John Wood of Portsmouth, RI
And Some Clarifications About This Line
Also includes NEW 4 Sep 03 article "Ancestry of John Wood "Mariner"

By Larry Crandall-Wood

The purpose of this article is to publish new research on the Descendents of John Wood of Portsmouth and to point out a few misconceptions about this line. The very early colonial period in the Massachusetts Bay colony kept few records and what we know about those times are largely from the diaries of such persons as Governors John Winthrop, both father and son, William Bradford and a few legal documents such as wills and land deeds. The science of genealogy largely relies on "Primary Source Documents", such as legal and civil records and sadly for the period from the Mayflower landing on 11 November 1620 to about 1700 life was so hard for these pioneers that our genealogy need for records far exceeds the availability of authentic records. To piece together many of the family histories for this era much work has been done but also many false starts and wrong turns have been made. The Wood family of this time and place is a very typical example of some early information being distributed which is now known to be in error. Once information is issued it becomes very difficult to correct family genealogies, but perhaps what follows will help prevent future researchers from repeating past mistakes.

The WOOD surname is about thirteenth on the list of most popular English names, just after SMITH and JONES, consequently there were and still are, many unrelated family groups. I will only focus on one WOOD family here and try to show where facts have gotten confused.

It is of historical note that some parts of Rhode Island such as Little Compton in Newport County were still part of Massachusetts until as late as 1747. Because of this many of these early records are still to be found among Massachusetts document repositories. Many researchers have missed valuable documents by not searching in the right place and this situation probably contributes to the current confusion on this time and place.

John Wood of Portsmouth Rhode Island and his descendents are the subject of this discussion. John Wood of Portsmouth is also known as John Wood "The Mariner" because of work done by both Bertha Winifred Clark and Dorothy Wood Ewers, Ph.D. Ewers [1] was a most careful genealogist documenting all of her work very meticulously. This is very evident in her many, although rare, books and her additional contribution as editor of Bertha W. Clarks’s definitive work on this Wood family. Bertha Clark’s work [2] was published posthumously by the efforts of Dr. Ewers, mostly because of their many years of close working relationships on this Wood family. I will refer to the Ewers and Clark conclusions in detail later in this article.

What we know about this John Wood follows:

John WOOD the Mariner was probably born about 1590-1600 in England, died Mar 1655 Portsmouth, RI [1] p. 16-17, parents unknown. Clark [2] p. 55 states "…From these circumstances we judge that our Woods, who came to America from London, were of Gloucestershire before going to London, and from the Bristol area. In the parish records of the towns just north of Bristol, and not over twenty-five miles from that city, we found Wood often spelled as Whood". Clark [2] further surmises that John was related to a Richard Wood, husband of Ruth Brock, from Gloucester. I have found in Waters [3] p. 159-164 an Anthony Wood (London England, Mariner) who had a brother John Wood. Anthony’s wife was Martha Rainborowe (born 23 Sep 1589), related to the Maritime Rainborowe family, who also had dealings with the Winthrop expedition. These possible connections are a fertile subject for future research.

1st marriage was probably on 28 Jan 1610/11 at St Savior’s in Southwark Eng. to Margaret CARTER [2] p. 2 & 11 [4].

2nd marriage to Elizabeth (Possibly HALL) [1][5] p. 778. Clark [2] p. 6 says 1st wife Margaret may have died in the Long Island NY 1643 Maspeth Massacre [6].

Children of John Wood the Mariner and Margaret:

i ? Frederick WOOD (If he existed, he was not alive in 1655) Clark [2] p. 6 says he may have died in the 1643 Maspeth Massacre. [6]

ii George WOOD born about 1614-18, died 1664 [2] p. 106 "due to witchcraft" m. at Saybrook CT in 1660 1st married Unknown 2nd married Ann,; who 2nd married Henry ROGERS [2] p. 16, after George died.

iii John WOOD Jr. born 1620 died 26 Aug 1704 "age 84" [7] 1st married Unknown in England 2nd married Anna 3rd married Mary PEABODY born 1639 or 1641 died 24 Jan 1719 "age 78" [7] in Middletown RI, daughter of John PEABODY of Newport RI [8]

iv Thomas WOOD Col. (King Phillip’s War British Service 1675-1676), born 1638, died 1703/4 Freeman of Portsmouth 1658 1st married Unk 2nd married Unk 3rd married Rebecca [2] p. 33-38

v William WOOD born about 1634 [2] p. 41 died 1695/6 1st married Martha EARLE daughter of Ralph EARLE and Joan SAVAGE (William’s will was will dated 1689 [2] p. 44). 2nd married Elizabeth, Widow of SMITH

vi Margaret WOOD born Unknown died 1693 married about 1649 [2] p. 13 to Thomas MANCHESTER

vii Manchester WOOD born unknown married 1655 to Samuel JENNINGS, freeman [9] p. 230-231

viii Susannah WOOD [5] p. 778 born about 1622 married about 1647 to Samuel JENNEY [2] p. 13. Samuel died 23 Mar 1670.

Children of John WOOD and 2nd wife Elizabeth (Possibly HALL) ix Susannah WOOD born about 1647 died 1684 married 1st Josiah ENGLAND 2nd married on 3 Dec 1677 Ephriam CARTER [2] p. 14-15.  Clark [2] p. 15 believes that Josiah ENGLAND and Ephriam's 1st wife were killed in King Phillip's War (1675-1676).

x Elizabeth WOOD married about 1672 [2] p. 16 to Isaac DOTY

Note: Many texts erroneously report Henry Wood who married Abigail Jenny as the son of John Wood the Mariner. Williams [10] p. 13 has Henry correctly reported as being Henry Alias Atwood of Middleborough (Plymouth).

Other things we know about John Wood the Mariner:

He was the Masters Mate, or possibly Captain, of the Ship "Bacheler" according to a letter written about 1636 by Governor John Winthrop [2] p. 2. This letter also mentions John Wood’s sons Frederick and George by name. Winthrop placed a high degree of confidence in this family even though they had suffered from a previous ill fated voyage. In [2] p. 3 we find a 1637 letter transcript from Francis Kirby about John Wood, Masters Mate of the Ship "Hector"

John Wood had considerable dealings with land on or near New York (New Amsterdam). Clark [2] p. 4-7 details the reasons that she believes John’s wife Margaret and son Frederick died in the NY Maspeth Massacre of 1643 [6]. John also had considerable dealings with both Winthrop Governors and was favorably dealt with [2] p. 6.

Clark [2] p. 9 shows a letter transcript from John Wood to Mrs. Elizabeth Winthrop (probably the 2nd wife of Adam Winthrop). John takes considerable attention to explain and apologize on prices of goods, but mentions purchases he has made at her request.

In the N.E.H.G. Register [11] p. 60-61, there is a reference to an interesting petition by Jane Armitage of Lynn, to the Mass. Court. This petition was signed by a number of her fellow citizens including John Wood and Nicholas Browne, and is dated 26 Oct. 1643.

This particular John Wood "the Mariner" has often been confused with 2 other John Wood persons in the early 1600s in New England. It is quite certain that he was NOT the John Wood who arrived in the Hopewell in 1635, with William Wood and Elizabeth Wood, Clark [2] p. 1. Nor was he the John Wood who came with Mr. Hull in 1633 [2] p. 1. Clark [2] makes the excellent point about how both of these are far to young to have had a son born in 1620.

Also confusing are the accounts in publications about John Wood Alias Atwood. These are also NOT our John Wood the Mariner as a very detailed explanation is provided by Williams [12]. Williams [12] p. 138 defines John Wood Alias Atwood as the husband of Sarah Masterson and he having died in Plymouth MA between 22 Nov 1675 and 7 Mar 1675/6 (will and probate). Williams [11] takes a rather critical view of the sources for both John Wood Alias Atwood and the other John Atwood (who married Ann) and who died between 20 Oct 1643 and 5 June 1644 (will & probate).

Since John Alias Atwood’s 1675 will left his entire estate to "wife Sarah" in Plymouth we can safely conclude that this was not our "Mariner". And since John Wood the Mariner is alive and well, living in the Portsmouth area after the death of the second "Atwood" we must assume that they too were different persons. Clark [2] p. 9 offers:

John Wood was a member of the town council of Portsmouth, Jan. 10, 1648.

He was sued by John Richman for trespass on June 7, 1643, in Newport, RI and in the settlement of his estate in 1655, it mentions "Elizabeth Wood, the late wife of the deceased shall be sole executrix." Elizabeth Wood the widow is called mother-in-law (step-mother) to George Wood, the eldest son. Susanna and Elizabeth were "the young children" the widow was to bring up and were perhaps the only children by her.

On Mar. 17, 1655, the town council chose appraisers on his estate (he having died intestate) viz.: John Coggeshall, Thomas Cornell, Jr., James Babcock and William Hall. Inventory 130 pounds, viz.: Land 45 pounds, In widow hand 50 pounds, In Thomas Wood’s hands 20 pounds, Goods and Cattle 15 pounds. The council disposed of estate as follows: To John Wood (Jr.), land in his present possession, he paying his sister Manchester 8 pounds. To Thomas Wood, the land that was his father’s.

Apr. 1655, Being requested by the widow of John Wood(e), of Portsmouth, and the Wood(es) children, John Wood(s), Thomas and William, to take an inventory of his goods, the sons before named choose their mother, the late wife of their father John Wood, as administratrix. She hath given unto his daughter Manchester a "ewe gotte" and to his son (in-law) Samuel Jennings a "ewe kid." John is to have land in his possession. Thomas to have the 40 acres next to Robert Spinkes’ land. William to have the lands and house. John, Thomas and William are each to give to their sister Manchester, a "ewe goote."

Of particular note is the daughter "Manchester". This is such an unusual name that we can very firmly connect Manchester Wood, her marriage to Samuel Jennings and also her connection to her father John Wood through the various documents of property transfer cited by Clark [2]. Also of curious interest is that John Wood had a daughter "Susannah" by each of his wives. This is sorted out by Clarke [2] p. 14 "John Wood had a daughter Susanna by each of his wives. The younger Susanna was probably born at about the time the older one was married. We have shown from Hugh Parson’s promissory note that Elizabeth’s daughter Susannah had married Josiah England, son of William, before 17 May 1675 – probably considerably before".

I believe that this firmly establishes the genealogy of John Wood the Mariner as being separate form the various John Wood/Atwood persons in the eastern Massachusetts area during the 1620 - 1655 time period. John Wood the Mariner had a son also named John who might be confused with other persons of the same name so I will endeavor to better establish his particular life.

John Wood, son of John Wood the Mariner, was also a mariner. We will refer to him here as John Wood Jr. John Wood Jr.’s family lineage in brief follows:

John WOOD Jr. was born in 1620, in England and was also known as "John WOOD of Hempstead" [2] p. 110 died 26 Aug 1704, age 84 Middletown, RI [7]. John left no will.

1st Marriage to Unknown, possibly Ann BOWBRIKE [13] in England 2nd married Anna 3rd married Mary PEABODY born 1639 or 1641 died 24 Jan 1719 "age 78" [7] in Middletown RI, daughter of John PEABODY of Newport RI [8]

Children of John WOOD Jr. and 1st Wife:

i Henry WOOD born before 1638 [2] says about 1640, m. Hannah
ii John WOOD "of OYSTER Bay" born about 1643 [2] p. 109
iii Walter WOOD (probably but not certainly a son of John WOOD Jr. [2] p. 60) born about 1646, married Amy
Children of John WOOD Jr. and 2nd wife Anna: See also [2] p. 108-109 for suspicions of Anna’s parentage and history. iv Jonathan WOOD "of Hempstead" b. 26 Aug 1658 m. Mercy BANBURY, brother of Edward BANBURY Jr., children of Edward and Mercy of Hempstead. Note: John Wood Jr. probably first married in England (wife unknown) and 2nd married Anna [14] and had a son Jonathon. There was a 1664 legal action in Flushing where Anna, wife of John WOOD of RI, is ordered to prevent further scandal and stop living with Thomas Stiles (she had been living with him for 2 years and she had 2 children with), and to return to her husband. Anna had placed Jonathon as an apprentice to John SMITH at the age of 4 (21 Aug 1662). It is unlikely even after the legal action that Anna stayed married to John. One possible outcome would have been for a divorce and then John married Mary PEABODY. Clark [2] p. 105 is very clear on this action and the move of Jonathan later to Hempstead, Long Island NY. The Clark article was formerly printed as "RHODE ISLAND WOODS ON LONG ISLAND", By Miss Bertha W. Clark, of Boston, Mass., Courtesy of THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST, Whole Number 155, Volume 39 No. 3, July 1963. Children of John Wood Jr. and 3rd wife Mary PEABODY: [2] p. 62-64 v John WOOD, Lieutenant in the Colonial Wars born 1664 died 22 Feb 1740 married Mary CHURCH born 1668 [2] p. 62 died 1748 daughter of Joseph CHURCH and Mary TUCKER

vi Thomas WOOD Sr. born 1666 in Little Compton RI died 10 May 1729 married Content (Probably) THURSTON daughter of Edward THURSTON and Elizabeth MOTT [1] p. 64

vii William WOOD born 1675 [2] p. 32, freeman of Newport in 1701, 1st married Amy CLARKE on 13 May 1709 2nd married Elizabeth TRIPP, daughter of James TRIPP and Lydia. Elizabeth was also widow of Richard MARSHALL, son of Richard MARSHALL Sr. and Mary WOOD

viii Henry WOOD born about. 1683 died 1758 married Content THURSTON (a different Content THURSTON than the one married to Thomas WOOD Sr. above) born 18 Aug 1691, daughter of Jonathon THURSTON and Sarah

ix Peleg WOOD born 1686; died 1747; married Rebecca COGGESHALL born 1695 died 3 Nov 1732, daughter of John COGGESHALL and Mary STANTON

x Margaret WOOD [15] born 1691 died 7 Dec 1750 aged 59 years [2] p. 33 [7]

xi Hannah WOOD (perhaps), born 1690, although Clark [2] does not list her, maybe she is the "HW" listed in the Middletown "Wood Lot" cemetery with John and Mary [7].

Other things we know about John Wood Jr.: (primarily found in Clark [2] p. 17-33)
The Middletown "Wood Lot" cemetery [7], which was once part of Newport, and on a farm once owned by a descendant of William, son of John WOOD of Newport, is the burial ground where in 1912, a corresponding secretary of the Newport Historical Society found this inscription "John WOOD died in 1704, aged 84, and wife Mary."

John WOOD, freeman of Newport, RI, 1655. He is listed as on the Grand Jury, Mar. 11, 1661.

He was engaged in a factional struggle between Rhode Island and Connecticut, over Narragansett in 1663 - 1665, along with Richard Smith, Thomas Gould and John Hicks. In the court proceedings that ensued, his surety was John Peperdy, or (Peabody) the father of his wife.

Feb. 28, 1670, deeded land in New Jersey to Giles Slocum.

On jury panel at Newport, June 7, 1671.

Deputy to the General Assembly, Newport, 1673, 1674, 1675, 1689 and 1690.

On Oct. 10, 1674, the town council of Portsmouth voted to allow John WOOD, a weaver, and his family "to stop in Portsmouth for one year." It is probable that he located in Portsmouth for one year, for business reasons, as he was Deputy of Newport at that time, and possibly he did not take up residence in Portsmouth, though he contemplated it.

He bought land in Sakonett (Little Compton) in 1677 and again in 1683.

On Nov. 14, 1695, he deeded two lots of 50 acres each, with housing, etc., in Little Compton, to his son Thomas, the deed being witnessed by another John Wood, probably the John Wood who married Mary Church. The deed was acknowledged by John of Newport and his "now wife" Mary, June 23, 1699 and recorded Oct. 23, 1702. (Note: This agrees with the problem of John Wood Jr. possibly divorcing Anna and then marrying Mary Peabody.)

15 Jan 1669 [2] p. 17 An account concerning the ship "Peregrine" including references to John WOOD by Gov. WINTHROP. Since this is after John WOOD Sr.’s decease it is attributed to John WOOD Jr.

Clark [2] p. 18 - 22 shows John WOOD Jr. as a rather scoundrel person during his younger years.

Concluding the John Wood controversy I can move on to some new information on this family line. The descendents of John Wood Jr. are named above, but the line of current interest is that of Thomas Wood Sr. born 1666 in Little Compton RI, died 10 May 1729 [16] in Little Compton RI, Marriage: in 1690 to Content (probably THURSTON) born 1667, died before 1729 [16][2] p. 65, daughter of Edward THURSTON and Elizabeth MOTT [1] p. 64, daughter of Adam MOTT and Elizabeth CREEL

I do not want to trace the entire decendency from Thomas Wood Sr., but focus on one specific line:

Thomas Wood Sr., William Wood (glazier), Zerviah Wood Sr., Elihu Wood Sr., Isaiah Wood Sr., Thomas Haskell Wood "of Toledo Ohio"

I will take each of these people and briefly illustrate their history.

William Wood (glazier) Born 7 Feb 1700 died about June 1778 1st marriage 16 Jul 1719 to Hannah SHAW b. 7 Mar 1699 Little Compton, RI died 22 Dec 1734 Little Compton, RI daughter of Israel SHAW (son of Anthony SHAW and Alice STONARD, daughter of John STONARD) and UNKNOWN (Possibly Ruth) TALLMAN (daughter of Peter TALLMAN born 1622 died 1708 and Joan BRIGGS) This would make Hannah a sister to the Anthony SHAW who married Rebecca WOOD born 17 Apr 1696, daughter of Thomas Wood Sr. and Content. [2] p. 66 and [14] p. 38 and 53

Other information about William Wood glazier:

William WOOD, who bought the south ½ of Thomas TABER’s homestead from his son Philip TABER circa 1740 (at times erroneously reported as 1700), died about June 1778. In the will [17] William requests that his sons John WOOD and Zerviah WOOD maintain the burial ground on his property. The codicil [17] is quoted in a local history discussion of the burial ground, which is the disputed final resting place of Pilgrim John COOKE (there’s a monument there today to that effect).

William WOOD bought Oxford Point from Philip TABER about 1740, and built a house there, now 191 Main Street, later the home of Joseph BATES founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This house today has a historical plaque on it to this effect. [18] In 1760 William WOOD sold six acres of the Point (all but the portion where he had his whaling industry try works) to Elnathan ELDRIDGE, who subdivided the Point into house lots to develop a seafaring village built around a large wharf with storehouses partly owned by John MCPHERSON (married to Sarah TABER).

William was a glazier from Little Compton, RI, and removed to Fairhaven, then a part of Dartmouth. It appears that he also had interests in Dutchess County, N.Y., where we find William WOOD of Dartmouth, a glazier, for and in consideration of 260 pounds old tenor, conveys to Abraham WING, of Oblong, in the county of Dutchess, Province of New York, 180 acres of land on or near what has been generally called Quaker Hill. [19]

William WOOD’s will [17], recorded at Taunton Probate Office, mentions his wife Patience, sons John, Zerviah, and daughters Zilpha WEST, Rebecca ELDRIDGE, Hannah MENDALL, Anstis WING, Content WING and Drusilla HOWLAND (deceased), and granddaughter Mary ALLEN. By 1778, when the codicil was written Zilpha and John had died.

191 Main St. Fairhaven MA The home of Genevieve and Hugh Darden. Genevieve’s ancestor, Ann Dillingham Hathaway bought the house in 1835 to make a home for her daughter, Ann Hathaway BURGESS whose husband, Paul Cook BURGESS, was lost at sea while whaling in the South Pacific in 1831.

This house was built by William WOOD in 1742 and bears a plaque attesting to that. Apparently William’s son Zerviah inherited the house and owned it for a few years after William died.

In 1888 [20] The "Burying Hill" referred to in William Wood’s 1773 will [17] was transferred to the Fairhaven Improvement Association. Apparently William’s heirs decided that after 100 years they were tired of cutting the grass.

Zerviah Wood Sr. Executor of his father William Wood’s will. Also known as Zeruiah, however transcriptions often confuse the two spelling variations. Zerviah seems to be a male version of the bibilical Zeruiah, however, written transcriptions often confuse the 2 spellings. There is no Zerviah in the Bible, but rather Zeruiah listed in 1 Chronicles 2:16 (among many bible references) "Their sisters were Zeruiah and Abigail. Zeruiah's three sons were Abishai, Joab and Asahel." Both spellings are found in other family genealogies (i.e. ALLEN, CHURCH, NYE, WEST), but these are invariably females. I do not know of any other male person of either spelling. He was born 8 Jan 1731 in Massachusetts [14] p. 53. Died About 6 May 1817 when his will was probated [21]. Marriage intention announced 5 Aug 1750 [22] to Rhoda ELDRIDGE, she died 15 May 1799 daughter of Elnathan ELDRIDGE. Note the land deals listed above between Elnathan ELDRIDGE and Zerviah’s father William.

Zerviah Wood Sr. figures very prominently in his father’s will [17]. Zerviah’s brother John died between 1773 (Williams’ original Will date) and 1778 (William’s codicil date), apparently making the codicil necessary. In 1778 William, wife Patience, Sarah (widow of John) and all of Sarah’s 8 children were living with Zerviah’s family. To compensate Zerviah for this benevolence William leaves "extra compensation" in his will codicil. Zerviah must have been a very family oriented person to have taken all of these people in, considering his youngest, Zerviah Jr., born 21 Mar 1772 was only 6 years old in 1778. He was apparently a Quaker and most likely buried in the old Quaker Burying Ground in Fairhaven MA. Sadly, this burying ground did not contain proper records or markers and was later covered over by the city with additional fill dirt to make maintenance easier. This makes any identification of burial locations for these Quakers impossible.

During the Revolutionary War the British reportedly burned the house of Zerviah WOOD, probably at or near 110 Adams Street. A history of New Bedford with a detailed report of the raid states that afterward a one-story house was built on the original foundation, after which another story was added, and then another addition. This book also states that the house was still in the WOOD family at that time (late 1800s). An 1855 map of Fairhaven shows two WOOD houses at this location, so it must be one or the other. The more Northerly of the two houses lists the owner of the house as "J. WOOD" and the owner of the next house just to the South (both on the West side of Adams) as "D. WOOD." Both houses are about where Linden Street comes into Adams now. A possibility is that the property passed from Zerviah to Elihu to David/John WOOD.

Zerviah reportedly served in the Revolution for Dartmouth although there is no record of any specific service or pension. Since many people served in unofficial capacities this remains a distinct possibility.

Elihu Wood Sr. [11] Revolutionary War Vet [23] p. 129 [24]. Born about 1760 in Massachusetts. Died after 26 Sept 1825 (when his will was recorded) and before 1837 (when the will was probated)

Married 1 April 1784 [22] to Lydia CUSHMAN, who was baptized 1762 at 1st Cong. Church in Fairhaven and died before Oct 1778. Daughter of Seth CUSHMAN, (born 1734) and Abiah ALLEN [24] p. 159

Other information about Elihu Wood:

Elihu’s Will [26] transcribed and reported here by Richard W. Griffith, CG: Elihu Wood, yeoman, on 26 Sept 1825, wills that all debts and estate settlement charges be paid by his son David WOOD. To his son David WOOD he gives a lot of land bought of Jonathan TABER, also uplands and salt marsh that "I hold by deed from my father and which I have not already disposed of by deed", with the buildings thereon standing. To his three sons Isaiah, Lemuel and Elihu he gives "a lot which I bought of Humphrey DAVIS and also my share or right in the Bedford Bridge." To his daughter Lydia CAREY, he gives one half of the household furniture. To his three daughters, Hannah TABER, Bethiah TABER and Rhoda WOOD, he gives the other half of the household furniture to be divided equally between them. He gives to his son David WOOD the remainder of all property and names his son David as executor. Witnesses were Zerviah WOOD, John TABER and John WOOD. David WOOD was appointed as the executor of the will on 18 Dec 1837 (Vol. 78 p. 314).

Elihu Wood Sr.’s son Lemuel C. WOOD was a Captain (Master) and owner of many merchant ships listed in "The New Bedford Ship Registers". Ship numbers were 783, 784, 1284, 1582, 1583, 1584, 1585, 1586, 1587, 1588, 1674. Ship names included "DRYMO" "ISABELLA". He owned these ships in partnership with too many people to list, but partners included Bartholomew TABER, Henry TABER, John S. TABER, Joseph B. TABER, Edward M. HOWLAND and John M. HOWLAND. The 1850 federal census – Lemuel was a Mariner with an estate value of $6,000. 1860 federal census –Lemuel was a mariner with a value of $8,500 and married to Julia.

Elihu Wood Sr.’s son Elihu WOOD, Jr. was a Captain (Master) and owner of many merchant ships listed in "The New Bedford Ship Registers". Ship numbers were 605, 885 "EMELINE" (wholly owned by Elihu), 2274, 3218. In 1841 "EMELINE" sailed out of New Bedford and on 4 July 1843 Elihu’s longboat was stove by a whale. Captain Elihu Wood died from exhaustion before help reached them [27] [28]. He owned these ships in partnership with too many people to list, but partners included Daniel WOOD, James H. HOWLAND and William T. GRINNELL. 1850 census – Also living with Elihu Jr. and Sarah was Caroline JENNY born 1832 and Rebecca SPOONER born 1762. In the 1860 census Rodolphus was the only child still living at home.

Isaiah Wood Sr. Born: 1784 in Massachusetts. Died 1834 Buried in Woodside Cemetery [29], Nicholas Taber plot. Cemetery stone lists, from left to right: Isaiah, Harriet, Nicholas TABER, Rebecca, Desiree. All are on one common granite base.

Married: 18 May 1806 to Harriet TABER born 1790, died 1838, Daughter of Nicholas TABER and his 2nd wife Rebecca MARSHALL, daughter of John MARSHALL [30]

Thomas Haskell Wood "of Toledo Ohio"

Born 18 March 1809 in New Bedford Massachusetts [31][32]
Died 4 February 1890 (Age 80 10 Months, 16 Days) in Toledo Ohio [33][34]
Married 14 May 1845 to Mary Amanda DEMAREST (Age 14) born 1 Jun 1831 in NY City died 7 Feb 1897 in Toledo OH [34], married in La Fayette (Plaquemine, Iberville Parish) Louisiana. Married by a Baptist Preacher in LA - No direct record [31] [35]

According to the New Bedford Whaling Crew listing, on 7 August 1824 a Thomas WOOD signed on the whaling ship "Stanton" out of New Bedford as crew. He was listed as age 16 from Fairhaven. Height 4’ 10" dark or black hair. The ship returned April 1827. If this was Thomas Haskell WOOD remains to be confirmed, but the facts are a very close match.

After Thomas’ marriage in 1845 his life can be traced by both federal census records and birth records available in the family bible [31] and verified by civil birth records, where available. 3 Children were bon in Louisiana, then beginning in 1851 6 more children were born in Huntington Virginia (now West Virginia, but this was before the Civil War). Next in 1862 through 1872 8 more children were born in Toledo Ohio. This makes for a total of 16 children traced across the country from Louisiana to Ohio.

At the time of the 1880 census, Thomas lived at 170 South St Toledo OH and his son Frank boarded there. Thomas was a coach builder (carpenter) and Frank was a laborer.

In 1883 Thomas Wood "Nephew of Toledo OH" was mentioned in Desiree Taber’s Bristol Co Massachusetts will. [36] Desire Taber born Dec 1797/Jan 1798 died 31 Mar 1883 was a daughter of Nicholas Taber and therefore a sister of Thomas’ mother Harriet Taber-Wood. Desiree is buried in the Nicholas Taber plot [29] right next to Isaiah Wood and his wife Harriett.

Thomas was living at 414 South St Toledo OH at the time of his death. [32][33]

Richard W. Griffith, [30] deserves full credit for establishing the parentage of Thomas Haskell Wood. The full report on his research is available for review. Mr. Griffith researched Land Deeds and Elihu Wood’s last will and testament to finally conclude the family relationship. The resulting conclusions leave no doubt that Isaiah Wood and Harriet Taber, daughter of Nicholas Taber, are the parents of Thomas Haskell WOOD.

The following people added significantly to this effort and I gratefully acknowledge their contribution:

Buttonwood Community Library, New Bedford MA
Mary Maureen Campbell-Wood - Co Editor
Michael Dyer - New Bedford Whaling Museum
Anne Mabille – Resident of Buffalo NY
Mystic Seaport Library, Mystic CT
Richard W. Griffith, Certified Genealogist, Wareham, MA
Laura Pereira – New Bedford Whaling Museum
Dan Taber – Resident of Minneapolis MN
Douglas Crandall WOOD - Resident of Olathe KS 

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  35. Birth Certificate / Baptism Certificate of daughter Jane Ann WOOD born 13 Aug 1846
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Copyright 2002, Larry Crandall-Wood. For further information, contact Larry Crandall-Wood

Wood Family of Rhode Island and New Jersey

Woodbury Daily Times (New Jersey), Jan 30, 1922

The pioneer of this family was Henry Wood, probably a brother of Richard Wood, who married Ruth Brook.

Henry Wood b unk d June 1691 in New Jersey. He m 1st unk, and 2nd 1670 to Hannah (Yokeley), daughter of Michael and Joana (Cowell) Yokley of County Middlesex, England.

They probably accompanied Arthur and Margaret Cook to Rhode Island and settled in Newport, where the births of their children are recorded in the Friend's Meeting register of Newport.  A daughter, Judith is supposed to have been henry's daughter from his former wife.

May 10, 1687, Henry Wood, late of Newport, RI, presented a certificate to the Haddonfield, NJ Friend's Meeting signed by Governor Walter Clarke and Walter Newburry, close friends of Arthur Cooke, Esq.

This will of Henry Wood of Hopewell, Gloucester Co., NJ, dated April 4, 1691, proved June 18, 1691, mentions wife Hannah, sons Henry, James, Richard and daughters Judith, Abigail, Hannah and Elizabeth.

He mentions land in Narraganset County, called "Poscett," a tract in West Jersey called the "Great Tree" land and the "Fast Landing."  Also a bank and houses in Philadelphia Pa, one at the waterside next to John Kings lot and a house  and land in Newport RI.

Executrix: Wife
Trustees: Samuel Carpenter of Philadelphia, and George Smith of West Jersey.
Witnesses: Samuel Spicier and T...?  He had issue by his first wife (name unknown) named Judith.

He had issue with his second wife, Hannah, 6 children

  1. Henry Wood b Nov 24 1671, d 1695 single
    The will of Henry Wood of West Jersey dated November 14, 1694, pr. April 13, 1695, mentions mother Hannah Wood, James, Richard, and Benjamin; sisters, Judith Willard and her sons Henry and Thomas Willard, Abigail Cooper, who had a soon, William Cooper; Hannah Wood, Elizabeth Wood, brother in law Thomas Willard.

    He left a plantation on Cooper's Creek, a lot of 100 acres called the "Great Tree."

    Executors; Mother, Samuel Spicier, Joseph Cooper and brother in law, Daniel Cooper.

    Witnesses, Samuel Spicier and Jer____.

  1. Abigail Wood b Aug 15 1672 m March 4, 1693-1694 at Haddonfield NJ Meeting.  Daniel Cooper, son of William and Margaret Cooper of "Pinepoint" NJ.

  2. Witnesses follow in order given in the Haddonfield records.  William Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Arthur Cook, Judith ( Willard), Margaret Cooke and many others.
  1. James Wood b Nov 9 1674 m circa June 1703.

  2. March 1 1699-1700, James Wood of Philadelphia, ship carptener, conveyed to Joseph Nichols of Coopers Creek (his brother-in-law) 290 acres on said creek, between Thomas Chandlers, William Steel, Samuel Spicier and a small run; 240 cares there of inherited from his brother Henry Wood Jr and 30 acres from his father Henry Wood Sr (NJ Archives)
  1. Hannah Wood b Sept 25 1677 m Jan 3, 1695 at Haddonfield Meeting Joseph Nicholson of Alloways Creek, Salem County, NJ.

  2. Witnessess follow in order as in record:

    Abel Nicholson, James Wood, Thomas Willard, Daniel Cooper, Richard Worth, Samuel Spicer, Hannah Wood, Jusith Willare, Esther Spicer, Lydia Cooper, Ann Curtis, Elizabeth Key, Mary Kirll, Jane Wood and many others.

  1. Richard Wood b Oct 28 1679.

  2. He received a confirmation of a deed from his mother Hannah and his elder brother James on February 17 1699-1700, at which date he had arrived at the age of 20 years and about 3 months, and he was full age Nov 1, 1700, when he conveyed the property to Thomas Lambert.
  1. Elizabeth Wood b Jan 9 1681-1682 m first Stephen Newby on Aug own note, Elizabeth m second to John Hugg Dir on July 23, 1714 in Gloucester Co. NJ)
Witness to the first marriage of Elizabeth were James, Jan and Benjamin Wood, Thomas and Judith Willard, Hannah Nicholson and others.
Judith Wood, daughter of Henry Wood, late of Hopewell, by a former wife m May 10 1689 to Thomas Willard of Hopewell, NJ.  There were witnesses to the marriage of Judith's half brothers and sisters.

Benjamin Wood, of Hopewell, NJ m March 1, 1707, at Haddonfield, NJ Elizabeth Kay of Springfield, NJ, daughter of John and Elizabeth Kay of Waterford, Gloucester Co, NJ.

Among witnesses were: James Wood, evidently single at this date, Judith Willard, Rebecca Wood, Hannah Erwin and many others.

He is mentioned in the will of his brother, Henry Wood Jr., married secondly Mary ( addition)

The will of Benjamin Wood of Hopewell, Gloucester Co. dated Dec 20 1737, proved June 12, 1738, mentions wife Mary, son Henry,  sole executor and to have the whole plantation of 350 acres at the death of his wife.  Benjamin, 140 acres where John Herris lives and one half of the fifth divided taken up "for me."  Henry, the other half; John 9 at age of 21) 210 acres, on Mantos Creek.  Daughter: Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah at age of 21 or day of marriage. Judith my bank lot in Philadelphia, now in her service Jane my water lot, Abigail to have the Negro woman, Assar, now in her service, Mary Roberts my wife's cousin.

Witness: John Greon, James Willard and John Kay

The article transcribed and provided by Susan Dennis Winters, 2002. See also Peter Dennis of France & Newport RI.

Continued: Ancestry of John Wood “Mariner”

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