NEWTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS MARRIAGES BOOK G,PART 2 from G-227 thru G-488<br> From 26 December 1902 to 5 January 1905<br>



date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.
Did not number the pages. The License Number is the page number.
Copied in 1992 by Evelyn Flood ( from actual
court records.
People will say....these are public records.....well,
you WILL NOT find the information in the marriage records
at the Jasper Courthouse that I have in my books, such as parents names; census information; other marriages,burial places.etc.

The page number after the name is the marriage number

Much information could not be listed due to lack of space in these
ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued

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Evelyn Flood

January & February 2017

G-227 Isaac F Frailey 30, Parthenon(7May1872-12Apr1934) Effie Hudson 18, Parthenon(21Mar1885-1Aug1940) 4 January 1903 J D Plumlee,Surety by C C Hudson, O.D.G. James J Hudson & Vickie Boatman(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 94 William E & Lizzie Frailey(1910 Polk Twp.,Visit 125 Isaac & Effie are buried Haskell,Muskogee Co.OK
G-228 James Monroe Dixon 32, Spence(10-Mar1864 TN-22Dec1918) Florence Catherine Overturf 19, Spence 4 January 1903 John Miller,Surety by J L Masters John Harvey Dixon & Dulcenia London James is buried Mt.Zion Cemetery, Holla Bend,Pope Co.AR
G-229 James M Lewis 24, Fallsville(6Mar1877-27Maay1969) Martha Ellen Burns 19, Fallsville(3Sep1883-12Jan1969) 11 January 1903 James Phillips,Surety by G W Burns, J P George & Emily Burns(1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 92 James & Martha are buried Stroud Cemetery,Lincoln Co.OK
G-230 J A Hopkins 24, Tarlton Annie House 19, Newton 11 January 1903 John Claxton,Surety by G W Thompson, J P
G-231 Millard Filmore Roberts 35, Fallsville(25Aug1868 KY-1954) Mary M Eastep 16, Fallsville(Died 28Jan1904 Oregon) 5 January 1903 T R Lewis,Surety by Hamp Rogers, J P Felix & Tennessee Roberts Millard drowned Harpster,Idaho Co.,Idaho
G-232 William Henry Monroe Willis 25, Parthenon(6Sep1877-9June1946) Rosetta Henson 18, Parthenon(9Mar1884-12Mar1937) 15 January 1903 W H Reynolds,Surety by M M Wishon, J P David Henson & Rebecca Daniels Owen Willis & Nellie Munhollen Henry Monroe & Rosetta are buried Buffalo Cemetery
G-233 Richard Standridge 56, Spence(Died 1903 Maude,OK,Dripping Springs cemetery) Saley Patridge 18, Spence 18 January 1903 John Hudson,Surety by J H Dixon John Wesley & Mary C Standridge Richard m:(1)Nancy J Felkins in 1865;she died 26Nov1901 Maude,OK
G-234 William "Will" Henry Ashlock 32, Limestone(12Oct1870 KY-28Mar1951) Ada Ellen Curtis 17, Limestone(22Sep1885-7July1965) 25 January 1903 D Snow,Surety by J H Curtis, J P Amos"Bud"Curtis & Harriet Owen(1900,Union Twp.,Visit 64) James L & Jane Bailey Ashlock(1900 Union Twp.,Visit 79) Will & Ada are buried in Okmulgee,Oklahoma
G-235 Steven Frank Criner 24, Mt.Judea Maggie Hefley 19, Mt.Judea 18 January 1903 E E Ammons,Surety by Daniel Sexton, J P Daniel Hefley & Eliza Jane Greenhaw(1900 Big Creek Twp.,Visit 156) Stephen C Criner & Margaret M "Tid"Cheatham(1900 Big Creek,Visit 131
G-236 Lark E Henderson 22, Wayton Viola Winters 20, Wayton 18 January 1903 E E Ammons,Surety by J E Vincent Martha Winters,widow(1900 Lincoln Twp.,Visit 128) John Henderson & Elizabeth Taylor(1900 Lincoln Twp.,Visit 137)
G-237 James William Eddings 21, Vendor Martha Adams 18, Hasty 25 January 1903 James Armstrong,Surety by P T Harrison, J P John Calvin EddingsII & Mary Canzada Jones James died 1969 in Oklahoma
G-238 Lundie Harvey 19, Fallsville Sarah E Cline 19, Fallsville 31 January 1903 Nick P & Lucinda Cline(1900 Osage Twp.,Visit 35) Albert Harvey & Sarah Ellen Basham(1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 48)
G-239 Jonas B Hendrix 24, Cowell Lorena Holland 18, Cowell(Died 1904 Pleasant Hill Cemetery) 8 February 1903 Enoch Jones, Surety by W H Taylor Jonas m:(2)Linda Taylor in 1905;died 1908.He m:(3)Rebecca Berry 6Dec1908
G-240 Sam W Crow 23, Willcockson(1880-1939) Lucinda Welch 19, Willcockson(1882-1957) 1 February 1903 James Houston, Surety by F W Spencer, J P Lawrence Welch & Lucinda Frances Shaddox Robert Alexander Crow & Mary E Beene Sam & Lucinda are buried Shaddox Cemetery
G-241 Otto Von McGlasson 23, Bass Minerva Dean 21, Bass 8 February 1903 Luss Dickey,Surety by Richard Dean, J P John Manassa Dean & Mary Elizabeth Dickey Joseph B McGlasson & Mary Pricilla Bivens
G-242 John A Henderson 41, Wayton S C Baucom 26, Wayton 10 February 1903 J E Vincent, Surety by J E Vincent, J P Allen Henderson & Elizabeth Hamby(1900 Lincoln Twp.,Visit 134)
G-243 Ceaborn Zelen "Feller"Harris 23, Red Rock Matilda J Gladden 19, Red Rock 12 February 1903(Divorced) D C Flud, Surety by W H Burdine, J P Cicero Gladden & Sarah Roberts William G Harris & Louisa Anna Robinson Matilda married (2) John Kelse Shatswell 22July1906.Zelen went to visit sister Alabama Harris Casey in Montana.Matilda died in 1965,Crossroads Cemetery.
G-244 Bennett P Holland 24, Summit Otie Rhynes 16, Summit 15 February 1903 G F Carlton,Surety by C H Snow Georgia Holland(widow)(Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 67
G-245 George Garrison 19, Wayton Mary Canzada Taylor 18, Wayton(1885-1944 Wayton Cemetery) 12 February 1903 Joe Martin, Surety by J E Vincent, J P Isaac Wilburn Taylor & Clarinda Henderson Mary married (2)Sam Daniels in 1917
G-246 Alfred Cooper 26, Vendor Elvira Davenport 19, Cave Creek 13 February 1903 James Wilson,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Noah Davenport & Elizabeth Mary Kilburn(1900 New Hope,Visit 27) Joseph Benjamin Cooper & Sarah Flood Smith Alfred had married (1)Jennie Reams Smith.Alfred died in California in the 1970s.Elvira died in Oklahoma
G-247 Simon Sam Long 22, Deer(18Apr1881-24Oct1960) Lucy Jane Faught 17, Deer(5Nov1886-3Apr1969) 15 February 1903 Bruce Faught,Surety by J P Sparks, J P John Reynolds Faught & Mary C Adams Simon & Lucy are buried Deer Cemetery
G-248 William R Atkins 19, Fallsville Ozina Cole 19, Fallsville 19 February 1903 Ben Atkins,Surety by Hamp Rogers, J P John B Atkins & Polly L Cowan(1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 97
G-249 William H Qualls 44, Mt.Hersey Mary Earnheart 48, Mt.Hersey(children:Edward J;John F;William H & Walter) 1 March 1903 W B Moss, Surety by J L Masters Eliza Qualls Mary m:(1)William F Earnheart.William had m:(1)Mary(mnu)children:Margret L & Mary Qualls)
G-250 Ples Ogden 20, Limestone(20Oct1883-25Nov1956) Louiza Bethel 15, Limestone 5 March 1903 M A Carlton, Surety by F N Richardson (Madison Co.AR) George Bethel & M C Young Alfred A Ogden & Tabitha Dillahunty)1900 Union Twp.,Visit 23 Ples is buried Oakland Memorial Cemetery,Johnson Co.AR
G-251 Joseph "Joe" H Criner 19, Mt.Judea(1883-1941) Gracie R Campbell 17, Mt.Judea(1886-1960) 1 March 1903 W B Criner,Surety by Daniel Sexton, J P Peter Calmus Campbell & Nancy Catherine Smith Stephen Criner & Margaret Elizabeth Cheatham Joe & Gracie are buried Mt.Judea Cemetery
G-252 George W Leach 25, Jasper(10Jan1878-11June1965) Mary Ellen Berry 21, Jasper(31Aug1881-5Nov1965) 1 March 1903 J M Brisco,Surety by F G Henderson John & Mary E Berry(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 184 George was in Spanish-American War;buried Ft.Rosecrans Cemetery,San Diego,CA
G-253 William H Hefley 28, Jasper(In 1920 Haskell,Muskogee Co.OK) Nettie Royse 18, Jasper 1 March 1903 E E Ammons,Surety by E E Ammons,Judge Hiram Royse & Nancy Cansada Smith Phillip Hefley & Emeline Tennessee Nichols(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 126 William m:(1)Dora Boen in 1892;died 1899 Hudson Cemetery;son Garfield in 1920 Seminole Co.OK
G-254 Mathew Louder McGlasson 24, Bass(7July1978-31May1904/1907?McCutcheon Cemetery) Mary Ellen "Ell" Taylor 17, Bass 8 March 1903 H G Dickey,Surety by Richard Dean, J P Jesse Taylor & Cordelia Bolin Mathew m:(1)Lenora H Woodard on 8Sep1898;2children.Mathew was hit over the head with a club by Oscar Lundy and killed
G-255 Milton Freeman 27, Snow Mattie Ogden 18, Limestone 19 March 1903 James Freeman,Surety by J H Curtis, J P Alfred & Tabitha Ogden (1900 Union Twp.,Visit 23) Squire Freeman & Georgia Dunlap
G-256 William "Henry" Bolin 22, Vendor Sarah Katherine "Katie" Liles 19, Vendor 22 March 1903 S C Smith,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Mary Liles Eddings Burcham John E Bolin & Sarah Atkinson William Henry Bolin(16May1880-10Feb1935 Pope Co.AR>
G-257 Curtis A Brothers 40, Jasper(Sep1862-21Mar1939 Magnolia, Ohio) Gladys J Patty 18, Jasper 18 March 1903 L W Clark,Surety by A L Cline Eli Brothers,Stark Co.Ohio They had daughter Mary Evelyn Brothers Shorb b:17Apr1908 Ft.Smith,AR
G-258 Charlie M Carlton 20, Murray Mattie Swain 16, Swain 3 May 1903 J B Carlton, Surety by N F Bradley, J P Lowery Carlton & first wife Nancy Lawson
G-259 Kimbell Clark 25, Boxley Viola "Olie"Edgmon 17, Boxley 23 March 1903 J M Sparks,Surety by J P Casey, J P Francis Marion Edgmon & Talitha Tennessee Sparks James M & Martha Jane Lee Clark
G-260 James S Barker 19, Jasper Laura A Boomer 20, Jasper 22 March 1903 J C Barker, Surety by Elder A R McPherson Fredrick O & Harriett Hayles Boomer John C & Margaret A Barker(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 210)
G-261 James Walter Arbaugh 23, Compton(15Maar1880-24Nov1955) Sarah Farmer 18, Boxley(10May1883-12Aug1956) 25 March 1903 James Brasel,Surety by M M Wishon, J P William & Sarah Woodward Arbaugh James Walter & Sarah are buried Beechwood Cemetery
G-262 Granville Chapman 24, Murray Martha McJunkin 22, Murray 26 March 1903 John Swain, Surety by W F Bradley Mary McJunkin(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 283Margaret Chapman(widow)(1900 Jefferson Twp.
G-263 Grant Flud 21, Vendor Nora Standridge 18, Vendor 6 April 1903 Bill Cowan,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Jamres H Standridge & Margaret Emeline Smith George W Flood(1843)& Rachel Caroline Harris Nora died ca 1904.Grant m:(2)Sarah Emeline Ricketts on 31Aug1905
G-264 Arthur M Holland 22, Lawson Lula R Hodges 18, Lawson 13 April 1903 F J Davidson, Surety by J L Whitmire Stephen & Jamima"Minnie"Bryant Hodges(1900 Kentucky Twp.,Visit 165 David & Sarah Jane Couch Holland(1900 Kentucky Twp.,Visit 209)
G-265 Dennis D Lewis 27, Fallsville Mahala West 23, Fallsville 15 April 1903 Jno M Brisco,Surety by J F Carlton
G-266 Thomas A May(29Nov1882-8May1950) Nora Versella Springer 17 (1886-1968)Married (2)Mr.Winemiller 19 April 1903 Richard Brasel,Surety by T G Henderson, J P Emil R Springer & Nettie M Anderson(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 218) Thomas is buried East Kern Cemetery,Kern Co.CA
G-267 Bucey? P Young 23, Swain Melissa Willis 20, Swain 27 April 1903 John Mathis,Surety by N F Bradley Parker Young & Tabitha Tuttle?
G-268 John Aliwishes 33, Walnut Anna Peoples 40, Walnut 26 April 1903 Thomas Ellison,Surety by Will Young John m:(1)Jennie M McAtee 1899 Johnson Co.AR
G-269 Fidela "Dill" Brasel 22, Jasper(13Aug1881-5Aug1945 Ida Starr 21, Jasper 26 April 1903 Frank Reves,Surety by T G Henderson, J P John Starr & Sarah Agee Mathias Brasel & Frances Phillips(1900 Jackston Twp.,Visit 154 Rosehill Memorial Cemetery,Tulsa,Oklahoma
G-270 Marcus Marion Savage,Jr. 21, Spence Emma Oliver 24, Spence10 May 1903 George W Hamm,Surety by G W Thompson John W and Louisa Oliver(1900 Richland Twp.,Visit 70 Marcus Marion Savage,Sr. & Fernetta Jane Boston
G-271 George W Bethel 40, Limestone(Died 1939,Clayborn Cemetery) Nedecie Roland 17, Limestone 19 May 1903 J C Smith,Surety by F M Richardson (Madison Co.AR) Thomas C Bethel & Martha A Clayborn George m:(1)M C Young in 1883;(2)Mary"Mamie"L Faught in 1891
G-272 Simon David Farmer 18, Red Rock(Died 1965 Sikeston,MO.) Minnie Baucom 15, Parthenon(Died 1915 Coppers Bluff Cemetery) 23 May 1903 Thomas Shatswell,Surety by E J Kelley, Baptist O.M. John D Baucom & Alta Zerah Smith William Thomas Farmer & Mary Elizabeth Smith Simon m:(2)Bertie Flud in 1920;(3)Matilda Caroline Smith in 1928
G-273 James M Standridge 24, Spence Nancy Standridge 21, Spence 30 May 1903 George W Hamm,Surety by J H Dixon Martin Standridge Jr.& Elizabeth"Betsy"Standridge Big Alex Standridge & Lucinda Catherine Ross James & Nancy are buried Lane Cemetery,Pope Co.AR
G-274 Elias Sutherland 29, Fallsville Lizzie Isabelle Cheek 20, Ozone (Johnson Co.AR) 28 May 1903 M.Carlton, Surety by William Warren (Johnson Co.AR) James Mathew Suterland & Agnes Aggie Bryant Elias m:(1)Mary P Whiteley 5Feb1893 in Johnson Co.AR
G-275 Will Swearingen 32, Wayton Celia A Davis 19, Cowell(Died 1964 New Cowell Cemetery) 31 May 1903 C T Cowell,Surety by Samuel Owens Henderson Davis & Martha Bell Smith Celia m:(2)Thomas J Sexton on 30May1915
G-276 Joseph Solomon Greenhaw 21, Mt.Judea(1882-1910 Baca,Colorado) Onie Elizabeth Lemon 18, Cave Creek(3Feb1885-Arkansas City,Kansas) 11 June 1903 J I Brisco,Surety by J W Tennison Thomas P Lemon & Mary Elizabeth Gaskins Onie m:(2)George L English 1912,Colorado.(Riverview Cemetery)
G-277 Nathan W Spiva 24, Fallsville(Died 1907 Case Cemetery) Cora Boling 21, Fallsville 1 August 1903 L W Clark,Surety by George W Burns, J P N N Spiva & Susannah E Seastrunk
G-278 James W Dickey 23, Bass Martha Simpson 20, Bass 26 June 1903 J K Jones,Surety by Richard Dean, J P Joshua & Sarah Simpson(1900 Polk Twp.Visit 174 John H & Dialphy Martin Dickey(1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 161
G-279 Calvin G. Mitchell 20, Cowell(15Jun1883-22Nov1972) Julia Jones 18, Wayton(31Jan1885-8Feb1966 2 July 1903 J B Oneal,Surety by C H Snow James & Louiza Snow Jones(1900 Lincoln Twp.Visit 98 Calvin & Julia buried Memorial Park Cemetery,Muskogee Co.OK
G-280 W R Sanders 18, Murray Molly E Riley 18, Murray 9 July 1903 M S King,Surety by A A Neal James E & Elizabeth Riley(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 262)
G-281 Horace Hamilton 19, Mt.Judea Alma Nesbit 19, Mt.Judea July 1903 J P B Phillips, Surety by G W Nichols,J P Samuel Nesbit & Margaret Louise Harkey
G-282 J C Greenfield 43, Spadra(Johnson Co.AR) Susan C Carroll 29, Murray 6 July 1903 J B Carlton,Surety by N F Bradley Susan C Murray Carroll, 26 year old widow with children Walter,Lucy & Jack C Carroll
G-283 Leonard R Bowen 19, Parthenon Minnie Chriswell 16, Swain 16 July 1903 D Snow,Surety by N F Bradley John & Josie Chriswell(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 89
G-284 J S Vaughn 30, Hatfield (Polk Co.AR) Sarah E Nichols 23, Red Rock(Hopewell Cemetery,Boone Co.AR) 19 July 1903 Tom Peoples,Surety by W H Burdine, J P "Old John"Nichols & Martha Pickett Burdine Sarah later married Harris Foster
G-285 James Smith 19, Mt.Hersey Myrtle Smith 20, Valley Springs(Boone Co.AR) 15 July 1903 S S Smith,Surety by G W Newton (Boone Co.AR
G-286 Uggems "Monroe" Middleton 23, Limestone(12Aug1879-19Dec1951 Smith Cemetery Sarah O Young 18, Swain 19 July 1903 G W Neal,Surety by Parker Young, Minister Parker Young & Abigail Tuggle James Giles Middleton & Sarah Jackson Monroe m:(1)Mary Bohannon in 1903;died 1903(3)Mary Lavina Smith in 1908
G-287 Chester D Goff 57, Walnut Ora L Vaughn 31, Capsville (Barry Co.Missouri) 29 July 1903 D.Snow,Surety by Russel Sisemore, J P
G-288 William "Will" A Young 30, Jasper(19Nov1874-4June1951) Lucy J Starr 25, Jasper(1Jan1880-8Jan1957) 26 July 1903 O D Snow,Surety by T G Henderson, J P John Starr & Sarah Elizabeth Agee Alvin Young & Mary Henderson Will & Lucy are buried Jasper Cemetery
G-289 Francis Marion Smith 35, Vendor(Smith Cemetery) Mrs.Mariah Josephine"Josie"Talley Martin 34,Vendor(Diec 1928 Smith Cemetery) 28 July 1903 W A Harp,Surety by Nathan Peoples Martin Tackett Smith & Roda C Standridge Francis m:(1)Mary L Riddle.Mariah m:(1)Seburn Martin in 1870s)
G-290 Alford Curtis Kent 24, Mt.Judea(18Nov1878-8Oct1971) Sarah Angeline Strong 19, Mt.Judea(18Nov1883-10May1957) 2 August 1903 E M Winstead,Surety by G W Nichols, J P John Rubin Strong & Mary Jane George Richard Kent & Caroline H Gamblin They had 8 children.Alford & Sarah are buried Mt.Judea Cemetery
G-291 R Arthur McPherson 22, Murray(10Dec1880-11Dec1903) Rentha Stapleton 15, Murray 2 August 1903 J I Brisco, Surety by Parker Young,Minister William Albert McPherson & Mary Culbertson Rentha living with Nathan & Sarah F Bradley family as niece
G-292 G W Patterson 50, Jasper Nancy Armstrong 42, Jasper(Died 1931) 5 August 1903 J C Smith, Surety by Elder A R McPherson Meridith Armstrong & Anna Allen Nancy is buried in Jasper Cemetery as Nancy Armstrong
G-293 George W Freeman 21, Mt.Judea(1880-1Oct1968) Carrie M Campbell 16, Mt. Judea(Jan1887-9Aug1951) 6 August 1903 C W Foster, Surety by W H Burdine, J P William Kenison Campbell & Mary E "Lizzie"Pierce(1900 Big Creek,Visit 132) John Freeman & Missouri Parker (Koen?) Her tombstone gives incorrect birth year 1874;died 63yrs,6m,11days
G-294 James Newton Martin 29, Cassville(7Oct1874-13Feb1958) Amanda "Mandy" Dunham Nichols 19, Newton(1Oct1883-7Jan1951) August 1903W F Ellis,Surety by R C J Matlock Andrew Dunham & Marsilla A Williams Mandy m:(1)J M Nichols in 1897.James & Mandy are buried Cassville Cemetery
G-295 T R Weaver 30, Wayton Matilda Henderson 35, Wayton 13 August 1903 T K Mole,Surety by N F Bradley Isaac William Henderson & Lydia Hamby(1900 Lincoln Twp.,Visit 85)
G-296 Sam S Carlton 25, Low Gap Minnie Lackey 16, Low Gap 16 August 1903 C H Carlton,Surety by M M Wishon, J P Amos Burrell Lackey & Sarah Baughman
G-297 W M Stuart 32, Fallsville Mary Umphlete 25, Fallsville 16 August 1904 Joseph Holland,Surety by G W Burns, J P
G-298 George W Pierce 33, Vendor Ruth Peoples Hagar 23, Vendor 17 August 1903 E L Leach,Surety by J R Taylor, O.M. John Peoples & Sarah Hampton John L Pierce & Mary Maranda Flood George m:(1)Delilah E Smith 1893.He m:(2)Margaret Anderson in 1902 Had son Troy Pierce by Ruth
G-299 Milton E Blackwood 38, Limestone Mollie Epperson 32, Spence 20 August 1903 Duster Snow,Surety by B C Davis, O.M. Harrison H Epperson & Sarah J Cawood(1900 Richland Twp.,Visit 39) John\James Blackwood & Asberine Posey Davis Milton m:(1)Tennessee Middleton December 1887.Sons:Jackson,Perry & Lee Blackwood
G-300 J G Ledbetter 22, Chancel Margaret E Burns 17, Chancel 20 August 1903 M E Blackwood,Surety by J B Sparks, J P Calvin A & Louisa J Burns(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 129
G-301 James Madison Harp 25, Marble City Nancy Alice Neighbors 19,Marble City 20 August 1903 Duster Snow,Surety by A L Cline Lark Neighbors & Martha Brisco(1900 Marble City Twp.,Visit 104
G-302 Joe Busby 21 Wells Creek Elizabeth Cowles 20, Wells Creek 20 August 1903 T A Lawson,Surety by J W Campbell John H Cowles & Margaret L Smith(1900 New Hope Twp.,Visit 46
G-303 William N Martin 26, Vendor Delila Emma Flud 18, Vendor 28 August 1903 Henry Rush,Surety by P T Harrison, J P John L "Snooker" Flud & Mary Janes Smith Seburn Martin & Josephine Talley William & Delila are buried Smith Cemetery,no markers
G-304 Albert F Newberry 20, Kingston (Madison Co.AR)(19Mar1883-28Sep1964) Clercie S Luper, 17 Compton(27Dec1885-19aug1963) 6 September 1903 H G Eoff,Surety by W R Burnett (Benton Co.AR) Jackson Luper & Margaret Snow(1900 Plumlee Twp.,Visit 150) Albert & Clercie are buried in Plumlee Cemetery
G-305 A B Palmer 27, Boxley Viney(Anna A?) Evans 21, Boxley 31 August 1903 J C Smith,Surety by E E Ammons,Judge Columbus Evans & Josephine Deer (1900 Osage Twp.,Visit 50
G-306 Columbus A Daniels 22, Murray(30Aug1880-27Feb1965) Lena Graham 16, Murray(22Feb1888-12Nov1955) 13 September 1903 L R Boen,Surety by J L Merritt H K Graham(died 1891) & Amanda J Carlton Bowen(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 267 William E Daniels & Nancy J Strode(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 268 Columbus & Lena are buried Buffalo Cemetery
G-307 Sherman G Carlton 20, Parthenon Minnie Mae Matlock 16, Parthenon(21July1888-30Mar1939 Union Hill Cemetery) 9 September 1903 W P Spears,Surety by T G Henderson, J P Robert C J & Josephine Matlock(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 98) Anderson Carlton & Sarah Jane Murphy Children:Hersh;Rilla D;Lela;Noble Paul;Ada;Edith Flora;Bessie;Emma;Hazel;Everett H & Carolyn Sue
G-308 George S Wilson 22, Spence Emma Knight 16, Spence 13 September 1903 W J Perkey, Surety by G W Thompson
G-309 John Pellham 24, Deer Kate E Sexton 21, Deer 13 September 1903 T P Pellham,Surety by Samuel Owen Levi Sexton & Mary Jane Jones(Benjamin Jones) Adeline Pellham1910 Pleasant Hill,Visit 48 with children Levi & Viola Pellham
G-310 Andrew H Hefley 26, Jasper(died 1953 Seminole,OK) Mrs.Rhoda Caldonia Louisa Sarah Jane McKinley Smith(Died 1965 Tulsa,OK 13 Septembeer 1903 W S Pruiett,Surety by T G Henderson Hector McKinley & Sarah Patton Phillip Hefley & Emeline Tennessee Nichols Rhoda m:(1)John William Smith.Andrew m:(1)Sarah Emeline Box 31July1898;son Rance
G-311 Austin Carlton 25, Wayton Ader Snow 18, Wayton 20 September 1903 Samuel Hudson,Sureby by N F Bradley James H Snow & Mary Causey(1900 Marble City Twp.,Visit 90) Lowery C Carlton & Nancy Lawson
G-312 William N Hickman 30, Jasper(28Oct1872-29Apr1944) Melvina Mellie Henderson 24, Jasper(29Oct1878-4Feb1960) 20 Septembeer 1903 J C Smith,Surety by D C Curnutt, J P James William & Mary E Hickman(1900 Grant Twp.,Visit 43) William & Melvina are buried Cherry Grove Cemetery
G-313 J A Martin 47, Wells Creek Hannah Kuts 36, Wells Creek 1903 Duster Snow,Surety NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE WAS RETURNED
G-314 John D Cook 23, Kingston Belle Lawson 17, Kingston 27 September 1903 J W Cook,Surety by James William Smelley, J P(Madison Co.AR)
G-315 Golie Paxton 22, Swain Omie Brown 18, Swain 27 September 1903 James Paxton,Surety by W N Sams James Brown & Martha Dalton (1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 112
G-316 Charles Beck (nl)Quincy Margaret E Lunsford 18, Quincy 4 Octobeer 1903 W B Harrison, Surety by J P White George & Maary E Asbell Lundsford (1900 Richland Twp.,Visit 26-31 Thomas J & Rosa Beck Charles m:(1)Margaret Adams on 6Dec1896;1900 Richland, 25 with children:William J & Ethel M Beck
G-317 Andrew Nichols 17, Mt.Judea Ellie McCutcheon 15, Mt. Judea 15 October 1903 G W Nichols,Surety by G W Nichols, J P James Franklin McCutcheon & Manerva Cheatham(1900 Big Creek 16) Martin William Nichols & Mary L Adams Children:Velma Nichols Greenhaw(Kingston),Vesta Marie Burdine(Beecher);Wilda Montgomery;Carl & James Nichols
G-318 James Henry Carter 23, Jasper(Died 1960 Jasper Cemetery) Mattie Farmer 17, Jasper 10 October 1903 J C Bunch,Surety by J W Campbell William Farmer & Elizabeth Villnes Farmer Roberts Henry Carter & wife No.2 Nancy Wright(1900 Jackson Twp.,124) Nancy Wright Carter's parents Nelson Wright(died Civil War)& Martha Thompson.1910 Jackson,70 with children;Willie,Roy & Truman Carter.
G-319 H R Southerland 42, Low Gap Rosa Venerable 17, Boxley 25 October 1903 T F Villines,Surety by M M Wishon, J P Enoch T & Mary L Reynolds Venerable(1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 10)
G-320 James Irvin Davis 41, Jasper(Died 1938 Jasper Cemetery) Alice Waters Henderson 40, Marble City(Died 1948 Tarlton Cemetery) 25 October 1903 John Thompson,Surety by J W Campbell John J Waters & Frances Schemadah(Alice m:(1)Frank M Henderson 1882)John Harmon Davis & Elizabeth Isabelle Thompson Davis Harp James m:(1)Mary E Bowen 1881;she m:(2)John Hutchens 1886
G-321 Michael W Morrison 27, Hasty(Died 8May1907 Mary Lane 18, Hasty(7June1885-22Nov1927 Hasty Cemetery) 2 November 1903 C D Boydston,Surety by J W Campbell Andrew Lane & Margaret Lizzie Smith Jasper Morrison & Josephine Hoppis Mary m:(2)James Will Tennison 1909;she m:Barney Bass in 1913
G-322 S B Barnes 22, Boxley Arizona Evans 19, Boxley 1 November 1903 L G Young,Surety by M M Wishon, J P Columbus Evans & Josephine Deer(1900 Osage Twp.,Visit 50)
G-323 Lester G Young 21, Boxley(28May1883-6Dec1960 Beechwood) Lillie Villines 21, Boxley(Died 1905 Beechwood Cemetery) 1 November 1903 S B Barnes,Surety by M M Wishon, J P Alex Z Young & Cyntha A Villines Lester m:(2)Rachel Spencer on 9Oct1905;Rachel died 1938 Beechwood)
G-324 Sam Morris 23, Yardell Donnie Savage 20, Yardell 1 November 1903 Charley Roberts,Surety by J W Campbell, J P Richard Thomas Morris & Mary Elizabeth Gladden(1900 Mill Creek,Visit 142
G-325 John "Johnnie"Thompson 29, Jasper(1Apr1874-12Feb1956) Frances Henderson 19, Jasper(13Feb1884-13Sep1971) 3 November 1903 J I Davis, Surety by T G Henderson Frank M Henderson & Alice Waters William Thompson & Elizabeth Skaggs John & Frances are buried Jasper Cemetery
G-326 I H Jones (nl),(nl) Josie Beckham (nl) BOND ONLY,NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED
G-327 Edmond Sexton 20, Mt.Judea Myrtle Garner 17, Hasty 15 November 1903 W M Adams,Surety by W H Burdine, J P William Simon Garner & Malissa Hale Allen Sexton & Ida S Hamilton Children:Ethel;Elsie;Nina;Garland;Nita;Dorce;William Allen;Betty Jean;Deretha.Edmond died 1968 Antlers,Oklahoma.On 1920 Pushmata Co.Ok.Census.
G-328 J Solomon Cook 18, Bass(16May1885-11Mar1944) Martha Freeman 16, Mt.Judea(2Nov1887-28Feb1963) 8 November 1903 O A Lemon, Surety by J W Tennison David Freeman & Anna Matney Heral Cook & Sarah Hefley Solomon & Martha are buried Cook Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
G-329 J L Sparks 21, Murray Frances Lewis 19, Murray 9 November 1903 NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE RETURNED S L Sparks,Surety
G-330 Q H Jones 20, Limestone Ora Casey 16, Limestone 12 November 1903 S L Bristow,Surety by J H Curtis, J P Uriah Casey & Elizabeth Spradley(1900 Union Twp.,Visit 1) Ora Casey Jones m:(2)William R Clayborn on 5Aug1906
G-331 Jacob G Burns 24, Fallsville Ollie Thomas 19, Fallsville 23 November 1903 P E Goodall,Surety by J M Thomas, J P Kimber Azo Thomas & Elizabeth Carlton Andrew Jackson Burns & Salley Harrison
G-332 Albert Wellington Bower 24, Jasper Gracie Alice Ruble 17, Jasper(11Febn1884-20Feb1968) 15 November 1903 Sam Nance,Surety by J L Masters (Sharp Co.AR) Benjamin & Susie Moore Ruble(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 188 John D & Paulina Bower(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 129 Albert & Gracie are buried Payne Co.OK
G-333 Wesley Benjamin Harrison 23,Boxley(1880-1961) Ethel Willameta Ryker 19, Quincy(11Aug1884-20Feb1968) 15 November 1903 C D Boydston, Surety by E E Ammons Thomas Jared Ryker & Almeda May Shoemaker John Wesley HarrisonIII and Louella Bolton Wesley & Ethel are buried Yale,Payne Co.OK
G-334 Pleasant E Goodall 58, Jasper(1846-1932,Jasper Cemetery) Mrs. Elizabeth "Bettie" Moss Young 60, Jasper(b:1848 TN) 26 November 1903 J H Brown,Surety by J L Masters (Sharp Co.AR.) 1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 225 with son John Hyden Moss Pleasant m:(1)Mary Hudson 20Oct1881.Bettie m:(2)Solomon Young 11Oct1882
G-335 Benjamin J Reams 45,Jasper Mary Tennessee Smith 35, Jasper 29 November 1903 E H Baker,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Levi Smith & Sopha Ann Flood Mary m:(1)James Wesley Wilson in 1892 (son Brack Wilson b:11Sep1898)
G-336 F W Reeves 22,Jasper Florence Fannie Boomer 21, Jasper 29 November 1903 Dill Brasel,Surety by E E Ammons, Judge Allen F & Ellen Boomer(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 229) Albert T Reeves & Delitha J Davis
G-337 N B Greene 22, Quincy Ida Rice Harris 17, Quincy(Died 21Oct1904,Moore Cemetery) 13 December 1903 W P Spears, Surety by John Boyd N B Green,on 1940 Polk Co.AR.with J L Dickey family;watchman lead mine Ida Rice m:(1)Samuel Harris on 26Mar1902
G-338 Thomas F Mayberry 28, Hasty(Died 1916 Carver Cemetery) Dora Collins Lovelady 19, Hasty(Died 1971 Sandhill Cemetery) 18 December 1903 D C Jones,Surety by P T Harrison William Collins & Sarah Parker George Mayberry & Elizabeth "Betty"Jones Dora m:(1)Henry Lovelady in 1902;she m:(3)William S Garner in 1922
G-339 Samuel E Rosamond 18, Quincy(Died 1960 Rosamond Cemetery) Delia P Dotson 18, Quincy 20 December 1903 W B Harrison, Surety by John Boyd Nonimus N Rosamond & Rosa A Bennett(1900 Richland Twp.,Visit 32
G-340 Orin Johnson 28, Jasper Laura E Leach 18, Jasper 15 December 1903 W P Spears,Surety by J L Masters (Sharp Co.AR.) John Leach & Harriett E Baughman(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 178)
G-341 Stanton Richard Sisco 25, Cave Creek(19Apr1876-18Jan1967) Canzada "Cancy"Elizabeth Thompson 18, Cave Creek(6Jan1889-25Sep1981) 17 December 1903 Allison Davenport,Surety by J R C Dodson, O.M. Calvin Tobias Thompson & Narcissa A Tate(1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 73;Cancy was only 12) John Henry Sisco Arboe Vitae Cemetery, Madera,California
G-342 Oliver Ollie Atkinson 21, Jasper(Died 1958) Etta V Morelan 16, Red Rock 24 December 1903 Annison Davenport,Surety by Elder J R Taylor Benjamin & Sarah Morelan Melcina Atkinson Ollie died 1958 Bartlesville,Oklahoma
G-343 Omer L Manchester 19, Jasper Dora B Smith 15, Boxley 23 December 1903 J A Williams, Surety by T G Henderson *Matilda G Lawson Smith(William Smith in 1887) King(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 80 *Matilda Lawson,daug.of Reuben Lawson Sr & Elizabeth Campbell Holt Lawson Carlton
G-344 J I Benegar 24, Wayton Laura Snow 23, Wayton NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE FILED
G-345 Noah P Hudson 70, Walnut(Ogden Cemetery,no dates) Nancy J Barber Duckle? Davis 62, Walnut 10 January 1904 O D Snow, Surety by James F Watson, J P Nancy m:(1)Mr.Duckle before 1877;(2)Alexander Davis, 1880 Census,Jefferson Twp.
G-346 John Samuel Armer 23, Kingston (Madison Co.AR)(Died 1944 Monterey Co.CA) Ollie Beyers 17, Compton 31 December 1903 R O Armer,Surety by (no name given) John Samuel Armer & Margaret Howe(Plumlee Twp.)
G-347 William Columbus Sams 28, Swain(10Jan1874-29July1936 Washington Co.AR) Nellie Brown 16, Swain 30 December 1903 W O Brown,Surety by Samuel Owen Warren N Sams & V Catherine Norton William m:(2)Mrs. Lillie Sparks Robbins on 20Mar1907
G-348 Jesse Newton Jones 45,Western Grove Mattie Maude Carlton Matlock 21,Western Grove 2 January 1904 J K Jones,Surety by W J Moore, J P Columbus Carlton & Sarah A Casey Lemuel R Jones & Sevina Gilmore(1900 Prairie Twp.,Visit 74) Jesse m:(1)Sarah Elizabeth Reeves.Mattie m:(1)K R Matlock in 1900
G-349 William L Smith 22, Kingston (Madison Co.AR) Mary Lane 22, Compton 3 January 1904 Ben E McFerrin,Surety by David McCullough Daniel L & Cordelia McFerrin(1900 Plumlee Twp.,Visit 92)
G-350 William Uriah Casey 54, Parthenon(Died 5Apr1925;father of 23 children) Neppie Elizabeth Henderson 29, Parthenon(Died 10Dec1925 Buffalo Cemetery) 7 January 1904 M.Tennison,Surety by E C Kelley, O.M. William Henderson & Permelia Taylor(1900 Lincoln Twp.,Visit 93) William m:(1)Mary Elizabeth Carlton 1869;11 children.He m:(2)Nancy J Farmer 1888;7children
G-351 Thomas J Cook 20, Mt. Judea Margaret Foster 16, Mt. Judea 10 January 1904 Sydney O'Neal,Surety by Daniel Sexton, J P Charles F FosterIIIFrances Julia Cook
G-352 E L Ellie Martin 22, Yardell Jane Morris 19, Yardell 13 January 1904 Charley Roberts,Surety by W J Moore, J P John D Morris & Mary Susan Mayberry James Martin (1900 Prairie Twp.,visit 117
G-353 Thomas Carlton (nl)(nl) Josie Beckham (nl)(nl) 13 January 1904 NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE RETURNED L G Curtis,Surety
G-354 William Mance Morgan 23, Jasper(6Dec1880-27Mar1946) Anna Poyner 18, Jasper(19Mar1885-14Dec1946) 17 January 1904 James Poyner,Surety by M M Wishon, J P John L & Martha Poyner(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 73 Joel & Sarah E Morgan(1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 38 William & Anna are buried Mt.Sherman Cemetery
G-355 Luther Rhynes 18, Cowell Manda Snow 21, Cowell 24 January 1904 B P Holland, Surety by W H Taylor Garrett & Betta A York Rhynes(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 49) Calvin H Snow & Jane Owen(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.Visit 55)
G-356 Columbus A Hefley 24, Red Rock(Died 1965 Coalgate,OK) Maudie Jones 18, Mt. Judea 4 February 1904 Berry Greenhaw,Surety by E E Ammons,Judge David C Jones & Laura Davis(1900 White Twp.,Visit 170 Daniel Jeptha Hefley & Mary Jane Holt(1900 Big Creek Twp.,Visit 181
G-357 D P McPherson (nl) Anna Reynolds (nl) 30 January 1904 NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED J H McPherson,Surety
G-358 Perry Daniels 21, Murray(7Oct1882-25Sep1969 Hickory Grove Cemetery) Minnie Wright 15, Murray(16July1889-22Sep1912 Hickory Grove) 2 February 1904 J W Murray, Surety by N F Bradley William Daniels & Nancy Strode Perry m:(2)Savannah E Self(10Aug1882-27Jan1968 Hickory Grove)
G-359 James W Holland 22, Spence Cora Belle Hendrix 16, Cowell 6 March 1904 C T Cowell,Surety by F M Thrawberg (Randolph Co.AR) Georgia Holland(widow)(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 67
G-360 James Riley Waters 22, Parthenon(Died 1939) Martha Media Carlton 18, Low Gap(Died 1973) 6 March 1904 G F Reynolds,Surety by Isham Killgore George A Carlton & Cynthia Reynolds James E Waters & Eliza A Reeves James & Martha are buried Low Gap Cemetery
G-361 J M Ford 21, Quincy Dona M Jones 19, Huff (Pope Co.AR) 13 March 1904 W B Harrison,Surety by J H Dixon Mathies M Jones & Melvina Lavina Hudson(1900 Richland Twp.,Visit 35)
G-362 Jack Garrison 28, Quincy(Died 1926) Maggie Horn 22, Quincy 28 March 1904 W B Harrison,Surety by J M boyd Sam Jack Horn & Angeline Standridge(Died 1968) Jack & Maggie are buried Moore Cemetery
G-363 Jasper Stephens 18, Parthenon Rosetta Etta Lingerfelt 15, Parthenon 3 April 1904 J R Stephens,Surety by J J Casey Andrew J Lingerfelt & Perlina Carlton(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 304 Joseph R Stephens & Manerva Beckham(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 249)
G-364 J L Shuler 22, Mt.Judea Barbara J Smith 16, Mt.Judea 21 June 1904 Silas Hamilton, Surety by G W Nichols, J P John Henry Smith & Nancy Ann Mackey William Allen Shuler & Sarah Hamilton They moved to Texas.Children:Addie,William & Buster Shuler
G-365 Lemuel R Ricketts 22, Red Rock (died 1957) Anna Lee Cheatham 19, Red Rock(Died 1955) 10 January 1904 Lum Hefley,Surety by W Burdine, J P Madison Mac Cheatham & Nancy Jane Tennison(1900 White Twp.,Visit 188) John A Ricketts & Elizabeth Jones(1900 White Twp.,Visit 181) Lemuel & Anna are buried Haskell,Muskogee Co.OK
G-366 Esley L Knight 21, Spence Rosa L Jackson 16, Spence 17 January 1904 George W Hamm,Surety by G W thompson James & Harriett Knight(1900 Richland Twp.,Visit 90 Samuel Jackson & Anverzine Lovejoy(1900 Richland Twp.,Visit 50;Rosa is age 11)
G-367 Corby Swain 21, Walnut(Died 1952) Josie Beckham 19, Swain 16 January 1904 C A Boen,Surety by J L Merritt William Beckham & Susan Polly S.A.Casey(1900 Walnut Twp.,Visit 144 John W Swain & Saphrona Norton Corby m:(2)Manda Ellen Owen on 10May1914 Corby is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery as is Manda
G-369 John William Woodward (nl)Bertha(Pope Co.AR) Rebecca J Burns 17, Bertha 24 January 1904 Wroten Williams,Surety by Benton C Davis John M Burns & Malissa Jane Williams>/td>
G-369 J S Spencer 21, Willcockson Vickie Henderson 18, Willcockson 19 January 1904 J R Massengale,Surety by John Spencer, J P
G-370 W L Erwin 24, Willcockson Mandy Shaddox 19, Willcockson 24 January 1904 E Young,Surety by William J Pruitt James B Shaddox & Mary Atchley(1900 Marble City Twp.,Visit 64 A L Erwin & Mary J Dearing?
G-371 James T Stacy 25, Red Rock Nienzie L Taylor 18, Red Rock 28 January 1904 Pete Collins,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Jesse R & Malissa Emeline Taylor(1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 185) James was "adopted"by William & Martha A Cooper Jones family
G-372 John M Criner 22, Mt.Judea(Died 1936 Sexton Cemetery) Margaret "Peggy"Elizabeth Cooper 20, Yardell(Died 1967) 18 February 1904 L C Moss,Surety by J B O'Neal George W Cooper & Manerva Morris Stephen Criner & Margaret Elizabeth Cheatham Margaret is buried in Sandhill Cemetery
G-373 Robert Wesley Crow 21, Willcockson Emily Rogers 15, Willcockson 21 February 1904 H L Neighbors,Surety by J W Campbell, J P Benjamin Rogers & Tennessee Shaddox(1900 Marble City Twp.,Visit 81;Emily age 11) Robert Alexander Crow & Mary Elizabeth Beene(1900 Mill Creek Twp.,Visit 131
G-374 W A Mackey (Markey?)31, Jasper Nellie Diets 14, Jasper 23 February 1904 J M Brisco,Surety by J F Carlton Charlotte Boomer Diets(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 229
G-375 Joe B Wylie 20, Deer Laura Sparks 16, Deer 28 February 1904 E E Ammons,Surety by W R Breedlove James Basil Sparks & Mary F Breedlove(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 124 James A Wylie;m:(1)unknown(2)Nellie Brown 1907(3)Gerturde Wilson Simmons 1913
G-376 James F Tennison 22, Jasper Emma Baker 15, Jasper(b:1890 & 10 on 1900 census) 6 March 1904 B J Reams, Surety by J F Carlton Elihue Baker & Peggy E Smith(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 167 Allen T Tennison & Nancy Riggs(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 24?
G-377 James Y Jones 25, Gaither(4Dec1878-22Sep1951) Sarah Harp 19, Compton 6 March 1904 T F Jones,Surety by R S Thrall, J P Elijah B Harp & Frances Maria Owen James is buried Tom Thumb Cemetery
G-378 William T Barnard 29, Boxley(13Oct1871-15Aug1967 Madison Co.AR) Lucy Meredith 28, Boxley(5Jan1875-1942) 6 March 1904 J Lewis Self, Surety by John W Whiteley John T Barnard & Mary Jane Self(1900 Walnut Twp.) William & Lucy are buried Shiloh Cemetery
G-379 Zibe Andrew Barber 33, Deer(13Oct1873-11Jan1938) Martha S Davis 19, Deer(23Jul1884-2June1965) 9 March 1904 J A Shaw,Surety by Samuel Owen Hiram & Harriett Davis (1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 106 James C & Mary Barber Zibe & Martha are buried Deer Cemetery
G-380 Arch Ober 21, Swain(1882-1944 Benton Co.AR) Nancy A Coffee 18, Swain(Died 1909,Mossville Cemetery) 10 March 1904 James Brisco, Surety by J M Thomas Elijah Coffee & Samarah Thomas Coffee Lovell Curtis Theodore Ober(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 19) Arch m:(2)Della Garland 1910 Johnson Co.AR;(3)Minnie Davis 27Feb1914 Faulkner Co.AR
G-381 John Nesbitt 18, Mt. Judea(24Mar1886-24Oct1984) Hattie Hamilton 18, Mt.Judea(20Jan1886-19Feb1980) 13 March 1904Newton Blackwood,Surety by G W Nichols, J P Joseph W Hamilton & Josephine Atkins Samuel H Nesbitt & Maargaret Louise Harkey(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 47) John & Hattie are buried Okmulgee Cemetery,Ommulgee Co.OK
G-382 William Sparks 21, Deer Rosa Darthula Manes 16, Deer 13 March 1904 J S Millsaps,Surety by W R Breedlove, O.M. David Manes & Martha A Millsaps(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 19 Jesse Sparks & Elizabeth Owens
G-383 Ezekiel Young 49, Jasper(died 1924 Jasper Cemetery) Rebecca Butterfield 49, Jasper(Died 1921 Jasper Cemetery) 13 March 1904 W. Moss,Surety by T.G.Henderson Andrew & Rhoda Young Ezekiel m:(1)Mary E Armstrong 25Feb1875;she died 1902
G-384 J. Milton Ogle 24, Limestone Minnie Naley Rankin 19, Limestone 16 March 1904 J B Rankin,Surety by Will Young James B Rankin & Mary E Betsy Hamm(1900 Union Twp.Visit 47)
G-385 Jesse J Casey 51, Low Gap(Died 1928) Emma Lackey 23, Parthenon(Died 1916 23 March 1904 A B Stone,Surety by J R Stephens Amos Burrel Lacky & Sarah Baughman(1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 52) Anthony Casey & Celia Sealy Self Jesse m:(1)Mary E McPherson 1872.Jesse & Emma are buried Buffalo Cemetery
G-386 Silas G Hamm 26, Jasper Ethel Ruble 22, Jasper 17 March 1904 W M Hefley,Surety by D. J R Smelser, O.M. Benjamin & Susan Ruble(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 187) Asa Calicutt Hamm & Martha Cooper(Samuel & Elizabeth Cooper)
G-387 Chester Arthur Millsps, Chancel Martha Paralee Sparks 17, Chancel 26 March 1904 Enoch Jones, Surety by W R BreedloveBalis Sparks & Sarah Jane Jones(Benjamin Jones & Anna Tennison family) Andrew Jackson Millsaps & Julia Davis(James Davis & Asberine Posey Davis)
G-388 Joshua Marion Moss 30, Swain Laura Louise Thomas 21, Mossville 26 March 1904 J C Smith,Surety by J M Thomas, J P Mary Thomas Watson(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 69) James Leander Moss & Dorcas Jane Farmer
G-389 Calvin C Thompson 36, Cave Creek Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie"Eddings James 19, Cave Creek 27 March 1904 W P Spears, Surety by W W Baker, J P Robert Jobe Eddings & Sarah J Williams Sarah m:(1)J C James 24Sep1899.Calvin m:(1)Margaret C Salmon 19May1895
G-390 Flemon Eli Watson 29, Murray (19Sep1870-20Oct1946) Annie Victoria Self 21, Murray(4Feb1883-1June1971) 27 March 1904 Joe Zearing, Surety by John W Whiteley William James "Billy"Self & Eliza Jane HoodJohn Francis Watson & Nancy Emeline Jennings Flemon & Annie are buried Shiloh Cemetery
G-391 E. Bryant 24, Compton Alma Barnes 25, Compton 29 March 1904 I D Plumlee,Surety by J H Petree
G-392 Smith Ponder 20, Swain Middie E Jones 16, Murray 3 April 1904 J P Ponders,Surety by J E Byles Joseph P & Mary E Ponder(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 285)
G-393 John Lee Sims 25, Compton(Died 1950) Ida Evans 15, Compton(Died 1909) 3 April 1904 G T Sims,Surety by J H Petree Rufus W Evans & Sarah A Matney (1900 Plumlee Twp.,Visit 105 George F Sims & Judy A Rich John & Ida are buried Plumlee Cemetery
G-394 Willie L Dean 23, Bass Effie Dickey 19, Bass 6 April 1904 James George, Surety by J R C Dodson James S Dickey & Susan Martin(1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 95) Richard Dean & Nancy Fryer(1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 137)
G-395 J.Lark Beckham 22, Walnut Lucy Bennie 18, Walnut 24 April 1904 W B Beckham,Surety by Parker Young James & Charity Ann Bennie(1900 Walnut Twp.,Visit 145) William Beckham & Susan Polly S.A.E.Casey(1900 Walnut Twp.,Visit 144)
G-396 Ambrose A Casey 40, Limestone(7Mar1864-7Aug1937 Johnson Co.AR) Lou Thompson Morrison 41, Limestone 10 April 1904 J K Jones,Surety by Thomas C Bethel Elizabeth Jackson Thompson Stephenson Sparks Wesley Allen Casey & Channie Woodward Ambrose m:(1)Sarah E.Davison 24Apr1881.Lou m:(1)Samuel Morrison 5Sep1880
G-397 Boone Lewis 24, Fallsville Lula Marshall 18, Fallsville 17 April 1904 J K Jones,Surety by W T Pruitt, J P William J Marshall & Tennessee Curtis(/td>
G-398 James Asher 64, Cowell Matilda C Mitchell 59, Deer 18 April 1904 John H Brown,Surety by J B Sparks, J P
G-399 Otto B. Aydelott 21, Yardell Oza Shinn 17,Mt.Hersey(8Sep1887-1Feb1905 Sandhill Cemetery) 20 April 1904 J.Frank Earnheart,Surety by W J Moore, J P James D & M.E.Henretta Aydelott;she died May1903
G-400 J R Thomas 21, Boxley Susie Lucas 15, Boxley 19 April 1904 W J Brasel, Surety by A R McPherson William Harvey Lucas & Sarah Angeline Hibbard(Osage Twp.,Visit 40
G-401 Walter S Phillips 19, Marble City(Died 1979) Fannie Braden 18, Jasper(Died 1971) 20 April 1904 C H Young, Surety by J B O'Neal James Martin Braden & Liza McDonald Absalom Carroll Phillips & Sarah Elizabeth Davis Walter & Fannie are buried Jasper Cemetery
G-402 John W Clayborn 26, Deer Mary L Mamie Faught Bethel 26, Deer 23 April 1904 J A Taylor,Surety by Will Young Thomas J Faught & Nancy A Manes(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,85) Isaac Clayborn & Maartha Ellen Dodson(1900 Union Twp.,24) They married first time 15Aug1899.Mary m:(1)George N Bethel on 12 July 1891
G-403 Joseph W Bright 22, Limestone May Rinker 16, Swain 24 April 1904 W H Reynolds, Surety by Parker Young
G-404 Harley Swain 22,Cassville Bessie Crawford 18, Swain(Died 12Jan1906 Curtis Cemetery) 24 April 1904 George W Patterson, Surety by N F Bradley Robin Washington Swain & Frances culbertson(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 84
G-405 William M Keeton 21, Low Gap(26June1884-23July1935 Low Gap Cemetery) Sintha Jane Villines 16, Low Gap28 April 1904 W E Goodall,Surety by Isham Kilgore James A Villines & Mary Susan Wishon(1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 20) Alfred James Keeton & Kisiah Fillingam Goodnight William m:(2)Ancie Bailey Kilgore on 17Feb1911
G-406 William Haywood Flippo 66, Boxley(Died 1919 Union Hill Cemetery) Rosa Villines 30, Parthenon(Died 17Feb1905 Union Hill Cemetery) 14 May 1904 A G Pool,Surety by Isham Killgore William"Fishing Bill"Villines & Martha A Curnutt(1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 27 Solomon & Abigail Flippo William m:(1)Mary Elizabeth Simmons(1842-6June1903.He m:(3)Margaret Villines D:4Feb1952
G-407 Sam E Pruitt 23, Fallsville(b:15Apr1881; in WWI) Rachel Louisa Lickliter 18, Red Star 8 May 1904 W L Potter, Surety by W C Stanbery (Madison Co.AR) George Lickliter & Sally Bryant(1900 Kentucky Twp.,Visit 211 Buried Drumright, Creek Co.OK
G-408 Joseph E Zearing 41, Wayton(b:1862 PA) Cora Viola Rich 15, Parthenon(b:23Sep1888) 8 May 1904 W B Moss,Surety by J E Vincent, J P Harvey Rich & Mary Underwood(1900 Lincoln Twp.,Visit 132;Cora is 10) Cora supposedly m:(2)Baz Reed(3)Tom Jones(4)Elijah Radford
G-409 Frank O Davis 19, Mt. Judea(17Feb1884-5Mar1977) Martha Paralee Dotson 18, Cowell(22Mar1886-25Oct1956) 15 May 1904 H L Davis,Surety by Samuel Owen Thomas E Dotson & Mary A "Sis"Sexton(1900 Franklin Co.AR,Boston Twp) Henderson (Lafferty)Davis & Martha A Bell Smith(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 59) Frank & Martha are buried Lenna Cemetery,McIntosh Co.OK
G-410 Samuel S Patton 40, Low Gap(15Sep1863-1920 Grants Pass,Oregon) Docia Abigail Eoff 19, Low Gap(6Mar1885-10Feb1927) 18 May 1904 T H Villines,Surety by M M Wishon, J P Isaac & Mary J Eoff(1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 33) Josiah & Muhulda Patton Samuel is buried Hillcrest Memorial Park;Docia is buried Oregon State Hospital
G-411 M E Martin 20, Deer Gracie Rocole 18, Parthenon CANCELED.NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED
G-412 Thomas J Cunningham 18, Parthenon(11Mar1886-1978) Mary O Smith 15, Parthenon(8Dec1888-1972) 29 May 1904 J A Cunningham, Surety by E l Kelley, O.M.Baptist Isaac Jasper Smith & Nancy Baucom Thomas & Mary are buried Crossroads Cemetery
G-413 J W Brown 23, Jasper Effie Davis 16?, Jasper 29 May 1904 D.Snow,Surety by W j Pruitt, J P Samuel W Davis & Dullie B Brooks(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 190
G-414 Dennis P McPherson 18, Murray(22Apr1884-- 7Nov1905 Walnut Cemetery) Rentha Stapleton McPherson 16, Murray 29 May 1904 A R McPherson, Surety by J J Casey John H & Mary Beckham McPherson Rentha had m:(1)R Arthur McPherson 2Aug1903;he died 11Dec1903 Buffalo Cemetery
G-415 Joseph W Vinson 56, Jasper(widower) Lucy Douglas 54, Low Gap(widow-1849-1926 Jasper Cemetery) 2 June 1904 L C Moss,Surety by A R McPherson Joseph m:(1)Martha Elizabeth McDonald(3)Cynthia Ann Kilgore House in 1909
G-416 J R Avery 27, Yardell Virginia Jennie Cooper 27, Yardell 2 June 1904 James N Ramey,Surety by A C Phillips,O.M.,Methodist George W Cooper & Minerva Morris(1900 Prairie Twp.,Visit 65
G-417 Solley Hensley 22, Mossville Columbia A Cowan, 16,Fallsville 12 June 1904 J F Taylor,Surety by J L Whitmire Solomon Hensley & Margaret Peggy Holland,1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 107
G-418 James M Jones,24, Red Rock Sarah E Hefley, 19, Mt.Judea 19 June 1904 J K Jones,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Natty Jim Hefley & Elizabeth Betty Tennison(1900 Big Creek,150) William Jones & Martha A Cooper(1900 White Twp.169) James M Jones died 11Oct1912.Sarah m:(2)James A Brasel 1915
G-419 William Simon Burdine 21, Vendor(died 1963 Stidham,OK) Etta Anthony 16, Vendor 19 June 1904 J K Jones,Surety by W H Burdine,J P James Henry Anthony & Mary Elizabeth McCutcheon John L Burdine & Mary Margaret Bray Children:Deward;Geneva Pigman;Venita A Haynes;Sylvester;Leota Brackett
G-420 Bartley Sparks 26, Chancel Caroline Carrie English, 18, Bertha 19 June 1904W P English,Surety by J B Sparks Jesse Sparks & Elizabeth Owen Bartley moved to Eufaula,OK.His parents divorced
G-421 William Austin Tennison 20, Snow Minnie Mitchell 15, Red Rock 30 June 1904 M A Tennison,Surety by Allen Hudson O.M. William G Tennison & Mandy Ricketts(1900 White Twp.175)
G-422 Thomas Robert Patterson, 18,Fallsville Mary E Taylor 16, Fallsville(died 1964 CA) 10 July 1904 Hamp Rogers,Surety by W T Pruitt, J P John Taylor & Fannie Elizabeth Pruitt(1900 Kentucky twp.,203) Solomon Patterson & Elizabeth Cowan(d:1894 Buckhorn Cemetery
G-423 George W Davidson 20, Red Star(Madison Co.AR) Minnie Hodge 17, Red Star 14 July 1904 Ben C Taylor,Surety by H C Stanberry J P(Madison Co.AR)
G-424 William A Morris 21, Western Grove Nettie Reynolds 16, Yardell 3 July 1904 W I Mathis,Surety by W H Martin William M Reynolds & Florence McDougal(1900 New Hope,36 John D Morris & Mary Susan Mayberry(1900 New Hope,94
G-425 William I Mathis 24, Western Grove(died 1920) Minerva Anna Morris 18, Western Grove 3 July 1904 W A Morris,Surety by W H Martin John D Morris & Mary Susan Mayberry(1900 New Hope,42) Minerva Anna Morris Mathis married (2)John McGowan 30Sep1924
G-426 Harvey Greenhaw 20, Mt. Judea Ina Elvia Kent 15, Mt.Judea 17 July 1904 Newt Blackwood,Surety by D C Troglin J P Richard Kent & Caroline Gamblin Ephriam Kingston Greenhaw"Uncle Pace"& Martha Hefley children:Emma Estle;Floyd Grant;Hurshell Marvin;Amos Truman & Richard Milton Greenhaw
G-427 W.S. Risenhoover 30, Boone Co.AR Hester Ann Madewell 30, Gaither (Boone Co.AR) 17 July 1904 George Madewell,Surety by William J Pruitt
G-428 John Lafayette Bohannon 30, Limestone (1874-1957 Hickory Grove Cem. B. Dora Middleton 17, Limestone(1887-1967 Hickory Grove Cem.) 11 August 1904 M E Blackwood,Surety by J H Curtis Jiles Middleton and Sarah Jackson John m:(1)Lu Middleton 9Apr1899(divorced)She m:(2)A J Houston 28Feb1901
G-429 James Garfield Eddings 22, Vendor Mary Lizzie Elizabeth Rhynes 19, Vendor 7 August 1904 A N Davenport,Surety by W H Burdine, J P William Rhynes & Sarah Busby(1900 Prairie,15) Robert J Jobe Eddings & Sarah Jane Williams James died 1939.Mary died 1974.Carver Cemetery
G-430 Charley Box 31, Mt.Judea Nancy Jane Pierce Battenfield 26, Mt.Judea 4 August 1904 J C Blackwood,Surety by G W Nichols,J P John L Pierce & Mary Maranda Flood William R Box & Emily Branson Charley m:(1)Fanna(MNU)before 1891.1900 Big Creek,207, with Effie M;Virgil L & Andy Box.Nancy m:E.E.Battenfield 1896;had daughter Gertie Battenfield who m:Columbus Foster in 1916
G-431 Edward E Johnson 29,Swain Palestine Winters 25, Parthenon 4 August 1904 J E Vincent,Surety by R C J Matlock Martha Winters(widow)1900 Lincoln Twp.,128
G-432 James Thomas Davis 24, Limestone(1879-1960) Adeline Curtis 17, Limestone(1887-1911) 7 August 1904 James LeGrand,Surety by J H Curtis, J P John Curtis & Mahala Essex(1900 Union Twp.,72) John N Davis & Sarah C Clayborn Addie died 31Jan1911,Curtis Cemetery,Newton County
G-433 George H Lickliter 21, Fallsville Martha F Patterson 15, Fallsville 14 August 1904 S R Patterson,Surety by Hamp Rogers, JP Solomon Patterson & Martha Rebecca Wheeler(1900 Boston Twp.54 George Lickliter & Sally Bryant(1900 Kentucky Twp.,311) Buckhorn Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
G-434 William M Heffley 21, Mt.Judea(died 1960) Caldonia "Donie"Jones 18, Mt.Judea(died 1944 Mt.Judea Cem.) 14 August 1904 Newton Blackwood,Surety by G W Nichols, JP Will Jones & Amanda Yates Martin Jones Greenhaw Nathaniel James Natty Heffley & Elizabeth Betty Tennison Children:Luther;James Lloyd;Lowell Jefferson;Guy Burlin Sr.;Joseph Ivan & William Kenneth Heffley
G-435 G F Walker 20, Compton(Fagan G Walker?) Hester Victoria Blackston 23, Compton 29 August 1904 J C Evans,Surety by J H Petree George Blackston & Martha Ann Rosanna McFerrin(1900 Plumlee,82) Fagan G Walker (1884-1939 Plumlee Cemetery)
G-436 Thomas F Pratt 21, Western Grove Effie Lee McDougal 18, Western Grove 21 August 1904 W E Goodall,Surety by W H Martin JP John D McDougal & Heney Lee(1900 Prairie,79) Thomas died 1972.Effied died 1964.Western Grove Cemetery
G-437 Franklin L Martin 21, Western Grove Pearl Lee 18, Western Grove 21 August 1904 W E Goodall,Surety by W J Moore, JP John A Lee & Victoria Shinn(1900 Prairie,78) William H Martin & Malissa Belle Key??(1900 New Hope,7
G-438 George Hopkins 20, Tarlton LeNora "Nora" Woodard McGlasson 20, Tarlton 21 August 1904 C C Ryker,Surety by Richard McGlasson Ephriam Woodard & Martha Ketcherside Nora m:(1)Mathew L McGlasson 18Sep1898(F-183)Mathew was supposedly killed by Oscar Lundy who hit McGlasson over the head with a club in Clay Co.AR.McGlasson is buried in McCutcheon Cem.(7July1878-31May1901 incorrect death date as Mathew married Martha Ellen Taylor in 1903
G-439 Simon Newton Eddings 20, Vendor Rebecca Sarah Annie Smith 16, Vendor 21 August 1904 T F Eddings,Surety by W H Burdine, JP Nathaniel Smith (Alfred & Rebecca Flood Smith)& Mary Ellen PierceJohn Calvin Eddings & Mary Canzada Jones Rebecca died 1951 Arizona.Simon married two more times.He died 1980.They are buried Valley Memorial Park,Coolidge,Arizona.Children:Mary Emaline Carter;Garland;William; Veda Elizabeth Curtis Ellis;Flora Jane Smith;John Guss;Hershel Franklin & Gladys Juanita Eddings O'Donnell
G-440 Annison"Ance"N Davenport 21, Vendor Amanda Rhynes 18, Vendor 21 August 1904 J M Owens,Surety by W H Burdine, JP Noah William Davenport & Mary Elizabeth Kilburn
G-441 George W Key (nl) Belle Jones (nl) 31 August 1904 J K Jones,Surety License Returned,Unexecuted
G-442 J M Taylor 39, Jasper Sarah E Shaw 21, Jasper 31 August 1904 H R Shaw,Surety by A R McPherson
G-443 William Nathaniel Burdine 39, Red Rock Sarah Davis 15, Cowell 1 September 1904 J C Burdine,Surety by Samuel Owens Henderson Davis(Lafferty)& Martha A Bell Smith(1900 Pl.Hill,59) Joseph Burdine & Martha Ann Pickett Nichols William m:(1)Mary E Cooper who died 1887.Family moved to Eufaula,OK
G-444 James H Mathis 21, Western Grove(died 1918 Western Grove Cem. Malinda A Hurst 18, Western Grove 4 September 1904 B H Cone,Surety by J E Moore William & Eliza Hurst(1900 Mill Creek,138 Alford Mathis Malinda m:(2)J W Waldon on 12Sep1920
G-445 Winfield Masterson 25, Cave Creek Beaner Brown 18, Cave Creek 5 September 1904 Joe Canady,Surety by Steve D Watts, JP A Son Willie Masterson(11June1905-20Aug1905 Richland Cem
G-446 Elmer Bailey 33, Deer Belle Wheeler 22, Deer 8 September 1904 E R Manes,Surety by W R Breedlove,O.M. W C "Bud"Wheeler & Matilda Chambers Belle died 1913,Essex Cemetery
G-447 Charley Skaggs 22, Jasper Laura Jones 18, Jasper 7 September 1904 Sam Skaggs, Surety by T G Henderson William H Jones & Hulda Armstrong(1900 Jackson,42) Charley died 1937.Larua died 1970.Jasper Cemetery
G-448 John T Quigley 39,Marameck(Pawnee Co.I.T.) Ella (Ellen) Carlton 21, Jasper 7 September 1904 John Brisco,Surety by E E Ammons,Judge Marion Benjamin Carlton & Sarah Virginia Dunlap(1900 Jackson,214
G-449 Frank C Reese 19, Quincy Buena Vista Casey 19, Quincy 14 September 1904 W B Harrison,Surety by John M Boyd,JP Christpher Columbus Casey & Kissiah Wright Buena Vista died in 1957
G-450 James Louis Bolin 21,Vendor Cynthia Liles 18, Vendor 11 September 1904 Duster Snow,Surety by P T Harrison Mary Liles Burcham(1900 White Twp.,239 John E Bolin & Sarah Atkinson James married (2)Angeline Baker in 1906
G-451 William L Burns 23, Chancel Isabelle Wylie 18, Deer 18 September 1904 J B Wylie,Surety by W R Breedlove, O.M. Calvin A and Louisa Burns(1900 Pl.Hill,129
G-452 Cal Madewell 32, Low Gap Pruvie Kilgore 26, Low Gap 18 September 1904 J W Reynolds,Surety by Isham Kilgore Reuben Kilgore & Nancy J Roseberry(1900 Low Gap,54
G-453 Marion Benjamin Carlton 60, Jasper(d:1936) Diana Self Snow 42, Jasper(m:John M Snow) 15 September 1904 J K Jones,Surety by T G Henderson Levi & Martha Self Alfred Carlton & Mary Polly Allison Marion m:(1)Mary E Park in 1865(2)Sarah Virginia Jennie Dunlap 1875(Buffalo Cem.)
G-454 J M Martin 22, Yardell Lizzie Roberson(Robinson) 16, Yardell 18 September 1904 J R Strong,Surety by J W Campbell,JP James T Robinson & Elizabeth Emeline Curtis(1900 Mill Creek 143
G-455 William A Mayberry 30, Hasty(really 40) Jennie Waldron 18, Hasty 25 September 1904 L C Mayberry,Surety by W H Martin George W Mayberry & Elizabeth Betty Jones William (1865-1941)Carver Cemetery
G-456 William I Villines 19, Boxley Alpha Greene 18, Jasper 2 October 1904 Joe S Villines,Surety by M M Wishon,JP William & Sarah Green(1900 Jackson Twp.109) James A Villines & Sarah Arbaugh William died 1973.Alpha died 1963 Beechwood Cemetery
G-457 Pella M Jones 24,Willcockson Eliza Ratcliff 24, Willcockson 29 September 1904 D C Curnutt,Surety by D C Curnutt, JP James P Jones & Fredonia Massengale(1900 Marble City,60)
G-458 George W Madewell 35, Marble City Bertha Peacock 26, Marble City 9 October 1904 B T Harp,Surety by D c Curnutt, JP
G-459 Benjamin Thomas Harp 21, Willcockson Carrie Elizabeth Villines 19, Compton 9 October 1904 G W Madewell,Surety by D C Curnutt, JP Hosea Villines & Harriett Patty Joseph Anderson Harp & Margaaret Isabelle Jones(1900 Marble City,53
G-460 Jesse Garrison 23, Tarlton Eva Hopkins 22, Tarlton 9 October 1904 L D Douthit,Surety by R P McGlasson,JP
G-461 Richmon L Morgan 36, Jasper Alta M Johnson 20, Jasper 16 October 1904 W B Moss,Surety by M M Wishon,JP Joel & Sarah E Morgan(1900 Jackson,38-40
G-462 Willie Adams 19, Vendor Rebecca Standridge 18, Vendor(died 19Oct1958 Stockton,CA) 16 October 1904 U S Flud,Surety by A C Phillips O.M.,M.E.Church Henry columbus Standridge & Peggy Smith George W Adams & Martha Elizabeth Holt Children:Jessie;Mildred Mae;Fae;Estel & Alvin Adams.1910 Pawnee Co.OK.Soundex ED 0171,Vol 53,No.0131.1920 Seminole Co.OK Soundex ED255,Vol 41,Sheet 2,Line 63
G-463 Isaac Newt Blackwood 22, Mt.Judea Alice Villines 19, Boxley 16 October 1904 B.Heffley,Surety by W H Burdine, JP James C Blackwood & Syrena Plumlee(1900 Big Creek,196)
G-464 R F Davis 33,Murray Louvenia Johnson 26,Murray 24 October 1904 John Lemar,Surety by E E Ammons,Judge
G-465 Lafayette Curnutt 19, Compton Lucetta Sims 20, Compton 6 November 1904 Thomas Curnutt,Surety by R S Thrall,JP George Sims & Judy Ann Rich(1900 Plumlee,147 William Calvin Curnutt & Sabre Reynolds
G-466 Alfred CarltonII 45, Murray Mary Lee Fuget (Fowgret?)30,Swain(died 1912 Buffalo Cemetery) 6 November 1904 Alfred Carlton,Surety by S d Douthit Alfred Lee & Nancy Swain(1900 Jefferson Twp.102 William Curtis Carlton & Emily Elizabeth Hull Alfred m:Mary Elizabeth Heirmes Thomas;died 1912 Buffalo Cemetery.Child Georgia Carlton Garrison
G-467 Noah H Morelan 23, Jasper Pernia Jane Atkinson 18, Red Rock(died Bartlesville,OK) 6 November 1904 James A Wilson,Surety by J R Taylor Melcina F Atkinson Benjamin & Sarah Moreland(1910 Jackson Twp.,193) Pernia m:(2)Mr.Jones (3)Frank Brasel
G-468 Edward Carmo Dickey 28, Bass Nancy Ella Rea 18, Eago 6 November 1904 A F Dickey,Surety by W W Baker,JP Paris Rea & Tennessee Dickey Edward Ned Carson Dickey & Nancy Jane Reddell Edward & Nancy are buried Bens Branch Cemetery
G-469 John L Lumley 38, Boxley Lollie J Hockenberry 15, Boxley 27 November 1904 J M King,Surety by J M King
G-470 Oliver Duster Snow 27, Jasper Minnie Young 21, Jasper 30 November 1904 W P Spears,Surety by E E Ammons,Judge Ebenezer Snow & Winnie Nancy Edwina Rosetta Crumby Millsap Winnie is on 1900 Jackson Twp.234
G-471 John F Carlton 26, Grant (Kiamachi,I.T.) Viola Carlton 19, Murray 18 November 1904 G S Carlton,Surety by N F Bradley Lowery C Carlton & Eliza Norris(1900 Murray,256
G-472 William T Blalock 23, Quincy Nancy Gregory 19, Quincy 13 November 1904 W B Harrison,Surety by J P White (Boone Co.AR) George W Gregory & Louise Elizabeth Jones
G-473 Richard D N Sparks 27, Boxley Rena Casey 27, Murray 20 November 1904 Tom May,Surety by John W Whiteley William Levi Casey & Elizabeth Tucker
G-474 F W Warned 31, Winmerog(Baxter Co.AR) Louisa Partridge 46, Quincy 21 November 1904 W B Harrison,Surety by J P White (Boone Co.AR)
G-475 John Lemar 76,Murray(died 13Oct1914 Kansas City,MO) Mary E Davis 58, Murray 20 November 1904 John M Phillips,Surety by Parker Young John m:(1)Independence Case Lindsey 1845 Clark Co.MO(died 1Nov1903)Daughter Samantha Lemar 1900 Walnut,184 with children:John,Penny,Jackson,Perry,Bennie,Mandy,Bob, Dennis, Gina and Alva Lemar
G-476 Daniel Freeman 29, Mt.Judea Bethena Jane Peoples 28, Mt.Judea 29 November 1904 B J Peoples,Surety by J B O'Neal Nathan Peoples & Rachel Orlena Miller(Phillips) Michael David Freeman & Esther Sexton Bethena m:(1)J A White 11Jan1891 Searcy Co.AR.M:(2)John Curry 31May1896(died1900) 1910 Searcy Co.AR,Spring Twp.,29
G-477 James G George 22, Bass Oma H Hefley 18, Bass 4 Dec 1904 B T Tennison, Surety by G W Nichols,JP William Bailey Hefley & Margaret Cheatham John H George & Mary Lively(1900 Polk Twp.92James died 1952.Oma died 1976.Mt.Judea Cemetery
G-478 W L robbins 35, Fairfax(Atchison Co.MO) Ella Sparks 18, Murray 8 December 1904 M Carlton,Surety by C C Hudson Samuel S Sparks & Sarah J Beckham(1900 Murray,286;Della was 12 years
G-479 Lloyd P Foy 32, Deer Gracie Rocole 19, Deer 11 December 1904 J D Norton, Surety by W R Breedlove,O.M. Related to Henry W Rocole family Lloyd m:(1)Sela Griskel?Driscol>Brisco 12Oct1890. Lloyd on 1900 Pl.Hill,99 with wife Sela & children Percy N and Ellis B Foy
G-480 Malin Jefferson Hudson 23, Jasper(died 12Oct1944 Claremore,OK) Lillian Smith 23, Jasper(died 1919 Haskell,OK) 11 December 1904 D M Steely,Surety by T G Henderson, JP Levi Smith & Sophia Ann Flood John W Hudson & Sarah Malia Dodson Lillian had daughter Lillie before her marriage(1903-1910).One son,Nile Loren Hudson(8July1907-12Dec1984 Salinas,CA.He m:Hattie Mae Davis 18June1927
G-481 William David Faught 21,Deer Belle Brown 20,Deer 20 Dec 1904 James Barber,Surety by J A Taylor Levi Bruce Faught & Josephine Thomas William died 25Nov1910.Belle died 1970.Crossroads Cemetery
G-482 J William Henderson 22, Wayton Nora Walker 19, Boxley 24 Dec 1904 C W Thompson,Surety by Thomas Jones Eldridge Walker & Malinda E Campbell(1900 Van Buren,78)
G-483 Luther A Young 23, Limestone Belle Wilson 18, Swain 25 December 1904 W B Moss,Surety by A E Wilson Albert E Wilson Luther (1Mar1881-9Jan1959)Belle (17Dec1885-21Nov1984 Hickory Grove Cemetery
G-484 Theo Carlton 20, Murray Etta Hammond 22, Pettigrew (Madison Co.AR) 25 December 1904 W R Carlton,Surety by Zeke B Fitzgerald, JP (Madison Co.AR) Alfred Carlton & Martha Elizabeth Thomas Etta(26Aug1882-14Nov1965.Theo (16June187617Mar1972)Mossville Cemetery
G-485 Jonas B Hendrix 26, Cowell Linia Taylor 17, Carroll(died 1908 Pleasant Hill Cemetery) 29 December 1904 W A Greene,Surety by C H Snow,O.M. Jonas m:(1)Lorena Holland 8Feb1903(G239);died 10Jan1904.Jonas married(3)Rebecca Berry,age 15, 6Dec1908
G-486 J F Ashlock 27, Swain Mollie Swain 19, Swain 1 January 1905 J K Jones,Surety by Thomas James
G-487 John Kelse Shatswell 20,Red Rock(died 1977 Red Rock Cemetery) Ada Brown Sutton 20,Red Rock(died shortly after marriage) 1 January 1905 Kelsie Hallum,Surety by W R Sutton,JP Thomas C Shatswell & Rutha M Jones Ada m:(1)Ples Yank Sutton 2May1901.John m:(2)Matilda J Gladden Harris on 22July1906. Shatswell children:Retha Rich;Wrentha Brown Dotson;Famie Robinson; Synthia Holt Baker;Sendie Holt;Sherman;Truman;Wilburn E and Clayton Shatswell
G-488 Daniel H Hefley 21, Spence(died 1968;Tarlton Cemetery) Ollie Margaret Freeman 20, Spence(died 1967) 5 January 1905 Heber Davis,Surety by T N Thornsbury (Randolph Co.AR) Uriah Freeman & Angeline MoorePhillip Hefley & Emeline Tennessee Nichols Children:Robert f;Bertha;Berry A; Devoe E; Hettie J;Elsie;Lillie Vanderpool;Wilburn A and Alta Lee Hampton