NEWTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS MARRIAGES, BOOK I, PART 1, From 29 October 1910 through 29 December 1912, I-1 through I-230

Newton County, Arkansas Marriages

Book I, Part 1,From 29 October 1910 through 29 December 1912

Self Published by Evelyn M Flood

NEWTON COUNTY,ARKANSAS MARRIAGES, BOOK 1,PART 1, 29 October 1910 thru 29 December 1912,I-1 thru I-230

Transcribed from LDS Microfilm #1,035,375 and Newton County,Arkansas
Courthouse records by myself.Proofread by myself.
Handwriting was sometimes very hard to read. If names were not clear,
I put a question mark??
Used the person's full name when known to help identify the couple
even though initials and nicknames were used on the actual license.
The security was usually a family member of the couple.
The included notes are from data gathered in my research on these
I list the ACTUAL DATE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED,not the date license
was obtained from the courthouse.
It is my understanding the marriage license could be taken out on one
date and had to be returned in 60 days or would be void.
A bond was required and a surety or security had to sign for the bond
These bonds or applications for license were sometimes unexecuted and
returned to the courthouse.
The cover dates in these marriage books are listed as the Newton
County,Arkansas court had listed in their actual court books,thus the
reason for the odd time periods.
I did not number the pages. Use the marriage number as the page number.
Some marriage dates were out of date order, so check the names in the
indexes. A few marriages of 1912 are listed in 1913; several 1913
marriages are listed in 1914,etc.



Microfilm was sometimes very hard to read. If name was not clear,
put a question mark?? Used the person’s full names, when known.
Sometimes a nickname was listed on the license, but if I knew full
name, used that.
The Surety was usually the father or a family member.
Have researched many families listed in these marriage records.
Found in my research that the men were not always 21 years of age
nor the woman was not the age list, but much younger.
If I am not sure of parents names, placed question mark??

Used ACTUAL DATE THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED, NOT the date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.

I did not number the pages. The License Number is the page number.
NEWTON County Marriage Books compiled by myself.
Much information could not be listed due to lack of space in these

ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued

DO NOT LINK THIS INFORMATION TO YOUR WEBSITE without my written permission

THIS ENDS THE 1911 MARRIAGES with exception of I-150 & I-151

I-1 Daniel Russell Phillips 62 ,Jasper(27 Aug 1846-19Jan1941 Union Hill Cemetery) Harriett Allison Ricketts 37, Jasper (2Oct1873-6July1942 Jasper Cemetery) 29 October 1910 No Security by T G Henderson,JP William Henry Allison & Sarah Jane Houston Jesse W Phillips & Miriam Permelia Everage Daniel served 2nd Reg.Arkansas Cavalry(Union)Civil War.Harriet m:(1)John Irvin Ricketts.Divorced
I-2 C. King 50, Ryker Janie Sizemore 43, Ryker 3 November 1910 J E Roberts,Security by Jubel Smith,JP
I-3 John (J.Wilburn)R Moore 24,Jasper(Died 1949) Virgie M Spears 21, Jasper(Died 1951) 13 November 1910 Sam Nance,Security by T G Henderson,JP William Pleasant Spears & Mary T Thompson(1900 Polk Twp.;1910 Jackson Twp Jasper Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
I-4 David Middleton 19,Vendor(Died 1966 Smith Cemetery) Dulcena "Dullie" Reddell 16, Vendor(Died 1930) 6 November 1910 J H Flud,Security by J L Pierce,JP Dave Vincent Reddell II & Margaret Smith Jiles Middleton & Sarah Jackson David m:(2)Angie Duck Holt in 1931;m:(3)Oshia Burdine Hamilton ca 1939
I-5 John R Owens 28, Vendor Dulcena "Dulcie"Collins 18, Vendor 7 November 1910 E E Ammons,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. John Dave Collins & Zelpha Jane "Lude"Reed John had m:(1)Nancy Pierce(Divorced)
I-6 Nathaniel "Little Nath" Smith 19, Vendor(Died 2July1945 Fresno,CA) Canzada Elizabeth "Betty" Eddings 17, Vendor 10 November 1910 J B O'Neal,Security by Elisha Atkinson,JP Eddings & Canzada Jones Nathaniel Smith(Alfred & Rebecca Flood Smith)& Mary Ellen Pierce Nath's parents died 1892;children adopted by neighbors.Moved to Oklahoma
I-7 Joe M Wheeler 22, Yardell(Died 1966) Nellie McDougal 19, Yardell(Died 1963) 13 November 1910 R L Lee,Security by W J Moore,JP John D McDougal & Henrietta Lee Isham Wheeler & Satirah E"Lizzie"Gamblin Hill They are buried Sandhill Cemetery,Newton CO.AR
I-8 Hays Lewis 30, Fallsville Peggy Margaret Hensley 16, Fallsville 22 November 1910 No Security by B F Hibbard, O.M. Solomon Hensley & Serena Radford Hensley Combs(1900,1910 Boston Twp)
I-9 John Douglas Spencer 18, Ponca(Died 1959) Maud V Beavers 16, Ponca(Died 1973) 6 November 1910 No Security. J B Caulderhead,JP George & Rebecca Potter Beavers John F & Nancy E Spencer(1910 Osage Twp) They are buried in Cross Roads Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
I-10 Belo Harrison Millsaps 21, Deer(Died 1913) Tennie Treat 18,Silex (Died1927,Deer Cemetery) 27 November 1910 B F Ruble,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP James v Millsaps & Arminta Hicks. Tennie Treat Millsaps m:(2)Luster Mullins in 1916
I-11 Willie Morrison 21,Western Grove Bertha Willis 18, Hasty 27 November 1910 Jim Henderson,Security by W J Moore,JP Thomas & Lizzie Willis (1910 Grove Twp. Jasper & Josephine Hoppis Morrison(1910 Prairie Twp
I-12 General S Carlisle 33, Powers Dora Sparks 21, Ryker 30 November 1910 G C Criss,Security by John M Boen,JP Joshua Sparks & Sarah Elizabeth Self(1910 Kentucky twp)
I-13 James C "Jim" Huckabee 23, Hasty(Died 1970) Jettie Gibson 20, Cowell(Died 1963) 1 December 1910 No Security by William Hefley,JP James Gibson & Louisa Tucker (1910 Mill Creek Twp) They are buried Hasty Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
I-14 David Hodges 21, Ryker Minnie Hatcher 19, Fallsville 18 December 1910 No Security, by B J Hibbard, O.M. Calvin & Elizabeth Ray Hatcher(1900 Boston Twp.;1910 Kentucky Twp.66) Caleb & Sarah Hodges(1900,1910 Kentucky Twp.
I-15 Charles Hughes 21,Ft.Douglas (Johnson Co.AR)(died 1973) Mary Lois Bennett 19, Limestone(Died 1983) 18 December 1910 G W Neal,Security by M A Carlton, JP Alfred & Margaret Lee Bennett(Union Twp) Thomas H Hughes & Mary McFadden They are buried in Ft.Douglas Cemetery,Johnson Co.AR
I-16 Ulysses S Kilgore 26,Low Gap(Died 1929) Mary Jane"Jane" Villines 20, Ponca(Died 1974) 18 December 1910 W P Spears,Security by Isham Killgore,JP John & Sarah L Roseberry Villines(Low Gap Twp.,35-37 Ruben S & Nancy Jane Roseberry Kilgore They are buried Low Gap Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
I-17 Joe Cephas (J.C.)Sams 23, Swain(Died 1949) Ellender Ellar Young 18, Swain(Died 1977) 25 December 1910 No Security by A E Wilson Parker Young & Abigail Tuggle(1910,Jefferson Twp.,78 Warren Sams & Verlinda Catherine Norton They are buried in Swain Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
I-18 Hiram Ed Beckham 22, Walnut(died 1946) Gracie Swain 19, Swain 22 January 1911 J D Hickman,Security by Sam Lee,JP John W Swain & Sophronia Norton (1910 Jefferson Twp.) Hiram m:(2)Etta Skaggs in 1914.Hiram & Etta are buried Walnut Cemetery
I-19 James D Nick Hickman 31, Jasper(died 1959) Pearl Madison 20, Jasper(Died 1947) 15 January 1911 J C Smith,Security by T G Henderson,JP James William & Mary Hickman(1900,1910 Grant Twp. They are buried Jasper Cemetery,Newton County
I-20 Jesse J Hickman 27, Jasper(Died 1947) Manda Henderson 21, Jasper(Died 1971) 25 December 1910 John Thompson,Security by A F Boomer,JP Tom C Henderson & Vicey Berry(1910 Jackson Twp.) James William & Mary Hickman(1900,1910 Grant Twp They are buried in Cherry Grove Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
I-21 Thomas Dock Smith 20, Vendor(28Oct1890-2Aug1944 Los Angeles,CA Ellie Armstrong 18, Jasper 25 December 1910 Henry Young,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. James Armstrong & Mary Tennison Levi Smith & Sophia Ann Flood Dora & Orpha and brother Jeff D Armstrong were raised by grandparents,Allen T Tennison & Nancy A Riggs after parents died.This author knew Ellie in 1949 in CA
I-22 William Lloyd Davis 18,Deer Alice Hazel Meeks 14, Deer 25 December 1910 Edwin Davis,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Lewis & Alzie Meeks (1910 PL.Hill,17 Ambrose W Davis & Ora Foy(1910 PL.Hill,21
I-23 Lathey Newmoss 25, Fallsville Myrtle Boling 17, Fallsville 3 January 1911 No Security by John Cowan,JP Thomas Boling & Mary J Owens (1900 Boston,86 & 1910 Boston Twp. Boling children:Cora,George W,Caney,Myrtle,Agnes,John W & James A Boling
I-24 Walter G Wishon 21, Low Gap Walcie Keeton 16, Ponca 30 December 1910 MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE RETURNED.CANCELED
I-25 E.Frank Killgore 21, Low Gap Nora Bryant 21, Compton(She is 16 in 1910) 1 January 1911 W H Killgore,Security by G F Sims,JP James & Susan Bryant(1910 Plumlee Twp.,64) Isham Killgore & Martha Reynolds(1910 Low Gap,219
I-26 Stiller Ray Ramey 23, Yardell Virgie Lee Reynolds, age?(Died 1965 Mounds,OK) 8 January 1911 Guy Rainey, Security by G W Miles,JP William M Reynolds & Florence A McDougal L C & Laura Ramey(1900 Prairie,101 L C Ramey's mother was Pricilla Wheeler,sis to Isham Wheeler
I-27 Thomas Alfred Ham 34, Red Rock(Died in California) Mary A Cheatham Gilmore 34, Red Rock(Died 1953 Elmwood Cem.Wagoner,OK) 14 January 1911 John C Sutton,Security by G F Carlton,JP Madison Mack Cheatham & Nancy J Tennison Uriah & Mary Ham Mary m:(1)John C "Wadd"Gilmore who disappeared in 1910.Children:David T;Kelsey T;Wesley;Felix Bryan;Winfield Scott,James Virgil & Sarah Fine Gilmore Burdine;Inez Ham Cunningham
I-28 Hansford Adams 22, Hasty Bessie Busby 16, Hasty 22 January 1911 No Security by W R Martin,O.M. William & Hattie Morrison Busby(2900-1910 New Hope Twp,3 Is Hansford Adams the William H Adams living with James W Eddings Family 1910 White Twp,77?
I-29 Tom W Edwards 27, Red Star (Madison Co.AR) Fannie E Whitmire 14?,Tensase? 29 January 1911 W D Edwards,Security by J g Bowers,JP Reuben Whitmire living Madison Co.AR 1910 Tom is living 1910 Madison Co.AR,Goodwill Twp.
I-30 J. Abe Tinsley 25, Jasper Allie(Ollie?) Shaddox 19, Willcockson 25 Janury 1911 Rulas Jones,Security by T G Henderson,JP James B & Mary Atchley Shaddox(1910 Marble City Twp.) Brother of John Tinsley(1910 Grant Twp.)
I-31 Thomas Jefferson Sexton 21, Mt.Judea Gracie Blackwood 19,Mt. Judea 5 February 1911 J W Moore,Security by William Sprague,JP James Colby Blackwood & Cyrena Plumlee (1910 Big Creek Twp Allen Sexton & Ida Hamilton (1910 Big Creek Twp Thomas died 1968 San Bernardino,CA.Gracie died 1994 unknown place
I-32 F J Wise 27, Alva,OK.(Woods County) Malinda Boone 17, Wayton 29 January 1911 No Security by W F Hicks,JP S C & Susie Alice Silver Boone (1910 Lincoln Twp>
I-33 Robert L Jarrell 20, Parthenon Delia Smith 16, Parthenon 28 January 1911 R C J Matlock,Security by R c J Matlock,O.M. Elisha Langley Smith & Mary J Farmer(1910 Hudson Twp.,60) Nephew of william M & Lucy Jarrell (1910 Hudson Twp.
I-34 John Eastep 64, Fallsville(Died 1932 Sutherland Cemetery) Louisa Jones? Gregory 54,Fallsville 4 February 1911 W C Ryker,Security by J G Brown,JP Samuel & Mary Polly Griffith Eastep. John m:(1)Nancy Hoskins 1868 Clay Co.Ky;she died 1910.Sutherland Cemetery,Newton County
I-35 Arthur Burl Kilgore 19, Jasper(12July1891-31Oct1987) Julia Victoria Spencer 17, Jasper(9June1893-11May1981) 5 February 1911 J D Plumlee,Security by T G Henderson,JP James Riley Spencer & Mary ellen Tindell (1910 Jackson Twp,181) Jackson & Sarah Lackey Kilgore (1900 Low Gap Twp
I-36 William W Henry 35, Cave Creek Sadie Blair 34, Point Peter (Searcy Co.AR) 9 February 1911 Burt Dickey,Security by G W T Miles,JP William was living alone 1910 New Hope Twp.,53
I-37 Emmett Reed Barr 22, Jasper(Died 1970 Snow Cemetery,Newton County Margaret Houston 18, Jasper 5 February 1911 W E Houston,Security by T G Henderson,JP David & Emma Barr (1900 & 1910 Low Gap Twp. Margaret m:(1)FrankLipp 8Oct1913.Emmett m:(2)Mollie Phillips 23Nov1913((I-310)
I-38- Hansford "Hance" Hill 20, Yardell Kate Melvina Wheeler 19, Yardell 9 February 1911 Jim Chambers,Security by W J Moore,JP Wiley P Wheeler & Addie Curtis(1910 Prairie Twp) William E & Lucinda Chaffin Hill (1900 Prairie Twp
I-39 Jim Chambers 19, Yardell Bessie Davis 17, Western Grove 9 February 1911 Hance Hill,Security by E M Keeter,JP G W Davis & R.Adeline Hefner(1900 Prairie Twp G W Chambers & Sarah Jones;daug.Lemuel R Jones(1900 Prairie Twp
I-40 Alonzo Massengale 27, Hasty Maggie Morrison 39, Hasty 9 Februry 1911 I M Stacey,Security by J W Cole,JP Jasper & Josephine Hoppis Morrison(1910 Prairie,175 Elisha Massengale & Nancy A Harp(1910 Marble City Twp
I-41 Robert R Martin 26, Swain Ollie Hylton 19, Swain(Died 1984 Walnut Cemetery) 12 February 1911 M N Thomas,Security by Lon Lee,JP Montgomery "Gum" Hylton & Oma Norton Cooksey(1900 Jefferson Twp;1910 Walnut,3) Ollie m:(2)Lemuel Garfield Curtis,age 39,on 21March1922
I-42 William Marcus Martin 25,Western Grove(Died 1961) Ethel Della Jones 22, Western Grove 19 February 1911 J N Rainey,Security by E M Keeter,JP John F & Martha Jones(Western Grove Twp,12) Hopkins T & Elizabeth Martin(1910 Grove Twp.,6 they are buried Western Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-43 William M Keeton 28, Low Gap(Died 1935) Frances V Ancie Killgore 18, Low Gap(Died 1969) 17 February 1911 Oscar M Walker,Security by J R Waters,JP Isham Killgore & Martha Reynolds(1910 Low Gap Twp,219 Alfred James Keeton & Katherine Kiiah Fillingame Goodnight(1900 Van Buren,64 They are buried in Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County
I-44 Felix Burton 54, Murray Mrs.Martha Elizabeth"Betty" Parton Curtis 38, Swain 25 February 1911 E J Watson,Security by A E Wilson,JP John Parton & Laura Ann Fowler Hart Parton Wimmer(1900 Lincoln Twp.,87) Felix m:(1)Mary J Ellison who died 1910.Martha m:(1)Amos F Curtis 10May1893 Ft.Smith,AR.Betty is on 1910 Jefferson Twp.,95 with children Laura,Delia,Pearl & Marvin Curtis
I-45 Jake Houston 21, Jasper(Died 1965) Jessie Bivens 18, Jasper(Died 1940) 24 February 1911 John Armstrong,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. Ulysses & Malinda Bivens (1910 Jackson twp William Houston & Martha Harp(1910 Jackson twp) They are buried in Shaddox Cemetery,Newton County
I-46 Leander Coleman 34, Jasper(Died 1946) Maud Waters 20, Jasper(Died 1986) 1 March 1911 No Security by Isham Killgore,JP John Waters & Eliza A Reeves(1910 Low Gap Twp) Edward Coleman & Mary Anna Farmer They are buried Mt.Washington Cemetery,Independence,Missouri
I-47 Thomas Nail 30, Kingston Mollie King 24, Kingston 8 March 1911 No Security by James William Smelley,JP Thomas & Phoebe Ann Burney Nail(Madison Co.AR)
I-48 J.Harvey Willis 23, Parthenon Ally Alice Sparks 19, Boxley 8 March 1911 Luther Thomas,Security by J W Casey,JP John P & Sarah Russell Sparks(1910 Van Buren Twp.,132) Owen willis & Nellie Munhollen(1910 Hudson,78
I-49 Arwine Yates Powers 36, Bass(Died 1949 McFadden Cemetery) Mary Jane Brace 26, Nelton 19 March 1911 No Security by R.Dean,JP Nathaniel John Thomas Powers & Artemisa Yates Arwine m:(1)Maranda McGlasson(7 children) who died 1910,McFadden Cemetery,Pope Co.AR(Arwine had 7 children by second wife also)
I-50 Cyrus Edwards 19,Jasper Alice Nioba "Obie" Henderson 18,Jasper 12 March 1911 Ben Skaggs,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. James E Henderson & Mary Boomer(1900,1910 Jackson Twp Jack M Edwards & Mary L Armstrong (1900 Jackson Twp
I-51 Joseph Benjamin Coffee 29, Ryker Josie Phena Bryant 33,Ryker 2 April 1911 Lee Kimbriel,Security by J L Whitmire,JP James Bryant & Delilah Jones (1910 Kentucky,8)
I-52 Cornelius Brown 22, Swain Dicie Lee 16, Swain(Died 1941) 9 April 1911 Lon Lee,Security by Parker Young,JP Mary Lee;Granddaughter of Nancy Swain Lee(1910 Jefferson Twp,116 Dicie m:(2)Zack Thomas in 1919(Pg521)
I-53 Calvin Qualls 21,Yardell Eva Gibson 18, Yardell 7 April 1911 C H Bethany,Security by Thomas Chafin,JP Silas & Alice Elmore Gibson (1910 Mill Creek,26) Peter Qualls & Letha Qualls Bethany(1910 Prairie Twp.139
I-54 Walter F Lackey 18, Low Gap(Died 1968) Nellie Frances Wishon 16, Low Gap(Died 1988) 15 April 1911 E E Ammons,Security by Isham Killgore,JP Milas Monroe & Caroline C Eoff Wishon(1900 Low Gap,55) Amos Burrel & Sarah Ann Baughman Lackey (1900 Low Gap;1910 Low Gap,235)
I-55 J.Rueben "Rube"Leach 21, Jasper(Died 1940) Ruth V Villines 18, Low Gap(Died 1981) 16 April 1911 W R Lackey,Security by Isham Killgore,JP James & Mary S Villines (Low Gap Twp.,20 John & H.Elizabeth Baughman Leach(1910 Jackson,60 They are buried Jasper Cemetery,Newton County
I-56 Josiah S Norton 24,Swain(Died 1962) Liza Bohannon 23,Limestone(Died 1944) 23 April 1911 W E Martin,Security by W M Skaggs,JP William E Bohannon & Ellen V Lee(1900 Union,185) Zadok Norton & Manerva Jane Brown (1900 Walnut,125) They are buried Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-57 Samuel G Whiteley 18, Boxley Jennie Johnson 20, George 23 May 1911 No Security by J B Calderhead,JP John A & Arizona Johnson? John W & Talitha Elizabeth Sparks Whiteley(1900 VanBuren,126
I-58 Sam Fancher 30, Red Star (Madison Co.AR) Ollie Yates 22, Kingston 30 April 1911 S H Clark,Security by Jon N Cowan,JPJames F & Sarah A Yates(1910 Boston Twp.,101)
I-59 Will Adair 21, Swain Daisy Franks 19,Swain 26 April 1911 Charlie Franks,Security.NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE
I-60 James H Easter(Eastep?)57?,Parthenon Nancy Baucom Smith 54, Parthenon(Died 1954) 2 May 1911 W A Smith,Security by R C J Matlock,JP Nancy m:(1)Jasper Smith in 1873(1910 Hudson,118) James was living 1910 Jefferson Twp.,91.Nancy buried Crossroads Cemetery
I-61 Herbert Dexter "Tubby" Criner 19, Mt.Judea Pearl Nesbitt 19, Mt.Judea 12 May 1911 No Security by F A Huckabee,JP Sam & Margaret Louiza Harkey Nesbitt(1910 Big Creek) Joseph H & Fanny Hamilton Criner(1910 Big Creek) children:Denver,John Paul,Quinton,Opal Criner Jerrells & Ruby Criner Sams
I-62 J W Mayes 36, Harrison(Boone Co.AR) Eliza Lissie Radcliff Jones 22, Willcockson 21 May 1911 P M Jones,Security by W J Pruitt,JP Eliza m:(1)Phillip Pell M Jones 29Sep1904(1910 Marble City Twp.)son of James Polk Jones & Fredonia Massengale
I-63 Charley Heffley 22, Mt.Judea(Died 1951 Coalgate,OK) Daisey Greenhaw 17, Mt. Judea(Died 1922 Mt.Judea Cemetery) 4 May 1911 D B Criner,Security by William Hefley,JP Andrew J Greenhaw & Caroline ShulerJepp d Hefley & Mary Holt Their children:Ardith Norton;Wilda;Jessie;Mary Helen & Mildred Heffley
I-64 Alexander Josh McCutcheon 20,Cave Creek Mary Jane Heffley 17, Mt. Judea 18 May 1911 Will Greenhaw,Security by J L Pierce,JP John Alexander Heffley & Cintha Jane Holt Andrew Carroll McCutcheon & Dulcena Yates (1900 Polk Twp.)
I-65 James Monroe Warren 24, Cyclone(Died 1949) Lula Adams 23, Cyclone 24 May 1911 Clement C Serfert,Security by George N Warren,JP Isaac John Calvin warren & Sarah Elizabeth Skaggs of Johnson Co.AR James m:(2)Miss Cowan
I-66 Wesley L Sparks 19, Murray Ola J Guess 18, George 21 May 1911 J C Smith,Security by John W Whiteley,JP John & Mary Jane Newberry Guess(1900 Osage Twp) John M & Mary Frances Keeton Sparks(1900,1910 Murray Twp
I-67 Sam J Tennison 24, Jasper Flora Bivens 21, Jasper 22 May 1911 W E Houston,Security by T G Henderson,JP Ulysses & Malinda Bivens(1910 Jackson Twp) Robert Tennison & Emeline Henderson Tennison Bolin
I-68 Robert Gibson 21, Fallsville Samantha Leona Wilson 20, Fallsville 27 May 1911 E E Ammons,Security by John Cowan,JP
I-69 James Casey 24, Murray Pearl Hudson 18, Parthenon 17 July 1911 J W Casey,Security by J W Casey,JP Jesse J & Mary E Casey?(1900 Murray Twp James J Hudson & Victoria Boatman(1900 Jackson,94)
I-70 William D Arnold 24,Mt.Judea Doshie Freeman 19, Mt.Judea 18 June 1911 Frank Dee,Security by Elder J A Owens,O.M. Uriah R & Permelia Angeline Moore Freeman(1910 Big Creek)
I-71 Joe C Hickman 24, Jasper(Died 1936) Annie M Henderson 18, Jasper(Died 1946) 24 June 1911 W B Smith,Security by T G Henderson,JP Frank M Henderson(shot & killed 1893) & Alice Waters Henderson Davis James W & Mary E Hickman(1900 Grant Twp They are buried Cherry Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-72 Henry J Ward 18, Fallsville Lula Williams 15, Fallsville 9 July 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by J E Rylee,JP Niece of William C & Elizabeth Liza Martin Case (1910 Boston Twp)
I-73 Luther Bateman 19, Jasper Stella Brown 17, Jasper 30 June 1911 F.Bateman,Security by T G Henderson,JP Jerry M & Alley Spencer Brown(1900 Jackson,37;1910 Jackson 171)
I-74 Arthur Royce 28, Jasper(Died 1937 Jasper Cemetery Alice Ada Bolin 16, Vendor 2 July 1911 F A Boomer,Surety by E G Atkinson,JP Colonel Bolin & Nora Carie'(1910 White Twp Hiram Royce & Nancy Canzada Smith Alice died 1977,Smith Cemetery,Newton County
I-75 Charlie Nixon 19, Willcockson Laura Estella "Stella"Herrick 15, Wilcockson 9 July 1911 J.Ervin Ewin,Security by W J Pruett,JP Bertha B Herrick(1900 Marble City,56 David & Jane Nixon (1910 Marble City Twp.,63) Laura's grandparents were Sanford & Laura Herrick Dale(1910 Marble City 97)
I-76 Richard Jones 21, Murray Maggie Rich 18, Wayton 11 July 1911 J C Smith,Security by S f McJunkins,JP Harvey Doak Rich & Mary Underwood (1910 Lincoln 34 David A & Sarah Jones(1910 Murray,12
I-77 James R Truelove 21,Jasper Bessie Batman 21, Jasper 13 July 1911 Virgil Brown,Security by T G Henderson,JP Mattie T Batman Johnson (1910 Jackson 176 robert F & Matilda Truelove(1910 Jackson 179
I-78 L A Easter 26, Murray Rosa Stephens 28, Murray 16 July 1911 David Easter,Security by Rev. Parker Young David Easter,Security m:Arminta Rich (1910 Lincoln Twp.,33
I-79 Wesley H Friend 39, Swain(Died 1935) Rebecca E Collins 20, Swain(Died 1978) 23 July 1911 M N Thomas,Security by Lon Lee,JP Searl Collins & Nancy Jane Walker. They are buried Cave Mt.Cemetery,Newton County
I-80 John Washington Armstrong 35, Jasper(1876-12Sep1949,Joyce Cem.Washington Co.AR) Almeda "Medie" Tinsley 33, Jasper(1877-1943 Joyce Cem.) 19 July 1911 J. Town Greenhaw,Security by W J Pruett,JP Almeda was sister to John W; Abe and Minne Tinsley (1910 Grant Twp.104) Francis Marion (1851-1921)& Julia Holt Seabolt Armstrong(1854-1900) Children: Doyl;Marie Elizabeth Armstrong Bottoms & John Preston Armstrong.John W m:(1)Margaret Henderson in 1899 (1882-1909)
I-81 Joseph "Joe" Calvin Hefley 30, Mt.Judea Elizabeth M"Lizzie"Nichols 17, Mt. Judea 21 July 1911 P T Harrison,Security by w M Hefley, JP Thomas Nichols,Jr. & Sarah O'Neal Joe m:(1)Lucy Wells in 1897.On 1910 Big Creek,a widower
I-82 Charles Wesley English 22, Chancel Nora Sexton 22, Chancel 23 July 1911 J W Pellham,Security by H f Heydenreich,JP Levi Sexton & Mary J Jones(1910 PL Hill,49
I-83 Samuel H Clark 28, Boxley Dora Killgore 23, Low Gap 30 July 1911 S D Clark,Security by J R Waters, JP Isham Killgore & Martha Reynolds (1910 Low Gap,219 Samuel H Clark & Orlena Newberry (1880 Van Buren;1910 Van Buren Twp)
I-84 Ulysses"Liss" S Brasel 24, Jasper(1887-1963) Stella Sparks 17, Murray(1895-1975) 29 July 1911 F M Yates,Security by J W Casey,JP John M & Mary Frances Keeton Sparks(1910 Murray,32) John R Brasel & Mary Jane Riddle They are buried in Jasper Cemetery,Newton County
I-85 Richard B Deatherage 23,Ponca Mary Virginia Lou Cross 22, Ponca 10 August 1911 Thomas Baker,Security by J B Calderhead,JP Martin v Cross & Margaret Henson(1900 Vanburen,154 Alexander & Minerva Martha Clayton Deatherage(1910 Osage Twp.135
I-86 William Pruitt 18, Jasper Ora Harp 16, Jasper 12 August 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by T G Henderson,JP Granville Harp & Mary A Anthony(1900 Jackson,116 Ransom Pruitt & Rhoda Berry (1910 Jackson 189
I-87 Mathew Tennison,Jr. 22,Hasty Gertrude McCurley 18, Mt.Hersey 15 August 1911 R C Hudson,Security by G W S Miles,JP Willie McCurley & Susan Cross(1910 Jackson 77) James "Striker"Tennison? & Sarah Melvina Pierce Armstrong?(1900 White,254) James Striker Tennison was in prison for killing George Cross
I-88 James B Chafin 18, Boxley Alice Kilgore 20, Low Gap 18 August 1911 Will Brisco,Security by Isham Killgore,JP Jackson N Kilgore & Sarah Louise Lackey(1910 Low Gap,226 Thomas A & Frances E Chaffin(1910 VanBuren,154
I-89 Cassel Campbell 17,Mt.Judea (Died 1989) Analee Riddle 16,Mt.Judea(Died 1930 Eufaula,OK,Mellette Cem.) 3 September 1911 Peter T Campbell,Security by William Hefley,JP David Vincent Riddle(Reddell)& Sarah Elizabeth"Sallie"Greenhaw Charles Edward Campbell & Caroline Greenhaw Cassel m:(2)Pearlie May Dotson.Buried Cowell Cemetery,Newton County
I-90 Joseph F "Joe" Tennison 21, Cave Creek Mattie Dodson 20, Bass 3 September 1911 Joe Salmon,Security by Richard Dean,JP Thomas F Dodson & Lucy Stephens(1910 Polk,150) Mathew tennison & Lizzie McCutcheon(1910 Polk,89
I-91 Willie Pruitt 21,Jasper Bertha Myers 16, Jasper 3 September 1911 Sid Starr,Security by T G Henderson,JP Granddaughter of Rebecca Myers(1910 Jackson 68 Ransom Pruitt & Rhoda Berry(1910 Jackson Twp
I-92 James Mart"Jim"Smith 20, Mt.Judea(Died 1969 Concord,CA) Gracie Calmus Campbell Greenhaw 16, Mt.Judea(Died 1929 Apache,OK) 7 September 1911(9 children;see below) James Owens,Security by J L Pierce,JP William Daniel Greenhaw & Margaret J Campbell James Pleasant Smith & Susanna Jane Pierce James m:(2)Lula Anthony Burdine 1929 McIntosh Co.OK.(3)Connie(MNU)(4)Lizzie Foster Campbell. William Howard;James Floyd;Samuel Sanford;Hershal;Lula;Opal;Eulis;Jimmy & Gracie Bernice Smith
I-93 John Campbell 30, Red Rock Safrona "Frona"Nichols 18, Vendor 7 September 1911 J B O'Neal,Security by E G Atkinson,JP William Nichols(Flood)& Elizabeth "Lizzie"Pierce Moved to Boone Co.AR;buried Maplewood Cemetery
I-94 Oscar George 34, Bass(Died 1926) Elsie Yates 21, Bass(Died 1980) 10 September 1911 O O Smith,Security by Richard Dean,JP Alexander & Sarah C Brooks Yates(1910 Polk Twp.,176) John H George & Mary H Lively (1910 Polk,141) Elsie was boarder in Fonzo & Rentha Yates Baker Home in 1910.They are buried McCutcheon Cemetery,Newton County
I-95 Roy Spencer Walker 21 Boxley(5April1891-31Jan1978) Hollie Carlton 19, Murray( 9 September 1911 R L Walker,Security by J W Casey,JP Malcolm Carlton & Sarah Emma Nichols(1910 Murray,25 Eldridge & Malinda E Campbell Walker(1910 VanBuren,131) Roy is buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-96 George W Casey 24, Moore Alice Jane Blalack 24, Moore 24 September 1911 B A Casey,Security by D W Sissom,JP James Blalack & Mary Ann Thornhill Bartholomew Abner Casey & Serilda Laymon(1900 Richland) George died 1978 Benton,Arkansas
I-97 Claude Harp 19, Jasper(Died 1914,Pruitt Cemetery) Cordelia "Delia" Villines 19, Ponca(Died 1973 Low Gap Cemetery) 17 September 1911 Curgus Young,Security by J b Calderhead,JP John H & Sarah Roseberry Villines(1900 Low Gap) Granville Harp & Mary Anthony(1910 Jackson,132 Cordelia m:(2)Lewis House on 14September1915
I-98 Argus Rosco "Ross"Smith 21, Vendor(Died 1963,Smith Cemetery) Annie Lee Nichols 16, Vendor(Died 1973,Smith Cemetery) 21 September 1911 Joe Flud,Security by E G Atkinson,JP William Nichols(Flood)&Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"Pierce Eson"Old Ece"Smith & Nancy Jane Smith Flood(Gilbert & Mary Brassfield Smith Family) Children:Mildred Collins;Lessie Hamilton;Nancy Ellen Smith*;William Elmond*;James Eldon,Harold+ and Dorvin Farold+ Smith(two sets of twins*and+)
I-99 Colonel C Madewell 27 Parthenon Mary McHughes 16 (nl) 23 September 1911 C H Carlton,Security by Samuel Hudson,JP NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED Colonel Madewell died 1959,Buffalo Cemetery,Newton County
I-100 Hugh R Moore 24, Jasper(Died 1960) Jessie Moss 17, Jasper(Died 1972) 17 June 1911 D B Criner,Security by A F Boomer,JP Joe B Moss & Armanda Catherine Slusher Walter & Annie Boomer Moore They are buried Jasper Cemetery,Newton County
I-101 William H Gregory 24, Republic(Christian Co.MO) Pearl Chaffin 19, Hasty 28 September 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. Perry Chaffin & Sarah E Henderson(1900 Mill Creek Twp.1
I-102 Wash William Laughter 40, Swain(Died 1943,Hickory Grove Cem.) Mary Sams Young King 29,Swain(Died 1932 Hickory Grove Cem.) 8 October 1911 M N Thomas,Security by Parker Young,O.M. Warren Sams & Velinda Catherine Norton Mary m:(1)Henry Lewis Young 1898(2)Marion S King 1910.Wash m:(1)Lora Dalton 26Jan1893 Henderson Co.N.C. who died 1907.On 1910 Jefferson Twp.,147
I-103 Columbus J Burdine 34, Red Rock Joeaner Criner 19, Mt.Judea 5 October 1911 J T Burdine,Security by William Hefley,JP Barnett Criner & Mary L Campbell William Nathaniel Burdine & Mary E.Cooper
I-104 Elmer Tennison 21, Jasper(Died 1970) Mary Louisa Baker 16, Red Rock(Died 1959) 5 October 1911 J F Tennison,Security by E G Atkinson,JP Elihue Baker & Peggy Emeline Smith Allen T Tennison & Nancy Riggs They are buried in Smith Cemetery,Newton County
I-105 H. Kimsey Brown 24, Swain(Died 1954) Caldona Grooms 24, Swain(Died 1967) 8 October 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by A E Wilson,O.M. James S Brown & Louise Lou Laughter(1900 Jefferson;1910,81 H.Kimsey had m:(1)Alice Jones in 1908. They are buried in Hickory Grove Cem.,Newton County
I-106 John W Yates 22, Bass Oza Martin 16, Bass 8 October 1911 Curgus Young,Security by Richard Dean,JP Hearl H Martin & Mary R Standridge(1910 Polk,164) George W Yates & Rhoda J Ross(1910 Polk Twp.
I-107 Rufus C Taylor 26, Bass(Died 1956) Sarah Caroline Tennison 18, Cave Creek(died 1945) 8 October 1911 John Yates,Security by Richard Dean,JP Mathew Tennison & Elizabeth McCutcheon Thomas b Taylor & Martha E Curtis They are buried McCutcheon Cemetery,Newton County
I-108 Jess Oliver Clark 22, Boxley(Died 1917 Walnut Grove Cem) Biddie E Self 20, Murray 8 October 1911 C C Boen,Security by S L McJunkins,JP Thomas R Self & Sarah C Sparks Biddie m:(2)George Winters on 18May1922
I-109 James Dill Murray 27, Murray Ora May Self 19, Murray 8 Octobeer 1911 Oliver Clark,Security by S L McJunkins,JP James A & Lauranna E Self(1910 Murray Twp.,23) Dan Granville Murray & Barthenia Gray.(Murray Twp.,272)
I-110 Charles Oscar Davis 22, Chancel Mary Amanda Rhynes 18,Tarlton 12 October 1911 G F Carlton,Security by T A Huckabee,JP William T Rhynes & Rosanna Humphry(1900 PL.Hill,53) James M Davis & Adner Cowell (1900 PL.Hill,3)
I-111 Will R Lackey 28, Low Gap Josie Kilgore 20, Low Gap 5 October 1911 W H Burdine,Security by J R Waters,JP Isham Kilgore & Martha Reynolds(1910 Low Gap) Will m:(1)Janie Villines 2 April 1908(She died 1918 Low Gap Cemetery)
I-112 Silas L Gibson 36,Hasty Alice Medeline Deaton 31, Jasper(Died 1940,Brown Cemetery,Newton County) 23 October 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by T G Henderson,JP Mary L Deaton & Granddaughter of John Deaton & Frances Cheshire Cross Deaton Alice was half-sister to America Cross Wright Brisco.Silas m:(1)Alice Elmore who died 1910,Sandhill Cemetery
I-113 Isaac N Reynolds,Jr. 37,Swain Mattie E. Bosarke 38,Swain 28 October 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by Lon Lee,JP Isaac Reynolds,Sr.& Nancy J Skipworth (Cherokee Indian;died 1934 Mossville Cem.) 1910 Jefferson Twp.,73.Isaac Sr.served Co.K,Union Infantry,Civil War;Mossville Cemetery,Military marker
I-114 John F Curtis 21,Fallsville Ollie Belle Bryson 18,Fallsville 31 October 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by John Cowan,JP James F & Louisa Bryson(1910 Walnut Twp..45) William & Samarah Curtis(Jefferson Twp.,136
I-115 Firmus Lipp 18, Jasper Pollie Houston 17, Jasper 1 November 1911 A J Maxwell,Security by T G Henderson,JP William Houston & Martha Harp(1910 Jackson,137 Klemens Lipp
I-116 Elvin Hudson 19, Parthenon Maggie Henderson 18, Wayton 29 October 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by E C Kelley,JP Robert Henderson(1910 Lincoln Twp.) William Allen Hudson & Maggie Davis Hudson McArtor(1910 Hudson Twp.) Elvin died in 1980;Buffalo Cemetery,Newton County
I-117 Dan Pruitt 22, Jasper Eva Sloan 19, Jasper 3 November 1911 J N Moore,Security by T G Henderson,JP Rollie Sloan & Rosetta Rush(1910 Jackson Twp.,69) Ransom S & Rhoda Berry Pruitt(1900,1910 Jackson Twp.)
I-118 James Elzie Villines 24,Low Gap(Died 1969) Rhoda Scroggins 19, Low Gap(Died 1964) 12 November 1911 G F Carlton,Security by Isham Kilgore,JP John A Scroggins & Amanda Jane Wishon(1910 Low Gap Twp.) John H Villines & Sarah Roseberry(1910 Low Gap Twp.) They are buried in Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County
I-119 John S Cunningham 20(30?),Reeves(Boone Co.AR) Mahala J Burton Strode 20, Jasper 26 November 1911 O L Burton,Security by J R Waters,JP James & Emeline Moore Burton(1910 Jackson Twp.,165) Mahala m:(1)James Strode on 3Nov1907;son Lenard Strode
I-120 Ed Green 22, Jasper Maud Mefford 18,Jasper 29 November 1911 Lewis Brasel,Sucurity by T G Henderson,JP John Mefford & Nancy Henderson Rowland(1900;1910 Jackson,251) William A & Sarah E Green?(1910 Jackson Twp.)
I-121 Robert Frank Sparks 17, Boxley Minnie Belle Wisdom 18, Boxley 3 December 1911 Cleve Sparks,Security by S L McJunkins,JP Thomas P Wisdom & Mary Jane Holt(1910 Van Buren Twp.) John E Sparks & Mary Jane Grogan(1910 Van Buren,123
I-122 Isaac G "Ice"Snow 19, Wayton(Died 1976) Polly Taylor 17, Wayton(Died 1954) 7 December 1911 Sam Daniels,Security by W F Hicks,JP Samuel Jefferson Taylor & Julia Snow.He m:(2)Sarah Willis in 1902.On 1910 Lincoln Twp.,20 Jasper Snow & Mary Eveline Youngblood Snow Wright Skaggs They are buried in Snow Cemetery,Newton County
I-123 Nanson C Donahue? 19, Fallsville Elizabeth Radford 20,Fallsville 17 December 1911 W C Ryker,Security by Elder J G Bosuar? Jesse Radford & Mary Bowland(1900 Boston Twp.)
I-124 Willie Nail 24, Kingston Nola Byers 23, Kingston 17 December 1911 Tom Nail,Security by J M King,Deacon Alfred & Martha Byers(1900 Osage Twp.,36) Thomas & Phoebe Ann Burney Nail (Madison Co.AR)
I-125 Walter G Wishon 22, Low Gap(1956) Linda L villines 20,Ponca(Died 1960) 24 December 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by Isham Kilgore,JP William S Villines & Martha Curnutt(1910 Low Gap,209) Miles Monroe Wishon & Caroline Eoff They are buried Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County
I-126 William M Curtis 32, Limestone Bertha Noe 20, Limestone 25 December 1911 N. Blackwood,Security by M A Carlton,JP Samuel Noe & Mary Jane Swafford McGee(1900 Union Twp.,44) John D Curtis & Mahala Essex(1910 Union,159)
I-127 George Washington"Wash"Casey19,Limestone Rettie Reha Noe 18,Limestone 24 December 1911 W M Curtis,Security by M A Carlton,JP Samuel Noe & Mary Jane Swafford McGee(1900 Union Twp) Archibald Yell Casey & Fanny Brown(1900 Union Twp.,162
I-128 James M "Jim" Bolin 22, Vendor(Died 1958 Mt.Judea Cemetery) Martha Carter 21, Jasper(Died 1971 Mt.Judea Cemetery) 24 December 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by E G Atkins,JP Henry C Carter & Nancy Wright(1910 Jackson Twp.) Colonel Bolin & Nora Carie' Martha m:(2)Albert D Yancey after 1958
I-129 Carlous C Martin 18, Yardell Hettie Casey 16, Parthenon 24 December 1911 J L Martin,Security by J W Casey,JP William Uriah Casey &(1)Nancy Jane Farmer John L Martin & Deb Ellen Smith(1910 Hudson,127 William Uriah Casey & second wife Nepping Elizabeth Henderson,1910 Hudson,131)
I-130 Charlie Braden 20, Willcockson Mary Louise Henderson 19, Jasper 28 December 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by T G Henderson,JP Will C Henderson & Sarah McGowan(1910 Jackson Twp.,113 James M Braden & Eliza H McDonald(1910 Mill Creek
I-131 Harry Fred Rich 23, Wayton Arminda "Minda"Bean 21, Swain 27 December 1911 G F Carlton,Security by Parker Young,O.M. William J & Mary F Chronister Bean(1910 Jefferson Twp) Harvey Rich & Mary Underwood
I-132 Henry Watson 28, Limestone Erie M Hamm 20, Limestone 28 December 1911 George W Neal,Security by M A Carlton,JP U S Grant Hamm & Winnie E Casey(1900 Union Twp.,113
I-133 Willie Dwiggins 21, Vendor(27Dec1890-11Sep1978 Coalgate,OK) Ella Rose Waters 17, Vendor(1894-1978,Coalgate,OK) 31 December 1911 Newton Blackwood,Security by E G Atkinson,JP Thomas J Waters & Mary"Molly"J Farmer(1910 White Twp.,75) John Dwiggins & Malinda Price Dwiggins Eddings Children:Garland Dwiggins; Van Dwiggins; Harce Dwiggins(1928-2015); Joe Dwiggins; Johnny Dwiggins; Niva (Dwiggins) Hughes(1917-1998);Hazel Mary (Dwiggins) McLellan(1926-2016) and Letha (Dwiggins) Cook
I-134 Fredrick A Rosamond 10, Moore(Died 1975) Flora A Overturf 16, Tarlton(Died 1974) 31 December 1911 J W Moore,Security by A E House,JP Elias Overturf & Viola Slape Nonimus N & Rosa A Bennet Rosamond They are buried Tarlton Cemetery,Newton County
I-135 John Peterson Sparks 66, Boxley(Born 1846 Roan Co.TN-died age 90 Waldron,AR) Nancy Murphy Carlton 57, Boxley(Died 1929 Lamb Cemetery,Scott Co.,Waldron,AR) 7 January 1912 G C Sparks,Security by S L McJunkins,JP Isaac Murphy & Lucy S Whiteley Hiram Sparks & Tilitha Scarborough John m:(1)Lucy Whiteley;(2)Sarah E Russell.Nancy was widow of James M Carlton
I-136 Marcelles Shelton 22, Wayton Nettie Henderson 19, Wayton 11 January 1912 Newton Blackwood,Security by W F Hicks, JP William T & Permelia Taylor Henderson(1900,1910 Lincoln Twp) Eliphas Shelton?(1910 Lincoln Twp.)
I-137 James "Jim"Villines 17, Ponca(Died 1930) Laura Janie Arbaugh 16, Ponca(Died 1989) 21 January 1912 L G Young,Security by Isham Kilgore,JP William Arbaugh & Sarah E Woodward(died 1896)Plumlee Twp. Albert & Geneva Eoff Villines(1900 Low Gap Twp.) They are buried in Low Gap Cemetery,Newton County
I-138 William "Will"Vaughn 19, Murray(Died 1960) Mary S Snow 18, Wayton(Died 1970) 11 January 1912 John Shelton,Security by W F Hicks,JP Jasper Snow & Mary Eveline Youngblood Joseph & Nancy Richardson Vaughn(1910 Murray Twp.) They are buried in Snow Cemetery,Newton County
I-139 Ernest Phillips 20,Jasper(Died 1973) Bethel Chrissman 19,Jasper(Died 1975) 11 January 1912 D.Phillips,Security by A F Boomer,JP Yell Chrissman & Martha Jane Ammons Chrissman Earp William Henry Phillips & Amanda J Casey They are buried in Union Hill Cemetery,Newton County
I-140 John O Langford 25, Fallsville Nora Dixon 15,Fallsville 21 January 1912 W C Ryker,Security by B F Hibbard,O.M. Alex C Dixon & Lillie Crawford(1910 Boston Twp.) They moved to Oklahoma.Understand several of their sons were well-known professional golfers.John was a carpenter,saw sharpener & followed the oil industry in Oklahoma
I-141 James Ira Hicks 24, Wayton Malissa Taylor 17, Wayton 28 January 1912 W F Hicks,Security by W F Hicks,JP Isaac"Ice"Taylor & Matilda Snow. Hamilton Madison Hicks & Margaret(mnu)Slusher?,Henson?,Henderson? 1880 Pl.Hill Twp.shows Madison Hicks 30 with wife Margaret 26.Wayton Cemetery records show Margaret Henson Hicks 1859-1934
I-142 John Campbell"Jay" York,Jr. 26, Cave Creek(1884-1963) Edna Andrews 17, Cave Creek(9Mar1895-3Nov1978 Carroll Co.AR) 28 January 1912 John Dixon,Security by M. Tennison,JP James & Mary Andrews(1861-1920)& Mary L Thompson(1866-1945) (1910 New Hope Twp.,62) John Campbell York Sr. John & Edna are buried York Cemetery,Osage,Carroll Co.AR.James & Mary Andrews buried Bens Branch Cemetery,Newton County
I-143 Dee McGuire 20,Fallsville Rhoda Rhodes 19, Fallsville 4 February 1912 W C Ryker,Security by I M Bramlett,O.M. William & Kate Rhodes(1910 Boston Twp.,91) Rhoda died 1960 Johnson County,AR
I-144 Johnie Henderson 21, Jasper Ettie Henderson 21, Jasper 31 January 1912 Curgus Young,Security by T G Henderson,JP John & Mary Bash Henderson (1900 Jackston Twp.,199 Will c Henderson & Sarah E McGowan(1910 Jackson,113
I-145 Lon Paul 22, Harrison (Boone Co.AR) Allie Gaylor 17, Willcockson 7 February 1912 Dolpho Jones,Security by W J Pruett,JP Elkana C & Sinda Gaylor (1910 Marble City Twp.,73
I-146 Ernest Fitzsmorris 24, Fallsville Sarah Isabelle Lingerfelt 16, Fallsville 11 February 1912 Andy Lingerfelt & Polina Carlton Mansfield(1910 Jackston Twp.,65) Sarah m:(2)Howard Fitzmorris in 1920
I-147 R G Smith 28, Mt.Judea Thenia Troglin 14, Mt.Judea 7 February 1912 Arthur Blackwood,Security by W M Heffley,JP Dave Troglin & Sarah Jane Hefley(1910 Big Creek,36
I-148 William T Whittaker 31, Wayton Malinda"Linda"J Shelton 16,Wayton 10 February 1912 John Shelton,Security by W F Hicks,JP Eliphas & Patty Corde4lia Pate Shelton(1910 Lincoln Twp.) Jesse & Nancy Ann Whittaker(1900 Kentucky Twp.,158 Jesse & Nancy Whittaker died in 1913;Cave Mt.Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
I-149 Samuel Dave Owen 19, Limestone Leona Criner 26, Mt.Judea 8 February 1912 Tom Owen, Security by Samuel Owen,JP Joseph H Criner & Martha Cheatham(1910 Big Creek,98 Joseph A Owen & Rutha Faught(1900 Union Twp.,154)
I-150 Hiram T Sparks 38, Murray Lizzie Carlton 24,Murray 28 September 1911 Newt Blackwood,Security by L L McJurkins,JP William R & Frances Carlton (1910 Hudson Twp.,96) Hirm m:(1)Lucy Nevada Matlock in 1891;she died December 1910 Union Hill Cemetery,Newton County
I-151 F T Hudson 32, Wewoka (Sequoyah Co.OK) Belle Ellis 22, Cassville 6 October 1911 Curgus Young,Security by Lon Lee,JP William F & Irene Williams Ellis (1900 Jefferson Twp.,133)
I-152 Hugh Leroy Curtis 22,Swain Rosa Sutherland 19, Swain 18 February 1912 E E Ammons,Security by Lon Lee,JP James H & Sarah C Nichols Curtis (1910 Jefferson,134
I-153 John J Waters 80, Jasper(Died 1920,Jasper Cemetery) Annie Carmack 18, Jasper 18 February 1912 A C Phillips,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. Moses & Sarah Carmack(1910 Jackson Twp.,119) Nathan & Jemima Waters John m:(1)Frances Schemadah;she died 1908,Jasper Cemetery
I-154 James Berry Dickey 23, Bass Alice M McCutcheon 16, Bass(Died 1929) 25 February 1912 D N Farmer,Security by Richard Dean,JP Lawrence & Mary A Davis McCutcheon(1900 Polk Twp.,118) James S & Susan C Martin Dickey(1900 Polk Twp.,95) Alice is buried McCutcheon Cemetery,Newton County
I-155 Harvey Anderson Brace 26, Spence Bertie May Huckabee 19, Cowell 25 February 1912 J R Rollins,Security by C H Snow,O.M. Thomas A & Samantha S Huckabee(1900 PL.Hill,48,1910 PL.Hill) Harvey J Brace(1900 Richland Twp.
I-156 Ernest Taylor 20, Murray(Died 1959 Clayborn Cemetery,Newton County) Rentha Willis 15, Murray(Died 1947) 3 March 1912 W J Perkey,Security by W F Hicks,JP Monroe & Mary Emma Murray Willis(1900 Murray Twp.,258) Ice J Taylor & Matilda Snow They are buried Snow Cemetery,Newton County
I-157 William "Billy" Thomas Bethell 28, Limestone(1881-1925 Myrtle Farris 19, Limestone 3 March 1912 William Allen,Security by Cyrus Hudson,JP George N Bethell & Mary C Young(1900 Union Twp.with children William 15,John 14 & Louisa 14 William m:(1)Annie Adams on 5sept1906.
I-158 Joe (James J)Bell 21, Hasty Eva Sisco 18, Sisco 3 March 1912 Frank Chaffin,Security by Thomas Chaffin,JP James & Virginia Watkins Bell(1910 Prairie Twp.,117
I-159 John Samuel Wheeler 22, Ft.Douglas (Johnson Co.AR)(Died 1982) Mary Hampton 17, Chancel(Died 1975) 10 March 1912 J C Smith,Security by B C Davis,JP Lewis Hampton & Irene Brassfield Hampton Davis Wiley Wheeler & Emoline Owens They are buried in Coleman Cemetery at Sand Gap(Pope Co.AR.)
I-160 Carlie M Ramsey 21, Mossville (Died 1960) Josie Edgmon 19, Mossville (Died 1932) 10 March 1912 G F Carter,Security by Lon Lee,JP Edward Edgmon & Sarah E Guthrie Thomas Jefferson Ramsey & Mary Ann Cody They are buried in Mossville Cemetery,Newton County
I-161 Joseph Hartman 48, Vendor Nancy Jane Pierce Battenfield Box 31, Vendor 10 March 1912 A F Boomer,Security by P F Harrison, JP John L Pierce,Jr. & Mary Maranda Flood Nancy m:(1)E.E.Battenfield in 1896.She m:(2)Charley Box in 1904.Daughter Gertie Battenfield m:Columbus"Lum"Foster
I-162 Arthur Casey 20,Limestone Ella Warren 23, Limestone 24 March 1912 Newt Blackwood,Security by Thomas Bethel,O.M. Uriah R & Nancy Essex Cooksey Casey(1900 Union Twp.,1
I-163 Edmond Edgmon 21, Swain(Died 1974 Mossville Cem.) Dona Reynolds (nl),Boxley 24 March 1912 W P Spears, Security by John M Whiteley,JP Lavonia Thomas & Zachary Reynolds(Vincent & Sarah Spivey Thomas Family) Edward Edgmon & Sarah E Guthrie. Dona later m:(2)Mr.Ashlock
I-164 Frank Reddell 21, Mt.Judea(Died 1969) Victoria "Vick" Foster 19, Mt.Judea(Died 1983) 4 April 1912 Peter T Campbell,Security by William Hefley,JP John Foster & Mary E Wright David Vincent Reddell & Sarah "Sallie"Greenhaw They are buried in Sexton Cemetery,Newton County
I-165 Charles A Rogers 24, Elba (Van Buren Co.AR.) Etta Lowe 27, Elba 14 April 1912 F M Rogers,Security by Thomas E Ford,JP(Van Buren Co.AR)
I-166 William R Owen 17, Limestone Ida Richardson 16, Limestone 7 April 1912 Jess B O'Neal,Security by Samuel Owen,JP James O & Louzana Richardson(1900 Union Twp.,144) Joseph A Owen & Rutha Faught(1900 Union Twp.,154)
I-167 Willie Holt 21,Mt.Judea Tennie Tennison 17, Mt.Judea 14 April 1912 Lonnie Bryant,Security by Richard Dean,JP Mathew Tennison & Lizzie McCutcheon(1910 Polk Twp.) William Chester Holt & Louisa Caroline Criner(1910 Big Creek,106)
I-168 Floyd Millard Villines 19, Boxley Lovetta Etta Harp 17, Boxley(Died 1918,Walnut Grove Cemetery) 32 April 1912 Newt Blackwood,Security by John W Whiteley,JP James Larkin & Eliza Bradley Villines(1910 Van Buren Twp.,106) Floyd m:(2)Gladys M Primrose in 1921.He died in Merced California
I-169 Albert E Wilson 23, Swain Ida Mooney 19, Limestone 2 May 1912 Curgus Young,Security by A E Wilson,Minister William & Laura Mooney (1910 Walnut Twp.,19) Rev.Albert E Wilson & Mary Jane Brown (1910 Jefferson Twp.,97)
I-170 Milton Warren 22, Fallsville Barbara Davis 20, Fallsville 4 May 1912 A J Hudson,Security by John N Cowan,JP
I-171 Noah Rhynes 17, Hasty Mary Matilda Burcham 17, Vendor 12 May 1912 Anison Davenport,Security by E G Atkinson,JP Benjamin Burcham & Mary a Liles(1910 White Twp.,145) William Rhynes & Sarah Busby (1910 Mill Creek Twp.,8)
I-172 John Henry Beaver 20, Stoverville(Died 1958) Ora May Carlton Ponca(died 1931) 19 May 1912 J A Blackwood,Security by J B Calderhead,JP Columbus F Carlton & Mattie Waters (1910 Low Gap,222) George W & Rebecca J Potter Beaver (1900 Osage Twp.,44) They are buried in Cross Roads Cemetery,Newton County
I-173 George W Edgmon 29, Swain Minnie Thomas 22, Swain 22 May 1912 Curgus Young,Security by Lon Lee,JP Joseph Thomas & Gertrude Williams (1910 Jefferson,74) James Edgmon & Susannah "Susie"Harderson
I-174 John Shelton 19, Wayton Dora Belle Taylor 18, Wayton 23 May 1912 M S Shelton,Security by W F Hicks,JP Isaac Wilburn Taylor & Clarinda Henderson Eliphas Shelton & Patty Cordelia Pate (1910 Lincoln Twp.,44)
I-175 Marion S King 47,Wayton(19May1867-13Jan1944 Wayton Cemetery) Mary Noe 20, Murray 16 June 1912 T G Sexton,Security by E C Kelley,O.M. Samuel Noe? Marion m:(1)Louisa E Riley (12June1869-26Aug1909)on 25Nov1888).He m:(2)Mary Sams Young in 1910
I-176 Denver Swain 18, Swain Lillie Simmons 15, Swain 16 June 1912 Newton Blackwood,Security by Lon Lee,JP Lillie was niece of Eddie & Dovie Laughter Simmons(1910 Jefferson,147) John W Swain & Saphrona J Norton(1910 Jefferson Twp.,114
I-177 Charles Anderson Heflin 26, Fallsville Laura Belle Hibbard 18, Fallsville 30 June 1912 W C Ryker,Security by John Cowan,JP Jefferson Hibbard & Nancy Lewis(1900 Boston Twp.,113) BOND issued 3July1912.CERTIFICATE issued 30June1912.LICENSE issued 3July1912
I-178 James Monroe Lovell 38, Ryker(Died 1936 Curtis Cemetery) Laurence Yates 20, Ryker(Died 1960 Low Gap Cemetery) 7 July 1912 A M Lovell,Security by B F Hibbard,JP James F & Sarah A Yates (1910 Kentucky Twp.,26) James m:(1)Sadie Belle Mitchell on14Jan1900;she died 1907,Curtis Cemetery
I-179 Henry H Lawson 21,George(Died 1980) Fannie Bartlett 21, Compton(she is actually 25)(Died 1959) 18 July 1912 A B Arbaugh,Security by J H Petree,JP James Bartlett & Rebecca Plumlee(1900 Plumlee Twp.,133) Alexander Lawson & Martha Eoff (1900 Osage Twp.,79) They are buried Liberty Cemetery,Newton County
I-180 Ben Burcham 50, Hasty(Buried Carver Cemetery,no marker) Mary Liles 50, Hasty 31 July 1912 John Harvey,Security by E G Atkinson, JP They married previously on 25July1889(1910 White Twp.,45)
I-181 John M Plumlee 27,Delmar (Carroll Co.AR) Cora Nixon 25, Delmar 30 July 1912 S D Davison,Security by J H Petree,JP John & Louiza A Armer Plumlee?(1900 Plumlee Twp.,84)
I-182 Tom Owen 32, Limestone Ona Richardson 20,Limestone 28 July 1912 Bill Owen,Security by Thomas c Bethell,JP James O & Louzana Richardson (1900 Union Twp.,144) Joseph A & Rutha Faught Owen (1900 Union, 154)
I-183 Sam Hershel McDougal,Jr. 21,Yardell Lillie Idella Greenhaw 18, Mt.Judea(Died 1920 of TB,Mt.Judea Cemetery) 1 August 1912 John Spencer,Security & Alva Hamilton,Security by William Sprague,O.M. George W Greenhaw & wife No.3 Amanda Yates Martin Jones Samuel H McDougal,Sr. & Mary Jane Bethany Lillie m:(2)Little Henry Smith on 1Oct1914
I-184 William Hez Taylor 32, Moore Emma Daniel 15,Tarlton 4 August 1912 John T White,Security by R W Stangwitz,JP(Russellville,Pope Co.AR) James P & Mary A Daniel (1900 Union Twp.) Pleas & Mary Standridge Taylor (1900 Richland,66) William m:(1)Katie Beare in 1900,Pope Co.AR.She died 1911 Richland Cemetery
I-185 William R Lee 37, Yardell (Died 1965) Hattie Bailey 23, Yardell(Died 1984) 5 August 1912 J M Wheeler,Security by T J Shinn,JP Fred Bailey & Ella Conklin John Arnold Lee & Victoria Shinn (1900 Prairie, 129) They are buried in Sandhill Cemetery,Newton County
I-186 W R Casey 33, Boxley Sophia Storm 25, Ryker 17 August 1912 J F Carlton,Security by Jubel Smith,JP James Milton Storm & Sarah Jane Martin (1900,1910 Kentucky Twp.) Sophia's father James born 1840 Pulaski Co.KY.Wife Sarah Jane was daug. of Phillip Storm(Choctaw Indian)Many of this family buried Cave Mt.Cemetery,Newton County
I-187 Herman R Heydenreich 19, Deer(Died 1967) Tennie Harlan 19, Deer(Died 1931) 18 August 1912 H F Heydenreich,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Henry & Julia A Adams Heydenreich(1910 Pl.Hill,30) They are buried in Deer Cemetery,Newton County
I-188 William W Hawley 43,Fallsville(Living 1900 Boston Twp.with wife Della) Isabelle "Belle" Begley 36, Fallsville(Died 1942) 24 August 1912 Curgus Young,Security by Benjamin F Hibbard,O.M. Family in 1900 Kentucky Twp.(Mother Mary,born 1854 KY),186 & 1910 Kentucky Twp.,72 Daughter Pearl Hawley(1914-1935)They are buried Cave Mt.Cemetery,Newton County
I-189 Arthur Hutchens 21, Jasper(Died 1957 Jasper Cemetery) Malinda Jones 19, Jasper(Died 1975 Jasper Cemetery) 1 September 1912 James Young,Security by W S Henderson,O.M. Brice L Jones & Lena E Boomer John H Hutchens & Mary Ellen Bowen Davis(Fed Bowen & Mahala Womack) Mary Ellen m:(1)James Irving Davis;two sons:Daniel G & Robert R Davis.Two Hutchens sons:Arthur & Oliver
I-190 Lonnie Bryant 24, Mt.Judea (Died 1945 Mt.Judea Cemetery) Nancy Owen 15, Limestone (Died 1967 Mt.Judea Cemetery) 8 September 1912 James Owens,Security by D H Hefley,JP Joseph A Owen & Ruthie Faught (1900 Union Twp.) John Bryant & Emily Stacy Nancy m:)2) Harvey Martin
I-191 George B Curtis 21,Limestone Laura E Hefley 17, Limestone 8 September 1912 Curgus Young,Security by W M Hefley, JP William Hefley & Elizabeth Frances "Fannie"Guthrie (1900 Big Creek) John D Curtis & Mahala Essex (1900 Union Twp.),/td>
I-192 Dave Crouch 19, Compton Geneva L Venia Bartlett 19, Compton 11 September 1912 Winfield Baker,Security by G F Sims,JP James Bartlett & Rebecca Plumlee (1900,1910 Plumlee Twp.)
I-193 Frank Turney 22, Parthenon Lentie Reynolds 18, Parthenon 15 September 1912 George R Turney,Security by J W Casey,JP John S Reynolds & Mary R Carlton (1910 Hudson Twp.)
I-194 Frank Collins 24, Jasper(Died 1973) Vendor Hill 15, Jasper (Died 1960) 16 September 1912 T B Riggs,Security by W R Martin,JP Thomas Hill & Mary Riggs Hill Upton Thomas Collins & Nancy McGowan (1910 Jackson Twp.) They are buried Armstrong Cemetery,Newton County
I-195 George Simmons 24, Swain(Died 1951) Ida Culbertson 22, Swain(Died 1949) 22 September 1912 George W Neal,Security by Lon Lee,JP Gus Bud Culbertson & Mary A Beasley (1910 Jefferson Twp.) James Pinckney Jim Simmons & Mary Elizabeth Brown They are buried Hickory Grove Cemetery,Newton County
I-196 William Lynch 31, Fallsville Bessie Wagers 21, Fallsville 2 October 1912 Curgus Young, Security by J W Bramlett,O.M.(Franklin Co.AR.) Monroe Wagers & Lucreasy Nuchols (1900 Kentucky Twp.)
I-197 T.G.Thaddius Daniels 26, Swain Orpha Robbins 18, Swain 20 October 1912 James Braswell,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP William F Daniels & Nancy Strode(Jefferson Twp.)
I-198 Claude F Pruitt 22, Deer Julia Breedlove 18, Deer 1 December 1912 G C Breedlove,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP William R & Celeste jane Breedlove (1900 Lincoln Twp.) James P Pruitt & Nancy P Curtis (Pl.Hill Twp.) Julia was twin to Howard Breedlove
I-199 William C "Charley"Reddell 21, Vendor(Died 1928 TB in OK) Rosetta "Rosa" Pierce 16, Vendor(Died before 1985 San Leandro,CA) 10 August 1912 (6 children) W A Campbell,Security by J C Heffley,JP John L Pierce,Jr. & Mary Maranda Flood William T Reddell & Nancy C Holt (1910 White Twp.) Rosa taught school in OK.She m:(2)Thomas Jefferson Pitts in 1931 in OK.Two children.
I-200 J D Walker 43, Tarlton(living alone 1910 Richland Twp.,188) Lizzie Brimmage 23, Tarlton 9 June 1912 E E Ammons,Security by A C Hamm,JP Frank & Rosa Owens Brimmage (1910 Richland Twp.)
I-201 Benjamin F Boomer 22, Jasper(Died July1958 Garberville,CA(Humboldt Co.) Jerusha "Rusha"Flud 19, Vendor(Died 14Dec1977 Bakersfield,CA) 6 July 1912 W W Moore,Security by E G Atkinson,JP William Riley Flud & Louisiana Brasel Fredrick Boomer & Hattie M Anderson Jerusha m:(2)Ray Morgan(1896-Oct1975 Bakersfield(Kern Co.)CA.)He called her Lena J
I-202 Will L Reddell 18, Mt.Hersey Nancy Arphenia "Fennie" McCutcheon 18, Mt.Hersey 12 September 1912 M M Hall,Security by G W S Miles,JP Enos McCutcheon & Virginia Duck (1910 Polk Twp.,72 George Frank Reddell & Mary Salmon
I-203 George W Gillian 25, Limestone Lou Adams 19, Limestone 29 September 1912 Curgus Young,Security by M A Carlton,JP William Adams & Nancy Emily Clayborn (1900 Union Twp.,29) William Gillian & Martha E Ham (1910 Walnut,143)
I-204 O R Reubell 21, Willcockson Armitta "Mittie" Neighbors 19, Willcockson 6 October 1912 E E Ammons,Security by S L Monday,JP Isaac & Sarah McMahan Neighbors (1910 Marble City Twp.,83) Mittie died 1938.A Son James L Reubell 1913-1968;Shaddox Cemetery,Newton County
I-205 Walter Strode 18, Murray(Died 1947) Bessie Jones 16, Murray(Died 1983) 9 October 1912 G W Self,Security by A A Neal,JP David A & Sarah Jones(1910 Murray Twp.,12) James & Lydie Ellison Strode(1910 Murray Twp.,10;James w/second wife Sarah E Murray McPherson Willis They are buried Mossville Cemetery,Newton County
I-206 Joseph H Pruitt 23, Fallsville Gracie Stepp 17, Fallsville 13 October 1912 Newt Blackwood,Security by J W Bramlet,JP(Madison Co.AR) William & Arminta Newman Stepp (1900 Boston Twp.) William & Nancy Pruitt (1900 Kentucky Twp.,204
I-207 George Benjamin Guthrie 21, Boxley Josie Sherfield 18, Boxley 21 October 1912 W E Self,Security by T T Whiteley,JP Rye Lewis Sherfield & Seleta Beckham Whiteley(1910 Van Buren,180) Edmond & saarah Lucinda Bull Guthrie(1910 Van Buren,182)
I-208 Elmer Lester Hefley 21, Mt.Judea(Died 1963) Viola Myrtle Heffley 19, Mt. Judea(died 1954) 17 October 1912 Thomas J Heffley & Luella Guthrie (1900 Big Creek Twp.) William Bailey Hefley & Margaret Cheatham Children:Lester Marvin;Gussie Me Nichols;Custer M Oxhead;Wilsie Ann Cook;Lois Sain;Athel;Russ & E.L.Hefley.Elmer & Viola are buried Mt.Judea Cemetery
I-209 George Guthrie 21, Boxley Jessie Sherfield 18, Boxley 10 October 1912 LINES ARE DRAWN THROUGH THIS ENTRY.I J Whiteley,JP
I-210 Andrew Baker 24, Swain Nancy Self 22, Swain 23 October 1912 Leonard Andrews,Security by A A Neal,JP William James "Billy" Self & Sarah M Watson (1900 Murray Twp.,289) Andrew died in 1914 & is buried in Mossville Cemetery,Newton County
I-211 Albert Herby Dees 22, Hasty Letha McCurley 18, Hasty 14 November 1912 W J Pruitt,Security by W N Agee,JP william McCurley & Susan Cross (1900 White Twp.;1910 Jackson Twp.) John A Dees & Missouri E Dodson (1910 Prairie,169)
I-212 Thomas F Peake 35, Jasper Ollie Harp 26, Jasper 3 November 1912 E E Ammons,Security by T J Wilson,JP(Crawford Co.AR.) Anderson Monroe"Ance"Harp & Mattie Waters (1910 Jackson,131) Thomas B & Linda Peake (1910 Jackson Twp.,93
I-213 John White 25, Wethers (Madison Co.AR.) Ora Duvall 18, Boxley 3 November 1912 Henry Burney,Security by J W Rogers,JP(Madison Co.AR) William B & Wealtha Ludington Duvall (1910 Van Buren Twp.,96
I-214 Joe Simmons 21, Cowell Laura Huckabee 22, (nl) 3 November 1912 W W Baker,Security by S b Lovell,O.M.(Marion Co.AR) Thomas A & Samantha S Huckabee(1900 Pl.Hill,48 John A Simmons & America E Sams(1910 Jefferson Twp.,111)
I-215 William Thomas Flud 22, Vendor Katherine "Kate"Martha Vanderpool 20,Jasper(Died 1927,Hammett Cemetery,Artussee,McIntosh Co.OK) 10 November 1912 M.Crow,Security by E G Atkinson,JP Francis Vanderpool & Shulemite Ammons Schooling John Lemuel"Honey John"Flud & Edia Isabelle Flud(John Kink Flud family) Kate's tombstone in Mellette Cem.Eufaula,OK.children:Troy,Devoe & Prosie Flud.William m:(2)Bessie Lee Adams Tucker in 1930.Tucker children were Bittie,Jack,Don,Mildred & Tunnie Tucker.Flud children were:Goldie L Pague;Mary C Fowler;Sarah J Carver;Johnnie Lee;Helen Faye Daniel & Katie Mae Whaley.Will died 1976.Bessie died 1989;buried Mellette Cemetery,McIntosh Co.OK.
I-216 Jess Edgmon 21, Boxley Angeline Thomas 23,Kingston(Died 1917,Walnut Grove Cem.Newton County) 24 November 1912 W B Whiteley,Security by John W Whiteley,O.M. Francis Marion Edgmon & Talitha Tennessee Sparks Jess m:(2)Susie Griffin on 13July1919 Newton County
I-217 Carroll Farmer 21, Macomb (Pottawatomie Co.OK) Elva Seth 18, Deer 24 November 1912 D N Farmer,Security by H F Heydenreich,JP Stepmother Florence M Seth (1910 Pl.Hill with Frank,Vera,Hazel & Gladys N Seth) Elva was granddaughter of Frank D & Alma E Coss (1910 Pl.Hill,86)
I-218 B H Hufford 22, Ryker Laura Alice Eversole 18, Ryker 1 November 1912 J C Smith,Security by Add Edwards,JP Joseph C Eversole & Emma Adeline Brooks Samuel A & Margaret Ardella Webster Hufford(1900 Kentucky Twp.,159) Laura married several more times;died in OK 1992,New Zion Cem.,Lincoln Co.OK.A daughter Ruby Jewel Hufford born & died 1914,buried Kapark Cemetery,Newton County
I-219 Wilburn Mathis 18, Ryker Orlena "Lena"M Eversole 16, Ryker(born Madison Co.AR) 1 December 1912 J C Smith,Security by Add Edwards,JP Joseph c Eversole & Emma A Brooks Mary J(MNU)Mathis Yeager;stepfather Isaac B Yeager(1910 Boston Twp.)
I-220 Earl B Gillum 19, Lawson?(Newton)(Died 1981) Orlena Frances Hodges 18, Ryker(Died 1967) 8 December 1912 James Braswell,Security by W N Nuckols,O.M. Caleb & Sarah Hodges(1900,1910 Kentucky Twp.) They are buried Reeves Cemetery,Newton County
I-221 Harmon Wood 21,(nl) Delia Clayborn 21,(nl) none listed Joe Clayborn,Security UNEXECUTED Harmon Wood's name is on Bond & License.Delia later m:James McDonald in 1913
I-222 James W Parker 27,Ponca Nancy Stills 23, Dinsmore 8 December 1912 Thomas Baker,Security by John Bowen,JP(Madison Co.AR) Joseph Stills & Margret Guess (1900 & 1910 Osage Twp.,112
I-223 Doctor B Criner 25,Everton Octavia Tess Savannah Ruble 21,Jasper 7 December 1912 J Wilburn Moore,Security by A F Boomer,JP Benjamin & Mary Susan Moore Ruble (1900 Jackson Twp.,188) Doctor M Criner (died 1886)& Laura Florence Davis Criner Payne Laura Davis Criner m:(2)Leander J Payne in 1888(1900 Polk Twp.82)
I-224 John Edgar Hudson 22,Murray(Died 1970) Ida Carlton 23,Murray(Died 1918,Buffalo Cemetery) 12 December 1912 E E Ammons,Security by J W Casey,JP William R & Frances Carlton William Allen Hudon & Maggie Davis McArtor(1910 Hudson Twp.) John Edgar Hudson m:(2)Effie Stephens in 1920.Effie died 1982;Buffalo Cemetery,Newton County
I-225 Clark Radford 26,Ryker Jessie Donahow 15, Ryker 15 December 1912 Jess Donahow,Security by B F Hibbard,O.M. Jess Radford & Mary Bowland (1900 Boston Twp.)
I-226 Newton Davis 26, Cowell Alice Curtis 26, Limestone 14 December 1912 J I Brisco,Security.NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED This page number also had:Covered by Envelope....uton Davis,Addressed to Samuel Hudson & J E F West, .E F West,First.L L Bachus,dated 10 January 1913
I-227 Thomas Carter 22, Jasper Mary Burdine 21,Jasper 25 December 1912 Willie Pruitt,Security by E G Atkinson,JP William Henry Burdine & Edie Iabelle Cooper(she died 1891) Henry C Carter & Martha Wright (1910 Jackson Twp.55) Thomas & Mary moved to McIntosh Co.OK
I-228 C W Mysinger 24, Hasty Rebecca Hoppis 22, Hasty 25 December 1912 Cyrus Edwards,Security by W R Martin,O.M. G W S Scottie Hoppis & Nancy J Cross (1900 Jackson Twp.) C W Mysinger was brother-in-law of John M Jones(1910 Prairie Twp.170
I-229 Carl W Franks 29, Swain(Died 1979) Hattie J Rappas 36, Swain(Died 1951) 30 December 1912 Neal & Annie Franks (1910 Jefferson Twp.,142 They are buried in Cassville Cemetery,Newton County
I-230 Curtis Riggs 29, Jasper Mittie Martin 18, Jasper 29 December 1912 Curgus Young,Security by A C Phillips,O.M. W.Robert Martin & Mary L Payton (1910 Jackson Twp.,115) Thomas B Riggs & Gracie Jane Armstrong(1910 Jackson Twp.24)