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1800 Census Images for Kent County *

The 1800 Kent County, RI, Census contains 93 pages (census images), numbered 074 through 171. The first page on the microfilm for this county is page 101, as pages 074 through 101 appear in backwards order on the microfilm. Page 074 is followed by pages 104-132 (labeled Coventry on page 103), pages 134-153 (labeled West Greenwich on page 133), and pages 156-171 (labeled East Greenwich on page 155). In addition to pages 103, 133, and 155, pages 102 and 154 were not copied from the microfilm, as they are blank.

* Census Images: The name of each image file is the page number. (In the case of 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 census, the file name includes both the Enumeration District and the page number.)

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