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Our Heritage

Our Family Histories, Biographies, and Migrations - With Links to other pages of our names, other pages relating to our families' histories, myths and problems, family veterans, and other topics.

Dad's Side Beaty - Earhart - (Vatter) > Feather - Johnston - McCart - McClelland - McConnell - Millirons - Taylor
Mom's Side Over 100 New England lines - Allyn - Backus - Baldwin - Carter - Green - Hallock - Kemp - Knight - Knowlton - Partridge - Pollock - Read - Richardson - Rogers - Rose - Seabury - Spencer - Stark - Tracy - Whitney and many more...

Notable Kin
President's Gallery
English Heritage Pages

History Timelines  - with Links - identify events with your ancestors!

Colonial America Time Line American History from 1780
Revolutionary War Time-Line Civil War Time-Line
. Population of the United States

Our Pioneers' Way of Life - What, no toilet paper, no ice?! No boots, no roads??

Our Pioneers' Way of Life - The One Room School, Cooking, Religion, The Outhouse, Mail Delivery,  and More!
Sails, Trails, Rails, Rivers, Roads
Homesteading and Land Records

Our Heritage From Different Regions:

Our Immigrants' Heritage
Our American Heritage
Our English / Puritan Heritage Our Connecticut Heritage
Our Scottish Heritage Our Kansas Heritage - The Wild West!
Our Scotch/Irish Heritage Massachusetts Bay Colony
Our Irish Heritage Long Island, New York
Our Scottish Clan Heritage:   Johnston - Beattie  
Our German / Palatine Heritage
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Our Genealogy

Descendant Charts - See Progenitor!
Most Wanted Relatives
Common Errors Found in Genealogies of Our Families!
Our Family Ahnentafel Report
         in Register Style Format on FTM's Web Site
Millirons Surname Study - Every Millirons I Can Find, Plus Queries!
Surnames by Locality - Quick check your surnames against locations we've found ours in.
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Other Stuff

Genealogy This and That
Copypright and Genealogy
What's in a Name? - About names - origins - popularity - statistics
Relatively Speaking.. What is this second cousin twice-removed stuff all about?
Colonial America Used a Different Calendar Than We Use Today
A Little Bit o' Humor
Tips on Writing a Family Newsletter
How Do I Start My Family Genealogy?
Privacy on the Internet and Effect on Genealogy
My FTM Wish List
Researching in New England
Which Genealogy Program Should I Buy?


How do I... ?? Where Do I ??
My Top Ten Links

What's New?

What's New?


I Remember When..., the 50's & 60's

Family Corner

Family Statistics and Census
For Family Members
So, Just What Nationality Am I, Anyway??
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