American Indian Place Names In Rhode Island, Page 6
American Indian Place Names
In Rhode Island:

Past & Present

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Historical & Geographical Information
Pacanaset Providence County, Johnston Little cleared place
Pacanauket, Pacanaukett See Pawconakik  
Pacanawkite See Pawconakik  
Pacanoket Bristol, Warren, Barrington and parts of MA See Pawconakik
Pachanage See Pachatange  
Pachasset See Pocasset  
Pachatange[58] Washington County Divided or boundary place
Pachaug See Pachauog  
Pachauog Washington County The turning place;where they play games and dance?; they are playing? (See Pachaug)
Pachawesit Same as Pocasset?  
Pachet BROOK, crosses the town line between Little Compton and Tiverton, soon joins the stream coming down from Nonquit point, and discharges into the bay, half-way between Stone bridge and Seaconnet point. At the boundary; dividing place; turning place
Packanocott See Pawconakik  
Pa-co-ag See Pascoag  
See Pocasset (in RI?)  
Pageacoag Providence County Muddy place
Pahcupog See Cockumpaug  
Pahquopog Washington County Clear pond; shallow pond
Pakanoket Bristol County, Bristol ? At the small plantation
Pakanokick See Pawconakik  
Pamechipsk Hills, Providence County, Smithfield Cross-wise rocks; transverse rocks (across the path/trail)
Pansacaco POND, or Ponscachuto, at north end of Pettaquamscot or Narrow river. It is half way between the Willet farm and Stuart's birth-place, in S. Kingstown. Crooked outlet; crooked current
Pantacunset Providence County, Cranston At the round place
Papanomscutt Peebles Neck Place where we get winterfish (frostfish, tomcods); lookout place?; broken rocks?
Papaquinapaug Pond and River, Providence County, Cranston Shallow long pond; double long pond?
Papaquinepaug See Papaquinapaug  
Papasgush Washington County A Counselor of King Philip
Papasqaush PENINSULA, Bristol, R. I. It is so spelled in the original Indian deed, and not Pappoose Squaw, as is generally supposed. Broken rocks? ; double hill?; patridges?
Pappoose Squaw Island See Poppasquash
Paquaback Providence County, Johnston Clear or shallow pond
Paquabuck See Paquaback  
Paquantack or Poquanatack, STREAM, flowing from Poneganset pond, in Glocester, two miles east of Connecticut line, and south of a middle east and west line. Clear or shallow stream
Paquantuck Brook, Providence County, Thompson See Paquantack
Paquattuk Pawcatuck River, between Connecticut & RI The clear, shallow tidal stream
Paquatuck See Pawcatuck  
Paquinapaquoge MEADOWS, near Cocumscussit, or northwest of Wickford. Place of clear or shallow long pond
Paquinepaguoque See Paquinapaquoge  
Pascachute See Pansacaco  
Pascachuto See Pansacaco  
Paschuchammuck See Pasipuchammuck  
Pas-co-ag See Pascoag  
Pascoag[59] or Pascoage, RIVER and FALLS, south side of Burrillville [in Chepatchet]. [See Registry of Deeds, Providence, page 160.] The dividing place (rivers); land at the branch
Pascoage See Pascoag  
Pascogue See Pascoag  
Pascomattas Washington County Muddy place?
Pascommattas See Poscomattas  
Pasconuquis Providence County Muddy cove
Pasipuchammuck or Paschuchammuck, COVE. It is an old mill cove in Warwick, says Judge Brayton. It runs from the shore between Nassauket and Warwick neck, in a N. W. direction. [See Stevens' map.] Divided fishing place
Paskhoage See Pascoag  
Paskonucquish See Passconuquis  
Paskuisset See Pasquesit  
Paspalonage See Paspatonage ?  
Paspatanage, Paspatonage BROOK, same as Weecapaug, near the line between Westerly and Charlestown. Small inlet place; boundary at small inlet
Paspataug See Paspatonage  
Pasquesit ROAD, Paskuisset, running S. E. from Champlin's bridge, on the Pawcatuck river, at Mallerd's bridge, passing under it on the east side of the great Indian swamp, N. E. corner of Charlestown. A brook and pond of the same name, which enter Pawcatuck at Kenyon's mills. Miry place
Pasquiset Brook & Pond, Carolina See Pasquesit
Passagas sa waukeag See Pessicus  
Passaiaco See Paussachuco  
Passananoke Washington County Muddy place
Passanoquke See Passananoke  
Passatuthon RIVER, about Devil's Foot, a little north by west from Wickford Muddy shallow place; muddy ford
Passcogue Glouster See Pascoag
Passconuquis COVE, one mile and a third south of Pawtuxet. On the left of the entrance into it, is Gaspee point, where the Gaspee was taken. It is probably the same as Occupass, Pawtuxet river. The miry place
Passeonkquis Cove, East Greenwich See Passconuquis
Passpatanage, Passpatonage See Paspatanage  
Passpataug See Paspatanage  
Passquesit See Pasquesit  
Paswonquitte Kent County At the muddy bend
Pataconconkset BOTTOMS. The Warwick north boundary line courses through Pataconconkset bottoms. See Pataconkset ?
Pataconkset Cranston At the round place
Patagumskocte Washington County Place of the round rock
Patawomuck See Potowomut  
Patawomut River & Rocks, Washington County Miry meadow place (See Potowomut)
Patowomuck See Potowomut  
Pattukett See Pawtucket  
Patucket, Patuckett See Pawtucket  
Patuxet, Patuxet River, Neck, Providence County (see Pawtuxet) At the little falls
Patuxit See Patuxet  
Paucahak See Pocasset (in RI?)  
Paucamack See Paucamuck  
Paucamuck Pond, Providence County Open or clear pond; shallow pond
Paucatuck See Pawcatuck  
Paucatuck See Pawcatuck  
Pauchasset See Paucahak  
Pauchauog See Pachaug  
Paugachaug Newport County At the clear open place?; pond near the hill? Bare hill?
Paugamaug Pond, Washington County, Exeter Shallow or clear fishing place
Paugatuck See Pawcatuck  
Paugeamapauge Pond, Providence County Divided pond; shallow fishing place at pond
Paukahak See Pocasset (in RI?)  
Paukanawket See Pawconakik  
Paukatuck See Pawcatuck  
Paupasquachuke Kent County Double Hill Place
Paupausquatch See Paupasquachuke  
Pauquabunke See Paquaback  
Paussachuco POND, at the north end of Narrow river, and a little north of the boundary line between North and South Kingstown; same as Passaiaco. Muddy place
Pautucket See Pawtucket  
Pautuckquitt See Pawtucket  
Pautuckqut See Pawtucket  
Pautuxit See Patuxet  
Pauwanganset See Pawawget  
Pawamack POND, same as Beach pond, north-west corner of Exeter See Pawawget 
Pawawget POND, or Powaget in Charlestown, sometimes called Ninigret. Half a mile east of Gen. Stanton's.  An arm of this pond stretches north nearly to the highway, where is the Indian fort. It is very near the beach and begins S. W. from Champlin's farm. Small clear meadow
Pawcanokik, Pawcanakik See Pawconakik  
Pawcatuck BAY and RIVER [and Bridge, Church, Academy in Ashaway & Watch Hill], Westerly, the river rises partly in Connecticut, and makes a part of the boundary between it and Rhode Island. The clear divided tidal stream; open divided stream
Pawcatucket See Pawcatuck  
Pawcawtuck See Pawcatuck  
Pawchauquet Ancient Narragansett village, Washington County,  "in western RI",  according to Swanton (1952) At the boundary or dividing place
Pawcomet[60] Washington County, Arcadia (Beach Pond) At the small beach
TRACT, or Pacanoket, embraced Bristol, Warren and Barrington, with part of Swanzey and Seekonk. It was also called Sowams, by the Narragansetts; but Pawcanokik, by the Wampanoags [an old Indian village]. At the cleared land
Pawkamauket See Pawconakik  
Pawkeatucket See Pawcatuck  
Pawkeesett  See Pocasset ?  
Pawkunnawkitt, Pawkunnawkutt See Pawconakik  
Pawquabunke Providence County Shallow pond
Pawsacow See Pascachute  
Pawtucket[62] FALLS, four miles north of Providence, in North Providence. It means union of two rivers, and a fall into tide water, because there the fresh water falls into salt. [Potter, p. 266. Pequot Testimonies.] At the falls in the tidal stream
Pawtuxcette See Pawtuxet  
Pawtuxent FALLS, near Westerly, in the Pawcatuck river. At the little falls
Pawtuxet[63] FALLS, in the village of that name, four miles south of Providence [in Warwick]. At the little falls
Pawwanget See Pawawget  
Pawwawget See Pawawget  
Paynatuck See Pawcatuck  
Pehhongansett See Ponaganset  
Penhogansett Pond See Ponaganset
Pequod See Pequot  
Pequot RIVER, is Thames river, Connecticut. See alternative entry
Pequot[64], Pequott PATH, led along the bay through Wickford to Wakefield, and through Charlestown to New York. It is the old count road from Providence, along shore to New London and New York.  There are houses along this Pequot road wearing a very antique appearance. Destroyers (Connecticut Tribes)
Pequt See Pequot  
Pequt toog[65] The  Pequots See Pequot
Peskeomscut See Pesquamscot  
Pespataug Pond, Washington County, Charlestown [another name for Nekeequoweese] The land at the bursting-out place; at the small outlet
Pesquamscot POND [the largest body of fresh water in RI] also, Warden's, making nearly the N. E. boundary of the Indian lands, which begin at Cross' Mill, and follow the brook up to a little west of the pond, and then strike a brook that runs into Pawcatuck river, at Zachery's bridge, and follows this to Shaddock's weir bridge, and thence south by Weccapaug, to the great East and West road, and follows this to Christopher Champlin's farm. At the cleft rock; split boulder place
Pessacus See Pessicus  
Pessicus Narragansett Chief or Sachem. Also called Maussup & Cussucquunsh Little Bird
Pesuponck Name found throughout the region Hot house (Indian sweatlodge)
Petacomscot, Petacomscott See Pettaquamscot  
Petaqumskocte See Pettaquamscot  
Petasquamscutt Historical Society, South Kingston See Pettaquamscot
Peteconset or quonset, BOTTOMS, on the border marshes of Pawtuxet river, near the village of Pontiac Mills, or Clarkeville. At or near the small round place (either a hill, wigwam or sweatlodge)
Petequamscot See Pettaquamscot  
Petequomscutt See Pettaquamscot  
Petequonset See Peteconset  
Pettacomscott See Pettaquamscot  
Pettacomscutt See Pettaquamscot  
Pettaconsett Kent County At the small enclosure?;  place of the round rocks? (cf. Petequonset)
Pettaquamscot TRACT, or PURCHASE; a strip of land, running east from the Pier, in South Kingstown, due west to Charlestown, and along the south side of Worden's pond. See alternative entry
Pettaquamscot ROCK, near the river of that name. It is on the west side of Narrow river, half a mile north east from Tower hill church, and half way, in a straight line to Narrow river, in South Kingstown. See alternative entry
Pettaquamscot[66] RIVER, or Metatoxet, NARROW RIVER, in South Kingtown], and runs parallel with the bay, from Pascachute pond to Whale rock, and is but a few rods East of McSparren and Tower hill. At the round rock (cf. Petequonset)
Pettaquamscutt Spring, Kingston See Pettaquamscot
Pettequomscott See Pettaquamscot  
Pettiquamscut See Pettaquamscot  
Pettiquamsott See Pettaquamscot  
Pettycomscok See Pettaquamscot  
Petusquamscutt See Pettaquamscot  
Petuxet See Patuxet  
Pisquasent LAND, in Charlestown. [Potter.] Muddy (or slippery) rocks place
Pissapoque[67] Washington County See Pesuponck
Pittaquomscut See Pettaquamscot  
Pocasset RIVER, over which is thrown the Stone bridge. It is also applied to the country adjoining, eastward, called Tiverton. [See another Pocasset, or Ohasset, page 39.] See alternative entry
Pocasset[68] RIVER, or Pochasset, rises in Johnston, passes Simmons' two factories and Sprague's print works, and enters the Pawtuxet at Whitman's rubber works, two miles from Pawtuxet village. It is also applied to Tiverton shore, as far south as the stone bridge [also in Portsmouth]. The Toskeyonke[69] Indians lived on the bank of this river. Where the stream widens
Poccassett See Pocasset  
Pochasset See Pocasset  
Pochoke See Pauchauog  
Pockanocket See Pawconakik  
Pockenocket See Pawconakik  
Poggaticut Washington County At the clear tidal creek (also a Chief’s or Sachem’s  name)
Poham Rocks Light House, East Providence See Pomham
Pohoganse POND, or Mushuagusset, or Mushuaganic is now Bailey pond, in South Kingstown. See Mushuagusset
Pohquantuck See Paquantuck  
Pojac Point, East Greenwich See Pojack
Pojack[70] SHORE, south of the mouth of Hunt's river, a little below and S. E. of Greenwich A Narragansett counselor
Pokanoket Tribe & Historic location See Pawconakik
Pomamganset Pond, Kent County, Warwick At the small bend?; athwart the path?; place of tribute? (see Mashapaug]
Pomecanset, Pomecansett See Pomamganset  
Pometacom, Pometacum See Metacomet  
Pometacomet See Metacomet He is highest of his generation (i.e., of his father’s (Massasoit’s) House)
Pomham SHORE, in Seekonk, opposite Field's point and Pawtuxet [and Rocks in East Providence and Rocks Island, Bristol]. "Warwick Neck," says Judge Brayton, "belonged to Sachem Pomham. A controversy existed between Massachusetts and Rhode Island about the title to it, in which Benedict Arnold took part, and S. Gorton." He travels by sea (Narragansett Sachem or Chief)
Ponaganset RIVER, leading from the same, and uniting with the Moswansicut, to form the north branch of the Pawtuxet [Glocester—Foster—Scituate]. See related entry 
Ponaganset[71] POND, near Pine hill, in Glocester. Oyster processing place; waiting place at the cove?
Poncamac See Wolopeconnet  
Pondock RIVER, runs partly in Rhode Island and into Conn. near Moosup factory. At the falls
Ponham See Pomham  
Ponquatist See Puncoteast  
Ponscachuto See Pansacaco  
Pontiac Mills, Avenue & Highway, Warwick, Cranston & East Greenwich The falls in the river (name of famous Ottawa Chief)
Poonnock Rock, Kingston Open/clear land?
Pootatugock Providence County? At the place of the cove in the river; shallow cove in the river?
Pootowoomet See Potowomut  
Popanompscut See Poppanomscut  
Popanomscut See Papanomscutt  
Popasquash Neck, Point in Bristol See Poppasquash
Poppanomscut LANDS, the south of Barrington, generally including Nayatt. [Gen. Fessenden.] Same as Phebe's neck. Lookout hill place; winter-fish (frost fish) place?; place of the double boulder? (See Papanomscuttt)
Poppaqninnapaug POND, now Fenner's pond, one mile and a half N. W. from Pawtuxet bridge, in a straight line. Shallow long pond; double long pond? (See Papaquinapaug)
Poppasquash Neck, Point & Island, Bristol County, Bristol Partridges; broken rocks?
Poppy-squash See Poppasquash  
Poquanatack See Poquanatuck  
Poquanatuck Providence County Shallow river; stream
Poquatocke See Pawcatuck  
Poquiant Brook, Carolina See Poquiunk
Poquinunk See Poquiunk  
Poquiunk BROOK, or Poquinunk or Poquiant, in Charlestown, and runs from Chemunganse pond to Great, or Pawtuxet river Clear or shallow stream; defender
Poquiunk BROOK, or Potquient runs from Chemagase, or Watchoag pond into Pawcatuck river, at the N. W. corner of Charlestown. Its course is N. W. from Watchaug pond to the river. See alternative entry
Poquyent See Poquiunk  
Poscammattas POND, near the west end of Cedar swamp, in Westerly, probably Borden or Chapman pond. The line described in Potter, [page 65] began at the east end of Long pond, and ran N. W. crossing the shore road to a small pond and swamp, thence north to Borden's or Chapman's pond, and through this to an island called Minnacommuck, and through Aguntaug brook, and thence by said brook to the south bend of Pawcatuck. Muddy place?
Posneganset POND, or Punhanganset, or Pushaneganset one mile and quarter S. WV. of Pawtuxet [in East Greenwich]. Oyster processing place; waiting place at the cove?
Postatugock LOT. [See Registry of Deeds, Prov. page 48, vol. 1.]  It is on the Pawtuxet river, and was sold by Wm. Field to Win. Carpenter. At the place of the cove in the river; at the shallow cove in the river
Potawomut See Potowomut  
Potock See Pojack  
Potok See Potock  
Potowomett See Potowomut  
Potowomuck Neck See Potowomut
Potowomut or Pootowoomet, NECK OF LAND [& Golf Club, Pond, Dam, Post Office, River, Rocks, School], where the Ives live. South west from Warwick Neck light-house two miles [in East Greenwich]. Low meadow land; where there is a going-to-bring-again (i.e. trading place[72])
Potowoomuck See Potowomut  
Potquient See Poquiunk  
Pottowomut See Potowomut  
Powaget See Pawawget  
Powakasik Newport At the widening out place
Powwow Indian events held throughout the region and the country involving dancing, drumming, singing and other customs Medicine Man[73]
Puckanokick See Pawconakik  
Puckhunk or nuck, HILL, N. Stonington, near Hopkinton, R. I. It is also called Pendleton's hill. Clear stream; smoke place; a bear?
Pucknuck See Puckhunk  
Pumgansett, Pumganset See Pomecanset  
Pumham See Pomham  
Puncateest See Puncoteast  
Puncatest See Puncoteast  
Punckatest See Puncoteast  
Puncoteast[74] TRACT or NECK, the S. W. point of what is now called Tiverton. It is the neck between the east side of the bay and Nonquit pond, on the east. It was the field of several slight skirmishes between the Indians under Philip, and the soldiers under Church. Low meadow; shallow when overflown
Punhanganset See Ponaganset  
Punhunganset See Ponaganset  
Punhungansth See Ponaganset  
Punhunyun See Ponaganset  
Punkatees See Puncoteast  
Punkateest See Puncoteast  
Puscommattas See Poscammattas  
Pushaneganset See Posneganset  
Puttaquamscuts , Puttaquamscut See Pettaquamscot  
Puttuckqupmscut See Pettaquamscot  

[58] Rider (p. 284) relates this place to Wecapaug, and spells it Pachananage.
[59] Two branches of the Blackstone River.  Also place name for Church, Post Office, Library, Race Track, Reservoir, Dam.
[60] Now called "Beach Pond".
[61] Pokanoket in modern spelling; a Wampanoag tribe; an ancient village
[62] Many places bear this name including City, Reservoir, Post Office, Boys Club, Red Sox baseball team, Church &c.
[63] Many places bear this Indian name including City, Bridge, Cove, Park, Neck, River, Valley in Providence, Crompton & East Greenwich.
[64] Originally  "Pepuot" in this and the next entry  (error in Parsons).  For other spellings see Trigger (1978), p. 175. Swanton’s brief statement about Pequots:
The Pequot occupied the coast of New London County from Niantic River nearly to the Rhode Island State line. Until driven out by the Narragansett, they extended into Rhode Island as far as Wecapaug River.
[65] Should read Pequttoog, ("The Pequots"); from Roger Williams, A Key into the Language of America, 1643.
[66] Also—Cove, Wildlife Refuge, Historical Society Building, Lake Shores, Park in Pettaquamscutt.
[67] Possible origin for "Hothouse Pond".
[68] Name for ancient Wampanoag village "near Tiverton, R.I." (Swanton, 1952).  Today name for Golf Course, Avenue, Heights, Hill, Pond &c in Providence, Bristol, North Scituate and Fall River.
[69] Possibly Toskaunk, Toskiounke or Toskeunke ("Bridge, ford") in Kent County.
[70] Perhaps related to Pachauog or Pawtucket.
[71] Also place name for Middle/High School, River, Dam, Bridge, Fishing Area in Chepatchet and Clayville.
[72] Compare "Paudowaumset" (Pequot-Mohegan language) in New London County, CT.
[73] The Narragansett word Taúpowaw ("A wise speaker") may be related.
[74] Sometimes called Pocasset Neck (Church, 1716).

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