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Published by Rhode Island News Company, 113 and 115 Westminster street, Providence, R.I.



C. A. Frayton, President.

H. E. B. Case, Vice President

W.E. Drake, A.C. Scott,

Corresponding Secretary. Recording Secretary.

W. P. Alexander, Treasurer.


Alumni Association.


George M Tucker, President.

George A. Rodman, Secretary, Charles L Sargeant, Treasurer,

Woonsocket, R.I. Peacedale, R.I.




W. W. WOTHERSPOON, Captain Twelfth Infantry, U.S.A.

BENJAMIN BARTON, Captain of Company.

E.F. Tabor First Lieutenant.
C.A. Brayton Second Lieutenant.
W. B. Madison First Sergeant.
J. E. Williams Sergeant.
H. E. B. Case Sergeant.
W. C. P. Merrill Sergeant.
N. L. C. Moore Sergeant
A. F. Grinnell Corporal.
A. A. Tucker Corporal.
A. L. Kenyon Corporal.
L. H. Marsland Corporal.
H. W. Case Bugler.





Adams, George Edward Rocky Brook, R.I.
Ammonds, George Clarence Kingston, "
Clark, Helen May Kingston "
Eldred, Mabel DeWitt Kingston "
Knowles, John Franklin Kingston "
Madison, Warren Brown East Greenwich, "
Rodman, George Albert Kingston "
Tucker, George Mason Swansea Centre, Mass.
Winsor, Byron Edgar Summit R.I.

Graduates of 1895

Albro, Lester Franklin, Agr. Middletown, R.I.
Burdick, Howland, Agr. Newport, "
Clarke, Charles Sherman, Mech. Jamestown "
Eldren, Mabel DeWitt Kingston, "
Hammond, John Edward, Agr. Jamestown "
Oatley, Lincoln Nathan, Mech Peace Dale, "
Scott, Arthur Curtis, Mech Summit, "
Tefft, Jesse Cottrell, Mech Jamestown, "
Winsor, Byron Edgar, Mech Summit, "


Barton, Benjamin, Agr. East Greenwich, R.I.
Brayton, Charles Andrew, Agr. Fiskeville, "
Brown May Narragansett Pier, "
Greenman, Adelaide Marie Kingston, "
Kenyon, Albert Lewis, Mech. Point Judith "
Moore, Nathan Lewis Cass, Agr. Shannock,  "
Tabor, Edgar Francis, Mech. Statersville "
Williams, James Emerson, Agr. Summit, "


Carmichael, Welcome Sands, Agr. Shannock, R.I.
Case, Herbert Edwards Brown, Mech Pawtucket "
Grinnell, Archie Franklin, Mech. Middletown, "
Hoxsie, Bessie Bailey Quonochontaug "
Kenyon, Charles Franklin, Mech. Shannock, "
Kenyon, Albert Prentice, Mech. Ashaway, "
Marsland, Louis Herbert, Mech Franklin,  N.Y.
Peekham, Charles Herbert, Mech. Coventry, R.I.
Tefft, Eliza Alice Allenton, R.I.
Thomas, Irving, Mech Lafayette, "
Turner, Harriette Florence Lakeside,  N.Y.


Arnold, Sarah Estelle Wakefield, R.I.
Barber, George Washington, Agr Shannock, "
Bates, Edward Ayer, Mech. Pawtucket, "
Cargill, Edna Maria Abbott Run, "
Case, John P., Agr. Gould, "
Clark, William Case, Jr., Mech Wakefield, "
Clarke, William Lamont Wheeler, Mech. Jamestown, "
Congdon, Henry Augustus, Mech Mooresfield,  "
Flagg, Martha Rebecca Kingston, "
Hadfield, John Slater Forestdale, "
Harley, William Ferguson, Agr. Pawtucket, "
Larkin, Jessie Louise Watch Hill, "
O'Neil, Henry Francis, Mech. Providence, "
Rose, George, Agr. Mooresfield, "
Steere, John Parkis, Agr. Chepachet, "
Striyt, Robert Bruce, Agr. Wakefield, "
Taylor, William James, Agr. Slatersville, "
Tucker, Attmore Arnold, Agr. Wakefield, "
Wheeler, Charles Noyes Shannock, "
Wilson, Henry Paige, Mech Sllenton, "
Wilson Grace Ellen Allenton, "
Worden, Cornelia Allenton, "


Allen, Nathaniel Bertram East Greenwich R.I.
Arnold, Everett Mullen Wood River Junction "
Angell, Ralph Day Providence, "
Barber, Arthur Sisson Hope Valley, "
Batchelder, Nelson A. Crompton, "
Brightman, Henry Mason White Rock, "
Cargill, James Edward Abbott Run, "
Cumming, John Stuart Pawtucket, "
Eddy, Frank Roffee Providence "
Doughty, Robert Stanley Providence "
Gray, Herman James Adamsville, '
Harvey, Mildred Wayne Allenton, "
Kenyon, Blydon Ellery Wood River Junction, "
Knowles, Carroll Kingston. "
Knowles, Harry Point Judith, "
Ladd, Merrill Agustus Bay Shore, Long Island, N.Y.
Minor, George Eldred Westerly, R.I.
Main, Gegorge E. Hope Vallley, "
Palmer, Walter T. Adamsville, "
Payne, Ebenezer Lyons Farms, N.J.
Phillips, Walter Clark Lafayette, R.I.
Pierce, Nellie Hollis Littleton Mass.
Reynolds, Robert Spink Wickford, R.I.
Sherman, George Albert West Kingston, "


Ballon, Latimer A. Lawrence, Mass.
Boynton, Myra Louisa Lawrence, "
Case, Harold Warren Pawtucket, R. I.
Clarke, John G. West Kingston, "
Clarke, William Hazard West Kingston, "
Fiske, Nina Viola Olneyville "
Gardner, George Wallace Block Island "
Gates, Eugene Herbert, Shannock, "
Gross, Herbert Dow North Foster, "
Hanson, Gertrude Maie King Peace Dale, "
Kingsley, Walter Burnside Hamilton, "
Magill, Arthur Reginald Newport, "
Merrill, William Chauncey Palmer Central Falls, "
Nelson, George Oscar Peace Dale, "
Newton, Willis Bertram Washington "
Oatley, George Nathan Peace Dale, "
Peckham, Herbert James Middleton, "
Pike, David Riverpoint, "
Reynolds, Rebecca D. East Greenwich, "
Sherman, Abbie Gertrude Kingston, "
Steere, Enoch Mowry Chepachet, "
Van Horne, Mahlon Augustus Newport, "
Wells, Grace Perry Kingston, "
Wright, Silas Wilber Wakefield, "
Wright, Mary Ella Shannock, "
Woodmansee, Mattie Florence Shannock, "


Adams, Mrs. H.F. Kingston, R.I.
Auel, Mrs. Chas Kenyon, "
Armstrong, Mrs. Chas., Jr. Wakefield, "
Bishop, Mrs. N. N. Kingston, "
Bosworth, Mrs. Ellen Kingston "
Carmichael, Mrs. George Shannock, "
Clemens, Julia Wakefield, "
Green, Aldana Kenyon, "
Green, Nellie Kenyon, "
Greenman, Mrs. A. A. Kingston "
Hudson, Lila Wakefield, "
King, Lizze Kenyon, "
Metcalf, Alice Carolina, "
Northrup, Florence Rocky Brook, "

Post Graduates..........................9
Graduates, 1895.........................9
Specials in Wood-Carving..........14

Total, counting none twice........121

Transcribers Notes: The spelling and punctuation are as in the book. Misspelling and has not been changed.

Transcribed by Sally Jaquet Roberts
proofed by Danyelle Bowen and Hayzel Bowen

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