Smith Family Graves in Smithfield, RI
Smith Family Graves in Smithfield, RI

Smithfield Historical Cemetery #62. "Alfred Smith Lot" - in the village formerly known as "Hanton City", a "ghost town", known to locals as "Lost City"
Wide shot of cemetery - only three stones readable, one broken on ground. This monument
was erected by Eliza Smith in the memory of her beloved husband
Alfred Smith, who died Oct. 15, 1828. aged 58 years, 7 months & 18 days
'Forgive blest shade, the tributary tear that mourns thy exit from a world like this: ... wish that would have kept thee here
... thy progress to the realms of bliss.'
(stone signed "Tingley")
Erected to the Memory of
Mrs. Eliza Smith
consort of Mr. Alfred Smith
who died Feb. 25 AD, 1840
aged 54 years, 5 mo's & 8 days
'Friends and children, do not weep,
I am not lost, for here I sleep
In this cold lifeless bed of clay,
Until the Resurrection Day.'
(stone signed Tingley)
In memory of Mr. Emor Smith
son of Alfred and Eliza Smith
He died Feb. 11, 1826,
aged ?? years, 1 month ....
[These are the only readable stones in the cemetery]

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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