American Indian Place Names In Rhode Island, Page 4
American Indian Place Names
In Rhode Island:

Past & Present

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Historical & Geographical Information
Machaquamagansett, Machaquamaganset Washington County, Charlestown Place of big beach wells (hollow logs that fill up with fresh water at low tide)
Machepaconaponsuck See Machepaconapunsuck  
Machepaconapunsuck Washington County, Coventry Big enclosure near falls in the brook?; big bank near brook falls
Machipscat Kent County A "bad" (i.e., stony) path; rough place
Maddock Alumni Building,  Providence Bad land place
Maebaquamagauset[31] Little Compton ?
Mamaniskak Washington County, Westerly Near the joined rocks
Mamantapit TRACT, or wading river or place, being another boundary of the same line of Willet's purchase last mentioned, and near the junction of Cumberland and Attleboro', in their northern line. [See deed in Bliss' History.] Customarily he walks in the water here; wading-place
Mamaquag See Mammaquaug  
Mammaquaug BROOK, running south from Hopkinton to the Pawcatuck river in N, W. corner of the town of Westerly.  There is a small fish thus called. Small fish (smelts)
Mananiskak Washington County, Westerly Near the joined rocks
Manchuck See Manshuck  
Manipsconasset ROCK, near Pawtuxet bridge, Warwick Place of split rock island
Manisses Block Island, or Monasses, It means Island of little God. Little island; little god place
Manquock See Misquamacut  
Manshuck near the  "Olney's Land".  [See page 29, Vol. 1. Registry of Deeds of Providence.] It is near Olney's lane, N. E. of Constitution hill, Providence. Place of split rock island
Masantatack See Mashatatack  
Mascachaug See Mascachowage  
Mascachowage Brook, Providence County, West Greenwich Place of long rushes (cat tails?)
Mascachuge See Mascachowage  
Mascachusett Greenwich, Kent County ? Near place of flags or rushes (See Mascachowage)
Mascacowage See Mascakonage  
Mascakonage BROOK, or RIVER, and is applied to a tract of land called Wyaxcumscut, being a tract bought by Richard Smith, Gov. Winthrop and Major Allerton. It lies N. W. of Wickford, was bought from Coquinaquon sachem and son of Miantonomia. Place of long rushes (cat tails?) (See Mascakonage)
Maschaug Pond, Watch Hill See Massachaug
Mashantatuck Knightsville, Cranston See Mashentuck
Mashanticut See Mashentuck  
Mashantotat Near North side of Pawtuxet River See Mashantatuck ?
Mashapaug POND, two miles S. W. from Providence bridge [in Providence, per GNIS database]. There is also a Mashapaug pond in Old Warwick, sometimes called Pomamganset. A large pond
Mashapaug BROOK runs S. from the pond. See Mashapaug above
Mashaquamaganset TRACT, N. W. corner of Charlestown to Pawcatuck river, including, probably, Poquyent brook, [See page 249, Potter,] and having Nisquitianxsett between it and the ocean, and Wecapaug on the west side and Seepooke on the east side. Place of big rocks in the pool
Mashatatack Brook, Providence County Well forested place
Mashattaneeseck Hill, Washington County Brook near great hill; great hill near brook
Mashentuck Town, Providence Many trees; well forested place
Mashepok See Mashapaug  
Mashipaug See Mashapaug  
Mashonaug ISLAND, in Pauwanget pond, Charlestown, and near the east end of it. Three small islands, called Browning isles, are represented on an old map, in said pond. Nettles?; dug-out canoe place?; place reached by boat?
Mashovsakit See Niswosakit  
Mashpaug Ponds, Washington County Great ponds
Mashpoag Pond, Cranston See Mashapaug
Maskaeowage See Mascakonage  
Maskataquatt Providence County Place of rushes; grassy place
Maskechusett Brook & Hill, Kent County At the grassy place; place of flags
Maskechusic POINT, at the mouth of Hunt's river. See Maskechusett
Maskerchugg River, East Greenwich See Masquachug
Maskituash Bristol County, Barrington Hay-marsh; grassy places
Masquachowawaug Washington County Place where rushes grow?; salmon fishing place?
Masquachug BROOK, Muddy brook, or Maskachaug or Mascachusett, on old map. It is applied also to a hill, half way between Greenwich and Potowomut [in East Greenwich]. Potter says at the mouth of Hunt's river. See Mascachusett 
Massachaug Pond, Watch Hill, Westerly Land near the great hill; land where rushes grow (See Mascachowage)
Massachuset, Massachusett[32] See Massachusetts  
Massachusetts Many locations At or near the great hills
Massanegtocaneh TRACT, on the east side of Blackstone  river, in the north part of Cumberland. [See deed of Wamsitta to Thomas Willet, in Bliss' History of Rehoboth, page 51,] where this is the name of the boundary sold to Willet. Place of source of the great stream; union of great streams
Massapaug See Mashapaug  
Massapoag See Mashapaug  
Massasoit Spring, Camp, Avenue, etc., Bristol County, Bristol Great Commander or Leader (Grand Sachem of Wampanoag people in 17th century)
Massathusets See Massachusetts  
Massatucket See Massatuxet  
Massatusitts See Massachusetts  
Massatuxet BROOK, between Westerly and Watch Hill. At the great brook
Massaugatucket River, Washington County At the great outlet of the tidal river
Masscomscott Unknown [see Bartlett, Vol. I] Place of large rock ?
Masshattaneesec Hill, Washington County Brook at the great hill
Masswascutt Land between the rivers, Moshassuck and Wanasquatucket Rivers (Providence River) in Providence (Bartlett, Vol. I) Great meadow (or green) place; great hill (or stone) place?
Mastuxet See Massatuxet  
Matacompemiscok Washington County, Westerly Place (far away) up country
Matanuck Post office, Kingston See Matunuck
Matateconit See Mattetakonitt  
Matatucket River, Washington County, North Kingston Poorly forested; at the worthless river?
Matomy HILL, runs S. E. by East some miles and the turnpike crosses it near its south end, three miles S. E. of Chepachet [in Burriville]. Lookout place; observation height
Mattachusetts, Mattachusett See Massachusetts  
Mattantuck, Matantuck Narragansett Sachem or Chief (alias "The Old Queen" or "Magnus") See Narragansett Tribe
Mattapoiset, Mattapoisett See Mattapoysett  
Mattapoysett RIVER, means crying chief, - in Swanzy. Gardner's neck, so called, is bounded by it. Little resting place
Mattato HILL, in N. W. part of Providence county, probably in Burrillville. [See deed signed by Daniel Mathewson, 1719, vol. 4, page 28, Prov. Records.] Bad hill ?
Mattatuxet See Mattatuxot  
Mattatuxot River, Washington County, Wickford At the worthless little river?; poorly wooded place?
Mattetakonitt Providence County, North Providence At the great spring; distant spring
Mattoonuc NECK, and RIVER or BROOK, N. W. part of Point Judith, the river runs into Point Judith pond [in South Kingston]; it crosses the road east of Judge Peckham's a little west of Wakefield. The name was given by M. C. Perry to his country place on the Hudson. Near this brook is the birth-place of the two Com. Perrys Lookout hill place
Lake, Kingston
See Matunuck
Matunuck Village, Washington County, South Kingston High or observation place (see Mattoonuc)
Maushapog See Mashapaug  
Maushapogue Ancient Narragansett village, Providence County See Mashapaug
Maussup See Moosup  
Mausup See Moosup  
Mawsup See Mausup  
Meantonomeah See Miantonomi  
Mecksa Narragansett Sachem or Chief  See Narragansett Tribe
Mesanagtaconeh See Massanegtocaneh  
Meshantic Brook and State Park, Providence Woody place; canoe-tree?
Meshanticut City, Brook and State Park, &c in Providence, East Greenwich At place of many big trees; well forested place (same as Meshantic ?)
Metacom [Avenue, Bristol] & seat of King Philip, N. E. side of Mount Hope bay  [on grounds of Haffenreffer Museum, Brown University in Bristol], at its base, and on land of the late Hon. James De Wolf. At a faraway place?; Of the Massasoits’ house? (see King Philip & Pometacomet))
Metacomet[33] Brook, Country Club, Providence Of the Massasoits’ house? (see King Philip, Metacom & Pometacomet)
Metacurset[34] TRACT, contiguous to the last or Mascakonage; deeded by said sachem [Coquinaquont]. ?
Metapoiset See Mattapoysett  
Metatoxet River, Washington County, Wickford Well wooded stream place
Metatuxet See Metatoxet  
Metaubscot See Mettaubscut  
Metonomy See Tommany/ Miantonomi  
Mettaubscut an Indian village, once stood west from Cowesett shore, between Apponaug and East Greenwich. [See letter of Roger Williams.] Black rocks place (or cliff)
Mettobscot See Mettaubscut  
Miantenomi See Miantonomi  
Miantomi See Miantonomi  
Miantonomi[35], Miantonomy Hill, Park & Avenue, Newport County, Newport & Hill, Prudence Island He wages war (Narragansett Sachem or Chief)
Miantonomia See Miantonomi  
Miantunnomu See Miantonomi  
Micksa See Mecksa  
Minabauge See Minnabaug  
Minacommuck ISLAND, in Westerly, near the west end of Cedar Swamp, and near a large pond called Pascommattos, marked as Borden or Chapman pond. It is about two miles due east from Westerly village. A brook leads from the Pascomattas pond to the most southerly bend of Pawcatuck river, called Aquantaug brook, and its course is through Ashagomiconset. Berry farm or fields; fields in low lands; plantation in a deep place
Minacomuc  See Minacommuck  
Mincamekek See Minacommuck ?  
Minebauge See Minnabaug  
Minnabaug POND, of great length on the Charlestown beach. Marked in maps as Babcock's pond. [Potter, page 65.] Berry (or deep) pond
Miscoe Lake, Providence County, Franklin Great Hill?; small rock?; peeble?
Mishannok See Mishannoke  
Mishannoke Hill, Washington County, Richmond Large squirrel(s) 
Mishanoke See Mishannoke  
Mishauntatuk See Mashentuck or Meshanticut  
Mishawomet See Showomut  
Mishnic POND, West Greenwich, two or three miles south or south-west of Washington village. They go, come by canoe; squirrel
Mishnock Swamp, Lake, River, Crompton See Mishnic
Mishowomet Warwick neck, same as Shaomet. See Showomut
Mishquamicuk See Misquamacut  
Mishquomacuck See Misquamacut  
Mishuntatuk See Mashentuck  
Miskiana Camp See Miskianza
Miskianza BROOK [& Camp, Slocum], called also Shickasheen.  Its waters come from Yarcoo, through Barber's pond. The Stonington Railroad crosses it a few rods south of the road. Nearly opposite to this was the great Indian swamp fight, on the north side of the Railroad. Trout?; salmon?; grass?; (in Italian, a mixing?)
Miskoasakit See Niswosakit  
Misoaskit See Niswosakit  
Misquamacoke See Misquamacut  
Misquamacuck  See Misquamacut  
Misquamacut or coke Manquock, or Astomacut, means salmon [in Watch Hill]. It is the neck of land on the east side of Pawcatuck river. [See Potter, page 242.] The town of Westerly went by this name until it was incorporated in 1669. This tract extends to Wecapaug brook, or boundary line between Westerly and Charlestown. Steven's map erroneously represents Misquamacut to run far eastward of Wecapeug brook. [See affidavits of Indians, in Potter, 248.] Salmon place
Misquamakuck See Misquamacut  
Misquamicoke See Misquamacut  
Misquamicut State Beach See Misquamacut
Misquitanset See Misquitanxit  
Misquitanxit Washington County At the place of the meadows
Misquomacuk See Misquamacut  
Miswosket See Niswosoket  
Mittaubscot See Mettaubscot  
Mittaubscut Ancient Narragansett village, Kent County See Mettaubscot
Mohawk[36]   Cannibals
Mohegan[37] Bluffs & Village[38], Providence County, Georgiaville Wolf
Mohegin See Mohegan  
Molligwasset TRACT, sometimes called Wollimosset.  It is the same as Wannimosett,-Viall residence, in Barrington or Seekonk. Valley place
Monasses See Manisses  
Monhegan Bluffs Beach, Washington County, Block Island Place of islands
Monotomyny See Miantonomi  
Mont Haup See Montop  
Montaup Country Club, Fall River See Montop
Montop HILL, changed by the English to Mount Hope [or Mount-hope], in Bristol. Near the residence of the late Hon. James D'Wolf. Lookout place (seat of King Philip on grounds of Haffenreffer Museum)
Montup See Montop  
Moohag  See Mohawk  
Moohegan See Mohegan  
Moonasachuet RIVER. [Potter, 275.] It runs into the Pascachuto pond at the north end of Pettaquamscott river, from a northerly and north-westerly direction, through Silver Spring factory. Deep backward (reversing ?) river
Moonassachuet See Moonasachuet  
Moosehausic See Moshassuck  
Mooseup Valley, Historic District, Oneco See Moosup
Mooshansick See Moshassuck  
Mooshassuck See Moshassuck  
Mooshausick See Moshassuck  
Mooshawset See Moshassuck  
Moosshausic See Moshassuck  
Moosup River, Providence County, Foster/Coventry & River, Oneco Narragansett Sachem or Chief (See Pessicus)
Moquois See Mohawk  
Morskituash See Mosskituash  
Moscachuck CREEK, north of Nayatt and running to the brick yard from the bay [in Barrington] Place where rushes grow (see Masquachug)
Moscotage RIVER, same as Narrow or Pettaquamscot. It runs between Pettaquamscott rock and the bay N. and S. at the east side of Tower hill, from Pascachuto pond to the beach, running N. and S. Place where rushes grow
Mosep Narragansett Sachem or Chief See Narragansett Tribe
Moshantatut See Mashanticut  
Moshanticut BROOK, or Mashatatuck, running near Knightsvile and west of Gorton Arnold's and falls into the Pawtuxet. It was sometimes called Shantituck. See Mashanticut
Moshassuck[39] RIVER, or Moosshausic, means moose hunting grounds, and passes by Gen. Barnes's and along south of Horton's Grove, and receives West river at or near Philip Allen's print works, and near Corliss & Nightingales' factory. It is also applied to a river S. W. of Pawtuxet, near where Samuel Gorton lived, and where he wrote a letter, signed by all his company to Massachusetts government. Great brook in the marshy meadow; great fish; meadow
Moshausick See Mooshausic  
Moshosick See Mooshausic  
Moshowunganuck, Moshowungganuck Washington County, Westerly & Hopkinton At the place of the great bend (of Pawcatuck River)
Moshuntatuc See Mashentuck  
Moshwaniscut See Moshwaniscutt  
Moshwaniscutt POND, near and north of Smithville Seminary [in North Scituate], and within sight of it. The river leading from it through Scituate village has the same name. Place of mist and fog; red hill at the great bend
Moskituake  Washington County (Also known as "Mosquito Hawk") Grassy land
See Mosskituash
Mosquitohawk See Moskituake  
Mosquitohawk Brook, Carolina See Musquetohauke
Mosskituash CREEK, in Barrington. it means grass or straw to lie on, or hay. It is now called Viall's creek, the mouth of it being in Barrington. Meadow, grasses
Mosup Narragansett Sachem or Chief See Narragansett Tribe
Moswaniscut, Moswansiscut See Moshwaniscutt  
Mouwneit Hill, Washington County, Block Island  Lookout (or assembly?) place 
Mowshausick See Mooshausic  
Mowshawset See Moshassuck  
Mowshawsuck See Moshassuck  
Muckqut See Kittackamucket  
Mukquata Washington County  Place of rushes; meadow 
Mummaquog See Mammaquaug  
Munnacommuck See Minacommuck  
Muscachuge See Masquachug  
Muschaug applied to two PONDS, N. E. by east, near Westerly, and near the ocean, sometimes called East and West Muschaug or Massachaug. The one farthest east is called Musquataug, and is also called Babcock's pond Place of rushes
Mushattchuckapeake Providence County Pond at the great mountain; big hill near the edge of the bank of the pond
Mushuaganic See Mushuagusset  
Mushuagusset Pond, Washington County  Muskrat place
Muskachaug See Masquachug  
Muskachuge See Masquachug  
Musquamacuk See Misquamacut  
Musquataug POINT, or Muxquataug, just within the S. E. of Westerly. Places where rushes grow (see Mukquata)
Musquechuge Kent County Place where rushes grow
Musquetaug Washington County  Place of rushes 
Musquetohaug See Musquetohauke  
Musquetohauke or haug, a BROOK, two or three miles north west of Smithville Seminary, and crosses Conn. and R. I. Turnpike near Scituate Bank, and along the W. side of N. Scituate village, to Aborn & Allen's factory. Grassy place
Musquetopaug See Musquetohauke? Great pond (or place?)
Musquetta See Mukquata  
Musquetuxet TRACT, probably N. of' Pawtuxet bridge. Red brook?; brook in grassy place; grassy meadow brook land; place of herbs?
Musqutah[40] See Mukquata  
Mussachuck Creek, Bristol County, Bristol At the place of flags or rushes
Mussquetaug Washington County Place of rushes
Muxqua See Mukquata  
Muxquata See Mukquata  
Muxquataug See Muyquatage  
Muxquetau See Mukquata  
Muxquetaugh See Mukquata  
Muxqutah a NECK OF LAND; same as Wecapatug, in Westerly. Place of rushes
Muyquatage or aug, LAND, between Ward's pond and Quonaquontaug pond, and Wecapaug brook, which here runs into Quonaquontaug pond at its west end, and was claimed as the eastern boundary of,-in or adjoining Charlestown. Path to the pond place?; place of rushes
Muyquataug See Muyquatage  
Myantanomy See Miantonomi  
Myantonomey See Miantonomi  

[31] Apparently not previously translated in Huden et al.; possibly related to Machaquamagansett.
[32] Name of language (now "extinct") of Wampanoag Indians; formerly called Massachusetts  or Massachusee.
[33] "Pometacomet" is believed to be the full term.
[34] Translation process: met(a) may mean "good or bad or great"; (a)cur may mean "long hill" or curs = "hills", and –est or (r=s)set means "little place of".  One guess: "Place of large (or bad) hills" (Massachuset or Mattachuset)
[35] See Narragansett.
[36] New York Tribe described by Roger Williams (1643) as "Mohowaúgsuck or Mauquàuog from móho to eate (the Cannibals, or, Men-eaters, up into the west, two, three or foure hundred miles from us)"
[37] For other spellings see Trigger (1979), p. 175. Swanton’s brief tribal summary:
The Mohegan originally occupied most of the upper valley of the Thames and its branches. Later they claimed authority over some of the Nipmuc and the Connecticut River tribes, and in the old Pequot territory
[38] Also  "Tribe" (Connecticut).
[39] Includes places in Providence and Pawtucket.
[40] Rider ( p. 284) relates this name to Wecapaug.

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