Warwick, RI (Ward 4) WWII Dead

Warwick, RI (Ward 4)  WWII Dead

From a monumental plaque on West Shore Road, Warwick, RI, hand-lettered

Valor   1941 - 1945
In honor of the men from the 4th Ward who served and died for liberty in World War II

Clinton C. Carey
Fred Coates (?? -hard to read)
Edward M. Tierney (hard to read)
Grover C. Hannover
Albert Henry, Jr.
Ernest L. Buckley, Jr.
Richard C. Hassell
Walter G. Ledoux
Robert W. Baumgardner
James E. Anderson
Richard C. Malcolm
Walter F. Gilmore
George F. McMann
Raymond R. Smith

Erected by Wm Shields Jr. Post No. 48 American Legion
Wm. Shields Jr. Axillary
4th Ward Welcome Home Committee, Aug. 14, 1946

Bayside, Warwick, RI WWII Memorial

Draper Ave., "Bayside" in Warwick, Rhode Island

This memorial is affectionately dedicated to the men and women from Bayside who served for liberty

In Memoriam - World War II
Peter Jacklin
Raymond Peloso
Edward C. Lanigan
Joseph Richardson
Wilson P. Ashworth
Donald L. Draper
Lloyd S. Cooper III
Donald M. Burnside

Erected by the 5th Ward Welcome Home Committee
July 4th?, 1946

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