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Our Irish Heritage

The following are great general resources for Irish history and genealogy: Remember the move "Michael Collins" starring Iam Neeson as Michael? Read The Biography of Michael Collins. He was a leader in the Irish Revolution circa 1920. The first President of the Republic of Ireland, he was assassinated at age 32. As with the premature death of so many leaders, the questions linger: what if....

To get a flavor of the geography and people of Northern Ireland, see the Official Guide to Northern Ireland from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board..

The 1798 Rising in Ireland Page presents an interesting recap of events leading up to, and including the 1798 Revolution in Ireland.

Famous Irishmen:

The Cothrom Page presents a fairly comprehensive overview of the current conflict in Ireland and points of view of folks with the differing interests.

The Home Page for the Quarterly Newsletter: The Irish at Home and Abroad, dedicated to the genealogy and heritage of the Irish everywhere in the world.

To understand the framework of Irish History, the Page of Collection of Irish History Timelines will get you started.

A FAQ that answers a good many questions for both Scotland and Irish culture and history is: The Soc.Culture.Celtic Faq

The Olive Tree Page has more Irish information, as well as list of passengers on ships from Ireland.

Check out these newsgroups:

There is currently a book on the New York Times Best Seller list about an American immigrant from Ireland, who grew up in Ireland. The name of it is: Angela's Ashes, by Frank McCourt. It has drawn rave reviews and is recommended reading for any American with Irish roots, but is interesting reading for anyone. It is available right now at your favorite book store, or possibly even one of the on-line bookstores.

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