American Indian Place Names In Rhode Island, Page 8
American Indian Place Names
In Rhode Island:

Past & Present

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Historical & Geographical Information
Saccanosset HILL, a coal mine, in Cranston, near Gorton Arnold's, three and half miles west by south from Pawtuxet. Black earth place; along the little seashore trial
Sacanocho Narragansett Sachem or Chief See Narragansett Tribe
Sachem[80] Pond, etc., Newport County, Block Island  & elsewhere
"The strong one" (tribal leader—akin  to "Chief"); also a small, brave bird 
Sachimma Comaco[81] Kent County Sachem’s House
Sachuck Hill, Providence County At the mountain (See Nippsatchuck)
Sachueeset POINT and BAY, making the S. E. point of Rhode Island, mentioned in Church's History of the Indian Wars. It is nearly opposite and N. W. from Seaconnet point. See Sachuest
Sachues See Sachuest  
Sachuest Bay, Beach, Point, River, Golf Club Newport County, Middletown and Golf Club, Prudence Island and National Wildlife Refuge, Sakonnet Point At or near the great hill; little hill at the outlet
Sachuset See Sachuest  
Sackett, Sacket School, Providence County, Providence See Sauga ?
Saconaset See Sockanosset  
Saconet, Saconett See Saconnet  
Saconnet POINT, or Seaconnet. South west termination of Little Compton. In 1700, there were 100 Indian men here, and a smaller settlement north east, near Dartmouth. The boundary of the Saconnet Indians, on the north side, was a line from Packet brook to the head of Coaxet. The word, Seconnet, means black goose, like Seekonk. [See introductory remarks.] Rocky outlet; at the outlet; black goose abode
Sagamore[82] See Sachem  
Sahnnock Historic District, Washington County, Carolina See Shannock
Sakannet Vineyards and Historic District, Tiverton See Saconnet
Sakonet See Saconnet  
Sakonnet[83] See Saconnet  
Sapowet SHORE [& Cove, Creek, Wildlife Refuge], or Espowet, between Dr. West's house and the bay in southwest part of Tiverton. By the river; wet miry place (See Espowet)
Sassafras Island, Tivereton and Point and Cove, Providence See Saxafrax
Sassawitch BEACH, next beyond the present one of bathing in Newport. Eel trap
Satuit See Setuat  
Sauga Point, Washington County, Wickford At the outlet
Saugatuck See Saugatucket  
Saugatucket Camp, Pond, River at Narragansett Pier See Sawcatucket
Saugkonnate  Tribe, Little Compton See Saconnet
Sauks Island, Washington County, Quonochontaug Outlet; black mud; yellow earth people (Sauk Tribe)
Sautaug POND, north end of Long Island. Outlet place?
Sawcatucket RIVER, South Kingstown, runs from Moore's field, nearly due south, through Peacedale to Wakefield. At the outlet of the tidal river
Sawgoge Sawgoge, or -goog, POINT, in North Kingstown, extension of Sawgogue Meadows. Loose shell beads (wampum) unstrung
Sawgogue MEADOWS, near Cocumscussit, mentioned in Coquinoquand's lease to R. Smith. [See Potter, page 33.] It is between Wickford and Devil's Foot. See Sawgoge
Sawgoog See Sawgoge  
Sawsumsit See Causumset  
Saxafrax[84] Point & Cove, Providence Eels? Place of the upright rocks?
Scamscammuck SPRING, near Rumstick point, in Barrington [& Warren]. [Gen. Fessenden.] Rocky enclosure
Scamscamnek See Scamscammuck  
Scamscamnet See Scamscammuck  
Scatacoke See Scatacook  
Scatacook LANDS, or Scatacosh, part of Kent County [in Coventry]. Fork in river
Scatacosh See Scatacook  
Schichmachute See Setamachut  
Scituate Town, Reservoir, Post Office, School, Hall/House, Providence County, Scituate At the cold springs or cold brook; between tides
Scoakequanocksett See Sockanosset  
Scoakequanocsett See Scoakequanocksett  
Scoconaxit See Sockanosset  
Scutabe See Scuttop  
Scuttape See Scuttop  
Scuttop Narragansett Sachem or Chief See Narragansett Tribe
Seaconk See Seekonk  
Seaconke[85] See Seekonk  
Seaconnet, Seaconnett See Saconnet  
Seacunck, Seacuncke See Seekonk  
Seakunk See Seekonk  
Sec-e-sa-kut See Secasakut  
Secesakut, Secesakutt Hill, Providence County, North Scituate Black rocks place
Seconiganset See Quonset  
Seconiquonset See Quonset  
Seconit See Saconnet  
Seconnet See Saconnet  
Seconocho See Sacanocho  
Secunk, Secunke See Seekonk  
Secunnit See Saconet  
Seeconnet See Saconnet  
Seekhouk See Seekonk  
Seekonk RIVER and TOWN [& Park, Plain], opposite Providence, in Massachusetts. Name derived from Seki, black, and konk, goose. It has recently been decided to annex this town to Rhode Island. It is believed from tradition, that wild geese, in migrating, stop here to feed. Black goose abode; outlet; mouth of the stream
Seepoke or Sepooke, TRACT of land R. Smith bought of the Indian, Hermon Garret, [Potter's History,] adjoining the west side of Weecapaug line, where Charlestown and Westerly join, probably including the eastern part of the town of Charlestown, and the western part of South Kingstown. Salt pond in water
Seepoocke See Seepoke  
Seepooke See Seepoke   
Seewamuck POINT, nearly three miles northwest of Slade's Ferry, a point of land where Taunton river enters Montop bay. [De Barre's map.] At the place where we catch bream (porgies[86]); at the place of early summer fish; big plain or meadow place; place of sewan[87]
Seippog See Seepoke  
Sekescute See Secesakut  
Sekonit See Saconnet  
Sekunk See Seekonk  
Senechataconet TRACT, between Abbott's run and the Blackstone or Sneachteconnet river, and extending north to the Massachusett's boundary line. It is a part, if not all, of Cumberland gore. [See old map in Arnold's History, 2d vol.] Stony angle (corner) of plantation; stepping-stones ford
Sepooke See Seepoke  
Setamachut Hill, Providence County, Johnston At the great stony hill; place of strong currents?
Setamechut See Setamachut  
Settemeechut See Setamachut  
Setuat Providence County, Cranston Cold brook; salt, cold stream?
Shaganiscalhauk Washington County Land at the side of the hills; land of the green hills?; land between hills
Shamcook BANK or SHORE, same as Namcook or Naomuck, Boston neck, in North Kingstown. Great salmon (or fishing) place
Shannock RIVER, in North Stonington, runs into Pawcatuck river, N. W. corner of Westerly. It means squirrel river. Where two streams meet; big squirrel; morning star
Shannock, Shanock HILL [& Mill & Post Office], or Mishannoke, HILL, S. E. corner of Richmond [in Carolina]. The name means squirrel. See Shamcook
Shannuck See Shannock  
Shantituck BROOK, Cranston, called also Meshautituck. A Quaker Meeting house was not far from here. [See Staples, p. 430.] Large trees near the river
Shaomet See Shawomut  
Shawhomett See Shawomut  
Shawmut Historical place, Providence See Shawomut
Shawnnuck See Shannock  
Shawomet Ancient Narragansett Village, near Warwick [in East Greenwich]; named changed to "Warwick" See Shawomut
Shaw-omet See Shawomut  


See Shawomut  
Shawomut NECK. Warwick Neck. The Indian word means a spring. Boston was so called, from a spring. Also, a tongue of land, running from Slade's ferry, south west, near Tiverton. At the neck of land; canoe landing place
Sheganiscalhoke LANDS. It applies to the east side of the boundary between Westerly and Charlestown. See Shaganiscathoke
Sheganiscathoke See Shaganiscathoke  
Sheganiskachoke See Shaganiscathoke  
Shenskonet Brook & Hill, Providence County, Glocester Strong field; wholly enclosed place?; level land? (see Shinskatuck)
Shewatuck See Showatucquese  
Shewatucket Stream, Providence County, North Kingston At the place between tidal streams
Shewatucquese See Showatucquese  
Shewotuck Brook [also called Phillip Brook], See Shewatucket
Shewtuck RIVER or CREEK, see Showauckese [in North Kingston]. See Shewatucket
Shewtuk See Shewatucket  
Shichemachute See Setamachut  
Shickasheen same as Miskianza, BROOK. It runs from Yagoo and Barber's pond, in South Kingstown. Great spring
Shinscot Brook, Georgiaville See Shinskatuck ?
Shinskatuck Brook & Hill, Providence County, Glocester Spring-fed river (see Shenskatuck)
Shippaquonset LAND, near Passanoke, or quke, in South Kingstown. [See Potter Place apart from big point, or from long point
Shippee   Large lake
Shogonaug Providence County, Glocester Land on the side of the hill
Showatucquese STREAM, or Shewatuck, very small, near Wickford or Cocumscusset bay. [See Potter's History, page 33. Land Records, page 57.] Place between small streams; small place between streams
Showaukese See Showatucquese  
Showomet Post Office, Bristol See Shawomut
Shumack Stream, Washington County A beaver?; the sumac bush (Arabic word)?
Shuman Kanuc, Shuman Kanuk See Shumunkanuck  
Shumunkanuc Hill, Carolina See Shumunkanuck
Shumunkanuck HILL, N. W. corner of Charlestown, near the Stonington Railroad [in Carolina], and south side of it, midway between Watchaug pond and Richmond Switch, which bears due north one and a half miles. High enclosed place; place of refuge high up
Sickkibunkiaut Hill, North Scituate See Setamachut
Sikunke See Seekonk  
Sissamachute See Setamachut  
Situate See Scituate  
Skamscommuck See Scamscammuck  
Sneachteconnet See Senechataconet  
Sneech POND, in Cumberland, a mile N. E. of Cumberland hill. Rocks at the outlet
Sneechteconnet[88] RIVER, is the Blackstone river, running through Woonsocket and Mannville. Rocks in or along the river
Soansacut See Moshwaniscut  
Soansakant See Moshwaniscut  
Sockanosset, Sockanossett Cross Road , Hill, School for Boys  Providence County, Cranston Dark colored little place
Soewompsit See Sowampsett  
Sogkonate POINT, same as Seeconnet [in Little Compton]. See Saconnet
Sogkonet See Saconnet  
Sogkunate Point, River, Village, Newport County. Little Compton Haunt of the black goose; land at the outlet; a path along the seashore?
Sonanoxet Washington County, Narragansett Bay Place too strong (hard) to dig; crushed by heavy stone (as in a trap). Now called Fox Island[89]
Sowaams See Sowams  
Sowampsett Pond & River, Bristol County, Warren Red rocks place
Sowams[90] LAND, or Sowamset, part of Barrington and all of Warren and Bristol. South country
Sowamset RIVER, now Warren river; also the name of the present site of Warren village, and of a bank there. See Sowamsett & Sowams
Sowamsett Bristol County, Bristol At the south country; strong plain?; beach trees?
Sowanoxet ISLAND. Fox Island, near Wickford. Shickasheen, same as Miskianza, BROOK. It runs from Yagoo and Barber's pond, in South Kingstown. Place of small shells[91] (see Sonanoxet)
Sowhomes See Sowams  
Sowonexet Sowanoxet  
Spoart LAND, between Nomquit pond and Nonequacket neck, Tiverton. Large cove (see Espowet)
Squakheag See Sawgoge  
Squakheag[92] See Squakheague  
Squakheague Washington County Waiting, watching place
Squamcut Providence County See Misquamicut
Squamicott WESTERLY, same as Misquamicutt. See Misquamicut
Squamicut See Misquamicut  
Squammicott Washington County, Chepachet Salmon fishing place
Squannakonk River, Warwick Salmon fishing place; bream[93] taking place
Squantum Association, Providence and Point & Park, East Providence Angry god?; door, gateway
Squaw[94] SQUAW HOLLOW [was] the name given to a district bet[ween]. Orms and Martin St[reet]s [in Providence]. and adjacent to Bull-dog Hill.  It was formerly inhabited almost wholly by negroes and a low class of white people[95]. Woman
Squepaug Washington County Red pond; end of pond
Squomacuk See Misquamacut  
Suamicut Burriville See Misquamacut
Succotash Point, Washington County, Kingston & Road, Wakefield, South Kingston Shelled corn kernels separated and beaten to a pulp
Suckatunkanuc Hill, North Scituate See Suckatunkanuck
Suckatunkanuck HILL, a mile or two west of Newtaconquenut hill, in Johnston, and ranging nearly parallel with it. Dark colored earth (rocks) at the summit
Suckquansh See Cussucquunsh  
Suckuansh See Cussucquunsh  
Sugkonate See Saconnet  
Suker POND, runs into Chepachet river, one mile northeast of the village, from a north direction. It pours forth
Susquansh See Cussucquunsh  
Sutamachute See Setamachut  
Swamcot NECK, on the east side of Pawcatuck river; same as Misquamacut. See Misquamicut
Swamicott VALLEY, two miles S. E. of Chepachet. East of it is Matomy hill, running north and south. South plantation
Swammicott See Swamicott  

[80] Sometimes spelled  "Sachim".
[81] Original word, recorded by Roger Williams (1643), is Sachimmaacômmock = Sachem’s wigwam
[82] A Sagamore was thought to be a "subchief",  but may mean "He is the Sachem".
[83] Also name for  Bridge, Point, River, Harbor, City, and  one recorded name of Indian Tribe that lived in Little Compton, RI, as described by Church (1716).
[84] Sassafras [Sasafrash, Bed & Breakfast, Block Island].
[85] Also Tribe of Wampanoag Nation.
[86] See Squannakonk (footnote).
[87] Wampum which the Dutch called sewan.
[88] Local name for Blackstone River.
[89] Several Native American names (Sonanoxet , Sowananoxet, Azoiquoneset, Nonequasset, Nanaquonset)  are associated with Fox Island in Narragansett Bay; there appears to be three distinct names describing parts or all of the place Fox Is.
[90] Also Bay, School  and Playground in East Providence.
[91] Probably sewan (or wampum)
[92] Also an Indian Tribe.
[93] A porgy or related fish;  any of various freshwater sunfishes, especially : Bluegill . Porgy: 1 : a blue-spotted crimson food fish of the eastern and western Atlantic; also: any of various fishes of the same family.  2 [alteration of pogy] : any of various bony fishes (as a menhaden) of families other than that of the porgy.
[94] The only instance of this word discovered in RI place names. "Squaw" is considered offensive [as discussed in the author’s essay—
"The Word ‘Squaw’ in Historical and Modern Sources", []. Some States have changed names involving "squaw".
[95] From, "King's Pocket-book of Providence, R.I." Moses King, Cambridge, Mass., 1882 Tibbitts, Shaw & Co., Providence, RI.

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