Massachusetts Bay Colony  

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The Massachusetts Bay Colony
The Beginnings of the Colony: 1630-1640
Immigration to New England Diminished After 1640
The Puritan Background in England - Why Did They Come?
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Historical Notes

The Beginnings of the Colony
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The Growth of New England 1650-1790 - The "Great Migration" Stopped in early 1640's - Lasted Less than 20 Years

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The Puritans - Why Did They Come?
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General History / Heritage of the Colony
Specific Locales
New England Indian History - Pequot War & King Philip's War

These pages have an excellent description of the Indian history of New England from 1620-1676 and beyond, with detailed descriptions of the Pequot War and King Philips War.

Way of Life
Puritan Links
The Massachusetts Bay Colony was dominated from the beginning by the followers of the Puritan ideals and members of the church. Their influence was diminished going into the 1700's, but, their early success was a key ingredient in the early colonization of America, and their influences, from religious to legal, effect us yet today. Here are some links I have found about Puritans and Puritanism so we may better understand why our ancestors came to American and what they were about.
Slavery in New England

Slavery was indeed in existence in New England with the Puritans. I have found references to slaves in several of my ancestors wills, some giving freedom, some giving property or income for life.

Mayflower Pages

For a whole bunch of history regarding the History of its neighbor, the Plymouth Colony, but also more links to Massachusetts as a whole, visit:

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Research Resources - Many of these are on LDS Film or available from on-line bookstores on Cindy's List

Massachusetts - General


Massachusetts Research Resources

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Some Historical Notes

What Was the Saybrook Platform?

Following is an example of what the Saybrook Platform was and how it affected our Puritans forebears, from "The Backus Families of Early New England", by Reno W. Backus, 1966.

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