NEWTON COUNTY,ARKANSAS MARRIAGE, BOOK G, PART 1, G-1 through G-225 (21Feb1901-26Dec1902)


From 21 Feb 1901 to 26 December 1902



NOT the date the license was obtained at the Clerk’s Office.

Copied by Evelyn Flood from actual Newton County,Arkansas court records in 1992.
I did not number the pages.
The License Number is the page number.
Compiled 1992 by Evelyn Flood (
People will say....these are public records.....well,
You WILL NOT find the information in the marriage records at
the Jasper Courthouse that I have in my books, such as parents names;
census information; childrens names, other marriages,
burial places.etc.
Newton County,Arkansas Marriage Books.

The number after the name is the page number of marriage index

Much information could not be listed due to lack of space in these
ACTUAL DATE of Marriage is Listed, NOT when the license was issued
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Evelyn Flood

January & February 2017

G-1 No marriage listed
G-2 No marriage listed here
G-3 Allen Henderson, 28, Wayton Nellie James, 17, Wayton 21 Feb 1901 I J Henderson, Surety by Joseph Henderson William and Lydia Hamby Henderson.1880 Pleasant Hill Twp. 1900 Lincoln Twp.,William died 1918.Lydia died 1913 Wayton Cemetery
G-4 James Roscoe"Ross"McCutcheon 25,Cave Creek(Died 13Aug1952) Cora Wasson 21 of Wells Springs.(Died 23Jan1970 McCutcheon Cemetery) 21 Feb 1901 L J Payne,Surety by J W Tennison,M.G. Andrew Jackson McCutcheon and Sarah"Pink"Greenhaw 1910 Polk Twp.,Visit 82-82.Children:Verdie Curtis,Lester Troy;Hester Dickey;Lloyd;Vernie Horton;Eulan Cook;Wilbert;Dorothy Dickey.
G-5 William"Jasper"Martin 33, Cave Creek Rosa Mahan 19, Cave Creek 24 Feb 1901 J R McCutcheon,Surety by J W Tennison,M.G. Alex C & Fanny Cook Dickey McCutcheon,parents of first wife Louvina James P"Buckety Jim"Martin & Nancy Sanders Jasper first married Louvina E McCutcheon in 1888.She died 1899 McCutcheon Cemetery
G-6 Andrew "Jack"Houston 23, Limestone Lou (Middleton)Bohannon 23, Limestone 28 Feb 1901 J H Curtis,Surety by L J Garrison, J P James Giles and Sarah E Jackson Middleton William H & Cresy Cooper Hampton Houston Lou had married (1)John L Bohannon on 9 April 1899
G-7 Oliver Gallatin 26, Wayton Martha Riggins 26, Wayton 10 March 1901 M W Snow,Surety by Joseph Henderson, J.P. Oliver & wife PARILEE C ROBINSON:1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 19-20
G-8 Marshal J Owen 27, Yardell Addieville Sisco 27, Parthenon 3 March 1901 Henry M Lovelady,Surety by H M Lovelady
G-9 William N Lickliter 23, Fallsville Mary L Davidson 23, Fallsville 10 March 1901 G F Lickliter,Surety by G W Curtis, J.P. George & Sally Bryant Lickliter(1900 Kentucky Twp.,211)
G-10 Jefferson Davis Rutledge 20,Parthenon Nancy Flippo 20, Parthenon 17 March 1901 J R Stephens,Surety by C C Hudson William Haywood & Mary Simmons Flippo Calvin & Louisa Richards Rutledge To Maude,OK in 1908.Cummings Cemetery,Maude,OK
G-11 Virgil A Petree 23, Compton Ruthy Ellen Sims 23, Compton 17 March 1901 W H Harp,Surety by J T Buchanan, J P Jacob & March C Petree,1900 Plumlee Twp.,Visit 87 Virgil died 1969;Ruthy died 1964,Plumlee Cemetery
G-12 Joshua Cochran 23, Compton Vestie Armer 19, Osage 21 March 1901 J M Bartlett,Surety by J T Buchanan, J P Widow Mandy E Cochran family,1900,Plumlee Twp. Cochran children are buried Plumlee Cemetery
G-13 Duke Smith 19, Willcockson Alpha M Carlton 19, Willcockson 20 March 1901 D Hickman,Surety by J H Raulston William & Elizabeth Carlton,1900 Marble City Twp.Visit 73-75 Alpha's siblings:James J;Mary E;Franklin;Retta and Gertie Carlton
G-14 Charley Chambers 19, Yardell Maud Shinn 16, Yardell 24 March 1901 G W Key, Surety by J M Cole, J P Thomas & Lillian Elizabeth Sanders Shinn Thomas & Mary Jane Moody Sanders Charley died 1902,Western Grove Cemetery
G-15 Lee Patton 19, Fallsville. Died 1960 Emely F Patterson 19, Fallsville.Died 1957 31 March 1901 James Brasel, Surety by Elder J R Patterson, M.G. Jefferson D & Phoebe Miller Patterson,Boston Twp.1900 Lee & Emily are buried Buckhorn Cemetery,Newton County with several of their children
G-16 Robert E Braden 27, Yardell Martha Crow 24, Willcockson 24 March 1901 Joe Fox,Surety by G W Dearing Robert Alexander Crow & Mary Elizabeth Beene William M & Mahala Tedford Braden Robert died 1952.Martha died 1938;Sandhill
G-17 John Hodges Liston Harvey 23, Ryker Nina Hudson 19, Parthenon 28 March 1901 J S Atchley,Surety by R C J Matlock Andrew J Hudson & Mary Dupree Richard Harvey & Nancy Ann Roland Ballance Tulsa,OK area 1925.Resthaven Cemetery,Sperry,OK
G-18 J W Ryker 39, Ryker Eliza Allen 24, Ryker 31 March 1901 A F Boomer, Surety by Rev.Noah P Hudson Ryker families are in Kentucky Twp.,1900 census
G-19 George Spurlock (nl) N C Parks (nl) BOND ONLY R S Pruitt,Surety NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE COMPLETED
G-20 Crockett Lorenzo Dow Heffley 20, Mt.Judea Nervie Box 16, Mt. Judea(children were Myrtie;Houston Lee;Ernie & Gertie Heffley) 11 April 1901 J H Raulston, Surety by D.C.Troglin William R Box & Emily Bronson Phillip Heffley & Emeline Tennessee Nichols Crockett married (2)PLINDY REECE on 19June1916.Yell Co.AR.1920,Lakeview Twp.Daughter Ophelia born 1919
G-21 J Mathew Sutherland 19, Fallsville Susie Reynolds 16, Fallsville 14 April 1901 John Sutherland,Surety by R W Logan J P Reynolds & Elizabeth Adams(married 1884 Ft.Douglas,Johnson County James Sutherland & Aggie Bryant,1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 61 Susie living with stepfather Joel Curtis & mother Elizabeth Adams Reynolds Curtis,1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 79
G-22 Charles W Darr 27, Swain Louisa Tuggle 18, Swain 14 April 1901 John Myers, Surety by L Hawkins Rowlett
G-23 Alex Madewell 19, Gaither (Boone Co.) Susie Shane 16, Jasper 27 April 1901 Nat Phillips,Surety by E R Reynolds Franklin Shane & Rachel Owen Blackwood,Dile,Higgs,Shane Rachel Owen was daughter of Aaron Owen & Sarah Jane Moody
G-24 Harvey Cowell 24, Summitt Mahala Smith 16, Summitt 27 April 1901 Virgil Cowell, Surety by W S Henderson,ODM "Old Clayborn"Smith & Margaret Jane Mackey Family Milton Travis Cowell & Martha F Doherty Johnson Co.AR.Children:Ida;Rayburn;Merle & Hurl Cowell
G-25 Steve Shatswell 21, Red Rock Katie L Sutton 29, Red Rock 2 May 1901 Pleas Sutton ,Surety by W H Burdine Simon Solomon Sutton & Mary Ann Tennison William Shatswell & Mary Polly Smith Steve deserted family.Katie m: (2)David Vestor Nichols 1930
G-26 Pleas Houston "Yank"Sutton 18, Red Rock(1883-1957) Ada Brown 16, Red Rock 2 May 1901 S S Sutton, Surety by W H Burdine,J P Simon Solomon Sutton & Mary Ann Tennison Pleas Sutton married (2)Nettie Emeline Foster(1880-1951)
G-27 T J Pruitt 24, Willcoxson A Viola Reynolds 19, Jasper 2 May 1901 Nat Phillips,Surety by Isham Kilgore,J P Thomas C Reynolds & Frances Anna Belew(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 82) William W & Mary F Pruitt Thomas J died 1914,shaddox Cemeteery
G-28 John H Storm 27, Ryker Marinda I Hodge 16, Ryker 13 May 1901 Sam D Cox, Surety by Noah Hudson John was brother of Isham Storm,1900 Kentucky Twp.,Visit 194 There are Storm folks buried Cave Mt.Cemetery
G-29 Marion M Hall 19, Mt.Hersey Mary C Riddell 18, Cave Creek 9 May 1901 T C Hall, Surety by H M Lovelady Hugh & Mary Serena Wyatt Riddell Thomas & Eliza Jane Berry Hall Mary died 1914;Bens Branch Cemetery.Marion married (2)Lourina Elizabeth Eddings 1914
G-30 Horace C Norton 18, Summitt (Died 1959) Martha J Taylor 16, Summitt(Died 1969) 12 May 1901 Joe Henderson, Surety by W S Henderson, ODM William H Taylor & Rachel Overturf Jefferson Davis Norton & Arizona Matlock Children:Bertha;Lester;Georgia Inez;Earl,William Howard,Leonard;Conard;Ava Frances;Ova & Lucille Jane
G-31 J W Reynolds 24, Parthenon Allie C Fortner 28, Boxley 14 May 1901 Billie Reynolds,Surety by J P Casey, J P
G-32 Thomas Beare 26, Spence Mary Elizabeth Greenhaw 18, Spence 19 May 6 1901 Ben Greenhaw, Surety by T G Henderson, J P Daniel Gabriel Greenhaw & Lucy Standridge Thomas died 1934;Mary died 1957;Richland Cemetery
G-33 S M Whiteaker 24, Ryker Genettie"Nettie"Brasel 18, Jasper 19 May 1901 J S Atchley,Surety by T G Henderson, J P John R Brasel & Mary Jane Riddle(1900 Jackson Twp.Visit 153)
G-34 J A Payne 25, St.Paul(Madison Co.) Ida Stephens 24, Boxley 22 May 1901 J S Atchley,Surety by McAfee Edwards, J P
G-35 Elij J Watson 28, Swain Flora (Oretie)Burting 20, Murray 24 May 1901 Bob Douthit,Surety by Richard Thomas,M.G. Felix & Mary Z burting (1900 Murray Twp.Visit 277
G-36 Ralph F Town 20, Jasper(1880-1953) Minnie Skaggs 15, Jasper(1886-1975) 23 May 1901 J K Jones,Surety by T G Henderson, J P John & Jane Riggs Skaggs Ralph & Minnie are buried Jasper Cemetery
G-37 William Harmon Davis 39, Jasper(died 1933 Jasper Cemetery Mary Chafin 32, Jasper 23 May 1901 T N Spencer,Surety by T G Henderson, J P Matthew Perry Chaffin & Sarah E Henderson John Harmon Davis & Elizabeth Isabell Thompson Davis Harp William married (1)Ellen Phillips 1881;(2)Mary Dodson 1887(3)Lilly Bartell in 1889
G-38 Noah G Middleton 25, Limestone Lou Emma Robinson 18, Limestone 26 May 1901 Isaac Stapleton,Surety by L G Garrison J P Elija E Robinson & Rachel Ann Chambers James Giles & Sarah E Jackson Middleton 1900 Union Twp.,Visit 67
G-39 B F Randall 23, Boxley Rachel Stayden (nl),Boxley 28 May 1901 H J Robins,Surety by John Whiteley, M.G.
G-40 David L Dodson 23, Cave Creek (1878-1968) Lilly Ann Hill 19, Cave Creek(1880-1973) 9 June 1901 T F Dodson,Surety by Y E Taylor Daniel Levi Hill & Nancy Persilla McCutcheon Payne James R C Dodson & Martha Dean David & Lilly are buried New Dodson Cemetery
G-41 Bucy W Young 19, Swain Cora Adler 18, Swain 9 June 1901 J L Young,Surety by Parker Young Parker & Abbie Tuggle Young(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 94
G-42 James A Villines 35, Low Gap Martha Harp 20, Gaither NO DATE LICENSE. NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE
G-43 Edwin Davison 22, Limestone Lillie Rankins 19, Limestone 30 June 1901 James Davison, Surety by L J Garrison James & Mary E "Betsy"Hamm Rankins John & Nona Davison(1900,Union Twp.,Visit 46)
G-44 J J Martin 20, Parthenon Alice Henderson 17, Wayton 30 June 1901 John Martin,Surety by J B O'Neal William & Permelia Taylor Henderson 1900 Lincoln Twp.,Visit 93
G-45 Thomas Barnes 26, Jasper(Treat Cemetery,Pope Co) Tennessee Price 21, Jasper(Treat Cemetery,Pope Co) 3 July 1901 Lewis Brasel,Surety by R C J Matlock Benjamin Franklin Price & Martha Jones(both died 1888 Limestone) See "The Price Orphans"in my Kinfolks Stories
G-46 Thomas Jones 24, Swain Alice Williams 15, Swain 1 July 1901 J T Williams,Surety by W N Sams John & Noma Williams (1900 Jefferson Twp.Visit 82
G-47 Joseph B Fox 15, Marble City Ader Brown 19, Marble City 3 July 1901 F W Spencer, Surety by F W Spencer, J P John & Ellen Fox(1900 Mill Creek Twp.,Visit 129 Joseph was brother of Gatus Fox(1880 Richland Twp.Pg633a)
G-48 Joe C Cowan 23, Fallsville Phoebe Elizabeth "Bettie"Cowan 18, Pettigrew 9 July 1901 W B Moss,Surety by W T Cowan,J P Samuel Cowan & Lucinda Warren William Cowan & Mary Daniels Joe & Bettie are buried Case Cemetery,Newton County
G-49 Robert Smith 19, Mt.Judea Doshia Bryant 19, Mt.Judea 14 August 1901 J C Blackwood,Surety by George W Hamm John Bryant & Emily Stacy(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 118)
G-50 Willie Vance 37, Jasper Nancy Cansada Smith Royse 38, Jasper(Died 1936 Jasper Cemetery) 12 July 1901 Allen Tennison,Surety by A C Phillips William R Smith & Lydia Osborn Nancy married Hiram Royse who died 1896
G-51 Samuel Edward Self Jr.,(nl),Boxley(Died 1926 Westville,OK) Nancy Parilee Gutherie 15, Mossville(Died 1951 San Jose,CA area) 14 July 1901 Ambrose Boen,Surety by I J Whiteley Edmond & Sarah Lucinda Bull Gutherie 10 children:Flora;Stella;George A;Roy Lee;Carl T;Nettie;Troy Lee;Sarah;Edward B Self
G-52 Henry Linton Clay Durham 51, Fallsville(1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 81) Dolly Arabelle Curtis Sutherland 28, Cassville(1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 60) 14 July 1901 Wade Curtis,Surety by Lon Lee, J P Henry married (1)Rosanna Smith who died 1901,Sutherland Cemetery Sutherland children:Moly,Gracie & James.Henry & Dolly children:Mabel,Lee & Sarah Durham
G-53 John Bohannon Harp 22, Willcoxson Martha Frances Arizona "Zona"Belle Villines 23, Compton 14 July 1901 J R Madewell,Surety by W T Keeton, J P Hosea Villines & Harriett Patty William T Harp & Martha Emeline Chaffin Merle Haggard was John & Zona's grandson
G-54 Paris Rea 43, Mt.Judea(Died 1929 McCutcheon Cemetery) Anna Lea Matney Freeman 31, Mt.Judea(Died 1960 McCutcheon Cemetery) 15 July 1901 W R Mahan,Surety by J W Tennison Anna had 5 Freeman children.She had 6 Rea children. Paris & Mary had 3 Rea Children(Nancy,Tom & Mary Etta Rea) Paris married (1)Mary Tennessee Dickey in 1880.Anna married(1)David C Freeman in 1886
G-55 Winfred R Hendrix 20, Snow Lettie Huckabee 22, Snow 20 July 1901 Henry Freeman, Surety by Enoch Jones Mary (MNU)Huckabee,1900 Pleasant Hill,Visit 48 A Hendrix child is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery
G-56 James Lewis Self 21, Murray Rachel Abigail Barnard 22, Mossville 21 July 1901 J C Barker,Surety by J C Casey, J P Jonathan Barnard & Mary Jane "Annie"Self James William Self & Eliza Jane Hood James & Rachel are buried Shiloh Cemetery
G-57 J L Douglass 66, Capark Mary E Rowlet 43, Fallsville 25 July 1901 J C Barker,Surety by S Y Collins
G-58 Cyrus Nickson"Nick" Ketcherside 24, Cave Creek Luvada Florence Hill 20, Eago 28 July 1901 G R Curtis, Surety by Richard Dean J P James & Nancy Mariah McCutcheon Hill James Hosey Ketcherside & Mary A Brent
G-59 William B Smith 18, Ryker(1882-1964 Cave Mt.Cemetery) Lanie A Ward 15, Ryker 1 August 1901 Sam D Cox,Surety by J B Edwards William married (2)Dellia B Bryant on 29 April 1908
G-60 Levi W Mole 31, Murray Margaret Henderson 21, Murray(Died 1920,Wayton Cemetery) 1 August 1901 J A Snow,Surety by Lon Lee, J P
G-61 Austin Hudson 20, Mt.Judea Martha Riddell 18, Mt.Judea 1 August 1901 M O Smith,Surety by C C Hudson, M.G. James Polk Riddell & Margaret Isabelle Cook Allen Hudson & Mary Jane Casey
G-62 Arizona Frank Dickey 26, Cave Creek(Bens Branch Cemetery) Gussie Hale 22, Cave Creek(Bens Branch Cemetery) 14 August 1901 C B Dickey,Surety by Y.E. Taylor Edward Lawrence Hale & Mary Jane Dickey(she died 1879 Old Dodson Cemetery James McCutcheon Dickey & Cansada Adeline Thompson Edward L Hale married (2)Arlinta L Reynolds in 1887
G-63 Nathaniel C Ryker 44, Ryker(1900 Kentucky Twp.,Visit 172 Mary Williams 27, Ryker 23 August 1901 John H Braun(Brown?),Surety by N P Hudson Emma Ryker Mary Williams living with Emma Ryker in 1900 as servant
G-64 Ira W Taylor 18, Cave Creek Ether C Payne 18, Cave Creek 4 August 1901 H G Dickey,Surety by Y.E. Taylor Emily Payne (1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 190) Jesse R Taylor & Malissa Emeline McCutcheon
G-65 J M Crow 21, Willcoxson Virtha Braden 19, Willcoxson 4 August 1901 J M Harp, Surety by F W Spencer, J P James Martin Braden & Eliza H McDonnell(1900 Mill Creek,Visit 132) S W Crow & Eliza Ann Wynn(1880 Mill Creek Twp.Visit 257
G-66 Andrew J Casey 32, Quincy(Died 1947 Bakersfield,CA Lula Jackson 17, Quincy 11 August 1901 J M Boyd, Surety Samuel Jackson & Anverzine Lovejoy Christopher C Casey & Kisiah Wright Andrew married (1)Amanda Hubble
G-67 Thomas Martin 21, Cave Creek Lavada Turney 18, Vendor 14 August 1901 J H Rush, Surety by Richard Dean J P James & Nancy Sanders Martin(1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 128)
G-68 William H Reynolds 23, Parthenon Nancy Willis 19, Parthenon 15 August 1901 J S Reynolds,Surety by M M Wishon Owen Willis & Nellie Munhollen Edmond Reynolds & Annias Madewell William & Nancy are buried Wayton Cemetery
G-69 Charlie Adams 20, Tarlton Ella C Claxton 19, Spence 25 August 1901 E D Garrison,Surety by Richard Dean, J P Zachary T Claxton & Nancy C Eoff John Adams & Elizabeth Willis Charlie & Ella are buried Sandhill Cemetery
G-70 Manson Hefley 22, Mt.Judea Nellie Sain 17, Mt.Judea 22 September 1901 O. Sain, Surety by D C Troglin, J P Thomas David Sain & Mary Elizabeth Goodman Daniel Hefley & Eliza Greenhaw 1920 Johnson Co.AR with children:William D;Roy H;Alice;Elsie & Frankie(f)Hefley
G-71 John Frank (J F)O'Daniel 24, Yardell Florence Spears 19, Yardell 29 August 1901 Ance Harp,Surety by F W Spencer, J P Henderson Gafford Spears & Frances Bell Spears(Samuel & Elizabeth Ann Robinson Spears James Monroe O'Daniel & Sarah Elizabeth Harp 1900 Prairie Twp.
G-72 William Ambrose Casey 27, Parthenon(Died 1942 Buffalo Cemetery) Georgia Stevens 24, Parthenon 28 August 1901 D.Snow,Surety by Lon Lee Jesse J Casey & Mary McPherson(1900 Murray Twp.Visit 247) William had married (1) Theoria King on 27Dec1891;she died 1899 Buffalo Cemetery
G-73 Jackson S Atchley 31, Jasper Mollie Walker 21, Boxley 31 August 1901 B F Ruble,Surety by J P Casey Eldridge Walker & Malinda E Campbell(1900 Van Buren Twp.Visit 70-76) Jackson is widower 1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 212
G-74 Jerry Standridge 18, Spence(twin to Nancy) Callie Leany Casey 16, Spence 4 September 1901 M. Hudson, Surety by J H Dixon Bartholomew Casey & Serilda Rebecca Laymon Martin & Elizabeth Standridge Callie Leany Casey also married George W Boyd,unknown date
G-75 John E Peoples 27, Vendor Frances J Petty 18, Vendor 5 September 1901 W A Peoples, Surety by W H Burdine, J P John W & Frances J Petty(1900 Big Creek,Visit 140) Nathan Peoples & Rachel Orlena Miller Phillips
G-76 W O Pruett (nl) Rachel Campbell (nl) BOND ONLY NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE
G-77 Joe C Owens 22, Vendor Susan Collins 20, Vendor 8 September 1901 Ed Collins,Surety by Alfred Smith Edmond Collins & Mary Polly Cross Lavicie Catherine Owens;married Jackson N Jones in 1887 Lavicie C Owens was daughter of John Cranston Owens & Mary Pierce
G-78 John Horton 24, Fallsville Margaret Marenda"Renda"Cowan 18, Fallsville 15 September 1901 Robert Douthit,Surety by W F Cowan, J P Robert Cowan & Marion Rebecca Wheeler John & Renda are buried Buckhorn Cemetery
G-79 Joseph Harrison Hefley 21, Mt.Judea Ida Mac Box 16, Mt. Judea 10 September 1901 W P Spears, Surety by D C Troglin, J P William R Box & Emily Bronson Daniel Hefley & Eliza J Greenhaw 1920 Johnson Co.AR with children:Jane;Maggie;Florence Hallie;Leotie;Nellie & William G Hefley
G-80 Will C O'Neal 18, Parthenon(Buried Eufaula,OK) Nancy J Flood 18, Parthenon 9 September 1901(They divorced) W P Spears,Surety by H L Smith,M.G. Harvey N Flud & Louisa C Shatswell Will married (2)Laura Barber.Nancy married (2)Robert Baker in 1909 Nancy married a third time,name unknown
G-81 F L Davidson 21, Mt.Judea Margaret Roberts 15, Fallsville 14 September 1901 William Roberts,Surety by Hamp Rogers, J P
G-82 John M Smith 75, Western Grove Adeline Owen 60, Western Grove 12 September 1901
G-83 John Riley Owens 19, Vendor Nancy Pierce 14, Vendor(Smith Cemetery) 22 Sept 1901(Divorced) E G Atkinson,Surety by W H Burdine, J P Joseph Pierce & Martha Elizabeth Mathis Lavicie Catherine Owens John married (2)Delsia Collins in 1910.Moved to OK
G-84 John K Rankin 21, Chancel Laura B Morrison 15, Chancel 28 September 1901 J L Robinson,Surety by L J Garrison, J P Samuel Morrison & Lue E Thompson(1900 Pleasant Hill,Visit 28 James & Mary E "Betsy"Hamm Rankin(1900 Union Twp.Visit 47 Four Rankin children buried Essex Cemetery
G-85 Jim "Jim"L Robinson(Roberson) 21,Limestone Parilee Frances Freeman 18, Snow 3 October 1901 J O Rankin,Surety by L J Garrison, J P Squire Freeman & Georgia Ellen Dunlap(1900 Pleasant Hill,Visit 42) Francis Marion"Mack"Robinson & Sarah E Woodward(1900 Union Twp.,Visit 66
G-86 Richard Sparks 20, Boxley Irene Matilda Boncard 16?,Boxley 29 September 1901 Dave Self,Surety by John W Whitley Charles H Boncard & Mady Ann Ellis Joshua & Sarah E Self Sparks children:Mary;Bob;Mandy;William D;Gladys;Walter;Stella; Charles;Ola & Jeral Sparks
G-87 John Clayborn Smith 21, Summitt Artie Inez Cowell 18, Summitt(Died Indianola,OK) 29 September 1901 William Shatswell,Surety by J B O'Neal Milton Cowell & Martha Frances Doherty Joseph C & Martha E Smith Smith Children:Alcie M;Lula F;Martha A;Loretta;Zetta L;J.R.;Marvin & Joe Travis Smith.John married (2)Myrtle Alice Lane in 1929
G-88 Frank(W.F.)Reeves 24, Marshall(Searcy Co) Cora Horn 15, Marshall 16 October 1901 Nat Phillips,Surety by A R Stephenson 1880 Searcy Co.AR,Tomahawk Twp.
G-89 William Jasper Brasel 21, Jasper Orabelle Hudson 18, Parthenon(Died 1923;Union Hill Cemetery) 13 October 1901 R S Brasel,Surety by R C J Matlock James J Hudson & Victoria Boatman John R Brasel & Mary Jane Riddle William married (2)Annie(MNU)&(3)Dorothy McElroy
G-90 Charles William"Bill"Foster 24, Mt.Judea Mrs.Oly B Campbell 24, Mt.Judea(Died 1973 Gibson Cemetery,OK) 7 November 1901 G W Nichols,Surety NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE William K Campbell & Mary Elizabeth"Lizzie"Pierce Charles F Foster III & Sarah J Smith Charles William married (1)Delpha A Farmer in 1897
G-91 John Cranston Owen 71, Vendor(Died 1907 Deer Cemetery) Mrs. Sarah Mackey 65, Vendor(Died 1913 Deer Cemetery) 30 October 1901 W J Perkey,Surety by W H Burdine, J P John had married (1)Mary Polly Pierce ca 1852
G-92 William Adams 19, Deer Arkadelphia "Arkie" Faught (nl),Deer 27 October 1901 J W Pellham,Surety by J B Sparks, J P Levi Bruce Faught & Josephine Thomas Mathew Adams & Rebecca Sparks
G-93 William David Self 23, Murray Mrs. E J Ponder 15, Murray 31 October 1901 Jesse Casey,Surety by J E Rylee James William"Billy"Self & Sarah M Watson(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 289) A Joseph P Ponder Family was on 1900 Murray Twp.
G-94 John William Sexton 24, Mt.Judea Peggy O'neal 15, Mt.Judea 30 October 1901 G W Nichols,Surety by G W Nichols Mary Jane O'Neal(Blackburn O'Neal family) Margaret Nichols & William Riley Sexton Mother Margaret Nichols died after childbirth
G-95 James Blane Carlton 21?,Murray Fannie Murray 17, Murray 3 November 1901 R S Brasel,Surety by Lon Lee, J P Believe James was son of Lowery C Carlton & Nancy Lawson
G-96 William Rankin 23, Limestone Hattie Clayborn 15, Limestone 10 November 1901 Charley E Davidson,Surety by L J Garrison, J P James Clayborn & Arminta Woodward Hicks)1900 Union Twp.,Visit 32) James & Mary E "Betsy"Hamm Rankin(1900 Union Twp.,Visit 48)
G-97 William Shatswell 20, Summitt Vada Norton 16, Summitt 8 November 1901 J C Barker,Surety by J B O'Neal Jefferson D Norton & Arizona Matlock George W Shatswell & Elizabeth Ann O'Neal Vada died 1974 Allen,OK
G-98 Ezekiel Jones 27, Fallsville Emma Holland 21, Newton 11 November 1901 J C Barker, Surety by B F Hibbard
G-99 John Robert(J R) Casey 23, Boxley Elizabeth Killian 19, Boxley 14 November 1901 J F Carlton,Surety by I J Whiteley William Levi Casey & Elizabeth Ellen Tucker(1900 Van Buren,Visit 123) William Levi Casey was from Miles H Casey & Rachel Rebecca Edgmon family
G-100 John R Faught 22, Summit(Crossroads Cemetery) Martha Armenda Breedlove 17, Summit 18 November 1901 J C Barker,Surety by N F Bradley, M.G. Rev.Billy Breedlove Robert Norton & Mary E Faught John m:(2)Martha Elizabeth owens in 1905(3)Era Davis(4)Elizabeth Owens in 1928
G-101 Josephus (J H)McFerrin 25, Compton Ally Howell 23, Compton 17 November 1901 John McFerrin,Surety by J T Buchanan, J P John B & Sarah J Howell(1900 Plumlee Twp.,Visit 98) John B McFerrin Jr. & Clemntine Tabitha McCrea
G-102 Pleasant "Mac"Taylor 22, Jasper Sarah J Harp 16, Jasper 24 November 1901 >b>Anse Harp,Surety by D C Tinsley Sarah J was niece of Anderson "Anse"Monroe Harp George Washington Taylor & Josephine Curnutt
G-103 Will Robinson 23, Boxley Minnie Whiteley 17, Boxley 24 November 1901 W W Bearden,Surety by John W Whiteley Samuel Henry Whiteley & Seleta Beckham Will Robinson was living with Robert Moss 1900 VanBuren Twp.Visit 143
G-104 G F Mitchell (nl) Miss Haynes (nl) BOND NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED J W Rutledge,Surety
G-105 J R Edwards 21, Parthenon(Swain Cemetery) Mittie Cowell 22, Parthenon 8 December 1901 M M Wishon, Surety by E C Kelley J R Edwards married (2)Nancy Reed in 1920
G-106 Thomas Martin 22, Cave Creek Gracie Baker 19, Cave Creek 11 December 1901 J C Barker,Surety by Richard Dean, J P Joshua Baker & Nancy E Salmon Nancy Martin,1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 128
G-107 John T Edgmon 26, Boxley Fannie Villinies 21, Boxley 6 January 1902 T R Self, Surety by J P Casey James & Sarah Villines,1900 VanBuren Twp.,Visit 84 Francis Marion Edgmon & Tennessee Sparks
G-108 John W Freeman 21, Snow Emma J Robinson 19, Limestone 22 December 1901 Milton Freeman,Surety by J H Holloway(Montgomery Co.AR) Lige Robinson & Rachel Ann Chambers
G-109 John Robbins 35, Murray Lillie Sparks 16, Murray 24 December 1901 J C Smith,Surety by J E Rylee Samuel S & Sarah J Sparks,1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 286
G-110 H K Holland 23, Summit Sarah Moss 19, Summit 25 December 1901 S D Cox,Surety by A J Smith, M.G. Lewis S Moss & Savannah Alice Wilson,1900 Jackson,Visit 56
G-111 M M Hallon 23, Pettigrew Catherine Oxford 15, Boxley 24 December 1901 J A Scroggins,Surety by Isham Killgore John F & Rachel L Oxford,1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 50
G-112 Charley Hill 32, Willcoxson Katy Lyles(Liles)18, Yardell 19 Dec 1901 James Bell,Surety by F W Spencer, J P Joseph Liles & Sarah Elizabeth Bell,1900 Mill Creek Twp.,Visit 141
G-113 Jim M Finley 21, Swain Gertrude Sams 15, Swain 29 December 1901 J H Ashlock,Surety by Parker Young Warren N Sams & V.Catherine Norton(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 105 Father Warren N Sams married (2)Luella Griffin and (3)Alabama Cooper
G-114 John W Anthony 21, Cave Creek Elly Thompson 15, Cave Creek 31 December 1901 J K Jones,Surety by James R C Dodson Calvin Thompson & Narcissa A Tate(1900 Polk Twp.,Visit 73
G-115 Joseph Richard Shatswell 18, Summit Zuella Smith 18, Parthenon 2 January 1902) J D Plumlee,Surety by J B O'Neal License 31 December 1901 George W Shatswell & Elizabeth Ann O'Neal(1900 Lincoln,Visit 163) Zuella May Smith Shatswell died 1915 Franklin Co.AR
G-116 Alze Hendrix 27, Cave Creek Zora Williams 18, Cave Creek 3 January 1901 B B Maxwell,Surety by W H Martin Matilda Wells Williams Hale Hosea & Mary Elizabeth Baker Hendrix 1870 & 1880 Searcy Co.AR;Lucinda,Thomas Larkin;Sparling;Abner & Harvey Hendrix
G-117 George Edward Anderson 22, Jasper Frona Atkinson 18, Jasper 13 January 1902 Henry Rush,Surety by T G Henderson, J P Thomas & Sarah Bolin Atkinson Asa M & Rhoda Daily Anderson
G-118 John Lemarr 21, Murray Cora Moss 17, Mossville 19 January 1902 Oliver Snow,Surety by J P Casey,J P James Leander Moss & Dorcas Jane Farmer,1900 Jefferson,Visit 1 Samantha Jane Lemarr(1900 Walnut Twp.,Visit 184
G-119 Martin R Breedlove 26, Summit Mary L Adams 14, Chancel 16 January 1902 L R Jones,Surety by Enoch Jones Ervin Breedlove & Diana Phillips(1880 Pleasant Hill,Visit 211
G-120 Sam McJunkin 31, Murray Matilda Carlton 20, Murray 19 January 1902 Henry Young,Surety by Lon Lee, J P Mary McJunkin (1900 Murray Twp.Visit 283
G-121 Sam Peden 19, Ft.Douglas(Johnson Co.AR) Emma Graves, 19 Ft.Douglas 26 January 1902 W J Brasel,Surety by S M Graves, J P
G-122 George W Curtis 25, Yardell Jennie Ramey 24, Yardell 26 January 1901 James N Morris,Surety by H M Lovelady, M.G. Isham Garret Ramey & Omey Taylor(1900 Prairie Twp.,Visit 159 George was boarder in Willie & Addie Curtis Wheeler family,Prairie Twp.Visit 159
G-123 W Oscar Brown 21, Swain Lula "Luie" Lee 18, Swain 29 January 1902 N H Ashlock,Surety by A E Wilson Alford Lee & Nancy Swain James S Brown & Lou Laughter(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 102)
G-124 J A Mathews 63,Limestone Lucinda "Cindy" Cooper 63, Limestone 9 February 1902 S L Bristow, Surety by Jeff Garrison Lucinda Cooper was related to Isaac Cooper family
G-125 Joseph Shatswell 17, Red Rock Allie Martin 19, Summit 16 February 1902 John Shatswell,Surety by J B O'Neal Sarah E Henson Martin(1900 Pleasant Hill,Visit 133 William m Shatswell & Mary Polly Smith
G-126 Warren N Sams 47, Swain(Died 1915,Hickory Grove Cemetery) Alice Clayborn 22, Limestone 11 February 1902 J T Brasel, Surety by A E Wilson Isaac Clayborn & Martha Ellen Dotson Alice married(2)Major Van Dyke and (3)Harman Woods Warren m:(1)Catherine V Norton 1871(2)Luella Griffin 1890(3)Alabama Cooper 1892
G-127 G Frank Treat 31, Deer Lillie Lee 23, Swain 22 February 1902 Nat Phillips,Surety by A E Wilson Alford Lee & Nancy Swain(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 102 G Frank Treat is living with Hiram Treat,Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 61
G-128 Arthur Holland 18, Fallsville Dennie Roberts 18, Fallsville 24 February 1902 David Holland, Surety by G W Curtis David & Sarah Jane Couch Holland(1900 Kentucky Twp.,Visit 209
G-129 Joseph Henry Kyekndall 18, Quincy Emma Reese 18, Quincy 3 March 1902 E E Ammons,Surety by Jno Boyd
G-130 Thomas J Faught 20, Deer(Died 1926 Deer Cemetery) Nancy Emma Adams 20, Deer 9 March 1902 J D Faught, Surety by J B Sparks, J P Mathew Adams & Louisa Rebecca Sparks(1900 Pleasant Hill,Visit 82 Levi Bruce Faught & Josephine Thomas Nancy died 1968;Floral Haven Cemetery,Broken Bow,OK
G-131 J Edward Hughes 20, Swain Ida Watson 23, Swain 16 March 1902 E Edgmon,Surety by J M Thomas, J P George & Lucinda Watson(1900 Jefferson Twp.,Visit 10) Thomas M & Catherine Edmon Hughes
G-132 Joseph Brown(Braun?) 34, Swain Emeline Simmons 18, Swain 23 March 1902 J P Simmons,Surety by S. Owen James P Simmons & Mary Brown(1900 Walnut Twp.,Visit 187)
G-133 James Polk Davis 18, Chancel Sallie A McGee 17, Limestone(Died 1918) 20 March 1902 G W Casey,Surety by L J Garrison, J P Mary Jane Swafford McGee Noe(1900 Union Twp.,Visit 43 Andrew J Davis & Malinda Harris Malinda Harris,daughter of William G Harris & Jane (MNU)
G-134 R M Eoff 38, Kingston (Madison Co.AR) Nora Wishon 22, Low Gap 15 March 1902 M M Wishon, Surety by M M Wishon, J P Perry Powell & Lucinda Wishon(1900 Low Gap Twp.,Visit 41)
G-135 Thomas M Faught 18, Deer Ollie McPherson 17, Deer 16 March 1902 Dave Faught, Surety by J B Sparks, J P James McPherson & Martha J Self(1900 Pleasant Hill,Visit 108 John Reynolds Faught & Mary Caroline Adams
G-136 Samuel Harris 29,Quincy Ida Rice 16, Quincy 26 March 1902 John Boyd,Surety by J M Boyd
G-137 R Ozias Armer 21, Compton Mary Tennessee Snow 17, Compton 27 March 1902 John Gibbs, Surety by J H Petree John Thomas Snow & Eliza J Plumlee John Armer & Margaret Howe(1900 Plumlee Twp.,Visit 51) Mary Snow Armer died 1937,Plumlee Cemetery
G-138 Wade H Kilgore 25, Low Gap(1876-1961) Dora Arkansas Vinson 23, Low Gap(1878-1945) 30 March 1902 J C Smith,Surety by M M WishonJoseph W Vinson & Martha Elizabeth McDonald Ruben Shelly Kilgore & Nancy Roseberry Wade & Dora are buried Low Gap Cemetery
G-139 Seth McDougal 21, Yardell(1881-1942) Laura Frances Cooper 18,Yardell(1884-1970) NO DATE NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE George Washington Cooper & Minerva Ann Morris Archibald McDougal & Elizabeth Spears Seth & Laura are buried Sandhill Cemetery
G-140 Samuel Jefferson Taylor 33, Wayton(Died 1920) Sarah J Willis 18, Murray 11 April 1902 S D Cox,Surety by N F Bradley Mary E Willis(1900 Murrray Twp.,Visit 258 (Isaac Wilborn Taylor & Clarinda Henderson Samuel married (1)Julia Snow in 1887.Sarah married Levi Mole in 1920
G-141 James M Pierce 32, Vendor Nancy E Starr 27, Jasper(Married Mr.Christian in 1896 & Ranzy Atnip) 9 April 1902 W A Harp,Surety by W H Burdine, J P John Starr & Sarah Elizabeth Agee(Nancy Atnip died 1960,Haskell Cemetery,Muskogee Co.OK Joseph Pierce & Nancy J Hampton James married (1)Ocedona Key Teel in 1890(1900 White Twp.Visit 242
G-142 Orson Sloan 25, Jasper(1876-1968) Ora A Kilgore 17, Jasper(1884-1969) 20 April 1902 O D Snow,Surety by M M Wishon Jackson N Kilgore & Sarah Louise Lackey Noah M Sloan & Mary A Simler(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 138) Orson & Ora are buried Jasper Cemetery
G-143 Sam Pruitt 21, Fallsville Delaney Nucholls 17, Fallsville 8 May 1902 Jas Phillips, Surety by Speedsay Los? William W Nucholls & Amanda Barber(1900 Kentucky Twp.,Visit 208 Delaney later married Wages
G-144 R N Sparks? 24, Murray Lula McPherson 18, Murray 28 April 1902 T L(S L?) Sparks, Surety by Lon Lee J P William Albert McPherson? & Mary Culbertson?(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 271)
G-145 William Thomas Pool 25, Jasper Rosa Brown 20, Parthenon 11 May 1902 S D Cox,Surety by E C Kelley Calloway M Brown & Martha Virginia Nichols Archibald Yell Pool & Dulcena Fugate William died 1922 Stuart,Oklahoma
G-146 John Hicks 27, Chancel Julia Manes 17, Chancel 11 May 1902 J S Millsaps,Surety by W R Breedlove, J P David Manes & Martha A Millsaps Susie Jane Hicks(1900 Pleasant Hill,Visit 23
G-147 Irvin Hale Sparks 24, Summit(11 children) Bertie Cowell 17, Summit(d:1917 Lamar Cemetery,Johnson Co.AR) 11 May 1902 Leland Adams,Surety by W R Breedlove, M.G. Joseph Cowell & Mary A Johnson James Basil Sparks & Mary F Breedlove Irvin married (1)Matilda Robinson(d: 1900 Essex Cemetery:He Married (3)Perlina Boley
G-148 George W Pierce (nl),(nl)(died July 1904 Smith Cemetery) Margaret E Anderson 18, (nl) 22 June 1902 James Carter,Surety by J B O'Neal ODM John L Pierce & Mary Maranda Flood George m:(1)Delila Emeline Smith 1892 who died April 1902.He m:(3)Ruth Peoples in 1903
G-149 Floyd L Houston 31, (nl) Jessie Smalley 18, (nl) 22 June 1902 Enoch Jones,Surety by Enoch Jones, J P Jessie is living with William & Fanny Guthrie Hefley Family 1900 Big Creek,Visit 194 Harvey Houston & Harriett Blackwood
G-150 Christopher C Casey 24, Deer Rosa Pellham 18, Deer 16 June 1902 J J Casey,Surety by W R Breedlove, M G Adeline Pellham Uriah Casey & Angeline Farmer Living 1920 McIntosh County,Oklahoma census
G-151 George L Bowen 70, Murray(6Oct1831-19June1910 Buffalo Cemetery) Mrs.Mary E Willis 46, Murray 4 July 1902 James Brasel,Surety by N F Bradley Mary's children:Stephen;Sarah J;James C;Mary F & Rintha L Willis
G-152 William Self 56, Mossville Margaret Sparks 56, Mossville 7 July 1902 Peter Sparks,Surety by J M Thomas, J P William living with son-in-law, C Columbus & Rachel Self Bowen,1900 Van Buren,Visit 141
G-153 W E Morris 21, Hasty Nancy Armstrong 18, Wells Creek 6 July 1902 Lou Farmer,Surety by F W Spencer, J P Henry Clingamon Armstrong & Mary J Bolin(Mill Creek 1900,Visit 148)
G-154 William S"Willie"Ricketts 22, Red Rock(died Ludwig,1914 Johnson Co.AR) Lou Etta "Ettie"Atkinson 22, Red Rock(died 1914 Clarksville,Johnson Co.AR) 6 July 1902 P H Sutton,Surety by J R Taylor Melcina Atkinson John A Ricketts & Elizabeth Jones Willie m:(1)Sarah "Dolly"Reddell who died 1899.He m:(2)Nora Harris 1900
G-155 John White (nl),(nl) Manerva Hodge (nl),(nl) 6 July 1902 E E Ammons,Surety by J P White NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED
G-156 M A Reynolds 23, Yardell May Pratt 16, Yardell NO CERTIFICATE W M Reynolds, Surety NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE ISSUED
G-157 John Miller 23, Mt.Hersey Julia Davidson 18, Mt.Hersey 12 July 1902 L L Smith,Surety by W W Martin, J P
G-158 Carson Breeden 38, Glover (Texas) Syntha(Samantha) Bartlett 38, Compton 13 July 1902 John E Sims,Surety by J H Petree William T Bartlett & Martha Brown(1900 Plumlee,Visit 141) She is listed as Cinthia on 1880 & Samantha on 1900 census
G-159 Moses Boatman 40, Vendor(Died 1928 Smith Cemetery) Mrs.Georgia Key Cheatham 30,Mt.Judea 12 July 1902 Robert Key,Surety NO CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE RETURNED Moses m:(1)Mary Isabelle Gilmore who died April 1902.Georgia m:(1)William R Cheatham in 1895
G-160 Henry H Harless 21, Parthenon Sarah B Carter 17, Parthenon 20 July 1902 Robert Martin,Surety by E C Kelley John Carter & Jane Jackson(1900 Lincoln,Visit 151) James & Louiza Harless (1900 Lincoln Twp.
G-161 Walter Casey 18, Boxley Florence Biddie Carlton 15, Murray 20 July 1902 Theo Carlton,Surety by John W Whiteley Lowery C Carlton & Eliza Norris John P Casey & Susan Sparks
G-162 P A Cowan 23, Johnson Co.AR Nancy Ann Bryson 22 (nl) 20 July 1902 NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED
G-163 William A Hill 26, Cave Creek Ella G Stephens 18, Cave Creek 22 July 1902 M B Thompson, Surety by J W Tennison John Samuel Stephens(1900 Polk,Visit 187
G-164 James Z Peoples 19, Vendor Eliza B Ricketts 14, Vendor(Died 1908) 24 July 1902 N A Peoples,Surety by W H Burdine Margaret "Coon"Ricketts Nathan Peoples & Rachel Orlena Miller Phillips James & Eliza buried Silver Hills Cem,Searcy Co.AR
G-165 George W Farmer 21, Parthenon Lizza King 16, Parthenon 25 July 1902 R C Hudson,Surety by C C Hudson, M.G. Joseph Calvin Farmer & Sarah Jane Shaddox(1900 Low Gap, 17
G-166 F S Swinford 49, Fallsville Julia Mooney 25, Parthenon 31 July 1902 Duster Snow,Surety by William Warren
G-167 Peter Theodore Campbell 21, Mt.Judea Ida McCutcheon 18, Mt.Judea(died 1918 Sexton Cemetery) 27 July 1902 J T Martin, Surety by J R Taylor Isaiah "Bud"Dodson McCutcheon & Sarah Greenhaw Peter Campbell & Nancy Catherine Smith Peter Theodore Campbell m:(2)Rosallie Riddle in December 1918
G-168 Henry Lovelady 21, Yardell Dora Collins 18, Hasty(Sandhill Cemetery) 4 August 1902 John Fiveash,Surety by H M Lovelady, M.G. William A Collins & Sarah M ParkerHenry M Lovelady Sr. Dora m:(2)Thomas Mayberry in 1903(3)William S Garner in 1922
G-169 Rosco Carroll Phillips 20,Jasper(30Nov1881-7Jan1953 Jasper Cemetery) Angie Tennison 16, Jasper(16Nov1886-5Jan1974 Jasper Cemetery) 2 August 1902 Thomas Hill,Surety by T G Henderson Allen T Tennison & Nancy Riggs Absalom Phillips & Sarah Elizabeth Davis Angie married (2)Frank W Walker(1890-1970)
G-170 Alonzo (A.C.)Reynolds 23, Yardell Martha Paralee Agee 19, Hasty 10 August 1902 J N Sanders, Surety by H M Lovelady, M.G. John W Agee & Elizabeth Bowman Flud
G-171 Martin (Oliver P M)McFerrin 21, Compton Anna "Bertie" Allred 19, Dinsmore(1882-1972) 10 August 1902 S C Allred,Surety by J T PearceJohn S Allred & Frances E Bartlett Grubb Springs Cemetery,Boone Co.AR
G-172 Alonzo "Lon" Lee 25, Murray Cora Carlton 15, Murray 12 August 1902 Author Jones,Surety by N F Bradley S.Anderson Carlton & Sarah F Daniel(1900 Murray Twp.,Visit 253) Alfred Lee & Nancy Swain
G-173 Otis G "Odder"Sain 21, Cowell(27May1881-4Sep1945) Sarah Ellen Hendrix 18, Snow(29Jul1883-19Dec1963) 11 August 1902 J A Cowell,Surety by Allen Hudson Thomas David Hendrix & Mary Elizabeth Goodman Odder & Sarah are buried New Cowell Cemetery
G-174 J M Donaldson 21, Fayetteville (Washington Co.AR) Abbie Holland 18, Cowell 10 August 1902 Charles Cowell,Surety by J B O'Neal Georgia Holland(1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Visit 67
G-175 S L Nance 21, Jasper Malissa Snow 21, Jasper(Died 1909 Jasper Cemetery) 10 August 1902 O D Snow,Surety by J L Master (Sharp Co.AR) J M Snow Samuel married (2)Prudence Brasel in 1910
G-176 Warren L B Eddings 45, Cave Creek(Carver Cemetery) Dulcena"Dullie" Wyatt Yarbrough 31, Cave Creek 11 August 1902 Nat Phillips,Surety by J W Tennison Dullie m:(1)J W Yarbrough 27Jan1881 Searcy Co.AR.Warren m:(1)Elizabeth Mayberry 1877;died 1897
G-177 Mac C Eoff 20, Kingston (Madison Co.AR)(died 1918 Logan Co.AR) Frances Matilda "Minnie" Clifton 16, Low Gap 17 August 1902 G W Eoff,Surety by M M Wishon William Franklin Eoff & Rachel Ann Sumpter Minnie(1886-1964)married (2)Mr.Dunn
G-178 Alonzo T "Lon" Massengale 21, Willcockson Clara Pernell 18, Willcockson 18 August 1902 W J Jones,Surety by D C Tinsley, J P Elisha Massengale Nancy A Harp Riggs Alonzo married (2)Maggie Morrison 9Feb1911;Eoff Cemetery,Boone Co.AR.Alonzo died 1974,Boone Co.AR
G-179 J T Nixon 20, Willcockson Rebecca Ellen Shaddox 24, Willcockson 20 August 1902 J L Wynne,Surety by F W Spencer, J P Napolean B Shaddox & Martha Atchley David Nixon & Narcissa Jane McMahan(1900 Marble City,Visit 98 Rebecca died 1961;Shaddox Cemetery
G-180 John Shatswell 24, Red Rock Martha Martin 16, Red Rock 21 August 1902 Kelse Shatswell,Surety by J B O'Neal John C Martin William M Shatswell & Mary Polly Smith John & Martha are buried Crossroads Cemetery
G-181 Uggems Monroe Middleton 23, Limestone(Smith Cemetery) Mary Bohannon 19, Limestone(died 1903 Essex Cemetery) 24 August 1902 M E Blackwood,Surety by L J Garrison, J P William Bohannon & Ellen E Lee James Giles Middleton & Sarah Jackson Monroe m:(2)Sarah O Young (3)Mary Lavina Smith in 1908
G-182 Henry R Standridge 21, Spence(Died 1972) Penola M Nutt 19, Spence 29 August 1902 G W Hamm,Surety by J H Dixon "Big"Alex Standridge & Lucinda Catherine Ross 1910 Pope County,Arkansas.Children: Ola;Elisha;Floyd;Bessie;Dessie & Ollie)
G-183 George F Reynolds 26?, Jasper Ida Moss 22, Jasper 24 August 1902 Henry Brasel,Surety by Isham Kilgore, J P Lewis S Moss & Savannah Alice Wilson Thomas Reynolds & Frances A Belew George & Ida are buried Union Hill Cemetery
G-184 Thomas J Davidson 45, Limestone(1857-1942 Bearden Cem.Okfuskee Co.OK) Janie Clayborn 32, Limestone(1868-1943 Bearden Cemetery) 28 August 1902 James LeGrand,Surety by L J Garrison Thomas married (1)Rachel Casey in 1883 who died 1900,Casey Cemetery
G-185 Ephriam B Greenhaw 28, Mt.Judea(Died 1947) Mary Elizabeth Standridge 21, Mt.Judea(Died 1940) 28 August 1902 P C Hefley, Surety by G W Nichols, J P Henry Columbus Standridge & Peggy Smith Ephriam Kingston Greenhaw & Martha Hefley Ephriam & Mary are buried Clovis,New Mexico
G-186 Thomas Hill 25, Jasper(Died 1958,Hasty Cemetery Flora Tennison 18, Jasper(Died 1981,Hasty Cemetery) 4 September 1902 James Armstrong, Surety by A C Phillips, M.G. Allen T Tennison & Mary Riggs Francis Hill & Pruda Parker Thomas married (1) Mary E Riggs in 1897
G-187 M W Wallin 30, Yardell Nancy E Bowden 18, Mt.Hersey 1 August 1902 James Wallin,Surety by W W Martin, J P M W Wallin married (1)Mat Ramey in 1894;1900 Prairie Twp., 26
G-188 James Clayborn 27, Swain(1875-1965) Sarah Thomas 19, Swain(1883-1949) 7 September 1902 Duster Snow,Surety by J M Thomas West Mt.Zion Cemetery,Johnson Co.AR
G-189 Harry E Cowles 21, Hasty(Died 1950) Sarah Belle Collins 21, Hasty(Died 1969) 7 September 1902 O D Snow,Surety by J M Cole William A Collins & Sarah M Parker John H Cowles & Margaret L Smith(1900 New Hope,Visit 46 Harry is buried Carver Cemetery;Sarah is buried Sandhill Cemetery
G-190 Marion "Franklin" Wilbanks 22, Spence(Died 1959,Pope Co.AR) Margaret E"Lizzie" Keys 19, Bertha 11 September 1902 Rate Williams,Surety by A J Smith George B Keys & Alice Phillips Marion & Margaret divorced 1936 Pope Co.AR Margaret E "Lizzie" married (2)Marion "Doc"Davis
G-191 Francis Armstrong 20, Jasper Annie Henderson 18, Jasper 18 September 1902 John Armstrong, Surety by F W Spencer, J P William C Henderson & Sarah McGowan(1900 Jackston Twp.,Visit 13 Moses or Henry C Armstrong?
G-192 William M McClancy 39,Springfield Missouri Josie Clark 21, Boxley 24 September 1902 O D Snow Surety by John W Whiteley John W Clark & Lydia Ellen McPherson Clark Fults
G-193 Baxter Brasel 23, Jasper(1879-1964) Dora Carlton 23, Jasper(1879-1967) 23 September 1902 Duster Snow, Surety by T G Henderson Marion Benjamin Carlton & Virginia"Jennie"Dunlap Mathew Brasel & Frances Phillips Baxter & Dora are buried Jasper Cemetery
G-194 Jesse Columbus Casey 25, Parthenon(Died 1946) Margaret H Houston 26, Chancel 2 October 1902 J K Jones, Surety by Benton C Davis Harvey Houston & Harriett Blackwood William Uriah Casey & Mary Elizabeth Carlton Margaret (13July1874-16Jan1922 Buffalo Cemetery
G-195 James H Henderson 21, Jasper Laura Braden 18, Willcockson 5 October 1902 Gilbert T Smith,Surety by F W Spencer, J P James Martin Braden & Liza McDonald William C Henderson & Sarah McGowan(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 13 James & Laura are buried Sandhill Cemetery
G-196 J Frank Earnheart 22, Mt.Hersey Zelma Ethel Aydelotte 18, Mt.Hersey 8 October 1902 G E Earnheart,Surety by W H Martin, J P James D Aydelotte William F Earnheart & Mary Gamblin
G-197 John Columbus Sutton 23, Red Rock Hanna Faught 18, Red Rock 9 October 1902 P H Sutton,Surety by J B O'Neal Robert Norton & Mary E Faught Simon Solomon Sutton & Mary Ann Tennison John & Hanna are buried Crossroads Cemetery
G-198 Joseph L Riddle 24, Mt.Judea Easter Freeman 16, Mt.Judea 12 October 1902 S M Riddle,Surety by George W Nichols John A Freeman & Missouri Parker (Koen) David Vincent Reddell & Elizabeth Criner Joseph & Easter are buried Mt.Judea Cemetery
G-199 W M Nelson 32, Mt.Hersey Margaret "Liza" Qualls 19, Mt.Hersey 17 October 1902 Bunk Chaffin, Surety by W H Martin William H & Marg P Qualls(1900 New Hope Twp.,Visit 4) William N Nelson,New Hope Twp.,Visit 6 with wife (1)Emma & children
G-200 Henry C Grogan 36, Noah Dora A Grisham 24, Compton 23 October 1902 W M Bartlett, Surety by J H Petree James Grisham & Julia Bartlett(1900 Plumlee Twp.,Visit 135) Elisa Grogan Elisa Grogan 1900 Osage Twp.,Visit 61 children:Viola Sophrona Newberry & Son Homer
G-201 B P Mays 40, Hagerville(Johnson Co.AR) Sarah E Smith 24, Parthenon 22 October 1902 J R C Emberton,Surety by J B O'Neal 1930 Johnson Co.AR, Sarah E Smith Mays,widow with son Miles B Mays 18
G-202 William Austin Smith 20, Parthenon(Died 1971) Margaret Farmer 15, Parthenon(Died 1951) 26 October 1902 I R Marton, Surety by E C Kelley ?Farmer & Nancy E Evans Isaac Smith & Nancy Baucom Crossroads Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
G-203 Riley Skaggs 18, Jasper Daisy Jones 19, Jasper 29 October 1902 John Skaggs, Surety by I J L Masters William H Jones & Huldy Armstrong(Huldy died 1889 Armstrong Cemetery) Samuel Skaggs & Sarah J Gibson(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 7) Daisy's siblings:Jeanetta;Thomas;Laura;Willis;Willie;James;Mary J;Jarvis Jones &Teddie Jones Upton
G-204 Thomas "Levi" Moreland 54, Jasper(Died 10June1919 Newton Co.AR) Nancy A Davis 48, Jasper 6 November 1902 W B Moss,Surety by E E Ammons Nancy,widow,52, living with S-I-L Susan Davis 1900 Jackson Twp.Visit 118
G-205 E L(Elisha)Clayborn 18, Limestone(b:12Jan1883) Laura Ellen Richardson 16, Limestone(1886-1959 McAlester,OK) 13 November 1902 Charley Pruitt, Surety by Thomas C Bethel James Clayborn & Arminta Woodward Hicks(1900 Union Twp.,Visit 32) 1910 Newton Co.;1920 Johnson Co.;1930 Johnson Co.AR
G-206 Joseph B Jackson 17, Parthenon Nancy Tennessee Wright 15, Parthenon 16 November 1902 Jeff Anderson,Surety by J B O'Neal George W Wright,SR. & Laney Lawson William Jackson & Sarah Knight Lawson Nancy (18Nov1886-11Sep1962 Stigler,Haskell Co.OK
G-207 James W Gibbins 23, Boxley(1878-1961)Cross Roads Cemetery Mrs.Mary Jane Arrington Carlton 28, Boxley(1872-1934 Cross Roads) 16 November 1902 L G Young,Surety by M M Wishon, J P Mary Jane Arrington m:(1)James E Carlton in 1894 who died 1895
G-208 Campbell Hackney McCutcheon 29, Cave Creek(1873-1938) Sarah Jane Casteel(1881-1955)8 children 23 November 1902 E R McCutcheon,Surety by J R C Dodson Harrison R Casteel & Rachel Forbush William R McCutcheon & Sarah Ann Hale Campbell & Sarah Jane are buried McCutcheon Cemetery
G-209 Harrison T Pruitt 19, Fallsville Bertha Allison 15, Fallsville 7 December 1902 John Pruitt,Surety by G W Burns, J P John Henry Pruitt & Mary Marshall
G-210 Pulliam J Foster 21, Red Rock Barbara Sutton 21, Red Rock 29 November 1902 J C Sutton, Surety by J B O'Neal Simon Solomon Sutton & Mary Ann Tennison William T Foster & Delilah Laymon
G-211 William Royse 21, Jasper C.Melissie Collins 19, Vendor 20 November 1902 Willie Vance,Surety by T G Henderson Edmund Collins & Mary Cross Hiram Royse & Nancy Cansada Smith
G-212 Simon David Flud 27, Vendor(Died 1957) Hester Hosannah Ricketts 17, Red Rock(Died 1977) 4 December 1902 E E Ammons,Surety by E E Ammons William S Ricketts & Sarah Smith(Jeremiah Smith & Margaret Armstrong-Byrd) George Washington Flood 1843 & Rachel Caroline Harris Simon & Hester are buried in Nowata,OK.Cemetery
G-213 Thomas W McCutcheon 23, Cave Creek(1877-1962) Cyntha Caroline Hefley 21, Mt.Judea(1881-1954) 7 December 1903 L J Payne,Surety by Daniel Sexton, J P James Hefley & Elizabeth Tennison Andrew J McCutcheon & Sally Greenhaw New Dodson Cemetery,Newton Co.AR
G-214 M.Frank Scroggins 23, Boxley(Beechwood Cemetery) Virginia B "Jennie" Villines 16, Boxley 11 December 1902 L D Simpson, Surety by M M Wishon Francis "Frank" Villines & Adeline Rebecca Black Henson Richard Scroggins & Matilda J Keith Scroggins Keeton M.Frank Scroggins m:(1)Malissa Villines on 3Feb1901;she died 24Jan1902
G-215 James R Slater 23, Boxley Dora Edgmon 20, Boxley 14 December 1902 J M Phillips,Surety by J M Whiteley, J P Francis Marion Edgmon & Telitha Tennessee Sparks Dora married (2)George W McKinney
G-216 Kelse Monroe Boatman (nl),(nl) Nora Hefley (nl),(nl) 13 December 1902 E B Greenhaw,Surety by (no name listed) MARRIAGE BOND ONLY. NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE
G-217 Richard Combs 24, Fallsville Sarena Hensley 30, Fallsville 21 December 1902 W P Spears, Surety by Hamp Rogers, J P Bonaparte Combs & Elizabeth "Betty" Jane Holland (1900 Boston Twp.,Visit 93 Sarena had m:(1)Solomon Hensley(1900 Boston Twp.Visit 107
G-218 Benjamin Franklin Harp 20, Marble City(Died 1967) Rebecca Brisco 19, Gaither(Died 1914 in childbirth,Shaddox Cemetery) 28 December 1902 Mack Taylor,Surety by D C Curnutt, J P John Marion Brisco & Mary Elizabeth Blackwood William T Harp & Martha Chaffin Benjamin m:(2)Viola Pence on 17Mar1923.
G-219 William C Smith 23, Cowell(Died 1978) Margaret E Nichols 26, Mt.Judea(Died 1952) 25 December 1902 J W Pellham,Surety by Daniel Sexton, J P William B Nichols & Polly Taylor William & Margaret;New Cowell Cemetery
G-220 Charles L Cowell 21, Parthenon Mandie Moss 15, Parthenon(age 11 on 1900 Jackson Twp.Visit 56) 24 December 1902 B A Farmer,Surety by R C J Matlock Lewis Moss & Savannah Alice Wilson? Charles Thomas Cowell & Aredner Abigail Holland Charles L Cowell died in Johnson Co.AR
G-221 George W Tennison 22, Jasper Nora Smith 17, Vendor 28 December 1902 James Armstrong, Surety by A C Phillips Levi Smith & Sopha Ann Flood Allen Tennison & Nancy Riggs Nora died Lynwood CA.Lived Eufaula & Claremore,OK
G-222 C B Lambert 25, Carrolton Jennie Scroggins 22, Boxley 24 December 1902 J R Scroggins,Surety by M M Wishon, J P Richard Scroggins & Matilda J Keith
G-223 J J (Andrew J?)Casey 22, Deer Sarah Breedlove 14, Deer 25 December 1902 Anrew M Breedlove,Surety by J B Sparks,J P William R Breedlove and Hester Millsaps Uriah E Casey & Angeline Farmer who lived Johnson Co.AR
G-224 William L Brown 24, Jasper Nettie Carlton 21, Jasper 25 December 1902 N H Morlan, Surety by T G Henderson, J P William R and Frances Carlton(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 160) Calloway Brown & Martha Virginia Nichols(1900 Jackson Twp.,Visit 47) Nettie died in 1907,Wayton Cemetery
G-225 L T Hopper (nl),(nl) Luda Collins (nl),(nl) 26 December 1902 J N P Phillips,Surety BOND ONLY. NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ISSUED