flud & Edia Isabelle Flud(1910 White Twp) Sunset Memorial Gardens,Cache near Lawton,Oklahoma.Children:Bertha Bethel Rich Trucks Penny;Ray Columbus;Verlin;Ola Mae Deck Meyers;Garland Eugene Flud
I-256 Stephen Alexander Vanderpool 38, Jasper(1872-1939) Nancy Gregory Mathis 46, Jasper 20 April 1913 S J Myres,Security by W R Martin, JP Nancy's maiden name believed to be Smith? William & Mahala Vanderpool,1880 Jackson Twp.,80 Nancy married (1)Alfred Mathis 24May1908.She died Washington Co.AR.Stephen married (1)Hannah Harris 21Nat1900 Choctaw Nation,Indian Territory
I-257 Charles H Harrison 19, Jasper(death date unknown) Nancy Martin 17, Jasper(19Oct1896-11Sep1944) 4 May 1913 George H Harrison, Security by T G Henderson JP W.Robert Martin & Mary L Payton(1910 Hudson,115) George H & Rachel Harrison(1910 Jackson Twp) 1940 Census Chelan Co.WA.Dayton City Cemetery,Dayton,Columbia County,Washington
I-258 Grover C Breedlove 21, Deer(Died 1963) Martha Ruby Harper 18, Deer(1895 MO-1921) 11 May 1913 J W Martin, Security by H T Heydenreich, JP Adopted by Squire Essex.Living with William & Ella Roberts as stepdaughter;1900 census Stoddard Co.MO,Castor Twp. William R & Celeste Jane Breedlove(1900 Lincoln,167) Grover Married (2)Bertha Malinda Davis in 1922.Wayton Cemetery
I-259 John H Wright 46, Parthenon Mary Eveline Youngblood Snow 43,Wayton(Died 1958) 27 May 1913 G F Carlton, Security by W F Hicks, JP Mary m:(1)Jasper Snow on 14Feb1884;he died 1911.She m:(3)R L Skaggs 29Dec1918.Snow Cemetery,Newton County
I-260 Ebb Vaughn 22, Wayton(Died 1983) Fanny Angie Hicks 16, Murray(Died 1922 Wayton Cem.) 8 June 1913 Sam Daniels,Security by W F Hicks,JP Hamilton Madison Hicks & Margaret (Henson/Henderson?)(1910 Lincoln,43) Joseph Vaughn & Nancy Richardson Joseph Vaughn claimed to be Frank James;there is a book about this
I-261 Carl Albert Noe 21, Limestone(1Jun1892 IN-4Mar1967) Nettie Casey 16, Limestone(20Mar1897-4Jul1986) 19 June 1913 George W Neal,Security by W T Young,JP Christopher C Casey(1868-1959) & Narcissa Houston(1872-1947)(1910 Union Twp) James Garrett Noe (1838-1922) & Katherine Robinson(1847-1931) Shafter Memorial Pari,Shafter,Kern Co.,California
I-262 James "Jim" W Plumlee 23,George(1899?-1964)/td> Florence E Clayburn 15, George(30Jul1899-13May1976) 18 June 1913 George Noe,Security by J H Petree, JP John Plumlee & Eliza (Louisa)Armer(1900 Plumlee Twp) Rosco Cemetery,Alpena,Boone Co.Arkansas
I-263 Adolph Lager 40, Low Gap Mary Kilgore Phrehm 34, Low Gap 25 June 1913 J A Villines,Security by Isham Killgore, JP Mary & first husband George W Phrehm(Low Gap 1910,231).George died 16Sep1910,Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County
I-264 Benton Emberton 19, Haileyville(Pittsburg Co.OK) Viola Casey 19, Parthenon 23 June 1913 Curgus Young,Security by J M Casey,JP William Ambrose Casey & first wife,Theoria King Levi Emberton & Ida Josephine"Josie" Brown(1910 Hudson)
I-265 James A Wylie 40, Swain(11Apr1867-24May1944)) Gertrude Wilson Simmons 32, Cowell(1881-1955) 22 June 1913 A A Wylie,Security by H H York, JP James m:(1)Nellie Brown in 1907.Gertrude m:(1)William L Simmons 5July1896.Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-266 James McDonald 36, Limestone Cordelia "Delia" Clayborn 22, Limestone 26 June 1913 T A Clayborn,Security by W T Young,JP Isaac Clayborn & Martha E Dotson(1900 Union,25;1910 Union Twp.,137) See marriage I-221??
I-267 Charles William Hawley 42, Fallsville Lillie Cranford 19, Red Star(Oct1894-?) 2 July 1913 Curgus Young,Security by W W Nuckolls,JP Cornelius & Sarah J Bryant Cranford(1900 Kentucky Twp.212 & 1910 Kentucky Twp) Charles m:(1)Ollie(MNU).He m:Isabelle Begley in 1912(I-188)
I-268 James R Eaton 21, Fallsville(1892-1968) Essie Felmer Allen 18, Fallsville(1894-1986) 20 July 1913 W C Ryker,Security by M S Harrison,O.M.(Benton Co.AR) Adam & Sarah E Allen(1910 Boston Twp.) Fairhaven Memorial Park,Santa Ana,Orange Co.CA
I-269 J W Eastep 24, Ryker Bessie Villines 16, Ryker(13Feb1897-6Mar1988) 13 July 1913 L G Young, Security by A D Edwards,JP Joe G Villines & Maloney B Wishon(1910 Kentucky Twp.,10) Samuel & Caroline Callie Yeager Eastep(1910 Kentucky,52)
I-270 James Henry Sparks 25, Stoverville(19Nov1887-24Jun1973) Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie"Armer 18,Stoverville (1Sep1895-15Feb1981) 13 July 1913 George J H Beavers,Security by James William Smelley,JP John Samuel Armer & Margareet Howe(1900 Plumlee Twp,151) John English Sparks(1857-1934) & Mary Jane Grogan(1857 GA-1953 AR) Gobbler Cemetery,Gobbler,Carroll Co.,Arkansas
I-271 Thomas "Tom" Acy Holt 24, Chancel(1887-1974) Tennessee Assania "Tennie" Burns 23, Chancel(3Mar1890-25May1954) 13 July 1913 George M Hicks, Security by B C Davis,O.M. Calvin & Louisa J Burns(1900 PLeasant Hill,129) Asa Nathan Holt Jr. & Lucinda Alice Tennison(1900 White Twp) Lamar Cemetery,Lamar,Johnson Co.,Arkansas
I-272 Polk D Norton 22, Fallsville (1882-1962) Annie May Arbaugh 22, Chancel(7Oct1890-11Aug1975) 20 July 1913 George M Hicks, Security by B C Davis, O.M. Albert Lafayette Arbaugh(1842-1919)& Martha E Atkins(1847-1944) Zade D & Manerva Jane Brown Norton(1910 Walnut Twp.,17) Annie is buried Davenport Cemetery,Davenport,Lincoln Co.Oklahoma
I-273 Willie Flemon Sparks 20, Ryker(5Feb1893-1Oct1977 Stephens Co. TX) Rebecca E Wood 19, Ryker(15Sep1893 NC-16Oct1977) 20 July 1913 J C Smith,Security by J H Burke, JP Charles Wood (1842-1915)& Mary E Watts(1866-1916) Hiram Peterson Sparks (1875 - 1938)& Mary Louisa Young Sparks (1872 - 1951) Cave Mountain Cemetery,Boxley,Newton County
I-274 Walter Waters 23, Low Gap(14Apr1889-1Dec1973) Angie Lee Evans 19, Low Gap(15Aug18941Apr1968) 20 July 1913 J A Villines,Security by Isham Killgore,JP J C & Ellen Villines Evans John E & Lisa A Reeves Waters(1910 Low Gap 16) Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County
I-275 George W Jones 21,Mt.Judea Rosetta Heffley 20, Mt. Judea(2Jul1893-31Jan1982) 20 July 1913 D C Jones, Security by D C Troglin, JP William Bailey Hefley (1862-1954)& Frances "Fannie" Elizabeth Guthrie(1872-1952) (1900 Big Creek) David C Jones & Laura Davis(1910 Big Creek,1) Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park,Colleyville,Tarrant Co.,Texas
I-276 James Benjamin "Ben"Vanderpool 19, Jasper(6Jan1895-15Oct1981) Martha "Mattie" Viola Carter 18, Jasper(6Oct1894-26Aug1977) 20 July 1913 J W Moore,Security by T G Henderson, JP James C Carter & Mary Lawson(1910 Hudson,101) Francis M Vanderpool & Elizabeth Shulemite Ammons New Cowell Cemetery,Newton County
I-277 Alfred Myers 19, Jasper (11Oct1893-Nov1969) Rosetta Plumlee 16, Parthenon 20 July 1913 J W Moore,Security by T G Henderson,JP James D Plumlee & Emily Jane Lawson(1910 Hudson,114) Father:Robert E Myers.Grandson of Rebecca Myers 1920,1930,1940 Jackson Twp,Newton County.Buried Danville, Yell Co.Arkansas?
I-278 William Abner "Willie" Ogden 21,Compton(11Dec1894-29Jun1974) Malissie Plumlee 28, Compton(5Feb1882-29Jun1978) 20 July 1913 George W Marion Armer,Security by W M Armer,JP John Plumlee & Louiza Armer(1900 Plumlee Twp.,84) Charlie A Ogden(1866-1952) & Maggie Bell Adams (1878-1952) Bethel Cemetery,Springdale,Leavenworth Co.,Kansas
I-279 Anias Daniels 22, Swain(Died in CA) Martha "Mattie"Richardson 18, Limestone 27 July 1913 W A Green,Security by Park Young,O.M. Fredrick Nelson Richardson(1910 Union Twp)& Martha Brady who died 1907 William F Daniels 1930 Jefferson Twp.;1940 Murray Twp./td>
I-280 William David Shirey 28,Newport (Jackson Co.AR) Lini Ann Campbell Waters 29, Hasty 29 July 1913 W W Moore,Security by T G Henderson,JP James W Campbell & Nancy Ballard(1900 Mill Creek,147) George & Martha Shirey Lini m:(1)David Waters 20Sep1899;he died 1910.William m:(1)Oza Campbell who died in childbirth
I-281 Orphus Sherman Baughman 21, Hasty(27Aug1893 AR-21Jul1969 OK) Effie Belle Lawson 21, Hasty(1Feb1891-1988) 10 August 1913 Walter Phillips,Security by John Fiveash,JP Thomas Lawson & Luretta Mae Cowles(1900 Mill Creek,146) Ewing Lafayette Baughman b:1864 Blueye,MO & Ida Lucinda McDonald,b:1862 Randolph Co.AL(1910 Jackson Twp.,122) Haskell Cemetery,Muskogee Co.Oklahoma
I-282 Talmage Greenberry Martin 21, Bass(Died 1920 AR) Louisiana B Powers 17, Bass(1896-1975) 17 August 1913 Walter Lively,Security by Richard Dean,JP William F Powers & Mary S Taylor Curtis(1910 Polk Twp,160) Hearl H Martin & Mary R Standridge(1910 Polk Twp.,164) Louisiana m: (2)Jasper Dickey 16 Nov 1924 Newton County.In Wagoner Co.OK 1930 & 1940.Jasper(1892-1967) & Louisiana buried Greenwood Memorial Park,San Diego,San Diego Co.California
I-283 Ira W Harp 20, Yardelle(13Apr1893-28Jan1977) Bertie Hill 20, Yardelle(b:10Oct1893-27Nov1939 Sandhill) 24 August 1913 E E Ammons,Security by T J Shinn,JP William Francis Hill & Lucinda Chaffin(1900 Prairie,16;Prairie 1910,115) Samuel H Harp (b:1852)& Amanda Elizabeth Braden(b:1867)(1910 Prairie,121) Ira m:(2) Veatrice Harris.Parents;Joe & Martha Bailey Harris
I-284 Mordecia M Crow 23, Willcockson(Died 1960 Shaddox Cemetery) Ada Harp, 23, Willcockson 7 September 1913 Jasper D C Skaggs,Security by T G Henderson,JP Anderson "Ance" Harp & Mattie V Waters,1910 Jackson,131 Robert Alexander Crow & Mary Elizabeth Beene Mordecia served WWI,Pvt.14th Co.162nd Depot Brigade.Ida m:(2)George W Greenhaw in 1916
I-285 Earl Ray Speer 20, Harrison(Boone Co.AR)(7Dec1892-23Feb1970) Neva Harrison, 17, Jasper(16Jan1896-1988) 7 September1913 Guy Moore,Security by T G Henderson, JP Thomas F & Niobia Boomer Harrison,1910 Jackson Twp.,1 William A Speer (1855-1936)& Ida Belle Rousseau (1857-1913) Maplewood Cemetery,Boone Co.Arkansas,Plot:2,29,6
I-286 James Walter Lively 21, Bass(Died 1985 Dewey,OK;Maplewood Cemetery,Boone Co.AR) Mary Alice Payne 17, Bass 14 September 1913 Mitch George,Security by Richard Dean,JP Leander Andrew Jackson Payne & Laura Florence Davis Criner(1900 & 1910 Polk Twp) James Coleman Lively & *Margaret J Risley(1900 Polk,96) *Margaret Risley was daug.of Phoebe Burdyne Risley(Amos Family)
I-287 Joe Peoples 27, Red Rock(Died 1950) Myrtle Norton 19, Deer)Died 1969) 16 September 1913 No Security, by A F Boomer,JP Jefferson Davis Norton & Ida Wilkins,1910 Pl.Hill Twp. John & Sally Hampton Peoples,1910 Pl.Hill Twp. Crossroads Cemetery,Newton County
I-288 J D Lee 30,Fallsville Myrtle Newman 19, Fallsville 20 September 1913 G W Boling, Security by T T Moore, O.M.
I-289 Henry Diefenbaker 39,Chanute,Kansas(1874-1955) Margaret Dutton 25, Low Gap(Died 1938) 5 October 1913 George W Wishon, Security by J R Waters,JP Margaret:Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County.Henry;Fairview Cemetery,Cherryvale,Montgomery Co.Kansas
I-290 John L Taylor 22, Bass Ellie McCutcheon 18, Cave Creek 8 October 1913 Will Greenhaw,Security by Richard Dean,JP Andrew McCutcheon & Mary Dullie Yates(1910 Polk Twp) Thomas B Taylor & Martha E Curtis( 1910 Polk Twp) Ellie died 1914;Old Dodson Cemetery,Newton County
I-291 John H Adams 35, Limestone Fannie Cowell 23, Deer 2 October 1913 Mat Hicks, Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Joseph & Mary E Johnson Cowell(1910 PL.Hill) William M Adams & Nancy Emily Clayborn,Union Twp. John m:(1)Geneva Jennie Casey in 1895;died 1907,Casey Cemetery
I-292 Arthur Lee Couchman 23, Boston (Madison Co.AR)(b:27Mar1890 KS) Dolly Vesta Hodge 17, Boston 8 October 1913 Townsley J J Hodge,Security by J G Bowers,JP Stephen(1852-1932) & Jemima "Minnie" Bryant Hodge(1910 Kentucky,34(Reeves Cemetery) George Couchman 1920 & 1930 KY Twp.In 1940 Grant Co.Oklahoma
I-293 Jessie Levi Lickliter 21, Townsley(1892-1956) Gracie May Patterson 17, Townsley(1896-1952) 15 October 1913 Townsley J J Hodge,Security by A D Edwards,JP George Lickliter & Sarah "Sally"Bryant(1900 Kentucky Twp) Skedee Cemetery,Skedee,Pawnee County,Oklahoma
I-294 Willie Bailey 21, Walnut Ettie Skaggs 20, Walnut 3 October 1913 MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE UNEXECUTED
I-295 William M Cheek 21, Walnut(1890-1978) Mary Ann Griffin 19, Walnut(18Apr1896-15Dec1973) 12 October 1913 W J Pruitt,Security by W M Skaggs,JP Daniel Boone Griffin John M Cheek & Julia Skaggs Watson. Maplewood Cemetery,Boone Co. Arkansas
I-296 George Washington Harp 17, Willcockson(1897-1979) Oma May Hensley 15, Willcockson(2Oct1898-16Sep1960) 5 October 1913 Jasper J O Lewis,Security by L l Monday,JP Leven Newton Hensley (1875-1917)& Mary Brisco(1876-1916)(1910 Grant Twp.) Joseph A & Margaret Jones Harp(1910 Marble City,92) Maplewood Cemetery,Boone Co.Arkansas.Plot:8,91,10
I-297 Frank Lipp 21, Jasper Margaret Houston Barr 21, Jasper 8 October 1913 Jasper James Brasel,Security by T G Henderson, JP William Houston & Martha Harp,1910 Jackson Twp Margaret m:(1)Emmett Reed Barr(1887-1970) on 5Feb1911(I-37)
I-298 Lewis Scott Curtis 29, Swain(24July1885-24Mar1952) Mae Judkins 22,Swain(3Jan1891-25Apr1978) 8 April 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by W F Ellis,JP William "Bill"R Curtis & (1)Allie Lovell Curtis Cemetery,Newton County
I-299 Ziriah Heitzmann (nl) Sophia Ficht (nl)(b:23Aug1897 St.Louis,MO) 3 May 1914 Michael Ficht,Security by Deacon J.M. King Michael Ficht & Zellia Huber(1910 Van Buren,99) Sophia Ficht Heitzmann m:(2) Lionel E Stout,age 57(b:6Mar06)on 5Oct1963 in Chelalie,Lewis Co.WA by Roman Catholic Priest.Claquato Cemetery,Lewis Co.,Washington.Father Michael Ficht was murdered in 1922 by George Huber in Madison Co.AR.His brother Friedolin"Fred"Ficht(b:6Jul1866 in Germany) was also murdered in 1922 by George Huber
I-300 Pleasant Timothy(P T) Harrison 40, Jasper(1870-1942) Lula Smith Allen 38,Vendor(13Apr1875-26Mar1915 Jasper Cemetery) 1 April 1913 Jasper O O Smith,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. Thomas S Harrison & Mary E York P T had m:(1)Ada Virginia Russell(b:1881-Searcy Co.AR who died 14Feb1913 Smith Cemetery.Lula m:(1)William Allen(1860-1925)in 1888 (1910 Jackson Twp)
I-301 Andrew Jeff Pierce 21, Vendor(died 1946) Alabama "Allie" Gillmore 16, Vendor(b:1896) 19 October 1913 W J Pruitt,Security by J L Pierce,JP George Riley Gillmore & Julia Campbell Smith(1910 White Twp) Joseph Pierce & Martha Elizabeth Mathis(1910 White Twp) Smith Cemetery,Newton County
I-302 Willis Frank Peoples 23,Vendor(Died 1979 Tracy,CA) Fannie Leoma Smith 16, Vendor(Died 1973 Tracy,CA) 12 October 1913 Sam Maxville,Security by J L Pierce,JP John Thomas Peoples & Elizabeth "Bet" Burdine(James Critter Burdine & Nancy J Flood Bray Henry Woody Smith & Sarah Melvina Pierce Tennison children were:James Thomas;Lilburn Henry;Willard;Hillard;Velma Marie Moss;Thelma Juanita Rhodes Merdinger;Johnnie Louise Dwyer;Mary Lucille Willenborg;Andy Clayton & Betty Melvina Peoples Potts
I-303 Walter S Adams 21, Limestone Hazel Rocole 16, Deer(Died 1949) 19 October 1913 John Adams,Security by A E Ogden,JP Henry W & Emma S Rocole(1910 PL.Hill) William M Adams & Nancy Emily Clayborn(1910 Union Twp) Deer Cemetery,Newton County
I-304 Jesse Silas Truelove 21, Willcockson(16Aug1887-2Apr1956) Letha Gaylor 17,Willcockson(1895-1968) 25 October 1913 J R Truelove,Security by J C Pruitt,JP Elkana & Sinda Gaylor(1910 Marble City Twp) York Cemetery,Bergman,Boone Co.Arkansas
I-305 Thomas Hallum 36, Mt Hersey Ina Steele 18, Mt Hersey NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE ISSUED
I-306 Clarence W Dixon 19, Western Grove(1894-1970) Ina Steele 18, Mt Hersey(26Aug1895-24May1967) 12 November 1913 No Security by G W S Miles, JP Bert Dixon & Ora Belle Knight(1910 New Hope Twp) (Bert Dixon is from John & Sarah Dixon 1880 Fulton Co.AR)John 1900 Richland Twp.with (2)Susan V Hardister Martin.Maplewood Cemetery,Boone Co.Arkansas
I-307 Grant Roberts 43, Murray(1870-16Aug1947) Arabell Thomas Peters 21, Murray(1892-1986) 24 November 1913 W J Pruitt,Security by Wiley Baker,JP Sidney Thomas & (2)Betty Seamore(1900 Jefferson Twp.,77) Jackson Roberts & Nancy Holland Grant m:(1) Mary (MNU)ca 1896.Delta Cemetery,Delta,Delta Co.,Colorado
I-308 Benjamin Bentley Powers 20, Bass(11Oct1893-31Jan1980 TX) Walcie Alice Martin 16, Bass(1898-1980) 23 November 1913 L R Curtis,Security by Richard Dean,JP Hearl H Martin & Mary Rosalie Standridge(1910 Polk Twp) William F Powers & Mary S Taylor Curtis(1910 Polk Twp) Memory Gardens of Pampa,Pampa,Gray County, Texas
I-309 Arthur Harold Hoyer 17, Jasper(Died 1986) Dollie P Braudrick 16, Jasper(1897-1986) 23 November 1913 Clarence P Hoyer,Security by T G Henderson,JP Thomas J & Sadie"Sarah" J Spencer Braudrick(1910 Jackson Twp) Dollie m: (2)Jefferson Myers.Mt.Sherman Cemetery,Newton County
I-310 Emmett Reed Barr 26, Jasper(Died 1970 Mt.Sherman Cemetery) Mollie Braudrick Phillips 25, Jasper 23 November 1913 J C Smith,Security by T G Henderson, JP Thomas & Sadie J Spencer Braudrick,1900 & 1910 Jackson Twp. Emma Barr (1900 Low Gap Twp) Emmett m:(1)Margaret Houston on 5Feb1911.Mollie m:(1)General Sherman Phillips in 1906
I-311 Oscar Fisher 52, Parthenon Grace H McVey 18, Parthenon 26 November 1913 J O McFerrin,Security by A F Boomer,JP Silas & Victoria Austin McVey(1910 Hudson Twp.,104)
I-312 Jim Waldon 19, Hasty Maude Dixon 19, Mt.Sherman 30 November 1913 J A Cross,Security by W P Wheeler,JP Thomas C Dixon & Sarah Martin(1910 New Hope Twp.) Monroe Waldon & Nancy Elizabeth Bowden(1910 New Hope,6)
I-313 James "Jim" Virgil Cowell 21, Deer(11Mar1894-20Jun1978) Hattie Almeda Faught 18, Deer(14Jul1897-18Apr1998 Ft.Worth,TX) 30 November 1913 T V Willis,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Levi Bruce Faught(1859-1946) & (2 wife)Martha Jane Isabelle Willie M Baucom(1963-1938)(1910 PL.Hill,13) Joseph H Cowell & Mary E Johnson(1910 PL Hill Twp.) Jim m:(2)Lena J(mnu)1902-1982)Greenwood Cemetery,Eufaula Oklahoma.Hattie buried Deer Cemetery,Newton County
I-314 Samuel "Sam"Denver Clark 21, Compton(8Jan1892-4Apr1956) Gladys Flora Villines 19, Ponca(7Nov1894-22Jul1967 Wichita Falls,TX) 30 November 1913 J P Villines,Security by J W Smelley,JP George W Villines & Perthena A Walker,1910 Van Buren Twp Samuel Harvey Clark (1851-1909)& Orlena Newberry(1853-1924) Maple Grove Cemetery,Seminole,Seminole Co.,Oklahoma
I-315 Hampton B Dunlap 38, Hasty(1871 WV-1945) Sadie Sally Whiteaker 28, Yardelle(15Sep1878-29Aug1946) 1 December 1913 W B Smith,Security by John Fiveash,JP (1920 Grove Twp.;1930 Prairie Twp.)Sandhill Cemetery,Newton County
I-316 Robert Baker 25, Cave Creek Lucinda "Lucy" Rush 17, Bass 4 December 1913 Joe Salmon Security by J W Tennison, O.M. Jasper Rush & Mary Cranford(1910 Jackson Tw) Joshua C Baker & Nancy E Salmon(1910 Polk,142)
I-317 Colba Napier 33, Swain(Died 1968 Washington Co.AR) Laura Louise Thomas Moss 30, Swain(Died 1924 Logan Co.AR) 4 December 1913 J C Smith,Security by Parker Young,O.M. Laura living with John T Watson Family,1900 Jefferson Twp McCager Napier & Patience Spencer from Wolf Co.KY Laura m:(1)Joshua Moss in 1904(1910 Jefferson Twp.)
I-318 Thomas Rouse 36,Harrison Clara Woolfox 39, Willcockson 12 December 1913 H B Raulston,Security by A C Brooks,JP
I-319 George Smith 21, Parthenon Mary L Mefford 18,Parthenon 12 December 1913 Clyde Carter,Security by J M Casey,JP John Mefford & Nancy Henderson Rowland(1910 Jackson Twp)
I-320 Barney C Bass 26,Reeves (Yell Co.AR) Mary A Lane Morrison Tennison 28, Hasty(Died 1927) 18 December 1913 A E Lane,Security by W N Agee,JP Andrew E Lane & Margaret Lizzie Smith(1910 New Hope Twp) Barney Bass & Rosanna Wysinger Mary m:(1)Michael Morrison 1903.She m:(2)James W Tennison in 1909.Hasty Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
I-321 John Franklin Johnson 20, Mt. Judea(16Aug1893 TX-6Apr1976 Boone Co.AR) Celetha "Leathy" Ethel Hudson 18, Cowell(25Apr1895 TX-1965 MO) 18 Dec 1913 J B Hendrix, Security by H H York,JP Jessie Allen Hudson (1847-1929)& Mary Jane Casey(1855-1928)(1900,1910 Big Creek Twp) Jessie Whitlock Johnson(1873-1943)& Nancy Ellen Hyatt(1873-1948) White Chapel Memorial Gardens,Springfield,Greene Co.Missouri
I-322 Ira Ethan Hudson 16, Parthenon(7Aug1898-16Sep1973 Yakima,WA) Rentha May Reynolds 17, Parthenon(2Jan1896-21May1969 OR) 21 December 1913 Cyrus Hudson,Security by J R Stephens,O.M. John S Reynolds & Mary Rebecca Carlton Allen Hudson & Mary Jane Casey(1900,1910 Big Creek Twp) Ira m:(2)Martha Louvina Holt on 5Oct1916 (J-210)Buried Bremerton,Washington
I-323 Joseph "Joe" T Robinson 19, Western Grove(Died 1973) Nancy Jane Sanders(Standridge?) 17, Hasty(Died 1983) 21 December 1913 Oscar Jones,Security by W W Shaddox,JP Lewis S Robinson & Martha I Spears, 1900 Prairie Twp Marriage license states Nancy Jane SANDERS.Sandhill Cemetery
I-324 J T Jones 36, Parthenon Louvena Carter 19, Jasper 26 December 1913 J C Smith,Security by R C J Matlock,JP John Carter,widower (1910 Hudson Twp.,110) J T Jones m:(1)Cora Zearing in 1906
I-325 Harry L Jones 30, Yardelle Oza Wallis 20, Yardelle 1 Jan 1914 J A Cross,Security by T J Shinn,JP Seborn"Seab" Joseph Wallis & wife(1)Zora Brown James H & Mary J Jones(1910 Prairie Twp) Harry m:(1)Maude Robinson in 1906;she died 1910 Sandhill Cemetery
I-326 Menless Bruce Faught 21, Deer(Died 1977) Lola Adams 17, Deer(Died 1969) 11 January 1914 T H Faught,Security by H H York,JP Samuel M Adams & Iska M Foy Levi Bruce Faught & Josephine Thomas Deer Cemetery,Newton County
I-327 Thomas Elzer Reynolds 24, Parthenon(12Mar1888-22Aug1955) Effie Minerva Ann Stephens 18, Parthenon(1896-1972) 1 March 1914 Jonah Pruitt,Security by Cyrus Hudson, JP William Franklin Stephens & Laura A Doyle Divorced.Effie m:(2)John Edgar Hudson on 28Nov1920;his wife Ida Carlton died 1918.Thomas m:(2) Delphia A Willis on 9Jun1920.Buffalo Cemetery
I-328 John Parker Villines 24, Boxley Ida Chaffin 22, Boxley 4 January 1914 W W Moore,Security by J W Smelley,JP Thomas A & Frances E Chaffin (1910 Van Buren Twp.) Francis Villines & Rebecca Adeline Black Villines Henson(1867-1924)
I-329 Jackson S Stonewall Eoff 22, Ponca(10Oct1892-13Feb1978) Cynthia Villines 19, Ponca(1894-1972) 3 January 1914? L G Young,Security by L G Young,JP John H Villines & Sarah L Roseberry(1900 Low Gap Twp.) Samuel & Mary Jane Curnutt Eoof Ruddick Cemetery,Garfield,Benton County,Arkansas
I-330 K T Sutton (nl),Limestone Julia Hamm 19, Limestone 3 January 1914 E E Ammons,Security. NO CERTIFICATE ISSUED
I-331 Joseph Berry 39, Ryker Sarah A Walker 27, Ryker 4 January 1914 Wiley Baker,Security by W F Young,JP
I-332 Napoleon Bonaparte Shaddox 61, Wilcockson(Died 1930 Shaddox Cem.) Mary Emetire Brasel Farmer Pruitt 46, Jasper(Died 1950) 5 January 1914 J C Barker,Security by A F Boomer,JP John R Brasel & Miss Alexander Sion Lafayette Shaddox & Rebecca Woodell N B Shaddox m:(1)Martha Atchley 24Aug1879;she died 1900.Mary m:(1)D.N.Lew Farmer 1888(1857-1913).She m:(2)John Pruitt unknown date.Union Hill Cemetery,Newton County
I-333 Charlie B Stephens 20, Parthenon(10Aug1887-8May1964) Josie Self 18, Parthenon(19Jan1896-3May1986) 16 January 1914 W F Stephens,Security by Cyrus Hudson,JP Thomas R & Sarah Sparks Self Joseph R & Manerva M Beckham Stephens (1900 Murray Twp) Konawa Memorial Cemetery,Konawa,Seminole Co.Oklahoma
I-334 William W Berry 22, Deer(25Feb1891--10Nov1968 CA) Bessie Henderson 22, Wayton 18 January 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by W F Hicks,JP William Joseph Henderson 1853-1905) & Isabelle Slusher(1910 Lincoln Twp.) Green & Liza Berry (1910 Pl.Hill Twp) William buried Oakwood Memorial Park,Santa Cruz,California
I-335 William Clarence Robinson 20, Hasty Demsmore Dina Gibson 20, Hasty 22 January 1914 John C Robinson,Security NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED Lewis S Robinson & Martha Spears
I-336 Louis Loma Cook 17, Bass(Died 1971) Susan Fannie McCutcheon 17, Mt.Hersey(Died 1980) 1 February 1914 Joe Salmon,Security by G W S Miles,JP Enos McCutcheon & Virginia Duck (1910 Polk Twp.) Hearl Cook & Sarah Hefley (1910 Polk Twp.) Cook Cemetery,Newton County
I-337 Walter Lee Bethell 21, Deer(26Jan1893-26Jan1979) Bessie Mae Rhynes 15, Tarlton(1900-1987) 4 Feb 1914 J H Shelton,Security by C H Snow,JP William T Rhynes & Rosa A Humphrey (1910 Richland Twp.) George Newton Bethel(1863-1939) & Mamie Faught Clayborn(1876-1967)(1900 PL.Hill, 53) Deer Cemetery.Walter m:(2)Virginia L(mnu)(1908-1983)
I-338 William Fred (W F) Ramsey 28, Western Grove(1883-1951) Etta Catherine Martin 17,Western Grove(31Aug1896-20Jul1982 OK) 23 November 1913 W E Dixon,Security by W W Shaddox,JP William Harvey Martin(1862-1933) & Malissa Belle Hoodenpyle(1865-1933)(1900,1910 New Hope Twp.) W F Ramsey,age 21,m:(1)Gurley Phillips,age 18,in 1902 Boone Co.AR.Oakdale Cemetery,Depew,Creek Co.Oklahoma
I-339 Frank Elois Dee 31, Chancel(1881 MO-1958) Cora Davis 21, Chancel(1891-1977) 13 April 1914 L Clark,Security by T A Huckabee,JP James M Davis (1858-1936 & Adner Cowell(1869-1933) Thomas Dee(1852-1929) & Elizabeth Day (1852-1933) Lamar Cemetery,Lamar,Johnson Co.Arkansas
I-340 Austin Amos (A L )Taylor 21, Jasper(13Feb1892-17Jul1962) Nancy Pearl Collins 18, Jasper 23 December 1913 J F Carlton,Security by M R Martin,JP Thomas F Collins & Nancy McGowan(1900,1910 Jackson Twp.) George F & Delila Berry Taylor (1900 Jackson Twp.,43) Nancy m:(2)Miles Davis Gasaway.Austin m:(2)Lillian W Gilbert 30Oct1916,Jefferson Co.,Oklahoma.Austin buried West Hill Cem.,Sherman, Texas
I-341 Levi Newton Davis 27, Cowell(15Nov1885 AR-22Mar1956,Barton Co.MO) Alvitha Allie Vicie "Icie" Rhynes 17,Tarlton 15 January 1914 W P Spears by C H Snow,O.M. William T Rhynes & Rosa A Humphrey (1900 PL.Hill;1910 Richland Twp) Henderson Davis(Lafferty)& Martha A Bell Smith(1900,1910 PL.Hill Twp) Mountain Grove Cemetery,Mountain Grove,Wright Co.,Missouri
I-342 Dover S Standridge 32, Cave Creek Liza Stone 26,Cave Creek 8 February 1914 W P Spears,Security by M.Tennison,O.M. Daniel & Jane Stone(1910 Polk Twp.) John Standridge & Margaret Emeline Smith(1900 New Hope Twp) Dover m:(1)Vianza Alice Martin 14Jan1899.Son Coy Standridge born 1912
I-343 Argus Young 32, Jasper(Died 1962) Mary Jones 18, Jasper(Died 1983) 15 February 1914 Curgus Young,Security by T G Henderson,JP William "Will"H Jones & Lizzie Lucas Ezekiel Young & Mary Armstrong(Jackson Twp.) Jasper Cemetery.Argus was twin to Curgus Young
I-344 Alvin J Manns 24, Bass(15Jan1890-21Mar1976) Cora Dean 23, Bass(29Apr1890-4May1984) 15 February 1914 L W Clark,Security by M.Tennison,O.M. John M Dean & Mary E Dickey (1910 Polk Twp.) John & Fronnie Manns (buried Dean Cemetery,Newton County) Maplewood Cemetery,Boone Co.,Arkansas
I-345 Reuben Columbus Millsaps 37,Chancel(15Feb1877 AR-4Oct1936 OK) Mary L Freeman Sexton 36, Mt.Judea(Feb1878-11Apr1930) 23 February 1914 George W Freeman,Security by D C Troglin,JP John A Freeman(1858-1936) & Missouri J Parker(1859-1944) Andrew Jackson Millsaps & Julia Davis Mary m:(1)Charley Sexton(1870-1912)in 1894.Charley stabbed to death by Charles Bill Foster.Richard had m:(1)Martha Stone on 1Aug1895 Johnson Co.AR.Mt.Nebo Cemetery,McIntosh Co.OK
I-346 Edmond "Ed" Lord 23,Vendor(10Aug1889 Edmond,OK-1983) Nancy Elizabeth Holt 17,Vendor(25Nov1896 Stone Co.MO-10Jan 1981 Ft Smith,AR) 25 February 1914 Dan Ricketts,Security by E G Atkinson,JP William Fredrick Holt(1875-1945) & Mary Magdaline Eddings(1874-1967);married 9May1896 Stone Co.MO(10 children) New Hope Garden of Memories,Spiro,Le Flore Co.Oklahoma
I-347 William McKinley Millsaps 21, Lamar (Johnson Co.AR)(Died 1971) Arkadelphia "Delphia"Treat 18, Deer(22Jan1895--10May1987) 1 March 1914 G F Carlton,Surety by H F Heydenreich,JP James Henry Treat(1868-1954) & Cordelia Davis(1877-1962)(1910 PL.Hill Twp) Andrew Jackson Millsaps & Julia Davis Delphia m:(2)Dude Colman Farrow(1897-1958)Delphia buried Ft.Gibson National Cem.,Fort Gibson,Muskogee Co.OK,Plot:7,0,372
I-348 Joseph T Drake 23, Moore Dora G O'Brien 14, Moore 1 March 1914 F. Creese,Security by D W Sisson,JP
I-349 Thomas Newton "Newt" Eddings 19, Carver Minnie Bell Spears 19,Carver 1 March 1914 Albert Eddings,Security by W W Shaddox,JP James M Spears & Nora Miranda Robinson (1900 Prairie Twp) M C May Eddings & Rebecca Mayberry Thomas stabbed to death in 1936 by a William Hill;Carver Cemetery
I-350 Walter A Carlton 22, Murray (27Sep1892-7Dec1974) Lea Reynolds 18, Murray 20 July 1913 C W Thompson,Security by R C J Matlock,JP John W Reynolds & Louvena Paralee Brasel(1910 Hudson Twp.,120) Malcolm Carlton & Sarah E Nichols(1900,1910 Murray Twp) Walter served WWI;Walter m:(2)Fuchia Willis
I-351 James Talmage (J.T.)Yarbrough 21, Mt.Hersey(144Nov1892--9Nov1975) Mary Elizabeth Spears 17, Yardelle(16Feb1896-16Jan1976) 24 November 1913 W J Pruitt,Security by W P Wheeler,JP James M Spears & Nora Miranda Robinson(1876-1952) John William Yarbrough(1871-1939) & Tabitha Dullie Wyatt Yarbrough Eddings(Warren L B Eddings,1910 New Hope Twp) Mary & James buried Lakewood Memorial Park,Hughson,Stanislaus Co.California.
I-352 George Holt 19, Vendor(Died 1979) Aletha "Letha"Sutton 16, Red Rock(Died 1937) 5 March 1914 Charley Riddle,Security by J L Pierce,JP William Robert Sutton & Lizzie Farmer Charles William Holt & Leatha Ann Pierce Smith Cemetery,Newton County
I-353 Jerome Whitmire 20, Red Star(Madison Co.AR)(1894-1986) Flora Daniels 17, Ryker(1895-1955) 9 March 1914 Tom Gabbard,Security by J G Bowers,JP George Henry & Mary Alice Bryant Daniels(1900,1910 Kentucky Twp,42) Bixby Cemetery,Bixby,Tulsa Co.Oklahoma
I-354 Lawrence A Eddings 21, Vendor(Aug1892--30Dec1961) Hattie Viola Waters 18, Hasty(3Mar1896--28Mar1930) 22 March 1914 W A Busby,Security by E G Atkinson,JP James J Waters & Mollie J Farmer James Robert Eddings & Anna Saleta Starr(Anna died 1901 in childbirth) Lawrence m:(2)DELLA MAE BOLIN SMITH on 13May1947.Carver Cemetery,Newton County.Della had m:(1)Floyd Orvil Smith
I-355 Christopher C Ellison 19, Walnut(2Aug1894--3Mar1979) Mary Lavanda Owens (Wright?) 17, Walnut(21Jan1897--13May1957) 1 March 1914 W P Spears,Security by Alex Braughton,JP(Johnson Co.AR) Thomas & Ruthie Gibson Ellison (1910 Walnut Twp,49) Mary had married William Monroe Archer(1893-1959).Greenlawn Memorial Gardens,Springfield,Greene Co.MO,Plot:Sec.L
I-356 Robert Catlett Lane 20,Stoversville(Died 1983) Myrtle Jane Clark 20, Stoversville 29 March 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by James William Smelley,JP(Madison Co.AR) Josiah H Clark & Mary Lucenda Villines(1910 Van Buren Twp.,121) Newton Lane & Orlena Tennessee Grigg Fayetteville,Washington Co.AR;Buckner Cemetery
I-357 Jason Monroe Coger 21,Stoversville(3Apr1893-17Jan1942) Laura Maybelle Knight 15, Stoversville(10Jan1899-15Jan1997) 29 March 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by J W Smelley,JP(Madison Co.AR) William Samuel Knight % Frances Evaline Eoff Sam C Coger b:1865 WV & Clarissa S Moore (1868-1934) Jason & Laura 1920 Madison Co.AR.Laura m:(2)Allen Jinkins(1895-1965)Hogan Cemetery,Locust Grove,Mayes Co.,Oklahoma)
I-358 Samuel P Stanphill 21,Mt.Hersey(12Mar1893-4Sep1972) Rosie May Morrison 16, Hasty(1898-1973) 3 March 1914 A T Massengale,Security by W N Agee,JP Niece of Ernest L & Jantie Morrison (1910 Prairie Twp) Samuel Phelps Stanphill(1867-1944) & Martha Pricilla Sisco(1870-1930) of Carroll Co.AR Habberton Cemetery,Habberton,Washington Co.,Arkansas
I-359 David Columbus "Bud"Spradley 20, Limestone(1893-1985) Chloe Agnes Clayborn 17, Deer(25Nov1896-20Oct1985) 5 April 1915 E E Ammons,Security by A E Ogden,JP John William Clayborn(1877-1960) & Mamie Faught Bethel Clayborn(1876-1967)(1910 PL.Hill Twp.,2) William A & Sophie Thompson Spradley(1910 Union Twp.) Greenlawn Cemetery,Checotah,McIntosh Co.,Oklahoma
I-360 Willie H Freeman 20, Mt.Judea(Died 1969) Nancy Jane Reddell 20, Mt. Judea(Died 1987) 7 April 1914 George Freeman,Security by J C Heffley,JP David Vincent Reddell & Sally Greenhaw McCutcheon Reddell John Freeman & Missouri Parker Sexton Cemetery,Newton County
I-361 Lloyd Doc Henderson Clark 27, Boxley(15Jun1892-- 19Aug1972) Bessie Jeanette Fults 18, Boxley(15Sep1896--8Oct1975) 5 April 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by J W Smelley,JP(Madison Co.AR) John M Fults(Died 1906) & second wife Lydia Ellen McPherson Clark(1900 Van Buren,119) James Martin Clark & Martha Lee(1900 Van Buren,165) Cave Springs Cemetery,Cave Springs,Benton Co.,AR
I-362 William Thomas"Tom" Baker 21, Limestone(20Jan1893 Red Rock--15July1972 Vendor) Margaret Ann Robinson 27,Limestone(13Jan1886--1963) 12 April 1914 Buck Essex,Security by A E Ogden,JP Francis M"Mack"Robinson(b:11Jan1847) & Sarah E Woodward(b:6Apr1852)(1900 Union Twp.,66) 1920 Pleasant Hill,Newton Co.AR.In 1930 Union Twp.,Newton Co.Children:Cecil Howell Baker b:9Feb1915 & Stanley Baker.Tom & Ann buried Crossroads Cemetery,Newton County
I-363 Emmet Elijah Martin 18, Yardell(17Aug1896-28Nov1935) Bessie V McDougal 17, Yardell(10Feb1898-18May1977) 12 April? 1914 E R Springer,Security by Andrew Call,JP(Searcy Co.AR.) John Dudley McDougal & Henrietta Lee (1900 Prairie) John Lewis Martin & Deborah Ellen Slusher Sandhill Cemetery,Newton County
I-364 John Stricklin 22, Walnut Mary Murray 19, Walnut 19 April 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by Thomas C Bethel,JP Sarah A(MNU)Murray & stepfather Alfred Chafin(1910 Union Twp.,115)
I-365 Troy F Laughter 19, Swain(12July1898-19Dec1928) Geneva Ramsey 16, Swain(1899-1995) 17 April 1914 Lewis Smith,Security by Lon Lee,JP Eleo A & Susan M Ramsey (1910 Jefferson Twp.,117) William Washington Laughter(1868-1943) & Laura Dalton(1875-1907) Geneva later married MR.Accord.Garber Cemetery,Garber,Garfield Co.Oklahoma
I-366 Lewis H Smith 21, Swain Cora Sams 19, Swain(2972) 19 April 1914 Troy Laughter,Security by Parker Young,O.M. Warren N Sams & wife (3)Alabama Cooper(Thomas Cooper & Mary Ann Dodson) Mollie Smith (1910 Jefferson Twp.,78) Cora buried St.Paul Cemetery,Madison County,Arkansas
I-367 Franklin"Frank"Ennis Kilgore 24, Low Gap(24Oct1889--1July1965) Claudia J Coleman 19, Low Gap(111Sep1894-13Dec1965) 19 April 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by A C Phillips.O.M. Sahrah(MNU)Coleman,(1874-1949 Low Gap Cemetery) Isham Kilgore & Martha Reynolds (1900 Low Gap) Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County
I-368 William Corbett Braudrick 19, Jasper Neoma Kilgore 17, Jasper 19 April 1914 Arthur Hayes,Security by T G Henderson,JP Jackson N Kilgore & Sarah Louise Lackey(1910 Low Gap) Tom & Sadie Spencer Braudrick (1910 Jackson Twp.)Mt.Sherman Cemetery
I-369 Perry "Dee" Rylee 19, Swain(27Nov1894-21May1953 Hickory Grove Cem) Ida Wylie 17, Cowell(7Oct1896-1997;Hickory Grove Cem.) 26 April 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by H H York,JP **James Andrew Wylie & wife No.1 Louise Ham(1910 PL.Hill) George W Rylee & Adeline Simmons (1910 Jefferson Twp.) **James A Wylie m:(2)Nellie Brown in 1907;(3)Gertrude Wilson Simmons in 1913
I-370 Jasper Newton Martin 24, Western Grove(Died 1965) Elsie J Waldon 16, Western Grove(Died 1975) 26 April 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by W W Shaddox,JP Monroe & Nancy E Bowden Waldon(1910 New Hope Twp.,6) William H Martin & Malissie Fanny Key (1910 New Hope Twp) Jasper m:(1)Jennie Dixon on 19Apr1908 Boone Co.AR;she died 1914.Western Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-371 Tommy Davis 23, Deer Ethel Wilson 19, Swain 26 April 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Rev.Albert E Wilson & Mary Jane Brown(1910 Jefferson Twp.,97) Rev.Albert E Wilson fathered 16 children,Ethel being No.9
I-372 James C Green 34, Cave Creek(Died Muleshoe,OK) Effie Yates 29,Bass 26 April 1914 S N Stephens,Security by J W Tennison,O.M. George W Yates & Rhoda Jane Ross(1900 Polk Twp.,138) Francis M Green & Mary Shaffer James m:(1)Liza Sampson 15May1904 Boone Co.AR.(1910 Polk Twp.,99)
I-373 Walter Allen Boomer 21, Jasper Akra Hurd 20, Jasper 25 April 1914 Charlie & Augusta Hurd (1910 Jackson Twp., 198) Fredrick Boomer & Hattie M Anderson(1900 Jackson Twp.)
I-374 Stacy S Sutton 26, Red Rock(Died 1958 Crossroads Cem.) Mary Torix 17, Red Rock(Died 1982 Crossroads Cem.) 10 May 1914 K.Taylor Sutton,Security by J L Pierce,JP William L Torix & Sarah Shatswell Dr.Simon Sutton & Mary Ann Tennison Children were:Bertha Mae Ewing;Oscar;Walter Mitchell;Larna Smith Tingley & Wilburn Sutton
I-375 Corby Swain 29, Swain(Died 1952) Manda Ellen Owen 18, Limestone (Died 1990) 10 May 1914 W B Smith,Security by F N Richardson,JP(Madison Co.AR) Rev.Samuel & Martha Ann Curtis Owen(Aaron Owen & Jane Moody) John Swain & Saphrona Norton Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-376 P. Dexter Walker 24, Boxley(29Jul1888 Boxley--6Nov1965) Alpha Swain 17, Swain(23Aug1898--21Jan1988) 17 May 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by Lon Lee,JP Robert & Leona Swain (1900,1910 Van Buren Twp.) Eldridge & Malinda E Campbell Walker(1900,1910 Van Buren Twp.) Dutch Mills Cemetery,Lincoln,Washington Co. Arkansas
I-377 Rasa Allison(R A) Reed 33, Ryker(1878 KS--1965) Silvana Hubbard Brock 29, Ryker(1882--1970) 16 May 1914 B T Ruble,Security by T G Henderson,JP Joseph J Reed & Eliza Kirby(1857--1908 KS of Consumption) Sallisaw City Cemetery,Sallisaw,Sequoyah Co.Oklahoma
I-378 William Lewis Brown 34, Hasty(Died Stuart,OK) Mandie Gosnell 21, Hasty 17 May 1914 A F Novell,Security by W N Agee,JP Francis Marion Gosnell(1900 Jackson Twp.,118) Calloway Brown & Martha Virginia Nichols William m:(1)Nettie Carlton 25Dec1902(G-224);she died 1907 Wayton Cemetery
I-379 Charles Paxton 41, Limestone(2Jul1872 Iowa-10Oct1952) Reilla Brown 19, Swain(5Mar1895-23Sep1952) 31 May 1914 George N Neal,Security by William Skaggs,JP Robert J Brown,Sr.& Dena Brown(1910 Jefferson,145) J.R.& Sarah Getts Paxton Charles m:(1)Mary Teagarden?died 1911;Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-380 Henry Edmond McCutcheon 18, Mt. Hersey(7Jun1894-10Jan1919 OK) Ada Ramsey 15, Pindall 14 June 1914 J F Smith,Security by Elder R S Gibbins(Boone Co.AR) Enos Richard McCutcheon & Virginia Duck(1910 Polk Twp.) WWI Draft Reg.,Searcy Co.AR.Henry buried Lenna Cem.,McIntosh Co.Oklahoma
I-381 George Edward Sherfield 18, Boxley(16May1896 AR) Laurie Louise Faulkner 19, Murray(6Apr1895 AR--28May1947 CA) 14 June 1914 J W Reynolds,Security by John W Whiteley,JP William D Faulkner(b:Aug1867 Wolfe Co.KY & Allie Catherine Wright (b:ca1875 AR)(1900 Van Buren Twp.,75) Sam Sherfield(1872-1935 Mossville Cem.) & Matilda M Robinson (1900,1910 Van Buren Twp.) Laurie's mother Allie C Wright m:(2)James W Reynolds after 1902.Laurie died Tulare Co.California.
I-382 Hugh Raney 21, Jasper(Died 1969) Daisy Brown 17, Jasper(Died 1978) 14 June 1914 R F Town,Security by T G Henderson,JP Jerry M Brown & Alley Spencer(1910 Jackson Twp.,177) Harvey Raney & Alice Rush (1910 Jackson Twp.) Mt.Sherman Cemetery,Newton County
I-383 Alfred Wilson 21, Berryville(Carroll Co.AR)(b:1895 AR) Julia L Leach 16, Jasper(19May1893--5Jul1989) 28 June 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. John Leach(b:4Mar1863 AR) & Harriett Elizabeth Baughman(b:3Feb1863 Boone Co.AR)(1910 Jackson Twp.,60)
I-384 Stephen Edgar Ezell 25, Tahlequah (Cherokee Co.OK)(2Aug1887 Logan Co.AR-15Jun1967 OK) Gracie E Sloan 19, Jasper(24Jul1894-20Jul1982 Orange Co.CA) 29 June 1914 O M Sloan,Security by T G Henderson,JP Raleigh Clifford Sloan(1865-1928) & Emily Rosetta Rush(1870-1941) (1910 Jackson Twp.,69) Stephen John Wesley Ezell(1860-1939)& Amanda Elizabeth Sheehan(1865-1957) Middleton Chapel Cemetery,Oktaha,Muskogee Co.,Oklahoma
I-385 David Martin Smith 22, Vendor(1890-1948) Artie Arizona Baucom 16, Red Rock(28Feb1889--12Feb1970) 22 July 1914 W E Smith,Security by J L Pierce,JP John D Baucom & Alta Zerah Smith Marion F Smith(Martin Tackett Smith & Rhoda Standridge)& Mary L Reddell(Mary d:Oct1900) Savanna Cemetery,Savanna,Pittsburg Co.Oklahoma
I-386 Fredrick"Fred" Homer Warren 18, Limestone(25Nov1895--9June1961) Fannie E Casey 21, Limestone(1893-1956) 12 July 1914 Hugh Raney,Security by W T Young,JP Uriah R Casey & Nancy Essex Cooksey(1910 Union,129) Jeremiah Nathaniel Warren & Annie V Griffith Oakland Memorial Cemetery,Clarksville,Johnson Co.AR
I-387 Robert Jobe Eddings 45, Carver(Died 1951 Carver Cem.) Mary Jane "Molly"Dickey Asher 44, Cave Creek(Died 1954 Bens Branch Cemetery 16 July 1914 J I Brisco,Security by M.Tennison,O.M.(Church of Christ) James M Dickey & Cansada Thompson James Eddings & Martha Jones Robert m:(1)Saleta Starr 1890;she died 1901.Molly m:(1)J D Asher on 1Jan1899
I-388 Thomas Richard Dean 21, Bass(14May1893-1982) Ira(R.A.) York 16, Bass(2Dec1898-25Feb1934 Bens Branch Cem.) 22 July 1914 No Security by J W Tennison,O.M. Richard Dean(1851-1914) & Nancy Fryer(1853-1904) (1910 Polk Twp.,161) Thomas married (2)MARGARET FOX
I-389 William "Jay"Hugh Faulkner 21, Boxley(7Dec1892-16Apr1970) Margaret Lenora "Nora" Wisdom 17, Boxley(7Apr1896-9Jan1985) 19 July 1914 J A Williams,Security by John W Whiteley,O.M. Thomas P Wisdom & Mary Jane Holt (2920 Van Buren Twp.,145) William D Faulkner (b:1867 Wolfe Co.KY)& Allie C Wright Reynolds(b:1875 AR)(1910 Van Buren Twp.) West Adair Cemetery,Adair,Mayes Co.Oklahoma
I-390 Jasper Raspel Dickey 19, Eago(16Jan1895-23July1933) Sarah "Sallie" Dickey 14, Eago(17Oct1900-4Sep1976) 19 July 1914 E E Ammons,Security by J W Tennison,O.M. James Monroe "Red" Dickey(1859-1910) & Susan F Salmon(1866-1958)(1910 Polk Twp.,108) John Hanner Dickey(1855-1914) & Dialph Josephine Martin(1910 Polk Twp.,116) Jasper in WWI;Mulberry Cem.,England,Lonoke Co.AR..Sallie m:(2)Albert Howe(1906-1984)
I-391 William "Willie" E Robinson 19, Murray(Died 1935 Shiloh Cemetery) Rhoda Robinson 18, Murray(Died 1975 Shiloh Cem.) 22 July 1914 H B Raulston,Security by J R Stephens,O.M. Robert Robinson & Mahala Abigail Strode Robinson Harris(1900 Van Buren,129) Dan G Robinson & Zella Whiteley (1910 Murray Twp.,18) Mahala on 1900 Van Buren,129 with husband Thomas Harris & Harris & Robinson children)
I-392 James Thomas "Tom" Baker 21,Vendor(Died 1928 Smith Cemetery) Rhoda Reddell 23, Vendor(Died 1973 Smith Cem.) 23 July 1914 D M Middleton,Security by J L Pierce,JP David Vincent Reddell & Margaret C Smith John L Baker & Mary Canzada Burdine(Nathan & Sarah Pierce Burdine) Rhoda Reddell Baker m:(2)John Martin after 1928
I-393 James Franklin "Jim" Armer 22, Stoversville(22Sep1892 Ar-23Dec1964 Salinas,CA) Lena Mae Deatherage 20, Stoversville(9Apr1894 Marion Co.AR-22Mar1983 Huntsville,Madison Co.AR) 26 July 1914 L G Young,Security by J W Smelley,JP Alexander & Martha Minerva Clayton Deatherage(1910 Osage Twp.,135) John Armer & Margaret Howe(1900 Plumlee Twp.) King City Cemetery,King City,Monterey Co. California
I-394 William "Will"Greenberry Greenhaw 24,Mt.Judea(27Aug1889-Sep1980 OK) Mattie Mae Spears 17, Mt.Judea(1899-1988 OK)) 5 August 1914 Sarah J Smith Taylor Spears Wilson(William L & Lydia Osborn Smith family) James Frank Greenhaw(d:1909) & Nancy Rosa Greenhaw(1910 Big Creek Twp.,25) Mattie's mother,Sarah J Smith m:(1)Mr. Taylor(2)Mr Spears(3)James W Wilson Memory Gardens, McAlester,Pittsburg Co.,Oklahoma
I-395 Marcus Young 29, Ponca Bertie Beavers 17, Stoversville 5 August 1914 G F Carlton,Security NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED
I-396 Henry Arvil Kilgore 19, Low Gap(23Apr1895 K.C.,MO--11June1861 MO) Bessie Spencer 17, Plumlee 9 August 1914 H B Raulston,Security by Isham Kilgore,JP James Riley Spencer & Mary E Tindell (1910 Jackson,181) Isaac Conrad Kilgore & Susie Catherine Criss (1910 Low Gap,201) Memorial Park Cemetery,Kansas City,Missouri
I-397 F M "Frank" Bethany 38, Yardell Vergie Elvira "Vira" Greenhaw 22,Mt.Judea(Died 1916 of TB) 17 August 1914 George Bethany,Security by John Fiveash,JP George W Greenhaw & Amanda Yates Martin Jones Charles H Bethany,Sr. & Martha Pierce(1910 Prairie,139 Frank Bethany m:(1)Georgia Robinson on 21Nov1895(1910 Grove Twp.,84 with children:Mittie; Northy?;Elmer & Allen Bethany).Vergie had two Criner sons;Hershel & Herman Criner.William Manson Criner was their father.Vergie buried Mt.Judea Cemetery
I-398 George Hampton 17, Chancel(Died 1962) Annie Dile 16, Chancel(Died 4Mar1994) 9 August 1914 W P English,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Isaac Abe Dile & Mary M Millsaps Lewis Hampton & Arrena "Rena" Brassfield(1900 PL.Hill,4) Coleman Cemetery,Pope Co.AR.Children:Walter Joseph;Jess L; Marvin; Frank;Floyd Jr.;Bill;John; Clyde; Charles;Irene Reddell & Mary Maxine Hampton Sexton
I-399 Arthur Stone 20, Eago Dollie(Dottie?) Reed 16, Eago 16 August 1914 Jesse Taylor,Security by J W Tennison,JP Daniel J & Jane Stone(1910 Polk Twp.,107)
I-400 Rosco C Stacy 21,Jasper(Died 1969) Bessie Allen 18, Jasper(Died 1925) **3 November 1912** Argus Young,Security by T G Henderson,JP William Allen & Lula H Smith (1910 Jackson Twp.,10) Silas Monroe Stacy & Ellen Hudson (1910 Jackson,4) Jasper Cemetery,Newton County
I-401 William A Wilson 17, Limestone Mandy Clayborn 17, Limestone 14 July 1914 T L Wilson,Security by Parker Young,O.M. George E Clayborn & Susie E Wilson (1910 Union Twp.,70) Thomas L & Mattie Wilson (1910 Union Twp.)
I-402 Lester Pearl Marshall 24, Jasper(24Aug1886 WI-14Sep1969 Monterey CA) Ora Leona Davis 21,Jasper(18Mar1893 AR-21Nov1977 CA 9 August 1914 J B O'Neal,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. George W Davis & Lucinda Rutledge (1910 Jackson,18) Hugh Wilson Marshall(b:1855 OH)& Miss Baldwin Buried Salinas,Monterey County,California
I-403 Preston Smith 24, Swain(Died 1972) Gracie Thomas 16, Swain(died 1967) 11 August 1914 J I Brisco,Security by Lon Lee,JP Andrew Jackson Thomas & Margaret Young(1910 Jefferson,75) W E Smith & Amanda Elizabeth Thomas Mossville Cemetery,Newton County
I-404 Oscar Cooper Gray 24, Western Grove(23Aug1889/1891? Pope Co.AR-14May1963 TX) Iva Rice 16,Western Grove 9 August 1914 O S Spears,Security by W W Shaddox,JP John Milton Gray & Sarah E Berry(1848-1926) He m:(2)Bertie Lou Turner(1896-1963)Oscar;Overton City Cem.,Rusk Co.,Texas.
I-405 Joseph Edward Salmon 23, Bass(20Mar1891-1959) Virginia"Virgie" Grace Yates 16, Bass(27Sep1898-29May1990) 16 August 1914 J W Moore,Security by G W S Miles,JP George Wahington Yates & Delitha "Letha" Catherine Martin(1900 Polk Twp.,123) James Wiley Salmon & Sarah Hill(1900 Polk Twp.114) Walnut Grove Cemetery,Hector,Pope County,Arkansas
I-406 James M Adams 22, Deer Iva Simmons 18,Deer 22 August 1914 Floyd Simmons,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Hiram King Simmons & Cora Belle Williams (1900,1910 Jefferson Twp.) Isaiah Calvin Adams & Mandy Ann Reynolds(1900 PL.Hill,80) Isaiah Adams family moved to Pontotoc Co.OK ca 1900)
I-407 John?Frank Kimbley 21, Jasper Millie O Hoppis 18, Jasper 23 August 1914 Arthur Hutchens,Security by W R Martin,O.M. G W S Scott Hoppis & Nancy Cross(1910 Jackson Twp.102) Divorced 8June1923.Millie m:(2)Fred W Strauch on 18June1923 Boone Co.AR.
I-408 Bailey Van Nichols 25, Mt.Judea(Died 1978) Della Duck 22, Mt. Judea(Died 1931) 30 August 1914 F H Foster,Security by J C Heffley,JP William Gaither Duck & Della Hattie George(1910 Big Creek Twp) George W Nichols & Theresa"Thessy" A Heffley(1910 Big Creek Twp) Mt.Judea Cemetery,Newton County
I-409 Thomas "Tom"Franklin Hamilton 24, Mt.Judea(b:6Sept1890 Guthrie,OK.Died 1984) Pearl Lee Riddle 18, Mt. Judea(Died 1991 Stark City,MO) 3 September 1914 Elmer Greenhaw,Security by J L Pierce,JP William Thomas "Billy"Riddle & Nancy C Holt(Charles K Holt Family) Joseph C Hamilton & Mary Frances Greenhaw Moved to Stark City,Missouri 1953.Buried Dice Cemetery,Fairview, MO.Children:Justa Surber;Betty Dodson;Modena Smith; Howard;Thomas Hamilton
I-410 Solomon Edwards 22, Jasper Annie Smith 16, Jasper 3 September 1914 Alfred Wilson,Security by W R Martin,O.M. Jack M Edwards & Mary Armstrong Phillips(F.M.Armstrong & Julia Holt Seabolt) Mary Armstrong Edwards (1910 Jackson Twp.with children:Cyrus;Solomon,Peter Allen;Nettie Louise;Oliver A;Lee & Annie Edwards
I-411 William Thomas Garner 21,Hasty(Died 1972) Sarah Elizabeth Bolin 17,Hasty(Died 1976) W P Spears,Security by W N Agee,JP John E Bolin & wife (No.4)Emeline Henderson Tennison William Simon Garner & Malissie A Hale Buried Plymouth,Michigan
I-412 Robert Rufus Robinson(Roberson) 24, Swain(17Jan1890-15Jan1976) Emma Robinson 18, Murray(4May1898-21Apr1921 Shiloh Cem.) 5 September 1914 G T Ramsey,Security by A A Neal,JP Daniel G Robinson(b:6May1872 IN)& Zella A Whitely(b:Mar1874 AR)(1910 Murray Twp.) Robert Cornet Robinson & Mahala Abigail Strode Harris (1900 Van Buren,129) Robert ROBERSON m:(2)Audrey Coker?(3)Arlene Spencer?(4)Harriet Mays 21Sep1923 Scott Co.AR.Mossville Cemetery,Newton County
I-413 Harvy Monroe Cowen 25, Scottsville (Pope Co.AR)(31Aug1887-14May1946) Gracie Lee Criner 19,Holt(1894-1933) 6 September 1914 E M Winstead,Security by T a Huckabee,JP William Bolin Criner & Martha Paralee Martin Joseph Cowen & Martha Ella Harkins Pollard Cemetery,Dover,Pope County
I-414 William A Endsley 28, Ponca(Died 1966 Pawnee Co.OK) Jimmie Alice Carlton 18, Ponca(Died 1992 Osage Co.OK) 9 September 1914 J F Villines,Security by L G Young,JP James E Carlton & Mary J Arrington(1900 Low Gap Twp.,25) William Thomas Endsley & Elizabeth M Chrisolear Couple divorced.William m:(2)Etta Wilson in Oklahoma
I-415 Coy Anderson Eastep 19, Ryker(18/30Oct1894 Madison Co. AR-1May1965 TX) Gracie M Villines 15, Ryker(1898-1920) 13 September 1914 J W Eastep,Security by B F Hibbard,JP Joe G Villines & Montie Wishon(1910 Kentucky Twp)/td> Samuel L Eastep(1871-1948)& Caroline "Callie" Frances Yeager(1873-1951)(1910 Kentucky Twp) Coy m:(2)Mary Ethel Manley Tully(1910-2002).James Cemetery, Robertson County,Texas
I-416 William Ross Arbaugh 21, Compton(Died 1958) Nora A Villines 18, Ponca(Died 1970) 12 September 1914 Frank Young,Security by L G Young,JP Albert Villines & Geneva Eoff(1900 Low Gap,23) William Arbaugh & Sarah E Woodward(1900 Plumlee Twp.,112) Beechwood Cemetery,Newton County
I-417 Alfred Storm 21, Ryker(6May1893-24Apr1963/67) Jeanette "Nettie" Collins 19, Swain(31Mar1895-Nov1981) 20 September 1914 H F Fults,Security by E H Wood,O.M.(Madison Co.AR) Searle Collins & Nancy J Walker James Milton Storm(1840-1919) & Sarah Jane Martin(1852-1940)(1910 Kentucky Twp) Cave Mt.Cemetery,Boxley,Newton County
I-418 Clarence Spears 33, Yardell(died 1915) Florence Sites 17, Yardell 13 September 1914 B A Dixon,Security by W W Shaddox,JP Henderson Henry Gafford Spears & Frances Bell Clarence m:(1)Linda O'Daniel in 1902.Sandhill Cemetery,Newton County
I-419 William Oliver Cheatham 20, Red Rock(Died 1986) Matilda B Essex 18, Deer(Died 1984) 20 October 1914 M E Martin,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP William Thomas"Tommy"Cheatham & Laura Ricketts(1910 White Twp) Squire Essex & Sarah J Shatswell(PL.Hill 1910,87 Haskell Cemetery,Muskogee Co.OK,Lot 8,Space 5 & 6
I-420 Thomas "Tom" Bryant Rhynes 18, Hasty(30Jan1897 Searcy Co.AR-7Feb1955 CA Clara "Classie" Berzilla Sisco 16,Hasty(21Sep1898 Taney,MO-12Feb1975 Contra Costa Co.California) 20 September 1914 Joe Bell,Security by John Fiveash,JP John Sanders Sisco(1857-1931)&Martha Alice Cole William Thomas "Terry"Rhynes(1866 KY-1906) & Sarah Lucinda Busby(1865-1945)(1910 Mill Creek Twp) Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery ,Solano County,California.Plot:Block 04,Lot138
I-421 James "Jeff" Curtis 21, Bass(3Aug1893-24Nov1980) Alma Edwards 14, Bass(Buried Curtis Cem.Newton Co.AR) 27 September 1914 M P Spears,Security by J W Tennison,O.M. Allen J Edwards & Elsie Casey(1910 Polk Twp.,113) George Riley Curtis(1873-1960) & Nancy Malvina Hill(1876-1957) (1910 Polk Twp.,159 Jeff m:(2)Mary Garrison(1907 - 1996)Mayflower Cemetery, Mayflower,Faulkner Co.Arkansas
I-422 William H Bryant 19, Ryker Pearl Dixon 19, Ryker 1 October 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by Elder J G Bowers Alex C Dixon & Lillie Crawford(1910 Boston Twp.,105) James F Bryant & Martha Addie Curtis (1910 Boston Twp.,57)
I-423 Ludwig Heitzmann 24, Townsley(1889-1982) Lillie Cecelia Ficht 14, Townsley(27Apr1901-21Jul1995) 1 November 1914 Michael Ficht,Security by J M King,Deacon Michael Ficht & Zazilla Huber (1900 Van Buren Twp.,170) Winlock Cemetery,Winlock,Lewis Co.Washington.Michael Ficht murdered 1922 Madison Co.AR by George Huber
I-424 Edward Madison Rosamond 22,Tarlton(Died 1985) Myrtle Dulcena "Dullie" Woodard 17, Tarlton(Died 1985) 4 October 1914 S F Jackson,Security by F M Thronebury,JP Ephriam & Martha Ketcherside Woodard(1910 Richland,34) Nonimus N & Rosa Bennett Rosamond(1910 Richland,72) Tarlton Cemetery,Newton County
I-425 Little Henry Smith 25, Vendor(Died 1924) Lillie Ardella Greenhaw McDougal 19, Mt.Judea(Died 1920) 1 October 1914 Elmer Greenhaw,Security by E G Atkinson,JP George W Greenhaw & Amanda Yates Martin Jones John Henry Smith & Sarah Mackey Smith Brooks Little Henry Smith m:(1)Zella Davis(Daniel Davis & Nancy Crashaw);Zella died 1912 Smith Cemetery).One daughter,Nancy Smith who m:Ezra Holt in 1926.Lillie had m:(1) Sam H McDougal in 1912(I-183).Henry & Lillie had son,John Clay Smith(1919-2002;buried French Camp,California.John Clay Smith married Dallas Louise Hefley.Little Henry Smith died from dynamite injuries; Smith Cemetery,Newton County
I-426 Charles M Warren 18, Ozone (Johnson Co.AR)(1896-1992) Sarah Adaline "Addie" Raney 15, Ozone(7Jul1899-9Aug1980) 5 October 1914 J C Smith,Security by A F Boomer,JP Harvey Lee Raney(1868-1955) & Alice Rush (1875-1962)(1910 Jackson,185) Abraham Lincoln Warren & Vienna Hammon Greenleaf Cemetery,Greenleaf,Canyon Co.,Idaho.Plot:71/Lot 6
I-427 Charles E Davison 30, Limestone Lillie Noe Young 25, Limestone 15 October 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by F N Richardson,JP Samuel Noe & Mary Jane Swafford McGee(1910 Union,135) Thomas J Ruy Davison & Rachel Casey (1900 Union Twp.,40) Lille m:(1)James C Young on 23Dec1906
I-428 Andrew C Hunter 24, Parthenon(1889-1974) Obedience "Obie" Hudson 19, Parthenon(1894-1991) 11 October 1914 W R Mason, Security by T.James,JP James J Hudson (Died 1906)& Victoria Boatman(1910 Hudson Twp.,100) Andrew & Obie buried Greenlawn Memorial Gardens,Springfield,Greene Co.MO
I-429 Warren L B "Wadd"Eddings Mable Boomer 19, Jasper(Died 1980) 11 October 1914 A B Arbaugh,Security by T G Henderson,JP Fred & Hattie Anderson Boomer M C May Eddings & Rebecca A Mayberry Carver Cemetery,Newton County
I-430 Manson Criner 25, Mt.JudeA(William Manson?) Verna Jones 23, Mt.Judea 22 October 1914 J C Smith,Security by J C Hefley,JP Dave C Jones & Laura Davis (1910 Big Creek,1) William Thomas "Billy"Criner & Mary Alice Hefley(1910 Big Creek,56)
I-431 Phillip McCutcheon 21, Cave Creek Ruth Hallum 17, Cave Creek 25 October 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by G W S Miles,JP Jonathan Hallum & Nancy Barber(1910 New Hope,39) John C McCutcheon & Salina Duck(1900 Polk Twp.)
I-432 Luther Thronebury 26, Tarlton(Died Sikeston,Missouri) Estelle Waters 18, Tarlton(1896-1925) 5 November 1914 F M Thronebury,Security by C H Snow,O.M. Joseph R Waters & Rosa A Oliver (1910 Richland,74) Frank & Becky Thronebury(1910 Richland,66) Luther m:(2)Ella Young on 20Mar1928 Johnson Co.AR (1900-1970 Garden of Memories Cemetery,Sikeston,Scott Co.Missouri)
I-433 Elijah Milton Kent 22, Mt.Judea(Died 1974) Nola McCutcheon 18, Mt.Judea(Died 1973) 25 October 1914 Silvie Hefley,Security by J L Pierce,JP Frank & Manerva Ann Cheatham Mccutcheon(1910 Big Creek,105) Richard T & Caroline Gamblin Kent (1910 Big Creek,29) Mt.Judea Cemetery,Newton County
I-434 Lester Purcell 22, Swain(1892-1969) Zella Olive Snearly 16, Swain(15Jun1898-12Apr1991) 26 October 1914 Alva Snearly,Security by A F Boomer,JP William Dennis Snearly & Callie Clemons Samuel A Purcell & Lydia Bell Snyder Bethel Cemetery,Yale,Jasper Co.Illinois
I-435 Herbert Boling 20, Walnut(1894-1964 Emily Jane "Emma" Case 16, Fallsville(1898-1929) 31 October 1914 O M Walker,Security by Elias Sutherlan,JP Alfred Tildon Case & Susan Eastep(1900,1910 Boston Twp) William & Malinda Boling (1910 Walnut Twp.,15) Emma buried in Sutherlan Cemetery,Newton County.Herbert buried Mt.Pleasant Cemetery,Hiwassee,Benton Co.AR
I-436 Ben J Case 18, Fallsville(10Jul1896-26Dec1980) Nannie McGuire 15, Fallsville(1900-1929 Case Cem.) 8 November 1914 Frank Young,Security by Elias Sutherlan,JP Axel & Martha McGuire (1910 Walnut,58) Alfred Tildon Case(1877-1958) & Susan Eastep(1900,1910 Boston Twp) Ben m:(2)Bobbie Cummins(1908-1992)Friendship Cem.,Springdale, Washington Co.AR
I-437 John Jordan Essex 43, Limestone(Died 1939) Malinda Jones McElhaney 30, Mt. Judea(Died 1926) 16 November 1914 Era M Watson,Security by William A Busby,JP Will Jones & Amanda Yates Martin Jones Greenhaw Warren Essex & Rebecca Woodward John m:(1)Mary Millsaps 1890-d:1913;(1910 Union 118 with children:William;Scot W;Nellie Marie;Sarah;Emma;John Sherman & Pearl Essex.Malinda m:(1)Pete McElhaney;one son Sylvester McElhaney.John & Malinda had one child:Eula Fay Essex Heydenreich.John & Malinda buried Essex Cemetery,Newton County
I-438 Clyde Carter 19, Jasper(25Jul1895 Boone Co.AR--7June1987) Lela Kilgore 16, Plumlee 8 November 1914 Frank Collier,Security by T G Henderson,JP Ambrose Kilgore & Stella C Barr (1910 Low Gap,246) Henry C Carter(1852-1935) & Nancy Jane Wright(1861-1947)(1910 Jackson Twp.,55) Clyde m:(2)Oma Lee Martin(1899-1990)on 18June1919 (J-497)Oma m:(2)Jasper Newton Smith.Clyde buried Milam Cemetery,Boone Co.AR
I-439 Frank Colter 23, Cave Creek(b:26Jan1892 Leesville,LA) Flora Malone 19, Cave Creek(b:1896 OK) 23 November 1914 Frank Reeves,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. Bert Malone 1920 Castleton,Reno Co.Kansas Flora with father Bert Malone,1920 Reno Co.Kansas.Frank married (2)Olga Serowchak (1920-2002)Buried Mountain View Cemetery,Kingman,Mohave Co.Arizona.US Army WWII
I-440 Charlie Brooks Casey 26, Berryville(Carroll Co.AR)(30Dec1887-15Jan1956) Viola Lee Spears 22, Jasper(13May1892-30Sep1987) 15 November 1914 J W Moore,Security by C H Whitehead,O.M.(Boone Co.AR) William Pleasant Spears(1862-1945) & Mary Tennessee Thompson (1864--1949)(1910 Jackson Twp) Alex F Casey & Miranda M Brooks Evergreen Cemetery,Fayetteville,Washington Co.AR
I-441 Mitchell Floyd Reddell 17, Mt.Hersey(1897-1962) Golden Argestine "Argie" McCutcheon 15, Mt.Hersey(1900-1963) 29 November 1914 M M Hall,Security by G W S Miles,JP Enos McCutcheon & Virginia Lucinda Duck George Frank Reddell(1864-1913) & (1)wife Mary Elizabeth Salmon(1870-1899) Argie m:(2)Mr. Stine.Washington Colony Cemetery,Fresno,Fresno County,California.Plot:Block 4
I-442 Moses Marion Hall 32, Mt.Hersey(Died 1944) Louraner Elizabeth Eddings Reddell 32, Mt. Hersey(Died 1972) 27 November 1914 H B Raulston,Security by G W S Miles,JP Warren L B Eddings & Elizabeth Mayberry Thomas Cal Hall & Eliza Jane Berry Louraner m:(1) George Frank Riddle 16Dec1900;he died 1913.Moses Hall m:(1)Mary Caroline Reddell;she died Jan1914.Moses & Louraner buried Bens Branch Cemetery,Newton County
I-443 Benton Oliver Hickman 20, Harrison(Boone Co.AR)(26Nov1894-20July1967) Della C Jones 20, Willcockson(14Oct1894-1Sep1988) 19 December 1914 Rulas Jones,Security by W A Green,JP James Knox Polk Jones(1844-1914) & Fredonia Massengale(1856-1915)(1910 Marble City Twp.,89) Daniel Hickman & Martha Jackson (1910 Grant Twp) Maplewood Cemetery,Boone Co.AR.Plot:Block 08,Lot82,Space 2
I-444 Gaither Willis 19, Wayton Minnie Smith 16, Wayton G L Ramsey,Security MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE UNEXECUTED
I-445 Joseph"Joe" Roy Keeton 18, Harrison (Boone Co.AR)(15Mar1895-22Aug1967) Victoria "Vickie"M Harp 20, Harrison(Boone Co.AR)(26Aug1893-4Feb1987) 27 December 1914 A T Brisco,Security by J M Richardson,O.M. Elijah Bohannon Harp(1861-1933) & Frances Maria Owen(1862-1956)(1910 Grant,116 William Tinsley Keeton(1865-1942) & Martha Jane Brisco(1865-1947) (1900,1910 Grant Twp Maplewood Cemetery,Harrison,Boone Co.,Arkansas.Plot:Block 8,Lot 93,Space 6
I-446 Henry Allen Flippo 29, Wayton(Died 1948) Cora J Snow 18, Wayton(died 1987) 24 December 1914 J F Carlton,Security by J R Stevens,JP Howard L Snow & Clara Belle Pruitt<1910 Lincoln,16) William Haywood Flippo & Mary E Simmons Snow Cemetery,Newton County
I-447 Arthur Hoppis 22, Hasty(died 1978) Alcie Henderson 18, Jasper(Died 1983) 27 December 1914 Frank Young,Security by J A Brasel,JP Will C Henderson & Sarah McGowen(1910 Jackson,113) Michael Hoppis & Elizabeth Reece(1910 Prairie,149) Hasty Cemetery,Newton County
I-448 Richard D Sutherland 31, Fallsville(b:24Feb1883) Agnes Boling 18, Fallsville 28 December 1914 Frank Young,Security by Elias Sutherlan,JP Thomas Boling & Mary J Owens(1900 Boston Twp.,86;1910 Boston,68) George Sutherland,b:1840,MD & Susie Henderson b:AR 1858 1900 Richland Twp.,Madison Co.AR:George 60;Susie 42;Florence 21;Henry 19;Edward N 17;Richard 15;Mary Ann 12;Frankie 10;Levi 8;with Mary A Henderson 64 M-I-L & William Wadkins 20,Nephew
I-449 Andrew Sexton 21,Chancel Nettie Robison 21, Chancel 11 Jan 1915 Garrett Brasel,Security NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED
I-450 Samuel P Ramsey 47, Western Grove(Died 1938) Florence McDougal Reynolds 43,Western Grove(Died 1962) 19 February 1913 S D Cox,Security by G W S Miles,JP Archibald McDougal & Elizabeth Spears Benjamin F Ramsey & Lydia Beller Samuel m:(1)Lee Akin 1885 Boone Co.AR.;she died 1909.Florence m:(1)William M "Tip" Reynolds on 17 October 1886 Newton County(7 children).Samuel buried Western Grove Cemetery.Florence died in 1962 Bixby,Oklahoma
I-451 Thomas J Shinn 63, Yardelle Mrs.Marinda A Agee Cooksey 39, Yardelle 3 December 1914 Duster Snow,Security by J E Thompson,JP John Wiseman Agee &(1)Abigail Howard James Madison Shinn & Sophia Harkey Marinda m:(1)Peter Burgess Cooksey 17Sep1894;children:Cornelius W; Enoch Benjamin;William M:Elsie E; Ethel L & Thomas A Cooksey.Shinn children were:Jennings H & Hazel A Shinn.Marinda m:(3)Alfred T Chappell in 1932 in Okmulgee,OK.Marinda died 1972 Grandview,Washington
I-452 Charles J Haddock 26, Mt.Hersey Mittie Angeline Bethany 19, Mt.Hersey 19 December 1914 Bert Hendrix,Security Francis M"Frank"Bethany & Georgia Robinson(1900 Prairie;1910 Grove,94) Ransom S Haddock & Ida Lou Quimby Mittie was actually 16,born 1898
I-453 Frank Smith 18, Wayton Elizabeth "Lizzie" Boone 16, Wayton 20 December 1914 Albert Smith,Security by F L Ramsey,JP S C Boone & Susie Alice Silver(1910 Lincoln Twp,41) Albert Smith(1868-1955)(Hezekiah Adkus Smith Family) & Elender Ward(1876-1961) Knoxville Cemetery,Johnson County,Arkansas
I-454 Ulysses J Kilgore 22, Jasper(1892-26Feb1940 Low Gap Cem.) Lona Martha Villines 17, Ponca(11Apr1897-18Feb1987) 25 December 1914 Berry Kilgore,Security by J H Kilgore,JP George Villines & Amanda Susan Young(1900 Low Gap,37) Isaac C Kilgore & Susie Criss(1910 Low Gap,201) Lona buried Benton Green Cem.,St.Clair Co.MO as are her children Dorothy & Vernon
I-455 James Carroll Hudson 32, Jasper(Died 1938) Oma F Thompson 19, Swain 24 December 1914 E E Ammons,Security by Lon Lee,JP George W Thompson & Mary M Metcalf(1910 Walnut,25) Andrew Hudson & Mary Dupee(1900 Jackson,109) Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-456 Lee Plemon Buck 20, Ozark(Johnson Co.AR)(16Mar1893-15Dec1975) Catherine Elizabeth Reed 18, Ozark (Johnson Co.AR)(1896-1981) 25 December 1914 Frank Young,Security by Lon Lee,JP Sherman & Laura Reed(1910 Jefferson Twp) Sutter Cemetery,Sutter,Sutter Co.California,Plot:J-203-2. Catherine died Yuba City,California
I-457 Jasper Newton Clark 32, Osage(18Feb1878-29Sep1971) Phoebe Melvina "Vina" Allred 24,George(20May1890-10Mar1988 9 January 1915 H W Sims,Security by H W Sims,JP Aaron Allred & Sarah Emma Burk(1910 Osage Twp.,149) Plumlee Cemetery,Newton County
I-458 Arthur Reynolds 21, Boxley Nancy Theodora "Dora" Wisdom 18, Boxley 17 January 1915 J F Sparks,Security by J R Self,JP Thomas F Wisdom & Mary Jane Holt Williams(1910 Van Buren,145) John T "Tom" Reynolds & Phoebe Carlton (1910 Van Buren,134)
I-459 John H Martin 23, Yardell(Died 1981) Bessie Gibson 27, Witt Springs(Searcy Co.AR)(died 1973) 17 January 1915 W C Robinson,Security by J R Loftin,JP(Searcy Co.AR) James C Gibson & Louisa Tucker James A Martin & unknown wife.John & Hannah Martin (1910 Prairie Twp.,141) Hasty Cemetery,Newton County
I-460 M L Cones 25, Harrison (Boone Co.AR) Pearl Hickman 24, Jasper(1889-1969) 17 January 1915 W L Stenett,Security by S L Gibson,JP William James & Mary E Hickman(1900,1910 Grant Twp.) Pearl buried Jasper Cemetery,Newton County
I-461 Joe Trinkle 23, Townsley(b:Austria) Cela Huber 18, Townsley 13 March 1915 E R Springer, Security by J M King,JP(Johnson Co.AR) Leopold & Josie Trinkle(1920 Madison Co.AR)
I-462 Alex Keen Garrett 21, Compton(19Mar1894 Sevier Co.,TN-23Oct1978 Fayetteville,AR) Cora Ellen Hickman 22, Harrison (Boone Co.AR)(1891-1947) 31 January 1915 France Sturgill,Security by W A Briggs (Boone Co.AR) Daniel & Martha Hickman(1900 Mill Creek;1910 Grant Twp.) Jehu Lafayette Garrett(1858-1915)& Lucinda Emmaline Pierce(1863-1950) Alex m:(2)Elsie McDonald (1899-1989) Farmington Cem.Washington Co.AR.
I-463 Harley Daniels 21, Swain Rentha Young 18, Swain 14 February 1915 Frank Young, Security by Lon Lee,JP Henry L Young(died 1907) & Mary Sams(1910 Jefferson Twp.,87) William F Daniels & Nancy Strode(1910 Jefferson,99) Rentha is really age 15. Her Mom Mary Sams Young m:(2)Marion S King in 1910
I-464 R L Judkins 25, Swain Sallie Curtis 22, Swain(Died 1919) 13 February 1915 Argus Young,Security by Elias Sutherlan,JP James H Curtis & Sarah C Nichols(1910 Jefferson,134) Sallie Curtis Judkins buried Curtis Cemetery,Newton County
I-465 George W Freeman 49, Knoxville (Johnson Co.AR) Martha Curry 18, Mt. Judea 24 February 1915 Willie Freeman,Security by D J Hefley,JP John Curry (1875-1904)& Bethena Jane Peoples White Curry Freeman Martha living with mother & stepfather Daniel Freeman (1910 Searcy Co.AR,Spring Twp.,29).Bethena Jane Peoples (Nathan Peoples & Rachel Orlena Miller Phillips family)
I-466 Simon "Sie"Sutherlan 26, Fallsville(2Aug1886 KY-21Oct1942 Cassville Cem.Newton Co.AR) Della Brown 22, Fallsville(1893-1918 Sutherlan Cem.Newton Co.AR) 25 February 1915 O D Snow,Security by Elias Sutherlan,JP James Mathew Sutherlan(1849-1938) & Agnes "Aggie" Bryant(1851-1930) Simon m:(2)Martha Breedlove(1901-1989)on 25Jan1919.Children:Thurman;Verlin & James Paul Sutherlan
I-467 Mitchell Theodore Smith 20, Vendor(Died 1967) Lucy Hallum 17,Vendor(Died 1974) 28 February 1915 Frank Young,Security by Bartley D Rich,JP Pleas Huston Hallum & Mary Rosella Ricketts James Pleasant Smith & Susana J Pierce(1910 White Twp.,44) Smith Cemetery,Newton County
I-468 Henry Lambdin 21, Cowell(Died 1973) Mattie Davis 21, Cowell(Died 1982) 14 February 1915 Frank Young,Security by Bartley D Rich,JP Henderson (Lafferty)& Martha A Bell Smith(1910 Pl.Hill Twp) George F & Anna Lambdin New Cowell Cemetery,Newton County
I-469 William Hugh "Willie" Jones 23, Jasper(Died 1964) Eva Brasel 18, Jasper(Died 1988) 11 October 1914 H L Hudson,Security by H B Raulston,JP James Anderson Brasel & Emma Flood(George W Flood 1843 & Rachel Caroline Harris) James Frank Jones & Angeline Young(1900,1910 Jackson Twp) Jasper Cemetery,Newton County
I-470 John Monroe Hallum 20, Vendor(Died 1962) Nancy B Criner, Mt.Judea 28 February 1915 S M Ricketts,Security by J L Pierce,JP William Barnett Criner & Mary E Campbell(1910 Big Creek,69) Pleas Huston Pike Hallum & Mary Rosella Ricketts(1910,1920 Franklin Co.AR) John M Hallum m:(2)Tessie Gilmore 19Sep1929 Newton Co.AR.John m:(3)Lissie Sain.John buried Ricketts Cemetery,Newton County
I-471 Jack Aulcy Ramsey 19,Swain(19Apr1896-12Apr1988) Elsie Sams 18,Swain(28Dec1897-14Dec1918 Swain Cemetery) 28 February 1915 W I Snow,Security by Park Young,O.M. John Sams & Nancy Young(1900,1910 Jefferson Twp) Jack Ramsey m:(2)Myrtle Fuget in 1920.Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-472 Simon Monroe Ricketts 21, Red Rock(28Sep1888- 6March1969) Bonnie Rosetta Smith 18, Vendor(23July1897- 29March1969) 28 February 1915 James Phillips,Security by Bartley D Rich,JP James Pleasant Smith(Martin Tackett Smith) & Susannah Jane Pierce John A Ricketts & Elizabeth Jones Simon was reaching for his gun,gun went off,killing him.Smith Cemetery,Newton County.Children:John Amos;Lebrisha Sue Mock Hurley;Gladys Neighbors;Pleas M;Janice Walters Nichols & Loleta Ricketts Morris.See Ricketts Families on my "Kinfolks Stories by Evelyn Flood" web site.
I-473 Silby Kilgore 19, Ponca(Died 1959) Lillie Spencer 19, Plumlee(Died 1992) 24 February 1915 Burl Lackey,Security by T G Henderson,JP James Riley Spencer & Mary E Tindell John Henry Kilgore & Vitha Vinson (1910 Low Gap,240) Mt.Sherman Cemetery,Newton County
I-474 George Logan Ashlock 28, Jasper(Died 1961) Nettie (MNU)Whitaker 28, Jasper(Died 1939) 1 November 1914 W J Pruitt,Security by T G Henderson,JP Cull Ashlock & Martha Watson(1900 Jefferson Twp) Nettie(MNU) m:Silas M Whitaker ca 1905(1910 White Twp.,125)George m:(1)Dora Reynolds 15Aug1906(1910 Jefferson Twp).George & Nettie buried Jasper Cemetery
I-475 David Walker Dean 28, Bass(Died 1978) Bessie Davis 18, Bass(Died 1977) 11 October 1914 V O McGlasson,Security by J W Tennison,JP Albert Daniel Davis & Rena Hefley John Manassa Dean & Mary Elizabeth Dickey(1900,1910 Polk Twp) They are buried in Boone County,Arkansas
I-476 John H Curtis 26, Murray Ora B Ramsey 23, Western Grove 1 August 1914 A F Boomer,Security by Wiley Baker,JP **Samuel P Ramsey & (1)Lee Akin William R Curtis & Samarah Lovell (1910 Jefferson Twp) **Samuel P Ramsey m:(2)Mary L Jones;on 1910 Grove Twp.
I-477 Hiram Eddie Beckham 24, Walnut(Died 1946) Rosetta Etta Skaggs 21, Walnut(Died 1919) 28 May 1914 J L Beckham,Security by L G Curtis,JP William M & Della Ashlock Skaggs(1900,1910 census) Willliam Beckham & Susan Polly Casey (1900 Walnut Twp.,144) Hiram m:(1)Gracie Swain on 22Jan1911.Walnut Cemetery,Newton County
I-478 Cecil C Ryker 32, Ryker(1882-1953) Ora Wyatt 23, Ryker(1891-1942) 26 July 1914 S H Clark,Security by J L Whitmore,JP William S & Sophina Ward Wyatt(1900,1910 Kentucky Twp) Thomas J & Armenda Ryker(1900 Kentucky Twp) White Rock Cemetery,Lincoln,Washington County,Arkansas
I-479 Lem Jones (no age listed),Red Rock Lottie Chase 20, Red Rock ***1 October 1913*** W J Pruitt,Security MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE RETURNED, UNEXECUTED David C Jones(Lemuel R Jones & Cevina Gilmore Family) & Laura Davis Lem Jones would only be about 16 years of age at this time
I-480 Levi Farmer 23, Red Rock(Died 1965) Cressie Lou Ewin 18, Red Rock(Died 1966) 7 February 1915 Curgus Young,Security by Bartley D Rich,JP Kelsey Ewin & Minnie Spears (1900 White Twp.,156) Thomas Farmer & Mary Elizabeth Smith(Alfred & Rebecca Flood Smith Family)(1910 PL.Hill,99) Smith Cemetery,Newton County
Newton County,Arkansas Marriages
1 January 1913 through 7 February 1915. NOTE EXCEPTIONS
Pages 231 through 480
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