Early Handwriting and Spelling


When searching census schedules and reading microfilms,
it is helpful to become familiar with a few different ways of
spelling and letter formation.
Until 1900, spelling was phonetic, words were spelled as they
(This was found to be the best way even in our day and age).
To use any index or read the early census or wills, it is important
to know the different possibility as each scribe had his own style.
The following are some samples of early penmanship.

Terminating O is often added.
Double consonants are often reduced to single
Single consonants are often doubled.
Two O's together, had the last O turned on its side and looked like
an E. Example: Flood....Floed or Flord

Take the word: Missouri....spelled Miffouri (two s's looked like Fs).

Evelyn Flood
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